A Little Bit about the Essence of the Common Family

This appeal is mainly addressed to those who are really striving to fully develop their spiritual nature and try in practice to comprehend in every possible way the relevant characteristic lessons.

I would like to once again emphasize a little bit the main essence of what can only allow to fully implement the practice of spiritual perfection.

But first of all, let me remind you once again of something globally important!

Mankind is able to develop normally exclusively through the positive collective interaction of the people with each other!
And a normal positive interaction is possible only in one case: when man completely ceases to perceive his soulmate as a potential rival, and so completely stops being afraid of him.

The level of Norm, up to which man is still trying to rise in his development, and from which only the beginning of full-fledged activity of all mankind is possible, unequivocally implies the full trust of people to each other.

Under such condition the field consciousness of each separate man will in a certain way cooperate with the analogous field of each other person on the whole surface of the Earth which will allow a favorable formation of the Uniform Field of Consciousness of all mankind.
Such a Uniform Field of Consciousness completely excludes the need to create all kinds of management structures that you are familiar with throughout the history of your life activity!

All this, which is familiar to you, will one day be fairly perceived as something extremely primitive, but which at this time is still capable of bringing some benefit.
All kinds of governing structures, though inevitably capable – in their natural manifestation – of hindering the normal spiritual development , are also capable of significantly hindering the violent growth of extremely dangerous manifestations of negative things, to which the overwhelming majority of representatives of mankind still continues to be predisposed.

So, a normal development of mankind unequivocally implies such psychological environment, when it is possible to speak about mankind as a certain Common Family, instead of a gathering of peoples eternally competing for superiority, the essence of which proceeds from the characteristic primitive vital activity of representatives of the animal world only!
What could prevent the above mentioned ideal Oneness from becoming?

Only a false desire to survive by asserting your own worth, which constantly creates a strong predisposition to perceive your soulmates as rivals who, pursuing the same goal, only hope at the first mistake of your own to immediately use it against you.

What can be the only effective counterbalance to the unhealthy desire to prove your importance to your soulmates?
Only a worthy comprehension of the mystery of humility!

The desire to comprehend the full measure of humility on one’s own is senseless!

You have been born to live together with each other, and therefore you already have everything you need for the proper spiritual development.

All that remains is to properly place emphasis on everything that already surrounds you.

It is senseless to assume a full-fledged development without the proper corresponding interaction with each other!
The full-fledged development implies the greatest possible variety of life issues, in the solution of which you take united efforts!

Therefore, at some point in your acquaintance with the numerous nuances on which your spiritual development directly depends, I have shown you the need to proceed with the formation of the Uniform Family.

Where you will naturally face the necessity to solve together almost all life tasks.
At the same time, the more of you will take part in the formation of the Uniform Family, the more extensively all your fears and complexes will inevitably be revealed, which is an especially favorable condition for the full-fledged and all-inclusive spiritual development in the beneficial direction!

Of course, the formation of the Uniform Family, inevitably implies also that kind of activities, which will be able to meet your physiological and household needs, which is vitally important for survival, but can not be important for your spiritual development.

The fate of all mankind depends entirely on the spiritual aspect of life activity of each person!
Therefore, a primary role in the formation of One Common Family are to play mainly the issues that are directly related to the spiritual sphere, rather than to what you are able to see as the main priorities due to the naturally formed characteristic attitude to the surrounding reality.

All your attempts to express your own idea of the image of the Common Family will inevitably be reduced to conclusions comparable either to the notion of “collective farm” or to some interest clubs.

What I have been observing so far for many years, both among those who are already actively participating in the formation of the Common Family, and among the wandering lonely philosophers, whose completely wrong statements on this topic fill the Internet pages in abundance.
All your supposedly progressive ideas, that I have heard and read so far, concerning the correct organization of the internal order of the Common Family, have absolutely nothing to do with the main values of the very essence of the Common Family!

And it couldn’t be any other way, because during all your history you still have never tried to create conditions for your interaction with each other according to the principle, which I am trying to introduce to you now.

It is extremely difficult for man to correctly conceive of something that is designed to break down the characteristic life interests, which have been originally formed in his psyche.
So, my dear progressors, restrain the horses of your egoism and stop trying to wave the stick of the ghost banner, which you really want to wave with a clever expression, but, believe me, such your passion can only cause a smile!

As long as you have the living Teacher by your side, you continue to have unique conditions in which you can positively stabilize your more or less proper understanding of the true values of the Common Family formation.

The main thing now is that you should be able to correctly understand the basic features of building of the Common Family!
Since the first time when I began to reveal to you the necessity of forming One Common Family, I have also given some directional guidelines regarding your household sphere, which I usually do relying on your maximum potential.

But what turned out to be another news to me in getting familiar with you was that you could not sustainably demonstrate your maximum potential; and later I had to consider and introduce some additional softening guidelines for you.

So, the very issue of the household management, which implies the skillful use of practical organizational skills and abilities, may well be permanently solved in different ways, depending on the real given capabilities of those who constitute the One Family.
The main value of the Common Family is to be found in the fact how fully you strive to solve all life’s problems together, and how exactly you will do it!

In order to define “how exactly” I will give everything you need, but the fullness of your participation in all this and your zealous aspiration to do everything you have taken from me correctly already depend only on you!

The difficulty of forming a real Common Family can only depend on your incompetent temporary attempts to comprehend the problematic elements on your own, which will prevent you from asking me relevant and really necessary questions.
But all this temporality also refers to the predictable unavoidable school program, and in this respect you still have the opportunity to get all the necessary explanations.

If there are people, who are normally going indeed, then all the difficulties are passable!
Now, I would like to draw some parallels in order to allow you to evaluate more accurately a certain circumstance related to you, which you traditionally tend to perceive in an illusory manner, which cannot be good for you.
You need to stop allowing yourself to get rashly complex about the possibility of correctly assessing your position on the Path of spiritual development.

For the more truthfully you will be able to assess your manifestations, the more correctly you will be able to find the favorable direction of applying the necessary efforts.

Do not forget that each of you is given something that exactly you have to meet and try to solve correctly, and all the favorability of the development of your destiny fully depends on the feasibility of what has been measured for you.

That is, if you have really used all your opportunities and applied all your strength to the positive decision of the life task that has emerged before you, then regardless of the result that you can see, you have done everything correctly!
Observing your manifestations regarding the self-determination as believers, I can divide your manifestations into three characteristic categories.

One category includes those who have not yet made a final choice, but who are watching with some interest.

The actions of the people belonging to this category are characterized by a kind of selective digging in what they have come into contact with from the unfolding Teaching, where they first hasten to follow only what they mostly enjoy, and the rest is being postponed.

At the same time, they are often tempted to take a critical look at what has been postponed, which in itself is a complete absurdity and foolishness, for the new truths can only be properly comprehended in practice, by carefully following them, but by no means theoretically!
The next category includes those who are ready to put all their strength into a worthy following of the truths of spiritual development, but are in such life circumstances, that defensibly retain them in their former place.

This is when, precisely in accordance with the Truth, such believers either cannot give up their responsibility for someone which impedes the full realization of their spiritual aspiration, or a certain physical disability or other material possibilities cannot yet be changed independently in the desired direction.

The third category already includes those who in practice try to completely fulfill what is designated as the most favorable for all believers!

The formation of the Common Family is precisely the most favourable opportunity!
Faith without deeds, which definitely means practice, is dead!

From here you should now be able to draw a truthful conclusion about yourself.

Those who belong to the above mentioned first category cannot refer to believers anyway, but they can feel sensual inclination to consider themselves believers.

This category may comprise either those who have recently begun to study the Teaching, or representatives of the third category who at some stage have independently ceased to participate in full-fledged development and began to stay in that position, looking for allegedly justifiable reasons.
Always keep in mind that fateful tasks are set before each of you at the moment when you have the most favorable potential for the correct solution of these tasks!

If you are hesitant or lazy, the more you delay taking the necessary decision, the less capable you will become not only to take it, but also in general to follow worthily what such a decision entails.

It is not so important to me what category you belong to, for I will always be ready to consider what kind of help I can give you!
But it is of utmost importance for you to assess your own manifestations correctly, so that you do not resemble hypocrites by ignorance, that is being displayed among the traditional believers everywhere!

Hypocrisy is when on words you try to show zeal in your beliefs, but in reality it is quite easy to see consciously manifested negligence in this regard!

A true believer will never miss the opportunity to change something in himself in accordance with the truths which are revealed before him!
Do not be afraid that you may not be able to correspond to the believer!

Your beneficial development depends not only on whether you can be considered a believer, but also on how fully you carry out the things you can!

Be afraid mainly of deceiving yourselves, for you can never deceive the laws of Harmony!

The essence of the ongoing Accomplishment is not that there should appear a certain number of new believers, who regularly participate in liturgies, but that you should – based on the practice of close interaction – necessarily begin to lay the foundation for the proper relationships, as the basis for the necessary formation of an already normal human society!
And this is possible only within the given for you direction of formation of One Common Family!