Before I make my general statement, I will mention first one simple experience that you may have well encountered in your life.

If you, having a desire to create a homogeneous solution, pour a handful of heterogeneous, similar to each other small particles into a water tank, and then begin to actively shake that mixture, you can see that in the process of shaking the whole solution will look monochrome and homogeneous.

But it will only be visibility.
As soon as the shaking is stopped, it will be possible to observe over time the situation when will be seen not only the homogeneous solution, but also the fallen precipitate of heavier particles and floating lightweight particles, forming the foam.

The fallen particles, as well as the floating particles, have not been able to dissolve.

Something similar also happens in the life of the human society.
The ability of people properly, i.e. spiritually to dissolve in their common mass, can create the only favorable conditions for the formation of a uniform field of consciousness, which is a distinctive feature of the full-fledged Uniform Family of the human race.
But the false understanding of his egoistic features inevitably creates a practically insurmountable obstacle in front of man on the way, which is designed to bring the man to a worthy cognition of the required above mentioned dissolving.

I have already emphasized it many times, but I will return to it once again and mention, that the historical process of the beginning of the formation of the human personality was inevitably connected with the living conditions in which the whole animal world develops.
The instinct of self-survival has become the major motive for the application of characteristic efforts in the entire life activity of man!

And this has been successfully maintained to this day.

The entire life arrangement of human society across the Earth has always been formed on the very same foundation of the designated instinct.

That is, however strange it may sound, but mankind constantly, with enviable persistence is striving to live as a representative of the animal world.

And the whole so-called civilization of such a society, as a rule, is reduced to the fact that man implements his animal instincts with much more intelligence, resourcefulness and cunning, which is not accessible to the animals.

People undergo tremendous suffering and massive death not because of the animal activity, but only due to their own perverted manifestations!

The main vital priority in all human manifestations has become his unrestrained, immoderate and obsessive desire to assert his significance in his environment with no regard for anything!
Moreover, in initially formed and successfully continuing to exist specific system of life arrangement of the whole human society the increase of the individual significance is able to provide additional bonuses, both in the form of material conditional values and possibilities of more comfortable survival.

This became the primary goal in life for the overwhelming majority of the representatives of mankind!

But, as a matter of a fact, any attempt to affirm one’s own significance absolutely contradicts the Law of spiritual development of man!

If you look around attentively, you can easily notice that to have an increased importance and to be a really good and wise man is not one and the same thing at all.

And it has always been like that during the entire history of human existence!

Just do not confuse the person who is seeking to increase his significance with a really good person, in contact with the good manifestations of whom, the people around him themselves give him significance.

The affirmation of significance is always based on the competitive process!

Depending on this process, you have a vivid need to show, either to everyone or to someone else, that you are smarter, stronger, more beautiful and other nonsense of this kind. And when you still find at least the slightest, in your opinion, confirmation of this, here you may not even notice how you begin to look down on your neighbor or neglect him.
And in communication with someone who, in your opinion, loses to you in importance, you start to behave condescendingly, and get noticeably nervous when your interlocutor does not understand your reasoning, which, admittedly, not only can be quite unskillfully expressed, but can also be generally stupid.

I can confidently say that in all spheres of human activity you are constantly facing manifestations of such kind of psycho-type!
Assuming a certain vertical vector, showing the desired growth or conditional development, it would be reasonable to realize that the acquisition of ever greater significance mainly correlates with moving downwards.
So this is still a question – precisely who of you is actually higher!
The competitive process in your life is always connected with the unconscious craving to identify the wrong actions of those with whom you interact, because it can create the impression that you can be better than them.

And such a naturally manifested initially primitive craving, which the entire society has cultivated for centuries, made of you a kind of professional negative seekers.
And it has inevitably turned out that many of you are more inclined to identify negatives in each other than virtues, which definitely creates an atmosphere of wariness and alienation.
Moreover, depending on the peculiarities of the competitive process, when you begin to strive to do something better than, in your opinion, someone else does, due to the existence of a certain degree of spiritual scarcity, you begin to experience not just a corresponding by force temptation to rejoice at the failures of the conditional competitors, but also a temptation to cause harm to them.

And such primitive manifestations, very far from being reasonable, you may well observe everywhere at all levels of social activities.
I think that many of those who read the Last Testament carefully have already guessed that the inability of people to dissolve in a uniform psychological environment is solely due to their fear of losing their individuality, after which their significance will allegedly no longer be seen, and therefore, worthily assessed.
In this regard, two types of such individualists should be mentioned: the first, who with their talent can show the world really interesting discoveries, both in science and art, and the second, who just think that they better understand the processes in society.
Among these two categories may well manifest themselves hybrid phenomena as well, this is when a person who has achieved a universal recognition in this or that sphere of specific skills on the wave of reverence begins to consider himself entitled to determine also the correctness of development of all other social processes.
Representatives of the first type, as a rule, have a tendency not to think at all about what is happening around them, because their own enthusiasm takes them with their heads.
But representatives of the second type can be very dangerous to the stability of the development of the society!
Since this type of people feels the need not only to convince other brethren in the greatest correctness of their own conclusions, but also to be willing to impose them in various ways, up to the explicit manifestation of force aggression.

It is necessary to realize and remember well that all, without exception, revolutions, revolts and all kinds of coups have been made exactly by people of this second type!

And if it is also well understood that the essence of life arrangement has been established exactly by such individualists, then all other attempts to change the details of such life arrangement by means of any revolutionary ideas are absolutely useless efforts, because the result would inevitably be similar to the one, from which there have been attempts to escape!
If you take a closer look at least at the facts, which you have learned from the history of the development of the entire human society, you will be well able to see the confirmation of this!

Forgive me, please, but in this connection it would be appropriate to ask a peculiar question: how much are you still going to remain stupid, brave Mankind?!

In order to break out of such a destructive vicious circle, a peculiar break should take place in man, which the egoistic basis of every person is especially afraid of.

If man does not correctly make the necessary efforts in full compliance with the Truth, then any of his other manifestations, which he designates as spiritual practices, will be more correct to designate as a game in spirituality!
Such a game, in fact, has the same incommensurable difference from the true spiritual development as the children’s game with toy soldiers from a real war.

For you, the desire to create a true unity among all of you on Planet Earth should definitely become incomparably more important than your desire to demonstrate and prove to each other how good and unique you are!

You have been born to interact in an interesting way, both with each other and with all the surrounding reality, rather than to demonstrate to everyone the greatest brightness and uniqueness of your individual efforts in this interaction.
Remember that at the beginning of my meetings with you I gave you a commandment telling you not to seek to destroy the created, but to try to peacefully create a parallel alternative.

Truly, I will tell you that this cannot be realized only by selfish narcissists, who predictably choose the path of senseless experiences, plunging with their heads into the abyss of aggressive indignation and sarcasm.

Returning to the experience of shaking mentioned at the beginning, I would like to emphasize a little that those of you who really began to acquire a predisposition to create true Oneness, as a rule, cease to depend on the opinion of the others about themselves and do not show anger.

For anger, which implies condemnation and the desire to punish, cannot be righteous in principle!
Therefore, the really true believers are primarily characterized by the absence of manifestations of anger!