• On the Characteristics of Power

    Can those who believe to have eyes really see? Can those who consider themselves rational see the truth? What is the true worth of those who appear to care for the good of their neighbor but continue to turn their eyes away from the truth? How much longer can those who loudly take on positions of honorable leadership, age after age, insistently profess the usual concern intended to determine the seemingly right course for the well-being of their subjects while continuing collectively and with enthusiasm to move in circle on an apparently endless road of suffering?

    So can those who rush to loudly demonstrate their alleged special power of sight really see? It has now become vital for everyone to realize that none of the systems of state organization that have already emerged in the course of many centuries can in principle be in harmonious accord with the True Law of spiritual development!

    Only on the basis of this Law alone can human essence itself develop harmoniously, and so too the stable development towards the well-being of every human society depends, above all, on the correct comprehension of such a Law.

    The Law of spiritual development of human essence is one for all people as are one the laws at the basis of every phenomenon of the World of Matter.
    It would be great foolishness to strive to approach the understanding of the laws of the World of Matter only in a traditional way, in the way it has been approached by the ancestors of one or another separate people!

    And just such great foolishness would be an analogous approach to the understanding of the Law on which completely depends the true development of human spiritual nature and the harmonious formation of the human mind.
    The fact that, with regard to spiritual values, different peoples have traditionally formed different ideas is only а well pronounced result of the incorrect understanding of the Law that is one for all people.
    Since spiritual values are meant to and do occupy a special place in human consciousness, then only in a certain particular period in the development of the individual, as well as of human society can a favorable condition arise for coming yet closer to an accurate understanding of the spiritual Law, when man can free himself from the dogmatically established fear of the expression of nontraditional views on spiritual values.

    An intelligent person is well aware that the tools designed for use towards peaceful and creative goals can quite successfully be used as destructive weapons, even if they are not officially considered to be weapons.

    And yet unconventional thinking, as a rule, people hurry to unequivocally affirm as harmful, even though all progressive achievements in the development of human society owe their origin to unconventional thinking.

    Apprehension about and, as a rule, often senseless categorical disapproval of nontraditional views on spiritual values can have very dangerous consequences, because it fatally impedes the necessary activity of spiritual development of human essence, on which directly depends not only the well-being of humanity, but its very survival in the Natural World in whose Bosom it was born.
    The main indicator of insufficient maturity and lack of good reason is the inclination to aggressively perceive anything new, to the objective understanding of which enough effort is not applied.

    And most dangerous in this case is the urge for one to analogously reject that which is supposedly more perfect than what one has.

    This kind of ignorance has been irresistibly taking place and still successfully takes place among the majority of representatives of human society, which, respectively, characterizes the primitive level of development of that society.
    While such an attitude towards the unknown is actively and widely exhibited by those in key positions of control in the state system, the development of societies under such control is doomed to be extremely complicated.

    And in the fateful period of development of human society such a situation will always lead to the greatest tragedies.

    In itself, the notion of “power” implies above all the ability to force anyone to make certain efforts against his own wishes and aspirations. At the same time it is also the ability to punish those unwilling to comply with the imposition.
    The characteristics that lie at the heart of the notion of “power” directly contradict the Truth of spiritual development!

    Power and government in the minds of people are perceived as one and the same thing.
    But the true value of normal government should not imply notions such as “coercion”, or even worse, “punishment”.

    During the historical period of initial formation of human society, as a perfectly natural consequence of the extremely primitive human perception of the surrounding reality, power and government inevitably started to become closely intertwined.

    The former had to organize the many for at least some movement in a single direction, and the latter – to force those unwilling to move in that direction and also to punish those who resisted and prevented the others from moving in the ordained direction.

    The aggressive environment, which the representatives of different social formations began to build actively and with various persistence, further strengthened such an intertwining in which the creative need intertwined with the corrupt, since the ability to govern can realize the human potential for creativity, while power – that for corruption.
    Only those of considerable creative experience and relevant competency would show willingness to engage in government without the implications of power.

    Among the great multitude of people of one or another society, those ready to take on increased responsibility without the characteristic elements of power are usually very few.

    The rest of the multitude, realizing well enough the insignificance of their experience and skill, quite sensibly will not show active interest in becoming leaders and organizers.

    And that which is seen as power, people are ready to pursue from the earliest age, as soon as they can correctly form ideas of the distinctive allure implied by the concept of “power”.

    The fruits of power can be of interest only to those yet spiritually immature, and therefore have not developed mentally in a harmonious way.

    And every human society, as the result of certain laws, consists in overwhelming majority of just such spiritually immature people.

    And for that reason a great multitude of people massively exhibit a thirst and a need to acquire any power whatsoever, even the most insignificant, but power nonetheless. And once acquired, the immature of spirit exercise that power in a state of intoxication.
    The system of state organization, according to its specific characteristics which are far removed from the Law of human spiritual development, naturally creates favorable conditions for the successful flourishing of the union of power and government, and is mostly referred to by a single term – “power”.

    Modern, so called civilized society, at its core is clearly divided into religious and secular parts.
    It does not take great wit to see just as clearly how the active representatives of either part, using its respective characteristics, equally strive to acquire ever greater power.

    To acquire the very thing that seems to grant them the right to force their opinion on an ever greater number of people and to submit ever less to anyone else’s opinion the higher they seem to advance.

    Where the members of either part try to justify themselves by claiming that power provides them with greater opportunity to save the unwise.
    Such a justification is appropriate to some extent only for members of the secular part of human society, for secular power can indeed significantly limit savagely-vicious behavior to which a great many can still easily regress. Bt only limit, and not completely eliminate such behaviour!

    The prosperity of state power fully depends on the activeness of the material component of human nature because such power is also interested in preserving above all the best physiological health of people.

    But in order to completely eliminate human propensity for savagely-vicious actions, it is necessary to correctly activate those values in society which have absolutely no relation to what constitutes the essence of state power.
    And hence the natural failure for the entire history of activity of such power to fully cope with the viciously-savage actions of many of the members of its society.

    Spiritual Truths are not directly aimed at maintaining the best human physiological health although they are closely interrelated with it.
    But it is only on the basis of these values alone that man’s viciously-savage actions can be fully neutralized.

    And hence the ancient words that spiritual Truth is Light for all who dwell in darkness.
    Spiritual Truth is not meant to refine the abnormal aspects of human life but to completely eliminate them.

    Therefore it has been designated to be humanity’s Salvation!

    And a term like “state religion” is nothing but complete absurdity!

    For it is similar to the term “dark light” since a state system inevitably implies coercion and violence!

    If any religious organization governs its congregation using methods typical of power, one can definitely speak of a significant discrepancy between the direction aspired to by the adepts of such an organization and the direction that defines the true spiritual development of human nature!

    Until the human race continues to set as its principal life priorities that which stands apart from the true spiritual values, which is something it still does, the narrow coupling of power and government may to some degree be justified.

    But such a justification would be appropriate only when the consequences of such a coupling would bring only minimal harm, similar to what takes place in the life of the members of the animal world.

    If the governance of a society takes place in conjunction with the characteristics of power, such a society would inevitably resemble a herd and could not be seen as a rationally organized team at all.

    For that reason, the representatives of power have aptly defined such a mass of people as a crowd.
    The crowd needs the presence of power!

    Power cannot exist without a crowd!

    It is a vicious circle in which one cannot exist without the other.

    At the same time, such an integral system has absolutely no prospects for achieving harmonious prosperity.

    Moreover, in accordance with the Law of Harmony of the World of Being, it is doomed to inevitable self-destruction.

    The way out of the already extremely dangerous statе of life of human society under such an organization is only possible in the direction of developing a normal system of life.

    And that, as it has already become clear, is associated with the affirmation of values on the basis of which a system of life based on the principle of “crowd and power” cannot exist.
    Spiritual values must become society’s primary focus!

    Where, as a matter of course, at first it might give the impression of being a national idea, but if the idea most accurately embodied the definitions of Truth, then it would soon grow into a global idea.

    It is of utmost necessity that the question of the spiritual values of society is open for serious public consideration without any primitively categorical and traditional religious prohibitions.

    The truth of normal spiritual development of a person is based solely on the freedom of choice of his ideological priorities.

    Man cannot be saved unless he has made his own free choice to actively apply efforts towards salvation.

    But there is a reasonable need to provide the opportunity to become familiar with the objective information on the various spiritual values manifested in society.

    This is the same as the following: when in a difficult situation – which in fact turns out to be the natural outcome of the path chosen long ago – the truly wise would take a careful look at all the newly visible branches of the existing path, and not try to go back to what has been tried and is well known.

    The imposition of an ideology is perfectly natural for the conditions of a state system.

    But if it occurs in the activities of a religious organization, it is a clear sign of an ignorant approach to the laws of Truth!

    What is good for darkness goes against Truth!

    To God what is God’s, to Caesar what is Caesar’s!

    October 2010

  • On the Characteristics of Patriotism

    One can regularly notice many bold statements about patriotism manifested in the daily life of human society.

    Are those statements being made aptly enough, however, in regard to a variety of circumstances, assuming the normal development namely of human spiritual nature, on which really depends the harmonious well-being of entire human society?

    Patriotism in human society is defined as a certain deep feeling related to one’s devotion to homeland, where, in turn, the concept of “homeland” necessarily implies not just a certain defined area on the surface of Earth, but the very human society inhabiting this subjectively defined area.

    A society, which – due to certain primitive egotistical aspects – consciously strives to distinguish itself from among other similar societies through once-invented limitations of cultural self-expression.

    When a human reaches a necessary initial level of wisdom, he or she begins to understand, that all processes  in the World of Being are based on one Law.

    The full development of a human and hence of all human society depends exclusively on one Law for all people.

    Harmony can be attained only while following the direction defined by that Harmony. And since Harmony is based on one Law for all, the direction for all people can also only be one!

    All other directions inevitably involve disharmony, and therefore these directions unambiguously lead to self-destruction of anyone, who will not abandon such directions in time!

    Over the course of history of the World of Being along the wayside of such false directions there have been accumulated substantial piles of remnants of those who in their time declared, with childish enthusiasm, the greatness of the society they belonged to.

    The existence of societies on Earth that still continue to extremely actively assert their own exceptional significance and power, is the main indicator that all these societies are moving in false directions.

    While various human societies continue the interaction based on the principle that compels them to compete among themselves over significance and power, these societies are inevitably doomed to woe and suffering.

    The principle of normal spiritual development entirely excludes any competition, whatsoever.

    Competition is typical only of the conditions of ego-natural development, and is based on primitive laws of instincts.

    The life-organization of all human societies presently continuing to dwell on Mother-Earth, is entirely based on ego-natural principles, which unambiguously defines the false ideological direction in  the development of these societies!

    In this regard, any mention of patriotism inevitably takes on only subjectively rational character, for a patriot in this case has to adhere devotedly to the conventional values of his or her society, regardless of the extent to which these conventionalities may contradict the true values of the harmonious formation of human spiritual nature.

    It is rational to use the concept “patriotism” not in a narrowly national, but only in a universally human sense! When priority is given to concerns for the normal development of the Human rather than that of a community, distinguished by its national identity.

    Any greatness always starts small.

    And that is why, only having proficiently learnt the Truth – which principally defines the correct manner of interaction of one person with another, and where no tradition can unequivocally be considered for a vantage point – the issue of harmonious development of all human society is appropriate.

    Reason and rational thinking in no means can bear any distinguishing national features!

    National features may only mark a particular perception of an unfolding reality formed on the basis of certain contrived ideological norms which one is forced to adopt in a social environment of one’s upbringing, where one resides in and which one values.

    If a view on an unfolding reality bears national features, such view is exceptionally biased!

    Such view, in principle, cannot be rational! Reason and rational thinking are based on one Law.

    Therefore, only when human civilization manages to present itself in such unity, which can be defined as one Family – indivisible in itself by ideology that compels it to see the same Law differently – only then this civilization can be rightfully defined as rational!

    So far, human civilization can be perceived by an outside observer only as a pseudo-rational!

    Do people remember the biblical clue telling that a kingdom or a house, if divided within, is inevitably doomed to destruction?

    A united kingdom may be divided when two or more apparently equal rulers come forth, and, a house may be divided when more than one self-proclaimed owner appear within it.

    The Heavenly Father is one for all people without exception!

    The salvation of human society is in its unity!

    And it is possible only on the basis of attainment of universal values, common to all people!

    It would be wise if representatives of soundly-thinking groups of various societies demonstrated a deserving enthusiasm toward a multifaceted and necessarily objective consideration of this matter, carefully scrutinizing at all things appearing anew, without regard to dusty medals and banners, accumulated throughout history.

    New realities are always accompanied by new clues!

    November 2010

  • On Showing Resentment

    Difficult times always present a natural temptation for the spiritually unseeing and the mentally immature ones and strongly provoke in them an irresistible need to seek and identify a provisional enemy.

    To identify the one who by all means must be marked as the culprit for the ongoing troubles and discomfort they have come to experience.

    Generally, the identification of enemies by such miserable people is based on extremely primitively biased thinking.

    Under such circumstances the presence of even a single hint often seems completely sufficient to precisely identify the very enemy.

    All this has taken place in antiquity as it has in the Middle Ages and so it does today in what is considered an age of enlightenment.

    In all these times the principle behind finding a provisional enemy has always been one and the same because it is based on a single law of mental development and is a result of egoistic interest.

    For the entire history of human civilization people have experienced and continue to experience all kinds of confrontations among each other so frequently that the mind of the abnormally developing human being has inevitably come to perceive its social environment as if definitely having enemies.

    Even if no such provisional enemies are to be found anywhere at the given moment.

    Since the dawn of time, for natural reasons, man has found himself compelled to be guided above all by his instinct of self-preservation the way every animal is.

    That same man, in his attempts to form a system of social organization, has inevitably had to form a system that distinctly supports the human desire to live in complete dependence on that same instinct of self-preservation.

    This circumstance, once set at the foundation of all human civilization during antiquity, has inevitably created extremely dangerous conditions for the formation of the human mind and especially the human spirit.

    Under these conditions human mind and thinking have formed and effectively continue to form in such a way that a great number of people become able, without thinking, to accept as an enemyanyone who has been skillfully pointed out at the right time.

    If a mentally sound person comes in contact with negative information about someone, he would only take note of it while allowing for the distinct possibility that such information might be completely inaccurate.

    Such a person would trust the negative information only upon irrefutable proof of the presence of something negative.

    But a mentally unsound person is characteristically prone to completely trust any, unjustified by real fact, negative information about anyone, because he feels the unsound need to assign guilt among those with whom he, above all, does not share an egoistic interest.

    Furthermore, some of these unhappy people even feel the need to exaggerate the negative information and further spread it while using specious slogans as justification.

    In ancient biblical Scripture, namely in the Book of Proverbs [10:18], there is a remarkable piece of wisdom:

    “He who hides hatred has lying lips. He who utters a slander is a fool.”

    Man generally experiences the need to identify an enemy on the basis of unsound egoistic interest directly related to insult, spitefulness and hatred.

    The burning feelings of discontent and anger towards another person create, as a result of certainmental factors, extremely favorable conditions for the angered person to become able to easily slander the object of his resentment.

    At the same time, such an angry person generally will sincerely believe that he is right, which is actually the unconscious result of his egoistic interest that everything be the way he imagines it.

    Beware to trust the judgments of those whose words betray resentment and hatred!

    Woe to a society where those called fools in ancient Scripture are found in places from which they can actively influence the minds of the majority!

    For great harm can come from those who spread slander!

    Even if today a savage arsenal of physical violence may not be used against suspects the way it was widely used in the Middle Ages, there exists a mental environment where people, unconcerned about the truthfulness of what they hear, can easily be inflamed with anger against someone pointed out by those qualified as fools in the biblical text. This very fact clearly indicates the extremely low level of rationality in the present society.

    Sorrow will inevitably follow the fate of such a society until the time of its rebirth!

    Listen closely and consider what you say and how you say it, and what those around you say and how they say it!

    It is one thing to mark as an enemy someone who seeks to bring destruction, and quite another – someone who affirms creation!

    Even if that someone does so very ineptly.

    Is it not true that the Teacher of Truth may only come from among people with creative aspirations?

    Think and reason well, you who consider yourselves sensible!

    Do not repeat the Mistake once made by those who also considered themselves sensible and even true believers, but out of their blindness, they had trusted the fools and collectively trampled their own Salvation!

    Only, in that distant time the Fate of Humanity was not yet to be ultimately decided.

    And now…

    Learn to distinguish creative acts from destructive ones, and truly good intentions from hypocritical slogans!

    Do not follow the foolish words that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, for if such an expression is taken to be true then you must certainly give up all good intentions and never follow them.

    Great sorrow awaits those who do so!

    And as human personalities are unique, so do the efforts of creative pursuit differ in competency.

    Do not judge those striving to realize their good intentions!

    If you do not see the rightness of someone’s creative efforts, it would be wiser to patiently lay your path along his path and not be tempted to destroy it.

    Those grown wise enough are able to reasonably compare and will always take advantage of the most perfect advice revealed in the actions of any of his neighbours!

    The rightness of those same creative efforts must be determined by never being based on selfish interest for personal gain as well as never being aimed at imposing any conditions or ideas on anyone!

    It is also necessary to understand well that any attempt to establish some conventional “justice” by the use of force against another person, especially physical force, is absolutely incompatible with normal efforts to achieve truly good purposes!

    Good purposes meant namely for humans to establish and not the primitive members of the animal world.

    In the life of the members of the animal world there is only one possibility to establish something of egoistic interest – it is violence according to individual abilities to harm the physiology and mind of those perceived as danger.

    The entire life history of all human society is speckled with examples of establishing all kinds of conventional “justice” only with the use of violence, and that clearly demonstrates the extremely low level of spiritual development which is intended to be the main value namely of the Human being.

    Such unsound efforts have been made and continue to be made on a large scale by both atheists and “believers” and that definitely shows the same primitively low level of perception of the surrounding reality.

    A society in which true spiritual values are not properly analysed is inevitably doomed to great suffering and degeneration!

    Woe to you, persecutors and mockers, for thus you serve the devil and deceptive slogans do not conceal your intentions!

    It is impossible to affirm something Sacred by using slander and violence!

    The methods of darkness do not dispel darkness!

    December 2010

  • What is going on?

    Over the last few days I heard from some believers, living in remote cities, that there has been shown some interest in asking me about the exciting events, taking place in the world today.

    I am well aware of the fact, that the alarming events happening now, especially concerning the various circumstances related to the spread of the dangerous virus, can seriously disturb you.

    But at first I did not feel a keen desire to answer the question you are raising, and only over time did it seem favourable to, nevertheless, touch a little upon this issue from a definite side.

    Only in this topic I will rather remind of something, than reveal new things, which you are, as I understand, mainly inclined to expect.

    The primary value of my creation does not refer to the need of focusing your attention on what dangerous difficulties are possible on your life path.

    This kind of information can only be partially useful, but not for the spiritual development, which precisely for mankind is intended to be a priority.

    My task is first of all to help you re-direct as much as possible your efforts in a vital, life-saving for you direction.

    Not in the case, when you need to prepare in a definite way for certain temporary difficulties, characteristic of a particular place, like floods, fires or some sorts of corona-viruses, but when the very fate of your society should be decided.

    If, in the cases with probable floods, fires or something like that sufficient narrowly focused characteristic professional efforts are required, then in the case, when the fate of mankind is to be decided, the main attention should be paid precisely to the psychological features of the relationship of a person with a person.

    It will be vital to pay close attention to what the psychological well-being of the social formation depends on.

    If such a circumstance will be properly solved (and this is possible exclusively when all kinds of probable actions in any relations among the people will maximally correspond to the Truth), then such social formation will acquire greatest possibilities to go through all kinds of probable extreme conditions with the least losses!

    And this already means, that it does not matter what difficulties are awaiting you, but it is important that you have found true, favourable for your life values!

    Therefore, I do not need to recognize in advance accurate information about probable cataclysms and certain insidious currents, forming in the society.

    It is enough for me to appear among you at the right time, and I will immediately be able to determine everything, that you need to change in yourself in a strictly defined direction!

    And it is almost for thirty years now, that I am trying to help you recognize all the negative features, concerning all your everyday-life nuances, which you reveal to me through your questions.

    Life nuances, which are primarily connected to your relationship.

    On this basis, an unprecedented amount of concrete explanations was captured for you, regarding everything that you were able to touch upon.

    Your Salvation depends entirely on the necessary degree of goodwill towards each other, and not on pits and traps, which many people with unhealthy fascination dig and place around.

    The narrow gates to a normal future will enter not fragmented among themselves wolf packs, continuing to prove to everyone the uniqueness of their national or some other characteristics, but the One Common Family of God’s children!

    The righteous children do not feel the need to be divided among themselves, for the only destiny of a house or a kingdom, which divides in itself, is destruction!

    A good parent will always care and expect peace and mutual respect between his children.

    This means that if you, inter alia, try to highlight the importance of the social formation, which you belong to, thereby you already betray the faith in God!

    God does not have a chosen people among you!

    Do not feed your ego in such a primitive way on this occasion.

    Out of ignorance, people have been doing this for many centuries, but the fate of this in the end will be doom!

    You are One Common Nation on this Earth, even if you have been born with different skin colour and speak different languages!

    The informational structure of your soul does not have any conditional national features.

    Your true value is in the soul, but not in the biological organism.

    The body of man is only an instrument, with the help of which you are called to influence the surrounding World of Matter in a peculiar way.

    And the good master is characterized by his skills, but not by the presence of high-quality instruments.

    So, regarding the disturbing development of events, which you are facing, I see it favourable just to tell you mainly about my sensations.

    I have already mentioned, that I do not need to have accurate information about what is ongoing.

    My sensations are quite enough.

    I feel very well what is happening in the world, which inevitably creates definite difficulties, but this cannot be avoided.

    This is a necessary given…

    By the end of last year, I shared with some people, that in recent months I clearly feel from the world some pulling painful tension, figuratively comparable with an extremely stretched purulent abscess, which can either burst by itself, or it can be artificially pierced.

    And already in the first months of the new year, I cannot mention the exact date, for I do not tend to pay attention to the numerical measurements of time, I quite tangibly began to experience new unusual sensations.

    In an attempt to share this experiences, just one most accurate association was found – chaos.

    And although soon I learned about the appearance of the now well-known corona-virus, I am not inclined to correlate the feeling of chaos only with its spread.

    It is just like an insignificant tip of the iceberg visible above the surface of the ocean.

    I think, that a whole chain of peculiar events will now already irresistibly pour as a purulent river out of the erupted abscess.

    Take a closer look at the consequences, which are clearly prompted by the actively unfolding events.

    And now I will remind those, who are actively participating in the fulfilment of the Predestined on this Siberian land, as well as those, who have been closely observing this for a long time.

    In addition to the main efforts, which the believers had to make for changing their psychological predispositions in accordance with the Truth, the peculiarities of the multifaceted organization of the economic activity were being considered.

    Once, a few years ago, the incentive for the necessary acquisition of the vitally important skills and capabilities related to the material well-being in the community was tied to the probable onset of a certain conditional extreme period, which with a smile was given the name “Zarnitza”.

    So everything that you were called to learn for many years, can significantly minimize the probable difficulties in life, and not only those that you can already observe…

    Of course, not everything that I have to see in the activities of the believers happens as I would like, but this continues to be solved.

    I can say that those really serious difficulties, that begin to more and more distinctly manifest themselves in the human society, should not have a particularly negative impact on the lives of those, who in these last year has tried in every possible way to follow the guidelines, which I have been trying to show you comprehensively for almost thirty years.

    And this positive result in varying measure some of you already notice, and others will be able to observe in practice later on.

    It is quite possible that the game image of “Zarnitza” has now passed into a real embodiment.

    If we take into account the predisposition of the responsible people to assess the ongoing reality primitively and standardly, from what the whole world’s society is drawing in – irresistibly, and now, apparently, already in an avalanche-like manner – I do not see an optimistic way out.

    Such an exit – under the conditions of the specific features of an aggressive life and extremely harmful mistakes in the relationships, which people constantly create – simply cannot exist in principle.

    What is only possible is the temporary smoothing of the sharp corners, which constant appearance is absolutely natural and inevitable.

    But all this can only last for a limited period of time, after which the fateful choice can inevitably and massively confront the whole civilization!

    But I have already told you a lot of things about that.

    I would like to add a little, that should be quite useful for sane people, which still have the appropriate capabilities, to get to the ground as soon as possible, and it is particularly favourable to where there will be a large team of adequate like-minded people.

    Mutual assistance, as a rule, is often vitally important.

    Now for you a paramount necessity should become the healthy (non-store) food, and the friendly collective communication, where the dedicated mutual assistance will be highly appreciated!

    Healthy confidence in life is possible only in conditions, when you feel around you those, who are trying to be friends!

    But … this is something that the whole mankind has yet to learn …

  • Chipization

    Recently I began to frequently encounter with your questions about the alleged chipization of the global population, and now I see it favourable to touch upon this issue in a bit more detail.

    For the more comprehensive understanding of what you are concerned about in these questions, I will answer on a slightly broader plane, and for this reason I will make a short tour to the times of the beginning of the development of human civilization.

    In that distant period, conventionally designated as stone age, the young humanity began its life-activity according to the same principle, as many representatives of the animal world, possessing an instinctive predisposition to gather in flocks.

    Man, in addition to this natural instinctive predisposition, has also in his soul a basic predestination, predetermining a full-fledged spiritual development only through collective interaction.

    The principle of uniting in a collective, both in animals and in ancient people, has always depended directly on the presence of the greatest physical strength.

    And depending on the presence of a special thinking and creative capabilities in man, the collectives of representatives of mankind inevitably began to acquire a multi-complex character.

    But the principle of life-activity both in the animal flocks and in man’s society, has always been based on the cult for power!

    The cult for power is always based on a natural regularity, designed to help the survival in wild conditions.

    The formula “the fittest survives” is a norm in wildlife conditions.

    This condition is intended to contribute to the successful development of all species of the animal world.

    But man is not equal to the representatives of the animal world.

    What in animals proceeds naturally in a strictly balanced manner, precisely in man can obtain dangerous perversions.

    Based on the cult of power, human society should inevitably be formed totalitarian!

    Under the conditions of survival, when there are potentially dangerous associations of other people around, who also, depending on the egoistic motivation, are inclined to consider only the representatives of their tribe worthy, and to view all the rest as a probable victim, the totalitarian system is the most viable.

    Such a system implies strict control and an organization of egoistically motivated representatives of their society, prone to disobedience.

    The strict organization is designed to compel for doing all, that the one who has the greatest power and is ruling this society considers most favourable for the society.

    This is an indispensable rule of wild relationship, where there are predators and victims.

    Precisely this totalitarian system in all societies throughout the Earth, with a varying success in overcoming the standard, easily predictable difficulties, has managed to survive till this fateful period.

    All this historical period of development of the human society, where to this day are being manifested some monstrous deeds in human relationship, happened to be inevitable.

    The essence of the existing system always needs to satisfy the egoistic interest of the representatives of the society, in order that they continued to preserve the integrity of the society and sustained its viability.

    That is, the integrity of each such society is founded completely on compelling, based on the creation of dependence on the material values, with the help of both forceful and ideological influence!

    And a characteristic feature in the foundation of a society on spiritual principles should be the complete absence of selfish motivation and any compelling.

    In a society, based on spiritual principles, people do not interact on conditions of mutual interest, which is a priority in all conditionally civilized societies, but on an inner need to be useful for others.

    Therefore, the existing totalitarian system in its essence is undoubtedly destructive for the true spiritual values.

    But until in the world continue to exist various societies, separated from each other exclusively on the egoistic principles of the specific interpretation of their own significance, which creates conditions for preservation of the probability of arising a war conflict according to the formula “predator – victim”, the continuing of the existence of the totalitarian system can be in some way justified.

    And so, the increase of the control over the activity of all the representatives of this society will continue to be justified, where in the specific psychological atmosphere will always be displayed disagreement, capable of bringing the artificially kept unity to disintegration.

    The scientific and technical progress should invariably contribute to the extension and strengthening of the possibilities to control.

    To put it simply, for the existing system and the continuing to exist specific attitudes to the whole surrounding reality, the discussed in the society chipization can be considered the most suitable for establishing the required for such a system balance and obedience.

    Taking into consideration that such electronic devices can be constantly improved and programmed, any criminal activity can be very effectively suppressed in this way.

    The chip itself, as any other device or substance, be it an implant or an artificial heart, is not able to affect directly the human soul in a negative way.

    Moreover, such a chip should not be associated with some mythical seal of antichrist.

    In this connection it would be more correct to draw a parallel between serving the antichrist and serving the mammon, which people have already been successfully doing for many centuries.

    And what is connected to the subject of chipization opens up the most effective opportunities to deprive man of freedom of choice completely.

    But there is one extraordinary life-defining circumstance, from which during this period of time the fate of all mankind begins to be directly decided.

    The full-fledged spiritual development unequivocally implies the presence of a definite favourable degree of freedom of choice, which is difficult to be provided in the conditions of a totalitarian system.

    Now, the scientific and technological development and the complete absence of correct guidelines in perceiving the true spiritual values, have created a very attractive temptation to establish at last a very convenient interaction in the totalitarian society, the way in which a certain group of spiritually immature individuals is capable of seeing this.

    After all, somebody has decided, that such a situation will be convenient, being at that absolutely unaware of those values, solely on which depends the possibility of man to become a Man!

    So, if with the help of some electronic influence people will be deprived of freedom of choice to such extent, that the favourable for continuing the normal spiritual development range of manifestation of freedom of choice can be lost, then the very necessity of continuing the life of mankind can completely loose its meaning.

    Mankind has come close to the final milestone and has openly begun to challenge what is Predetermined by the Heavenly Father!

    Everything has its price!

    Time to scatter stones, and time to collect them!

    The fate of the existing habitual system can only be one  –  destruction!

    Time has come to begin to reconsider on a large scale the values of spiritual development!

    Everything necessary for such a reconsideration is already available!

    To continue to develop normally on Earth will be able only one People, which is able to realize, that only peace-making Uniform Humanity has the right to represent planet Earth, and not belligerent egoistic representatives of various nationalities!

    The Heavenly Father is One and His children are one whole!

  • Time of the Beast

    Once the believers have heard about the image that every tree is being recognized by its fruits, for a bad tree cannot bear good fruits.
    All of you are able to realize correctly enough that the principal feature of life activity of representatives of the animal world is based on the survival only at the expense of the weaker representatives both of their own species and other species of various organisms.
    For those who are associated by man with the world of the beasts, this is really vital and this kind of life activity is elementary controlled by Harmony.

    The significance of the beast is characterized by its physical characteristics, which are expressed either by bright colors, or by a large size and physical strength, etc., which, if naturally needed, it will willingly demonstrate.

    All this represents the fundamental path of the beast, whose egoistic sensual world is balanced in such a way, that its physical manifestations would not exceed the admissible boundaries of Nature’s harmony.
    The predator will not show aggression if he is not openly threatened and he is well fed.

    The characteristic feature of the life activity of the representatives of the animal world can be designated as the Road of the Beast.

    But the vital activity of man is designed to be characterized not by the animal qualities, but the human ones.

    The Road of the Beast and the Road of Man have in their essence a very significant difference.

    The biological organism of man is endowed with instincts by analogy with what all the other representatives of the animal world possess, but the very feature of man is intended to be characterized not by the physical characteristics, as it is unambiguously designed to happen in animals, but by the quality of his sensual world.

    The sensual world precisely of man is unique and is able to manifest itself with an unprecedentedly greater strength and breadth.

    Only if this unique potential is not being brought to the necessary harmony, then all this power, as an excessive force, not foreseen by the laws of nature’s balance, will inevitably be directed to the sphere of activity of the instincts.
    And then, in what animals can feel the measure and easily keep themselves within the boundaries allowed by the harmony, it is the man who will inevitably acquire a very strong predisposition to strive to bring the satisfaction of his instincts to extremely ugly perversions.
    That is, for a man with such a predisposition, the importance of satisfying his egoistic desire will become so great, that in his aspirations he will be able to allow himself to easily cross all the permissible reasonable and safe limits.

    Within the limits of the harmony of the Nature of the Earth such a circumstance can only mean that whoever man thinks he is, with such harmful spiritual qualities, he, regarding his usefulness, cannot reach even the level of the representatives of the animal world!

    Regrettably, we should truly admit that the human society on the Earth is still persistently trying to stay in the position of the most dangerous and harmful virus!

    In its essence, the genuine animal need to assert its significance, which for animals is really vital, in humans, without a proper spiritual formation, can be displayed in wildest scales and consequences.

    All of you now have ample opportunities to witness an avalanche of unbridled growth of all this abomination!

    And if a society traditionally cultivates the necessity to prove and assert its significance, which is easily seen in the manifestations of both secular and religious society, then it can be interpreted as a landmark phenomenon unambiguously characterizing such a society as striving to follow the Path of the Beast!

    Unreasonable, inadequately manifested aggression in relations in such a society will be as a matter of course!

    I think that in this connection it will not be difficult to correctly characterize the entire history of human life activity as the Time of the Beast.
    But this should not always be the same, for it is an apparent pathology in the development of human society!

    The road of Man is absolutely incompatible with even the slightest need to demonstrate his egoistic significance, to which directly relate all the attempts at least a little to emphasize either his allegedly higher or advantageous position, or a certain inferiority of someone else!
    Any attempt in thoughts, words, or any other actions to emphasize one’s supposedly higher or better position in relation to someone else is a clear sign of a narrow mind and spiritual scarcity!

    Quo Vadis, man?
    Isn’t it time to seriously consider the need to begin to fundamentally deviate from the Road of the Beast?

    The less beast features you have, the more humane you will be!

    But, in order that this could happen, all of you need now to thoroughly reconsider your understanding of the peculiarities of your spiritual development.

    For any supposedly spiritual practices, rituals and other established traditional primitive ideas about God are not directly related to the peculiarities of the spiritual development.

    Spiritual development actually includes any efforts of man, which he allows himself to show in respect to any manifestations of people, as well as the entire surrounding reality!
    But above all, the most important thing is how you react to the actions displayed by any other person in any circumstances.

    Precisely where you have begun to feel embarrassment and dissatisfaction with the manifestations of some person, that is where the next correction of your personal spiritual values begins!

    From the way you allow yourself to react to something in the actions of those, with whom you have come into contact, in you will immediately appear some processes of either development or degradation.

    And it will have absolutely nothing to do with how much and how interestingly you talk about God or how accurately and often you perform various rituals.

    Therefore, spiritual development is very much like exact sciences and refers to the most favorable efforts that you need to manifest in relation to something that you have come into contact with in particular circumstances.
    This law is one for all the people and does not depend on their national or any other specific features of their different beliefs!
    Since for all the people on Earth without exception God is one, then to develop normally they will be able only by making proper efforts in moving together to one most accurate direction.
    In all times, as a rule, you’ve been trying to follow the egoistic motives, which has been logical and inevitable, therefore the various tragedies happened to be unavoidable.
    Now it is already of vital need to change this pernicious tendency, although it is extremely difficult!
    And this is possible!
    For the past thirty years (without a year), I have already managed to give you all an unprecedented amount of necessary knowledge concerning human behavioral characteristics.
    The limits of this amount depend solely on your ability to touch upon something new in your life.

    In the meantime, I have to wait for the moment when you will cease to be so stubbornly clever and engage in completely senseless discussions concerning both my personality and all sorts of Sacred topics.

    I can assure you that regarding all this, you have not yet any correct ideas.

    In your opinions you still have an opportunity to lean on extremely primitive traditional images and interpretations formed by a medieval level of consciousness.

    Which has predictably become a fertile soil for the violent development of atheism.
    The auspiciousness of the development of your destiny now depends on how quickly some of you will be able to get out of the pernicious embrace of the rapidly increasing and uncontrollably spreading avalanche of unlawfulness, lies and inhumanity!

    And this now directly depends on your ability to undertake reasonable efforts to objectively reflect on the Knowledge provided to you and to make the corresponding efforts to retain yourself from the pernicious temptations of hardening your heart!

    The choice can be made only by you!

  • Break

    Before I make my general statement, I will mention first one simple experience that you may have well encountered in your life.

    If you, having a desire to create a homogeneous solution, pour a handful of heterogeneous, similar to each other small particles into a water tank, and then begin to actively shake that mixture, you can see that in the process of shaking the whole solution will look monochrome and homogeneous.

    But it will only be visibility.
    As soon as the shaking is stopped, it will be possible to observe over time the situation when will be seen not only the homogeneous solution, but also the fallen precipitate of heavier particles and floating lightweight particles, forming the foam.

    The fallen particles, as well as the floating particles, have not been able to dissolve.

    Something similar also happens in the life of the human society.
    The ability of people properly, i.e. spiritually to dissolve in their common mass, can create the only favorable conditions for the formation of a uniform field of consciousness, which is a distinctive feature of the full-fledged Uniform Family of the human race.
    But the false understanding of his egoistic features inevitably creates a practically insurmountable obstacle in front of man on the way, which is designed to bring the man to a worthy cognition of the required above mentioned dissolving.

    I have already emphasized it many times, but I will return to it once again and mention, that the historical process of the beginning of the formation of the human personality was inevitably connected with the living conditions in which the whole animal world develops.
    The instinct of self-survival has become the major motive for the application of characteristic efforts in the entire life activity of man!

    And this has been successfully maintained to this day.

    The entire life arrangement of human society across the Earth has always been formed on the very same foundation of the designated instinct.

    That is, however strange it may sound, but mankind constantly, with enviable persistence is striving to live as a representative of the animal world.

    And the whole so-called civilization of such a society, as a rule, is reduced to the fact that man implements his animal instincts with much more intelligence, resourcefulness and cunning, which is not accessible to the animals.

    People undergo tremendous suffering and massive death not because of the animal activity, but only due to their own perverted manifestations!

    The main vital priority in all human manifestations has become his unrestrained, immoderate and obsessive desire to assert his significance in his environment with no regard for anything!
    Moreover, in initially formed and successfully continuing to exist specific system of life arrangement of the whole human society the increase of the individual significance is able to provide additional bonuses, both in the form of material conditional values and possibilities of more comfortable survival.

    This became the primary goal in life for the overwhelming majority of the representatives of mankind!

    But, as a matter of a fact, any attempt to affirm one’s own significance absolutely contradicts the Law of spiritual development of man!

    If you look around attentively, you can easily notice that to have an increased importance and to be a really good and wise man is not one and the same thing at all.

    And it has always been like that during the entire history of human existence!

    Just do not confuse the person who is seeking to increase his significance with a really good person, in contact with the good manifestations of whom, the people around him themselves give him significance.

    The affirmation of significance is always based on the competitive process!

    Depending on this process, you have a vivid need to show, either to everyone or to someone else, that you are smarter, stronger, more beautiful and other nonsense of this kind. And when you still find at least the slightest, in your opinion, confirmation of this, here you may not even notice how you begin to look down on your neighbor or neglect him.
    And in communication with someone who, in your opinion, loses to you in importance, you start to behave condescendingly, and get noticeably nervous when your interlocutor does not understand your reasoning, which, admittedly, not only can be quite unskillfully expressed, but can also be generally stupid.

    I can confidently say that in all spheres of human activity you are constantly facing manifestations of such kind of psycho-type!
    Assuming a certain vertical vector, showing the desired growth or conditional development, it would be reasonable to realize that the acquisition of ever greater significance mainly correlates with moving downwards.
    So this is still a question – precisely who of you is actually higher!
    The competitive process in your life is always connected with the unconscious craving to identify the wrong actions of those with whom you interact, because it can create the impression that you can be better than them.

    And such a naturally manifested initially primitive craving, which the entire society has cultivated for centuries, made of you a kind of professional negative seekers.
    And it has inevitably turned out that many of you are more inclined to identify negatives in each other than virtues, which definitely creates an atmosphere of wariness and alienation.
    Moreover, depending on the peculiarities of the competitive process, when you begin to strive to do something better than, in your opinion, someone else does, due to the existence of a certain degree of spiritual scarcity, you begin to experience not just a corresponding by force temptation to rejoice at the failures of the conditional competitors, but also a temptation to cause harm to them.

    And such primitive manifestations, very far from being reasonable, you may well observe everywhere at all levels of social activities.
    I think that many of those who read the Last Testament carefully have already guessed that the inability of people to dissolve in a uniform psychological environment is solely due to their fear of losing their individuality, after which their significance will allegedly no longer be seen, and therefore, worthily assessed.
    In this regard, two types of such individualists should be mentioned: the first, who with their talent can show the world really interesting discoveries, both in science and art, and the second, who just think that they better understand the processes in society.
    Among these two categories may well manifest themselves hybrid phenomena as well, this is when a person who has achieved a universal recognition in this or that sphere of specific skills on the wave of reverence begins to consider himself entitled to determine also the correctness of development of all other social processes.
    Representatives of the first type, as a rule, have a tendency not to think at all about what is happening around them, because their own enthusiasm takes them with their heads.
    But representatives of the second type can be very dangerous to the stability of the development of the society!
    Since this type of people feels the need not only to convince other brethren in the greatest correctness of their own conclusions, but also to be willing to impose them in various ways, up to the explicit manifestation of force aggression.

    It is necessary to realize and remember well that all, without exception, revolutions, revolts and all kinds of coups have been made exactly by people of this second type!

    And if it is also well understood that the essence of life arrangement has been established exactly by such individualists, then all other attempts to change the details of such life arrangement by means of any revolutionary ideas are absolutely useless efforts, because the result would inevitably be similar to the one, from which there have been attempts to escape!
    If you take a closer look at least at the facts, which you have learned from the history of the development of the entire human society, you will be well able to see the confirmation of this!

    Forgive me, please, but in this connection it would be appropriate to ask a peculiar question: how much are you still going to remain stupid, brave Mankind?!

    In order to break out of such a destructive vicious circle, a peculiar break should take place in man, which the egoistic basis of every person is especially afraid of.

    If man does not correctly make the necessary efforts in full compliance with the Truth, then any of his other manifestations, which he designates as spiritual practices, will be more correct to designate as a game in spirituality!
    Such a game, in fact, has the same incommensurable difference from the true spiritual development as the children’s game with toy soldiers from a real war.

    For you, the desire to create a true unity among all of you on Planet Earth should definitely become incomparably more important than your desire to demonstrate and prove to each other how good and unique you are!

    You have been born to interact in an interesting way, both with each other and with all the surrounding reality, rather than to demonstrate to everyone the greatest brightness and uniqueness of your individual efforts in this interaction.
    Remember that at the beginning of my meetings with you I gave you a commandment telling you not to seek to destroy the created, but to try to peacefully create a parallel alternative.

    Truly, I will tell you that this cannot be realized only by selfish narcissists, who predictably choose the path of senseless experiences, plunging with their heads into the abyss of aggressive indignation and sarcasm.

    Returning to the experience of shaking mentioned at the beginning, I would like to emphasize a little that those of you who really began to acquire a predisposition to create true Oneness, as a rule, cease to depend on the opinion of the others about themselves and do not show anger.

    For anger, which implies condemnation and the desire to punish, cannot be righteous in principle!
    Therefore, the really true believers are primarily characterized by the absence of manifestations of anger!

  • A Little Bit about the Essence of the Common Family

    This appeal is mainly addressed to those who are really striving to fully develop their spiritual nature and try in practice to comprehend in every possible way the relevant characteristic lessons.

    I would like to once again emphasize a little bit the main essence of what can only allow to fully implement the practice of spiritual perfection.

    But first of all, let me remind you once again of something globally important!

    Mankind is able to develop normally exclusively through the positive collective interaction of the people with each other!
    And a normal positive interaction is possible only in one case: when man completely ceases to perceive his soulmate as a potential rival, and so completely stops being afraid of him.

    The level of Norm, up to which man is still trying to rise in his development, and from which only the beginning of full-fledged activity of all mankind is possible, unequivocally implies the full trust of people to each other.

    Under such condition the field consciousness of each separate man will in a certain way cooperate with the analogous field of each other person on the whole surface of the Earth which will allow a favorable formation of the Uniform Field of Consciousness of all mankind.
    Such a Uniform Field of Consciousness completely excludes the need to create all kinds of management structures that you are familiar with throughout the history of your life activity!

    All this, which is familiar to you, will one day be fairly perceived as something extremely primitive, but which at this time is still capable of bringing some benefit.
    All kinds of governing structures, though inevitably capable – in their natural manifestation – of hindering the normal spiritual development , are also capable of significantly hindering the violent growth of extremely dangerous manifestations of negative things, to which the overwhelming majority of representatives of mankind still continues to be predisposed.

    So, a normal development of mankind unequivocally implies such psychological environment, when it is possible to speak about mankind as a certain Common Family, instead of a gathering of peoples eternally competing for superiority, the essence of which proceeds from the characteristic primitive vital activity of representatives of the animal world only!
    What could prevent the above mentioned ideal Oneness from becoming?

    Only a false desire to survive by asserting your own worth, which constantly creates a strong predisposition to perceive your soulmates as rivals who, pursuing the same goal, only hope at the first mistake of your own to immediately use it against you.

    What can be the only effective counterbalance to the unhealthy desire to prove your importance to your soulmates?
    Only a worthy comprehension of the mystery of humility!

    The desire to comprehend the full measure of humility on one’s own is senseless!

    You have been born to live together with each other, and therefore you already have everything you need for the proper spiritual development.

    All that remains is to properly place emphasis on everything that already surrounds you.

    It is senseless to assume a full-fledged development without the proper corresponding interaction with each other!
    The full-fledged development implies the greatest possible variety of life issues, in the solution of which you take united efforts!

    Therefore, at some point in your acquaintance with the numerous nuances on which your spiritual development directly depends, I have shown you the need to proceed with the formation of the Uniform Family.

    Where you will naturally face the necessity to solve together almost all life tasks.
    At the same time, the more of you will take part in the formation of the Uniform Family, the more extensively all your fears and complexes will inevitably be revealed, which is an especially favorable condition for the full-fledged and all-inclusive spiritual development in the beneficial direction!

    Of course, the formation of the Uniform Family, inevitably implies also that kind of activities, which will be able to meet your physiological and household needs, which is vitally important for survival, but can not be important for your spiritual development.

    The fate of all mankind depends entirely on the spiritual aspect of life activity of each person!
    Therefore, a primary role in the formation of One Common Family are to play mainly the issues that are directly related to the spiritual sphere, rather than to what you are able to see as the main priorities due to the naturally formed characteristic attitude to the surrounding reality.

    All your attempts to express your own idea of the image of the Common Family will inevitably be reduced to conclusions comparable either to the notion of “collective farm” or to some interest clubs.

    What I have been observing so far for many years, both among those who are already actively participating in the formation of the Common Family, and among the wandering lonely philosophers, whose completely wrong statements on this topic fill the Internet pages in abundance.
    All your supposedly progressive ideas, that I have heard and read so far, concerning the correct organization of the internal order of the Common Family, have absolutely nothing to do with the main values of the very essence of the Common Family!

    And it couldn’t be any other way, because during all your history you still have never tried to create conditions for your interaction with each other according to the principle, which I am trying to introduce to you now.

    It is extremely difficult for man to correctly conceive of something that is designed to break down the characteristic life interests, which have been originally formed in his psyche.
    So, my dear progressors, restrain the horses of your egoism and stop trying to wave the stick of the ghost banner, which you really want to wave with a clever expression, but, believe me, such your passion can only cause a smile!

    As long as you have the living Teacher by your side, you continue to have unique conditions in which you can positively stabilize your more or less proper understanding of the true values of the Common Family formation.

    The main thing now is that you should be able to correctly understand the basic features of building of the Common Family!
    Since the first time when I began to reveal to you the necessity of forming One Common Family, I have also given some directional guidelines regarding your household sphere, which I usually do relying on your maximum potential.

    But what turned out to be another news to me in getting familiar with you was that you could not sustainably demonstrate your maximum potential; and later I had to consider and introduce some additional softening guidelines for you.

    So, the very issue of the household management, which implies the skillful use of practical organizational skills and abilities, may well be permanently solved in different ways, depending on the real given capabilities of those who constitute the One Family.
    The main value of the Common Family is to be found in the fact how fully you strive to solve all life’s problems together, and how exactly you will do it!

    In order to define “how exactly” I will give everything you need, but the fullness of your participation in all this and your zealous aspiration to do everything you have taken from me correctly already depend only on you!

    The difficulty of forming a real Common Family can only depend on your incompetent temporary attempts to comprehend the problematic elements on your own, which will prevent you from asking me relevant and really necessary questions.
    But all this temporality also refers to the predictable unavoidable school program, and in this respect you still have the opportunity to get all the necessary explanations.

    If there are people, who are normally going indeed, then all the difficulties are passable!
    Now, I would like to draw some parallels in order to allow you to evaluate more accurately a certain circumstance related to you, which you traditionally tend to perceive in an illusory manner, which cannot be good for you.
    You need to stop allowing yourself to get rashly complex about the possibility of correctly assessing your position on the Path of spiritual development.

    For the more truthfully you will be able to assess your manifestations, the more correctly you will be able to find the favorable direction of applying the necessary efforts.

    Do not forget that each of you is given something that exactly you have to meet and try to solve correctly, and all the favorability of the development of your destiny fully depends on the feasibility of what has been measured for you.

    That is, if you have really used all your opportunities and applied all your strength to the positive decision of the life task that has emerged before you, then regardless of the result that you can see, you have done everything correctly!
    Observing your manifestations regarding the self-determination as believers, I can divide your manifestations into three characteristic categories.

    One category includes those who have not yet made a final choice, but who are watching with some interest.

    The actions of the people belonging to this category are characterized by a kind of selective digging in what they have come into contact with from the unfolding Teaching, where they first hasten to follow only what they mostly enjoy, and the rest is being postponed.

    At the same time, they are often tempted to take a critical look at what has been postponed, which in itself is a complete absurdity and foolishness, for the new truths can only be properly comprehended in practice, by carefully following them, but by no means theoretically!
    The next category includes those who are ready to put all their strength into a worthy following of the truths of spiritual development, but are in such life circumstances, that defensibly retain them in their former place.

    This is when, precisely in accordance with the Truth, such believers either cannot give up their responsibility for someone which impedes the full realization of their spiritual aspiration, or a certain physical disability or other material possibilities cannot yet be changed independently in the desired direction.

    The third category already includes those who in practice try to completely fulfill what is designated as the most favorable for all believers!

    The formation of the Common Family is precisely the most favourable opportunity!
    Faith without deeds, which definitely means practice, is dead!

    From here you should now be able to draw a truthful conclusion about yourself.

    Those who belong to the above mentioned first category cannot refer to believers anyway, but they can feel sensual inclination to consider themselves believers.

    This category may comprise either those who have recently begun to study the Teaching, or representatives of the third category who at some stage have independently ceased to participate in full-fledged development and began to stay in that position, looking for allegedly justifiable reasons.
    Always keep in mind that fateful tasks are set before each of you at the moment when you have the most favorable potential for the correct solution of these tasks!

    If you are hesitant or lazy, the more you delay taking the necessary decision, the less capable you will become not only to take it, but also in general to follow worthily what such a decision entails.

    It is not so important to me what category you belong to, for I will always be ready to consider what kind of help I can give you!
    But it is of utmost importance for you to assess your own manifestations correctly, so that you do not resemble hypocrites by ignorance, that is being displayed among the traditional believers everywhere!

    Hypocrisy is when on words you try to show zeal in your beliefs, but in reality it is quite easy to see consciously manifested negligence in this regard!

    A true believer will never miss the opportunity to change something in himself in accordance with the truths which are revealed before him!
    Do not be afraid that you may not be able to correspond to the believer!

    Your beneficial development depends not only on whether you can be considered a believer, but also on how fully you carry out the things you can!

    Be afraid mainly of deceiving yourselves, for you can never deceive the laws of Harmony!

    The essence of the ongoing Accomplishment is not that there should appear a certain number of new believers, who regularly participate in liturgies, but that you should – based on the practice of close interaction – necessarily begin to lay the foundation for the proper relationships, as the basis for the necessary formation of an already normal human society!
    And this is possible only within the given for you direction of formation of One Common Family!

  • Once Again About the Most Important

    I wrote the beginning of this address after I started writing the text itself.

    I saw the need to touch upon this subject back in November, but I was not allowed to approach it, if I may say so. I guess I was somewhat ahead of time (smile).

    And now, the new year has begun. From the first days I felt a distinct need and a readiness to emphasize once again something very important and in so doing to draw some special line.

    Soon after I began to write the appeal, I saw that it turns out to be peculiar, and when I touch upon such a topic it becomes more difficult for me to be sustained, because bitter emotions and heart pain begin to be clearly manifested.

    Since the theme that should be particularly emphasized refers to the vicious characteristic on which the great variety of wildness of human manifestations is founded.

    This characteristic is not just like a dangerous disease, but like a huge cancerous tumor that has infected the psyche of all mankind!

    And if you do not pay proper attention to this matter, the dreams of prosperity will remain just a daydream.

    Is it possible to draw a line beyond which faith in one’s own strength will unambiguously lead to perdition?

    Confidence in one’s own strength and self-confidence concern a person’s belief in the availability of sufficient self-confidence, but in the first case a positive meaning is implied, and in the second – a negative one.

    What becomes the reason of formation of psychological conditions for a man to display dangerous assessments of his own capabilities, given that in both positive and negative sense such assessments are equally sincere?

    Once, in that distant time, the first disciples heard the instruction “be humble”, but they did not even imagine how serious and extensive theme was then touched by such a brief instruction.

    It was not possible in antiquity to give a comprehensive explanation for this as well as for many other similar instructions within the time allotted.

    Therefore, being preserved as recorded brief texts, these instructions have naturally been covered over the centuries by a variety of interpretations, both correct and false, to which the atheists ironically point fingers, even without knowing that they criticize something irrelevant to the Truth.

    The main value of the sacrament of humility is its vocation to be a counterbalance to everything that man is able to manifest on the basis of his own egoistic self-affirmation!

    And since the originally developed egoistic features of man inevitably began to play a leading role in all his life manifestations, then the theme of humility also quite naturally became connected with all vital efforts of man himself.

    Hence, the theme of humility cannot be separated as a specific chapter in the Teaching of the Last Testament, for the very Teaching is the Teaching of humility.

    Everything – now, in the Last Testament – that concerns the life manifestations of man, as a rule, is intended to help man either to believe in himself or to temper his self-confidence, which is always based on the aspiration for egoistic self-affirmation of his own significance.

    To assert oneself in life, i.e. to find one’s own place of harmonious manifestation of one’s optimal usefulness and worthiness for others, is a normal manifestation.

    But the assertion of one’s own importance among one’s soulmates is an effort that will never allow you to mature normally spiritually!

    But after all, all established social institutions in the whole human society, which successfully continue to assert themselves to the present day, are unambiguously connected with the formation of the life arrangement of the human society on the basis of the principles of self-affirmation of one’ own significance!

    Therefore, I openly announce to all of you: as long as the well-known to you life arrangement exists, and it is of the same type for everybody on Earth, you are doomed to self-destruction!

    And the question is not even whether there will be any global war that could cause a global catastrophe.

    The only question is when this is going to happen.

    The technical level of development of mankind cannot be stopped, but under the conditions of a crazy striving for self-affirmation of one’s own dwarf significance, which is designed to help impose one’s own will and foolishness on the other competitors, such development will inevitably lead to disaster!

    After all, the achievements of scientific and technological progress are primarily aimed at improving the weapons of destruction and suppression, and the current level of such weapons already threatens the existence of the human race!

    Standard attempts to politically and economically resolve any conflicts – it’s just a game of unskilled doctor who, in the best case, can only skillfully choose a pill that reduces pain, but does not cure the disease itself.

    The beginning of the salvation of mankind lies in the understanding that all people on Earth, without exception, are representatives of one Family of one Heavenly Father!

    The sound understanding of this simple Truth can only be hindered by the primitive egoistic “show-off” of one’s own selectivity, uniqueness, or by some other delusional interpretation of one’s own imaginary significance!

    All people on Earth are equally valuable!

    It is time to grow up, representatives of the young human civilization, otherwise great woe awaits your senseless throws with loud revolutionary and equally senseless appeals!

    Look into the eyes of those around you. How many of them are real friends of yours, who, smiling at you, do not seek to see the relationship with you profitable and convenient for themselves?

    You are able to be lonely, even making family couples and having small children!

    And at the same time, you are so eager to prove your significance to everybody, which your soulmates try to ignore with persistent capriciousness and malice.

    In truth, anyone who out of blindness is able to claim the existence of injustice in the surrounding reality, is ignorant!

    You cannot be normal friends with each other and communicate peacefully just because you are afraid of each other!

    This fear quite naturally began to appear at the dawn of the beginning of the formation of the young human civilization, for the character of the beginning of life activity of the biological organism of man as well as of the animal organism is based on the natural principle of the survival of the stronger.

    And in the life activity of man, by virtue of the uniqueness of his sensual world, this principle inevitably acquired an extremely perverted form, wherefore man – over the centuries of his existence – could not escape from the state, which was designed to be characteristic only for the representative of the animal world, but not for the representative of the higher mind.

    Only in this state the worthiness of man is still much lower than the one of the representative of the animal world!

    For no animal can bring as much sorrow and perverted violence as man does!

    No animal is ever capable of leading the planet of its existence to such terrible consequences in relation to the natural values!

    You perceive your soulmates as probable rivals, and are extremely afraid of being small in front of them, for you realize, and not without reason, that they, as a rule, will necessarily laugh at you and use you to their advantage!

    But you are not aware that the presence of these fears unequivocally speaks about your inclination to react analogously in such conditions.

    Remember, the one who aspires to be more significant than the others inevitably cultivates in himself a vicious predisposition to disdainfully ridicule and judge those whose thoughts and opinions differ from his own.

    And if you do not start a righteous self-education of your spiritual being, you will be in principle unable to become one Nation – Family, and to keep you in the state of any order will still be possible only by a forcible influence and, forgive me for the expression, by muzzles.

    But then – you are all doomed!

    Without touching the already formed specific organizations, which naturally emerged as a characteristic fruit in the conditions of unhealthy development of the society, it is necessary to clarify that humility clearly implies the complete absence of any imposing on the soulmates of what you can assume as necessary for them!

    This is only permissible in the case of child-rearing, where the measure of imposing naturally depends on the wisdom of the parent or the educator.

    Humility unambiguously implies a complete absence in you not only of striving, but even the inclination to demonstrate to your soulmates either your cleverness, authority, or some other similar “nonsense”!

    Such a demonstration is being easily displayed when you are trying to demonstrate your purported educational background and alleged competence in an environment where no one is interested in your opinion.

    Humility unambiguously implies the complete absence of even the inclination in you to somehow recognize yourself as ostensibly superior to any of your neighbors, not to mention the primitive attempts to practically show it by means of words!

    Humility unambiguously implies the complete absence of even an inclination to recognize the social group to which you belong as the best among analogous social entities, and, which is even worse and deceitful, as a God-chosen!

    The Heavenly Father will never praise any group among all his children, because it will always be devastating!

    And, of course, humility unambiguously implies the complete absence in those who call themselves believers of the Great God of even the inclination to somehow demonstrate their supposedly most correct interpretation of the Truth of God, for the correct sharing of such an interpretation is possible only if your soulmate, according to your doings, wishes himself to ask you about it!

    Moreover, the humble man realizes clearly that his soulmate, who has a different understanding of the sacred mysteries, may well have a more perfect understanding.

    The humble man also realizes well that if he himself cannot share the same understanding because of the possible scarcity of his mind, then, to continue to keep his previous faith will be a deed that pleases God.

    Only time can help to better understand the Divine things, but not the emotional momentary egoistic fervor of a self-confident brainiac!

    In evaluating the actions of the soulmates, especially if these actions contradict your comprehension, you tend to immediately viciously try to view such type of manifestation, which can only be characteristic of a pest.

    But if you keep a predisposition to rush to see in the actions of the others hostile manifestations, it means that you will also be hastily perceived as an enemy.

    The conflict between enemies provokes a war!

    Therefore, if you have a tendency to hastily see the actions of your neighbors as hostile manifestations, then you are one of the real sources that actively fuel the beginning of the militant madness!

    The desire to assert one’s own significance is manifested in almost every detail of life, in everyday life and family relations, as well as in the public activities, where with every successful affirmation man becomes more and more proud of such achievements of his own.

    But exactly such your aspiration to the vicious self-affirmation inevitably and unequivocally forces you to see in your soulmate a rival and competitor!

    And rivals cannot be friends in principle!

    Therefore, the voice of each person sounds like a voice crying in the wilderness!

    There are many soulmates around you, but you’re lonely!

    The few specific characteristics of humility, mentioned above, can be listed very long, but this address was not created with such a purpose, for then it would be necessary to duplicate again the whole Last Testament, in which, for more than twenty years now, has already been captured a sufficient abundance of concrete instructions.

    This appeal has been formed on the basis of the urgent need to place a special emphasis on the vitally important utmost concentration of your attention towards the realization of the sacrament of humility!

    Without a practical comprehension of humility, there is no sense to speak about the success of the spiritual formation!

    And the unique feature of humility is such, that no one has the right to teach his soulmates humility, by means of the consciously provided for this conditional training temptations!

    In conclusion, I would like to add a little bit that humility unambiguously implies a complete absence of indignation in you about all the reality around you and, above all, about what your neighbors are doing!

    The neighbors, in their carelessness, may well bring you bitter experiences, but you should not allow yourself to judge and scold them, and try to solve the problems that arise by reasonable and righteous methods.

  • The Share of the Weak Person

    It’s freezing out the window. On the window glass in some places something intricate and elegant is being created in filigree strokes: either the Frost wants to cheer us up, or just to please. And the surface of the wooden constructions, when hit by the sun rays, sparkles as if covered in diamond crumb.
    Soon there will be the sequence of festive days with their mysterious and fabulous evenings, illuminated by fluttering candle lights and sparkles from the Christmas tree decorations … Well, in the meantime, suddenly, I was slightly enveloped in a lyrical mood.
    And so, being in the arms of this mood and browsing the news page from the expanses of the ubiquitous Internet, once again I came across a kind of soulfulness of one more sufferer about how Russia, where he had spent his life to a certain time, had allegedly turned into “…evil in its pure, unalloyed form”.
    Apparently, Yuri Nesterenko, the author of a huge article “Exodus”, written in the spirit of the above quotation, has got very tired of the overwhelming burden of his own visionary conclusions, which has prompted him to move to the bright lands of the wonderful country of America.
    In what a standard way does think a man, who has not yet succeeded in transforming his original egoistic features in the sense, that is predetermined by God for the beginning of normal life activity.

    In my practice I have to observe this standard continuously for more than one decade!

    Everybody likes to express in many words their anxiety about the well-being of all: mankind, the country, the like-minded people around, and even the Earth!
    It’s nice to pamper oneself with such a fantastic image of your heart, ostensibly burning for the good of all.

    But precisely this is the distinctive peculiarity particularly of the weak person!

    And in the society on this basis is also built the whole electoral system, in order to elect the most significant of those who, for some reason, really want to rule.

    Whither goest thou, man!
    People are endowed with the unique property of unrepeatedness in the perceiving of the surrounding reality, and that means – of comprehending it.

    Therefore, if you actively falsely accentuate your self-expression on the manifestation of this kind of concerns, then, in accordance with the laws of egoism, you will inevitably designate otherwise-thinking as potential pests!
    A distinctive feature of a spiritually weak person is his inclination to unambiguously idealize his own conclusions, and if he puts forward his ideas for the good of all, then any other ideas he will necessarily perceive as harmful, and those who put forward these ideas as enemies.

    A reasonable and sound comprehension of other ideas under such conditions, as a rule, cannot take place.

    Isn’t it this, what many people can observe every day in an environment of peculiarly popular egoists, divided among themselves into ideological groups and noisily debating about the good of their common country?

    However strange it may seem at first, the active and noisy concern for the good for all is based on spiritual weakness.

    It is this weakness that is the main reason for the strong temptation to criticize all people who think otherwise, and even strangers in general, and thus at least somehow to highlight and emphasize one’s own importance!

    A strong temptation to look for rubbish in the eyes of others, while in one’s own eyes have already been accumulated great deposits of all kinds of lumber.
    There is a strong temptation to save those who have other ideological insights, when unable to provide them with any reasonable argument; a temptation to give wisdom to those who have taken the helm of some state power, when unable to establish normal order in one’s own yard; a temptation to give hints and instructions to professionals, when unable to do anything at all; even a temptation to criticize the national characteristics of the representatives of other peoples.
    Just what kind of nonsense has not been displayed on the basis of the effort of the egoism of the weak human personality to assert its individual significance for the entire historical period of human life activity!
    However beautiful the slogans with extensive and sublime appeals may look, you should always remember that the Divine can only be comprehended and manifested through modesty and humility!
    The Divine does not appear when you try in every possible way to impose your supposedly right conclusions, accompanying them with convincing – in your opinion – arguments, but when your soulmates themselves, solely on their own will, will ask you to show them your correctness!
    In other words, he who comprehends humility worthily will never try to criticize and teach his soulmates until they themselves ask him for advice.
    The quality of every state, and of every country in general, fully corresponds to the quality of those who constitute it.
    For you, your country is not someone else who lives there!

    Your country – that is first of all you personally!

    If you tend to give a negative assessment of the country of your residence, then you should first give the same assessment to yourself!
    If you want your country to be really more interesting, then you begin to live interestingly yourself, but not in a way, that the saying about the bad dancer, whose pants are interfering, applies to you.

    You always have the opportunity to not repeat the stupid mistakes of many others!

    Remember that choosing a particular direction, you will inevitably have to accept the inherent characteristics of these directions, which may very well be in conflict with each other.
    For example, when choosing the main life priority between the accumulation of standard material values for the existing society and the accumulation of true spiritual values, you will definitely be obliged to choose one of the opposite directions, and so, to expect the same success in one and the other will be completely inappropriate!
    At the same time, you should not forget the historical experience, when regardless of how great is man’s material wealth or bread supply, it in no way guaranteed, and cannot guarantee at all, his spiritual well-being, but more often even the opposite.
    Space can only be changed by a practical example of changing oneself, not by empty, albeit sublime, words about some universal good!
    In conclusion, I would like to mention a humorous sketch that I have met, where someone from the tribune asks the multitude of people standing before him: “Do you want a change?” – and people indicated their agreement by raising their hands, and when this one asked: “do you want to change yourself?” – there wasn’t a single raised hand.
    You who believe in the justice of your experiences and the sublimity of your concerns, save at least yourselves and let others do this noble work on their own!
    Changing yourself for the better is just the only opportunity you have to make the World around you better!

    The share of the strong person is to ennoble the surrounding space of his residence without trying to prove anything!
    The share of the weak person is to criticize and complain loudly and verbally, trying to prove his own correctness!

  • Get Acquainted, That’s Who I Am

    This address refers to a particular circumstance that was once experienced by those who used to come to my meetings.

    In the early years of these meetings, I allowed myself to mention a piece of specific – not mine – information, which subsequently led some people to ask embarrassing questions. These questions continue to excite them and seduce them to make false assessments.

    That specific information concerned a certain ancient period of time and the events which allegedly took place at that time, as well as the probable development of the world in the future.

    Replying to such questions, which confuse a certain category of people and which I have repeatedly heard during the time of Accomplishment, I will readily explain a definite characteristic feature of my being, but a bit more widely than I did in one of my last addresses.

    But apparently, for the need of completeness and clarity, I will allow myself to reveal to all of you those sensual autobiographical details about me, which under normal conditions are only revealed to well-known friends.

    I realize that it is inevitable that all sorts of reactions will occur, for in this case I am revealing myself to the whole world, but obviously it is time to draw some fateful line in front of each of you.

    I hope that my disciples and those who truly aspire to be ones, are sufficiently vigilant as to realise that this whole series of explanations of this kind is by no means accidental at this time.

    Some ultimate explanations about my being will now play a special role in your destiny!

    Maybe it’s time to start separating the wheat from all the rest?

    Drink, and do not spill!

    Based on the manuscripts that once appeared in human society, which came to be regarded as the Holy Scriptures, people quite naturally created in their minds a false image of the living Word of God, which should come to them for their Salvation.

    And since in that ancient period the prophets were perceived as some particularly significant manifestation within the human race, false parallels were drawn, since the nature of God’s Word was not yet known and understood by anyone.

    Therefore the Teacher was falsely endowed with those features, which were characteristic for the manifestations of the prophets.

    And after the passing away of the Teacher at that ancient time, many of those who later believed in His truth, for some reason neglected His statements concerning the fact that the time of the prophets had come to an end.

    Once in my voluminous address ‘The Last Hope’ I have already given you explanations in an accessible figurative form, as detailed as possible, designed to show you the insurmountable difference between the peculiarities of the Superconsciousness of the Heavenly Father and the consciousness of man.

    And that with such an insurmountable for the human capabilities structural difference, human consciousness has absolutely no possibility in principle to come into a field contact with the characteristics of the Superconsciousness!

    In other words, human consciousness can only interact with similar and identical by nature characteristics of any other consciousness!

    So, no organism analogous to man has ever been and never will be capable in principle of communicating directly with the Heavenly Father, as this implies interaction at the level of the consciousness and the Superconsciousness!

    Then who the prophets were communicating with – that is another topic and it is not the subject of this post.

    The only possibility for the Heavenly Father to actively interfere in the life of His children on the level of consciousness accessible to man was the birth of Him, who could incarnate into a human body and formulate the Laws of Truth for a certain period of time on the level comprehensible to man.

    I have already shown you a little more on this subject in that same “Last Hope”.

    When you incarnate at the birth of your body, your soul immediately begins to manifest itself and to interact with the surrounding reality through the inherent features of the biological organism.

    Only this interaction in the childhood is very limited both by the new, undeveloped parameters of the new body and by the capabilities of the still undeveloped new consciousness, where the memory, for your benefit, lacks the complex type of information that you naturally acquire if you have already had a previous incarnation.

    It is in this connection that if some of you had already managed during the previous incarnations to accumulate interesting creative experience, then this experience will manifest itself in a relevant way at the sensual level already in the childhood.

    The so-called talent has never been given by the Heavenly Father, where some people have been given talent and others have not!

    Your extraordinary inclinations towards interesting creation since childhood are exclusively related to your previously accumulated experience!

    As soon as your soul comes into contact with the surrounding reality, from that moment on it begins to develop, regardless of the extent to which the child’s consciousness can comprehend the captured information.

    It is vitally important for you to have your spiritual being in constant interaction with the surrounding reality, and to have your true self constantly juxtaposed with the life, ongoing around you.

    Whereas in my case this circumstance takes place in a totally different way!

    If my spiritual being is allowed to immediately interact with the surrounding reality at the moment of incarnation, this would only be detrimental for me.

    Because the depth of my characteristic sensual peculiarities will begin to unfold rapidly, together with the sensual need to change everything around, but I will initially for a long time be in a situation when it will be completely impossible to properly implement the fire that has been burning inside me.

    For me it is not important to accumulate life experience, the way it is for you.

    For me in the period of incarnation it is important to accumulate only that load of information which could help me better understand you in your various manifestations and to formulate everything that I will see favourable to give you on a comprehensible to you level.

    But for the period of accumulation of such an auxiliary load my spiritual being has to be in a way closed and must be in a kind of sleep mode.

    And this state of affairs inevitably begins to manifest itself as the body grows older by the fact that I increasingly fall under a strange sensation, which can be expressed with a bit of a smile by the questions: what am I doing here, and why does this world steadily seem alien to me?

    Although there have always been good friends around, with whom I could laugh a lot or be really involved in certain things.

    The basic life guidelines, about which my grown-up peers were becoming more and more concerned, seemed strange and almost alien to me, and in front of me an increasingly acute question arose: what then should I do, if I continued to perceive this world as something that was not mine, and which I was willing to observe as if from aside?

    From time to time, a certain playful interest sparked in me, which helped me to communicate with a particular group of people united by a characteristic psychological medium.

    In this way, I managed to get acquainted with the manifestations of different groups of people in the most favourable way.

    But nevertheless, as time passed, learning more and more details about what was going on around me, which only increased the feeling of non-acceptance of such a world, that seemed more and more wild, I began to notice how a kind of crisis condition began to grow inside me.

    After all, year after year, I was still suffering from the complete uncertainty of finding my place in this strange for me world.

    At some point, the state of crisis began to affect me quite noticeably, and this made me feel alarmed.

    And then, one night, something happened.

    In the morning a huge wave of great passion for painting came over my head!

    For several years before my inner being woke up, the entire familiar surrounding world had somehow disappeared for me.

    To describe my passion for painting I would probably need to write a whole book, so I will try not to get involved in this subject, in order not to divert you from the reason for which I am trying to broaden your acquaintance with one aspect of my being.

    I began to draw almost constantly. I started in the morning, when it was getting light, and finished under lanterns in the late evening.

    You are already quite familiar with the results of this independent comprehension of this human side in the field of art, but nevertheless, I am not an artist.

    During this time, I have met many artists and have seen one peculiarity which is able to characterise a person as an artist.

    That peculiarity is not inherent in me.

    No matter how passionately I immerse myself in the world of visual art, or any other art, it can end as suddenly as it has begun, leaving only a light and pleasant aftertaste.

    And so it ended, once I had drawn out what was useful for the Accomplishment.

    Moreover, the fine arts are most interestingly related to the basic essence of what is the main purpose for which man was born!

    The interest in painting helped me to switch from the constant viewing of the problematic side of man’s activity to the imaginative and poetic vision, and thus I successfully approached the sacred Hour.

    Omitting many further details, as I am still trying to make the explanation not too long, I will mention that as I approached my thirtieth birthday, in the mass media I began quite regularly to encounter subjects which began to pull me away from my creative flights and attract my attention in an intriguing way to what was going on in society.

    In 1990, newspapers with unusual content often appeared in the press, telling about numerous documented flights of unidentified flying objects, zones of abnormality and all sorts of contacts that some people had with representatives of supposedly extraterrestrial life.

    It was interesting, especially as I myself have repeatedly observed how variously illuminated objects flew over the town where I lived, in complete silence and at a fairly low altitude, which, for some reason I was clearly aware, could in no way relate to the technical devices that man was able to make.

    And once, in one of those days, I got acquainted with the content of a newfangled newspaper, where a certain representative of some civilization spoke about the hopeless deadlock in the development of human civilization.

    The article I had read had struck me strangely and profoundly.

    It was as if a small “earthquake” or, perhaps more accurately, a ” soul-quake” had struck deep within me, causing a crack in some solid shell, and a sensual rebellious exclamation erupted from the depths like compressed steam: this is not true, humanity has a way out!

    I was so excited that in spite of the pouring rain I went to the nearest woodland, which was nearby, as the house where I lived was situated on the edge of the town.

    And there I wandered for some time, calming down and not paying attention to the abundant rain pouring down from the heavens.

    The next short period of time passed without anything unusual.

    But one day when I began to watch a TV program that showed the damaged walls of many crumbling Orthodox churches, the above-mentioned crack finally led to the complete collapse of a certain conditional dam, that all the time of my life had been keeping my true being from entering into a close interaction with the whole surrounding reality!

    In my tiny studio it was as if church bells were ringing, and the lingering smell of oil paint was overcome by the odour of incense that seemed to come from nowhere!

    Thus took place the awakening of my true self!

    I began to feel the need to get acquainted with the existing religious Christian literature, and then I went to meet the abbot of the local Church at his home, where he readily gave me the Scriptures to read, but I did not tell him anything about myself.

    The adjustment of my being to the coming Accomplishment had begun!

    I was about six months away from my thirtieth birthday, but before that date, I felt the need to do an obligatory sixty-day very strict fast.

    During this period I did not identify myself in any way.

    I was not interested in doing so.

    I just clearly understood that not only could I solve the global problem that human society inevitably gets into, but I was called to do it!

    The fire in my chest was burning up inexorably!

    After passing the calendar date of my thirtieth birthday in this body, I realized that I was ready for the beginning of the Accomplishment!

    With an utterly childish trusting openness to everything and an unquenchable flame in my heart!

    I was to begin an acquaintance with man in a very different way already.

    The image of awakening that I used is the most suitable for conveying the essence of what had happened, because after it I myself, being present and well aware of my place in this world, looked at the surrounding reality in full measure, and the memories of the previous events became perceived only as a very realistic dream.

    Where many of the various interesting details that had been captured in it had now become logically interconnected.

    I did not need to ask myself where to go, as the events began to manifest themselves in such a way that the necessary sequence of actions began to be easily seen.

    In those days I met on the street the director of an art school that I knew, an elderly man of a kind and gentle nature.

    During my conversation with him, I learned that he possessed some kind of extrasensory abilities, and that he regularly visited a group of ufologists.

    I went there to get acquainted with such enthusiastic people with an unconventional perception of the world.

    It was my first meeting with those who were willing to learn what I was now ready to give!

    And after that meeting I had my first disciple, Vladimir, who in the beginning always accompanied me to all my meetings at that time!

    In that group which he attended and where I immediately noticed him, he had proven himself with the ability to kind of see and communicate with those who identified themselves as representatives of outer space.

    So such a person, with such very exotic abilities for that period of time, found himself next to me, having made a choice of his own.

    And after the above mentioned first meeting, one day a peculiar event took place, which had its specific effect on the ongoing Accomplishment.

    I find it favorable to touch upon this, as it also gives an explanation of what some of you have already asked.

    As Vladimir himself, who was staying at my house at that moment, was telling afterwards, his so-called extrasensory powers allowed him unexpectedly to see an unusual for him appearance of a good-looking old man, who introduced himself as one of the well-known prophets of the Old Testament.

    Through Vladimir he conveyed to me, in a poetic and elaborate form, a kind of recognition in which, among other things, was expressed the advice that I should use the name Vissarion, with which, considering later, I saw it favourable to agree.

    Subsequently, during the first few years, while Vladimir invariably followed me in all my journeys connected with my numerous meetings with people, I got to know various specific information, which was voiced by Vladimir from an unknown to me source.

    This information often reflected the events of the distant past, of that very First Accomplishment, as well as the probable events, which supposedly could affect the people living nowadays.

    Such information one can regard as one likes, for it does not have any definitive character, but has only a psychologically supporting character.

    One may believe or not in the veracity of this information, as no responsibility from this can rest on the people living today, and such information is not intended to be used for corrective purposes.

    I have already told you in my Teaching about the principles which explain why in your next incarnation the specific structural information, which the consciousness of your previous natural body had accumulated, cannot stay with you during your new reincarnation.

    The unique, structural energy-informational field of the soul cannot in principle store the information, which is characteristic to the heterogeneous field typical for the consciousness of the physical body.

    When I obtain a new body I will also not be able to have in the consciousness of the new body characteristic information about my past.

    Concerning the past, only sensual reactions are possible, which will be already characteristic to what is in principle able to be accumulated in the structure of the soul.

    Therefore, when I became acquainted with the information about various details which allegedly had taken place in my past, I could only note how I reacted to these or those references at the sensual level, but I could not verify them as accurate information.

    Some of the details were more exciting and seemed very familiar to me, others were less exciting, but there were also some that did not resonate in my senses at all.

    The only thing I could assess accurately was to what extent the essence of what I had supposedly said at that ancient time did not contradict myself, and what had not been imprinted in such a form anywhere afterwards.

    Such information at that point of time was probably only needed by me, for after such an awakening I began to naturally feel a certain sensual need to remember some things.

    And in that first year of the beginning of my Accomplishment, only once, unexpectedly, for a brief period of time, happened something that disturbed me for a moment by a strange and greatly altered rhythm of my heartbeat, as a result of the excitement.

    How you should regard this is up to you to decide, I just trusted you as someone who is called by all his being to be a friend to you!

    So, on one of those days, in the break between the meetings I was holding, I seemed to remember for a brief moment one circumstance: I was sitting on a stone bed in a small dark room with a slightly opened entrance doorway, through which the bright daylight was streaming in.

    And there was clearly something heavy and unpleasant in my head, as after an illness with a high fever.

    Such a brief and very exciting recognition occurred at that moment.

    Probably someone would have to come to that cave soon, but he would not find anyone and would be very excited…

    What was that and what moment was seen – on that you can fantasize as you like.

    But for me that moment was perceived as something very important, for I understood with all my senses what I had recollected in this way!

    Today, when my being has already been revealed strongly enough, I don’t care at all about what once might have happened.

    I only care about you and only about the present time!

    At that period I was inclined to consider extraneous information, to a certain extent trusting it, moreover that such information is not determinative or corrective, so it could not prevent me from doing what was mine and had nothing to do with my Teaching.

    I was ready not only to reveal to you the fullness of the Truth on which your spiritual development completely depends, but I was also ready to tell you certain things, that might have attracted my overly trusting attention at that time.

    At that period of time I perceived the world differently from the way I do now.

    After the accomplished awakening an irreversible sacrament of self-revelation began for me, and at first, some habitual human sensual manifestations were still clearly present.

    I even did not think that this kind of information will become a stumbling block for you and you will be able to react so primitively, due to the false images you have already created about me in your imagination.

    The traditionally existing assumptions tempt you to see the Teacher as all-knowing and all-seeing.

    But I am not like that!

    I only know precisely One thing – what holds in itself Everything directly concerning your spiritual development!

    For the rest you can easily deceive me, as I am inherently only capable of being very trusting of you.

    After all, in order to help you solve your particular problems, I am tuned to trust what you yourself will tell me about your difficulties.

    Which, in its turn, is called to be a special examination for you and on which the possibility of your full-fledged spiritual development depends.

    The degree of effectiveness of my help to you depends entirely on how properly you will be able to take it.

    I cannot know what exactly is going wrong inside you!

    Therefore, your destiny depends on how truthful you will be in front of me!

    I have everything you need for a full-fledged spiritual development!

    But the fate, which this exceptional period of time will bring, entirely depends on your own efforts and on your ability to derive what is vitally important for you from the conditional Horn of Plenty!

    I have not come to judge you, but to help you. But what way you will use this – that is how you alone will judge yourselves!

    But if at the same time you will also wisely bear in mind that there is no such thing as a coincidence, and if you at least allow yourself the thought of my authenticity, you should have no difficulty in making one simple logical parallel: Everything that would happen to me in such a case as the most probable manifestation would unequivocally have been taken into consideration beforehand!

    The scale of What’s Ongoing is too great and every detail, even the slightest one, will inevitably play a very significant role!