On September 22, 2020, a terrible event took place – Vissarion was detained and taken into investigative custody by Russia’s special security forces.

From that moment to this day, attempts to find evidence in order to indict and hold a trial have continued, but without success.

The reason for the Teacher’s detention stemmed from absurd accusations ranging from causing “sleep disturbance” to two people to having huge amounts of money being hidden in some unknown place…
For more than two years now, naturally, no verifying evidence of the accusations has been found, which in itself speaks of their inconsistency.

Disciples, followers and supporters, as well as just well-wishers from around the world are anxiously awaiting the expiration of the maximum time of legal detention, hoping and believing that justice will prevail and the Teacher will return to his honoured place!

Here we publish some of the most important letters of the Teacher from His detention period.

  • The Pole of Peace

    My friends, it is time to manifest another landmark!

     In recent years, you have begun to try to comprehend the topic of the formation of The Pole of Peace community and have already been able to apply some interesting efforts in the right direction for this.

    In the current epochal period of catastrophic events on a global scale, which predictably should have led to the multiplication of manifestations of distrust and aggression in the relations between all the people around the world, the formation of a community of conflict-free and selfless interaction should become a particularly valuable necessity.

    Man is man’s enemy – this is the global problem, which inevitably had to manifest itself everywhere at the present time due to the false ideological priorities of moral, ethical and spiritual nature historically established among the various social formations!

    The formation, in such a significant period of time, of a psychological environment favourable for the normal development of man, capable of preventing uncertainty and anxiety about the near future, should be the main step in the life-saving change of the destiny of the entire human civilisation!

    But The Pole of Peace community can be formed only by the efforts of spiritually mature people, who are now able not only to realise the very need for such formation, but are also ready to practically implement everything necessary for this purpose.

    It is important to understand that the normal level of spiritual maturity for this time is not the inclination of man to a religious-mystical perception of the reality, characteristic of a particular traditionally existing religious teaching, but the inclination to interact with the neighbours in a friendly way on the basis of the understanding that all the people on Earth are children of the same God, who loves everyone equally!

    The true worthiness of spiritual maturity, and therefore of humanity, is determined by man’s ability to cherish the lives of his neighbours; by his constant readiness to help them unselfishly; by the absence of striving to condemn anyone, to think pejoratively of anyone, and to exalt himself over anyone!

    And all this regardless of the presence of different spiritual-moral beliefs in the surrounding people!

    The favourable level of reasonable maturity is characterised by the ability of the collective to amicably decide on joint efforts in one direction for solving the arising common for everybody vital tasks of economic, domestic and cultural nature.

    The most favourable way to pass through the extreme life circumstances of social and natural character, which are now to manifest themselves rapidly and on a large scale all over the Earth, is possible only in conditions of mutual respect and friendly interaction on an unselfish basis!

     These are the conditions that are always able to be life-affirming, because they are designed to give man confidence in the well-being of the near future.

     It is possible to form such conditions only in the environment of a community, where for all members of this community the true spiritual values are always in priority over the egoistic interests and material values!

    The vectors of development of the spiritual values and the egoistic interests always point in diametrically opposite directions.

    True spiritual values are fundamentally incapable of serving selfish interests and are always designed to bring the egoistic features of the human psyche into a decent form, thus helping to fully implement the unique type of creative activity predestined to man, which can be done neither on the basis of man’s own intellectual capabilities alone, nor on the basis of the widest capabilities of artificial intelligence!

    The road of true spiritual development of man always presupposes a personal victory of man over his own egoistic passions!

    But the whole mankind initially, due to natural reasons, has consistently established only the egoistic interests as the main priorities of life, which inevitably became the reason for the emergence of a persistent need to separate not only individual people among themselves, but entire nations as well.

    The true spiritual values are always inconvenient for the egoistic interests, and therefore any conditionally spiritual reference points were for a long time successfully established among different peoples only in the form of adapted to the egoistic interests perceptions and dogmatic interpretations of what supposedly has an exact representation of the Truth.

    Throughout the history of the development of human civilisation, by virtue of the above-mentioned reasons, different spiritual Teachings, called to speak about one and the same Truth, were able to appear among different peoples.

    The spiritual world and the Law of spiritual development are one and the same for all the children of God without exception, but there are a lot of different ideas about it.

    Such a circumstance can only speak of one thing – the available varieties of interpretations of the same Truth inevitably have different degree of inaccuracy!

    All available by this time traditional canonical ideas about spiritual values and spiritual development have been formulated by people themselves in such a way that they have become conducive only to the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, but are in no way favourable to spiritual development.

    Note that in your ideas about God you are all still inclined to erroneously endow Him with egoistic features that are characteristic of man, and are inclined to expect from Him reactions that can only be characteristic of a weak-hearted man!

    Atheism was able to arise precisely on the basis of the extremely primitive and erroneous traditional ideas about everything that concerns the Nature of God, the human soul, and the true spiritual values!

    The mere fact that the atheistic system of logical conclusions has begun to spread widely can mark the advent of the period when all existing traditional religious notions have outlived their conditional favourability and the time is coming for the emergence of new, deeper and more accurate knowledge of the Truth.

    The emergence of atheism as a doctrine could mark the fact that mankind has reached such a degree of education, when in revealing the Truth about the spiritual peculiarity of man and the laws of spiritual development it now becomes extremely important to take into account the level of development achieved by mankind in the knowledge of the World of Matter.

    It is the erroneous religious and mystical ideas about God and spiritual development that were able to significantly deepen and firmly consolidate the ideological isolation of different peoples, which could not in any way beneficially impact the course of historical development of human civilisation.

    The primordial basis provoking the appearance of the necessity of isolation always implies the presence of an irreconcilable rival and the interest by all means to surpass such a rival in terms of significance.

    The feeling of rivalry always disposes to the emergence of conflict between the parties that have isolated themselves from each other, in connection with which the widespread manifestation of catastrophic events for the entire human civilisation was inevitable in the current epochal period of time!

    These globally unfolding disastrous events for all mankind could be only provoked by the activity of societies with a critically low level of spiritual-moral development!

    And such a low level of spiritual maturity in the representatives of human civilisation could be preserved over many centuries of historical development only because of the firmly established false ideological priorities, which have always been formed in direct connection with the manifested religious-mystical ideas.

    Mankind in the current time can boast very significant achievements in science and technology and its educational level, but by the specifics of their reactions to the ongoing reality and the quality of interactions with each other contemporary people do not differ at all from their ancestors of remote times.

    The sensual features of your inner world, which are meant to develop normally only on the basis of the true spiritual principles, are being manifested nowadays as primitively and wildly as they have been manifested in all people of the Middle Ages and in much older times.

    And this fact in itself eloquently demonstrates that you have never yet developed normally in terms of spirituality, although for many centuries all people have sincerely believed that they are believers.

    Apparently in this respect, however, there has always been something amiss with the whole mankind….

    And now there has come the special for the entire humanity period predetermined by the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race, when it is necessary to comprehend thoroughly and objectively the extensive knowledge of the spiritual world that is revealed to all and is called to correct the fateful direction of the development of the whole human civilisation, which is actively striving for self-destruction!

    The process of human spiritual activity is manifested by two different in essence circumstances, where one of these circumstances is connected with the manifestations of prayers and all kinds of ritual sacraments, which can be visible to any outside observer, and the other implies the invisible for an outsider practice of spiritual self-improvement, based on the willful efforts of man to curb his own egoistic passions and reduce them to certain norms.

    For all who are now interested in spiritual values it will be especially important and useful to realise that prayers and all kinds of ritual sacraments are only auxiliary in nature and in no way represent the very practice designed to develop the spiritual characteristics of man!

    And this means that no matter how often and sincerely man prays, no matter how regularly he visits shrines and participates in the sacraments of performing any sacred rituals, if in the process of interaction with his neighbours and with reality in general man who considers himself to be a believer does not make the necessary daily volitional efforts to change the qualities of his inner world and behaviour in accordance with the true spiritual norms, such man who considers himself to be a believer will always belong only to the category of theatrically-demonstrating-their-faith hypocrites and will not full-fledgedly develop spiritually.

    Accordingly, if a person in a certain way intuitively makes the willful efforts required for normal spiritual development on a daily basis, then, even if he never performs prayers or any sacred ritual sacraments, such a person will definitely develop spiritually much more successfully than any hypocrite who only tries to show his zeal for faith to everyone by means of visible actions.

    The catastrophic mistake of all traditional religious teachings was the false understanding of the service to God, historically established on the basis of purely egoistic principles.

    It was very convenient for the egoistic peculiarities of man to be decided that for the true service to God it is quite enough to only regularly perform all the canonical ritual sacraments and prayers.

    Such an illusion about spiritual values and spiritual development was able to establish itself quite easily everywhere in the great multitude of spiritually immature people, which subsequently inevitably led to the playful theatricalisation of the religious manifestations and the emergence of a sound criticism of everything concerning man’s own interpretations of spiritual values canonised by man.

    But your Heavenly Father does not need at all your prayers, nor all the ritual offerings, praises, and other performances that you can invent!

    All this cannot be a service to God!

    All this is necessary only for you and is called to serve in an auxiliary manner for the favourable formation of your inner world and the energy-informational space around you.

    Serving God is to make all necessary efforts every day in strict accordance with the true spiritual principles to transform your own ego-sensual characteristics!

    Only when you come out from under the cover of the Church and go home, or to your place of work and meet someone you know, does the most crucial moment in your spiritual development begin!

    Only in the moment of everyday man-to-man interaction do the circumstances, that are directly related to the main part of the numerous features of the Law of Spiritual Development, manifest themselves!

    It is very important to understand correctly that if you do not make proper efforts in spiritual self-improvement, the qualities of your inner world will inevitably degrade, and the weaknesses you have will manifest themselves more and more clearly and unpleasantly.

    Whether you have the right understanding of Truth or not, through what exactly you allow yourself to manifest and do, you will either spiritually evolve or degrade.

    This is the Law of Truth!

    The sooner and the more extensively the representatives of human civilisation begin to correctly understand and practically follow the principles of the Law of Spiritual Development, which is uniform for all people, the sooner the vital manifestations of all mankind on Earth will be brought to order!

    The specific ideological priorities historically established and steadily existing until now in all peoples on Earth are not capable in principle to lead to full unity of the representatives of any society, as all these ideological priorities standardly have the same features, typical for egoistic interests, which always dispose to the emergence of conflict in the interactions of the members of the society and to the corresponding necessity to establish conditional order by forceful methods.

    Therefore, whenever different societies with such ideological priorities find themselves in any extreme-for-life circumstances, mutual fears, mistrust and aggression between people always increase sharply and massively, which inevitably gives rise to a stable sense of anxiety among the members of the society about the immediate future and creates favourable conditions for avalanche-like life-destroying tendencies in the social environment.

    Such an unhealthy situation always leads to self-destruction, and if the traditionally existing unhealthy ideological priorities are not changed in the right direction, the onset of global catastrophe for all peoples becomes only a matter of time.

    Anxiety and uncertainty in the prosperity of the nearest future considerably aggravate the primitive instinct of self-preservation in man, and he begins to be guided only by the need to survive.

    In the life activity of the representatives of the animal world such a simple instinct always allows at the level of intuition to make the most appropriate efforts to help the species to survive.

    But precisely in the life activity of man, whose organism has the same instinct, due to the unique features of his sensual world and different degrees of spiritual maturity, two essentially different variants of human efforts in extreme living circumstances are possible.

    The first variant implies the actions of a spiritually mature man, who in the conditions of necessity of survival perceives people around him as those with whom he sees it favourable to interact in a friendly and unselfish way on the basis of trust in each other, and the collective relations acquire the form of a uniform family of people who are closely related to each other.

    The second variant implies the actions of a spiritually weak person, who in similar conditions perceives his neighbours only as those at whose expense he will try to survive.

    The second option suggests collective relationships in the form of an animal pack, where interactions are based on selfish motives, when the strongest and most cunning person manages to use his neighbours for the most advantageous purpose.

    Only ideological priorities conducive to the development of mutual trust between people are capable of bringing a collective of people to full-fledged unity!

    Without such ideological priorities, which can be based exclusively on the true spiritual values, the relationships and interactions of the representatives of different social formations will inevitably be characterised only by the peculiarities of the above-mentioned second option!

    All societies of different peoples all over the Earth have been developing themselves throughout history until the present day only on the basis of the peculiarities of this second variant.

    Now the time has come, predestined by the Heavenly Father, to thoughtfully reconsider the ideological priorities that are all the same and have existed among all peoples for many centuries, based on egoistic principles and designed to satisfy only egoistic interests!

    And all the necessary motivation for the emergence of interest in such a thoughtful rethinking will be created by globally occurring in this epochal period of time catastrophic events of natural and social nature.

    The most favourable and life-saving way of passing through the disastrous consequences of such specific events can only be possible if one follows the guidelines based exclusively on the true spiritual values!

    The corresponding Truth, as it was long predetermined by the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race, has already been revealed in a sufficient volume, taking into account the level of development and education of the present-day humanity!

    Once in ancient times in the territory now known as Israel, for those who believed in the manifested New Testament, the Teacher gave an image that a good master would never pour new wine into old wineskins, for they would not withstand the power of the new wine and would burst, and the wine would flow out and be lost.

    It is favourable to pour new wine into new wineskins.

    This image was intended to show that it is more favourable to give the new, more accurate knowledge of spiritual Truth only to those who, by their spiritual maturity, have begun to outgrow the norms of some traditionally existing dogmatic ideas and have been showing an ever greater propensity to thoughtfully perceive new information that differs from the one in the correctness of which they were previously convinced.

    That is, man acquires the disposition to comprehend new information about some particular circumstances in the most objective way only on condition of either complete absence of ideas about the same circumstances, or absence of conviction in the correctness of his existing idea about what the new information from an outside source says in a different manner.

    This invariable Law is characteristic only of the peculiarities of the development of the human civilisation, whose representatives cannot in principle have the possibility of moving along the path of the full-fledged development of the mind, the way it is characteristic of all other exclusively reasonable civilisations, whose representatives do not possess, as is the case with man, the spiritual energy-informational structure – the soul!

    Precisely in connection with such an invariable Law, in order that in the environment of some social formation at the right time it would become favourable to reveal in a large volume new, much more complete and accurate knowledge about the spiritual Truth, appropriate favourable conditions should necessarily arise, when many representatives of this society in the process of historical development would have significant doubts about the correctness and reasonableness of the traditionally existing dogmatic ideas about the spiritual values!

    And since such an epochal Event, saving for all peoples on Earth, was to begin to unfold on the territory of Russia, then, accordingly, it is in this nation that should naturally have had time to mature such ideological circumstances which would be able to show the true specificity and fallacy of the traditionally existing dogmatic opinions.

    It was necessary that in the Russian society at the right time appeared someone who could competently show the inconsistency of the traditionally existing religious dogmas.

    And so the atheist doctrine appeared at the right time!

    And after a strictly defined period of successful stay in the minds of Russians of the slogan “Religion is an opium for the people” there was bound to come a predetermined moment, when on the one hand the longing for knowledge of the spiritual values would sufficiently ripen in the man with atheistic thinking, and on the other hand the freedom of religion would be officially permitted in the society itself!

    It was necessary to begin to implement in practice the super task of forming a spiritual and moral environment of Hope, Faith and Love, which is vital for all mankind, from a certain point on the territory of Russia – the southern part of Central Siberia, east of the Yenisei River!

    At the same time, it is extremely important to understand correctly that the formation of the saving psychological environment of the Pole of Peace should not necessarily involve only those who have the same spiritual and moral conviction, characteristic of one and the same faith!

    The formation of the Pole of Peace at the initial stage should be based first of all on a friendly joint practice of economic and cultural character, when people build, grow and create together everything necessary for their life on earth, when they unselfishly look after and care for each other, and show creative skills of cultural character to the delight of each other!

    All the activity of this kind cannot bear any clearly defined canonical norms, uniform for all, and the solutions of tasks in this plane can be creatively changed by virtue of expedient necessity, always depending on the naturally changing external conditions of physical nature and the individual preferences.

    The only thing that is categorically inadmissible for the believers is to change and supplement in any way the Word of the spiritual Teaching in accordance with their own understanding!

    Never allow yourself to add something new from other sources to the Teaching that you have decided to follow, even if you see a complete semantic correspondence to what is supposedly recorded in your Teaching!

    Any additions to the Teaching can only be made by the one who brings this Teaching!

    It is absolutely inadmissible to assert as Truth among your neighbours any of your personal or collective interpretations of the principles formulated in the Teaching, if the wording of such interpretations differs from the wording imprinted in the Teaching!

    If you see the need to designate something that directly refers to the content of the Teaching, it is more correct to do it only by quoting the corresponding words of the Teaching!

    If you do not have the opportunity to use such a quotation, it is more favourable to additionally explain for your interpretations of the circumstances touched upon by the Teaching, that you have expressed your personal understanding, which may well be an inaccurate representation of the meaning of what has been touched upon by the Teaching!

    Try not to allow yourself to assert as a true spiritual guideline for your neighbours the formulations of your own interpretations and judgments!

    Everyone, who has psychologically matured for this, can begin to take an active part in the process of forming the friendly life-giving environment of the Pole of Peace, and this inevitably implies the participation of those who, by their life experience, have acquired different spiritual and moral beliefs that do not belong to the foundations of one and the same religion.

    And the main thing at this initial stage of co-creation should be the categorical inadmissibility of any imposition of one’s own beliefs on the neighbouring brethren!

    Respect the faith of the believer!

    It is only permissible to tell someone about some aspect of the Teaching dear to your heart, if your interlocutor has expressed an interest in learning about it!

    The Spiritual Truth has always been and will always be one and the same for all the children of God, for it represents the uniform Law on the basis of which the soul of every human being is called to develop fully!

    And although this Law is the same for all people without exception, it becomes possible to cognise it most effectively not during people’s usual discussions and persuasive statements, but only when a person has the desire to comprehend something new which has been able to interest  – as yet vaguely  – his sensual world.

    Only the presence of such a sensitive interest can speak of the appearance of a favourable predisposition in man to abandon some elements of the outdated for him former beliefs and to step on the next level in his spiritual development through the comprehension of the new guidelines that are being revealed.

    And the greatest probability of the appearance of such interest in man becomes possible in case of repeated contact with an attractive example of life practice, based on the correct fulfilment of the principles of the Truth by another person.

    It is always necessary to know that a person’s coming to the Truth must be based solely on his personal efforts, made by his own free choice which no one has the right to influence by any attempts of persuasion!

    In the end, all over the Earth there must inevitably be formed one-faith Humanity as One Family of the children of the One Heavenly Father!

    But this Saving process for the whole human civilisation can be most successfully carried out only on the basis of life examples, when true believers are called upon to convincingly show by their life activity the validity of the Teaching which they piously and zealously adhere to!!!

    Always remember that faith without deeds is dead!

    Only beautiful and correct words about the Truth, told by someone who does not fulfil the principles of his beliefs every day in the practice of his life, are always the empty verbiage of a hypocrite!

    Every tree is recognised by its fruit!

    To pass – the most favourable and saving way – through the ever increasing extremity of life conditions in the current period of time will only be possible in full compliance with the principles of God’s revelation, that is now open to all mankind and is called to help form a beneficial psychological environment of mutual trust and selfless interaction, which is the main feature of the principles of true unity!

    The normal process of people’s unity, predetermined by the Heavenly Father, can only take place when all members of the collective which is being created, can begin to apply joint efforts in one direction by their own will and desire, but not when they do it under compulsion and imposed agitation.

    The process of catastrophic events for the whole world community, due to natural reasons, was initially launched by people themselves, and since all peoples, not knowing the Truth of spiritual development, inevitably set before themselves the same, in essence, ideological priorities, capable of satisfying only egoistic interests, the social problematic processes of all peoples inevitably began to proceed according to a similar principle throughout the history of development.

    Ignorant of the Truth, the rulers of all such isolated from each other communities, initially being in similar for everyone psychological conditions, could only find similar in essence ways and methods of solving the standardly arising problematic processes in the social environment with anti-spiritual ideological priorities, where there will always be provoked the emergence of destructive tendencies for society, and the conditional order can only be established in a coercive way!

    All such processes and methods in all nations still retain until these days the same type of manifestation!

    In this connection, all the present leaders of the existing social formations will inevitably try today to solve the avalanche-like detrimental to all mankind life complications using political and economic methods that are familiar to everyone.

    But only all such methods in their essence and quality, in fact, do not have any relation to the true spiritual values, and therefore, they will not be able to correct the psychological environment of the society which is going out of control!

    During the current period of globally manifested catastrophic processes of natural and social nature, in the great majority of representatives of mankind everywhere will inevitably appear and steadily grow anxiety-panic moods, from which the organism always significantly activates the primitive instinct of self-preservation with the characteristic for it aggravated manifestation of mutual wariness, distrust and increased readiness to show aggression.

    We are to observe everywhere that people in different societies are losing faith in governments, institutions, financial and economic systems.

    Because of the standard political systems that have been established around the world, governments will not be able to provide the right response to international challenges.

    Everyone will experience the need to seek God!

    But to search for God truly, and not as they have always done before, limiting themselves to mere ritualism and pathetic and verbose statements about God!

    In essence, the political and economic methods of correcting the emerging social problems can only be of a temporary cosmetic nature and are absolutely unable to have a healing effect on the very “disease” that causes all kinds of social problems.

    Throughout the history of human civilisation, the process of improving the material status of man has never by itself been able to make man better spiritually and morally.

    But the very same history has recorded many examples with the opposite meaning, when high achievements in spiritual development have been reached by those who have abandoned the habitual priority pursuit of egoistic goals associated with material enrichment.

    Are you really still unable to see and realise that materially well-off people are not at all models of goodness and friendliness?!

    All wars, global conflicts and large-scale sorrows, which all of you now have the opportunity to observe in abundance, have always been and are being provoked precisely by the actions of the wealthy people!

    It is not the material wealth that determines the normal development of the inner world of man and the development of harmonious relationships between people, but only self-education on the basis of the true spiritual and moral values, designed to completely eliminate the possibility of conflict in man-to-man interactions!

    In ancient times, the disciples who believed in the truth of the New Testament were told that it will be difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God, just as it will be difficult to thread a rope through the eye of a needle.

    And this problem is absolutely not connected with the presence of material values, but with the quality of self-education, on which directly depends the appearance of any unhealthy attachments and dependencies that determine the stable interest of man to make these or those efforts to achieve the priority goals he has set for himself.

    The false ideological priorities will never allow the normal development of the main unique features of man, from the full development of which only a man can become a Man!

    Now has come the momentous time of God’s predetermined necessity of manifestation of Russia’s special status!

    The nation, which was to be formed exactly on this territory, had been predetermined by the Heavenly Father many years earlier to play a special role, called to manifest itself in the decisive fateful period for the whole human civilisation, about which, in order to help the living ones, appropriate hints were repeatedly given from various sources by means of peculiar prophetic predictions.

    Exactly on the territory of Russia, and more precisely in the southern part of Central Siberia, taking into account the probable geopolitical and geophysical catastrophic tendencies which inevitably had to begin to take place all over the world in the current period of time, was considered favourable to implement in practice the God-ordained Accomplishment for the benefit of the entire human civilisation!

    The Knowledge about the peculiarities of the human soul and the laws of its development, unique for the whole Universe, which is being revealed today with the obligatory consideration of the modern level of development of the consciousness of man and his educational level, is intended not for one chosen people, but for all peoples, because for God there can be no such kind of chosenness in principle!

    In this epochal period of time, when the harmful consequences of the manifested geopolitics and the geophysical changes will acquire catastrophic for the whole world features, which will be recognised as apocalyptic by everyone in the course of time, a special structure of energy-informational environment must necessarily begin to be formed in a certain place!

    This special field structure, which is to be formed by a community of spiritually mature people, is to become a kind of Saving Light in a world of increasingly thickening gloom that is destructive to man!

    The benevolent influence of such a Beacon, which will be strengthened through the participation in its formation of more and more people aspiring to the Light, is intended to mitigate the effects of harmful social tendencies leading to universal catastrophe, based on the rapidly increasing anxiety and panic in man!

    All peoples will inevitably have to see and appreciate this Light!

    Ultimately, peace and psychological balance on the whole Earth will be established only thanks to the spreading of the Light from the emerging living environment of the Pole of Peace!

       Peace be with you!


           February 14, 2024

  • Who will prevail?

    The July 19 news report reflected the concerns of Mikhail Murashko, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, who said: “A vicious practice has been formed in the society, when the conviction emerged that a woman should first get an education, make a career, provide herself with a financial base, and then only be concerned about childbearing. Therefore, many problems arise: infertility, miscarriage, IVF… The situation must be reconsidered”.
    The statement of the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation expresses a fairly sound assessment of a really detrimental circumstance for the development of the society.
    But the statement expresses an assessment of the consequences that become possible as a result of the long-lasting development of certain tendencies in the consciousness of the members of the society.
    In this case, the assessment touched upon the consequences that could have resulted from the ideological guidelines, which were approved and supported by the state system itself, represented by those who, at different times, managed to occupy responsible positions in the management.
    If the scale of unhealthy sprouts is steadily increasing, it means that the same unhealthy seeds continue to be generously scattered and favorable conditions for their nurturing continue to exist.
    It cannot be otherwise!
    The alarming tendency, rightly outlined by Mikhail Murashko, was naturally manifested at the beginning of the development of human civilisation, when the complete absence of a correct understanding of the spiritual development and the true spiritual values in general has led to a false understanding of the male and female characteristics and has inevitably resulted in the establishment of specific forms of interactions between men and women.
    As a result of such interactions, women began to steadily develop an awareness of the inferiority and belittling of their position in the society.
    Moreover, the false comprehension of the male and female peculiarities has been firmly established with the help of the different religious systems through all kinds of differing from each other false dogmatic interpretations, because in ancient times, in the period of active manifestation of the religious-mystical movements, there were no favourable conditions to reveal the Truth about the equivalence and the fundamental features of the spiritual nature of the male and female soul, and among men, who traditionally become leaders and lawmakers, initially had already managed to sustainably form an egoistic-consumerist attitude towards women.
    At the heart of the primary life values, initially spontaneously established in all social formations on Earth, lies the instinct of self-preservation, which is the source of the emergence of all egoistic interests, designed to dispose man to always perceive the ongoing reality and the representatives of his own race from the side of the possibility for selfish gain only.
    This essentially animal principle, in the conditions of complete absence of correct understanding of the Truth of spiritual development, inevitably allowed the man to take a more advantageous position in the society as compared to the woman, and the primitiveness of development began to constantly tempt him at every suitable occasion to emphasise his alleged importance, pointing out to the woman her ostensibly less significant position.
    Such a wild convention, manifested at the dawn of the formation of the young human civilisation, has become ubiquitous throughout the history of human development up to these days, both in secular and, most remarkably, in religious activities!
    But this circumstance was inevitably bound to contribute to the emergence and rooting in the depths of the inner world of the woman the sprouts of resentment, constantly provoking the search for ways that might enable the woman to successfully prove that her value is no less significant than that of the man.
    Thus, on the basis of the established in the society psychological priorities which are far from the Truth, men and women have turned into rivals, striving in every possible way to survive at the expense of each other and recklessly competing to achieve a significant position in the society!
    But all this completely contradicts the principles of spiritual development and does not allow the full-fledged development of the spiritual nature of man, and, accordingly, will not allow the harmonious development of the human society.
    Such a circumstance can always have a detrimental effect on the development of human civilisation and is an indicator of an extremely low level of development of the spiritual and moral qualities of the representatives of this civilisation!
    A distinctive characteristic feature of human-to-human interactions during the entire historical period of development on Earth has only been the constant striving to extract selfish gain at each other’s expense in order to successfully survive in the manifested aggressive environment which man himself, following such unhealthy aspirations, constantly creates.
    Under such conditions, there cannot be a full-fledged spiritual and moral education, since the vectors of the efforts applied for the satisfaction of the egoistic interests and for the full-fledged spiritual development are in diametrically opposite directions!
    Before speaking pathetically about the enhancement of spirituality and before defining the favourable application of efforts for a normal qualitative development, one needs to have a competent understanding of the characteristic features of the difference between the egoistic interests and spiritual values.
    Egoistic interest is always based on the efforts to derive only selfish benefit for the sake of multiplying one’s own material wealth and asserting one’s own significance!
    True spiritual interest can only be based on efforts of selfless help to the brethren around for the sake of multiplying the common welfare!
    Do you still really think that if every person in the society continues to perceive all the brethren around him as rivals and competitors, at whose expense it is necessary to be able to derive personal benefit and who should be perceived as objects of probable possibility of profitable use, it is possible to achieve psychological well-being and a state of friendly unity in the society?
    Many of you must have become familiar with the expression: “Nothing personal – business”.
    This extremely immoral expression, which now is already becoming commonplace, captures quite accurately the essence of how the overwhelming majority of the society tends to build the interactions among themselves.
    You have begun to present all your capabilities as merchandise!
    Is it not all of you yourselves who daily take the most active part in the establishment in your society of an extremely godless ideology, the main essence of which are the trade-market relations?!
    The psychology of a trader is always based on the desire to make only personal profit with every step!
    And if the trade-market relations will be the main reference point in the society – you will never achieve psychological well-being in your society!
    The spiritual values, on which alone the formation of sustainable psychological well-being is meant to depend, cannot be established in a society where only the possibilities of multiplying personal material well-being are prioritised as the main interests of life.
    With such a priority, any manifestations of conditionally friendly interactions will actually imply mutually beneficial co-operation, the duration of which will always entirely depend on the period of time while the benefits of the interaction are observed.
    Take note that when you form married couples, you all see your chosen one as a profitable acquisition, from whom you sincerely expect to try to meet your own preferences and to satisfy your own egoistic interests.
    Men and women perceive each other only from the side of the possibility to satisfy their personal interest, and the conclusion of the marriage union has become in essence the conclusion of a mutually advantageous contract. In some cases – still conditional, and in others – already documentally confirmed.
    It is safe to say that many of you, despite the inner urge to have friends, in fact do not have real friends, nor do they have a normal understanding of what it means to be a friend.
    And this directly depends on your specific preferences and the nature of your perception of reality!
    If you cultivate in yourselves the qualities of a merchant (businessman), then you will inevitably perceive those around you as rivals, competitors and temporarily profitable acquaintances.
    Rivals and competitors cannot in principle be friends in the true sense of this definition, because between rivals and competitors there can be no complete confidence, on which basis alone the interactions of true friends are supposed to be built.
    It is this psychological circumstance upon which the quality of the relationship between a man and a woman who have decided to form a family directly depends, and accordingly, the stability of the preservation of the marriage bond also depends on it.
    At their basis, male and female nature, both from the natural side and from the side of the unique qualities of the soul, have a fundamental difference, and therefore, the laws of development of these two beginnings have different characteristic features.
    Such a fundamental difference inevitably implies the existence of different interests in life, and it is the height of ignorance to try to compare their significance!
    Spiritual ignorance, under the conditions of which the egoistic sense of rivalry can fully develop, always disposes men to ironically criticise the peculiarities that are characteristic only of women, and disposes women to erroneously perceive what will always be characteristic of men’s peculiarities only.
    The state of rivalry will always provoke the appearance of a conflict of interests and discord!
    The complete absence in the society of spiritual and moral guidelines designed to show the true values of the male and female nature, as well as to show the laws and principles of the full-fledged development of the qualities of humanity, inevitably leads to the formation of such relationships between men and women, when distrust between them can only increase and grow stronger.
    And such mistrust and the accompanying sense of apprehension towards each other can lead to a loss of the sense of responsibility which is supposed to arise in man for the life of the one who has shown confidence in him.
    The quality of true femininity is characterised by a particularly strong need to find in men a reliable protection designed to create a stable psychological well-being in which only it is desirable to give birth and raise children.
    However, the lack of proper spiritual and moral education and the widespread development of relationships based on rivalry and competition have logically led to the fact that now women have become more and more convinced that men lack the qualities of the reliable support they expect.
    In the atmosphere of giving priority to the development of immoral trade and market relations, where the choice of favourable application of man’s efforts is always determined only by the amount of selfish gain, many women quite rightly began to perceive the men they meet as those who at any moment can leave them without care and help, just because some other – more advantageous in their opinion – preferences suddenly appeared on the way of these men.
    And if women in the society have begun to massively manifest the conviction in the necessity first of all to independently achieve material well-being and an increase of their own significance in the society, this is already a symbolic circumstance that marks the onset of the nullification of the true male values in men!
    Mikhail Murashko’s concern, expressed in the above-mentioned news report, is related to circumstances of a global nature, which cannot just somehow be taken up and revised by some team of authoritative people.
    You talk about the cultivation of morality, but you persistently impose the same immoral guidelines everywhere, which inevitably leads to the fact that now all the people cease to believe everyone else.
    Being ignorant of the Truth, you enthusiastically seek to throw stones wherever you can possibly happen to be, which inevitably should have led to the critical formation of an ever-increasing chasm between all of you.
    You have all begun to be wary and afraid of one another!
    You have become lonely in the midst of the great multitude!
    In order to change those tendencies in the society, which are detrimental to the development and the demographic situation, it is necessary to have a coherent ideology, based on the true spiritual and moral values that are intended to show to all mankind the Meaning of the appearance on Planet Earth of the animate man and the laws of his full-fledged spiritual development!
    The time has come when it is already necessary to learn: to correctly understand the basic differences in the spiritual characteristics of the male and female soul; to correctly perceive this fundamental diversity; to correctly apply efforts towards each other, so that men and women would finally be able to build harmonious relationships, where the most favourable conditions for the birth of children and their upbringing can only be created!
    Without this, the demographic situation now is only going to worsen, which is actively facilitated in the society by the numerous generally accepted false ideological attitudes based on atheistic views and religious ones that have nothing to do with the Truth.
    And this concerns far not only the residents of Russia…

    August 14, 2023.

  • An Appeal to those who ponder, July 17, 2022

    Peace be with you, children of the Living God!

    I would like to begin with a small semantic digression.

    From ancient times to the present day a reference has been preserved, concerning the life of Diogenes, the well-known eccentric thinker.

    One day he was seen walking down the city street.

    In broad daylight Diogenes was holding a lighted lantern in front of him and was peering intently into the faces of the numerous passers-by.

    And when someone asked him what he was doing, Diogenes replied: ” I am looking for a man.”

    Apparently, this process by that time has already been a considerable problem…

    But many centuries have now passed.

    It may turn out that Diogenes’ inquisitive and stubborn spirit has forced his ghost to continue wandering down the endlessly stretching streets of the great multitude of cities, where he, with a hope as unquenchable as the fire in his lantern, still gazes into the faces of the endless line of by-passers, asking himself the mute question:

    “Where are you, man?”

    I felt an urgent need to make this appeal to all of you.

    I am well aware that some of you will be inclined to doubt my words, but this is precisely the time when I had to address all of you.

    Regardless of how you are able to perceive me so far, I will always remain who I am, and I will always continue to do what depends on me to help you all, invariably leaving the complete freedom of choice to you.

    Your destiny is being decided, and you cannot even imagine the scale of this process!

    In the current period of time you will all have to make some especially important choice, which will directly determine the nature of the changes in the future destiny of the entire human civilisation.

    The globally escalating worldwide conflict is taking a particularly dangerous form, and on the quality of the efforts which people will begin to apply depends the scale of the disasters that are now already inevitable.

    You have already witnessed the beginning of it all…

    The representatives of mankind, throughout their history, have been persistently wandering in the twilight of a hostile division amongst themselves, and now you all have predictably crossed a certain final line, beyond which the fate of the entire human civilisation should have begun to be decided.

    And now let me ask you for some patience, as I should touch upon one circumstance that is especially important to all of you, which requires me to slide a little back into distant antiquity and touch upon some common truths well-known to many of you.

    This is necessary so that it can be possible, albeit in a brief form, to be drawn a little more clearly for your understanding one exceedingly important feature, which none of you was aware of, but which underlies the reason why you with fanatical obstinacy throughout history constantly gravitate to destroy your own kind and barbarously ruin your habitat.

    All the while, you do like to proclaim the high intelligence of your own kind, calling yourselves the crown of creation.

    Until you get a correct view of this feature, you will not be able to turn from your vicious path and will be doomed to self-destruction.

    But you have to turn away from such a vicious path!

    I know everything about the feature I have just mentioned.

    As I also know everything about all the other features, harmoniously related to it, about which you have vague and often contradictory assumptions.

    I understand very well that such a statement of mine looks rather peculiar to you…

    Yes, but the time that has come is especially responsible.

    It would be wiser to try at least a little to admit: what if I really know all this?

    As a matter of a fact, I am ready to give in detail all the necessary explanations, at the level of your understanding, characteristic to this epoch.

    Moreover, I have been doing this successfully for thirty years now.

    So, many of you may have noticed one primitive regularity.

    When there is a threat to your life, you intuitively seek to unite with someone, and when there is an external threat to your individual community, you begin to feel the need of displays of patriotic solidarity within your society.

    The predisposition to associate under the conditions of an external threat is not directly related to the spiritual values and is therefore equally characteristic of both people and all representatives of the animal world.

    Such type of associations is based on primitive egoistic instincts and implies not just the regular, endlessly recurring presence of an external danger, but also the characteristic feature of interaction of all organisms on the principle of “hunter and victim”.

    But the organisms of all representatives of the animal world are balanced by internal programmes in such a way, that the ‘hunter and victim’ principle can be manifested in an endless perspective, preserving favourable conditions for procreation and further development.

    That is what you can observe in Nature.

    Only the naturally strongest animals should survive, they will not kill when they are fed and there is no immediate threat to their lives and the lives of their offspring.

    The human organism has at its core exactly the same primitive egoistic instincts, but the natural balance is not able to harmoniously manifest itself.

    This inability has suddenly manifested itself since that historically significant period of time when members of your young reasonable civilisation on Earth became the bearers of a unique energy-informational hyperfine structure, which later was referred to as ‘soul’ and about which all the people now hold the most superficial controversial perceptions.

    It is this soul that has become the most important distinctive value and the very essence specifically of man!

    The human soul has in the core of its structure a fundamentally different type of programmes, designed to predetermine its own full-fledged development.

    But since it has become the basic essence of man, so also, accordingly, these programmes predetermine the full-fledged development of man as a representative of a unique civilisation in the Universe.

    The peculiar hyperfine energy-informational structure of the human soul is not subject to the processes of aging and is in principle indestructible, and therefore does not need the basic instincts that are characteristic of all biological organisms.

    But through the sensual peculiarities of the biological organism of man, with which the soul structure is closely intertwined, the soul is capable of generating in man a special type of motivations that are radically different from everything that the egoistic instincts are able to characteristically push towards.

    The appearance of a duality of opposite sensual motivations became a unique complexity in the inner world of man.

    The instincts require the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, and the soul – the accumulation of spiritual values.

    Two diametrically opposite motivations.

    Once, in ancient times, the disciples heard an instructive explanation that no one can worship both God and mammon: if you bow to the one, you will inevitably turn away from the other.

    The complexity of man’s spiritual development proved to be related to one regularity.

    As long as the spiritual basis of man’s soul is undeveloped – and this is, basically, inevitable in all first incarnations – man will always feel very uncertain and confused about the impulsive signals of his soul, whereas the impulses of his instincts will be clearly and unmistakably perceived.

    Only through spiritual development will man be able to develop an ever stronger orientation to follow the road of multiplication of the spiritual values, increasingly subordinating and organising the impulses of his egoism in harmony with the true values of his soul.

    Man has real capabilities of learning to restrain himself from sinful actions and is called upon to lead a sinless life.

    No man is originally born in sin!

    Man can only become a sinner by his own free will and through his own efforts!

    Initially, when man had no concepts of the spiritual values at all, it was inevitable that the need to satisfy only one’s own egoistic interests would become the main guiding principle of life.

    All the representatives of the young human civilisation predictably began to form a social system and conduct their life activities based solely on the animal principle of «hunter and victim».

    All egoistic guidelines became a priority and remained in many aspects unchanged to this day.

    Without a proper understanding of the fundamental features of the true spiritual development, people began to use the animal principle in the same way both in the sphere which they named secular and in the one which they conditionally designated religious.

    The harmonious balance in the interactions between the representatives of the animal world is based entirely on their characteristic natural capabilities.

    Man, on the other hand, has qualities that are conducive to scientific and technological development and this, quite elementarily, disposes to a considerable expansion of the natural limitations in man’s capabilities to satisfy his egoistic interests according to the very same principle of “hunter and victim”.

    Thus, in their interactions with others, people who are not yet spiritually mature are easily tempted to significantly violate the limits of the Harmony-ordained conventional zone of Balance.

    Unfortunately, it can be fairly argued that so far humanity conducts its life activity worse than animals.

    No animal can descend to barbarously destroy its habitat and harm someone for the satisfaction of its ambitious ideas and the whims of its own significance!

    The life of the people on the principle of «hunter and victim» is a clear sign of a low level of spiritual development, from which inevitably the reasonableness of the efforts made by man begins to considerably suffer.

    In the life activities of all representatives of the human race this principle invariably leads to a permanent outbreak of conflicts, and as long as you orient your behavior according to this principle, you will inevitably wage wars!

    And in the conditions of the already existing military potential, which continues to be successfully improved, the death of the entire human civilisation will definitely become only increasingly realistic.

    So when will you come to your senses?

    As long as you choose the satisfaction of the egoistic interests to be your first guiding principle of life, the manifestations of each of you will always and in all circumstances be based only on the desire to derive personal benefit from everything that you will be able to come into contact with.

    Such manifestations cannot enable the ennobling of the environment, but can only destroy it.

    Please note that even in the presence of clearly expressed patriotic feelings, the representatives of the same community actively strive to compete violently with each other, trying to survive at the expense of those compatriots who can be deceived and suppressed by force.

    This happens equally in all strata of the society and in all spheres of social activity.

    In difficult times for the society, you, like hypocrites, speak loudly about the need for unity, while your actions undermine the integrity of your society in every possible way.

    Whoever you are, whatever position you hold, if you allow yourself actions that give rise to distrust among the people around you, that is, you allow yourself to deceive, insult and otherwise harm someone for the sake of your own egoistic interests and ambitions, you are definitely creating a threat to the integrity of your society, no matter what bright slogans you try to justify your deeds with!

    Look around you…

    You seem to be together, but you are strangers to each other and constantly afraid of being tricked in your interactions with each other.

    But all of you on Earth are children of one Parent, the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race!

    Is it not one Family which you are called to be able to manifest through your life activity?

    One Common Family on the entire Earth, and not a bunch of groups of people speaking different languages and ready to unite only against somebody!

    As long as you continue to naively compete amongst yourselves as to which of you is “cooler” and more significant, you are doomed to sow tragedy and reap much sorrow like some beings who have never known the values of  reasonable activity!

    At the moment the entire human civilisation is being fairly identified as an extremely dangerous civilisation of low intelligence, with undefined possibilities to deviate from the path of self-destruction.

    The level of development of the human civilisation is to be determined not by its scientific and technological achievements, but by the quality of interaction of the people with each other!

    What is the use of boasting about one’s education and scientific achievements if, just as in the distant wildish antiquity, anyone offended by someone, like an ancient barbarian, hastens to throw a stone and pour the filth of his own hatred on that person?

    All such wild manifestations of the representatives of the so-called civilised society have begun – in the present period of time – to be symbolically demonstrated all over the world on a monstrous scale, marking the global triumph of soul-scantiness.

    The threat hangs not over one particular society, but over the entire world community!

    As long as you allow yourselves to perceive each other as an object of rivalry, and therefore suspect each other as a potential enemy, you will inevitably tend to show hatred.

    And hatred and resentment represent the main active medium for the abundant birth of lies!

    Developing mainly in scientific and technical terms, but having never comprehended the true spiritual values of Humanity, people have created all the conditions for the insane lie, in an endless series of devastating waves, to furiously flood the space of the different social formations of the people all over the Earth.

    A kind of global flood…

    But water can destroy just the body, while slander seeks to destroy the soul!

    In the biblical texts of the Old Testament, among the wise parables of Solomon, revered by many peoples, there is one circumstance accurately reflected by him, which takes place everywhere, among all nations and during all times:

    He who conceals hatred has a lying mouth; And he who utters slander is a fool.”

    Is it not the time for you to come to your senses?!

    Fools cannot have a bright future!

    Their fate is the valley of woe….

    Slander has been formed in the perception of man solely on the basis of his resentment, hatred and an unhealthy preoccupation with inflating his own significance.

    But only the meek-hearted will inherit the Kingdom of God on Earth!

    Be careful of information that provokes the rise of hatred.

    If you allow hatred to settle in your heart, stupidity will become your constant companion.

    In early spring this year, it was said from the highest tribune that there is an empire of lies out there.

    It should be admitted that such target designation is very much in line with reality.

    But is it only out there that there is an empire of lies?

    The end of September 2020 has been historically marked by the beginning of an absolutely insane information harassment and psychological pressure on many truly respectable and law-abiding people who make up the world-famous Siberian Community, which has no equivalent in the world.

    In the south of Krasnoyarsky Krai, in two vast districts, enthusiastic and creative individuals, freely coming from different cities and countries, for thirty years have been actively forming а type of community where they learn to build on a gratuitous and conflict-free basis all interactions and mutual assistance, to solve all vital issues on equal terms.

    A few thousand people who do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol have created such a comfortable psychological environment in which, despite the meagre and unsustainable financial resources, a disposition to create large families has been manifested, and the birth rate of children has exceeded incomparably all similar indicators of any other region of Russia.

    But for some unhealthy reason, an outright slander provoked at the top level, in its most monstrous form and perversity, like a raging flood was unleashed by all sorts of Russian media sources against those who had wholeheartedly aspired to fulfil what was predestined by God in the formation of the social interaction on the basis of the highest moral and ethical values of Humanity.

    The totally fabricated accusation that, at the end of September 2020, led to the most absurd and inhumane persecution of innocents, which shocked a great many truly remarkable people, has this year symbolically predetermined the beginning of a large-scale slander already against the inhabitants of the country itself.

    A huge number of Russians who happened to be outside their country suddenly found themselves in the position of pariahs just because they speak Russian.

    In the context of these two symbolically interlinked circumstances, the question is quite pertinent: what for?

    But there will not be a reasonable answer justified by really existing objective facts.

    Ugly speculation on the vast expanses of soul-scarcity, formed abundantly on the basis of resentment, bitterness and unhealthy ambition, where everyone thinks that his own lie is more truthful.

    Any slander is always a cause for strife and division!

    Isn’t that what you observe all the time in your life?

    Divide and conquer – the credo of the main adversary of everything that comes from God!

    And what is your own choice and whom do you actually serve?

    If there is time to scatter stones, then there will certainly come a time to collect them.

    Mankind is well aware of the impulses for unity, based on the instincts of self-preservation.

    But a true life-affirming Unity is possible not on the basis of anxiety in the face of some threat, but only on the basis of an ever increasing confidence in each other.

    Such a Unity is destined to be necessarily formed, for it is the unique condition under which the normal and full-fledged development of the whole human civilisation can only begin.

    And so far, at this moment, it is only possible to unambiguously state that for the entire history of human existence man’s inner world has undergone extremely minor changes in the spiritual direction.

    What has changed is man’s informational level and the auxiliary scientific and technological capabilities, whereas the inner world has the same quality as the ancestors had many thousands of years ago.

    You can easily verify this for yourself by referring to the surviving texts of ancient thinkers who were able to accurately reflect the characteristic vices that were often encountered in those distant historical times, and which are likewise found everywhere these days.

    Thousands of years have passed, and you have almost not developed.

    This should not have remained unchanged given the normal, initially predetermined nature of development of the human inner world!

    Isn’t this a sign that all your traditional perception of what is going on, which you persistently nurture and support in each other, has a substantial fallacy?

    The social formation will be able to develop harmoniously only in conditions of true Unity as predetermined by the Heavenly Father, which unequivocally implies totally conflict-free interactions between the members of the society, when in everyday life your deeds will be based on the highest moral and ethical principles and will be fairly named as good and decent.

    Only in a society where the interactions give rise to and strengthen the confidence between the people can there be a real opportunity to overcome most effectively and favourably any extreme conditions for life!

    And it is imperative that, precisely in the current epochal period of time, a thorough comprehension of this should begin not only on behalf of the citizens of Russia, but also by the rest of the sober-minded part of the world community!

    The time has come!

    The development of the human civilisation has approached that fateful milestone when there is a vital need for the unfolding of special processes, the development trend of which is able to gradually lead to the establishment of a saving balance in the social activity throughout the Earth.

    When, in the end, all ideological disagreements in the understanding of the very same Law of spiritual development of man will disappear, because for all the children of the Heavenly Father this Law is unique, just as any other law of the exact sciences, designed to objectively and properly reflect the processes of development of the World of Matter, is also unique.

    The global processes taking place nowadays on the world stage are predictable, as the whole course of historical development of all individual social formations on Earth has also been predictable.

    In this respect there has long been seen the predetermination that at this point in time, when the human civilisation reaches the fateful milestone, the territory of Russia will happen to be the central link in the decisive for the fate of all mankind events, on the character of the development of which the scale of the inevitable global tragedy on the whole Earth will directly depend.

    By the time when Russians should get into the hot phase of the rapid and avalanche-like catastrophic events of global scale, on the territory of Russia there should have appeared and should have been able to unfold in due measure a spiritual Teaching, designed to show the Path of formation of favourable psychological balance and true unity.

    This, for objective reasons, was possible to begin first on the basis of that part of humanity which had sufficient spiritual maturity and disposition for progressive comprehension of reality.

    The disposition towards a progressive understanding of a certain reality necessarily implies man’s willingness to look in a new way at many things that he has previously perceived as familiar and well established.

    Such a disposition plays a very important role, since, at the particularly crucial moment of the fateful correction of the process of development of the human race, the Heavenly Father always gives, primarily, something New.

    As it happened once in the course of the well-known Accomplishment that took place two thousand years ago, when it was of great importance to reveal something which definitely contradicted the traditional dogmatic views, and the Accomplishment itself could only be short-lived with tragic consequences.

    In connection with this the New could only be opened a little bit, but it was necessary to do this exactly at that time and precisely among that nation!

    The true spiritual values ​​are the Law which should not have a traditional interpretation characteristic of one particular nation only.

    Therefore, the necessary fullness of the Word of Salvation for all can only be revealed in conditions, where for the different nations there can be an equal accessibility to the Truth which is being disclosed to all by the will of the Heavenly Father!

    The predestined manifestation of the Word in this epoch presupposes a thorough revelation of the wholeness of the Truth, which is accessible to modern man’s understanding and which in ancient times could only be touched upon in figurative hints and parables, that has inevitably facilitated the subsequent appearance of many subjective interpretations, becoming later a stumbling block dividing all those who became believers.

    But it was impossible to avoid this.

    And now the time has come for the beginning of some changes which have been impossible in the course of the entire history of human existence.

    Spiritual disunity, which is always destructive for human civilisation, must necessarily disappear on Earth, because it is capable of generating violent confrontation and intransigence.

    From the territory of Russia should begin to take place a historically significant process which will unequivocally lead to the formation of a true Unity among all the peoples on Earth.

    I am well aware that many of you may smile with disbelief and irony about this.

    And at the same time I also understand very well that your irony will have nothing to do with the fact that you ostensibly consider the formation of such a Unity as being fundamentally unreasonable.

    You have simply begun to realise quite well that goodness, prudence and general benevolence cannot prevail in the conditions of the familiar to all of you vicious system of life, which you have had to observe throughout history, and in this connection you have become steadily disposed to regard sublime ideas of universal Unity and unselfish coexistence as utopia.

    But a fundamentally different type of living system, which will be fairly designated as the Kingdom of God, is about to be established on Earth.

    But a characteristic feature of the specific changes taking place in the activities of the human societies has deprived humanity of the opportunity to be able to mature in a natural way to the acquisition of the necessary extent of self-awareness thanks to which it would be possible to form on the whole Earth the type of righteous life-arrangement of human interactions that was pre-ordained by the Heavenly Father.

    People have managed to create means of global self-destruction and all the related circumstances continue to rapidly complicate in a critical direction.

    Many of you were able to pay attention to one circumstance showing that when a person finds himself in the most difficult for himself conditions, when he becomes afraid for his life or for the life of someone of his neighbours, at such moments he might display an increased interest in looking for a contact with God.

    And as long as everything seems satisfactory and stable, man tends to give priority only to his own egoistic interests and benefit.

    So it turns out that in order to save the human race from self-destruction, towards which all the people on Earth are persistently moving, fanatically revering egoistic interests and trying hard to assert their own significance, something must force the representatives of the human civilisation to seek a way out in a strictly defined saving direction.

    To draw your attention urgently to the vital necessity of forming a true Unity proved to be possible only in the period of globally unfolding dangerous processes of both technogenic and, especially, natural character, which, endangering all mankind, were bound to begin taking place all around the Earth.

    Most regrettably, such processes cannot do without monstrous tragedies.

    But the apocalyptic circumstances have nothing to do with the manifestation of the Will of the Heavenly Father, for He has never punished anyone and cannot do this in principle!

    The apocalyptic deadline has been persistently formed by the people themselves according to their own will!

    The Heavenly Father will always try only to preordain help to you, which is intended to facilitate a turn in the right direction, but you must always make your choice only on your own!

    This is the Law!

    You can only be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the saving conditions, but in no way will it be possible to save you by imposing something that you need through certain means of convincing.

    It is not possible to call for and lead to the Unity of mankind all over the Earth on the grounds of the existing traditions of one particular nation.

    To lead the entire human society to Unity is only possible on the basis of what is newly revealed by God, which has not yet managed to become a tradition among the nation where this Accomplishment has been manifested, but which is intended to become a tradition now already for the entire human society on Earth.

    The soul of all people on Earth, irrespective of their nationality or religious and mystical beliefs, has in its basis exactly the same energy-informational structure and, therefore, it can also develop according to one and the same principle only, regardless of the diverse ideas about spiritual values, which have emerged and have become established in the form of traditional dogmas.

    The Kingdom of God on Earth – and it is intended to be only established in the World of Matter – can imply just indivisibility and the complete absence of ideological division, for any kingdom divided in itself always loses its value and is doomed to oblivion!

    The presence of such ideological division and the significant divergence in the ideas about the spiritual values ​​and about the Heavenly Father is an obvious emblematic sign of people’s lack of accuracy and completeness of knowledge about the true features of everything that actually belongs to the Spiritual World.

    The establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth, which has primarily been predetermined as the main Foundation from which only the human civilisation can fully develop, necessarily implies not only the acquisition by all the people of a correct understanding of the peculiarities of their soul, peculiarities of its interaction with the Heavenly Father, peculiarities of its development, but also, what is especially important, the acquisition of a proper understanding of the Meaning for the sake of which the unique human being has been purposefully formed.

    A unique being, that has been formed as a result of combining the informational structure of the psychic energy field of the biological organism with the similar spiritual energy structure of what man began to perceive under the term ‘soul’.

    The soul has been formed as an individual basic foundation and it is called to permanently imprint only the changing in quality sensual experience of each concrete person, and its normal and full-fledged development is always related to the way man tries to perceive everything that occurs in the surrounding reality and the way man tries to react to the manifestations of his neighbours during his interaction with them.

    The true value of man’s Sacred Faith can be seen not during his stay in the Church, where a hypocrite and a true believer can happen to be no different from each other, but only in the everyday ordinary life.

    The essence of the true Church of God is the benign unity of mutually respectful and caring for each other children of the One Heavenly Father, who do not think of distinguishing themselves among others as being special or chosen.

    The worthy children of the Heavenly Father will never allow themselves to primitively compete with each other for His attention and love, naively believing that allegedly only someone of them might succeed to more correctly fulfil God’s Testament and glorify His name by means of services and rituals.

    The true spiritual love does not tolerate divisions and preferences.

    In the Siberian region of Russia there has already managed to manifest itself in a minimum-favorable measure Something, which is intended to contribute to the formation of a beneficial psychological environment, where it becomes possible to reveal and develop all the best that represents the true values of Humanity.

    For some thirty years now in the evolving community of that region there have been increasingly manifested such fruits of relationships and upbringing of children, about which in the other parts of the country one can only find slogan-like appeals and dreamlike wishes.

    One very wise proverb can be found in Russian society:

    “It is better once to see than a hundred times to hear”.

    If you really want to get the most accurate picture of something that is happening, try to see it first with your own eyes.

    Beware of making hasty judgments based on rumours, gossip and someone else’s preconceived conjectures.

    Do not forget that there is a great multitude of those about whom it was aptly written in the ancient Scriptures, “…and he who utters slander is a fool“.

    Current times should inevitably be characterised in an emblematic way by the globally-spread unhealthy activity of a multitude of people in their efforts to hastily give out subjective critical assessments of things about which they themselves have generally no truthful knowledge at all.

    I want to tell you that in the current period of epochal events the vicious weaknesses of man, especially those connected with the manifestation of indignation and aggression, should begin to considerably increase and provoke the appearance of a number of various circumstances which from outside can be perceived as either pronounced stupidity or insanity.

    Be vigilant, try to show prudence and sobriety of mind when you come into contact with something that, for some unknown to you reason, somehow and for some purpose has appeared precisely on your way.

    There is already some grounds to assert that on the Russian territory there is Something which, in case of a normal further development, is able to favourably influence the psychological stability not only of the country itself, but is also called to have a beneficial effect on the life processes in all the rest of the World, levelling in the future the consequences of the fateful events which will inevitably happen everywhere.

    It would be particularly favourable now to promote the formation of a kind of a Pole of Peace in the above-mentioned Siberian region, where, precisely in rural conditions, a multinational community will continue to settle, building a space of friendliness, trust and unselfish mutual assistance, without imposing anything on each other and showing respect for the values that still remain dear for someone of the neighbours.

    And also educating children in an atmosphere of peaceful interaction, teaching them all kinds of creative skills, which is already taking place in a rather interesting way.

    And this is not a dream project, but an already existing reality which in a unique for the whole world version, without loudly declaring itself, has been successfully developing for thirty years.

    I feel it necessary to tell you that it would be to your benefit and the welfare of the entire country that many of you tried to leave the cities and begin to actively master the conditions of the rural life.

    But a significant difficulty in the realisation of such a vitally important to you aspiration will inevitably be the absence of a favourable number of like-minded people, ready to display friendly and unselfish mutual assistance in all aspects of life – of physical and, especially, of psychological character.

    But there is already a real basis and there is no need to start from scratch.

    You need to only make some normal reasonable efforts to objectively comprehend what the Heavenly Father – in help to all of you – has given in its complete auspicious fullness.

    The emerging space of the Pole of Peace must become attractive to all progressively thinking people who cherish spiritual values and who will increasingly over time show an interest in moving from different countries to the territory of Russia for further life.

    People all over the Earth, due to a characteristic feature inherent in their inner world, tend to expect the manifestation of the Will of God only in the form in which each one is individually inclined to imagine it.

    But the manifestation of the Will of God cannot take place considering all the fantasies, wishes and whims of each of the representatives of the human race.

    The manifestation of the Will of God can only take place considering the trends that have been steadily formed in people’s lives and are dangerous for their spiritual development, what is always the result of false interpretations of some aspects of the Truth.

    Such false interpretations inevitably arise in conditions where one or another aspect of the Truth has not been revealed in the completeness required for an unmistakable interpretation.

    This means that the Will of the Heavenly Father will first of all reveal new horizons and guidelines, but will not satisfy far-fetched egoistic aspirations.

    And now the Accomplishment, predetermined by the Heavenly Father, is taking place the way He sees it as favorable, and not the way that many of you expect in accordance with ideas, contradictory in their diversity, that have long been formed among different nations.

    I should have told you now that all of you, without exception, are being given the opportunity to come into contact with and comprehend such an amount of information and Knowledge, which is designed to help you see the complete fullness of the whole picture about everything that concerns the true process of human spiritual development.

    Let me answer your cognitive questions and help you find Hope.

    You still have a particularly valuable opportunity to receive pure information, unclouded by the retelling of intermediaries.

    But given all my desire, readiness and abilities to help you, I do not have to convince you of anything, all the more to prove anything to you.

    Such is the requirement of the Law!

    I can only offer you what I hold inside and, at the level of your understanding, explain to you in detail what you are interested in, from what I am called to reveal.

    I know the wonderful Purpose for which in distant antiquity your biological organism has been spiritualised in a unique manner.

    I am ready to tell you about all the peculiarities of your soul, in connection with one of which at the present time you are forced to observe strange manifestations in some of your brethren that you cannot properly identify and towards which you are inclined to react aggressively.

    I am ready to tell you about the mystery of your interaction with the Heavenly Father, about which, in fact, you know nothing yet and are confined by extremely naive notions.

    I know who you are, where you are coming from and where you are destined to go.

    I know why in the course of the entire history you gravitate into an absolutely wrong direction, why you steadily get into the same type of tragic problems and why you always tend to solve all serious difficulties using the same methods, the result of which has always been easily predictable and joyless.

    But this pernicious, steadily manifesting itself in all human societies tendency cannot infinitely continue.

    Having persistently moved in a direction that is well known and convenient for the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, it was inevitable that sooner or later people would create the means for global self-destruction.

    And this is despite the fact that the readiness to use these means at someone’s egoistic whim was just as successfully preserved.

    In the distant times, two-thousand years ago, the Teacher asked himself with sadness:

    And when I come, will I find faith on Earth?

    Today, however, the manifestations of the Sacred Faith on Earth are taking place at a depressing scale.

    It is almost non-existent.

    A great number of those, who are now trying to identify themselves as believers, do not realise at all the true principle and the meaning of the Sacred Faith, hence their manifestations as believers are more like playing religiousness.

    They do not manifest their Faith in self-sacrificing service to God, but rather consider it in the habitual consumptive way as a mystical means for obtaining some kind of healing help and a guarantee, supposedly capable of unequivocally protecting against going to Hell.

    A great multitude of miserable people, in their soul-scarcity, are mindlessly ready to worship any source, if there is a hint that it might make any illnesses go away or increase their financial well-being.

    For all members of the different societies, or rather for the progressively thinking part of them, who have an interest in cognizing God, the need for a detailed revelation of the Truth of the Law of the spiritual development of man on Earth has become a saving necessity!

    You all need to know that in your various religious perceptions you turned out to be guardians of different equally valuable Parts of the same Vessel.

    In all your disagreements on spiritual matters, you could not even suspect that you have really been talking about the veneration of one and the same Sacred Vessel, but only you have been trying to compare its various Parts, which are really different from one another.

    The Time has come to comprehend the Vessel itself, in the preservation of whose Parts you have all participated in an equally valuable and proportionate way!

    This has been an Intent for your good, so that in the end you could not boast in front of each other, comparing the significance of your spiritual manifestations!

    Your Heavenly Father is one for all of you, loves and values all of you equally, which means that His Intent could only concern all of you equally!

    Now the extremely responsible stage in the development of the human civilisation and the magnitude of the probable tragedy depend on you.

    I know what you need, but are you ready to go in an unaccustomed and highly uncomfortable direction as regards the satisfaction of your egoistic interests?

    You have the complete favorable fullness of freedom of choice, and you have been given all the unique information and Knowledge that could have been provided only on the condition that the representatives of different societies will have the opportunity to touch upon this Knowledge and make their choice.

    In anticipation of something especially significant, already awaiting you, my Father, the God of the human race and your Father, has prompted me to make this appeal to you at this particular time, with a proposal to help you.

    And then…

    Some of you will smile ironically, and some of you will start to look closely.

    But you will have to make a choice and strive towards something that you, depending on your choice, will rightfully deserve.

    It has always been that way, and that way it will be forever!

    It has become important to me now that beyond the borderline, shown by this appeal of mine, you could no longer say that you have had no choice and have not known anything.

    I said!

    Now you know!

    Be blessed!

    And may the Glory and the Kingdom of God be established all over the Earth!

    Peace be with you, children of the Great Heavenly Father!

    Translations into other languages:

  • Labyrinths of Lies

    Here has come the long-awaited moment of the beginning of the judicial consideration of the psychiatric expertise existing in our criminal case, on the basis of which the allegedly serious harm to health of the so-called victims Kistersky D.V. and Mizgiryov E.Y. has been determined.

          In criminal practice there is such a norm, where if the expertise confirms the appearance of serious harm to someone’s health, it already becomes a reason to establish a criminal case under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

          And if the person who has received serious harm to health also points to someone from whom he allegedly suffered, it is already a good reason to arrest the person to whom the victim has pointed.

          A lot of facts gave us a good reason to see that some of the high-ranking persons once on the basis of unhealthy speculations showed interest to put me and my two friends in prison conditions, for which purpose Kistersky D.V. and Mizgiryov E.Y. received a skilfully presented proposal from “people in black” to write denunciations about us, which could be easily learnt from their own stories told to different people.

    In formal terms, everything necessary for our arrest had been complied with, and we were successfully closed in the pre-trial detention centre for investigation and trial.

          The group of lawyers involved in our defence very quickly discovered that there was absolutely not a single statement in our criminal case which said that any of us had inflicted any violent acts on anyone, and the entire prosecution against us was based only on the existence of expert examinations, which stated that the “victims” had allegedly suffered serious harm to their health.

          As you already know, in the process of court interrogations we had nothing to clarify from the interrogated “victims”, as they did not say a single word about how any of us personally caused serious harm to their health, which is clearly understood by the essence of the prosecution and needs to be proved, but we have questions to ask the experts, as the content of the expert reports in terms of determining the harm to health raised in us serious doubts about their adequacy.

          And now, in an unreasonably long series of completely useless interrogations of numerous witnesses of the prosecution, who in fact would be more correctly classified as witnesses of gossip and information from the Internet, we suddenly got the long-awaited moment when we could interrogate the experts.

          Apparently, some force had decided to push the development of the process in our litigation….

          Around noon on Wednesday we were talking to lawyers, where everyone was sure that the next day in court we would interrogate already known witnesses of the prosecution, but in the courtroom on Thursday we suddenly learnt from the excited lawyers that we would interrogate the experts who had made the forensic psychiatric examination of Kistersky and Mizgiryov, our main accusers, who had written denunciations against us.

          First of all, the judicial interrogation should concern the representatives of the forensic psychiatric expertise, and only after them will it already become necessary to interrogate the specialists of the forensic medical expertise.

          The first expertise should establish the presence of any mental disorder in the subject, and the second – to establish the degree of severity of the existing harm to health based on the results of the first.  

    The first person to be questioned was a representative of the expert group of psychiatry specialists who had observed the manifestations of the subject Kistersky D.V. in stationary conditions for a month and interviewed him.

          It became known to the court that these experts, as well as the same psychiatric experts who had observed E.Y. Mizgiryov under similar conditions, had been tasked to examine the subjects according to the standards defined for examination as witnesses, but not as victims.

          Forensic psychiatric examination of witnesses is carried out according to a simplified scheme, where it is sufficient only to observe the subject, i.e. to pay attention to his behaviour, mood and complaints, and no causal links should be investigated.

          In the text of the indictment, where the diagnosis of the so-called victim Kistersky D.V. is mentioned, which was taken from the forensic medical examination report, it is affirmatively stated that he had a persistent maladaptation, which caused his mental disorder in the form of anxiety disorder (ICD-10 F-41.9).

          The forensic medical examination should have made such a conclusion only on the basis of the conclusions of a forensic psychiatric expertise!

          But what in reality could be heard during the court interrogation of the expert who took part in the creation of the relevant forensic psychiatric examination report?

          The questioned forensic psychiatry expert Paramonova N.S. explained that no medical documents about Kistersky’s health were presented in this expertise and the conclusion was made only on the basis of his words.

          She also explained that information about difficulties with social adaptation was not presented in the materials, and therefore this issue was not investigated from that point of view.

          On the question about the period of onset of mental disorder, it was explained that this question was not investigated, as it belongs to the expertise of victims, but, according to the words of the subject, he had never sought help.

          From the interrogation it became known that during the one-month observation of the subject, in the first two weeks he took food normally, did not complain of sleep disturbances and was sociable.

          But during the second week, he refused to eat under the pretext of fasting, but continued to drink water.

          It was during this period that Kistersky began to complain of poor sleep, occasional heart pain, nausea, fatigue from communicating with other people in the room….

    The questioned expert could not give any explanation as to what could be the reason for the fact that the subject was admitted in good condition and then suddenly, while in such an institution, stopped eating and sleeping.

          It should be emphasised that the circumstance of the undertaken fasting is of particular note, and any specialist in the field of fasting will always unequivocally confirm that during such a period the fasting person inevitably experiences not only strong physiological changes, but also significant aggravation of psychic features in the form of various anxieties and increased fatigue!

          At the end of the court interrogation, the expert of forensic psychiatry confirmed that the disorder they had recorded could not lead to disability and that the subject was still socially adapted and adequate, that he did not require care and was not deprived of his legal capacity, i.e. he was a capable person.

          After the interrogation of the expert Paramonova N.S., the expert of forensic psychiatry Belogurov Y.F. was interrogated in court, who showed the noteworthiness of the expertise conducted in respect of Mizgiryov E.Yu.

          In the text of the indictment it is stated that Mizgiryov E.Y. has a persistent disadaptation, which caused his mental disorder in the form of sleep-wake disorder of non-organic aetiology in a personality with accentuated character traits of hyperintense type (ICD-10 F-51.2; Z-73.1).

          I will mention once again that the wording of the diagnosis in the indictment should exactly coincide with the conclusion of the forensic medical expertise, based solely on the conclusions of the forensic psychiatric expertise, but what is particularly remarkable is that the entire text of the relevant forensic psychiatric expertise does not touch upon the subject of any disorders of social adaptation at all!

          No one has investigated this issue!

    It became clear from the interrogation of the forensic psychiatry expert Belogurov Y.F., that the diagnosis revealed by the expertise was established only on the basis of complaints.

          They did not have any other objective data!

          Medical documents had not been presented!

          The expert further explained that this cluster of mental disorders refers to psychological disorders and is established only on the basis of complaints, and since it is considered by psychiatry, it refers to a mental disorder.

          In response to the relevant questions, the expert Belogurov Y.F. unequivocally showed that they did not reveal any severe mental disorder in the subject, and that this person is practically mentally healthy, and the established diagnosis of “sleep and wakefulness disorder of non-organic aetiology in a personality with accentuated character traits” is a temporary mental disorder that bothers the person at the moment!

          The expert explained that the disorder detected in Mizgiryov belongs to the category of minor psychiatry.

          Such a disorder causes signs of subjective distress – this is when a person simply has anxiety, i.e. he does not like the fact that he wakes up early and feels sleepy during the day. And this anxiety he expresses in the form of complaints, on the basis of which a diagnosis is made.

          The experts did not investigate the sleep-wake disorder itself, as they had not been tasked to do so!

          And when asked about the duration of the disorder, it was revealed that, according to Mizgiryov himself, the disorder had been bothering him for at least a month. 

          The interrogations of forensic psychiatry experts eloquently and unambiguously showed that the mental disorders detected in Kistersky and Mizgiryov absolutely do not imply any harm to their health!

          The practice itself additionally showed that after the investigators obtained convenient for the prosecution conclusions of the forensic medical expertise, according to which Kistersky and Mizgiryov allegedly suffered serious harm to their health, these “victims” were soon employed at a children’s educational institution.

          During the relevant pre-employment medical commission, the psychiatrists noted the same alpha-numeric displays of mental peculiarities as in the indictment, which the psychiatrists of the central district hospital did not consider as unhealthy mental deviations and harm to health at all. Kistersky and Mizgiryov were recognised as fully legally capable!

    A person with a diagnosis of persistent maladaptation would in no way be allowed to work in a children’s educational institution!

          I am sure that not too much intelligence is required to correctly understand a simple truth: to determine the degree of severity of health damage is possible only in the presence of the health damage itself!

          Accordingly, if there is no harm to health, then any attempts to assert any degree of harm to health will inevitably belong to the manifestation of inadequacy and stupidity!

          The extremely vague and completely unsupported by any facts wording used in the indictment, implying a causal link between the occurrence of mental disorders in Kistersky and Mizgiryov and their living in rural areas among followers, is extremely far-fetched, since it was forensic psychiatry experts who should have first established such a causal link.

          But, as it was clearly shown by the answers of such experts, due to the fact that the experts had the task to make an expert examination of Kistersky and Mizgiryov as witnesses, the experts did not investigate any causal links, which they would have done if they had been tasked to make an expert examination of victims!

          Due to this circumstance, the experts of forensic psychiatry were able to answer only two questions out of seven posed to them by the investigator.

          The interrogations of the experts of forensic psychiatry, who conducted the examinations of the two main “victims” in our criminal case, have been completed, and now we need to interrogate specialists of forensic medical expertise, who on the basis of conclusions of forensic psychiatric expertise in some strange way managed to establish the presence of serious harm to health of actually healthy persons, Kistersky D.V. and Mizgiryov E.Yu.

          Only the planned interrogation of these successive experts has been postponed until 25 April, as the judge has taken some time off for active recreation.

          Well, we, apparently, do not deserve any respite and we are required to continue to stay in prison conditions, where we have been for more than three and a half years already, for an incredibly good reason: two practically mentally healthy people, who have received absolutely no harm to their health from us, which is already confirmed by the facts, both by forensic psychiatric examinations and their own testimony, once wrote denunciations against us at some prompting….

          To help us, at the beginning of this year there should take place an event in the form of the Resolution of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, which was issued on 11 January.

          In this Resolution it was indicated to all law enforcement bodies and courts to pay attention to the circumstance, which due to the emerged insufficient clarity was disposing to contradictory interpretation of the degree of severity of health damage associated with mental disorder.

          And now, if we briefly say, the main signs of serious harm to human health associated with mental disorder should be a deep and long-term mental disorder, a significant in duration loss of capacity, when the mental disorder is accompanied by persistent or painful manifestations …


          19 March 2024

  • Christmas Address, January 14, 2022

    Dear friends, peace be with you and your soulmates!

    I see it favourable to bring to your attention certain key circumstances of which you have already heard from me in varying degrees over the years.

    I think you have understood already well enough that a peculiar exam is taking place in your spiritual practice, which now requires you to display the maximum of the abilities you have gained during the years of striving to comprehend what your Heavenly Father has revealed to help you.

    It should be added that this examination, which I a few years ago started telling you about, does not concern just you.
    It is of a worldwide nature.

    And although this concerns the whole mankind, I now have to appeal first to that small part of the great multitude, which comprises you, for you have not only made a particularly responsible choice once on your own, but, what is most worthwhile, you have maintained the desire and keep striving for a worthy comprehension of the Truth of God to the present day.

    Many are called, but few are chosen…

    The global process of extreme character that has actively started in the beginning of 2022 is now only going to intensify.

    I believe that many of you were able to make one more correlation between what has recently begun to happen and how once in a peculiar training mode you repeatedly played out preparations for the onset of a certain conditionally extreme circumstance, designated with a smile as Zarnitsa.

    At that time you began to consider and study with interest many really vital skills, and only the peculiar conveniences of the existing social system could for this long period of time greatly affect your interest, which was once properly manifested.

    The temptation proved irresistible for many of you.
    You have put aside what is very valuable and vital to you.
    But now, the time has come…

    The scale of possible complications and losses will depend on how well you are able to orient yourself now.
    And all kinds of restrictions that are being established in the world society will play a useful stimulating role for you.

    Global complications on an unprecedented scale are an emblematic feature of the nexus of the Epochs!

    The Age of the Realm of the Power ends and the Age of the Kingdom of the Soul begins!

    The nexus of the Epochs naturally implies the breaking down of the old and the beginning of the full-fledged development of the new.
    The Realm of the Power is characterized by a considerable predominance of destructive actions, while the Realm of the Soul – of creative ones!

    For this reason, the end of the Age of the Realm of the Power is inevitably connected with the critical exacerbation of circumstances that are extremely dangerous for the living environment.

    In such a crucial for the life of all mankind period it is absolutely necessary to succeed in forming a Foundation of utmost importance, which is able to duly determine the further most favourable development of all human society on Earth.

    All divisions amongst people are based on a false assessment of one’s own egoistic characteristics and the ways of fulfilling the corresponding egoistic desires!

    Divide and conquer – the basic principle of the Kingdom of the Power!

    All alliances that you may observe in your history have a character comparable to that of an animal pack.

    The main motive for you to unite is still fear and the search for advantage, which is the primitive initial characteristic that is responsible for the survival of all members of the animal world.

    If we take a closer look at the essence of human associations, we can easily see that they have been and are being created solely for survival in an environment where, in their interactions with one another, people themselves display a considerable unhealthy tendency to assign themselves the role of the hunter, designating at their whim some of the neighbours as game.

    A true and therefore normal form of association will only be available when people learn to love and respect each other unselfishly!
    So far you will only be able to talk about the unity of nations with slogans, forming ideological illusions.

    The true unity of nations is not created on the basis of economic and military dependence, but solely on the basis of unconditional respect for one another and constant willingness to provide as much as possible selfless assistance, striving to be helpful to one another.

    The Kingdom of the Soul will be characterised precisely by such peculiarities.
    The massive, ever-increasing complications of planetary character in the present period of time, and all kinds of foreseeable specific efforts in the societies around the world, should inevitably extremely activate a process that could entail a significant separation of people among themselves.

    If we use biblical images, we can say that this separation coincides with the emerging ideal conditions, when one can most effectively separate the sheep from the goats.

    The masks will fall off everywhere… you will not be able to keep your uncharacteristic sheep’s clothing on…

    Each one of you will now reveal his true face and show most brightly and completely his essential qualities!

    The avalanche-like increasing extremity of life conditions will inevitably lead to a situation in which one category of people will become progressively fanatical about destructive ideas and practices, while another will feel an ever-increasing urgent need to affirm the qualities of humanity.

    I’m sure the ongoing tendencies in the social life worldwide will inevitably motivate a reflection of this reality in such a way that a considerable amount of sober-minded people will begin to understand the benefit of leading a lifestyle similar to the one you have begun to lead.

    In this respect, your experience, although there are many shortcomings, is already invaluable.
    To such an experience will certainly be given due interest.

    Without using the true efforts envisaged by the Law for building harmonious relationships, any emerging collective will inevitably gravitate towards a split within itself, creating a temptation to maintain unity by methods that have been traditionally used in human societies around the world throughout history.

    And the final results of such traditional methods you can now all observe and experience on yourselves in every part of the world.

    My friends, you have once heard the Good News and with great willingness you have stepped on a very difficult path, voluntarily taking on your shoulders a special responsibility.

    Numerous challenges and enticements have actively tempted you, hindering you and preventing you in every possible way from fulfilling what you have been destined to do.
    All these difficulties continue to harden you, helping you to recognise yourselves more fully and to strengthen your Faith.

    The lengthy walk along such a Path chosen by you inevitably changed also the quality of challenges related to the naturally occurring age-related changes.

    At this stage we can already say that many of you, who followed the predetermined Path of the spiritual development of this Accomplishment from the first years, might well have noticed that, as you grew older, your own strengths became insufficient to enable you to take an active part in many social endeavours as you did in the past.

    This might easily become a convenient condition for the temptation to start thinking of themselves as having lost the ability to be useful to the Accomplishment.

    In view of this and some other reasons, I consider it favourable to draw your attention to certain basic peculiarities which it is important for all believers to realize correctly – both the ones who are in the territory of the Community and those who are outside it.

    First of all, it is important to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth can be established not by striving to build more and more church complexes, but solely on the basis of your efforts to build up the right interaction among yourselves in full compliance with the true spiritual principles.

    The Spirit of God on this Earth is primarily residing inside of you, the God’s children, and only depending on how interestingly you make efforts in the creation of the material Church and what will be there in your heart when you enter into its vaults, this Spirit of God will be able in a corresponding measure to be present in the Church.

    The establishing of God’s Kingdom on Earth is directly dependent on the way you perceive each other and the steps you take towards each other.

    This all depends on what is going on inside each of you: what thoughts you allow to be manifested inside you and what feelings you prefer to satisfy.

    You have never been given the task to take care of the spiritual salvation of someone else.
    The task which has always been set before you is to bring in order first your inner world in harmony with the Law of the Truth of the spiritual development!

    The deeds of your hands and your words are not only meant to enable you to make a significant impact on your soulmates, but they also contribute to a peculiar rooting of the ongoing changes in your spiritual basis.
    On the mental-volitional level, you have the ability to choose the direction of qualitative changes of your inner world, but the main changes occur only through the actions of your body.

    It is in this connection that long ago in the ancient scriptures appeared a clue for you that faith without deeds is dead.

    Trying to have righteous thoughts and to do righteous deeds, which is extremely necessary for each of you to do in the best possible way, you will invariably change in the required direction the quality of your own energy-informational field emanating from you and constantly interacting with the similar fields of all the people around you, whoever they may be.

    This interaction is always going on, no matter whether you are aware of it or not, whether you believe in it or not, whether you are in the state of dream or awake.

    The strength of this energy-informational field of yours does not depend on your physical strength or the age of your body.
    As long as you live in a solid physical shell, you inevitably always take part in changing the quality of the general energy-informational field of all the Earth.

    And with the help of certain peculiarities of the energy structure of your own consciousness you also have the possibility to selectively interact with the objects and events which you remember and particularly which you can observe in real time.

    The level of the scientific and technical development of the present time can provide you with the opportunity to take quite a significant individual part in any event which can take place anywhere in the world and which you can observe in real time through the means of telecommunications.

    But such technological achievements may contribute not only to an interesting diversion of beneficial energy currents and their healthy concentration in a certain area, but also to the formation of an extremely dangerous concentration of a destructive energy-informational field, which residents of a particular selected area would not have been able to form.

    Energy structures that predispose to creation or disintegration are based on fundamentally different informational basis.
    Therefore, the denser the uniformly structured energy-informational field becomes, the stronger it is able to influence the fields around it, feeding its homogeneous structure and reducing the effectiveness of the heterogeneous one.

    The increase of the saturation of this or that type of energy structure surrounding man inevitably contributes to the emergence and intensification inside him of the corresponding sensual impulse in a certain way to manifest himself.

    A figurative apocalyptic confrontation of Good and Evil takes place primarily and precisely at this level throughout the history of all humankind.
    And this confrontation is now acquiring an increasingly acute and particularly dangerous character.

    What choice all human beings will now make, what kind and quality of participation in any given event they will allow themselves to take, will determine the scale of tragedy and sorrow on this Planet Earth during this transitional period from the Age of the Realm of Power to the Age of the Realm of the Soul.

    Once you have made a choice on your own and you began to come actively to Siberia, to the lands of the New Promise, where you began to learn to interact properly in harmony with the Truth that has been revealed to you.

    The purpose of communal living together was to create not only the conditions for the most effective survival in the considerably more complicated extreme life circumstances, but also, and most importantly, to contribute to the formation of a uniform energy-informational field of a special quality and saturation.

    What you are capable of creating with your hands is first of all intended to help those who will be in direct contact with the fruits of your hands’ labour, whereas the uniform energy-informational field which you actively create through comprehensive interaction with each other is to help all people in general and especially those who, like you, have made the choice towards creation and humanity their priority.

    My dear friends, don’t lose vigilance and try, without slowing down your activity, to worthily continue to change the quality of your own unique spiritual structure, as well as to saturate and densify with spiritual grace the analogous structure of the common energy-informational field of the place which by predestination has manifested itself to you as a Shrine.

    The Spirit of this area is called to help you by strengthening both those who live directly there and those who, from a distance, will interact with it in an appropriate way.

    Strengthen the Spirit of your Shrine by righteous deeds!

    I want to emphasize once again that for the successful establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth, marking the beginning of the Era of the Kingdom of the Soul, not only your faith is important, but also the continuous development of your individual spiritual potential.

    This potential in you is always capable of manifesting itself through sensual impulses of a creative character, and for its successful development it is imperative that you try to implement it in practice, trying to do so in the right way!

    Of course, for perfectly natural reasons you may not be able to take part physically in many circumstances of which you may come to know.
    But you will always be able to express at least one sincere sensual message with wishes for help, supported by appropriate thought-images.
    And this will definitely be effective and helpful!

    Remember, whatever physical limitations you might have, as long as you keep your mind sober, you always have the opportunity to develop spiritually, taking a useful part in the Accomplishment designed to predetermine the Path of Salvation and the further normal development of all humanity.

    My dear ones, I feel worried for you and hope with all my heart that you will be able to reach the other Bank in the right place…

    I have been able to give you what you need in abundance so that you can do this successfully!
    Now you must be able to take something very important by yourself as well as be able to properly make a common effort in one and the same direction!

    Be very restrained when you are tempted to make instructive assessments of the actions of your soulmates, when they themselves are not at all interested in your opinion on the matter.

    If in dealing with someone you directly associate your own conclusions with what I supposedly meant by my words, then the other will also tend to erroneously associate your demands with what I am trying to teach you.
    It is your inclination to expect your soulmates to fulfil what I have tried to prompt you, and especially to fulfil what you yourself have formulated on the basis of your own understanding of what you have heard from me, that has enabled many circumstances to come about, which served as a convenient foundation for the entire presently manifested absurd accusation!

    Be careful not to scare away in this special period those who may now feel the need to drink of the Life-Giving Moisture!

    To defend your Faith means also first of all to conduct yourselves in a dignified manner!

    The final battle for your souls…
    The battle at the walls of the Old City…

    May you be blessed!
    May the Flowers in your hands never fade!

    Health and strength to you!
    Peace and happiness!
    See you soon!

  • New Year’s Address

    Dear friends, allow me as well to wish you a Happy New Year!

    In view of certain natural circumstances, it seems to me inappropriate to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I’d like to wish you a happy New Year, which according to both your and my childhood memories is associated with a fairy tale mystery.

    With all my heart I wish you to build your life skillfully, with the continuous presence of happy and joyful moments in it, for it is precisely your positive attitude that primarily influences your health, the character of your new acquaintances and the occurrence of any new life circumstances!

    Remember, you will always find what you are looking for!

    Therefore, in the first place, pay attention to what exactly you are looking for, what you are trying to find in the surrounding reality!

    It is a characteristic of the human psyche that one inevitably finds what one is looking for, even if there is no such thing at the place of search in principle.

    The world around you is whatever you try to perceive it to be!

    There is no sense in looking for happiness, for it is not an object laid up somewhere!

    Happiness appears in your life when you start to look at life in a truly correct and beautiful way!

    Do not succumb to the temptation that nowadays is being brought forth by a great multitude of spiritually poor people, eager to actively manifest discontent and condemnation!
    The angry man is not reasonable, nor is he happy!

    It is precisely the angry ones, who start all tragic follies and wars, no matter how lofty is their language and what sacred images they use!

    At this particular period of time, what is happening to the energy of the Earth must inevitably significantly affect the mental state of all people.

    This is a very dangerous period, which can provoke both quantitative multiplication and qualitative amplification of all kinds of negative temptations!

    I hope you will prove to be vigilant enough to make good use of the many hints given to you before, so that you may refrain from the strong temptation to fall into judgment or any other resentment that suddenly comes upon you!
    Be worthy children of your Heavenly Father!
    Develop the Light and Warmth of your soul and generously bestow this goodness upon your soulmates!

    Peace and happiness to all of you!

  • Collective Appeal

    from the Followers of the Teaching of Vissarion

    To all people of goodwill and the public media

    To Kingston University, London

    To the UN Human Rights Committee

    To the International Committee Against Torture

    To the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis

    To the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama XIV

    To the Representatives of all religious confessions of the Russian Federation

    To the Human Rights Commission under the President of the Russian Federation To the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for Addresses of citizens and organizations

    A Collective Appeal from the Followers of the Teaching of Vissarion

    1. A short summary of the subject of the Appeal

    We, the followers of the Teaching of Vissarion (Sergei Torop), appeal to all people of good will, as well as officials with relevant authority, in connection with the arrest of Vissarion and his two disciples Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov.

    For over a year now, in the complete absence of any real confirmation of the alleged accusations, the Novosibirsk SIZO continues to groundlessly detain in prison these elderly people, fathers with many children. We ask for human involvement in the fate of our teacher and spiritual brothers and express our sincere request for your help in resolving this problem objectively and fairly.

    Despite the fact that the accusation is of a purely political nature, which is only becoming more evident over time, we do not intend to fight the investigative proceedings in what is happening, but are only concerned about the unjustified inadequate actions taken against the detainees and would like to understand the legality of such actions. On the basis of which regulations was all this done?

    1.1. Essence of the accusations and their refutation

    By decision of the investigator from the Investigative Committee, Colonel Y. Chistokhodov, to bring the persons charged with committing crimes under Articles 111-3, (a) and (b) and 239-1 of the Criminal Code in case no. 11902040048000054, Sergei Torop (Vissarion), Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov were detained on 22 September 2020.

    Article 239 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation prescribes punishment for establishing “a religious or public association, the operation of which involves violence against citizens or other harm to their health, as well as leadership of such an association”.

    However, we must emphasize: our Community was officially permitted and registered by the Krasnoyarsk region’s Administration Department of Justice on 24.06.1994 under the name “The Community of Uniform Faith”, and on 28.09.2000. – with the changes in the Charter of the Community including the new name of the religious organization: Kuragino Local Religious Organization Church of the Last Testament (CLT). From a certain point believers themselves saw the logical necessity of creating and registering such a legal organisation. The emergence and existence of the true Church cannot depend on the existence of any registration, but to organize general meetings in different cities and to publish the relevant literature could become possible only by registering an official organization.

    The Community has existed successfully and legally for more than 30 years. We are convinced that there is no basis for bringing Vissarion and his disciples to criminal responsibility. The investigation has been going on for more than two years and hundreds of witnesses have been questioned but to the people under investigation has not been presented even a single piece of evidence which can show what concrete illegal actions have caused harm to somebody.

    Vissarion is also charged with setting up and running a religious association “for the purpose of deriving income from religious activities by attracting money from citizens and their labour using psychological violence”.

    It seems extremely strange to accuse someone who in his thirty years of constant and completely free activity has never had any savings at all.

    However, the notion of “psychological violence” is not defined anywhere in the law, including in the Criminal Code, so it is doubtful whether it can be used to qualify actions of any kind.

    It also seems necessary to emphasize that the Community, and so the religious organization itself, was formed by people who came to Siberia exclusively by their own choice. The Teacher has never suggested this move to any of the several thousand who came to Siberia – closer to the place where he was living!

    Vissarion has always emphasized that one should only decide to make such a move on his own, because it can lead to a significant change in one’s destiny!

    All creative activities and initiatives within the Community have been organised by us independently. The Teacher is not inclined to interfere or control in any way our creative endeavours, undertaken to help each other and those around us. He is always disposed to respond readily to what we are interested in.

    Essentially Vissarion is disposed to give us what he holds, but mainly on the condition that we formulate questions of our own.

    His task is not to organize us, but to help us learn how to self-organize properly, so that in the future history we would no longer make the traditional mistakes that inevitably lead to separation.

    The charge under Article 111, part 3, clause “b” of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation speaks of intentional infliction of grievous harm to health, resulting in mental disorder of two or more persons. This accusation has been based on identical denunciations made by two different people at the same time – K. and M. These people had been previously diagnosed, as witnesses in a completely different criminal case. Moreover, the diagnosis had been made on their own words and without a medical examination. We are also aware of an authoritative medical scientific opinion, according to which the diagnoses made to the alleged victims clearly had nothing to do with grievous harm.

    It is remarkable that none of these “victims” has ever been able to express anything specific and concrete about how they have been harmed. Moreover, they later began to tell those around them that the harm was not caused by anyone in particular, but resulted just from their stay amongst believers.

    The prosecution often mentions some kind of “psychological influence technique” which has been supposedly used against people’s will and exclusively to their detriment. But where is the description of those specific methods made at least in one of the court hearings? What exactly were the actions or words that disturbed the peace and sleep of the two “victims” (which, according to the expert opinion, constituted grave harm)?

    We, i.e. many thousands of believers, have witnessed all of Vissarion’s meetings with us, the content of which has been captured on audio recordings, video clips, in written form and is to be found in the public domain. In all of these meetings, the main theme has always been the total unacceptability of any kind of violence in man-to-man relationship!

    It is in this context that the accusation of “psychological violence” is, for us, quite naturally perceived as a blatant attempt to denigrate our values.

    1.2. Unjustified detention

    It is unclear why detention cannot be replaced by house arrest or other preventive measures. What is preventing this? After all, there is no evidence, not even an indication of their existence. Meanwhile, the term of detention of people dear to us has been prolonged for the fourth time. And the detention itself has lasted for more than a year on the bare assumption that the accused will continue to exert pressure on the victims.

    This is a situation in which people whose guilt has not been proven in any way are being held in custody. They are thereby subjected to grievous physical and psychological harm, the same harm that is imputable to them.

    It is not only them who suffer, but also other innocent people: children, wives and relatives of those who are illegally detained in pre-trial detention centre (Novosibirsk SIZO).

    Vissarion has seven children, including two minors (aged 9 and 13) who need their father to be with them; Vladimir Vedernikov has three adult children, two of whom are adopted; Vadim Redkin has five daughters, three of whom are minors (aged 3, 9 and 12). The children have developed health and nervous system problems as a result of the stress they have been through.

    In light of the above, we ask all people who care about the situation and the competent Russian and international organizations to help us clarify what is happening and shed light on the events related to the detention of our Teacher and his two disciples.

    We write to you with the hope that the world community in the face of human rights organizations in Russia and around the world, leaders of religious organizations, state officials, representatives of science and culture will take a warm human part in the fate of the innocent people and draw the attention of the media and, especially, TV channels to the situation around the Community, the Teacher and his disciples.

    2. MAIN PART

    2.1. Vissarion and his teaching

    Vissarion (Sergei Anatolievich Torop) is a prominent spiritual teacher of the contemporary epoch. While the scope of Vissarion’s personality is yet to be fully appreciated, one cannot fail to see the scope of the Teacher’s world-view issues, the concrete and constructive humanism of his ideas, his pedagogical talent, the precision and richness of his thoughts and the moral height of his personality.

    During the past thirty years (1991-2021) thousands of Vissarion’s followers appeared. And not only in Russia, but also in the entire post-Soviet space, as well as in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Finland, France, the USA and other countries.

    Over the years, people of different nationalities, representatives of many cultures, traditional confessions and new religious movements have come to the Vissarion Community, all of them live and work here in harmonious unity in brotherly and mutual assistance.

    In this sense, it is significant that Vissarion was elected as a member of the International Academy “Spiritual Unity of the Peoples of the World”, which includes prominent scholars, diplomats, and representatives of Christian and Islamic denominations.

    Most recently, the Norwegian Nobel Committee accepted Vissarion’s nomination for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

    In addition, Vissarion is a fine artist. He has painted a cycle of pictures under the theme of Human Vices and Virtues as well as many landscapes and portraits. Vissarion painted in oil and pastel, using the techniques of the old masters. For his works he was awarded the first prize in the category “For Freshness of Sight” at the International Festival of Fine Arts “Traditions and Modernity”, held in Moscow in 2008.

    As for the teaching of Vissarion, it is addressed to all people and contains answers to the most complex questions of human existence. The Teacher has written a number of books: “The Pre-Annunciation”, “The Book of Addresses”, “The Book of Fundamentals”, “The Afterword”, “The Commandments”, “The Last Hope” and “Pivotal Time”. The Last Testament includes the books written by Vissarion and also a biographical narrative of his activities (Vadim’s Scriptures), where Vadim Redkin has recorded almost everything the Teacher has said in his numerous meetings.

    The 18 volumes of The Last Testament contain a great number of Teacher’s answers to different people. In a way, the books of the Last Testament are the result of our efforts, where we have recorded all the various clues given by the Teacher in response to our questions.

    Many authors – philosophers, religious scholars, cultural historians – have written and published works devoted to the teaching of Vissarion, in which it is being examined with scientific objectivity and receives the highest marks. Let us mention just some of these works:

    • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cultural Studies / Under the general editorship of Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. A. Radugin. – Moscow: Publishing house Centre, 1997. – p. 478 (Articles: Soul, Life, Book, Love, Wisdom;)
    • Light of Truth from Siberia / Edited by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor K.F.Komarovskikh. – Balashov: “Nikolaev”, 2000. – p. 56;
    • Mukhanov G. S. Ways of comprehending the laws of mind and soul development // The human phenomenon: spirit, soul, spirituality / Kazan: Publishing house “By cities and towns”, 2001. – p. 15-19;
    • Nesterov V. The Second Coming of Christ. Theological research based on Christ’s sermons, personal meetings, disputes, correspondence with the Patriarchy and its structures, and scriptures: The Bible, the Koran and The Last Testament / Moscow: Balashov: “Nikolaev”. – 2008. – p. 334.

    An important monograph in this respect is The Philosophy of the Future, published in Almaty (Complex LLP, 1999. – 183 pp). It was written by Doctor of Philosophic Sciences Professor S.Y. Kolchigin and Academician of the International Academy “Ecology”, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, associated professor A.B.Kapyshev (the second edition of the book was published in Moscow in 2006). According to the authors, The Last Testament is remarkable for its depth and clarity; it is very rich in content and humanistic perspectives.

    The Last Testament really reveals a whole range of essential worldview themes, and the quintessence of Vissarion’s teaching is the question of the human soul and the laws of its development. The teacher points out that man truly develops and evolves not through the intellect and technological innovations alone, but through the correct disclosure of the essence of man – the soul.

    Practically, the entire activity of Vissarion is devoted to the development of the soul and the cultivation of higher spiritual feelings. The Teacher constantly and in great detail explains the vital importance of the unconditional morality, of the unselfish way of living for the sake of others and the world around us.

    Here are some of the fundamental foundations of Vissarion’s teaching:

    “Religion, in the true sense, is the art of the development of the soul; and since the soul is the essence of man, religion is the art of the development of man” (Book of Addresses, ch. 19:27-28).

    “Speaking of money, be careful! By talking about money you begin to judge your soulmates.

    This is a dangerous phenomenon.

    The life of any one of you is always more valuable than any amount of money.

    Don’t you dare put money above the value of a man.

    Money is something you can put under your feet and step on.

    But if what you step on is above you, what is the value of you then?” (The Last Testament, Part 5, ch. 14:37-41).

    “Henceforth you must become incapable of holding any coldness – never, under any circumstances and under no flag do you have the right even to think badly of anyone!” (The Pre-Annunciation: 183).

    “And a woman – TV journalist, who was engrossed in the conversation – asked:

    What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself? What does it mean to love yourself?

    And the Teacher said, ‘Now I’ll tell you otherwise. Love your neighbour more than yourself. Give your whole self to people‘”. (Last Testament, Part 2, ch. 10:61-62).

    For Vissarion, these are not just words. His life affirms every word he has said.

    2.2. The Community. Its history and activity

    Almost 30 years ago the words of Vissarion resonated in the soul of each of us, and they are relevant today: by changing our inner world, by changing the natural egoistic attitude to spiritual moral qualities that are distinctive of a genuine human being, we change the world around us. “Change yourself, your attitude towards others, and the world in which you live will be transformed” (Seraphim of Sarov).

    It is the most difficult path on Earth, but it is the only one and it is beautiful.

    Being very different in culture, upbringing, education, age and health, we tried to come together, building our Community as a brotherhood. We came to remote abandoned taiga villages where there were no roads, no shops, no electricity. Those of us who could not leave unfinished business in the cities used to come here on holiday, volunteering their efforts or material means in order to help. We understood: it was our common cause – in the very heart of the Earth for the whole world we were building a shrine, in the harsh land of the Siberian taiga. This is how ancient monasteries and temples have been built.

    Here is the testimony of Maria Kuzina-Muzanova, an arts theorist from St. Petersburg: “I spent six years in the Community from the very beginning of its formation. At various times, a large group of followers of Vissarion left St. Petersburg and other places to go to Siberia. Among them were artists, musicians, sculptors, architects, doctors, teachers and other professionals who were needed here too. I had my own flat, an interesting job in one of St. Petersburg’s famous museums, and I was surrounded by my relatives and friends. But we met the Spiritual Teacher and each of us made his or her own choice. I followed Him, it was as if I followed life itself! I found myself in Siberia – there were the pure rushing rivers, the mysterious mountains, the majestic Taiga, and the Wise Teacher nearby!”

    In organising our lives, we were not confronted with harsh natural conditions only. The large gathering of people in a limited space showed that we could not build anything without learning to live by the laws of brotherhood, unity and mutual understanding. These were key moments in the formation and life of the Community.

    In our view, the most important achievement of the people who followed Vissarion was their constant work over their own inner world, the ability to make decisions collectively and to work together. Vissarion helped us to organise ourselves, to learn how to respond to each other’s actions and to negotiate properly. All meetings with Him were held at our request and were based on our initiative and willingness to ask questions. The Teacher never went into the details of our creative endeavours and took part only when we asked about our own psychological problems or about problems in the interaction with each other.

    The Siberian nature hardened us and taught us to live according to the laws of Harmony. Improving ourselves internally, united by common labour, we built churches, schools, workshops, kindergartens, houses for creative work, guest houses, decorated the Earth with flowers and gardens. New songs, poems and music were being born, and beautiful festivals with common dances and round dances were being organised. At the same time our children were being born, and they absorbed with their mother’s milk the laws of truth, the harmony with nature, the joy of the true brotherhood.

    Thus a real pearl, the multinational ecological Community, was born in the endless harsh taiga.

    Tired, disappointed by life, people in need of human warmth also reached out to the big brotherly family. Some of the visitors stayed, some went back. Here it quickly became clear that nothing can be gained without hard work. A decent life could only be built by working hard all together.

    The community grew, and more and more people in Russia and other countries learned about it.

    Siberian ecological settlement initially aroused and continues to arouse interest by the fact that it is built on new principles of living arrangement, the basis of which is the concept of “One Common Family”.

    One Common Family (also Unified Family) implies harmonious relations among people, their ability to unselfishly create everything necessary for each other with their own hands, development of arts and crafts, ability to live and work on the land, proper education of the younger generation, decreasing the role of money relations.

    The people in the Community actively strive to learn traditional crafts and trades. Children are taught the basics of art and crafts along with the general education subjects, and upon graduation they are given the freedom to choose their own life path.

    The masters of the Community are often invited to participate in different exhibitions, and our artists perform at concerts and festivals in the region. The Community has its own ballet, circus studio, and symphony orchestra.

    Tourists come here from all over Russia and from many other countries. The Minister of Economy and Regional Development of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and representatives of the Ministry of Culture visited us and were delighted by what they saw. They were surprised by how much has been created in the community over the years, without any state funding.

    Today the Community is one of the largest eco-settlements (eco-cities) in the world.

    2.3 The operation against the Community and the Teacher

    But we did interfere with someone though.

    On the early morning of 22 September 2020, on a quiet warm day in the beginning of autumn, military helicopters swirled over the unique city of craftsmen known as the Abode of Dawn. They were followed by other military vehicles, which crawled in endless columns through many communal villages. Children were frightened and asked their parents what was happening. It seemed as if an undeclared war had begun. A war against peaceful citizens building a beautiful spiritual-creative community of people. Four helicopters, about 50 military vehicles, special vehicles, soldiers with specially trained dogs, snipers, machine-guns – the scale of the operation was comparable to that of those carried out against large organized gangs.

    Some soldiers said they had participated in a similar operation ten years earlier, but then against a group of militants in the Caucasus. These military men themselves were perplexed as to why a large-scale operation was needed in our Community: they saw a beautiful peaceful settlement in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains; they saw simple people who were silently seeing off their spiritual Teacher, who was handcuffed, with pain in their hearts and tears in their eyes.

    We are still in utter bewilderment. What was the purpose of such a massive military operation?

    Why were special forces and military equipment used against civilians?

    The words with which Jesus spoke after the Last Supper to those who came to take Him away are relevant: “…As if you went out against a robber with swords and staves to take me; every day I sat with you, teaching in the Temple, and you did not take me” (Gospel of Matthew 26:55).

    All the people, who have participated in the building of the Community, all who are now living in it and all who in one way or another have come into contact with this unique phenomenon in Siberia, are being left with the feeling that the events of September 22, 2020 were a violation of the law. The security forces carried it out to their own detriment, leaving in the shadows the organizers and masterminds of the illegal action.

    How did the capture itself take place?

    Here is Vissarion’s testimony from his letter to his loved ones:

    “…I will mention the specific strangeness that began to be tolerated by the persecution party from the very beginning.

    In the early morning, when I let a large mass of unknown people into my house, some of them armed with automatic weapons, they arrested me and handcuffed me, without ever identifying themselves.

    That is, I did not know at all who had come, where they had taken me and for what purpose. I found out everything only in Novosibirsk!

    Our lawyers were only allowed into the courtroom, where the preventive measure was being chosen.

    Before that, when we were brought to the investigator’s office, where we were to be familiarised with the charges, our lawyers were deliberately not allowed in, which they themselves recorded.

    In the investigator’s office were waiting for us some lawyers, which the investigators had prepared for us on their own.”

    Testimony of Vadim Redkin (from the statement to the Commissioner for Human Rights Mark Denisov):

    “Dear Ombudsman for Krasnoyarsk region M.G. Denisov, Federal Representative for Human Rights at the President of Russia, legal institutions!

    I, Redkin Vadim Vyacheslavovich, born in 1958, inform you about law violations against me.

    On 22.09.2020 about 8 o’clock in the morning I was detained in my house in the Abode of Dawn by a group of armed people in uniform and masks, who jumped out of helicopters without presenting any certificates and orders on their part.

    When I was taken out of the house (handcuffed), I was rudely and unexpectedly knocked to the floor in the doorway by two men (I felt nauseous and dizzy), one of these guys twisted my handcuffed hands until I was in great pain (a bruise was later recorded by a traumatologist in Novosibirsk) and my hand unlocked my personal smartphone, which he had seized earlier.

    When we together with the spiritual Teacher Vissarion (S. A. Torop, born in 1961) and Vladimir Vedernikov, born in 1963, were brought from Abakan to the 5th Department of the Investigator’s Office in Novosibirsk, my lawyer was not allowed to me, although he had been waiting for us for 2 hours at the Department, and the investigator knew about it. Subsequently I found out that my friends had been treated in the same way.

    Neither in Abakan (airport) during interrogation by investigator of the 5th Division Metelev K.Y., nor in Novosibirsk during interrogation by investigator Frolov A.S. was I allowed to make one call, though this rule was announced to me by the investigator.

    The sense of ongoing lawlessness intensified when all the federal channels were flooded with dirty lies about the Teacher and the Community, using false information, creating a negative image and moral crucifixion of our spiritual Teacher and our entire communal way of life before the court decisions were made. Which in turn has damaged the honour, the dignity and the reputation of the Last Testament Church and the detainees themselves.

    All the sins of modern society were attempted to be pinned on us, sticky mud was poured on the Community, where every child was told from birth that everything around is alive, that even a broken twig feels pain, that one should live honestly and openly, creating beauty around. In the Community, even houses were never closed, children could be fed in every house, guests were welcomed by all who had the opportunity. But the achievements of the Community did not interest the media at all. Television talk shows gathered the many-faced and “reusable” denouncers of Vissarion on their platforms, broadcasting the same thing for all the years of the Community’s existence.

    Those who are ready to speak in defence of Vissarion are not even allowed to open their mouths. The programme with Vissarion’s three eldest sons has not been aired at all. Instead, footage showing weapons, money, and alcohol allegedly found in the Teacher’s home is being broadcast without examining whether the footage has anything to do with the detainees at all. In the meantime, we deny that the filming itself took place at Vissarion’s house: the video footage does not match; these items were filmed in a completely different location. And of the money actually found, which was officially confiscated, the amount was in the range of 700 roubles. The lies and slander of the media are obvious.”

    The most peaceful Creative Community – who could be in the way?

    2.4. Our concerns

    We have stood up for our Teacher and the Community. Hundreds of letters were written to various controlling bodies, the media and other institutions. Most of the time we received formal replies, but there were also people sympathetic to the Community who tried to help within their abilities. For example, in February 2021 we sent an appeal to the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Russian Federation, Tatyana Moskalkova. On March 29, 2021 the office of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Russian Federation hosted a meeting with a representative of the Community to examine the alleged violations in the course of the investigation of the “Vissarion case” and the court proceeding to liquidate the Kuragino local religious organization Church of the Last Testament. At the meeting was presented evidence of violations of the civil rights of residents of Kuragino region, living in the Community, during the investigation. Three dozen of civilians described their difficult psychological state after the special operation for the arrest of our Teacher.

    Copies of the certificates of violations are enclosed in this appeal.

    We are very concerned about the conditions in which the three prisoners now find themselves, having led a healthy life without alcohol or tobacco for many years before. Vissarion, Vadim and Vladimir have been vegetarians for many years, but have had to give up the local cuisine for over a year, where the only acceptable food for them is plain porridge on water in the morning. Therefore, the long stay in a pre-trial detention centre is in itself an ordeal for them and is a severe blow to their health.

    From Vadim Redkin’s speech at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21:

    “…the deterioration of our situation, our physical and psychological condition, is an undeniable fact. We are of retirement age, I am 64 years old. I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years, I do not smoke. The absence, natural and understandable in prison, of the usual vegetarian diet has led to an exacerbation of pancreatic disease. Headaches and sleep disturbances are present. What do you think, if a person has not smoked all his life, what can a year in prison with a serious lung disease in remission lead to? And it is proposed to keep us in prison for a few more months. What for? What for?


    But the most important thing about what’s going on (in the extension of the detention) is the harm to my children’s health. And you get, on the one hand, a repetitive sequence of unreasoned circumstances (!), on the other hand – children, about whose health, as if we all care… So what is more important: playing a repetitive sequence of assumptions without arguments or the health of children?!”

    But the most outrageous fact for us was torture, which, as it became known to us, was not only allowed in pre-detention centre-1 of Novosibirsk, but was initiated by employees of this institution.

    From Vladimir Vedernikov’s statement at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 16.09.2021:

    “The investigation’s petition states that we can influence the victims and witnesses, but so far we have been influenced, both mentally and physically.

    For instance, at the end of January I was tortured for five days by my cellmates, who did not conceal their aims and who had given the task. The purpose of torture was to confess about crimes that we had not committed. The torturers were not hiding the fact that the investigation authorities were interested in this. After I spoke openly about the torture in the pre-trial detention centre, the administration started and is still continuing its psychological pressure on us. This is manifested in the form of administrative penalties for violations of the internal regulations, which we did not commit. They planted prohibited items on us, prepared fictitious reports, provided false documents at the request of our lawyers, moved us from cell to cell every week (I was transferred from one cell to another at least 30 times in the last months without any explanation). All this caused deterioration of my health, high blood pressure and restless sleep, which according to medical criteria is a mental disorder, and this mental disorder is what the victims, whose denunciations we are imprisoned for, suffer from. These are indisputable facts, i.e. evidence of direct influence from the investigation and SIZO (the pre-trial detention centre) administration.

    No one pays any attention to it”.

    From Vissarion’s speech at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21:

    “What are my friends and I serving a year’s sentence for, as in essence such imprisonment cannot be anything else?

    All this long time of thorough investigation, when during this period many hundreds of witnesses were interrogated, I had to get acquainted only with some monstrously ridiculous accusatory fantasies. But in all that time not a single piece of evidence was ever presented to me that could directly show what specific actions I had done wrongfully to someone’s detriment?

    Тhe ridiculousness related to the far-fetched accusation that we had caused grievous harm was particularly evident.

    During the entire investigation there was not a single witness statement that could prove that any of us had committed illegal acts that could have resulted in serious harm.

    Then why was I so inhumanely separated from my family, from my young children who particularly needed my presence around them?

    Is it just because someone has an inadequate accusatory fantasy, and in order to find any evidence of it, imprisonment is necessarily required by the norms of this state?”

    We are also very concerned about a question to which we cannot find a reasonable answer at all.

    Two people who once came to the Community have written statements which have been used as key arguments for arrests and detention. These two people are still living in the village, building houses, growing a vegetable garden, they are not going anywhere else and are waiting to be paid what they consider to be due amount of money for the “suffering” that led to their “mental disorder”.

    It should be noted that “victim” K. confesses that the last time he saw Vissarion was in 2005, 16 years ago. And “victim” M. has never been a believer, as no one has ever seen him in this capacity.

    We ask the question: So why had they not been given a full-fledged hospital examination as envisaged for such a case? Attorneys and defendants have repeatedly asked for an objective professional expertise, which could be conducted, for instance, at the Serbsky Institute in Moscow.

    The lawyers and defendants have applied more than once for an objective professional expertise.

    However, it looks strange that all such applications for a hospital examination of the “victims” are for some reason persistently rejected.

    It appears that our friends are being held in custody on the basis of charges of causing grievous bodily harm to the “victims”, whose injuries have not been confirmed by forensic examination.

    It is not clear to us to what extent such actions are legitimate from a legal point of view and how they should be assessed from the point of view of the norms of simple humanity.

    We are also concerned about the seemingly widespread practice which does not allow our case to move forward: if a lawyer writes an appeal to a higher authority about the wrong or inadmissible actions of the investigation, the request to investigate will go down the chain of command until it reaches the very person whose wrongdoing was the subject of the appeal.

    In other words, no one will deal with the misconduct of the investigator. It seems to us that this is one of the key points which is preventing the case from moving forward.

    3. Summary: Questions and requests

    In summary, and in the hope that we can be heard and receive the necessary legal assistance, we have some burning questions and requests:

    1. We ask for your genuine concern for innocent people, for your help in understanding what happened, and for shedding light on the events surrounding the detention of our Teacher and his two disciples. Since we have appealed many times to various authorities (the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the regulatory authorities, political parties in Russia, the media, etc.) to no avail, please advise us where else we can appeal in order to move the matter forward.
    2. Please support our request for a full-fledged independent medical-psychiatric expertise for K. and M., who consider themselves the victims.
    3. Please also assist us, in view of all the circumstances set forth in this appeal, to achieve, before the end of the trial, a reduction of the measure of restraint for Vissarion, Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov to house arrest or, if favourable, a stay in a rented flat in Novosibirsk, where the investigation is being conducted. After all, the fact of being permanently held in those conditions is in itself a serious pressure to break a person. Being in prison conditions is equivalent to conditions that cause serious harm to health. And yet our friends are in these conditions for the second year in total absence of any real grounds for that and contrary to all the relevant recommendations of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.
    4. We earnestly request support for our humanly legitimate demand that a full medical examination be conducted as soon as possible, with a report on the state of health of Vissarion, V. Redkin and V. Vedernikov. This is extremely important after their year-long detention in severe conditions, aggravated by the use of torture, sending them to solitary confinement, all kinds of provocations and psychological pressure.
    5. We draw your attention to the fact that when there are no outsiders in the courtroom, the process takes place in an open mode, as agreed. However, when an outsider appeared in the courtroom , the question of a closed mode was raised. At the same time, as everyone witnessed, the court relied on facts implying secrecy, but exactly the same facts are already in the public domain in the administrative case in Krasnoyarsk.

    In conclusion we would like to say that those who had planned the attack on the Community and the arrest of the Teacher had probably expected a rapid break-up of the Community, with elements of chaos and confusion, simply because the Teacher had been distanced from us.

    To achieve the effect of such disintegration is only possible if the activities of a certain community are entirely dependent on one single organiser.

    One special characteristic of our communal interaction, however, proved to be unexpected and unconventional for everyone. Despite the isolation of our Teacher, we continue to live and create, and the Community is growing and becoming stronger.

    And we wish to all the persecutors enlightenment and spiritual warmth. We would also like to recall the words of biblical Gamaliel, the respected law teacher. His voice still sounds relevant after millenniums: “…depart from these people and leave them; for if this work and this undertaking is of men, then it will collapse, but if it is of God, then you cannot destroy it; beware that you do not become opponents of God” (Acts of the Apostles. 5: 38-39).



    1. Evidence of violations of the civil rights of residents of the Kuraginsky district living in the Community.
    2. A copy of V. Vedernikov’s statement about violence in SIZO-1 in Novosibirsk
    3. V. Redkin’s appeal to the ombudsman for human rights
    4. Speech by S. Torop in the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21.
    5. V. Redkin’s speech at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21.
    6. Speech of V. Vedernikov in the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 16.09.21.
    7. Information about the participation of the followers of the Church of the Last Testament in the socio-economic development of the territories of the Cheremshan village council.
    8. Photo of Teacher Vissarion and the Community.
    9. Signatures of residents of the Kuraginsky and Karatuz districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, other cities in Russia and abroad, who supported this Appeal.


    Additional information

    about Vissarion, his teachings and the Community can be obtained from the links (date of access: 12/01/2021):

    1. Community of Vissarion. Official website in English: https://vissarion.world
    2. Vissarion. Vissarion’s video channel. Series of Q&A meetings: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCiyK-eolH-bUvHXDiS6GDLg
    3. Vissarion. Vissarion’s blog. Publication of Vissarion’s appeals to people via the Internet: http://vissarion.name
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    7. Community of Vissarion today. Fresh and up-to-date information about what is happening in the Community and the course of trials. Opinions of residents, guests, media and experts. Analysis of accusations and debunking of myths: https://vissarion.org/
    8. Community of Vissarion. Video channel. Vissarion’s answers to various questions. Interview with interesting people: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC-sjTGCOoRS6ygjygRM6dFg
    9. Alex Rags. Video channel about life in the Community. Interview with the masters. Holidays. Concerts: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGJNCrfbWkq7h7GYyEaVOsg
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    3. Alexander Staroverov. Personal Facebook page of the Community Press Secretary. The most important news about what is happening in the Community. Information and contacts with the press: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011210956438, phone +7 (902) 950-27-72 (from 9 to 20, Krasnoyarsk, MSK +4), Telegram, WhatsApp. E-mail: [email protected]
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  • Holiday message (18.08.21)

    Dear friends, peace to your home and your loved ones!

    This is the end of the time circle, when all major festive occasions you have spent on your own, without my direct, familiar to you, participation.

    You have managed to cope quite well with the shock of the events that have occurred and to show to the world the image of a self-organised society.

    For quite natural reasons, it began to be realized with many mistakes, but in the course of time you manifest more and more confidently and with steadier steps what refers to the essence of the Teaching revealed to you.

    A normal, wholesome self-organization is possible only on the basis of a mature perception and thinking among all the members of the social formation.

    From the entire history of the development of the whole human society you are well familiar with another type of life arrangement.

    But the time has now come when your history will have to progress in a different direction!

    Only the most favourable impetus for the beginning of cardinal changes in the system of the existing life order, characteristic to the level of development of all the people on Earth, happened to be only such circumstances, that are able to considerably shake the familiar feelings and expectations of conventional stability.

    I understand that my attempts to define the painful events that have taken place as something predetermined, that is, directly linked to the Will of God, can still not relieve you from the soul pain you are experiencing.

    The awareness that all this happened according to Heavenly Father’s Will is not at all meant to relieve from the characteristic emotional experiences.

    Such an understanding is designed to alleviate mental anguish as much as possible.

    The Heavenly Father does not possess a dense natural body, and so, the emotions and feelings characteristic of such a body are not inherent in Him.

    It would be a great mistake to perceive God’s Will as a manifestation of His desire.

    The Heavenly Father does not create the events of your life, but always creates conditions for their correction!

    It is you who create the events themselves!

    Those who wrongly understand this Truth inevitably fall into the temptation to criticise the actions or non-actions which they themselves erroneously attribute to the capabilities of God.

    Your Heavenly Father cannot make you be righteous, but He can give you the opportunity to become acquainted with the Laws of Truth.

    After that you yourself must take certain decisions and continue creating events.
    Your Heavenly Father will always discreetly and caringly provide you with the opportunity to understand something important, but how you will allow yourself to proceed with it – this is always your own choice!

    You can only be offered to understand the true direction of the Path of Salvation, but it is up to you to make the decision to follow it and save yourself.

    It is foolish to expect that Salvation can somehow magically happen in spite of your persistent serving mammon and your own egoistic whims.

    If you make the life-saving choice on your own and apply due efforts in following the Laws of Truth, you will also be able to confirm your real capabilities to carry worthily the Sacred responsibility, entrusted to you on the Path of Eternity.

    It is possible to follow the righteous Path only if you wisely make truly righteous efforts, not if you only identify yourself as a believer by loudly praising the Name of God.

    Faith without deeds is dead!

    It is of utmost importance to realise that any ritual sacraments are not inherently directly related to righteous deeds.

    All such ordinances may also be regularly observed by hypocrites.

    Righteous deeds are based on your love for one another!

    They are based on how sincerely and zealously you seek to be helpful to each other!

    It is not the prayer that makes a man a believer, but his trust in God!

    Trust, that everything you encounter along the road has been carefully delivered by God as something really important to your spiritual development and the acquisition of the wisdom you still lack, rather than something you need to assess, snort contemptuously and cast a stone.

    You are all children of the one and only Heavenly Father and His Holy Particle exists in each of you!

    The one who truly loves my Father is the one who strives to carefully and respectfully perceive His Particle in his soulmate!

    Look into each other’s eyes…

    Do you really strive to see a Particle of God in them, or do you primarily strive to see your own desires and aspirations there?

    Remember, you people, children of your Mother Earth and children of your Heavenly Father, for you have a body from the Earth and an immortal soul from God, if you can regard any of your soulmates as unworthy of kinship with you, in truth you turn away with contempt from your Father in Heaven as well!

    Isn’t it woe to be the fate of the one that goes this way?

    Strive to take righteous and creative steps, but restrain yourselves from striving to be first, for at the Gates of my Father’s Kingdom such first ones will be among the last!

    May you at last become worthy children of the Living God, the One Common God for all of you, who has given to all of you the unique opportunity to walk eternally the Path of Creation!
    Be blessed!
    Peace and happiness!

  • The Lamentation of the Heart

    I was forcibly immersed in an environment of boundless insidiousness, lies and hypocrisy.

    An environment in which one part of humanity, in order to survive, chooses to follow lawless paths, while another part has chosen to fight against such violations, but with the same purpose of survival, easily allowing itself to do its work precisely using lawless methods.

    Lack of principles as well as slander and hypocrisy…

    To everyone it seems that this is the only way to survive…

    Will this path be so long now?

    You have crucified my soul…

    You have smeared me abundantly with the filth of your sins and exposed me to public ridicule…

    You have exposed me for a long time, until the hour when efforts will be made to hammer in the nails that will validate the accusations you have fabricated for me…

    I have already heard the familiar: “…what can we expect now? What wonders will there be…?”

    But you’re not judging me!

    You are judging yourself!

    It’s not my fate that’s being decided.

    It is your fate that is being decided!

    What is mine – it has been and will be forever!

    But what will happen to you?

    Lawlessness and celebration…

    For how long?

    Given the possibility to accept what is true, the freedom of choice must be inviolable!

    The Heavenly Father has never judged anyone and does not judge anyone!

    He sends His Word, so that people themselves can determine their own fate when they contact Its unobtrusive manifestation!

    He who has eyes will see and he who has ears will hear…”.

  • It was Until – 31.05.21

    It was Until…

    A gloomy heavy net tightly covered the flower bed…

    Rubbing hands in satisfaction… crooked smirks…

    Intense pressure of the net…dark and cold…

    The shock was enormous…

    Lots… really lots of tears…

    The threads are being painfully torn…

    At the end of November there was a feeling that the net flinched…

    An image emerged, as if the other side had gone out of breath…

    The thought flashed through the letters that if it was running out, it could strike dangerously…

    It was noted…

    In February a terrible blow was delivered…

    The brink suddenly came very close… the familiar nuances of the sensation of leaving…

    Like the moment with the nail being held down and the hammer being raised to strike it…

    But that strike did nоt take place…

    Events began to unfold in a different way…

    The crossing point was passed…

    The mystery of readjustment was given a start…

    Feelings of the beginning of After…

    Since early spring it has been felt more and more clearly how the net has begun to unwind…

    Relief is increasing… alignment is taking place…

    The time for the primary value of Mergence has come…

    Mergence is intended to help those who have succeeded to trust, to pass harmoniously through readjustment in connection with the beginning of significant changes of the parameters of the fluctuations of the energy-informational field of the Earth…

    My prayer lasts for about fifteen minutes…

    Only the degree of trust can determine the effectiveness of such help!

    To the believer – according to his faith!


  • The Holiday Message of the Teacher – 31.05.21

    Dear friends, peace be with you!

    Another spring, new awakening…


    One and the same flower in the conditions of different soil and environment can manifest its beauty in different ways: in some places it can be more expressive and showy, in other – sluggish and inconspicuous.

    The soil, the environment and… the gardener…

    My friends, you have been able to display a certain maximum, which is temporarily confined only to your actual capabilities for the moment.

    But things have always changed and will endlessly change.

    The soil in you and the environment around you, which you are now diligently forming, may well contribute to your wonderful flourishing. Except that the soil can either be fertile enough, or poor and even stony. Such foundations of varying quality inevitably produce different kinds of impacts on the seeds that fall on them. The fertile soil will produce an abundant crop, the poor soil will cause the young sprouts to dry out, and on a stony surface it is difficult for the seeds to survive at all. Crows and other birds can easily peck such seeds.

    Short-sighted people are not apt to see the essence of the ongoing phenomena, but show a great disposition to arbitrarily hang up assessment labels on everything they come into contact with. Such labels with subjective evaluations are based on the characteristic peculiarities of hard-heartedness, for the very fact of having a desire to assess everything is inevitably connected with an elevated self-esteem and a thirst to assert one’s own significance.

    In crucial life-changing periods, all such vicious predispositions are brought to their utmost activity and, as a result, quite quickly and on a large scale, a space of falsehood is being formed.

    And then, where there is “darkness”, you can see a sign that says “light”, and where there is “light”, you can see a sign that says “darkness”.

    Learn to distinguish between the spiritual values and the temptations attractive to egoism.

    The social order which exists all over the world is capable of creating favourable conditions for the emergence of numerous flocks of “crows”. The representatives of these flocks are always prepared not only to nibble at what has not yet been able to germinate and establish itself properly, but also to plant their own seeds of temptation. Then man may already hear a subtle proposal to relinquish what is important for his soul in order to achieve what is comfortable for his body. Long is the road of repeating the same mistakes that have already become traditional a long time ago….

    Having a characteristic false judgement, the persecutors sincerely believed that by removing me from you and skilfully using slander they could bring your association to disintegration, where you would find yourselves distracted, with no idea of what to do or where to go next? But it is precisely you that should not experience the confusion expected by your persecutors! Everything necessary for this I have managed to give you.

    I have repeatedly heard, during various interviews, the question posed to me about what will happen to the community after I have to conclude this earthly activity of mine. This type of questions, as well as the standard judgements of the persecutors, are based on an understanding of that same features on which, throughout history, in different societies have usually been formed various kinds of associations.

    And this circumstance naturally disposes to the emergence of confidence in the correctness of one’s own judgement, because the existing homogeneous life structure of human societies throughout the Earth has the same characteristic primitive feature, which is always admissible only at the initial stage of the development of a young civilisation.

    This initial stage of development for all of you is now coming to an end!

    Everything that throughout history has helped you to establish a precarious state of balance, both within a single society and between different societies, at this point of time will fall apart more and more noticeably, showing now its already complete inconsistency.

    You already have an ample opportunity to observe these significant, emerging on a large scale characteristic features of the global crisis. The coming global disorder can no longer be handled by traditional methods! New times call for new thinking!

    My friends, in this special and fateful period it was inevitable that you would begin to notice an ideological gap that was becoming more and more apparent. Under the present circumstances, if this gap is not filled, all kinds of cracks in society will inevitably multiply and deepen. They are capable of provoking the abundant birth of slander, resentment and separation.

    Divide and conquer – the guiding principle of the one who is the enemy of the human race.

    The unstoppable outpouring of such “pus” has always ended in large-scale sorrows and tragedies.

    But now it will all happen with extremely significant consequences.

    My dears, by the quality of your spiritual maturity you basically have that level of development, which allows you to understand quite well that the humanity will be able to save itself and start to develop normally only when all people on this Earth can come to Unity.

    But this is only possible under the conditions of an ideology, based on common to all people spiritual principles, that is becoming more and more strongly affirmed.

    At the same time, it is important to understand that the concept of “spiritual” does not at all imply everything that has traditionally come to be attributed to religiousness. True spiritual principles first of all imply an awareness of the very kinship and equality of all people on Earth! True spiritual principles completely exclude the artificial establishment of any division and distance between conditionally different groups of people.

    An ideology based on the true spiritual principles always contributes to the creation of psychological conditions of a unifying character! The principles of the One Common Ideology for all mankind on Planet Earth are diametrically opposite in their essence to the principles which the enemy of the human race is inclined to impose.

    Russia is the country on whose territory has been predestined to begin the establishment of an ideology based on true spiritual principles. If such ideology begins to be established normally in this country, it will not only successfully lead to the stabilisation of life processes within the country itself, but will also quite quickly lead to a significant change in the attitude towards Russia, granting it a special status.

    But that is if…

    For this to happen someone must stop chasing after imaginary witches, generating slander with an unhealthy fervour, and apply sensible, reasonable efforts to the objective reflection of what is already successfully happening in the Siberian land. It is a sign of the growing tragedy in the human society that people endowed with high responsibility are afraid to express their objective judgements and assessments. Such a circumstance clearly marks the loss by society of the moral and ethical reference points that spiritual values are responsible for. It is precisely the significant loss of normal moral and ethical reference points, which is the emergence of heart-scarcity, that inevitably generates slander and resentment on a massive scale. And then in the effort to assert slander, many miserable people begin to see the only possibility of survival.

    My dear ones, the image of the ideological gap I have outlined in this address is destined to be filled by the characteristic fruits of the righteous efforts that you have begun to manifest in this world.

    But this can be done most auspiciously when you are able to fully exercise your autonomy. You must have experienced a clear need to take your own independent steps. And certain conditions have become necessary for you to begin to do what is expected from you.

    It may be necessary to push the fledglings out of the cozy nest to enable them to fly on their own. And then, having experienced the characteristic sensations of the first moments of falling, the chicks begin to fly safely. You have matured to the necessary level and have reached the milestone awaiting you…

    You were in need of certain emotional experiences.

    Now, to my great joy, I am beginning to see more and more those moves in you, which may show that you have the capacity for wonderful flight on your own!

    My dears, fly bravely!

    Spring will help you!

    A beautiful flower can bloom in the best way only under certain characteristic conditions. Only a miser will seek to take advantage of the beauty and fruit of a flowering plant by separating it from its natural environment!

    Cherish this environment and preserve it!

    Continue to actively display what you have already begun to do in an interesting way!

    You are the warriors of Light with Flowers in your hands!

    Happiness to you!

    See you soon!

  • A Letter from the Teacher /28.01.21/

    Dear friends, peace to you and your home!

    I would like to express my great gratitude to all those who sent greeting rays of sunshine, which came to me in one bright stream of wonderful sunshine and warmth.

    I have received many letters of congratulations not only from a certain person or his family, but also letters of congratulations expressed by large groups of people.

    Deepest respect to all of you!

    It seems favourable to respond to all of you with a single message.

    I received a large volume of your letters of congratulations on the evening of the thirteenth, after a month’s interval, which made it possible for me to spend the festive day in contact with your hearty fireworks of bright lights.

    When, on the fourteenth of April, when I for another time had spread out the multi-coloured snowflakes you had sent me on my tucked-in bed, and surrounded myself with your numerous letters, I plunged into reading them, intending to spend the day that way, at some point I was distracted by the voice of a genuinely surprised man who had found himself forced to share the same room with me.
    Watching me from aside, he suddenly asked: “How on earth can you be so happy here!”

    My kindred, you have indeed enabled me to experience feelings of happiness where pain, despair, bitterness and a complete lack of faith in prudence and justice reign.

    You are the joy of this world!

    And soon another flow of your letters about the celebration came, which allowed me not only to see many of you with lighted candles, but also to strongly feel your presence around me.

    I am very happy that in your life the beautiful things about which you spoke so heartily and poetically in your letters took place.

    I hope with all my heart and soul that you will continue to walk worthily on the chosen Path and that more and more of you who are ripe for such righteous work will join you.

    The people who come again have already something to look at, which means that your efforts over the years have begun to pay off.

    This is very encouraging!

    Be active in spreading the News, but at the same time be fully aware of the responsibility for every step you take, so that it reflects the Light of Truth as fully as possible!

    You, as the most experienced ones, should be seen as friendly, understanding and caring, and not as eager to instruct and teach!

    Do not repeat the traditional mistakes made by your ancient predecessors!

    You have had and will have only one Teacher and Master forever and ever!

    All of you are brothers and sisters, children of one Father in Heaven, and thus are called to form One Common Family!

    In One Family there should not be found different masters, just as in one house there should not be found different owners, for decay, division and destruction will inevitably follow.

    The salvation of Russia and its spiritual flourishing, and subsequently of all other nations, had to begin with your union and your Unification on the basis of the Truth which has been revealed to everybody!

    Bring forth the Light of Truth through righteous deeds, and let the gifts of grace become inexhaustible in your hands!

    Bless you, children of the Living and True God, and let love be on your lips and in your hands!

    Peace and happiness!

  • A New Letter from the Teacher

    A Dear friends, peace to you and your home!

    I am very glad that you manage to pass in an interesting way the examination which has appeared in your life path.

    In some of your letters you express doubts in regard to the correctness of your reactions to those who in the past sorrowful events have readily assumed a significant blaming role.
    It should have become clear to you from the Teaching that as a conventional enemy you can designate only those who consciously seek to do maximum harm to your basic interests in life.

    The commandment to “love your enemy” does not, of course, imply that you should make every effort to express any admiration or enthusiasm for them.
    Loving the enemy implies above all those righteous efforts against yourself, when you will not condemn those who persecute or hate you, when you will not show your dislike towards them in every possible way and when, if they find themselves in need of help that threatens their health and life, you will do your best to help them without reminding them of their past negative deeds.
    At the same time, if you see the harm done by them and think it favourable to prevent it, you may well turn to the rights that are stipulated in the existing society.

    But in such a case be extremely vigilant and do not in any way allow false testimony.
    Do not do what your enemies usually readily allow themselves.
    There are conscious and unconscious perjury.

    There are situations where a person is well aware that he is intentionally fabricating a false accusation against someone, or there are cases where a person fabricates a lie while sincerely believing in the truthfulness of what he is saying.
    The unconscious perjury can successfully be based and actively flourish precisely on your subjective assessments and assumptions.

    Man has a very strong psychological predisposition to treat his own conclusions and understandings as the most correct information.
    In this connection, throughout the history of human society on Earth, a great deal of fateful misunderstandings and inadequate manifestations have always arisen and continue to arise.
    When I studied the testimonies of those who complain or condemn, I saw that all these testimonies are based precisely on the belief in the correctness of their own judgements, some of which are completely ridiculous and even comical.

    As I told you earlier you will have an opportunity to become acquainted with this educative material, because everything documented by the investigators will certainly be given to us for review.
    All this documented material will remain with us.
    A lot of it is very educational.

    Two persons well known to you, who with their identical false denunciations played a role in putting us in prison conditions, did not realise at all what they had actually been skilfully involved in by the sophisticated professionals of the investigative agency.
    I think that these two well-known personalities did not at all give importance to the fact that false denunciation is punishable by law and by the standards of the secular society.

    My friends, I see from some of your letters that many of you naively believe that the investigators will be able to understand and stop the inappropriately initiated persecution.
    All that I have been forced to confront has clearly demonstrated a completely different circumstance.
    Our investigator has no intention whatsoever of looking into what happened to us objectively.
    The investigators, like obsessed people, are trying to gather as much negative evidence as possible, no matter how poor the quality of the evidence might be.
    And the opportunity to deal with all this accumulated agglomeration will be left to the judicial process.
    As I was to see, the investigator has only one interest – to make sure that we are not only guilty, but that our guilt can be great.

    This one-sided interest has proven to be capable of pushing even into a malfeasance that you have all become aware of and where inhumane methods of violence and intimidation have been used.
    The duration of pre-trial investigations depends above all on whether the investigator is reasonable and adequate or whether he or she is capricious, trying to extend the process to the maximum legal limit, which, in the case of the charge of grievous harm, can be stretched to a year.

    I was able to find out about this willingness to be capricious at a specially arranged meeting with me without the presence of a lawyer.
    But at the same time the whole process that is happening to us may also be affected by other circumstances.

  • Address to the Believers 10.12.2020

    My dear friends, peace to you, peace to your home and your loved ones!

    I understand that you are now very anxious as to whether or not the persecutors will close down the legal organisation we have here, the “Church of the Last Testament”.
    In this connection I see it favourable to give you certain clarifications.

    First of all, you must always be aware that a true Church is capable of being formed as soon as two or three persons come together in the Name of God.

    The formation of the true Church can in no way depend upon any legal registration. As long as believers gather together to do righteous work in the Name of God, so long shall there be a Church of God.
    Forced to watch from aside your independent manifestations, I have often been unable to hold back the tears of joy for you.

    I think I am justified in saying that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church which you have built. But you will have to undergo various trials.
    I would like to say that, noting the peculiarities of the society around you, I have more than once felt doubts as to the necessity of the further existence of such a legal organisation and have repeatedly spoken about it with some of your brethren.

    But we will not now go into the details of this subject from this point of view.
    I mention it only so that you understand – the possibility of disappearance of the legal organisation may well be acceptable.

    You can try to stand up for your organisation, but if for some reason it does not succeed, do not be too frightened and upset.
    Only those organisations which do not have true values and need an active demonstration of their artificially inflated importance can fear such a thing.
    A legal organisation is primarily associated with a certain type of auxiliary convenience that you are already used to.
    But these are merely familiar auxiliary conveniences.
    The disappearance of this organisation can only create the conditions when a new characteristic reconfiguration of some of your auxiliary manifestations will be required. It cannot change something basic.

    Initially, in the activities of the believers, the organisation was registered first in order to have the official right to rent public facilities for meetings and to publish and distribute religious literature.
    All this was important many years ago, and in recent times many things have inevitably acquired other characteristics.

    To close the legal organisation which, as you must have realised by now, cannot in principle be a Church itself, the use of financial opportunities in community interaction will be considered.
    Once you began your efforts to form a common space of mutual assistance and jointly resolve the worldly issues of relevance to you all, you quite naturally became aware of the favourable need to combine not only physical, but also some financial capabilities.

    In your communal interaction something began to happen which is unacceptable for the traditionally existing society, where cheating at any place and at any time successfully flourishes.
    In your interactions, the movement of funds has been on the basis of trust, which is not common in the society around you, where everything must be well documented.

    You have started to learn to be open and trusting.

    I think I have enough reasons to be sincerely happy for you since none of those who have been responsible for the use of joint financial means for the whole time of existence of the community has ever given a reason to doubt their honesty.
    But if you look at it from the point of view of the state legislation, there is a kind of vulnerability in your characteristic interaction.
    Lack of documentary evidence of the legality of the use of the money collected can be a serious stumbling block in court proceedings.

    It seems as if it may be sufficient for conviction that there are those who are dissatisfied with the collections that have taken place, in which they are allegedly forced to participate, and the mere fact that someone has taken such funds for further use.
    It turns out that even if that use is perfectly reasonable, the person who took the funds collected could still be condemned.

    After all, someone was unhappy that he or she had given money away and someone else had taken it.
    Although the existing rules of communal interaction suggested that only those who were well aware of the benefits to the common weal could participate in fundraising.
    Believers themselves once came to the realisation of such an auspiciousness, but not when someone called them together and announced such a need.
    There are some other circumstances which the persecutors want to consider as a reason for closing down the legal organisation.
    But in view of their apparent unsoundness I do not see the need to touch upon them.

    In a short time you will learn and understand it all for yourselves.
    During this time of sorrow I have had to face many things that can only be attributed to the fruit of spiritual deficiency.

    The sleep of reason produces monsters.
    And the monsters produced multiply the grief.

    Blessed be the exam given to all of you, which was intended both to mark the arrival of the significant fateful frontier and to help open up everything hidden, so that you can see the true face of everything and be able to orient yourself in an interesting way.

    Recently, looking very carefully into the essence of what is going on, in every possible way I expect to see a manifestation of sanity.
    But somehow it reminds me of the time when Diogenes used to walk along city streets with a burning lantern in the daytime.

    And to the bewildered questions of the people he met, he’d say,
    “I’m looking for a man.”

    I continue to wait and hope…

    It is vitally important that common sense prevails!

    Peace and happiness!

  • A Letter from the Teacher /06.12.2020/

    My dear and beloved friends, my large and wonderful Family, peace be with you!

    At last I have the opportunity to express my great gratitude for your support and, most importantly, for your righteous work!

    Earthly bow to you all!

    I am eager to express my gratitude to my little friends who sent their colourful messages framed with cartoon images:

    “My dears, your beautiful letters of wishes and dreams are like crystal bells ringing in the hands of angels. I was very pleased to read your magical letters. You helped me a lot!
    Don’t be sad that I didn’t reply to you. I didn’t have the chance.”

    I would also like to thank the older generation, who for various reasons have not actively participated in the life of the community and have even left for various parts of the vast country. They have not allowed themselves to remain on the sidelines and have taken a heartfelt and active part in standing up for the true values that are taking shape in the New Promise Land. Even if they continue to assert their life stance in some other way, they have been able to imprint valuable guidelines in their hearts. This means that the difficult years of the community’s formation have nonetheless been able to manifest real values.

    My friends, with all my desire to respond to every letter you send me, I have found it very difficult to do so.

    Circumstances are often not favourable enough to do this.
    Do not wonder whether your letter has reached me. I have received many letters. I think all your letters have succeeded in getting through.

    But it seems that for some reason not all my letters could be forwarded to you.
    With a great deal of interest, I wish to continue to learn about what is happening to you and around you.
    Even if you refer to a single event, many of you can notice some additional nuances accompanying those events.

    Everything you point out is very interesting to me!
    You do not repeat yourselves in such comments and you convey different significant details.
    And as opportunities arise, I will try to respond to some of your letters at least.
    Forgive me for my limited ability to participate in active correspondence.

    Peace and happiness to you!