Children of God! The time has come, when the necessity to make the first step, which is leading along the Road of True Perfection of mankind should be resolved. This time is great,

2. For it will lead you either to unprecedential fly-up, or to unprecedential downfall.

3. Don’t look at the deeds of the others, and be decent hosts of your deeds!

4. Mankind has taken the straight way to the abyss.

5. But you have now reached the place, where from this fatal road deviates one single path to the True Perfection.

6. The law of inertia, inherent to the large modern society, will from now on play a crucial role.

7. In case you miss this branch-path, in the near future your life-line will break.

8. What will you say then about the fate of the small children, who – because of the coldness of their supposedly wiser grown-ups – will find no future?

9. From now on people will openly divide themselves into forces of The Light and forces of the darkness. There will be no third choice.

10. Those, who stand aside and argue about the efficiency of The Teaching, become bearers of evil. For inaction in the time of Creation only strengthens the confrontation.

11. The kingdom of power, in which mankind has been initially developing itself, is now going to the end of its existence.

12. The next level, through which will flow the river of man’s life, happens to be at a qualitatively higher stage of development.

13. That is the level of The Kingdom of the Soul, which is known to you from The Scriptures as God’s Kingdom.

14. The kingdom of power is now getting into a period of death agony, during which man’s nature will rapidly turn back to a primitive state.

15. God has prepared for the Russian land a great mission, that’s why on this land the agony of the power will obtain strongly expressed features.

16.  Wildness and nothingness are the deadfall, in which a great multitude of people will be trapped.

17. Even the highest education will not help from moving into this deadfall,

18. For the quality of man does not depend on the amount of technical knowledge.

19.  Concerning mankind, the height of mind is not determined by the scientific and technological achievements.

20. And no matter if you experience material prosperity, or if you occupy a high position in the society, having a poor soul will make you just a certain creature, but not a decent son of our Mother-Earth.

21. The transition to The Kingdom of the Soul is possible only at a certain level of spiritual fly-up, which in modern mankind is in extremely poor condition.

22. The road, running through the kingdom of power, has led mankind to self-destruction.

23. For this reason much earlier was seen the necessity to give to mankind the Basis for Reunification.

24. The world has been given four basic religions: Daoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

25. The Lord has given to men the opportunity of developing themselves in immeasurably wider limits, compared to the other worlds.

26. The great spiritual values have made man a unique creature in The Universe, where he has no equivalent.

27. But this gift should be used in a clever way, for it is possible to rise to unforeseen heights, but also to fall down to inexistence.

28. The kingdom of power has left its mark on people’s development, and man is not some kind of a machine, whose movement can be easily altered.

29. For this reason, knowing about the outcome, to which the people’s life-river was flowing, and being aware of their great disunity on the basis of pagan ideology, God started building The Basis for Reunification into One Nation.

30. Salvation cannot be given to the people in the very last minute before the doom,

31. Because the larger is the society, for which the Salvation is prepared, the longer time is needed for it to be accepted.

32. So, any great intent should be laid down in advance, but, in order to keep it alive, it is necessary to consider the mind-deficiency of the modern age.

33. In its youth, mankind could not perceive the Truth about the essence of its development, which takes place on five Foundations: The Earth, The Uniform and The Spirit of Life, God-Son and The Holy Spirit.

34. Five great Foundations, and if one does not get into harmony with Them, one cannot be able to move towards the Heights of Perfection.

35. The beginning of men’s formation became on Earth, which flourished in paganism.

36. As every child follows his mother first, thus the young mankind had been holding close to Mother-Nature.

37. But people inevitably started to attribute individual features to the objects of their worship, which brought about numerous and long-lasting division among them.

38. For every family believed only in its Guardian, considering the others’ less significant.

39. In that distant times the first stones were laid, building the Road to Spiritual Ascent.

40. The diversity of pagan manifestations had no particular importance. What was significant was the essence – the worship of Nature.

41.  Further on The Lord was preparing the human mind for perceiving the common God, but The Truth of the Unity people could not readily accept and develop at the same time.

42. For the kingdom of power, being in blossom, was not able to create a fertile ground for the birth of One Common Nation.

43. Therefore the Truth of the Unity has been divided into four Foundations, each one giving rise to a new religious Teaching on Earth.

44. The Truths have been spread among those nations, where they could most fully develop and flourish, gathering in their family a lot of people of various beliefs, regardless of the language differences.

45. Those religions have been existing for many centuries, unaware of the fact, that they hold parts of one common tree –

46. The Tree, in which is locked the essence of One Common Religion.

47. This essence is in the great Secrets of the Higher World: The Uniform and The Spirit of Life, God-Son and The Holy Spirit.

48. This is a Secret, which until the present day should not know any man on Earth.

49. This lack of knowledge inevitably caused confusion and division in the spiritual world.

50. And now, with the permission of My Heavenly Father, I will reveal to you Secrets, which have been hidden from the human mind, since the right time had not come.

51. Read and heed. This is The Truth of your being.

52. Now you are going to learn, that in the Universe there are two great Origins.

53. The lack of knowledge for Their hidden Secrets made people think about Them as one and the same Source.

54. The concealment of the great Secret was necessary, because The Heavenly Father would not send The Truth to any single nation, ignoring all the rest.

55. He loves evenly everybody, as all of you are children of one Birth-Parent.

56. And until the people on Earth are deeply divided and unable to go together on one common Road, joining hands, the Truth should not be given to anybody,

57. So that for this long period of time, on different lands and due to certain creative abilities of man, the Truth would not overgrow with various silty sprouts, and would not lose its virgin beauty and worthiness.

58. May you, children of God, perceive the great Secret, that The Creator of the Universe and your Heavenly Father are not one and the same Source.

59. The difference between Them resembles the nature of the Flower. Where there is a Root, from which comes out the Stem of the Material Eternity and on which once unfolded an amazing unique Bud, emanating the fragrance of a new Eternity.

60. The Root of the Universe became The Uniform, or, as they call Him in the East, The Absolute.

61. He is the great Father of the Universe and everything that exists in It. He is the Origin of The Truth of the Material Being and the Source of the Spirit of Life (the material life-force).

62. The Uniform is the Father of the Great Female Origins, which are the Planets, the Moons, the Stars;

63. And as He does not possess spiritual tissue, neither good, nor evil lives in Him.

64. But the entire Mind of the Universe is developing thanks to The Uniform.

65. The Beautiful Fragrant Bud in the Universe for the people is the Heavenly Father. He is the Great Father of men’s souls and He is The Son of The Unified. Your God is The Origin of the Truth of the Spiritual Being and the Source of The Holy Spirit (the spiritual life-force).

66. In your Shining Father is encompassed all the good, which was created and is being created on the Earth.

67. The appearance of His Beaming Self has taken place when the Spirit of Life joined the unique force, coming out from the Heart of Mother-Earth.

68. That great time was brightened by The Light of the birth of The Only Son, for this happened just once and will never happen again.

69. Reaching His Glory and maturity, and being blessed by The Unified, God-Son began to give birth to His children by incarnating unique spiritual tissue, which bears a specific predestination, into the physical bodies of men,

70. Thus allowing His children to bring in front of the Face of Being spiritual treasures and walk the road of development that no one had ever walked, which caused the corresponding difficulties.

71. But God patiently, from era to era, bearing irreverence and complaint, has been leading the unreasonable children to the Heights of Perfection, sending The Holy Spirit to them.

72. The Holy Spirit is a Gracious Force and a certain wisdom, which comes out from God and enters into a certain physical body, whose doings should help to perform God-blessed deeds among the people.

73. The Spirit of Life, being sent by The Uniform, passes through the human physical body, and is maintaining in it the circulation of the energy, which flows according to a definite system, and feeds all the internal organs of the body.

74. The first truths, which needed a separate development, are, on the one hand, the revealing and self-perfection of man’s hidden abilities in harmony with The Uniform, and on the other hand, holiness and boundless belief in God. That caused the relevant division between the East and the Middle East.

75. The first two Truths, which were sent to mankind, are holding the Secrets of the abilities of The Holy Spirit and The Spirit of Life.

76. The concept of the Secret of The Holy Spirit gave birth to Buddhism and Hinduism.

77. In those religions for the ability of The Holy Spirit was considered, that God comes down to people in the face of one or another Creature, or a certain Hero from man’s society.

78. The Secret of the Spirit of Life gave birth to Daoism.

79. Which implies the fullest possible use of the energy of The Uniform and the competence not to oppose the Great Motion.

80. The next two Truths, containing the Secrets of the Uniform and His Son, were sent somewhat later, when man’s mind felt sufficient need to accept them.

81. The Secret of God-Son gave birth to Christianity.

82. The Secret of the Uniform gave rise to the Teaching of Islam, and much earlier – to Judaism.

83. Each of these religions preached its Truths at the level of comprehension of the contemporary mind, which imbued them with false shortcomings, that the atheists desperately lean on. But their time has come.

84. Daoism, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism were sent by The Uniform on the basis of man’s conscious level,

85. Because, since the time when The Heavenly Father incarnated the spiritual tissue with the specific predestination in the physical body of man, mankind stepped on a road, unnatural for the Mind of the whole Universe. Which once lead to significant misunderstanding all the observers, who were near the surface of Mother-Earth.

86. Man, walking along an unknown road, was easily able to step into chaos, doing numerous mistakes, for which was inevitably punished.

87. And the Mind of the Universe for many centuries has been trying to help man to correct the course of his development.

88. Observing the development of mankind, the Extraterrestrial World could make the true conclusion, that man is characterized by the spiritual development, but not by the scientific and technological one. And this World began – in its own way – to help with this.

89. The fact that mankind has its own God the Extraterrestrial Mind could realize only by studying the life of humans, and at a certain stage was understood, that someone is carefully and patiently leading the human race.

90. The Extraterrestrial Mind has no relations with The Heavenly Father, as no one beyond the boundaries of the Earth possesses spiritual tissue.

91. Your Father never announces His Divine intents, for inside Him is The Truth, and The Truth doesn’t need additional consideration.

92. For this reason the Road, which He prepares for mankind, is not known to anyone in the Universe.

93. From here originates the natural attempt on besides of the Universe, to lead man to spirituality through consciousness, where the highly developed worlds brought from the Uniform a great variety of exercises, supposedly developing spirituality, and a lot of wise thoughts, intended to bring to spirituality.

94. In this way on Earth were revealed – at the level of man’s consciousness – the main spiritual roads that gave birth to world’s cultures.

95. But one faith was born – on the basis of the manifestations of the human soul – by The Heavenly Father. This faith, by inevitable mistake, people called Christianity.

96. Thus was sent the One Common Faith, intended to bring together all the spiritual roads on the basis of Love and the Spiritual Truth, and which does not need any name.

97. But the full development of the soul was impossible in the age of the blooming power, where human nature was in extremely wild condition.

98. Therefore, by the Will of God, the development of Christianity should proceed in two Ignitions.

99. And two thousand years ago the faith should be just laid down, leaving time for it to spread throughout the Earth.

100. Now the people have reached a new stage of their development.

101. The necessary amount of fertile soil is already prepared to accept the grains of The Truth, and, growing them, to grant that every grain would give variety of fruits.

102. This will allow mankind to cross the milestone of the Flowering, and enter the new level of the Kingdom of the Soul.

103. The Truth, which will prepare and clean the souls of the people, will lead to a new Union between God and mankind.

104. This is The Last Testament, which I give to you from The One who sent me, in order to complete the formation of the Christianity as One Common Religion on Mother-Earth.

105. From now on, to you will be revealed the secrets of the essence of God’s Glory and the birth of the devil; of the roads, leading to salvation of the soul, as well as to its death; of the reincarnation of the souls and many secrets, which have been hidden from man’s mind.

106. It won’t be difficult for the contemporary consciousness to realize, that the human soul cannot exist and develop in some people according to Hindu traditions, and in other people – according to Islamic ones. The law of soul’s being is the same for everyone, so the time has come now, when this law should be recognized.

107. People should no longer be unaware of these fundamental secrets, because the growing lack of faith and the attempt to comprehend the existing secrets in one’s own way, lead to a great increase of the coldness, hidden under the veil of benefit.

108. What I reveal to you, will cause numerous varied flashes in man’s mind. Where, among the believers, unfortunately, the storm of indignation will reach the highest peaks.

109. But who told you that you have the right to interpret and predetermine the future deeds of your Father? If He did not say something, absolutely does not mean, that He will not do it.

110. The little children are not allowed to know everything.

111. It was necessary to describe the Second Advent as “coming on the clouds” for one main reason – coming secretly in the predetermined by My Father time allows to easily expose the hypocrites and reveal the true children of God.

112. How should the people determine the One that is coming from God: by the omens that he does, by people’s own understanding or by The Essence, emanating from His heart?

113. There is no good tree, which would give bad fruits; and there is no bad tree, giving good fruits.

114. Every tree is recognized by its fruits, because one does not pick figs in the thorns and does not gather grapes in the bushes.

115. If the Master arrives to His home with thunderclaps and flashes of fire, all the servants, having seen the omens, will cry: “We believe, we’ve been waiting!”,

116. Among them will also be those, who were woken up by the thunder and were not waiting for their Master.

117. But the Master will arrive secretly, in order to see the real face of everyone, untouched by great signs, and also the greedy hypocrites, who would not succeed to hide their face.

118. The Master will come silently and, sitting at the threshold of His Home, will pour out life-giving Moisture, coming from the One Who sent Him.

119. And all, who are great of heart and are thirsty for the Moisture of The Heavenly Father, will come and satisfy their thirst. For they will feel in their souls what comes from The Parent.

120. They are the ones, on whom God entrusts the last hope for Salvation of mankind.

121. Blessed in these days will be the one, who – in the worldly commotion and great soul’s scantiness – will not miss the target of his aspirations.

122. The Last Testament is given to you in a critical moment of your development. It is given in order to make the great Sacred Reunification of all the existing religions.

123. The Last Testament will help to open the closed souls, to give drink to the thirsty and gather in One Holy Bosom the scattered children of God. After that the young mankind will step on the road of Maturity.

124. Remember the legend about the building of the Babylon tower – a secret, which, unfortunately, you misunderstood.

125. It showed to you, that a multilingual nation is not capable of creating anything significant, for the multilingualism entails disunity.

126. The Last Testament will lead to the complete opening of your soul and the due reunification with God, which was impossible to happen earlier. If you don’t like this, stay where you are.

127. The Last Testament is intended to bring to Salvation those children, who are able to pass through the Gates of God’s Kingdom.

128. Those are the people, who aim to achieve uniting among themselves, and – in common effort – to endlessly bestow the warmth of their souls to the surrounding world, and who are able to really care about the pain of Mother-Earth. If you feel yourself alien to those children of God, then stay where you are.

129. The Last Testament takes into account the required intellectual capabilities. This is extremely important for the transition to a qualitatively higher stage of development of human thinking, which is needed for entering The Kingdom of God.

130. If you want to stay at the level of comprehension, which you had two thousand years ago, then stay, where you are.

131. Once you were told, that The Kingdom of God is like yeast, which a woman put in three measures of dough, until it leavened.

132. This is the secret of the three Testaments, meant to bring the children of God to The Kingdom of Heaven: The Old Testament, The New Testament and The Last Testament.

133. These are respectively the secrets: Hope, Faith and Love.

134. Many erring people nowadays consider religion something additional on the road of man’s life.

135. I will truly tell you: the religion is the art of development of the soul.

136. But the soul is the core of the man himself,

137. Which means, that the religion is the art of man’s complete development and the basis for development of all the arts.

138. And don’t seek for one or another shortcoming of a definite Teaching.

139. Remember! They have been sent at the level of comprehension of their time.

140. Now you’ve been given a new Road and God wishes your reasonable entering the religion, but not because of fears and miracles.

141. That’s why there will be no miracles made by God, but you will be given the last hope for saving your soul.

142. And here the time has come, when your Heavenly Father directed His Word into your ears. The ability to heed this Word is your responsibility.

143. And may the prophecy of Isaiah would not come true one more time: “You will be ever hearing, but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving,

144. For these people’s hearts have grown callous; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes…”

145. The Word, that you now hear, is The Word of Judgement.

146. It was predetermined for you two thousand years ago, when it was said, that you would be given The Word, which would judge you on the last day.

147. So accept it with dignity, without going into these empty slanders, which anyway fill up your mind.

148. Man differs from the animal just for having a spiritual world.

149. And if a man does not develop spiritually, he becomes like an animal, but for the abilities that he’s been given, he can cause incomparably bigger troubles, which one can easily notice when looks around.

150. Men’s souls have been filled up with coldness, which can be now seen at every step.

151. The greatest threat for the complete downfall is that the coldness has entered the children gardens, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and even the churches.

152. The coldness of the freezing souls has increased to such an extent, that man’s mind has been dimmed, as a result of which Mother-Earth unbearably suffers.

153. For the Earth is alive and feels each of you: the Earth feels how you trample her body with your feet.

154. The Earth, bearing constantly growing agony, is going to defend Herself,

155. Punishing you with awful diseases and destroying your buildings.

156. How blind the human mind will be? A man, who holds spiritual coldness, is not capable of giving to his child anything, but that same coldness. Is it reasonable for the society to complain about the increase of malice and lies, if it itself creates the fertile soil for the growing of these weeds?

157. Look around you? The World, in which your body lives, the Home, which gave life to you, has been desecrated by man’s hands’ doings.

158. The striving for enrichment of the body brings immeasurable coldness –

159. Coldness, destroying the faint green sprouts, which from time to time appear inside you.

160. Listen closely to your soul! Do you really fail to feel the incoming coldness, or the green sprouts in your soul disappeared, leaving room for the fierce coldness?

161. The gardeners of mankind, who are the clergymen, continue to relentlessly sow the seeds of life in people’s souls.

162. But, obviously, the fertile soil is becoming less and less, or negligent hands are throwing the seeds in the soil, for people’s Mother is more and more moaning under the burden of her sons.

163. Where is your soul? Under what layers of silt is it resting now? Wake up!

164. The Earth is the one common Mother of yours.

165. Foolish and funny seem the sons of one Mother, who live on the same land and put borders among themselves, just because some are born by Her in one place, and others – in another.

166. The ambition of one nation to be superior to another is a sign of a sick mind.

167. Remember The Word, which points out that you are all brothers and everyone, who exalts himself above the others, will be humbled.

168. For the time, that the world religions exist, on their trees have grown a lot of various branches, especially in Christianity.

169. But what is the value of Christianity today, when it has been separated into a lot of different parts, and in the collision of these parts, coldness and filth is being abundantly poured from one to the other?!

170. Is it reasonable to have several interpretations of one Truth?

171. I shall truly say to you: time has come, when it is to devil’s advantage to spread different views on the True Development.

172. For, if you have different views on this Development, you will not ascend by it.

173. There is a great sorrow on your Father’s Brow, viewing His children’s insane deeds, especially among the believers.

174. Many things have now been written about The Faith, a lot of empty philosophizing, but nobody understands that all this great variety of books, that have been written, leads just to two lines: “Love God” and “Love your soulmate”,

175. For the one, who is able to love, will never do anything against God’s Will.

176. Through the centuries you keep and pass on the commandment, which, for all this long time, no one has fulfilled and which says: “Love your enemies; bless those that curse you; do good to those that hate you; and pray for those that spitefully use you and persecute you.”

177. Where is the love which God commanded you to accomplish?

178. It has been a long time since people have been persistently moving towards the abyss, despite the warnings and signs, which were given by Mother Mariam mainly in the latest decades.

179. Now the time has come to draw a line in your development.

180. Everyone should now realize, that to consider yourself a believer and be a believer is not one and the same.

181. You have to know, that from now on every believer, who, along with his faith, does anything unfavourable, becomes the greatest bearer of evil, for he supports the misbelief.

182. So be worthy children of your Great Father and take to heart the Last Call, sent to your souls!

183. From now on you should become incapable of carrying coldness – never, no matter in what circumstances and under what flag you are, you don’t have the right even to think badly about somebody.

184. The Road of Light is an aspiration to open your soul and infinitely bestow the warmth of your soul to the surrounding people, without expecting anything in return,

185. Where you will try to warm also the one, who will abuse you afterwards.

186. This is the true way to begin raising the walls of The Temple of your soul.

187. So let this Word be The Judgement above you, and may the responsibility for what you hear, lay on you, and let it not be later said: I did not hear!

188. From now on you will behold God’s Glory, and Love will be shining over The World.

189. But woe to those, who turn into the opposite side: Their time has come. Wake up and be creators!

Peace be with you.