• About The Last Testament …

    “The Last Testament is given to you in a critical moment of your development. It is given in order to make the great Sacred Reunification of all the existing religions. 

    The Last Testament will help to open the closed souls, to give drink to the thirsty and gather in One Holy Bosom the scattered children of God. After that the young mankind will step on the road of Maturity. 

    The Last Testament will lead to the complete opening of your soul and the due reunification with God, which was impossible to happen earlier. If you don’t like this, stay where you are.

    The Last Testament is intended to bring to Salvation those children, who are able to pass through the Gates of God’s Kingdom.

    The Last Testament takes into account the required intellectual capabilities. This is extremely important for the transition to a qualitatively higher stage of development of human thinking, which is needed for entering The Kingdom of God. 

    If you want to stay at the level of comprehension, which you had two thousand years ago, then stay, where you are.

    . Once you were told, that The Kingdom of God is like yeast, which a woman put in three measures of dough, until it leavened.

    This is the secret of the three Testaments, meant to bring the children of God to The Kingdom of Heaven: The Old Testament, The New Testament and The Last Testament.

    These are respectively the secrets: Hope, Faith and Love.”

    (The Last Testament; Pre-Annunciation; 122-133)

  • About the Human Soul …

    1. About: https://youtu.be/BYG4p913ImM?t=150
    2. Essence of the human soul: https://youtu.be/aAsb_6f-bgw?t=1020
    3. Predestination of the human soul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1HA3NsWjhU
  • About The Teacher …

    “I am the Teacher of Life, and now my primary task is to teach you how to see everything in your life again and in a new way, everything  that you have gained as an experience in your history on this Earth and that you consider well known and even obvious. 

    I’m not the one who brings temptations to the clever ones, but I am the Light of your world.

    And if I give something which your life depends on, then it is my concern your understanding of my words to be the most accurate.

    So when I come to you, I bring the Truth to all of you equally, and I am ready to explain everything at any level of your comprehension. “

    Vissarion, The Last Hope
  • About the faith …

    So, faith is very important for a man: when a man doesn’t know what awaits him tomorrow, but he believes in the good.

    And when he starts to believe in the good, he obtains the ability to change the space for the better. He becomes like a magic man. That’s his faith. The more he believes, the more he changes the information that surrounds him in the space.

    And faith must necessarily be positive. And God always teaches people to believe in the good. Because if we talk about Faith to God, well, God is Love. Then, what is to believe in Love? To believe in Love means to strive to fulfill it, to show Love.

    If you do not show it, then it is senseless to talk about Faith to God. It is simply some sort of a foul expression of a person, which has nothing to do with the Truth.

    A man just says, “I believe in God.” So what? Well, Satan believes in God, too. And it is not that he just believes, but he knows that God exists. So what? But to believe and to fulfill! … Therefore, believers were once told: “Faith without deeds is dead.”

    Well, to believe in God means to fulfill God’s will. And God’s appeal is to love each other, not to look for the wrong in each other.

    (The Last Testament; part 16; chapter 3; 35-40)

  • About Corona Virus …

  • Greetings from the USA. People say Trump is the Antichrist are they right?

    The questions is from Zodiac Mindwarp on our youtube channel. 

    Here is the answer of The Teacher:

    «Dear friends, after a long acquaintance with the peculiarities of human perception of the ongoing reality, I want to emphasize that it will not be favorable for you to search for some special personality of the Antichrist. You have a very strong vicious inclination to search for the guilty among those around you, although the main danger for you is inside you! 
    The essence of the term “antichrist” – the one who is against Christ.
    Christ is the living word of God!
    The word of God teaches you a selfless love for every man; never to allow yourself to judge anyone; to accept with humility – and therefore without displaying indignation – the given, which you inevitably find by allowing yourself to take any corresponding steps …
    Going against Christ does not mean any explicit scolding of Him or any desire to desecrate the Holy Temples.
    To walk successfully against Christ are able also those, who praise Him with passionate words, but allow themselves to violate the Laws of Truth by their deeds!
    It will be very useful, especially in the present time, to look attentively and critically at yourself!
    Aren’t you the antichrist yourself?
    Do you have peace in your heart or hatred?
     Remember the interesting wisdom of Solomon: “…Whoever hides hatred has lying lips;” (Proverbs 10:18.)
    And then look at how the great sea of lies has boundlessly stretched out in these times!»

  • Can a person cure a serious disease on his own, with his own resources?

    “He (man) first needs to pay special attention to his psychological state, how he perceives the world, how joyfully, how grateful he is for this reality. He needs to learn to smile more. Even if he feels sad inside, he has to try to smile.
    Certain sensational experiences lead to the fact that a person’s smile appears naturally, and if you force yourself to smile, though sad inside, it will cause a backlash and the experiences that are associated with a smile. Do not be afraid if your smile may look sinister in this case. Watch comedies, have fun, that is, rejoice as much as you can. And that will already help you change the course of your illness very much. Then all will depend on what kind of disease it is. You may need some more help there. But the main thing is the condition of the person himself”. (Part 17 32:118-122|LT)

  • “How can we come to live there?”

    The information is from Redkin V. and Shtempelev Pavel.

    “We began to receive questions “How can we come to live there?”. And more and more often such questions come from people, who are either little acquainted with our way of living, or not acquainted at all. For example, a person living in Western Europe, having watched a brief movie about the Abode of Dawn, is asking what can he do to come to live in the Abode. A few words about our life. The Abode of Dawn is a Sacred place, the central settlement of the community, built in the taiga by the hands of the believers. And in the Abode of Dawn are living only believers in the today’s Accomplishment, they determine themselves who will live here. At this moment that is 300 people together with the children. There are approximately 20 villages of two regions of Krasnoyarskij kraj, Kuraginskij and Karatuzskij, where live around 4000 people (there’s no accurate data), who relate themselves to the community of Vissarion. We are legally registered as Kuragino’s local religious organization ‘Church of the Last Testament’, but the membership in the church is not being registered and there is no management or control on its part, people live independently. There are no leaders in the Church, there are people, who can be called “coordinators”, but they don’t have the right to rule or direct anybody. A greater self-control in those, who consider themselves believers can occur, when people unite in the so-called Common Family (usually in one locality), where the relationships are closer, more responsible, where one’s mistakes are more visible, and they are being discussed together for finding the proper solution in accord with the Teaching, brought by The Teacher (Vissarion). We regard Him as the Word of the Father. The economic activity of such a formation (Common Family) is determined by the assembly of the believers, which entrusts the coordination of the current activities to the elected economic council.

    The community does not provide income, food, stable housing etc., these issues are solved by all those who live here on their own, based on their potential and capabilities, uniting wherever possible for mutual help.

    Our life proceeds on the ground, it is not easy, we are trying to build a self-sufficient community, depending on our own efforts, where everything necessary for the good of the soulmate will be created by our own hands. To earn money in these villages is almost impossible, except (and for the most part) for the building sector, where good professional skills are needed. State jobs in the villages are also rare – only schools and village administration in some of the villages.

    The new-comers either build homes on their own, or buy houses, or, if there’s no funds to buy a home, they find people with whom they can stay or rent a place.

    If you do not have Russian citizenship, but you want to settle in (or just visit as a guest) the community, you will have to fulfill all the requirements of the Migration Service very accurately, because the attention to all, who are living here by law enforcement agencies is high. Be careful when obtaining a visa: we have repeatedly encountered with the fact, that firms providing tourist visas to Russia, give information about the rules of registration either inaccurate or incomplete, why people then could face difficulties with law enforcement agencies, which ended in fines, and sometimes – expulsion from Russia with a ban on entry for 5 years. Specify in advance the rules of registration in the Russian embassy or consulate in your country.

    How to get to us. The nearest airport and a large railway station: Abakan, the capital of Khakassia (200 km. to one of the base villages – Petropavlovka). Krasnoyarsk (airport and railway station): 600 km by car by good road, or 370 km by not very good road to the same Petropavlovka through Kuragino district centre. The nearest railway station is Kuragino (it can be reached both from Krasnoyarsk and Abakan), from Kuragino to Petropavlovka 80 km. by bus or by car.”