The Last Testament, 2001, 50×70 cm

“Once you were told, that The Kingdom of God is like yeast, which a woman put in three measures of dough, until it leavened.

This is the secret of the three Testaments, meant to bring the children of God to The Kingdom of Heaven: The Old Testament, The New Testament and The Last Testament.

These are respectively the secrets: Hope, Faith and Love.”

“The Last Testament is given to you in a critical moment of your development. It is given in order to make the great Sacred Reunification of all the existing religions.

The Last Testament will help to open the closed souls, to give drink to the thirsty and gather in One Holy Bosom the scattered children of God. After that the young mankind will step on the road of Maturity.

The Last Testament will lead to the complete opening of your soul and the due reunification with God, which was impossible to happen earlier. If you don’t like this, stay where you are.

The Last Testament is intended to bring to Salvation those children, who are able to pass through the Gates of God’s Kingdom.

The Last Testament takes into account the required intellectual capabilities. This is extremely important for the transition to a qualitatively higher stage of development of human thinking, which is needed for entering The Kingdom of God.

If you want to stay at the level of comprehension, which you had two thousand years ago, then stay, where you are.”


The New Common Prayer

Children of God!

Today you are given a new prayer, intended to unite all children of God regardless of their religious beliefs.
The prayer is the art of revealing the soul, and only due to this art can you strengthen the link of your soul with the Heavenly Father, which increases the inflow of God’s Blessing and helps to overcome the difficulties of evil opposition.

The common prayer helps uniting you into One Common Spiritual Family and gives you an opportunity to receive help, no matter what corner of Mother-Earth you might be in. Through this prayer God looks at His sons, who have stepped on the Road of complete Flowering and are ready to work hard for the sake of His Glory.
Regard the act of praying with due responsibility, because on this depend the purification of your soul as well as of Mother-Earth Herself.

Sit on your knees, straighten your spine. Then say the prayer with trembling heart and tenderness, trying at the same time to emanate warmth to the surrounding world and people.
Do your best to maintain this state whatever side-thoughts might interfere with you and try, if possible, to say the prayer in secret,

For your Father Who sees what is done in secret, will reward you openly.

Pray to God not less than two times a day, regardless of your mood – be it good or not.
In the morning – to prepare for the coming day. In the evening – to get rid of the dirt and recover the lost strength.

If you pray in exalted mood, then the excess of blessing Force easily spreads to the surrounding people and considerably purifies the emotional dirt over you.
If you pray in a depressed mood, then God’s Blessing comes into you, neutralizing the energy of the darkness and restoring your lost strength.
But if you pray only when you feel bad, this shows hypocrisy, for you think about God just in difficult moments.

After the end of the evening prayer you can add something from yourself and, recreating the image of a certain person, whom you wish to help, try to warm him with the warmth of your soul. The Blessing Force will flow into that person regardless of his will.
Do your best to warm any unhappy man, who has left a trace in your mind.

Pray. And may the Power of God be always with you!


The Prayer

1. My Lord! Gracious God!
2. Hallowed be Your Name in Heavens and on Earth,
3. From one end of the Universe and to the other!
4. Lord! Give us strength in opposing the force of the darkness,
In order not just to oppose it, but also to free Mother-Earth from this litter.
5. Teach us to discern good from evil and abide in peace and spiritual fortitude,
as to worthily fulfill Your Will amongst people.
6. Give strength to my brothers and sisters, both the close to me and the unknown ones.
7. Let them realize the true Glory of Yours and their hearts be imbued with love,
8. And to overcome the dark barriers on the Road to the Light,
9. And to join each other’s hands and boundlessly bestow the warmth of their soul.
10. Lord! May Your Will be done! And let on Earth be One Common Nation,
11. Loving its Mother – the Nature, connected with You by its love
and walking the Road of the True Spiritual Development,
resting on Your Last Testament.
12. In the morning: Bless, My Lord, the deeds of the coming day, and let its difficulties be met
as befits the ones who are walking under Your Light.
12. In the evening: Recover, My Lord, the strengths we’ve spent to do good, as to prepare ourselves for the future day.


The Last Hope

Appeal to Modern Mankind

“The Last Hope. About The Father and The Son.”

These things I have spoken to you in proverbs.
The hour cometh when I will no longer speak to you
In proverbs, but will shew you plainly of The Father.
(John. 16:25)

  • Chapter 1


    1. Children of the One Living God!
    2. Another period of the unfolding predestined Event has taken place on Mother-Earth, so now I have to tell you a lot of things straight.
    3. You have come close to enormous difficulties, but these difficulties do not occur at the discretion of someone else. Those are the fruits of your long-lasting efforts to bear lies, envy and hatred.
    4. For centuries you have been striving to praise your name to the Heavens, but you just plunged your face in the dung slurry.
    5. And having plunged, you pour out malice and hatred without measure on the heads of your neighbours.
    6. And here the Hour has struck!
    7. The Hour to realise your own numerous mistakes.
    8. During the last seven years at various meetings you often asked me about my Essence, but I mainly tried to escape a straight answer and replied in phrases, behind which most of you could not see the completeness of the Truth concealed.
    9. This was not the main point that bothered me, but how much your hearts could see what is hidden in my Word.
    10. For I do not come to you in my name, but always in the Name of my Father, Who is your True Birth Parent.
    11. And if you happened to be able to see what is mine mainly through your heart, then, recognising what is mine, you could easily recognise my name as well.
    12. And where the heart is asleep and dwells in its world of dreams and reveries, it is useless to reveal my name, for just a growl of ignorance, caused by the excessive pride, will definitely alarm the space.
    13. But yet the Hour had to come and It has truly struck already, when, regardless of the level of your maturity and your belonging to different ideological dogmas, I have to partly reveal in front of you the secret of my Essence and to tell you a lot of things straight.
    14. This appeal to you can be manifested just once, and those of you, who have to get in touch with it, will see it.
    15. Lest one day, later on, you tell me that you did not hear.
    16. And let my Word be of help to you, for I have already revealed many things to those who have now been listening, and will reveal a lot from what was hidden from everybody in the Book sealed with seven seals.
    17. This Secret has been kept for a long time.
    18. I have been waiting for a long time for the Hour of the Time being.
    19. You should have a hard time now, and further it will become even more bitter, but you are the ones that have chosen your own path.
    20. With this appeal I want to give you an opportunity to ponder, so that, in the chaos of the advancing events you would bear in mind the possibility of Salvation.
    21. I will briefly touch upon some Truths that will serve you as a favourable guide in assessing the approaching events.
    22. If a man compares the phenomena within his arms’ reach – there will be a certain quality of the conclusions.
    23. If one compares what fits within the limits of the horizon, the conclusions become deeper and wider.
    24. But if one goes beyond the limits of the horizon and takes for comparison what is limited by the borders of the Universe, the most favourable conclusions can be drawn.
    25. And I will try to help you do precisely this last thing.
    26. All this began in old days, when by the Will of The Great Father you began to acquire flesh in the Bosom of Mother-Earth.
    27. But man should not know anything related to this immeasurably great and wonderful mystery until the present days, when man will find himself at the threshold of Eternity and will determine his maturity.
    28. Now you are to learn a lot about The Father and The Son and the secrets of your being, what has been kept hidden in the great Book with the seven seals.
    29. But that is not The Bible, parallel with which many of you should inevitably wrongly draw, for it is well-known to a great multitude.
    30. It is a different Book, which has not been written by human hand and will not be read by human eyes.
    31. And although a great lot of information has been included when The Bible was composed – what will pleasantly surprise the inquisitive people today – nevertheless the quality of this knowledge does not hold the Grace of God.
    32. This knowledge was not from your God,
    33. But from another World, next to which you have been born.
    34. Due to a great ignorance you have brought together The New Testament and The Old Testament, although the roots of these Laws abide within different borders.
    35. And only now do I have the opportunity to speak about this difference.
    36. Only in The New Testament, for the first time for the human race, did glimmer the first Ray of Light of God’s Truth,
    37. The Light of the Truth about the True God.
    38. The Truth that not just no one of the humans has ever known, but no one of the representatives of the rich and diverse world of the Universe has ever known as well.
    39. But it was not easy to announce the new truths, for the mind of your ancient brothers on the land of Israel was bound in old dogmas.
    40. And those, who considered themselves a chosen people, heard of the Name of their True Father, the All-Loving God, the shoreless vastness of the Ocean of Love;
    41. That God does not judge anyone and equally grants His Grace to everyone.
    42. Then few people were able to comprehend these first revelations, for the hearts were full of rage and were thirsty for fair revenge.
    43. But their hopes were not true, so they were waiting in vain.
    44. Instead of taking revenge on their enemies, the fruits of the laws of the trampled Truth fell on their heads.
    45. Is it not this Exam that has now come close to all the nations of Mother-Earth?
    46. For this time it is not just one nation that should get in touch with the living Truth.
    47. But in order to touch upon the events from the days when the first children of God were born, one great Secret should be revealed – Secret, which you touch upon from time to time in your thoughts, having even succeeded to give birth to false dogmas.
    48. But your mind still dwells in a great ignorance.
    49. Now I should have to tell you the fact, that precisely for you in the Universe of Being there are two Laws of different origin,
    50. Whereas for all the rest that exists in Being there is just one Law.
    51. In your ignorance you still trample on these Laws, therefore you fail to break away from the vicious circle of senseless sufferings.
    52. But these tramples will not last forever, they will be ended now with the line of summing-up.
    53. So, in Being two Sources are breathing.
    54. From their Mouths two different Spirits flow out.
    55. One – feeds the Planets with the Spirit of Life,
    56. The Other – warms the people through the Holy Spirit.
    57. Your elder brothers in Mind, having studied your development for a certain time, drew once the conclusion that Someone was leading you.
    58. Someone that they do not have any relation to.
    59. The quality of the Law of the Being of your Father is such, that the world of the Mind of the Universe is absolutely unable to define by any means the Being of the Great God of human kind.
    60. But they are firmly convinced that He is there.
    61. The representatives of the Mind of the Universe are well aware of the existence of the Creator of the material Being and follow unconditionally all His laws without exception.
    62. But Who is your Father, the Creator of the spiritual Being, this Secret they will always comprehend only through the deeds of the children of God.
    63. In truth, you will show your faith through your deeds and you have the opportunity to glorify your Father’s Name through your deeds.
    64. So stay alert in the days of the present Epoch!
    65. For your deeds are often hasty, and the seeds of misfortune are imprudently thrown through these deeds.
    66. To meet halfway the narrow mind that is prone to biased conclusions, I would like to clarify, preceding the scream of ignorance, that I do not speak about dualism and to worship both Sources.
    67. But to worthily honour both Laws, and to worship with all your heart only your Father.
    68. For He alone is The True Father of yours!
    69. And only from Him can you infinitely receive Grace.
    70. The Creator of the material Being does not need your worship at all.
    71. Your urges and dreamings are indifferent to Him and He is deaf to your pleas.
    72. He is cold to you, and it is all the same to Him if you are there or you are not.
    73. But to revere His Law is a great necessity for everyone who is vouchsafed to manifest his life in the Bosom of Harmony.
    74. His Spirit of Life passes through everything, created on the basis of His Law, and infinitely nourishes all the bodies that exist both in dense, rougher forms, and in all kinds of numerous diverse thinner manifestations.
    75. Several subtle manifestations of the energetic shells you have even succeeded to see and define around your physical body.
    76. And only out of ignorance have you falsely correlated these outer shells with your soul.
    77. And in all sorts of arguments, in their way funny, you often mention three elements: spirit, soul and body.
    78. Where, in fact, unknowingly mentioning two bodies which are heterogenous1 in quality – the natural flesh and the soul, further you talk about one spirit.
    79. Whereas the Spirit shown through your soul and the Spirit shown through the flesh are heterogenous1 in character.
    80. The Laws of the Father are completely different.
    81. And to tell about them in a very simple but understandable way, it is enough to take for comparison the finest energetic display of the laws of the material world throughout the Universe in order to say, that the Currents emanating from Father’s Essence are by a great number of orders of magnitude thinner and gentler.
    82. That is why the Universe is powerless to see Him.
    83. Time was flowing and God was exuding Love in solitude.
    84. No one in the creaturely World could perceive these Currents.
    85. But once, the Great God took a step to transform the Universe, ennobling and enriching It with flowers of unseen beauty –
    86. Flowers that are able to bloom forever, filling more and more the Being with fragrance.
    87. With such words I want to express the eve of your birth.
    88. It is so and so will it be in the end, however rude you have been in the past and will still be for some more time, gaining a tremendous amount of negative experience which nobody needs.
    89. In order to make it possible that the material World perceived the Fruits of God’s Grace and that they increasingly filled the Universe, transforming It, there had to be those who would enter into the material laws and, infinitely reproducing and spreading themselves in the Universe, would fulfil what had been predestined by the Great God, their Heavenly Father.
    90. And then the Accomplishment of a remarkable Mystery began.
    91. You began to acquire flesh which you were given the right to use on Mother-Earth,
    92. Being incarnated in the newly-born children of those who had been already living on Earth and were at an early stage of formation according to the laws of development of the mind.
    93. For the first time in the history of Being the laws of development of the soul and the laws of development of the mind joined together.
    94. For these are two fundamentally different laws, and joining them entailed an unprecedented complication in your formation.
    95. You were to begin to comprehend yourselves.
    96. The body that you acquired, became a certain instrument of yours, thanks to which you entered the material World in order to transform the invisible, locked inside you Sacred gift, into visible fruits through your hands’ deeds.
    97. This is how you were to begin to glorify your Father’s Name.
    98. But it did not start that way.
    99. The joining of heterogenous laws2 in one union, which was not initially envisaged in the Harmony of the Universe, inevitably gave peculiar fruits in a short time.
    100. Peculiar to such an extent, that this puzzled the representatives of some of the civilisations of the Mind of the Universe, who were once carefully examining the development of the young human society.
    101. And there was a lot to be amazed at.
    102. Such a muddled society, tending constantly to divert to chaos and self-destruction, not only had the Mind of the Universe never known before, but also it could not even invent the probability of such a manifestation.
    103. Every event that takes place is always based on certain regularities.
    104. Your mistakes are also based on well-defined regularities and at the first stages of formation of the human society the gross mistakes became an acceptable probability.
    105. The task set before you was initially of extreme complexity: with the help of a heterogenous law2 to determine the main values that are favourable for your genuine development.
    106. Where the first step should be to realise that your body possesses a soul which is in fact your true essence.
    107. Most of you managed this step to some extent successfully.
    108. And further on, the second and main step should have been the proper comprehension of the difference between the laws of development of the mind and the soul.
    109. So that, as a result, to determine the true direction of the efforts which are called to positively influence mainly the development of the soul,
    110. After which you should finally build your relations in such a way, that your society would already be able to harmoniously develop itself along the road of Eternity.
    111. And here, at this second step, depending on a definite regularity which, at this stage of your development, became inaccessible to you in terms of an independent correct comprehension, you seriously stumbled and inevitably directed the life-activity of your physical bodies straight along the road to self-destruction.
    112. And now, in order to properly determine the real direction that the able to see and hear are called to put worthy efforts in, it is mandatory to realise the difference between the laws of development of the soul and the natural laws of development of the flesh which is endowed with the ability to think.
    113. From now on you should ultimately realise what a true man is.

    1. heterogenous – of different origin, of foreign origin ↩︎
    2. heterogenous laws – laws of different origin; laws originating from different sources ↩︎
  • Chapter 2

    Without going into too many details in this appeal, for this should be the next step, I will briefly touch upon a number of fundamental root peculiarities, giving you the right direction.

    1. All the rest will be determined mainly by your choice which, according to the Law, is forever free.
    1. Life activity of the material organisms of the plant and animal worlds, as well as your material body, is based on the tri-unity of the instincts: self-preservation, self-sufficiency and procreation.
    1. In order to hold these aspects under a certain vitally important control, the living organisms necessarily have consciousness.
    1. Where, depending on the need, the consciousness can be of varying degree of complexity.
    1. In the representatives of the plant world the consciousness is displayed at a very simple and primitive level.

    7. According to the fact that the plants do not need to regularly move in search of favourable conditions for satisfying their                             instincts, their consciousness does not concentrate in any definite point, taking a definite part of the material body.

    1. Plants’ consciousness exists as an energetic field surrounding one organism or another, and acts in interconnection with certain information of the cells of the roots, stems, leaves and so on, as well as with the identical fields of the neighbouring plants.
    1. The life activity of the representatives of the animal world proceeds in more complicated conditions.
    1. Because, for the satisfaction of their instincts, there are not always favourable conditions around them.
    1. And then, in search of such conditions, various moves are needed, with a deeper comprehension of the received information through the natural sensitive peculiarities.
    1. Consciousness has been in a specific way concentrated in the animal’s head, for the most harmonious comprehension of that kind of the incoming information.
    1. Your natural body does not differ fundamentally from animal’s organism, but unlike the animal’s body, it has much more complicated variety of capabilities; and what is in your head are truly wonderful gifts,
    1. To learn to use which in the right way became for you an extremely difficult task.
    1. But to obtain more clarity, it is needed to examine a bit further the similarity between the peculiarities of your material body and the body of the animal.
    1. Your body, as the one of the animal, is shrouded in a specific force field, similar to the way a plant is shrouded, but these fields have an essential difference.
    1. For the plant has a field consciousness, and in your physical bodies and the bodies of the animals these are subtle sensitive peculiarities, having only information about your characteristic quality,
    1. What helps you to interact with a great variety of similar fields of the whole physical world that surrounds you within the reach of your field.
    1. And the more developed the field, the more opportunities to perceive the surrounding reality, imprinting it with your consciousness and comprehending it with the mind which you possess at the moment.
    1. That fields are surrounding your flesh with some variety, and it is in these energetic peculiarities where the secret of your natural intuition should be sought for,
    1. Which is knowledge inside you, but is not connected with your mind.
    1. For your body acquires the major part of such knowledge before the young mind of the born flesh begins to develop in direct comprehension of the incoming information from the rough contact of the young organism with the surrounding reality, through sight, hearing, smell, taste and other touches by the different parts of the body.
    1. From time to time in the course of your life, you are often amazed to learn that the surrounding reality, visible to your eyes, is much richer than what you have considered quite well-known.
    1. And it is the tiny cells of your flesh that know a lot about this richness.
    1. But you have not yet learnt to talk to them, otherwise they could have told you quite a lot about the great World, built by The Creator.
    1. The tiny cells of your flesh know all the laws which surround it, regardless of the fact whether your consciousness captures these laws or not.
    1. Therefore, as soon as the informational field of the cell experiences the active manifestation of one or another external law, you can feel a vague understanding of something familiar.
    1. Although the forming consciousness has not yet registered such phenomena and does not have the necessary images in order to make any conclusion.
    1. Along with the manifestations of the regularities of the natural intuition, you are also endowed, as unique beings in the Universe, with the manifestations of a peculiar spiritual intuition.
    1. But these are already manifestations of regularities of a different kind.
    1. The energetic fields, which are shrouding – not in a uniform amount and variety – your natural flesh and the flesh of the animals, contain also such a peculiarity which after the death of the flesh, for a definite period of time, holds its exact copy,
    1. That in all respects can be called a double, but with already lost possibilities for development.
    1. These fields, still continuing their existence, contain not only all the information about every single cell of the body, but they also hold in the form of energy the consciousness, with all stored information about the life lived in the material body.
    1. Further on, in the course of a certain number of days, a period of disintegration of the force outlines comes, after which all the information, concerning the former organism, joins the common information stored by the more powerful Force of Mother-Earth.
    1. The features of the material laws, which I just mentioned, are typical not only for your flesh and the animals’ bodies, but they are in exactly the same way typical for any representative of the extraterrestrial world, regardless of their level of development.
    1. For these laws are essentially uniform for the whole Universe.
    1. But the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind, being at higher stages of development in the domain of the laws of matter and mind, using a certain effect on the material energetic shells, are able to prolong the life of the dense body to very long time intervals,
    1. Which can exceed hundreds of thousands of terrestrial years.
    1. But, nevertheless, the end of this life comes, after which just the accumulated information of one or another organism, that had already lived, remains in the memory of the Planet, where this life has ended.
    1. These characteristics of the material laws are never reborn into a new dense body, for every newly born flesh has already naturally its similar peculiarity, inextricably linked with the formation of the new organism from the cellular level at the time of conception.
    1. The capability of rebirth can possess only something which has its own individuality, not connected essentially to the forming material body and which certainly does not have any of the existing in the Universe forms of consciousness;
    1. Because the combination of two different forms of consciousness in one organism is never harmonious, for it inevitably leads to the suppression of one consciousness by the other.
    1. And organisms which do not possess any form of consciousness are never born in the Universe of the material Being.
    1. The regularities of reincarnation are not needed in the Harmony of the material World at all, and for this reason they are not initially foreseen by the Creator of the material Being in any natural manifestations of the material laws.
    1. Along with the above mentioned laws in the Universe exist two qualitatively different forms of consciousness: planetary Consciousness and the consciousness of those, who are born and bloom on the Planet.
    1. At the same time among those who are born on the Planet there can be either one of the forms of mind’s manifestation, or two: the ordinary form of development and the mobile one.
    1. Your material body and all creatures similar to you from the extraterrestrial worlds possess a mobile mind, and all the representatives of the animal world belong to the other form of mind’s development.
    1. The mobile mind is characterised by activities which are absolutely not related to the life-activities of the material body to which it belongs.
    1. Its capabilities can be not constrained by the narrow focus of finding the most rational ways to satisfy the instincts.
    1. The mobile mind perceives and aims to cognise the surrounding reality not only in connection with the vital activities of the material body of its bearer, but also without any connection to them,
    1. Wherein it often pursues the knowledge about something which is practically unnecessary for the life of the flesh, overcoming the effect of the law of self-preservation in the form of signals for a probable danger.
    1. The animals take a similar step, overcoming the signal of danger, only when they have an extreme need to satisfy one instinct or another.
    1. The living organisms of the World of the Universe are set on two peculiar foundations:  sensory peculiarities and peculiarities of thinking.
    1. The sensory peculiarities of the animal world – both the rough ones, which refer to the direct contact of the flesh with the dense objects of the surrounding world, and the subtle ones, which come into contact with the energetic manifestations of that same environment – are meant for perceiving the surrounding reality in order to determine in it what is designed to satisfy the call of the instinct.
    1. Thinking in this case helps either to find the best way to get closer to what the animal is seeking, or to move away in the best possible way from what is not wanted.
    1. The sensory peculiarities of the representatives of the mobile mind are much richer and diverse, which allows them to perceive the surrounding reality most broadly.
    1. And the reasonable peculiarities have the greatest capabilities of assessing the surrounding reality, which makes it possible to cognise all the laws of the material world in the most precise manner.
    1. Further on, it is necessary to pay attention to the manifestations of some characteristic peculiarities, inherent to all representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe, separately from the manifestation of the characteristic features which once, unexpectedly for everyone, were displayed in the Universe through you
    1. And became characteristic manifestations inherent only to you.
    1. The representatives of the extraterrestrial mobile mind never use any of the sensory peculiarities, meant for perceiving the surrounding reality, for the well-known to you process of admiring.
    1. All these features with the help of an artificial effort are subdued to support the law of development of the Mind only.
    1. At the initial stage of formation of the young organism of a separate individuality, as well as the young civilisation as a whole, when the young mind is still just beginning to get acquainted with the surrounding reality, in the organism of the representative of the mobile mind prevails the voice of the instincts, similar to what happens in the animals.
    1. But unlike the animals, there are capabilities to approach the necessary satisfaction in a much more convenient and rational way.
    1. In due course, influenced by initially pre-determined regularities, the attention is being naturally shifted towards the fruits of mind’s activity.
    1. After which comes the final realisation of the main goal of existence in an activity on the road of development of the mind.
    1. Wherein, from a certain stage of development and until the end of the life-activity of the material basis, the satisfaction of the instincts will be given the least possible, strictly measured attention.
    1. It will be manifested as a working effort in times of extreme, vitally important necessity.
    1. Along with this, all emotional manifestations will also be artificially reduced to extremely weak fluctuations.
    1. Because, according to the law of development of the Mind, the presence of bright emotional peculiarities will always create attachments and dislike, and that will hinder the rational life-activity and will not allow the manifestation of the steady regularities of the straight-line development,
    1. And will also inevitably create extremely dangerous conditions in the existence of those who have enormous technical and energetic capabilities.
    1. All the rest of the sensory peculiarities will be developed,
    1. With their help the mind will be able to penetrate much deeper into the laws of the material Being, cognising them.
    1. The constant aspiration to cognise is a consequence of the main driver in the development of the mind: curiosity.
    1. It is endlessly pushing the mind towards logical consideration of everything unknown that occurs on the road which a certain organism is following.
    1. The limits of such cognition in “depth” can only be the borders, set by the Creator of the material Being, and in “width” – only the boundaries of the Universe itself.
    1. Such cognition does not take place just for the sake of cognition, because, depending on some elementary laws, once on the road of cognition surely appears the conscious necessity to intervene – at the techno-energetic level – in the process of certain unfolding events, both for the benefit of one’s own civilisation and for another’s as well.
    1. Where the criterion for benefit is defined by the capacity of the mind at the given period of time and the existing generally accepted laws which have already been formulated.
    1. One characteristic feature in the life-activity of such civilisations, that have reached the normal level of development, is the ability – with any essential quantity of selected representatives of a certain civilisation – to always quickly determine one most rational solution of any vital issue,
    1. After which all the representatives of this civilisation, without exception, will unconditionally take a step corresponding to the found solution.
    1. But not because all the rest of the representatives of such society are strictly trained in an unconditional submission to the solution, found by some small elite group,
    1. For each representative of all those civilisations has a complete freedom of choice, and no one dares to break this Law of the Universe.
    1. In order to solve one arising question or another, at a particular moment, in the team of the Council are chosen the ones who are the most capable of taking the necessary decisions, and once again – at that particular moment.
    1. Wherein the greatest capability is really determined by the best quality of the abilities, and not by the primitive actions related to the quality of the election campaign which is conducted.
    1. All the rest of the representatives of the civilisation refer to the elected Council with the completely realised understanding, that the Council is really capable of finding the most reasonable solution.
    1. And no one will take a different step already from the mere realisation that it will be worse.
    1. In this way the development of the civilisation is always straight-forward, and not swinging side to side, when every little separate group of one civilisation is taking an independent step at its own discretion.
    1. With this brief touch upon some regularities in the development of the representatives of the Mind of the material World, where nowadays a multitude of diverse civilisations exist at various levels of development, I have shown the natural way of flourishing, along which on Mother-Earth should have inevitably stepped your young civilisation, if you – by the Will of The Heavenly Father, the One Living God – had not acquired these physical bodies and united in a wonderful mystery, manifesting yourselves as human kind.
    1. The well-known to all of you image of a tree, living on Earth, can serve very well for the figurative conveyance of many laws.
    1. So, the law of development of the Mind in the material Universe can also be described as a tree, where there is a root, a stem, the first thick branches deviating from the stem and further on, as they become thinner, increasing in number.
    1. And all this is eventually strewn with an infinite variety of leaves, unrepeatable in their diversity.
    1. And, with whatever bizarre diversity the leaves and branches of the reasonable material World may stand out, they are all based on the common law of the root, out of which comes the common powerful stem.
    1. Being aware of your still natural inclination to look for the basis in the crown of the tree, among the rustling leaves which are continuously moving in the breath of wayward flows, I briefly touched upon the stem and the roots of something that you have to know.
    1. And in order to continue in the same brief way to touch – with the Light of Truth – upon the roots and the stem, but already of your life as well, it is necessary to touch one more side of the life of the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe.
    1. For, acquiring a material body, you became to a certain extent younger brothers in Mind for those numerous and various civilisations that fill the Universe and are much older than you and – in respect of reason – much more developed.
    1. The specificity of such a law of development has inevitably marked your peculiar way of development, which according to its own law has a root difference.
    1. And for this reason, the correct explanation of all the regularities which became an  integral part of your flourishing, is a vitally important necessity.
    1. An aspect, which we have to clarify in brief, concerns the conscious understanding by the reasonable world of the Truth of the Creator of the material Being;
    1. Namely conscious understanding, and not faith or confidence,
    1. For these regularities are not inherent to the law of development of the Mind.
    1. The law of developing of the Mind is based primarily on fixing the phenomena in the surrounding reality, that have practically manifested themselves in one way or another, and further – on the logical comprehension of the essence of these phenomena and the laws of interconnection with the phenomena which have been previously registered and preliminary considered;
    1. After that such information is placed in the memory storage, continuing the accumulation of knowledge.
    1. Information that needs re-consideration is waiting for the hour, when a newly appearing successive peculiarity of the reality will be able to bring something that has been insufficient for a wider and deeper reflection on the stored information which over time increasingly becomes an accurate knowledge.
    1. The young mind of the newly born material body begins its vital activity with a random fixing and accumulating of the appearing in the reality facts which the young organism is able to perceive.
    1. Further on, the regularities which connect the various phenomena and their mutual influence on each other are noted, thus encompassing deeper and wider the laws of the material World.
    1. At first the comprehension takes place unsystematically, but in due time these actions are brought into full compliance with the laws of logic: precisely organised, cool, rational thinking.
    1. The mentioning of the word “cool” implies a thinking activity against the background of an absolutely neutral inner sensual attitude towards the captured phenomena of the ongoing reality.
    1. The vast and varied world of the Mind of the Universe is well aware of the existence of the Great Creator of the material Being and knows a lot about the laws that He has given the possibility to exist.
    1. In the process of communication among the different civilisations, when referring to the Creator, one term often occurs – The Uniform.
    1. For, in truth, for them He is the uniform Creator, on Whose laws their existence entirely depends.
    1. The World of the Mind does not know what to worship the Creator is, but knows perfectly well the necessity to strictly follow all the laws which are to be faced during all the time of life-activity.
    1. Wherein, a characteristic feature of the Mind is that if once this necessity has been realised, no one will ever make even the slightest effort to violate these laws,
    1. And that is, essentially, the criterion for being reasonable.
    1. The laws do not exist in order that someone would express a certain attitude towards them, but only to be followed.
    1. The Uniform created the World of material Being, in whose essence all the innumerable variety of laws is interwoven in peculiar Harmony,
    1. Where Harmony is a personification of the Information for Development.
    1. And if we look at your flesh, many of you know that it consists of a great variety of small particles.
    1. All the particles, having the information for development, maintain a force, which keeps them tightly together with each other in a definite, corresponding to the information inside them, order.
    1. When your organism begins to make efforts, opposite to the motion of the unfolding Harmony, a natural deletion of the information of development in the small particles inevitably begins.
    1. This weakens the force which holds the particles together and they begin to disintegrate.
    1. During this period certain disorders begin to emerge in your flesh, showing the striving of the dense body to crumble into small component particles, i.e. dust,
    1. Which, in its turn, passes into a free energetic condition, devoid of information for densification.
    1. This kind of manifestations of the law of disintegration, which you – due to false efforts – still constantly experience in your flesh, are not an expression of any anger or discontent of the Great Creator of the material Being;
    1. For which a wrong understanding occurred in the primitive consciousness of man beginning his development.
    1. For the expression of anger or any other emotion means to express one’s attitude towards something, which, in fact, is absolutely not inherent to the Truth of the Being of the Uniform.
    1. In the originally foreseen laws of the development of the material World, the emotional manifestations are only called to play a vitally necessary role in the life activity of the animal world and on the first stages of development of a young civilisation of bearers of the mobile mind.
    1. The representatives of the Mind of the Universe never make efforts to build up communication with the Uniform, like man tries to do still out of great ignorance.
    1. The World of the Mind realises very well the absurdity of such an effort, which, naturally, implies the expectation that the Creator of the Universe should make certain efforts, contrary to the laws of Harmony, on which the whole Being has been founded, through the efforts of the Creator Himself.
    1. Everything that the Great Creator of the material Being wants to say, is always been clothed in a certain form of the material laws of the Universe – both in dense bodies and in the form of energy.
    1. If you want to hear the Word of the Uniform – look at the stone.
    1. If you crave to hear a Story, take a look at the mountain chain.
    1. And if you want to realise the meaning of a Statement – take a close look at the essence of the laws, hidden in the mountain ridges.
    1. And the Uniform keeps on tirelessly telling everyone on equal terms all the laws of the entire material World.
    1. No one is forbidden to listen to this Word of the Creator of the material Being.
    1. The Essence of the Uniform does not have fast-changing peculiarities.
    1. His smooth Breath exudes in all directions even flows of vital Force from which the Harmony is intended to thrive forever.
    1. The whole material Universe, down to the tiniest particle, reverently absorbs the life-giving Force, and the prosperity of the whole Being entirely depends on the condition of the Creator of this Being.
    1. Therefore, if the Uniform was able to get upset by the wrong steps of some handful of pollen in the Universe, then, in truth, the entire Being would start to cry.
    1. And then, the responsibility for the well-being of the Universe would rest on the shoulders of this small handful of pollen.
    1. This pollen should not raise itself to the ability of bearing the responsibility for the entire Being of the Universe.
    1. For not only is it absolutely unable, but it is even unworthy to confuse in any way the Essence of the Creator of the Universe.
    1. But yet again it is the ignorance of what you are doing that still justifies you.
    1. An ignorance that has been impossible to make up for, due to a number of reasons, until the days of today.
    1. For in the case of you everything which is favourable to the mind is far from always favourable to your soul.
    1. Many spiritual achievements in your life, as a rule, have outwardly appeared unreasonable.
    1. And the fruits of logic have in many ways led to the loss of true treasures which, even without that, are still not so great in your soul.
  • Chapter 3

    So, one day, an epochal Event took place in the Universe – you began to be abundantly incarnated in little lovely infants, who were being born according to their native material laws.

    1. The material body that you obtained, was similar to an empty vessel, designed to be a bearer and guardian of the mobile mind which crowned this vessel.
    2. And when the Hand of your Father threw on Earth a handful of tiny sparks, you filled these vessels, and the material flesh became a bearer and guardian not only of the mind, but also of the God’s spark which is your real essence.
    3. The independently manifested qualities of the mobile mind allow it to develop for the sake of its own development and for enrichment of the Mind of the Universe, interfering regularly and characteristically – through the flesh and its inherent energetic features – in the events of the ongoing reality in a way that precisely it considers appropriate, in accordance with the already realised laws of Harmony.
    4. The mind is primarily under the immediate influence of the laws of Harmony, which it perceives step by step;
    5. And this holds the whole organism within these laws.
    6. Getting under the direct influence of your inner world, the activity of the mind was substantially modified, and your whole organism can now already stay within the laws of Harmony only in case you begin to strictly follow the laws of the Great God, the Father of yours.
    7. And these laws fundamentally differ from the laws of development of the Mind.
    8. For this reason your life activity is not intended to be ruled by the mind in the sense which is initially predetermined in the Universe, but by the mind which has become the main assistant in the development of your soul, enriching the Universe with the gifts of God.
    9. Because your predestination is to make visible what is unseen, but unmeasurably fragrant.
    10. Therefore, being incarnated, you are called to influence with your essence the activity of the mind and direct its capabilities to another field of realisation of its qualities.
    11. And only after such characteristic modification of mind’s activity, which precisely in the case with man will last forever, the mind should over time inevitably make a favourable for your soul re-estimation of its own capabilities and finally begin to act as an indispensable assistant in the true development of God’s children.
    12. But the mind is to comprehend correctly the characteristic features of the heterogenous1 law, given that within the information inserted into the mind-composing particles about the way of development of the mind itself, there is absolutely no information about the laws of development of the soul.
    13. In the representatives of the animal world the conscious understanding of the visible reality stems from the strong influence of the attitude of the animal towards it.
    14. Where this attitude is based on the natural-instinctive sensual manifestations, controlled by the Harmony.
    15. In the representatives of the mobile mind the material body also initially possesses the call of the instinct and the manifestation of the related emotional peculiarities; but, having capabilities to satisfy them in the most reasonable way, as well as using some other considerable capabilities, these representatives reduce their own natural-instinctual sensual peculiarities to extremely slight manifestations;
    16. Which allows them to escape from perceiving the surrounding reality as a probable possibility just to satiate the flesh, hide in a safe place and couple in the right moment with the opposite sex.
    17. Getting away from the significant influence of the instincts and the emotional attachments, the mind began predominantly to perceive and analyse the surrounding reality without the distortion of showing any attitude towards it.
    18. These are the most favourable conditions for a full-fledged work of the mobile mind, what was initially pre-determined in the Harmony of the World of matter.
    19. In the early period of your first incarnations you came to possess material bodies which were on the initial stages of mind’s formation,
    20. When the call of the instinct has played a significant role.
    21. You, having filled with your essence the material vessels and having become human beings, unexpectedly for the Harmony manifested great and bright sensual peculiarities, incommensurable with anything, in a vast multitude of all kinds of new shades.
    22. After which you began to feel the call of the instinct much more brightly than your organism had been feeling before your incarnation in it.
    23. And together with the natural-instinctive sensual manifestations which form a certain attitude towards the surrounding reality, some peculiar, incomparable with anything in the material World, unique and wonderful attitude towards the surrounding visible and invisible world occurred inside you.
    24. All this richness of sensual manifestations had a certain effect, considerably distorting the accustomed way of mind’s formation.
    25. The human mind lost forever its ability to perceive the reality without its preliminary refraction in a definite peculiar way through the sensual world.
    26. All the existing things, which man is able to perceive, will always be in the first place refracted by his sensual world, where they will be coloured with a great variety of combinations of colours and nuances, and only after that they will be comprehended by the mind under the influence of these nuances.
    27. For this reason, your well-being completely depends on the capabilities of your sensual world to create a certain scale of colours and nuances.
    28. Where, the darker the colours of the sensual world, the more primitive and erroneous the conclusions of your mind will be,
    29. Regardless of the fact, what efforts have been made for the development of the mental capabilities.
    30. This law you should know forever.
    31. And remember, that your quality will never be valued by the intellectual abilities, but mainly by what is inside you.
    32. But your sensual world, through which you show your attitude to the whole actuality, has two characteristically heterogenous1 manifestations.
    33. One of them – the natural instinctual sensual manifestations, originating from Mother-Earth.
    34. And the second are the spiritual sensual manifestations, whose source is to be found in the Essence of your Heavenly Father.
    35. Therefore in truth I tell you: all the laws, which constitute the common Law for development of your soul, are being displayed in the spiritual attitude towards everything that you are able to perceive and notice through all your sensual peculiarities and the capabilities of the consciousness.
    36. Under the influence of your spiritual world in your mind emerged unusual specific qualities,
    37. What refers to the qualities of the imagination – unknown before to anybody – on the basis of which you began to fantasise vividly and arbitrarily.
    38. In your fantasies you easily create bizarre combinations of images, linking them randomly among themselves, out of any reasonable rules and often contradicting the laws of development of the material Being,
    39. Expressing at the same time the abundant sensual splashes of your attitude towards the created images, as if all this takes place in reality.
    40. And if the very process of consideration of this event according to the law of mind’s functioning may take place, then the logical comprehension will ultimately be of great difficulty for the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind of the Universe.
    41. A unique mystery, referring to the characteristic manifestations of the laws of the soul, is faith.
    42. And if for the mind – for the worthy comprehension of the ongoing – is important the ability to classify the information as accurate knowledge and inaccurate one,
    43. Then the attitude of the soul to something or somebody can be expressed either through full confidence, or through a certain distrust.
    44. Moreover, in the laws of development of the mind there is just a stimulating characteristic, which is the curiosity;
    45. While in the laws of development of the soul there is just a restraining one – the doubt.
    46. The stimulating characteristic is good on the road of development, but is dangerous, when one finds himself at the edge of the precipice.
    47. And the restraining characteristic is good at the edge of the abyss, but is unfavourable on the road of ascent.
    48. Those two mysteries – “the pusher” and “the anchor” – you inevitably acquired in yourselves and, since you could not make a decent assessment of each of them in order to use them properly, you brought your life to chaotic-disorderly manifestations.
    49. As a result, what is dangerous and you should not touch – which you realise very well – you necessarily try to touch.
    50. And what you realise quite well as correct and necessary, you do not do, often giving absurd excuses that you ostensibly have not had any chance to do the worthy,
    51. Failing to notice that quite often you excuse yourselves by something much lesser in respect to the greater thing which you have not done.
    52. Faith is a wonderful mystery,
    53. Which, if you believe in your strength, gives you the ability to make some efforts that you would not be able to do in other conditions.
    54. When you believe in the strength of your neighbour, this increases his abilities, giving him a part of your power.
    55. At the same time your soul becomes more open to the people you believe in.
    56. And when you begin to trust the Great God, your Heavenly Father, then your faith becomes Sacred and it is the only opportunity for your soul to have the most full-fledged interrelationship with the Father.
    57. But at the same time your trust should be necessarily complete.
    58. In this case you should know that through the consciousness of your mind you never have an interrelationship with your Heavenly Father.
    59. For the law of the mind is a material law, and this is a heterogenous1 law in respect to the laws of the Great God.
    60. For this reason in truth I tell you: blind are those, who yearn to find among their thoughts a direct appeal from God to them.
    61. For thought is material, and the Heavenly Father does not touch this quite rough for Him manifestation.
    62. Therefore, in your prayers, it is only what comes out of your soul that communicates with the Great God, but not what comes out of your mouths.
    63. The words of the prayers are mainly necessary for you.
    64. But the lack of knowledge of this difference made you for long centuries wander in the temptations of lifeless waters.
    65. But these wanderings will not last forever.
    66. God sees, and what is necessary is being done.

    1. heterogenous – being of foreign origin, of different origin (TN) ↩︎
  • Chapter 4

    In the initial period of your abundant incarnation on Earth, the existing here and beginning its formation successive civilisation of the mobile mind of the material World, suddenly experienced an unseen in the Universe transformation.

    1. It was from this moment that the countdown of the formation namely of Man began.
    1. At the moment of your first incarnation – not only in that distant time, but also in any of your subsequent first-time incarnations – you do not possess any knowledge about the characteristic features of your soul.
    1. The complication consists also in the fact that in such circumstances you cannot feel any inner inclination towards certain activities favourable for the development of the soul itself.
    1. Because the soul, having absolutely no experience, still does not know at all what specific efforts will be favourable for it.
    1. For this reason, a mandatory preliminary acquaintance with many life endeavours is required, after which, in the process of familiarisation, one can gradually make an assessment in the necessary definition. 
    1. But the bright manifestation of the natural instinctual sensual peculiarities and the characteristic endeavours of the mind became the first thing that drew the attention of the young mankind.
    1. Since that time, in one place or another, one can see either an emotionally unrestrained and noisy man, or a temperate and quiet man, spending a long time looking at the colours of the sunset, or at the mountain peaks touched by the first beams of the rising sun.
    1. Where, at the same time, the mind has been trying in its own way to comprehend the ongoing, and the inner world has been vibrating in certain unconscious enchanting streams,
    1. Leaving for a long time a specific deep trace in the soul and in the memory of the consciousness.
    1. Just like the material body possesses the instinct, which is displayed as typical unconscious impulses, leading to the corresponding vitally important physical efforts of the body itself, so the mind has something similar.
    1. Where the mind is always trying to comprehend every Word or a whole Statement of the Creator of the material Being, which is imprinted in the stone and in the tree, in the murmuring creek and in the blazing flame, in every grain of sand and in the huge mountain ranges –
    1. In everything which can be seen within the countless variety of the material World’s manifestations.
    1. In addition, the mind initially does not have instinctive inclination to determine and comprehend immediately the Essence of the Creator, but has the irresistible desire to understand all the laws of actuality,
    1. Never leaving without comprehension any single phenomenon which attracts the attention.
    1. But now in the case of you, these efforts have almost completely ceased due to the fact that, based on the richest sensual characteristics of your soul, you have obtained excessive – from the point of view of the pure mind – dependence on the satisfaction of your instincts.
    1. And instead of comprehending the things, in which the laws of the Uniform have been imprinted, the mind was to be spending most of its time, and often even all the time of wakefulness, on comprehending of the regularities of the forming human society –
    1. The society of man, who is not just unable to use the capabilities of his mind properly, but has no idea of his soul either.
    1. Where, in the satisfaction of the instincts have quickly been lost any reasonable measures, and this over time began to make man increasingly dependent on his own instinct, the signals of which began to occur disorderly, regardless of the vital needs of the physical body.
    1. Whereas the animals satisfy the call of their instincts solely according to the necessities of life.
    1. All the civilisations of the mobile mind, beginning their development, always start from the level, when the instincts are only satisfied when there is a sheer necessity and always within reasonable limits.
    1. Such manifestations in the Being of the material World are the norm, established by the Creator, within which the animal world is always held.
    1. For the world of the mobile mind this norm is intended to be the lowest level, from which the ascent should start.
    1. Man, having unexpectedly appeared in the Bosom of the material Being, sharply manifested his quality from this side considerably lower than the level defining the norm of the Harmony of the Universe.
    1. And now, in order to begin his normal ascent on the Road of true development from the peculiar zero level, aforementioned as the norm, man should inevitably walk a very difficult road of ascent to this zero level,
    1. Where the attempt to reach it continues to this day.
    1. In that distant time, when you were being first incarnated in the Bosom of Mother-Earth, in a short time you – naturally, in accordance with your capabilities – planted the peculiar tree of formation of your society.
    1. Where you dedicated all your physical and mental abilities only to the satisfaction of the instincts, in an immoderate aspiration to do this in the most saturated and diversified way.
    1. The mind aimed its efforts to help reach this in the most convenient and advantageous direction, creating all possible technical and scientific achievements.
    1. This tree began to grow and branch out quickly.
    1. And today, if you turn away your look from the numerous leaves, unceasingly rustling in egoistic excitement, and cast aside all sort of glistening tinsel, blinding the eye with bright titles of something supposedly sublime, and pay attention to the stem of your tree – you will truly see exactly the same sapling once planted by you.
    1. It happened that, in that distant and remarkable antiquity, you – out of great ignorance – set the form of existence of your society, in whose core was laid the constant striving of the society to live only for itself.
    1. And this long-term inharmonious programme has been working to this day.
    1. A similar, but harmonious programme possesses the whole animal world.
    1. Where the Harmony of the material World, controlling the occurrence, migration and the quantity of various species, spreads them in the necessary places in such a way, that this could not disturb the Balance and all life processes could only proceed on the track of development.
    1. At the same time, the mind of the animal is not tasked to comprehend this situation and independently choose the most effective efforts in favour of the Harmony of the Universe.
    1. It is enough for the representatives of the animal world to obediently follow the call of their instinct.
    1. The Being of the World of the mobile mind has been pre-determined by the Creator with the greatest freedom of choice in its searches and efforts.
    1. To this end, the capabilities of the mind have been enriched to an extent, where they could get the material body out of the strict limitations of the activity of the instincts and independently control and organise their satisfaction.
    1. And the mind itself has been formed in a way that, regardless of the fact if it knows or not about the true tasks of its activities, it always chooses the necessary employment of its efforts.
    1. But for this purpose it should not be under the influence of the natural sensual manifestations.
    1. The appearance of man had not been foreseen by the laws of the Universe.
    1. And although you possess the characteristic peculiarities of the mobile mind, the pre-determined by the Creator of the Universe mind’s perception of the ongoing reality has been considerably distorted by your sensual world.
    1. After this, instead of the natural activity of the mind which is to create fruits meant exclusively for the benefit of the Harmony, the mind – with no less effort – proceeded to create other fruits capable only of destroying the living of those who possess that same mind, as well as the living of everything that is being manifested in the surrounding reality.
    1. And as you are in absolute ignorance of the true laws of development of your soul, so, being dependent on the bright manifestations of the qualities of your sensual world, you, in that distant time, inevitably put the activity of satisfying the instincts at the level of a primary vitally important task.
    1. In other words, you did something, which in natural conditions is typical for the activity of the animal world.
    1. And the manifestations of the instinct through the laws of self-provision, reproduction and self-preservation began to be expressed in a constant striving to find food, clothing, shelter, coupling with the opposite sex and natural continuation of one’s own family line, and also striving to create circumstances, which are able to make most secure the life activity of one’s own body.
    1. This is all that, in its core, is also a primary vital necessity for the animals.
    1. A characteristic feature precisely of the paramount importance of this vital task is the still present in you, as well as in the natural manifestations of the animal world, readiness to cause moral or physical harm to any potential rival in controversial circumstances, concerning the interest related to your natural body.
    1. The mind of the young mankind, having a distorted perception of the ongoing, found itself not able to correctly assess the situation as regards to what extent things happening in the reality are favourable for the development of the soul.
    1. And therefore, establishing consciously a false accent on the primacy of your life goal, you directed all your mental and physical abilities towards its achievement.
    1. And as the mind, for that same reasons, faced difficulties to determine the reasonable measures in achieving satisfaction of the instincts, so, on the basis of your great mental capabilities, which the animals – for their good – do not have, you began to perform in abundance all kinds of abnormal creative efforts, that as a whole brought the human civilisation down, below the zero level,
    1. Which was marked by the Creator of the Universe for the entire reasonable world as a norm, below which one should not drop;
    1. For there will inevitably begin some processes, erasing the information for development in the body cells, and the material flesh will constantly gravitate to self-destruction.
    1. At that, the available capabilities of the mind have not been able to take you out of the strict limitations of the activity of the instincts, the way it became possible with the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe.
    1. And now, to take you properly out of the dangerous state can only the spiritual force, which you are called to constantly develop.
    1. But in this respect the first man was in complete ignorance.
    1. And the condition of modern mankind in this respect has changed quite insignificantly since that ancient epoch.
    1. In the times, when the young mankind began to naturally form its society according to the laws unfavourable for the development of man himself, you – out of ignorance – laid the seed of global egoism in fertile soil,
    1. From which reached out a bizarre sapling – a personification of the young human civilisation.
    1. To the man, who was not aware of the existence of the laws of Harmony and Beauty, it was difficult to make a correct assessment of the sapling, planted by his own hands, which began to grow and branch out rapidly with a great number of ugly branches and even greater variety of poisonous fruits.
    1. At the same time, a key role in this unfavourable formation began to play actively a certain difficulty, which appeared and quickly developed in the inner world of man.
    1. And man himself, being unaware of the true laws of development, made natural wishful-conscious efforts forming this difficulty.
    1. Under the influence of the sensual might of the soul, the sensual characteristics of the natural manifestations of the flesh acquired a new and much richer sounding.
    1. The tri-unity of the laws of the instinct found a new life and the young mankind began naturally the formation of its society on their basis.
    1. One of the laws of the tri-unity, the law of self-preservation, has a very important feature for the representatives of the animal world.
    1. This vital characteristic is manifested through certain efforts for self-affirmation in an environment which suggests the presence of a respectable rival.
    1. Where every successful step in this direction inevitably implies the emergence of respect and reverence for the personality of the winner, both on the part of the losing rivals, and on the part of the other members of the tribe.
    1. Your natural flesh, prior to your first remarkable incarnation on Earth, had also possessed this characteristic, but the young mind had already been able to make the necessary assessment of these phenomena and had been increasingly taking them under control, setting reasonable limitations.
    1. But as soon as your soul merged with the given natural laws, all reasonable limitations set by the young mind until that moment were razed to the ground.
    1. The basic law of multiplying your spiritual power lies in the attitude towards the surrounding reality, which is manifested in two levels: lower and upper.
    1. The lower level is defined by the ability not to consider yours something which in principle cannot be yours;
    1. The upper level is defined by the constant desire and striving to share something, or to give away in favour of somebody, what cannot be divided, from what in principle is only yours.
    1. In order to properly understand the actions at one level or another, you need in the first place to remember, that you are allowed to consider yours only the Divine within you and it is acceptable to consider the natural body you possess as yours.
    1. And from the things, which you are able to create independently from the beginning – which belongs only to Nature – and till the moment of completion, it is acceptable to consider yours just the creation, in which you had been striving to insert all the best from your soul.
    1. This law, as well as all the rest of the laws determining the true development of the soul, your mind has not been able to comprehend both in that distant time and to the present day.
    1. The young soul does not have the experience of the man who selflessly gives himself for the benefit of the others and the surrounding world, without expecting anything in return.
    1. Not knowing the true taste of what it feels like to give something away for the benefit of somebody, man in natural circumstances quickly gets acquainted with a certain pleasant sensation from taking what he wants for himself.
    1. And seeing and tasting first of all the joy of taking for himself, man begins to feel a natural desire to experience such joy again.
    1. But at the same time, there is already an awareness that this joy man can only feel in the process of acquisition exactly for himself.
    1. And since the first representatives of the young mankind could not know the real taste of the true joy from the complete self-giving in good creation, when one forgets about oneself so much, that sometimes even the call of the instinct cannot be heard, it was impossible for the first man to have a favourable example in the face of his neighbour.
    1. In reality such landmarks did not exist at all.
    1. But according to the laws of the animal world, landmarks of a different origin occurred in abundance.
    1. It was in principle impossible for the first man not to be tempted by such false examples.
    1. You very quickly began to appreciate that having possibly greater authority among your neighbours meant having more opportunities to satiate and diversify the satisfaction of the instincts.
    1. Where the striving for constant diversity is manifested in you on the basis of one of the qualities of your soul,
    1. Which is intended to be expressed in the continuous creation of something unique, but each time more and more beautiful in the works of your hands.
    1. But under the influence of the uncontrolled and unorganised natural-instinctive sensual splashes, the mind became unable to make a correct assessment of the reality, and your desire for diversity in everything easily stepped beyond the reasonable limits and measures,
    1. Which in your life activity easily began to take the form of extremely absurd manifestations in the concepts of fashion.
    1. All this began to be rapidly displayed in the unbridled desire of man to respond to the call of the instinct, acting dutifully under the strong influence of the aforementioned peculiarity of self-affirmation.
    1. From their very first steps men and women could quickly make similar assessments regarding the well-being of their natural bodies.
    1. Both of them understood, that the greater their bodies’ merits, the easier the road to success in that same direction of satisfactions, authority and honours.
    1. If these merits were not good enough or if they were missing, then the activity of the mind aimed to compensate for the insufficiency.
    1. Moreover, in men, the activity of the mind in this area has more capabilities, leading them to conquer one or another authoritative level.
    1. Even in ancient times one could already notice that the activity of the mind has much more capabilities to win in competition with the primitive demonstration of muscular power.
    1. Precisely on the basis of the fact that on the one hand you excessively depend on the instincts, raised to primary vitally important goal, and on the other hand you have the capabilities of the mobile mind – relegated to participation in the continuous considering of actions which are not connected with the harmonious development, – in your life occurred the ugly form of the competitive process.
    1. Having learned to set different goals which ultimately should necessarily lead to the desired respect and honour – that is inevitably connected with the anxiously desired satisfaction of the instincts in a great variety and with a great effect – the young mankind was flaming up with the violent unquenchable fire of all kinds of thinkable and unthinkable competitions among the representatives of a definite society and among the different societies;
    1. Moreover – competitions in everything, wherever possible and with anyone.
    1. In this respect the thirst for competition, and more precisely, the thirst to feel for another time the taste of victory and glory always begins to be developed in the societies from the very childhood.
    1. First in the different kinds of children’s games, and later the teenagers begin to participate in sports competitions established by the society.
    1. And all for the sake of just one, often silenced, abnormal goal: to feel yourself –at least a little and at least in some ways – better than someone from your neighbours, and even than some representative of the animal world.
    1. The competition, as a process of suppression and elimination of a likely rival, is the typical driver of the violent blooming of wildness and ignorance to this day.
    1. And since the developing mind became over time more and more capable of bearing fruits of technical and scientific nature, easing the achievement of the egoistic needs both of separate individuals and of a certain society, so the oil dripping from these fruits, from time to time strongly ignited the flame.
    1. And this conflagration of planetary scope has been burning for thousands of years now, and in this fire have already burned a great number of people who have failed to deal with the naturally occurring most difficult life task.
    1. The absence of great mental capacity in the animals allows Harmony to reduce the competition among the ones who are under the power of the competitive spirit to the use of their own physical strength only, whereupon the strongest one always takes for himself the best, or at least – what he likes.
    1. This plays a vitally important favourable role in the survival and development of the representatives of the animal world.
    1. And if in the animal world the one with the least physical strength has the lowest chance to survive, then in human’s world the ones with the least physical abilities sometimes can easily aim with success towards their intended target, skillfully attracting the missing physical strength from the outside.
    1. Respectively, the ones who have the greatest physical abilities, may not necessarily have a guarantee for unhindered movement towards their goal, for they can easily be beaten by the fruits of the more sophisticated mind of their rival, let him be even with much weaker physical abilities.
    1. You constantly strive to set before your own mind the task of finding a way to victory over the rivals you have identified, and your mind with the help of logic always tries to find a solution, showing the shortest, most convenient way to victory.
    1. But as you have a specific, brightly displayed attitude towards the ongoing reality, from the fruits of this natural intelligent effort have emerged terms like: trickery, cunning, meanness and so on.
    1. And then, basically, one and the same process of victory over the rival or the achievement of any other goal, could be distinguished into supposedly worthy efforts and unworthy ones.
    1. Although from a reasonable point of view there is not any principal difference, for in their fundamental essence everything remains one and the same.
    1. On the grounds of rivalry grew and still continue to branch out abundantly all the sprouts of grief in your society.
    1. And in these social formations, where the physical strength is especially respected, the character of the relations among you always and easily obtains primitive-wild forms.
    1. Any attempt to satisfy the call of the instincts implies an effort, directed primarily towards one’s own satisfaction.
    1. And since mankind set the tri-unity of the laws of the instinct as a paramount vitally important goal, this naturally implied your constant greatest efforts, being made solely for the sake of your own satisfaction,
    1. At the same time almost always with a hypocritical bright slogan, reflecting your allegedly selfless striving to create for the benefit of the others.
    1. In such favourable conditions for the flourishing of the regularities of egoism, you should always and in everything – at least a little, but still – place your name above the name of someone from your neighbours.
    1. And the various competitions, appearing in your life in all fields of your activity regardless of the level of significance, have inevitably set you in conditions, when you persistently cultivate inside you a certain peculiar creature which might be called pride.
    1. Human pride – this is an individual side of egoism, which develops on the basis of the natural peculiarity of self-affirmation, the main constituent of the instinct of self-preservation.
  • Chapter 5

    The natural sensual attachments, which you made yourselves absolutely dependent on since ancient times, began to continuously influence the activity of the evolving mind, forcing it to work only in the direction necessary for the burgeoning egoism.

    2. The young mind is constantly being formed, and the direction of formation remains always one and the same.

    3. Figuratively speaking, the natural characteristic features of the mind rest in the ability to perceive the incoming information precisely in a colourless manner.

    4. While the natural sensual world in this case is characterised by a peculiar coloured perception.

    5. Your natural egoistic perception of the occurring actuality resembles a specific prism that characteristically refracts all the actuality, tinting it in various colours containing semantic marks of what is favourable or unfavourable to your own egoism.

    6. And as your sensual world fully influences mind’s activity, which was not initially envisaged in Harmony regarding the mobile mind, then your mind in such conditions, naturally, perceives the reality only through this peculiar colouring;

    7. For which reason the young evolving mind begins to mark and accumulate facts with an abnormal for the development designation of each phenomenon of the surrounding world.

    8. And the more information with egoistic marks is being stored, the more easily and quickly your mind – in varied controversial situations – finds the best solution to an emerging difficulty solely to please your egoism.

    9. The mind would do everything possible for you, using its inherent laws of thinking, but in doing so the mind itself will not be able to know what it has actually done for you.

    10. As your mind does not possess true knowledge of what is favourable for the development of the soul and what is not, so, regardless of its capabilities and working capacity, it would not be able to help you in your true development.

    11. For thousands of years your mind has been constantly looking at the reality through the prism of the immoderate egoism.

    12. Besides, in the experience of the consciousness of your temporal material body, in the experience of your soul and in the experience of the whole human civilisation for all the time of its existence, you have accumulated a colossal amount of information about all kinds of egoistic deeds of yours – in all aspects of your being without exception as well as in absolutely any other phenomenon of societal, Planetary and even Universal level.

    13. Exclusively all this information has been marked by you in a peculiar way.

    14. The process of this kind of marking has in its core definite regularities.

    15. In the natural body, endowed with mind, there are two levels of marking the information about the surrounding reality:

    16. The reasonable level that determines the information from the position – accurate or inaccurate knowledge,

    17. And the level of the instinct, determining the information as favourable or unfavourable for the material body, considering the egoistic manifestations inherent precisely to this level.

    18. In the representatives of the animal world, whose instincts fully determine the activity of one or another animal and the capabilities of the mind are being kept within a narrow range, the information about the surrounding world is being marked only from the position of the instinctive level.

    19. And then the mind of the animal begins increasingly over time to hold only information with marks: edible or not, dangerous or not dangerous, and so forth, in full dependence on the egoism as an important feature in the given conditions.

    20.  In the representatives of the mobile mind of the material World the voice of the instincts is gradually reduced to insignificant manifestations in such a way, that the peculiarities of the egoism are almost not displayed.

    21. That is why the necessary marks of information related to the instincts are being made in this case at the initial stage of development, and further the mind, freed from any influence of the instincts, begins to perceive the information without distortions and regardless of the natural needs of the body.

    22. In your basis you have not two, but three levels of assessments of the surrounding world.

    23. Along with those already mentioned, you have also a spiritual level of marking of the incoming information.

    24. This level of assessments, as well as the instinctive level, is characterised by definitions from the position: favourable or unfavourable; but only in this case it refers to the development of the soul.

    25. If a figurative comparison is applied to this level as well, it will differ from the multi-colouring of the natural sensual manifestations and the colourless manifestations of the peculiarities of the mind.

    26. In this case, if the characteristics of the mind can be compared to a certain crystal transparent ball, letting everything through itself without any colouring, then the spiritual sensual characteristics can be compared to the same ball, but filled with a certain very pleasant glow, having a tender warm hue.

    27. Precisely on the basis of this peculiar emanation the multi-colouring of the natural sensual characteristics in your incarnation has obtained a very strong colour saturation,

    28. Under the influence of which, naturally, you fall into excessive anxiety with an unavoidable psychological fatigue.

    29. But only by worthily developing the peculiarities of your soul will the strength of your spirit – having inevitably multiplied inside the intensity of the natural sensual soundings, by increasingly shrouding outside your natural sensual world with its tender light – be able to properly reduce the excessive colour saturation,

    30. Ennobling the colour sounding and bringing all this into harmony.

    31.  After which the impact of the sensual world over the mind will be the most favourable and the only permissible  for you.

    32. But precisely your mind will never get out of the sensual influence.

    33. And although all the efforts of your mind in comprehending the regularities of the material World will always be using the principle of evaluating the incoming information as accurate and inaccurate knowledge, the sensual world will always attach to this information additional underlying colouring.

    34. Where your well-being will entirely depend on what kind of sensual world inside you is dominant: the natural or the spiritual.

    35. The egoism in the animals is only manifested in direct connection with the satisfying of the basic instincts, which should engender the spirit of rivalry, and as a result one species or another continues its existence and development due to the strongest ones.

    36. The egoism of man has also begun to flourish on the basis of these same laws, but if in the animals the mind, with the pre-established strict limitations, has been creating an insurmountable barrier, holding the natural sensual manifestations within the borders of harmony, then the capabilities of the mobile mind in man do not have such limitations;

    37. So the bloom of the natural sensual characteristics could not be retained within reasonable and harmonious boundaries,

    38. And the ugliest form has obtained the natural-sensual manifestation of egoism.

    39. Unlike the animals, you are able to create innumerable varieties of all kinds of manifestations in relationships with each other and with the rest of the surrounding world.

    40. You possess greatest creative capabilities, wherein your mind is always ready to find a myriad of diverse ways, leading you towards the most convenient and easy achievement of the intended goal.

    41. But since your inner world is dominated by the natural-sensual egoistic peculiarities, your mind will inevitably perceive the surrounding world through the prism of this egoism, marking and memorising the information only according to the principle: for the benefit of your egoistic claims or not.

    42. For all the history of your existence, infinitely accumulating information which has been almost entirely marked only by the egoism, you always find yourself in a situation, when any attempt of the mind to comprehend one or another emerging life-difficulty always slips into the field of pleasing your own egoism,

    43. Whose size and the peculiarity you are still unable not just to assess, but also to imagine.

    44. Because for such an assessment it is necessary to possess a mind which views the reality exclusively through the sensual manifestations of the soul.

    45. And none of you has ever reached such a quality for all the history of human civilisation’s existence.

    46. Although some people have nevertheless been able to reach certain considerable results in this direction.

    47. But this is the prospect of the future for each of you.

    48. And if in the material world the mobile mind has been able on its own to restrict the egoism to insignificant manifestations, then with you this is only possible through the spiritual development.

    49. If we can figuratively say about the mind that it possesses the ability to see, then the whole sensual world in this case cannot see.

    50. The whole material World, showing itself in all its diversity of holistic systems, has in the basis of its life manifestations definite laws of balance and two main norms.

    51. Where one must not fall below the first, for this will cause exhaustion, nor get above the other: over-saturation will take place.

    52. The violation of one norm or the other always leads to the violation of certain balance, after which a process of self-destruction begins.

    53. The natural sensual world of the animals is controlled by the Harmony Itself through the information laid in the instincts of one or another animal.

    54. The mind of the animals is in the condition where it, according to its capabilities, can only be an obedient servant in the proper satisfaction of the instincts, without being stronger than they are.

    55. The mobile mind has the capability to bring the sensual world of the physical body beyond the borders of the norm, but it can not do so just because it realises that in this case a danger occurs,

    56. And for the benefit of its activity it reduces the signals of the sensual manifestations of the instincts to the lowest possible level, but not passing beyond the lower level of the norm.

    57. The combination of the peculiarities of the natural body and the mind is balanced by the Harmony in such a way, that the “blind” sensual world will always be in the level of normal life-activity.

    58. In the case with the mobile mind of man the situation is such, that the mind – though still capable to see – is destined to view the reality only through the prism of one sensual world or another.

    59. And as long as the mind views the world through the prism of the exorbitantly enhanced manifestations of the natural sensual peculiarities with ever-increasing above the norm egoism, the mind can easily be cheated at the early stages.

    60. And it will not be able to determine the reasonable measure in satisfying the sensual natural characteristics, which will inevitably lead your actions to upsetting the adjusted-by-Harmony system of instincts’ signals.

    61. This necessarily will lead to the fact that you will either insufficiently supply the needy, or excessively feed the desirous.

    62. But in both cases the flesh will deteriorate.

    63. It is only the spiritual sensual world, properly forming itself, that is intended to bring the natural sensual world within the norm.

    64. And although the mind will keep on perceiving the reality through a certain prism, but which already belongs to the spiritual world, in this case it will be able to store information in such a form, that in any comprehension of the occurring situations mind will always find a favourable solution both for the soul and the flesh.

    65. Unlike the natural sensual world, which has both an upper and a lower limits of saturation, the spiritual sensual world has just one level, which is initially established by the Heavenly Father and below which it is impossible to descend.

    66. But in the other direction there are absolutely no limitations, and, no matter how much the soul is being fed with spiritual food, it would never reach over-saturation.

    67. And this process of saturation will last forever.

    68. Your soul has in its foundation the ability to react sensitively to what is favourable for it to feel, because this can only be what is beneficial to its formation.

    69. In this way it is able to determine unmistakably what pleases God and what is coming from Him, trying to identify Father’s Hand,

    in order to resolutely go where the Heavenly Father will lead.

    70.  Situations occasionally occur in your life, when the mind notifies some inner reaction, rejecting something or perceiving pleasantly some phenomenon, remembering this along with a variety of bright similar reactions on behalf of the egoistic sensual world.

    71. The mind – at the first stages of life-activity of the young mankind – had not been able to distinguish between such inner reactions on outer circumstances, but after a long period of time it became increasingly possible to note, that some inner sensual reactions differ in quality from the manifestations of the natural sensual world.

    72. Thus, the mind gradually began to acquire an ever increasing predisposition to comprehend favourably the spiritual sensual world.

    73. For the mind the conditions for comprehending of the Creator of the material Being rest in the fact, that the laws of the Creator, as a partial reflection of Him, can be perceived in any object or phenomenon of the material world, which is being displayed around in its variety, and the mind is able at every step to find a great deal of knowledge about the Being of the Harmony.

    74. Whereas the conditions for starting the development of the soul have been much more complicated for you.

    75. For the Heavenly Father has never been reflected in any object or phenomenon of the material World.

    76. The laws of the development of the soul can never be read in the trees or in the middle of a cloud, in the dew drops or in the grains of coastal sand, in the morning dawn or in a mysterious fog.

    77. And if the mind can perceive independently the laws of its own development and its material body’s development, reading the book of wisdom which is constantly open in the face of the surrounding Nature, then it is your soul that does not have the opportunities to read the book of the laws of its formation.

    78. Once, when you were first incarnated, your soul should primarily step into close interaction with the material laws, infinitely experiencing the influence of various situations,

    79. Trying at the same time to distinguish what is good for it from what is harmful.

    80. But in order to be able to analyse such kind of information favourably, the mind should know: what is the voice of the soul and how it differs from the sensual natural peculiarities.

    81. It is easier for the mind to distinguish and comprehend the sensual world of the flesh, because the fundamental laws of both the mind and the flesh are homogenous.

    82. And only because the sensual world of your flesh, reinforced many times by the features of the soul, began to exceed in strength the norm established by the Harmony, the mobile mind found itself fully dependent on the sensual world, just like in the animals.

    83. Therefore, from aside, the mind could not comprehend what was taking place in the sensual world of the first man, but only, depending on the natural egoistic sensual manifestations which are the brightest and the most vociferous, comprehended the reality exclusively in favour of the egoism.

    84. The voice of the soul, as a rule, was being left without attention.

    85. But even if the mind has succeeded in noticing something coming from the soul, anyway in the process of comprehending this signal, the mind inevitably has to use only the stored information, already coloured by the egoism.

    86. And then to make reasonable conclusions in favour of the soul becomes almost impossible.

    87. But still, drop by drop, there can be accumulated in the consciousness information that is most favourable for the spiritual world.

    88. For, in order to make it once possible to reveal by the Will of the Great Heavenly Father some primary necessary laws, which directly and significantly influence the formation of the soul, it is absolutely necessary that the inner spiritual world and the level of consciousness have matured to the most favourable condition.

    89. And in order that the young mankind might mature to that, it had to be preserved.

    90. For, having failed – due to natural circumstances – to comprehend properly what is necessary for the spiritual development and having entirely devoted your life to please the egoistic sensual manifestations, you inevitably began a wildish way of living,

    91. Where according to the laws of rivalry you step into fierce struggle with each other both among the various small groups and among the tribes and states.

    92. You directed all your reasonable capabilities into these absurd competitions, creating more and more exquisite technical appliances, even more depriving each other of life.

    93. These efforts – most stupid in their essence – you have been making for thousands of years and to the present day, doing this with a single egoistic goal: to improve your own egoistic conditions for satisfying your instincts and the other sensual egoistic needs.

    94. Moreover, every success in this field excessively develops both the personal and the overall national pride, which is actually the first and main enemy of your spiritual world.

    95. On this point it can be said that if you want to find conditions developing the soul, you can safely look for them in the opposite direction from what your pride tells you to do.

    96. In addition to the law of rivalry, leading you to continuous fighting with each other, the whole human society, out of ignorance, stepped beyond the boundaries, admissible in the Harmony, and dropped below the zero level of the norm predetermined by the Creator for normal life-activity in the material World.

    97. This has led to the fact, that you, thanks to your continuous efforts in the false direction, persistently delete from the cells of your body the information of development,

    98. After which inevitably the bonds among the cells start to break down, which brings your flesh to ever harder diseases and death.

    99. According to the laws of Nature you can easily transfer the presence of such disorders to your kids, making in this way every new generation with ever greater deviations in their physical well-being.

    100. For every new generation, taking the same abnormal steps, multiplies what it already bears;

    101. And each time this is being more strongly rejected by Harmony.

    102. Under such circumstances your life expectancy is very short.

    103. But the maturing of your spiritual world and the consciousness itself – so that at the predetermined Hour you could worthily accept the laws of development revealed by the Will of the Great God – requires life periods which are many times longer.

    104. And if the soul perished with the death of the flesh, then we might not speak about the development of the soul at all, and your incarnation into a natural body would be meaningless.

    105. The Heavenly Father knew about this necessity, for this reason the vitally important to you mysteries of the system of reincarnations had been foreseen,

    106. According to which you again and again – if there is a vital necessity for this – reincarnate into the flesh which exactly you need for you.

    107. But it is not you that choose this flesh, it is being chosen for you, considering what you have matured for and what you are short of.

    108. Wherein favourable conditions are being created for you, as the consciousness of the new flesh should not remember the great amount of your stupidities from your past life.

    109. Although the experience of the soul, gradually gaining strength, is able with each time to increasingly influence the young organism’s search for what is necessary for the benefit of the soul,

    110. Where this organism begins to look at the world with new childish eyes, and this allows from time to time to accumulate in the soul more favourable impressions that affect the formation of the soul.

    111. But together with this, there are also other circumstances, when the accumulating of negative experience makes the child from the very childhood most prone to actions which increasingly burden his inner world.

    112. But nothing can be changed by force from aside, for a man should possess complete freedom of choice.

    113. This law is not only for the mobile mind of the Universe, but it is also a mandatory Law in the development of the soul.

    114. The greatest thing that can be done for you in your new incarnation is to select the most favourable – from the point of view of the Truth – conditions for comprehension of what you are short of, considering in advance the probable sequence of various forthcoming challenges.

    115. According to some regularities these most probable favourable conditions can be seen in advance on the basis of the qualities of the newly born material body in certain conditions.

    116. The law of re-incarnation allows the accumulation of creative experience and spiritual strength in your souls, though creative experience is always accumulated much faster.

    117. Due to this law in the history of existence of your society there can be created favourable conditions, when some of you have become able to overcome the abnormal limitations, invisibly established by the society.

    118. And then the mind, avidly aspiring to comprehend a reality that is far from being connected with the probable possibility to satisfy egoistic needs, allowed the science and arts to flourish.

    119. And some of you have made important efforts in the realm of the spirit, considerably breaking the dependence on the instincts and other egoistic impulses.

    120. Prior to the necessary maturing your soul, as a rule, incarnates several times, then the sequence of incarnations is completed and the soul awaits the Hour after which, with all the rest who are also waiting, will be finally returned to the flesh.

    121. After that the law of reincarnation will disappear as superfluous, and you will fully proceed to life-activity according to the laws of Eternity.

  • Chapter 6

    But prior to this significant milestone, throughout the course of your existence, you were to show yourselves in bright diverse colours from a peculiar side of your life-activity,

    2. The quality of manifestation of which radically differs from the quality of manifestations from this side of all representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe.

    3. This peculiar side of your life is being represented by all kinds of attempts to determine the Nature of the Heavenly Father and to establish communication with Him.

    4. Wherein these attempts, egoistically divided from each other, flourished in a vast external diversity.

    5. But this was inevitable on the basis of the features of your inner world and the condition of an unfree mind.

    6. Regardless of the high number of various reasonable civilisations in the Universe, their attitude towards the Uniform is expressed on the same characteristic basis with a common awareness by everybody of the single Law of development.

    7. And on the one and only Mother-Earth, where in the Universe one single peculiar mankind exists, the expression of attitudes towards God is being manifested in a great diverse variety.

    8. Whereas the Law of development of the soul also has one Road of Ascent, which is common for all God’s children.

    9. Only a unified society of mankind could be able to get to the most favourable understanding of this truth.

    10. And since the human civilisation consists of a great multitude of varied societies, divided among themselves on the basis of the laws of egoism, then, even if the understanding of the one common Road is perceived by the consciousness of the representatives of the different isolated societies, according to the law of that same egoism each society of this kind will immediately correlate this truth with its own, inherent to the stated society, characteristic speaking about God and about the road of development.

    11. After which the collective pride of such society considerably increases.

    12. And although the religious side in the life of the young mankind basically differs from something similar in the existence of the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe, nevertheless it was the extraterrestrial world of the Mind that played a significant role in the formation of this side of human civilisation’s life.

    13. At the same time, the development of the young mankind from this side was affected by another important event,

    14. Which was marked by the fact, that once in the Universe one large and sufficiently developed civilisation deviated from the common road of development of all the other brothers-in-Mind,

    15. Continuing its life-activity, without violating the laws of Harmony, but having in many aspects different goals from the rest.

    16. The legend about the stated separation has entered in a peculiar form the scriptures of the Old Testament as a narrative about the fallen angel, imprinted in a definite figurative form in view of the level of development of the human society.

    17. The World of the Mind, being separated in two directions of different expressions of independent efforts in development, never manifests itself in open confrontations between the representatives of these directions.

    18. And when their interests intersect on some object or phenomenon, which does not yet belong to either of them, they try, without pushing one another, to make certain efforts – with different goals – observing all the established laws of the Universe.

    19. In this way, one day, the interests of the representatives of these two, disagreeing with each other, reasonable worlds crossed on the life of the beginning its development young mankind.

    20. And efforts with different purposes began to be made.

    21. There is a natural rule in the laws of the Universe, allowing the more developed civilisations of the mobile mind to patronise the less developed ones.

    22. Besides, the influence on the young developing civilisation should be the slightest possible, without violating in any way the freedom of choice of the patronised ones.

    23. In view of the fact, that the soul has in its core a motive peculiarity set by the Birth-Parent, which constantly inspires the soul to search for and determine what comes from the Heavenly Father, the first man felt unconscious desire to find in the manifested material world something, through which could most fully express Himself Somebody, on Whom both the well-being and the misfortunes of man himself depended.

    24. The consciousness of the first man, noticing what a great importance for the well-being of the society have the level of wisdom and the qualities of the leader of that society, also noticed a great deal of different emerging situations, causing both benefit and losses to his society without any connection to the qualities of the leader of that society.

    25. It was not difficult for the primitive consciousness of the first man – being excessively afraid of the incomprehensible powerful elemental manifestations, in the waves of which he felt himself a tiniest grain of sand – to come to the understanding that behind all this manifestation of Nature stands Someone, infinitely great and powerful, at the whim of Whose, ostensibly, take place all these phenomena and the alternations of various events in the life of man himself.

    26. And since man could already note in his mind that an angry neighbour can easily be soothed by some presents, pleasing his egoistic sensual needs, this primitive stereotype had a long lasting effect on the behaviour of man, who was trying to form a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

    27. Through this natural understanding, which was accessible to the young mind, you began to form a specific side in your life-activity, thanks to which until this day you have been trying to determine: what is for good, and what is harmful; what is pleasing God, and what is not?

    28. Some representatives of the Mind of the Universe, exploring independently the life-activity of the beginning-its-development young mankind, have paid attention to some basic characteristic circumstances.

    29. In the course of the analysis of the characteristic peculiarities in the human civilisation’s life-activity, being displayed in a great diversity, the conclusion was drawn that Someone is leading the man.

    30. At the same time, it is neither possible to identify the One, Who is directly patronising the young mankind, nor to establish with Him any relations on the basis of all the available capabilities of the entire World of the Mind.

    31. Further on it was noted that man’s thinking does not tend to rest on the laws of logic, inherent to all the representatives of the mobile mind.

    32. And if the conclusions, based on the thinking processes, were still pretty reasonable, then the strangest thing was why man begins to make efforts in a completely different direction compared to the mind-based conclusion.

    33.  The Mind of the Universe has also realised that in the life of man a certain thing called love plays an extremely significant role, which is not to be found in the manifestations of any representative of the mobile mind of all the civilisations in the Universe.

    34. For the kind of understanding and the range of bright sensual experiences that man has, are entirely absent in the life activity of the World of the Mind.

    35. And the most extraordinary thing for the extraterrestrial mind was to realise that man has a certain immortal soul, through which he is able to be incarnated again and again on Earth, which is impossible for any representative of the Mind of the Universe.

    36. No matter how long the life of one or another representative of the mobile mind of the World of matter can last, finally it necessarily comes to an end,

    37. After which all the stored information is transferred to the memory of the planetary Mind, and nothing is left from the living individuality.

    38. Man, however, has shown that there is a form of life-activity in the Universe unusual for all.

    39. The extraterrestrial reasonable world has traced that after the end of the life of man’s material body, according to the generally known laws of matter, from the flesh separates an energetic double that can exist for a certain number of days; but when this period expires, when the energetic double had disintegrated, merging with the force currents of the Planet, there has suddenly been discovered a certain further existing luminous point,

    40. Which has been moving according to its own inherent laws.

    41. And only thanks to the fact that the soul had stored a certain life experience, which, figuratively speaking, resembles metal inclusions in its tissue, it could be observed with the capabilities of the representatives of the mobile mind, while in a pure state it cannot be seen with such capabilities.

    42. Realising in advance these fundamental peculiarities in the life of the young mankind, the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind began to try – unobtrusively and carefully – to influence something that in the life of the human society was emerging intuitively in the form of primitive efforts to establish relationship with the One, Whom they feared and Whose protection they needed,

    43. Whom they wanted to propitiate and engage in help to satisfy their egoistic demands.

    44. On the basis of the fact, that, on the one hand an inner peculiarity of the mind lies in the desire to consider and cognise the Creator of the World of matter in every phenomenon of the manifested material world in the surrounding reality, and, on the other hand under the influence of the soul man felt a constant inclination to search for his Heavenly Father, the life-activity of the human society began naturally to be filled with all kinds of creations of  human hands, in which man was eager to express his almighty Patron.

    45. Man sincerely hoped that his Great True God can easily manifest Himself in any material object.

    46. Using the given level of reasonable state of man, as well as skillfully using some circumstances, when certain individuals had the ability to perceive semantic suggestions addressed to them from the world which was invisible to them, the extraterrestrial mind was trying to convey to the young mankind’s consciousness the necessary clues about the material laws, which man could use for the benefit of his life-activity.

    47. But, being a slave of the egoism, man was not eager to share this knowledge with all his neighbours.

    48. And then, knowledge of this kind was gradually gained in the hands of a certain narrow group of people, leaving for themselves the right to reap the laurels of honour and respect.

    49. Through the accumulation of such kind of knowledge and the skill to make use of it correctly, it was easy to establish power over a great number of brethren, who did not have such information.

    50. The mind, subject to egoism, could not fail to notice such a regularity.

    51. And on this basis have been built all, without exception, power-holding organisations existing to the present day,

    52. Regardless of the fact whether or not they worship the darkness, whether or not they hide themselves behind worldly or spiritual titles.

    53. But it was not mainly for the sake of scientific and technical clues – which were given a lot both through mental communication and as direct meetings of the representatives of the extraterrestrial world and man – that attempts were made to influence the life-activity of the young human society,

    54. But as a conscious necessity to make the most favourable efforts capable of restraining as far as possible the wild actions of the representatives of the human societies, living under the reign of the frantic revelry of egoism and directed to a continuous unreasonable desire to deprive each other of life for the sake of insignificant goals;

    55. Where both the goal, which has been reached and the efforts undertaken for this purpose equally lead to self-destruction both the man himself, and the society as a whole.

    56. A society, established and still existing according to the laws of egoism, never has inside any natural and freely expressed efforts towards the most qualitative unity, and such society always has a constant internal inclination towards unending separation and isolation,

    57. Which is also, in this case, a great danger for the human civilisation.

    58. The integrity of any society depends entirely on the laws, according to which the integrity of any living organism in the World of the material Being is maintained.

    59. Where if any organism makes efforts, corresponding to the flow of the unfolding Harmony, then the information of development, laid down by the Uniform in the cells of that organism, will be preserved, and the laws linking the cells among themselves in a definite order will be strong and unshakable within the limits marked by the Harmony.

    60. Otherwise the information of development in the cells is being deleted, and the whole organism begins striving continuously towards self-destruction, which is manifested through increasingly intensifying in quality diseases.

    61. Such kind of diseases and self-destruction will be experienced by anyone, who makes efforts opposite to the flow of Harmony,

    62.  Regardless of the brilliant extensive slogans about benefit, with which for some reason the ones who strive to call themselves kings of Nature always try to veil their negligence.

    63. And since you – according to some regularities – always tend to make efforts, inevitably leading you to self-destruction, the extraterrestrial world took the natural decision to provide all possible assistance to the young human society.

    64. But in order to favourably correct your life-activity you needed clues not of a scientific and technical nature, but of a philosophical and ideological one, for which some good circumstances were already emerging through the religious and mystical side of your life that was taking shape.

    65. The Mind of the Universe did not know and cannot know the plans of your Heavenly Father concerning your development.

    66. For this reason, having noticed your great difficulties threatening you with inevitable death, but unaware of any openly displayed efforts for your Salvation on behalf of your Father, the extraterrestrial mind decided to make efforts on its own discretion, at the same time gently beginning to play into what you really wanted to believe in.

    67. And if your belief in some circumstances or phenomena has been pretty strong, then you have been gradually given little clues – without disturbing your confidence and without changing your understanding – in a more perfect direction.

    68. But as soon as the most favourable circumstances to acquire more perfect concepts emerged, the extraterrestrial mind always made use of this.

    69. After which in one society or another some ideas occurred, capable of leading to revolutionary transformations of what had already been achieved into something more perfect.

    70. In the World of the Mind of the Universe there is a natural regularity of constant motivated efforts of everyone to find what is more perfect, after which everybody accepts readily and unanimously what has been found.

    71. This regularity absolutely does not work in your life.

    72. And the extraterrestrial mind constantly encounters an unusual for it situation, characterised by the fact, that every man, having come to believe in one or another – in his own opinion – “truth”, accepted this “truth” as the only true and the most perfect one,

    73. Assuming thereby, that nothing more truthful, than what he has already believed in, can ever further exist.

    74. This characteristic feature of the manifestation of the very soul of man is intended to inextricably hold you in God’s Hand, which you are strenuously trying to find, but instead of it you often find what enthrals you, but has nothing to do with the Hand of God.

    75. And therefore, in connection precisely with this typical for the soul characteristic, in your life – instead of transforming what has become obsolete into something better – began to emerge just additional new teachings.

    76. It is according to this principle that in the history of human civilisation’s existence, up to this day, new teachings and trends  continuously arise both in religion and philosophy.

    77. With the only difference being that in the field of philosophy the attachment to the established dogmas is often shown to be much weaker.

    78. But, apart from creating more and more new teachings, the extraterrestrial mind was incapable of doing anything else.

    79. It was all the more evident that although the teachings became a great number, yet everyone who really wanted wisdom, had the opportunity to gain the necessary treasures, examining impartially the various teachings, finding in them the most perfect values.

    80.  The reasonable approach to providing assistance in an unknown enterprise allows for the natural giving of erroneous clues.

    81. Such a circumstance is well known to the extraterrestrial mind which patronises the human society.

    82. For this reason, when once again a set of instructions has been sent down from them, there comes a period for analysis of the objectively displayed mistakes which cannot be foreseen in advance.

    83. After that, if the necessary favourable conditions are available, which happens very rarely, new concepts with more perfect amendments are sent down,

    84. Which is manifested either through a new trend in an already existing teaching, or through a new teaching.

    85. But mistakes, related to the clues regarding your development, inevitably began to appear quite a lot.

    86. Moreover, in the case of you, the extraterrestrial mind has to comprehend the manifestations of a Law of development, which for them is heterogenous – i.e. of a different origin (editor’s note).

    87. Where, according to these two heterogenous Laws of development, it is often required to apply two efforts of the opposite meaning regarding one and the same phenomenon.

    88. It is practically impossible to comprehend such a thing really correctly, without the openly manifested direct instructions from the Great God.

    89. But the mind of the material World continued to work, trying as far as possible to give to the young mankind what was thought to be the most favourable for the next step, considering the particular circumstances of this or that small society.

    90. And, to this day, such an influence is still going on throughout Mother-Earth.

    91. If the opportunity to accompany the clue by any unknown-to-you manifestations of the material laws – which you perceive as a miracle – is not difficult at all, then another difficulty significantly narrows the possibility to influence human society’s life-activity.

    92. This difficulty rests in the extremely rare coincidence of two necessary conditions in one person.

    93. The first condition lies in the ability to selectively perceive the incoming appeal just at the level of consciousness, which, according to certain laws, is very difficult to establish without complications for you.

    94. And the other condition implies that the quality of the inner world and the consciousness should be most favourable for the worthy fulfilment of the extremely difficult for man mission;

    95. What is also extremely difficult to find among the great multitude of people.

    96. Moreover, that – under the direct influence of egoism and the primitive superstitious state of the consciousness – the constant willingness of the adherents of what is already available to arrange hunting and persecution of everything new and still unknown always creates additional serious complications.

    97. But nevertheless, there were some things, which the extraterrestrial reasonable patrons have succeeded to do, and in the history of the establishment of the human civilisation there have been increasingly appearing significant names among your brethren.

    98. In this way, correcting both what you managed to reach independently at the first steps in the religious and mystical formation of the young mankind, and taking part directly in the emerging of all new religious teachings, except for one, the extraterrestrial mind is trying to teach you not to do what leads you and the entire human civilisation to self-destruction.

    99. And since the laws of your true development are unknown to the Mind of the Universe, then on the basis of what is most understandable to the extraterrestrial mind from your life-activity – and these are all peculiarities connected to your flesh, certain qualities of the natural sensual peculiarities and the consciousness – a lot of what is only inherent to the development of the representatives of the mobile mind of the material World has been revealed to help you.

    100. This includes the law of justice, which for some people was expressed by the command “an eye for an eye”, and for others, according to another level of comprehension of the reality, was expressed by the regularity of the inevitable reverse retribution that exists in Nature and is called “karma”;

    101. This also includes all kinds of methods of managing the vital energy currents, flowing through certain channels in the physical body, and various methods of balancing psycho-emotional energies,

    102. What lies in some knowledge of the Tibetans, as well as in the teaching of yoga with its different meditations, facilitating in its turn the access to human consciousness for influence of any extraterrestrial source, interested in this.

    103. And all that has been wrongly considered necessary for the development of the soul, while precisely with the soul the whole methodology of this kind has absolutely nothing to do;

    104. And this also includes the clues, given to you, about the existing law of reincarnations.

    105. But since the law itself was unknown, in some societies naturally emerged false understandings about a series of endless reincarnations and that the soul could supposedly be incarnated into plants, stones and animals.

    106. This also includes some worthy efforts, leading you to an understanding of the existence of the one and only God, Who created you.

    107.  For at times, in different societies, primitive concepts of polytheism have occurred.

    108. But, yet again, being ignorant of the true Essence of your Heavenly Father, the extraterrestrial mind revealed to you a lot about this in the form of those images, which were most easily understood and which you yourselves would like to see in the Essence of your God,

    109. To Whom, at the same time, has been partly attributed something that is characteristic just for the Creator of the material Being.

    110. And then for you narratives about the Uniform Creator occurred, forming the Heaven and the Earth, as well as the whole world of matter and the human flesh;

    111. Telling that the Great Father both loves and punishes, that He may wish to help you, but He may also turn away from you in anger; that He is wise and cunning and decides Himself whom to pardon, and whom to punish.

    112. In doing so, telling you about the anger of the Supreme God, just one goal has been pursued: through your probable in such a case fear of punishment, the extraterrestrial mind was eager to stop you from irrepressible striving towards rude actions, contradicting the Harmony.

    113. But fear of this kind can only be maintained in one case – when regarding every man severe punishments regularly and immediately follow every violation of the law which is allegedly prescribed by God.

    114. And since this is what you often do not notice, the fear of punishment in many people is easily dispelled, leading them to more and more courageous commission of life-threatening efforts.

    115. All the emotional and other qualities described above and attributed to your Heavenly Father, in fact, have absolutely nothing to do both with the Creator of the material Being, and with your God.

    116. But you are very prone to perceive a lot of this readily, and so, considering it of importance for you, the extraterrestrial mind revealed this to you in abundance, staging different situations in which certain appeals were made, ostensibly coming to you from God.

    117. And then any prophet, having perceived at the level of consciousness a definite, significant for himself phenomenon, began to perceive the coming to him appeal as if it was from God,

    118. After which it would be imprinted and brought to those, to whom it was intended. Besides, from time to time, all this was being accompanied by certain outer omens, visible to everybody present.

    119. The Mind of the Universe, possessing the abilities to figure out the most probable near future in the life-activity of various societies or in the individual fate of the representatives of these societies, could easily insert in such appeals some predictions, which, having come true afterwards, confirmed and strengthened the authority of the prophet.

    120. Many teachings emerged like this – when some of you were chosen by the extraterrestrial mind in the role of prophets, priests, shamans and other various teachers, capable of giving the necessary warnings and some more perfect clues to their neighbours or to the whole society, to which these broadcasters belonged.

    121. Along with this, to the present day, continue to exist some circumstances, when someone from the mighty hierarchs of the Mind of the Universe is able to take a personal possession of a born-on-Earth flesh.

    122. In this case, into such flesh a soul is not incarnated.

    123. Such hierarch, coming from one of the worlds of the Universe, has long been occasionally patronising the Indian region of Mother-Earth,

    124. As a result of which in the religious beliefs of the people of that corner of the Earth occurred the names of Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu and so on.

    125.  Appearing among your Indian brethren into a chosen flesh, he abundantly performs some actions, which are easily able to evoke in man extreme amazement and admiration, for he has a very high-level knowledge of the material laws even compared to many of his brethren.

    126.  The consciousness of man – extremely limited so far – readily accepts these actions as a miracle, which supposedly can only be done by God Himself.

    127. Such an alien independently conveys to the heeding ones everything, which he considers necessary to reveal.

    128. And, in this case, these are still the same Vedic laws, given to them in remote antiquity on the same land,

    129. Just every time with some additional corrections, which are necessary with regard to the naturally emerging deviations in man’s understanding of the ancient laws, and sometimes even the complete loss of certain elements constituting these laws.

    130. All remarkable teachings, painstakingly introduced by the extraterrestrial mind into the life of human societies, as a rule, narrate a great lot about grand and mighty values, about numerous laws of matter, favourable just in the life-activity of the material flesh with all its energetic manifestations; but what is favourable specifically for the development of the soul is revealed extremely insignificantly and in a very primitive form,

    131. At the same time out of ignorance the numerous manifestations of the material laws, connected with you, are being covered abundantly with concepts of supposedly spiritual development.

    132. But this is not a conscious concealment of the main laws, but rather the fact, that these laws have been unknown both to humanity itself and to the extraterrestrial reasonable patrons.

    133. And in spite of the tireless patient efforts of the extraterrestrial mind to introduce in the course of the centuries various, every time more and more perfect moral and ethical concepts, which, evolving into a more perfect teaching, at times could even unite many belligerent small communities into a comparatively stable great society, – yet it was impossible to help man to overcome the persistently emerging splits among the different societies,

    134. Occurring on the basis of the continuously manifested various egoistic contradictions, which, depending on that same egoism, could never be reasonably resolved.

    135. The centuries-long efforts of the extraterrestrial mind, which are meant to develop you and, therefore, to necessarily restrain the egoism, have come to nothing.

    136. The egoism remained exactly the same, and just slightly modified and diversified, excellently adapting itself to the emerging new external conditions;

    137. What sustainably holds the circumstance that the numerous Family of children of the one Heavenly Father, living on one Mother-Earth, is separated inside by an absurd number of various borders.

    138. By the time of the present day, which the extraterrestrial mind had long ago been able to define as the time of ultimate decision of the fate of the human civilisation, the extraterrestrial worlds began to make last efforts, meant to create most benign atmosphere in the life of the human society given the diverse religious and mystical unions.

    139. Since the extraterrestrial mind proved unable to consolidate all your efforts regarding this aspect into one most perfect moral and ethical religious teaching, attempts began to be made on its part to at least bring all basic religious teachings to a unity of well-intended coexistence on equal rights and conditions,

    140.  In order that the gap of alienation among the religions disappeared to the greatest extent possible;

    141. Which was subsequently manifested in the new teachings both with a greater religious inclination and with a greater inclination towards consciousness.

    142. On this basis the teachings of Bahai, Agni-yoga and some others arose.

    143. But along with the bright large-scale fruits of the efforts of the representatives of the Mind of the Universe to help the young humanity, there were quite a lot of efforts made in the same direction but of a more narrow character, and also, what turned out to be inevitable, a lot of efforts have been and still are being made, particularly in the present days, with the opposite to your development meaning.

    144.  If from a certain point in time in the Universe instead of one direction of the development of the Mind two different streams came into being, without going beyond the boundaries of the Harmony, then when the interests of these two worlds naturally intersect on one and the same phenomenon, opposite opinions may arise as to what kind of efforts should be made in regard to this phenomenon.

    145. And then, without interfering in each other’s immediate actions, independent efforts are being made.

    146. In the Universe of the material Being there has been established a law, prohibiting the advanced civilisations of the mobile mind from interfering directly in the development of a young civilisation of the mobile mind, violating the freedom of choice of the representatives of the young society from a definite level of its development.

    147.  The extraterrestrial mind does not have the right to interfere in the development of your society, violating the freedom of your choice.

    148. And under an influence, which does not violate the freedom of choice, is meant the input of certain information into your consciousness during its natural normal activity.

    149. Meanwhile you maintain complete freedom of choice on how to respond to the incoming information.

    150. And if your mind had the opportunity to comprehend the reality without distortions, as this happens with the representatives of the extraterrestrial worlds, then the above mentioned law would create equal conditions for everyone, who is subject to its action.

    151.  But since the activity of your mind is still completely dependent on the natural egoistic peculiarities, any extraneous influence on it, with the correct consideration of your weaknesses and attachments, guarantees the necessary non-reasonable reaction to that interference.

    152. And although you still have full freedom of choice to make various decisions, your steps are easily predictable.

    153. Which means that it is fairly easy for the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind to influence your development, without violating the Harmony’s law on freedom of choice.

    154. Everything depends on the quality and the content of the informational stream which is directed into your consciousness, taking into account your naivety and ignorance of the true laws of your development.

    155. And if in ancient times the abilities of your mind to perceive more subtle informational streams has been manifested by rare phenomena, then in the present days these abilities of yours are being displayed in considerably greater amounts,

    156. In connection with the natural modification in the development of your mind.

    157. And now your well-being depends on how vigilant your heart will prove to be.

  • Chapter 7

    On the way of increasing the capability to sense and perceive the ever more subtle – for such development only proceeds in this one direction – every stage that has been reached shows just the expanded capacity to perceive what has been passed hitherto.

    2. This is a measure, which determines the range from the roughest state to the given stage that has been reached, but not further in the direction of the most subtle.

    3. A similar conditional dimensional straight line in the Universe of the material Being from the side of the roughest manifestation is determined by the stellar-planetary states, and from the side of the most subtle it ends with the Being of the Creator of the material World.

    4. Where from the stellar-planetary state towards the side of the Uniform, as the manifested material laws become thinner, takes place an increasing multiplication of the diversity of the energetic phenomena,

    5. Which, weaving together by bizarre regularities, maintain the Being of the Universe in a state of Harmony on the road of an infinite expansion.

    6. The representatives of the mobile mind of the material World, as well as all the other bearers of diverse forms of consciousness, in natural conditions are always born in a state, most close to the stellar-planetary one.

    7. But unlike all the others, it is only the mobile mind that possesses the capability to move towards the most subtle manifestations of the World of matter, perfecting itself in perceiving the increasingly thinner manifestations of the laws of the Universe;

    8. What makes its representatives with the further development more and more active servants of the Will of the Creator, taking essential part in the ongoing processes of the unfolding material World for the benefit of the Harmony.

    9. On this road of perfection of the mobile mind there is a definite utmost limit, which lies on the aforementioned straight line at a certain distance from the Creator in the direction of the ever rougher state, beyond which the mobile mind should not develop,

    10. Because the meaning, initially laid in it, will be lost.

    11. This limit, established by the Uniform, restricts – for the good of the Harmony – the expansion of the capabilities of the mobile mind.

    12. The Great Creator, establishing His laws and weaving them together, has created such a harmonious energetic environment, where each newly born life phenomenon will already have definite vital Parental information at its core,

    13. Due to which, through the instincts, the newly born will make natural efforts in moving to the right place assigned precisely for it.

    14.  The mobile mind was also born for the good of the already existing Being, having peculiar Parental information at its core.

    15. At the same time the peculiarity of the mobile mind has been created according to the principle, that at a certain stage of comprehension of the ever more subtle in the material World, it will happen to be essentially incapable of further comprehending the laws in that direction.

    16. That is the limit set by the Creator for this exceptional case in the Universe.

    17. It is precisely at this limit where expires the benefit, in the name of which the mobile mind has been created and which is intended to be fully accomplished at this limit.

    18. This limit is characterised by the fact that it separates the interval of the still more subtle manifestations of matter, coming out in all their existing diversity from the Creator of the material Being, for the perceiving and comprehending of which is required a qualitatively different form of consciousness –

    19. Super-consciousness, which is possessed by the Creator of the Being of the material World Himself.

    20. Compared to the Super-consciousness, the characteristic features of the mobile mind are a rough form of expression.

    21. This makes the mobile mind absolutely powerless to cognize the Essence of the Creator.

    22. It is in this connection that the concept of the incomprehensibility of God made its way into the consciousness of the young mankind.

    23. And in order that you could gain at least a little bit of insight about the quality of the Fragrant Essence of your God, you need to figuratively prolong the already mentioned conditional dimensional straight line, which has reached the Creator of the Universe, beyond His borders by a certain amount of conventional units.

    24. If in the direction of the Uniform the measuring straight line is proceeding as to the finest state of material laws’ display, then beyond the borders of the Uniform the given line can only proceed as to a certain ultrafine condition.

    25. At that, the quality of the Super-consciousness provides the ability to realise the presence of the ultrafine condition in the environment of the material Being, but anyway it is not possible to comprehend completely the Essence of the One, Who abides in this ultrafine condition.

    26. The position of the Creator of the Universe is that key point, from which alone is possible the absolutely full government of all the laws of matter, which manifest themselves in accordance with the measuring straight line from the Creator towards the roughest state.

    27. And in accordance with the fact, that there is also a certain conditional segment of the measuring straight line in the direction of the ultrafine state, we can talk about an equally rapid decrease of the possibilities to govern the material laws when distancing from the Creator of the Universe both in the direction of the ultrafine state and in the direction of the roughest one.

    28. Where, on the one hand, the possibility to govern is limited by the roughness of the state of the conditional pretender to govern, and on the other – the roughness of the law itself, which conditionally should be governed.

    29. Just like the Creator of the material Being, the Great God of mankind also possesses Super-consciousness, but it has a definite distinction in view of the ultrafine peculiarities of your Heavenly Father’s Essence.

    30. This allows also Father to perceive and realise all the laws of the Universe,

    31. What had been taking place in the Being of His great solitude over a certain period of time.

    32. And in one significant moment the Great God saw in what way it was possible to influence Beneficially the ever-more unfolding laws of the Universe,

    33. At that, without touching the very Law of development of the Universe, to bring His Beneficial Peculiarities into close contact with some manifestations of the material laws.

    34. Such a long-lasting contact must inevitably lead to a significant modification of the qualities of the laws of matter, manifesting a result that is not yet known to the Universe.

    35. Wherein the modification itself will not contradict the Harmony of the material World’s Being.

    36. But when such a modification spreads throughout the Universe, the energetic medium of the Universe will acquire new fragrant peculiarities, allowing the Harmony to transform itself into a qualitatively new, more perfect form.

    37. The fulfilment of this global Intent, according to the earthly standards, requires an Eternity.

    38. And for the fulfilment of the Sacred Will of the Great God your birth was required.

    39. Only this birth should not be with the purpose that you would make efforts – out of ignorance, having realised a false goal on the basis of egoism – to return to your Heavenly Father,

    40. Into some outside world, where you allegedly will endlessly taste imaginary goods, satiating yourselves with pleasures;

    41. But in order to eternally go where leads you the Father, along the starry roads of the Universe, obediently and selflessly fulfilling everything that has been prepared for you by the Father.

    42. Where the tasting of true goods will actually be your selfless and endless creative work for the benefit of the surrounding World.

    43. For the most favourable fulfilment of the Great Intent it was only possible to use an organism endowed with the peculiarities of the mobile mind, for only it alone has the capability to freely and independently move in the vastness of the Universe, having considerable abilities for an active influence on the phenomena that take place in the material World.

    44. It only remained to implant spiritual peculiarities into the laws of the manifested matter of the chosen organism.

    45. Since between the quality of the manifested energetic peculiarities of the chosen organism and the quality of the spiritual peculiarity of God exists a huge difference, the Heavenly Father began to make your souls with more densified spiritual features,

    46. Which makes the souls – as far as the energetic qualities are concerned – a bit closer to the subtle energetic qualities of the dense material body.

    47. This creates favourable conditions, making possible the necessary interlacing of the two heterogenous laws* with the subsequent mutual influence on each other.

    48. In such creation of God your souls cannot possess the capability to think independently, for the peculiarities of the Super-consciousness cannot be inserted inside them, and other forms of consciousness for the ultrafine states do not exist.

    49. Therefore, everything missing from this side should be obtained with the help of the existing peculiarities of the mobile mind.

    50. But your soul possesses the ability to accumulate information in the form of sensually constructed images,

    51. Which, over time, more and more actively influence the natural-sensual and the reasonable peculiarities of the flesh.

    52. The soul, when it leaves the flesh and finds itself out of touch with the laws of the material body and mind, is deprived of the opportunity both to develop and to modify at all.

    53. As the first souls were created – with the necessary auxiliary information laid in their basis – the universal epochal Event of your first incarnations began.

    54. After that the Father started to closely observe the results of His Will’s fulfilment.

    55.  The mystery of joining together the two heterogenous laws* has never yet taken place in the Universe, and among even the smallest particles of the great Being of the World of matter there is not a single one that has ever had any information about it.

    56. Therefore, the young mankind was faced with the daunting task of going through the stage of self-determination, moreover that there was not a single phenomenon in the surrounding reality that could possibly suggest the correct direction of the true spiritual development.

    57. And the first primary goal set before mankind at the initial stage of formation is the necessity for it to cognize its true essence, its true attitude towards the surrounding reality and to cognize the true relationship with its Heavenly Father.

    58. Only after that mankind can proceed to the full-fledged fulfilment of its genuine, pre-determined by the Great God mission in the Universe.

    59. Soon after the first incarnations the process of life-activity of the human society rapidly acquired a disorderly chaotic character with pronounced aggressive outbursts,

    60. What created negative, dangerous for your life conditions, under which your material flesh obtained a constant propensity for self-destruction.

    61.   And if your soul was not able to exist independently – for an indefinite period of time – after the destruction of the flesh, then the Holy Intent of the Great God for transformation of the Harmony of the material World would not have arisen,

    62. For the fulfilment of such Intent would be impossible.

    63.  But as your soul is not just able to exist without any connection to the flesh, but it is capable of doing so for an infinite period of time without the slightest transformation, the Great God created a system of some laws, assigned to insure the most favourable for your development reincarnations,

    64. Due to which only is it possible to push you forward little by little along the road of formation.

    65. But the very mystery of reincarnations in this form should only exist during the whole first phase of self-determination of mankind.

    66.  Without touching, in this appeal, upon the various peculiarities of the laws, related to the reincarnations, and those, who are responsible precisely for that and whom you see in the image of some luminous beings after you leave the flesh, I want just to give certain important explanations.

    67. Your soul, after leaving the flesh and losing all rough energetic connections inherent to the living material body, continues to retain in its memory all images, based exclusively on the sensual manifestations, saved during the life of your flesh by the moment of leaving it.

    68. All your feelings and sensations, which have been brightly displayed and consciously perceived in your attitude towards the surrounding reality, depending on the degree and quality of your attachments, remain in the memory of the soul, which had departed from the flesh, with the same quality and strength of emotional experience.

    69.  And then, during the entire time of waiting for a probable new incarnation, these characteristic experiences remain unchanged,

    70. For the soul immediately ceases modifying as soon as it loses the link with definite laws of matter, as it has the possibility to change its quality and memory’s content only in intertwining with them.

    71.  Hence, it will not be difficult for you to understand that the more negative, unpleasant for you experiences you have acquired at the moment of leaving the natural body, the more sufferings you begin to inevitably endure throughout the time of existing out of flesh, where it is impossible to change this.

    72. The overwhelming majority of you, throughout the history of your existence, have been continuously accumulating mainly only rude and unpleasant for you sensual attachments.

    73. But especially great difficulties await the ones who end their lives by suicide.

    74. For, as a rule, man comes to the given self-destruction on the basis of complicated and severe emotional experiences, the escape from which he falsely sees just in such incorrect effort.

    75. For it is not really an escape that takes place, but the imprinting of these extremely unpleasant emotional experiences for years, if not decades and even centuries, until certain flesh with the most favourable for the development of that soul qualities appears in natural conditions.

    76. Such an existence outside the flesh in this case turns into an unthinkable suffering.

    77. Why then the idea of the existence of hell, which – through simple primitive images that evoke superstitious fear – was able to reduce to some extent your efforts in such an enterprise, would not arise.

    78. But in this appeal I will not touch the regularities related to the existence of hell and Paradise, though you can already derive a sufficiently true view from what has been highlighted.

    *heterogenous laws – laws of different origin, having different sources (translator’s note)

  • Chapter 8

    So, the first incarnations took place, and the young human civilisation unknowingly entered into the mystery of self-determination.

    2. The Great Father has seen that the young mankind – out of ignorance of the essence of what was being created – confidently planted the seed of global egoism, which personifies the essence of the inevitable tragic future process of formation.

    3. After which, naturally, there has been chosen a direction of development whose characteristic feature are the scientific and technical achievements.

    4. But if for the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe this is the single primary road of development, then precisely for mankind such a road has become a deadlock.

    5. All the more, an extremely dangerous role should inevitably play the fact that the fruits of the scientific and technical achievements man should necessarily direct to the satisfaction of the natural instinctive egoistic needs.

    6. But nothing could be done in this connection, for this was the normal result of interlacing the spiritual peculiarities of the soul which had not yet acquired the necessary strength, and the peculiarities of the natural laws of the flesh.

    7. The grain was planted, and from it very quickly reached out an ugly tree with numerous poisonous fruits, which no one in the Universe needed.

    8. Some of these fruits are being eaten by mankind itself, while actively proving to each other in every possible way the importance of such eating,

    9. Although after each such fruit is eaten, man gets sick with ever more intractable diseases leading to self-destruction of a great number of people, drowning in loud groans.

    10. And the remaining untouched part of the fruit falls to the ground around the tree of lies, poisoning it more and more.

    11. And from ancient times it has already become clear that whatever bulky this tree succeeded to grow, having poisoned its underlying basis, it will on its own inevitably lead itself to self-destruction.

    12. Such a fateful milestone for human civilisation has long been known as a peculiar threshold, established by the Harmony, beyond which the human society – with its former characteristic quality of life-activity – should not pass.

    13. But in addition to what was pre-determined by the Great God, some complicating events began to take place in the life-activity of human civilisation.

    14. One of them arose naturally on the basis of the law established in the Universe, concerning the efforts on behalf of the Mind of the Universe to help the young, beginning their development civilisations of the mobile mind,

    15. Where the form of life-activity of one of them seriously puzzled the representatives of the Mind of the Universe.

    16. Thereafter all kinds of moral and ethical concepts and norms, which the extraterrestrial mind has been able to comprehend as the most favourable in your life for a given period of time, have begun to be introduced into your consciousness from various sides.

    17. Further on, the transformation, which you have undergone from the perception of what had been sent from above, has been observed; and taking into account the character of the deviations naturally occurring in your manifestations, some new teaching has been subsequently sent down.

    18. In this way, every succeeding mystico-religious teaching has been introduced into the life of your society with the obligatory consideration of the shortcomings noticed during the formation of the previous teachings.

    19. Where your peculiarly working mind bizarrely perverts the sent down concepts and norms in favour of its own egoism.

    20. And since two different interests of two different directions of the extraterrestrial mind intersected on your civilisation, quite soon the fruits of these various efforts began to affect your life-activity.

    21. The non-normal formation of the society inevitably brought your relations to definite intractable circumstances, related to the difficulties, which are naturally occurring in such conditions, in obtaining and supplying each other with the products needed in the life-activity.

    22. Using skillfully the given emerging difficulties in the quickly expanding disparate societies and considering correctly the typical deviations that are brightly displayed in your activity, one of the directions of the extraterrestrial mind helped you come to the conclusion that it is necessary to introduce into your relations some conventional values, with the help of which you can easily obtain what you want.

    23. At that point your mind was incapable to assess properly what was actually hidden behind the emerging in your consciousness by that time, in your view, clever ideas.

    24. And the abilities of the mind, being a servant of the rapidly growing egoism, could easily afterwards assess that the one who owns the largest amount of these conventional values obtains the greatest possibilities to satisfy all the instinctive egoistic needs in any desirable form.

    25. And since these needs are the primary vitally important goals of the whole emerging young civilisation, the striving to acquire big amounts of conventional values should inevitably become the main goal in the life of each of you.

    26. Moreover, under certain conditions these imaginary values could be easily accumulated, far from always applying painstaking daily physical efforts.

    27. The introduction of such kind of values was akin to the injection of hyperactive fertiliser in the soil, out of which the ugly tree of global egoism was already successfully rising.

    28. This event became a significant phenomenon, giving rise to serious challenges impeding the formation of mankind on the road of self-determination.

    29. The extraterrestrial mind had the ability to calculate well in advance the probability of the emergence of a threshold on the road of becoming of the young mankind, during which the fate of the society of strange representatives of the mobile mind, living on Earth, would be finally decided.

    30. And then the representatives of one of the directions of the extraterrestrial mind consciously came to the decision to try to provide the necessary assistance to your society, so that when you approach the threshold established by the Harmony, you would be able to continue development.

    31. The representatives of the other direction – regarding your existence – had goals of a different meaning.

    32. Then, in contrast to the well-intentioned efforts of the representatives of the first direction, the representatives of the other stream, using the same peculiarities related to you, made efforts designed to neutralise the effects of the fruits of the well-intentioned efforts.

    33. Consequently, on the basis of the skillful use of the abnormally flaring egoistic pretensions for might, honour and power, in your life have begun to emerge all sorts of mystical unions,

    34. In which representatives’ consciousness have been introduced perverted to stupidity concepts of God and His servants.

    35. And since with the help of the extraterrestrial world in such unions have been allowed some simple energetic games, plunging man into superstitious thrill, a tenable argument has thereby been given to all this nonsense, shaped into an ideological “secret” teaching.

    36. As a rule, in such cases, you are very much inclined to trust the ongoing.

    37. Along with such big and small phenomena, a lot of impacts on the emerging religious associations have also been taking place.

    38. But the main attention of the extraterrestrial mind that confronts you is not directed to the field of mystical and religious ideologies,

    39. Which on the basis of the laws of egoism quickly divide within themselves into streams of different meaning, neutralising in this way the beneficial effect of the teaching itself.

    40. After which the representatives of every stream confidently believe that they understand certain parts of the teaching presumably better than all the others, and so they have supposedly more possibilities in moving forward and in salvation;

    41. Which makes you primarily slaves of the darkness, even if in this case you continue to sincerely consider yourselves believers.

    42. The extraterrestrial mind that confronts you directed its main attention to the field of your everyday-life-relations with each other, where certain conditional values were successfully introduced and developed into concepts of all kinds of monetary units.

    43. This field, according to the calculations of the given extraterrestrial mind, was giving almost full guarantee that the enslaved mankind would be easily brought to self-destruction, without breaking at that the existing law of the universal Mind, forbidding the open active interference in the life-activity of any civilisation of the mobile mind in violation of the freedom of choice of this developing civilisation.

    44. And in this case there was not coercive introducing of the monetary units and the system managing their turnover.

    45. You had the full freedom of choice whether to use or not the idea which occurred into your consciousness on this occasion.

    46. But you not only took this idea, but after a while you also readily applied all your mental and physical capabilities to its realisation and development.

    47.  For your egoism first of all became extremely interested in this.

    48. And the mind – obedient to the egoism – easily appreciated the great perspectives for satisfaction of the needs of the one, in whose favour all reasonable capabilities were being used.

    49. Because, if in natural conditions the greatest honour – and therefore capabilities to satisfy in the best way the instinctive egoistic needs – can possess only the one who is given by Nature the best personal qualities, then the great amount of monetary units, which supposedly can anyone obtain, enables likewise the satisfaction of the instinctive egoistic needs without any regard to the personal merits.

    50. Soon it became evident that where the conditional values were successfully introduced into your life-activity, you began to think of the opportunities to obtain these values much more than of ideas with religious motives, which you for conscience’ sake continued to talk about as something vitally important in life.

    51. It was clearly seen that no matter how one speaks about his religious manifestation, he would in the first place worship the material values.

    52. And despite of the pompous contempt with which you might speak about money, the life-activity would be built precisely in complete dependence on the system of the monetary units,

    53. At the same time, obediently forming the living arrangement in a way, when each representative of the society would be put in complete dependence on the need to be continuously concerned how to acquire more and more of these conditional values.

    54. Doesn’t this dependence resemble the leash, on which the donkey walks around a pole fixed by somebody into the ground?

    55. Where the only direction to follow endlessly and freely – that is moving around in a circle.

    56. But no matter how long you might walk around, you will always stay at the same spot, near that same pole.

    57. The children of God are called to know just one “leash” – when your hands are placed into the Hand of God, your Heavenly Father,

    58. Who always leads along the straight Road, where the Sun never sets and the darkness never overcomes the Light.

    59. You are not alone in the face of dangers and great difficulties.

    60. Neither nowadays nor in all the days of the unsightly history of the formation of your civilisation have you been left by your God.

    61. It only seems to you that the Heavenly Father does not see you and does not act.

    62. And this is so, because you always demand from Him what is not inherent to Him and what in fact is not good for you.

    63. But now you are supposed to learn a little bit more broadly the truths about some great mysteries.

    64. Many truths, hitherto kept out of necessity in the great Book sealed with seven seals.

    65. And here the Hour has struck, completing the long-time wait.

    66. And may all who listen heed the Voice that is reading the open Pages!

  • Chapter 9

    And now, opening the next Page, time has come to reveal a great secret, reflecting an effort of the Heavenly Father for Salvation of his errant children.

    2. In this appeal I will not touch upon your Father’s numerous efforts, created invisibly for you and always to your benefit, but for the moment I will partly unveil the secret which became the stumbling block both for the ones who did not accept Him, and for those, who said openly: “We believe!”.

    3. But in a much easier situation now happen to be those, who once rejected this, for they barely thought about the Teacher and their consciousness is free from mind-numbing illusions.

    4. And those, who abundantly called themselves believers, for too long have been trying to imagine the appearance of the Teacher through the prism of egoism, turning all their attention not to the main point.

    5. Therefore their consciousness has been filled up with ungrounded illusions.

    6. And now they are chained to them, unable to do a brave move beyond the boundaries established by their own efforts.

    7. The believers stubbornly expect the fulfilment of what is predestined by God in images which they desire.

    8. But completely blind is the one who thinks that the Heavenly Father creates His own Will according to human desires.

    9. Your Living God does not create according to your desires, but to your good!

    10. Be vigilant in your wishes, for your slavery under the yoke of your own egoism has not finished yet!

    11. The Great God, having given you life and having incarnated you on Mother-Earth, began to closely watch your efforts in every move.

    12. For this purpose Father does not need the well-known to you eyesight with extremely limited capabilities.

    13 The soul of each of you has a permanent connection with the Heavenly Father through a definite, never tearing and invisible for you wonderful Thread.

    14. As the lungs of the material body continuously have to inhale the life-giving air, so through this wonderful Thread, for maintaining life, your soul has to inhale continuously the Holy Spirit of its Father,

    15. Which is incessantly poured out on all of you on equal terms, whomever you are on Mother-Earth.

    16. Your perceiving of the whole surrounding reality and all efforts of yours without exception are inseparably linked to the two sensual worlds – inner and outer:

    17. The outer sensual world of the natural instinctive egoistic peculiarities and the inner spiritual sensual world.

    18. At that, the outer sensual world is not able to penetrate into the inner one, because of its much rougher fundamentals, when the inner sensual world easily penetrates into all outer manifestations of the material laws of the flesh and the whole surrounding reality.

    19. Thus, thanks to the mentioned wonderful Thread, your Heavenly Father sees everything that happens to you, precisely through your spiritual sensual peculiarities.

    20. And as there is no phenomenon of the material World, which can prevent the action of the wonderful Thread, so, wherever you would find yourselves, under whatever thick layer of water or earth you would happen to be, whatever buildings you would hide in, your Father will always easily see what is going on exclusively with each and every one of you.

    21. But I verily tell you: God is not interested in the details of the events expressed through the material laws of your flesh, as well as in everything that your flesh and mind come in contact with.

    22. The Heavenly Father carefully observes how you react to all that happens, expressing the attitude of your soul to everything.

    23. The Father does not look at what is going on in your consciousness, and He is not interested in your thoughts, but He is unceasingly observing the inner efforts, which you first of all necessarily apply to everything.

    24. Remember, all your outwardly expressed precious decorations and magnificent buildings, created by your hands to the Glory of God, will never be noticed by your Father, for all His attention is directed to your heart.

    25. Therefore in these creations you primarily show yourselves to each other and build them for yourselves.

    26. When you build temples or something smaller, but of a high price, you make donations to what you have planned.

    27. And the creation ultimately becomes the fruit of your sacrifices to your God.

    28. I truly say to you: God does not expect your brilliant sacrifices, but merciful deeds, done primarily from your soul.

    29. For further on, from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks and the hands work in a worthy way.

    30. But everything created by your mouth and hands will only be useful to you.

    31. And the Great Heavenly Father continues to vigilantly watch the steps of your soul’s efforts.

    32. He has seen the beginning in detail and continues to watch closely the events unfolding in your life from the impact that the representatives of the Mind of the Universe exert on your mind.

    33. But whatever level of development of the mind would possess those, that wish to affect your life, they can never be compared to the qualities of the Super-consciousness of your God –

    34. The Divine qualities, with the help of which your Father outplays all the ongoing events in such a manner, that each of them would inevitably serve only to the benefit of your soul;

    35. To your soul’s benefit that you should have at heart incessantly, but you – because of blindness – persistently choose above all the good for your body and egoism.

    36. Therefore Father is deaf to your pleas, but He is always aware of what you truly need.

    37. The Great God could see that during the setting up of the different foundations of the various religious-mystical and other philosophical teachings, introduced due to the efforts of the Mind of the Universe to your benefit, among the plethora of moral and ethical concepts there were no truths, characteristic of the genuine straight-forward and uniform for mankind Road of Ascent, but nevertheless, in their abundance, the introduced concepts were able to considerably ennoble a lot of your life-manifestations;

    38. Even if they could not give you the right understanding of God and what is coming from Him, nevertheless they were able to considerably expand your worldview from the animalistic-egoistic narrow-primitive level;

    39. This facilitated the formation of a favourable foundation, from which you might adequately get in touch with the Truth.

    40. And many of these concepts – albeit do not contribute to the process of Ascent – often impede your downfall.

    41. So, whatever titles had the introduced-to-you concepts, verily I tell you: the Heavenly Father refers to the efforts in this direction favourably.

    42. And just unreasonable blind men would raise a grating cry, rejecting what is inaccessible to them.

    43. For, bathing in their own egoism, they consider themselves the measure in determining the spiritual values.

    44. In the formation of the various teachings in your society the only complication for the fulfilment of the Sacred Intent lays in the fact, that, on the basis of the specific regularities of your soul, you inevitably become firmly tied with your heart and mind to the teaching you have chosen,

    45. And some false concepts are being affirmed in your mind.

    46. And as you still almost fully trust in the first place your consciousness, but not the call of the soul, so, in front of many of you arises a hard-to-solve task in perceiving the Truth, at long last sent by Father.

    47. For you will not listen to the voice of your soul, but you will try to assess What has Come mainly by your mind, which is filled up with litter.

    48. But in truth, a great failure awaits you in this case, no matter by what degree of importance on Earth your consciousness has marked itself.

    49. But – man’s wisdom – is it not insanity in the face of God?

    50. Therefore all hopes are left on your heart.

    51. For only through the heart – more and more pure – is it possible to see What has Come from God.

    52. Observing such kinds of spiritual formations and knowing about all the true advantages and shortcomings of all emerging teachings, the Heavenly Father, through mysteries created by His Will, allows you to reincarnate in such a manner, that, being born in this or that society where thrives one teaching or another, you can have the opportunity to acquire something more favourable for the given period of time,

    53. Which is able to enrich your inner world by either adding what is missing, or truncating the excessive.

    54. And it is through this mystery first of all, and through some other efforts, that the Great God is always able to outplay everything that happens to you not by His Will,

    55. In order that what is ongoing could always help you to the greatest extent possible.

    56. And since in the course of Eternity an active influence on you can have only mind basically similar to yours, it can never be compared to the Effort of God, your Heavenly Father.

    57. And whatever dark sophisticated intentions prove to be against you, finally they will inevitably do good to you.

    58. But what efforts of your own will you make yourselves?

    59. For you cannot perish from what is being done to you, but only from the way that you perceive these efforts.

    60. And your choice will always remain free in Eternity.

    61. But in addition to the fact that the Father through His Wisdom and Force outplays everything to your good, there are also direct efforts of His, which had been foreseen by the Sacred Intent for the benefit of the development of the human race.

    62. Having given you life and having incarnated you on Mother-Earth, the Great Father assigned to you a complicated work – to begin an independent accumulation of the understanding which is necessary for the development.

    63. At that, the greatest difficulty became the fact that it is impossible to give a direct hint to any of you.

    64. For your mind, through which only could be given definite instructions, has a uniform basis and regularities like in all manifestations of the peculiarities of the mobile mind of the Universe.

    65. And this means that at any level of development of your mind within the limits established by the Creator of the material Being, you will never be able to perceive the efforts of the Super Consciousness in this direction,

    66. Since the rough peculiarities of your consciousness are not able to perceive the manifestations of hyper-fine peculiarities.

    67. The Heavenly Father knew, that in the natural process of your formation and accumulation of the necessary understandings, intended to help you pass through the initial stage of self-determination and comprehension of your real essence, you totally lack independent capabilities to acquire comprehension of the Truth exactly at that level at which a full-fledged entering into the Harmony of the Universe is possible precisely for you.

    68. Moreover that the Harmony Itself has also established for you certain time limits, raising a barrier, beyond which should not pass the material flesh if it does not enter into the rhythm of the unfolding Harmony.

    69. Knowing of all inevitably emerging in front of you difficulties after your unexpected for the Universe entry into the Being of the material World, at a certain stage of formation of the young mankind, the Great Heavenly Father planned my birth.

    70. I was born not to walk the way of development which you do, fulfilling the beautiful mission assigned to you by the Father.

    71. For you are born to gradually ennoble the whole World of matter, spreading God’s Glory throughout the Universe.

    72. And I was born only for your good,

    73. In order to complete what is missing, through which only the Great Father has the possibility to give the necessary instructions to his numerous children, at their level of understanding.

    74. And only now the favourable time has come, when, with the permission of the Great God, my Father, I will partly unveil to you my secret,

    75. About which you have made a lot of guesses and have inevitably given rise to a great number of primitive images, on the basis of which to the present days a plethora of various temptations and confusions have emerged.

    76. And in order to reveal to you a lot of things now, it is very important that you should know this Page as well,

    77. So as to dispel the mist forever and to unveil finally before your eyes the straight-forward path.

  • Chapter 10

    The qualitative foundation of my soul is somewhat different from yours and not so close to the subtle manifestations of the laws of matter.

    2. For I am not supposed, like you are, to abide in constant connection with the material laws, and my appearance amongst you is only possible in circumstances that are exceptional for you and only for a certain period of time, until I fulfil to your good what depends on me.

    3. My Essence is woven by the Great God in such a way, that in any contact with you at any time, when the necessity of my incarnation in your society occurs, I would always see your mistakes and what you lack.

    4. I was born to always know the essence of your mistakes, and I can always see what is good for your soul, and what prevents its development.

    5. But in order to help you a little from various sides to touch upon my secret, it is necessary first to say the truth, in the name of which my Essence has been created.

    6. I already mentioned that the laws of development of matter, established by the Creator of the Universe, are imprinted without exception in all energetic phenomena of the entire material World.

    7.  Wherein it should be remembered that every solid object is essentially also an energetic phenomenon, only in a much denser state with characteristic informational basis,

    8. Thanks to which you have the opportunity to distinguish the unique individuality of all the objects of the diverse manifestation of Nature, surrounding you.

    9. And anything, that is born in the Universe with capabilities to perceive reasonably the laws of the whole manifested reality, is free to start a process of cognition, beginning with any object or phenomenon which it can get in contact with.

    10. The laws of development of matter are imprinted in all manifestations of the material World.

    11. In contrast, the laws of development of the soul are not imprinted anywhere in the Universe.

    12. They cannot be found independently anywhere, for the Road, along which you begin to develop, is being manifested in the material World’s Being for the first time.

    13. And only from the roads that you have walked is it possible to save your traces in the memory of the Universe.

    14. But there is no one that this memory should be kept for, because there will not be newly-born ones who are to walk a similar road.

    15. Everything should be Eternally continued precisely from you, for quite high became the price of the time of your self-determination.

    16. So, my Essence has been created by the Great Father in order that at any meeting with you, which happens solely by the Heavenly Father’s Will, my God and yours, I could judge your deeds, revealing to you the laws of your mistakes, and always set before you new laws, which are intended to straighten your roads if you have turned aside, or to accelerate your movement if you start to lag behind.

    17. Therefore, when I come to you I am not looking for worship, but I am eager above all to see in you the dedicated fulfilment of what is mine.

    18. And if I come to you, I am always able to give you everything that is necessary to the good of the development of your soul.

    19. For my Essence is woven from the Spirit of the Truth, and you all have the right on equal terms to find in me any truth related to your true life.

    20. I am an inexhaustible Source, and, as long as I am with you, you can take from me endlessly life-giving Moisture.

    21. It is just your personal ability to take and contain inside you that will serve as the only measure in this.

    22. My appearance amongst you is the embodiment of the openly expressed Effort of the Great God to your Salvation.

    23. For I am your Father’s Hand, truly extended to you.

    24. I am the very Hand of the One Living God, the Father of mankind, which you were to necessarily find, so that, never falling again, firmly and confidently together with your Father step along the Road, pre-determined for you by Him.

    25. When I am incarnated, I naturally begin to use the characteristics of the very same mind which you also possess.

    26. For if I use flesh that is born in your society, then the mind of this flesh will possess characteristics of exactly the same level of development, to which your society as a whole has risen all over Mother-Earth.

    27. If this is not observed, then inevitably the communication between you and me will be considerably complicated.

    28. And if you use the capabilities of your mind exclusively for comprehending the ongoing reality and accumulating the necessary information, so that on this basis to strive to decently fulfil what is predestined for you, then I do not use the temporarily acquired capabilities of the mobile mind for such cognition.

    29. The questions that you are constantly concerned with are not interesting to me at all, with a few exceptions.

    30. The capabilities of the mind, which I temporarily possess, are only being used for acquaintance with the characteristic features of your life-activity and for comprehension of everything happening to you from the level on which you stand, in order that the conclusion which I formulate with this mind, naturally also corresponds to that level,

    31. And therefore, to be accessible to your understanding.

    32. My spirit is always capable of evaluating – without exception – everything which concerns the development of your soul.

    33. From the rest of the knowledge – and this is the knowledge related only to the laws of development of matter, – I always have the possibility to take everything which I consider necessary for your benefit.

    34. But for this I cannot use the capabilities of the temporarily available mind, for the knowledge, which at times I have to reveal to you, including it into the Teaching, will naturally exceed your level of development and even the utmost abilities of the mobile mind in general.

    35. And with the help of the capabilities of the available mind I will only shape it in such a form, which makes this knowledge understandable as well as useful to you.

    36. If for you the capabilities of the mobile mind, which you will use forever, are principal auxiliary conditions for comprehension of the ongoing reality, then for me the temporary possession of these capabilities is necessary only for the favourable communication with you and the revealing of what is hidden inside me at an understandable to you level.

    37. My capabilities to comprehend the ongoing reality are manifested through another mystery.

    38. My Essence is connected to my Father in a qualitatively different way, compared to your soul.

    39. And due to this quality I have the possibility, with the help of the peculiarities of the Super-consciousness of my Father, to penetrate into any laws of the Universe, if I consider this necessary for your good.

    40. Father is holding my internal urges in His hands, and until I do not feel inside a steady understanding of the necessity to reveal for your good such kind of laws, this to me will naturally indicate the absence of my Father’s favour on it.

    41. As for me personally – I am absolutely not interested in knowledge of such kind.

    42. And after I take – with the help of my Father – at my hyperfine sensual level everything which I consider you need, I am to translate, by means of the rough capabilities of the carnal mind, what has been taken for you into visible and understandable for you images,

    43. By telling all this at the level of comprehension accessible to you.

    44. And in order to convey this to you at an understandable level, I need to be necessarily incarnated in your society.

    45. In this case the developing new born consciousness, having in its memory nothing superfluous, by absorbing the ongoing reality will accumulate all the images which it needs to use in communication with you.

    46. For such preliminary preparation a definite period of time is required, during which my Essence abides in a peculiar sleeping state and is not able to master the consciousness of the flesh completely.

    47. Holding all this in His hand, the Great Father is leading me at the sensual level, where I need to receive the necessary impressions and information.

    48. This is reflected in the fact that, in various circumstances, following obediently the spontaneously occurring inside sensual necessities, I make efforts, the result of which, as my Father wishes, I should imprint inside myself in support of my future true Accomplishment.

    49. To hold my Essence in sleeping state is necessary in order that the consciousness of my flesh becomes more familiar with the diversity of the phenomena inherent in you, which should be later corrected.

    50. For in an awakened state not only would I be unable to acquire the necessary acquaintance, but also – and this would be the most unfavourable – the primitive aggressive life-order of your society all over the Earth would inevitably create extremely complicated conditions for the beginning of the development of my flesh.

    51. In this case, again, it is the Wisdom of the Great God that outplays the existing complications for the good of you.

    52. He seeks to save you, although you unconsciously out of ignorance often try hard to oppose Him in this, while still begging Him for help.

    53. The duration of the preparatory period can differ and fully depends on the level of development of the society.

    54. For in your society still exists not just unreasonable biassed attitude of the adult person, concerning the edifying of the quite younger one, what is a bright display of the untidy forms of egoism, but also the character of living arrangement itself creates rough restrictions in terms of various narrowly primitive rules, prescribed to everybody, hampering the fast accumulation of what is necessary.

    55. By the time of the creation of my Essence, the Great God had already seen the apparent necessity of my coming to you at certain times.

    56. My main and decisive Accomplishment was predestined to be in the period of decision of the fate of mankind, when approaching the limit set for you by the Harmony of the World of matter.

    57. But, taking into consideration your displayed psychological peculiarities, and also the complicating circumstances, caused by the active introduction into your life of various teachings by the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind, at that – with two opposite goals, the Heavenly Father outlined my preliminary brief appearance amongst you,

    58. During which it was necessary to show an image of the true Road of Salvation with a touch upon the first real concepts about the existence of the True Great God of the human race.

    59. In order that by the time when the main Hour of the decisive Event strikes, the consciousness of greatest number of representatives of humanity could at least superficially get acquainted with the manifestation of the Efforts of the True God, Who has sent down to His children through His living Word the first instructions about the true life,

    60. So that in the very period of the unfolding predestined decisive Accomplishment you might have the greatest possibilities to make the right choice.

    61. Wherein, the freedom of choice, as before, should remain free for everyone.

    62. If your life-activity was formed only depending on your own capabilities, without the interference of the Mind of the Universe, my appearances among you would proceed in some other regime and would take place more evenly and more benignly.

    63. But your life, naturally, was inevitably falling into a complicated nature of formation.

    64. And the Great God knew about the forthcoming possibility of interference of this kind in your life.

    65. But there was no other choice, for in immediate most favourable proximity to Him, just on Earth was the only one, beginning its development, young civilisation with the necessary for the fulfilment of the Holy Intent peculiarities of the mobile mind,

    66. The level of development of which was precisely on the stage, when the use of the dense natural bodies would be most favourable.

    67. Therefore the Heavenly Father was ready to outplay all probable complications, fulfilling what was Scheduled.

    68. Moreover, such outer attempts to influence your life cannot be prevented, mainly because the Mind of the Universe is absolutely incapable of perceiving anything ever coming from the Great God, due to its definite limitations and for the reason that the efforts of the Mind are made according to the established common laws in the Universe which do not violate Harmony.

    69. The Heavenly Father scheduled His Intent without reference to any active intervention in the existing laws, established for the universal Mind.

    70. And the times of my appearance amongst you depend exclusively on the character of the emerging difficulties in the life-activity of your society.

    71. And in order that everything was prepared for the scheduled decisive Hour in the best possible way, my preliminary appearance among you should take place at around two thousand years before the charted Hour.

    72. In that time, among the already existing isolated from each other diverse belligerent societies, Father predetermined for the first Accomplishment precisely the people of ancient Judea.

    73. But I truly tell you: this did not happen for the reason that the people of Judea is “chosen” by the All-Loving God, for in this sense all of you, without exception and on equal terms, are chosen by the Heavenly Father in the name of fulfilling His Intent;

    74. But this happened because the people of Judea was to play a definite peculiar role – planned for it by the extraterrestrial mind – in the life of all your society.

    75. Where the role itself pursued a goal, opposite to the fulfilment of God’s Intent, therefore this nation was destined to great misfortunes and sufferings.

    76. But the Jewish people itself does not know that, therefore guilt is not imputed to it.

  • Chapter 11

    The level of development of the mind of the extraterrestrial worlds, having impact on you, exceeds your level by a myriad of orders of magnitude.

    2. Therefore in the process of one or another attempt to affect your consciousness, you, till the present day, pretty simply succumb to the influence of temptations, which the ancient people just as readily succumbed to when various kinds of teachings were being introduced.

    3. Moreover your naïve childish attitude to various “rattles” in the form of unusual for you display of the laws of matter, easily provides a strong argument for the temptations arising inside your consciousness.

    4. Where it is you yourselves that immediately rush to ascribe the display of various “miracles” to some omens, ostensibly coming from the Heavenly Father.

    5. Although these “miracles” have nothing to do with Him, for they are manifested in laws which for the Father are heterogenous* (of different origin).

    6. And the very display of all such “miracles” without any exception is just a performance of still unknown to you material laws, artificially used for achieving definite goals, without at that going beyond the permissible limits of the Harmony.

    7.  The representatives of the mobile mind, with a level of development higher than yours, are easily able to display a large number of such kinds of “rattles”.

    8. Though you already are also quite capable of doing a lot of things yourselves.

    9. Having once introduced in your relations, in the form of certain conveniences, some conditional values, evolving over time into terms of monetary units, the opposing your development extraterrestrial mind in due time – when the actions, connected with the monetary units, obtained a stabilised character and man started to be continuously dependent on the presence of ever larger amounts of these conventional values – applied well-focused efforts for introducing an accurately calculated monetary-financial system;

    10. Which should become something like a reliable leash with numerous precious collars, put from the one side on the necks of all human societies, and on the other side – tied to a “pole”, set by somebody into the ground;

    11. What in general is intended to impede the true development and formation of the human civilisation.

    12. The first step in implementation of this programme had to become the effort to introduce into your life-activity a definite, specifically expressed rule, which many years later should inevitably bring the whole circulation of the conditional values, on which should necessarily slavishly depend all mankind, to the complete dependence on the actions of a small group of people,

    13. On who’s egoistic narrow-primitive spiritual qualities should become dependent to a certain extent the prosperity of a great many representatives of mankind.

    14. This concrete rule should necessarily be introduced only at the level of what is ostensibly given by God, for just then the fulfilment of the given rule would become an issue of national interest.

    15. And then the success of this activity would obtain a real solid foundation.

    16. But such a rule, and in the given case implying a peculiar usurious system, should not be introduced as something convenient in the life arrangement of the society.

    17. It should be introduced in such a way, that over a long period of time, regardless of the difficulties and changes of all external conditions of technical and scientific character, it should always be perceived as the single reliable peculiar super-weapon, only with the help of which one could allegedly conquer and enslave all the “unchosen” ones,

    18. That should include the whole of mankind, except one possibly small nation.

    19. The said dogma of the particular chosenness of the nation should also play in this programme a key role, the firm belief in which is capable of making man extremely persistent in achieving the charted goal.

    20. And for the implementation of the given programme all that remained was to find a nation, which did not yet have a strong harmonious religious teaching and which egoism was seriously hurt, but which should not have an inner inclination towards development of handcrafts, arts and science, and should gravitate to trade, as a primary life attachment.

    21. And since these qualities in that period were brightly expressed among the nomadic tribes, what was sought for should be found there.

    22. But considering the abilities of the extraterrestrial mind such a search could not bring any difficulties.

    23. A certain challenge could be only the search of a man, who will decently fulfil what is entrusted to him and in whose consciousness it was possible to lay a channel for the required incoming information.

    24. But all this was successfully resolved.

    25. And Moses climbed Mount Horeb, what was later imprinted in the Old Testament.

    26. I already mentioned that the character of your life-activity is built in such a way that you would first of all try to accumulate the necessary knowledge about your life independently.

    27. Where your Heavenly Father in order to help you has created the system of your reincarnations, through which active conditions, favourable for comprehension of what you lack, are created.

    28. And if we take one of the primary characteristic features of your vice, which has emerged on the basis of the rapidly growing egoism, – to exalt oneself above one’s brethren – when this inside you reaches a dangerous level, it is imperative that you get into certain conditions, where you should be being persistently humiliated.

    29. It would often be preferable if this takes place in the presence of others who are humiliated alike, so that, experiencing this on yourself, and also seeing the same on your neighbours, but already from those positions, you would have the opportunity to reconsider a lot.

    30. In antiquity the circumstances, related to the unrestrained-to-wildness striving for self-exaltation, have been widely spread.

    31. The Great God, making use of the situation with the occurring in your society concepts of slavery, has always incarnated into bodies of slaves exactly the ones, who earlier used to glorify excessively themselves, and also the former slaveholders themselves, who got too involved with their temporary power.

    32. It is regarding this law that I have previously warned you that everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.

    33. In the same way was also used the flesh of the ancient Israelites, languishing under the yoke of the Egyptian people, when in every newly born flesh was incarnated an unrestrained egoist from some other nation.

    34. It goes like this until in accord with the natural social regular processes these external conditions change.

    35. And only by the time when these peculiar educational conditions should change, such incarnations cease and a shift towards the common regular process takes place.

    36. But the Israelites’ sufferings did not happen for the reason that God has supposedly forgotten about them for a while.

    37. Only a great ignorance could give rise to such understanding about the Great God.

    38. Moreover that all of you without exception are for Him one single nation and differ from one another only by the degree of your obedience to Him.

    39. The Father never forgets about any of you and is always striving to do everything for your well-being,

    40. But He has to outplay the results of your own extremely unreasonable actions, done due to the freedom of your choice.

    41. And as the soul itself does not have any national features, each of you acquires a definite flesh of any nation, precisely through which you have the opportunity to find what you lack.

    42. So once, through some circumstances, artificially built by the extraterrestrial mind, and with the same various “rattles”, the people of Israel was successfully freed from enslavement and was directed under the guidance of Moses to the country, supposedly promised by God.

    43. But since the release of the Israelites did not happen in accordance with the natural regular processes, the Great Heavenly Father had not previously changed the pattern of the reincarnations, which would cancel the incarnation in the bodies of this nation only extremely unrestrained egoists.

    44. Therefore it was exactly the ones, who still needed strict education, that suddenly found freedom.

    45. And in connection namely to this fact Moses inevitably had to face enormous difficulties,

    46. When the abnormal abundant display of the wild egoism of those who walked with him needed to be continuously suppressed by strict laws and force.

    47. The extraterrestrial mind also noticed those extremely complicated circumstances and after due assessment, an effort was made to create some peculiar quarantine during which several generations should leave life in the flesh.

    48. And since the moment when the Israelites’ people changed the form of its life-activity, the Great God proceeded with the incarnation of his children in these bodies according to the regular principle, regardless of their games.

    49. Therefore it was only after a certain period of time when the given society acquired the usual level of stability, and after that the Israelites’ nation could step forward to its goal.

    50. But within this period Moses had Mount Sinai and many other days,

    51. During which he obediently imprinted the system of knowledge and laws, coming to him from above, on whose basis a strong religious teaching was emerging, with the mandatory for the given case emphasising the specific chosenness of the Israelites,

    52. Which guaranteed, for a long forthcoming period of time, a great persistence in the accomplishment of the inserted programme.

    53. It was mainly the egoism, which was seriously hurt during the period of yoke and which even without that was excessively great inside, that became a nice fertile soil for such sowing.

    54. In this period, together with the numerous rules and laws, the usurious system was successfully introduced; a blessing for all kinds of liberties in relation to the other nations was promised for its obedient implementation.

    55. In this way the foundation of the successive religious teaching was laid down, where even the text itself was being transferred and obediently imprinted by Moses in such a manner, that an adequate correct reading of the text gave the chance to receive information about the future of all mankind.

    56. And even here the extraterrestrial world did not do without “rattles”.

    57. Since the possibility to foresee the most probable events in the development of one or another society is pretty accessible for the level of development of those who try to patronise the human civilisation, pursuing their own interests.

    58. The necessity to insert the dogma of the peculiar chosenness of that people boiled down to the fact, that, having displayed in this issue a deep national conviction, the Israelites unconsciously switched on an invisible for man regularity from the World of matter, related to the fact, that afterwards at any contact of the Israelites with the representatives of other societies, on behalf of these representatives would occur unconscious dislike and aggression in reference to the people of Israel.

    59. This was required in order that the Israelites over a long period of time constantly felt their isolation and still more persistently followed what was prescribed to them by the various laws from the religious teaching.

    60. This would enable them to feel continuously a specific inner unity among themselves, and so, the following of the programme would be long-lasting.

    61. The extraterrestrial mind, foreseeing the probable future, knew that once – exactly in connection with these activated regularities – the people of Israel, yet again for the sake of accomplishment of the programme, would be actively scattering all over the world,

    62. In order that the introduced system would be favourably spreading everywhere, provided that there can get at least one Jew.

    63. The ideology of the introduced religious teaching, resting deep into his consciousness, would continuously turn his efforts to the direction in which he would see how to play his feasible part, leading to the imaginary inevitable victory of his people over all the other representatives of mankind.

    64. The sincere belief in the promises, supposedly given by God, has been displayed in this.

    65. The Heavenly Father saw the deep illusion which His beloved children, a part of whom was incarnated into the bodies of the Israelite people, had succumbed to.

    66. Using the mystery of reincarnation, the Great Father began to help increasingly over time to neutralise the dangerous ideological programme in the consciousness, incarnating into the bodies of the Jews souls, that had been previously incarnated in other peoples, with an internal experience which had some contrary to the programme peculiarities;

    67. Though such an experience was initially very seldom imprinted in the souls, and even if it was – quite insignificantly.

    68. And then, in such reincarnation, the inner world – by a force unconscious for man – influenced in its own way the ideological attitude in the consciousness,

    69. Where the ever greater effect can emerge only over time, when positive vitally important qualities are being gradually accumulated in the souls.

    70. And only the unreasonable ignorant actions of the rest of God’s children, holding in their consciousness other, not less dangerous, rough ideological attitudes, began trying hard to unconsciously impede these Efforts of their Heavenly Father.

    71. Where during the period of the dispersal of the Jews around the Earth, especially on the part of the representatives of the already established vast community, calling themselves Christians, there were applied in abundance – primitively to the extreme – wild efforts in respect of the Jewish people,

    72. Without suspecting – out of ignorance of the Truth – that they trip up their own native brothers, being temporarily at that time in the flesh of this people;

    73. Thus further empowering their efforts on the false road, laid for them against the benefit of all mankind.

    74. The children of the Great Heavenly Father, incarnated in the bodies of the people of Israel, who lent themselves to the ancient laws with all their reason and faith, do not know to this day what kind of temptation they succumbed to.

    75. For though in ancient times they had full freedom of choice, under the conditions that were created for them, it was impossible not to perceive what they were being given.

    76. Such was the result of the efforts on the basis of a correct assessment of the peculiarities of your psychology.

    77. A strong emphasis is being placed on this nowadays, on the part of the extraterrestrial mind, quite often with unfavourable for you goals.

    78. And then, after passing through a measured out for the Jewish people kind of quarantine in the desert land, which lasted many years, this people was to face a turbulent history,

    79. For they were deliberately taken to lands, where they would lose their peace forever, pulling on their own heads great misfortunes, what was necessary for the successful accomplishment of the pernicious programme, provided by the heterogenous* source.

    80. Where the very peculiarity of these misfortunes considerably depends on the regularities, related to the manifestation of the powerful nationwide self-exaltation above all the other nations, without exception.

    81. For any attempt for self-exaltation is, at the energetic level, a challenge to those manifestations of the material laws, which are the object of self-exaltation.

    82. When such manifestations take place, the laws of Nature immediately begin to counteract with an ever increasing strength,

    83. And in the life of your society this is easily and actively displayed through your own efforts towards any of your neighbours, ending quite often with violent manifestations in the clash of one nation with another.

    84. This represents a gross regularity in the Universe, designed for restraining the excessively displayed primitive sides of egoism.

    85. And concerning the laws of development of your soul, any attempt for self-exaltation always plays a pernicious role, regardless of the bright slogan under which you make even the slightest efforts towards self-exaltation.

    *heterogenous – of different origin (translator’s note); heterogenous source – a source which is of different origin

  • Chapter 12

    Knowing that His children from the people of Judea abide in the state of false chosenness, the Heavenly Father predetermined that my first appearance in your life would begin exactly with this nation,

    2. In order to impose a definite auxiliary stamp on the whole forthcoming fate of the life of the Jews.

    3. Taking into account in the necessary hour the external conditions of the people, that was seriously suffering for another time, as well as the ever-growing hopes that the Messiah was about to come and bring the long-awaited liberation from the successive other-nation’s tyranny, the Great God allowed me to incarnate into a newly born child of one modest family,

    4. Whose father’s and mother’s names have come to you without distortion.

    5. As for the other related details and events which took place later, I will just mention for now, that not all of the facts which have come to you are real; and if we touch upon the ideas, occurring in your consciousness on the basis of what you have read about that time, then the discrepancy becomes immeasurably greater.

    6. Everything in my life began in the way that I already mentioned: with а definite preparatory period, required for my basic Creations.

    7. Before the beginning of the Accomplishment my Essence lived in a peculiar “sleeping” state, and the outwardly displayed life-activity, under the supervision of my God, helped for the accumulation of all the necessary for me concepts about the living environment of the people among which I appeared.

    8. I obediently participated in the life-game, passionately played by the nation which was suffering from a dangerous disease inside, but considered this the primary genuine manifestation of its life.

    9. While playing, I continued to watch closely everything around, for these were the first impressions I ever got from my living in the flesh.

    10. And when the Hour of awakening struck, my Spirit opened eyes, and I began to see the world the way precisely I should see it through the “prism” of my Father’s Spirit.

    11. As it is inherent to my Essence, I immediately began to see the truth of all proceeding events and soon I could not fail to see the danger that was threatening me.

    12. For I was eager to tell something that was beginning to destroy in the consciousness of those people the already existing ideological attitude which they cherished a lot.

    13. The people of Judea passionately craved for obtaining the desired freedom for their natural body, falsely comprehending the spiritual.

    14. They dream of a victory, led by the desired messiah, in order to finally and forever indulge in tasting of endless benefits yet again for their flesh.

    15. But I was to talk about freedom of a different kind,

    16. About the roads, which, as a rule, everybody avoided, for they were continuously looking for advantages again for their flesh.

    17. And since the incessant search and thoughts about such advantages are a key feature in your life-activity, it was favourable for me to start with my Word primarily among the indigent and poor ones.

    18. Precisely as an exception my Father allowed me to use the laws of matter, which in the given case were to serve not only as “rattles”, but also as something more.

    19. For above all the people of Judea very strongly believed, on the basis of their history, imprinted already in their religious teaching, that everything coming from God should be accompanied by great, visible to them omens.

    20. And even if they did not often ask for this openly, internally they greatly depended on this.

    21. And since I was supposed to lay down something new – not what they had in their consciousness – then under these primitive circumstances it was absolutely necessary to show something, which was exceeding the level of their understanding.

    22. Any phenomena of this kind still affect the freedom of your choice, and in ancient times such influence was too great.

    23. Therefore their incompetent usage can always have a detrimental effect on your spiritual development.

    24. For such “rattles” often easily make you take the false which is not for your good, when under natural normal circumstances you would not take that false.

    25. In that ancient time, in the epoch of the first Accomplishment, the usage of such material laws became the only case for all your history, when they were successfully directed mainly to your good.

    26. I managed not just to help the listeners to believe in me, using unknown to them force, for if it was just like that, then we could consider my incarnation unsuccessful, but I was able to help them understand what great strengths they obtain themselves when true faith awakens in them.

    27. The people who grasped this and the ones who were close to it were few, but it was evident that God’s Seed grew up and inevitably sprouts would come out.

    28. For all the rest would be done by the Heavenly Father, using and outplaying the external circumstances in such a way, that the Good News began to spread according to the Intent, pre-determined by Him.

    29. The Good News Itself, about the True God’s Care for His wandering children and about the hope for Salvation, through the shown image of the true road of selfless and devoted love, –

    30. The Salvation from the rapid fall down, to which you all excessively gravitate.

    31. Only, when you stop the falling, you should also start to develop.

    32. But it was impossible in those times to introduce the very Teaching of the true development.

    33. For it is one thing to call for great love, but another to tell in detail how to fulfil this in all deeds related to your everyday life.

    34. And there is a great lot of such deeds.

    35. And each of them needs precise instruction,

    36. So that your arbitrary egoistic interpretation of what I often tell you figuratively would not be required.

    37. For where I leave something unsaid, you necessarily add, and where you add something, there inevitably sprout exuberant weeds as yet.

    38. But then the Hour to tell you about the marvellous Ascent had not struck yet.

    39. And then I did not come for that.

    40. I knew that the time for my Creation would be short, and I had to be able to tell you not much, but exactly the Things, trying to fulfil which worthily, giving selflessly all your strength, you would be able to save yourselves from painful decay.

    41. And this could allow the Jews who had believed, to stop being servants of the harmful programme, inserted in the consciousness of their nation.

    42. Beginning the predetermined Creation, I aimed to lay in the consciousness of the listeners the truths, which in their essence were contrary to the false dogmas, created for your perdition.

    43. Everything mentioned in the ancient religious teaching of the Jews about the qualities, ostensibly inherent to God, I countered with concepts, which represent actually the genuine Qualities of the Great Father.

    44. And where I did not do this – it was not the time yet to even mention about the true manifestations of God.

    45. I began to partly unveil the Truth of the Great God, the Only Living and All-Loving Father, about Whom man knew nothing, despite the numerous related legends.

    46. But what could be told to the listeners was not much, because of the extreme narrowness of their consciousness, where they held the strong conviction that ostensibly God can get angry, jealous and can punish without delay.

    47. All of you even today are inclined to ascribe to your Father vicious emotions, inherent to you, nurtured on egoism.

    48. For any display of discontent, anger, jealousy and much more are an expression of rough natural-egoistic sensual manifestations, and so, they are absolutely irrelevant to the Great God because of their different origin.

    49. But I will over time inevitably dispel your ignorance, every time unveiling something, for which you have matured at that moment.

    50. And in that distant time I only mentioned about the All-Loving Father, Who evenly bestows His Grace to everyone, like the Sun which equally warms and shines on both the sinner and the righteous man;

    51. With the single difference that only the one, striving to give his strength in the name of worthily fulfilling God’s laws, has the opportunity each time to gain more and more Gracious Force inside himself;

    52. And the one, who made efforts in the opposite direction, though – as before – he did not lose at all the Love of the Heavenly Father towards him, becomes in the course of time increasingly unable to take inside himself even a small shred of Blessing Force.

    53. Such are the peculiarities of development of the soul.

    54. And then, opposite to the ancient mentioning that ostensibly God can veil in anger His Face from His children and turn His Sight away from them, it was necessary to tell that the Father is always watching you and does not turn away His Sight even for an instant, and that even one hair from your head cannot be lost without His knowledge,

    55. And that the Father is always caring and merciful, and never forgets your genuine needs.

    56. And in order to broaden the real understanding of the disciples who were listening, I told them also that the Heavenly Father never judges anybody, but left the judgement to His Son, for he is the son of man.

    57. For only living in the flesh, similar to yours, is it possible to most precisely assess the character of the concrete temporal mistakes, taking place in your everyday life.

    58. And only living in the flesh can one manifest – for the good of your efforts – certain natural energetic peculiarities, and can also impose on you the necessary requirements, giving numerous explanations accessible to your level of comprehension.

    59. The truths from the Great God were revealed in that time not just for that nation.

    60. For what had to begin in ancient Judea, was to go throughout the world, testing the numerous children and preparing the consciousness of the sleeping ones for the time of Dawn, for the coming of the crucial Hour.

    61. Because your life was to be veiled in even deeper darkness after the end of my first Accomplishment.

    62. There was to come a long night of all possible crazy doings, with God’s Name on the lips – hypocritical and deceitful, contorted with malice.

    63. Boundless wildness, extremely unreasonable, was still to be displayed through your hands.

    64. But it is you yourselves who consciously throw the seeds of deceit with your generous hand, therefore you all inevitably have to taste the fullness of the poison of the fruits you have grown.

    65. I will not in greater detail talk about the events of that already ancient time and what really happened regarding my Accomplishment,

    66. For there is no need today to resurrect the wildness and stupidity, which was abundantly performed by you in those days.

    67. My Accomplishment ended by a peculiar tragic inevitability.

    68. But if those who made efforts to stop my activity thought sincerely that they achieved a victory, they were deeply wrong.

    69. I managed to do what depended on me.

    70. And the regularities, introduced in this way in the life of the human society, began to unfold in the predetermined direction.

    71. While I am doing what depends on me, I can still worry about the success of what is being done by me for your good and to the Glory of my Father.

    72. But when I succeeded to fulfil what was predestined, then I could calm down, regardless of the dangers which awaited you.

    73. For I know that when my Father leads you further, He will always outplay for your good all difficulties and will always bring what is charted to a favourable goal.

  • Chapter 13

    The extraterrestrial world, patronising the people of Judea, assessed very quickly that some laws, established by me, are able to destroy the programme, being introduced by them and flourishing already for a few centuries through the efforts of that ignorant people.

    2. Thereafter multiple efforts began to be applied in order to influence the course of unfolding events through the consciousness of all those, who were able to take an active part in the propagating of the New Testament;

    3. Both through the consciousness of those who were able to behave aggressively against the bearers of the Good News, as well as those who were sincerely striving to comprehend the Truth.

    4. And since the full-fledged teaching of development has not yet been given – with the numerous concrete instructions for distinguishing what is favourable for the soul and what is not, touching upon every side of being and life in general, as it needs to be – so, a wide field of activity emerged for the opposing side: to introduce into the consciousness of the ones, who accepted the New Testament, all kinds of false concepts,

    5. Both in the direct interpretation of the imprinted truths, and in everything else for which direct and concrete clues were not given in the Teaching;

    6. Meanwhile using abundantly “rattles” in the form of every possible “miraculous” apparitions of supposedly sacred images and other phenomena, and also the suddenly acquired abilities when a man in a definite psychological condition unconsciously speaks foreign languages, and, of course, the obligatory “miraculous” healing, which all people who are suffering from diseases are longing for, not caring too much about where this healing comes from and if this healing is for good at all.

    7. All this is exclusively based on the primitive egoistic attachments.

    8. These and many other “rattles” of this kind have been invariably attributed – out of ignorance –to manifestations ostensibly of the Holy Spirit,

    9. Whereas the difference between the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and such kind of displays resembles the difference between the sun ray and the iron crowbar.

    10. And only now I have another opportunity to tell you about all possible distinctions, mixing which chaotically, you often perceive the darkness instead of the Light.

    11. Using skillfully the unknown to man laws of matter, the opposing your development extraterrestrial world made the permissible efforts for the achievement of the main goal in respect of what I laid down to your benefit: not to allow the spreading of the Good News according to the simple principle: “on its own from one man to another”.

    12. For exactly such propagation, as I also wished, would be the most favourable for you.

    13. Therefore I gave an extremely important instruction: do not call yourselves tutors and teachers, because I am the only Tutor and Teacher for you and only I have the possibility to fulfil this.

    14. You are all brothers, and being equal among yourselves would be only for your good.

    15. I gave this instruction in order that no one from the believers would later try to edify and teach his neighbours, based on words which I have once said.

    16. For just me and my Father know the fullness of what is hidden inside them, and all of you were to comprehend them on equal terms.

    17. Only the equal for everyone discussion on my words has been admissible, after which everyone should have stayed with the opinion, to which he had matured,

    18. And further – to selflessly fulfil all this.

    19. And only his own sincerity should have become his judge.

    20. In this admonition – about the tutors – had been expressed my additional hope for your good, and I believed that you would try to accomplish it, though you had most probable inclination towards another, primitive effort.

    21. And anyway it happened to be beyond your abilities to assess my word worthily, when you refracted it through the natural egoistic prism.

    22. This most probable inclination was successfully used by the extraterrestrial mind opposing you, for which you are undesirables.

    23. All they had to do was to skillfully support your efforts in the direction to which you naturally gravitate.

    24. And soon, among the believers, an organisation began its quick formation according to the common principle of all organisations existing in human society.

    25. And this common principle has in all cases one and the same root of natural-egoistic character,

    26. Which in such organisations, as they grow, is expressed by the inevitable striving to introduce a variety of hierarchical levels.

    27. In which the limited consciousness, filled up with information with natural-egoistic marks only, would necessarily see a benign need, when for the soul itself such a construction would in fact create just a clingy decaying swamp.

    28. But you are still unable to correctly assess the inner regularities, therefore you are inclined mainly towards what is immanent to you.

    29. And immanent to you is everything which serves the natural-egoistic needs.

    30. And then contrary to my ban on tutoring, exactly the ones who believed in me quickly shared among themselves the positions of numerous tutors and teachers.

    31. And since they themselves were not able to understand many things, they also prevented the others from going beyond the false perception, which was introduced in the form of certain canons.

    32. And if my direct and concrete admonition was not followed, then what to speak about your understandings of the various images, through which I gave instructions to you in abundance.

    33. Of course, it was a great unconsciously made mistake to consider that the deeds of my immediate disciples are something unmistakable and infallible.

    34. But in fact you are all brothers, and everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.

    35. You should be – for their good – captious and demanding towards their actions, but you backed off in confusion.

    36. And there is also a lot that they did not manage.

    37. But since all of you were ignorant of many things, therefore it is not imputed to you as your fault.

    38. And if for the various introductions of religious-mystical teachings – from the side of the extraterrestrial mind – it has always been important to build a uniform organisational system, then precisely regarding my Teaching such an attempt inevitably creates only destruction.

    39. For this reason, when organisations, called Christian churches, began their formation in a definite system, there occurred natural convenient conditions to put all this system under the full dependence on the monetary-financial circulation and all ugly, related to this, manifestations concerning the development of your soul;

    40.  Which began easily to depersonalise each believer who showed interest in this respect.

    41. After this step those who called themselves servants of my Father and who positioned themselves higher, compared to the rest of the believers, inevitably became supporters of the already mentioned unfolding programme for mankind’s enslavement.

    42. Whereas in the Teaching I had left instructions capable of destroying the given programme.

    43. And, of course, when a fairly extensive Christian organisation was formed, where nothing was left from me but the few words of mine imprinted earlier in the silent Scriptures, it became as well convenient for the opposing you force – by outplaying easily the primitive egoistic manifestations and the narrowness of the consciousness – to introduce in the common organisation all sorts of absurd disagreements.

    44. Which should inevitably lead to separation and multiple fragmentation into all sorts of streams of swellheads unwilling to know each other.

    45. At that, having exactly the same silent Scriptures, the separated among themselves believers zealously assert their own understanding of definite parts of the Book of life, hypocritically pretending to have taken the most correct road to Salvation.

    46. Oh, how great is ignorance!

    47. Using one and the same feature of the rapidly blooming egoism in man, the hostile extraterrestrial mind easily introduces a separating regularity in all religious teachings which do not have a living founder.

    48. But the greater the number of divisions a unified religious teaching has in itself, the less benefit it is capable of bringing to you.

    49. For this reason I warned you once that every home or kingdom, which divide in themselves, will collapse.

    50. And their price will be – dust blown by the wind.

    51. Thus, after the end of my first Accomplishment, one of the directions of the extraterrestrial mind continued to patronise in its own way the ever growing in number believers in the Good News, by gradually introducing – through certain authoritative persons, considering what they were not able to assess and comprehend correctly – various false interpretations and incorrect concepts.

    52. In its initial natural form the Teaching was called upon to excite your inner world and everyone, who would undertake independent efforts in its comprehension, would certainly notice how this Teaching pulls you out of the existing vicious circle of social living arrangement, attracting you more and more to itself.

    53. But few of you dared to follow their own understanding of the New Testament and through their inner desire to fulfil everything according to these understandings.

    54. And the ones, who did this brave move after all, inevitably felt the need to leave the worldly life;

    55. Which they did immediately and worthily,

    56. Unwittingly giving others the opportunity to be proud of them, recalling that these righteous workers belong to their people and, of course, to their church

    57. Which, accumulating sacred names like flags, presumed that the more those flags, the stronger and more authoritative the church itself would be.

    58. I verily tell you: there is no need on behalf of the representatives of any church to say that once in her bosom have lived righteous men.

    59. It will be right to say that the church had been existing only while these worthy men had been living.

    60. But they are not heroes, they are just true believers.

    61. And the church consists not of those who just talk about the Great God, but of the ones who selflessly fulfil what is God-given.

    62. There is no need for the churches to boast about the righteous feats in their past history, for the righteous feat is a delight to God in the moments of its doing.

    63. But the never-ending citing of the piled up memories of those heroic deeds do not please God.

    64. And do all the memories actually refer to heroic righteous deeds?

    65. For man is inclined to notice what is righteous in the convenient.

    66. And don’t you often – choosing what is convenient – find troubles for yourselves?

    67. Everything, which is now convenient to man, is consonant with his vices and weak sides.

    68. Be extremely vigilant when you find the convenient!

    69. No matter how many achievements it has accumulated in the past, a church cannot become stronger and better because of that.

    70. This is favourable only for the museums.

    71. The strength and the goodness of God’s church depend on the deeds which are being done today.

    72. For it is the living ones who are called first to build God’s church.

    73. And the fate of the people around depends on the living ones only.

    74. And only the living ones can influence the surrounding world.

    75. So, the very success of the introduced false interpretations and concepts fully depends on the overwhelming unconscious egoistic urges of man himself to view everything in a way convenient for his egoism.

    76. This allowed – on the wave of the inner efforts of man himself – to easily introduce numerous false interpretations and concepts until everything in the Teaching that could excite you, was completely falsely explained, creating in this way imaginary calmness.

    77. Afterwards the one who calls himself a believer does not feel anymore the need to step out of the existing life-activity and move closer to the Teaching, for through these various false interpretations the essence of the Teaching has been transformed in such a manner, that it was already possible to attract the Teaching itself towards the existing life-arrangement,

    78. Making from it something convenient, additional to your life, while you continue to say hypocritically that your faith is the most important thing in life, soothing your conscience with a lie.

    79. I already figuratively told you, that with the first steps of formation of your civilisation you – out of ignorance – laid down in fertile soil the seed of lie, which became the fundamental principle of the essence of your future developing social life-arrangement.

    80. And the tree, personifying the image of your life-arrangement, began to grow quickly with an ugly trunk and numerous branches, giving abundantly poisonous fruits.

    81. Once you could not help but notice, that the fruits of your life-activity bring just troubles and endless sufferings from which you strive constantly to feel yourselves like warriors, acquiring unavoidably everything wild and stupid, inherent to this.

    82. And when you succeed in this, you inevitably begin even more to multiply that same troubles and sufferings,

    83. Incessantly hoping to get free of them, when with all your efforts you are doing the opposite.

    84. The continuous eating of the poisonous fruits of the tree of lie and the suffering from various kinds of diseases, which result from that and torment you, occasionally pushed you to look for the reason for your troubles.

    85. And then some of you immersed themselves into comprehension of what concerns the numberless leaves of that tree, where the whole visible side of your life is mainly manifested.

    86. Those of you, who were wiser, noticed that the leaves come out from numerous small branches, and delved into comprehending these branches.

    87. And those of you who are still wiser, whose number in such a listing is ever decreasing, were able to notice that the thin branches come out of thicker ones, but already less in number.

    88. And only a handful of you rose to the perception that those thicker branches also come out of still thicker ones.

    89. Your entire experience in comprehending your own life for the whole history of your formation was confined to studying just the leaves and the numerous branches, while covering in a variety of handwriting a far greater amount of paper sheets.

    90. Where the more practical of you were seeking in the leaves healing for themselves, and those, who were romantics, were looking away from the tree in the infinite open spaces of the Cosmos.

    91. But since you are mainly looking for healing, and within the knowledge of your consciousness there are just concepts of the little branches, then the only thing which you could think out in order to improve your life was to try to rearrange the crown of that tree.

    92. And every time, when you assign to somebody the big name of great “botanist”, and even under a certain number in addition, all of you together, from the different sides of the considerably grown-up ugly tree, under the leadership of great “botanists” rush to remake the crown of the tree, the way you want,

    93. Making at that in advance, in most wise voices, a programme of the successive large-scaled community workday, named revolution, war or any kind of reformation.

    94. You try in accordance with the human prescriptions to cut everything which in your opinion is more ugly.

    95. But on the ugly tree all the branches without exception extend from the root, following one and the same principle.

    96. And this tree – whatever multiple transformations were made in its crown through your feverish efforts with loud appeals – anyway it gives and will be giving the same poisonous fruits as before.

    97. Your society is divided in two characteristically displayed efforts, concerning the trimming of the crown of the tree.

    98. Where the religious-philosophical effort is characterised by inner activeness and outer passiveness, and the political effort is characterised, on the contrary, by inner passiveness, but outer activeness.

    99. At that, when they occasionally combine in your society, these efforts allow at large to conduct quite noisy events, after which painful scars are imprinted on your body for a long time.

    100. You, until the present day, persistently keep fighting windmills in ecstasy as Don Quixotes, when the real misfortune rests inside you.

    101. But to notice this on your own and assess it worthily does not allow your egoism, which you are continuously serving in spite of all your wisdom.

    102. None of the sources that have given you all the religious teachings – except the one, which I left for you once, from your God – knows the genuine laws of development of your soul.

    103. Therefore, in their essence, these teachings either sought to take you to the world of worthless illusions, thus taking you out of the unfavourable way of living, or give all sorts of recommendations on how to participate in the framing of that same crown of the tree of lie, which personifies your life.

    104. And only now you are to understand how useless are all your efforts to improve the quality of the fruits of that tree through various cuttings of the branches which, in your view, are incorrect.

    105. All growing branches, which are the only thing you are able to see so far, come out from one trunk which naturally extends from one single root.

    106. And until the root of lie continues to live, a benign tree with a lot of sweet and miraculous fruits will not exist, regardless of all your striving to shred the crown of the ugly tree, which has the programme of darkness inserted into its root.

    107. It is not in the crown of the tree where you should seek for the cause of your own sorrows, but take a close look at the trunk and the root of the tree itself, what I briefly described in this appeal.

    108. In truth I tell you: the Teaching of the true Road, pre-determined for you by the Great God, cannot be a sparkling toy, hanging on the ugly branches to decorate the tree of your vicious living;

    109. Which is exactly how you have transformed all the teachings in the societies throughout Mother-Earth.

    110. At the same time, hanging words about the Sublime on the crooked knots of that tree, you safely thought that the tree has become supposedly nobler.

    111. Remember that the true Teaching is the very Grain, precisely which you have to lay down today in the soil, a suffering soil, but still keeping hope.

    112. In order that the Benign tree of your eternal life grew up at last, with a great amount of cure-all miraculous fruits.

    113. And that tree – whose crown you have trimmed many times and still tend to do so, being in botanical inspiration – in the near future should finally wither away, for its trunk has already been seriously damaged by the effect of its own venoms, which poisoned the soil beneath it.

  • Chapter 14

    The Great Father knew about this withering of the negligent tree, out of which you, like the numerous leaves, occasionally fall down and make a lot of noise, when self-willed winds begin to blow.

    2. He was aware that if a new tree, and this time the true one, has not been cultivated by the time of the complete drying up, then there will be no place where to embody what is new and to finally return the awaiting ones.

    3. Therefore the Great God predetermined the time, when – until the tree of doom would be still holding up – the tree of Life has to start growing.

    4. In order that exactly by the time of the final withering of the tree of sorrows, the Basis of Eternity could be already branching out safely.

    5. And here came the Time of my second successive appearance amongst you, predetermined for thousands of years before.

    6. Everything happened the way my Father had charted, and no one was able to prevent the fulfilment of His Will.

    7. The accomplished mystery of my successive descension in a newly born child on Earth in the current epoch took place some time before the Beginning of the crucial Events, in order that at the moment when should strike the Hour of the Beginning of the decision of the fate of the human race, I could have accumulated the necessary supporting information about the peculiarities of your modern life activity.

    8. My acquaintance with your living began in accord with the very same principle, as the first time, only now I already needed in advance to touch – at least in passing – upon a considerably greater scope of typical manifestations of the different sides of your life.

    9. In ancient times the range of your life manifestations was very limited, and in order to get acquainted with it one should not go far from his home.

    10. Your life in the modern times is displayed by a quite greater diversity of typical expressions of your various inclinations, which inevitably form your inner world in a definite way and influence the development of the soul.

    11. That is why, for my most favourable veritable communication with you, I should accumulate as many auxiliary concepts as possible.

    12. Besides, your scientific and technical achievements also allowed me to acquire a lot, without leaving my home.

    13. Having veiled my real Essence and my Force by a certain mystery, my Great Father leaded the young developing consciousness of my new flesh in such a manner, that I first acquired everything I needed before the Hour of my awakening and the Beginning of my main decisive Accomplishment.

    14. But now it became necessary to partly reveal an important regularity, related to the necessity of holding under control the manifestations of my Essence by the Heavenly Father, while you have a full freedom to display all your sensual peculiarities.

    15. I already mentioned that the World of the material Being, as to the degree of subtleness, consists of a great variety of energetic manifestations.

    16. Where the increasingly subtler energetic streams possess an ever increasing creative Force,

    17. Which greatest capabilities are concentrated into the Essence of the Great Creator of the material Being.

    18. And the ultra-thin capabilities of the Great God, your Heavenly Father, differ in quality from anything existing in the Being so much, that it will be easier to perceive them as a manifestation of a heterogenous Law (TN: law of a different origin).

    19. And in order to bring to you the next great Truth, I need to use simple images, easy for you to understand, for the abundant usage of polysyllabic terms in the given case will not be for your good and will not provide more clarity.

    20. So, if the Face of the Creator of the material Being has to be metaphorically described, one can imagine him most precisely as a great Source of an even, cool, dazzling white Light.

    21. Unlike Him, the Face of your God is to some extent similar to the great Source of the dazzling Light, but your God’s Light outwardly has a warm hue, and in the core of His Light there is an unthinkably Beneficial Flame.

    22. The birth of your souls is a mystery of separation from the Heavenly Father’s Essence of tiny sparks, bearing in their peculiarity the capability to glow and warm, which corresponds to the Legend, saying that you have been created in the image and likeness of God.

    23. But in a pure, not modified state no spark from the Great God’s Essence would be able to interact with any forms of material laws’ manifestation for the benefit of the common development,

    24. Since the Power of the characteristic peculiarity even of the small spark is such, that the combination with the emotional features of any natural organism, endowed with reason, easily and quickly will lead to the burning of this organism.

    25. In connection with these conditions the Great Father creates your souls, modifying the qualitative basis of the numerous detached tiny sparks.

    26. Besides, the Gracious Father, giving each spark all the necessary qualities for individual self-expression, has densified their vibrational characteristics to such an extent, that the combination with the natural, remaining still much rougher, vibrational sensual characteristics of the flesh has become the least dangerous,

    27. For the power of the flame of your soul is able to multiply rapidly the strength of the manifestation of all natural sensual peculiarities.

    28. And if this multiplication proceeds beyond the acceptable measure, this will inevitably lead to self-destruction of the natural organism.

    29. Through the significant densification of the energetic qualities of your soul, the Father cooled down a little each sparkle, so that it would not burn the natural flesh, in which it would be necessarily incarnated.

    30. But even with such significantly truncated power of the sensual peculiarities of your soul, you can still see what a great strength you possess in the moments of emotional outbursts, to which you are subjected.

    31. Those of you, who have experienced the fire of love for the possible chosen one for starting a family, could easily notice that they become thoughtless, considerably inclined to a lot of unreasonable efforts.

    32. And as long as this love remains unrequited or does not bring satisfaction, you can quite often experience a strong burning sensation from that fire inside you.

    33. But as your life is accompanied by innumerable variety of emotional splashes, what happens on the basis of an absolutely incorrect attitude towards the surrounding reality, then, although the fire of your soul is not so dangerous, anyway in the course of time such frequent splashes lead to the gradual burning of some vitally important peculiarities of your flesh,

    34.  What makes it inevitably get sick and a process of self-destruction begins.

    35. All these bright splashes of your sensual manifestations are characteristic exclusively only for you in the entire Universe.

    36. For any natural sensual display, without the influence of the flame of the God’s sparkle on it, is never manifested on such a mighty level.

    37. And even the very feeling of love with its exuberant wonderful peculiarities, designed to arise between a man and a woman, occurred exclusively as a result of the combination between the sensual peculiarities of your soul and the peculiarities of the sensual manifestations of the flesh.

    38. In truth I tell you: not a single representative of the Mind of the Universe has ever known or will ever understand what the beauty of the fire of this love is.

    39. Because for this it will always be necessary that such flesh bears the sparkle of the Great God.

    40. Therefore, in any reference to you on the part of the Mind of the Universe, any usage of words of love is just a mentioning of your – pleasant to you – terminology, where the representatives of this Mind are absolutely ignorant of the real essence, enclosed in the concepts of love itself.

    41. When the Great God modified qualitatively the foundation of your soul, you obtained the most favourable opportunity to enter the World of matter, but at the same time you inevitably got into very complicated conditions for the correct determining of everything, which would be only beneficial to your soul’s development.

    42. For the mind of your flesh, based on a heterogenous law*, by its essence will never be able to form the laws of development of your soul independently. (TN: heterogenous law – law of a different origin)

    43. Where, considering the given peculiarity which is vitally important for you, the Great God gave me life.

    44. So that I would come into your life, occasionally correcting what you have done, and establishing new laws for your future development.

    45. At that, my Father did not densify the energetic qualities of my soul, for it was not predetermined for me to abide in the material laws forever, walking the road of development envisaged for you.

    46. I have been born solely for you and only for the good of all children of God, who are already born and will further be being eternally born.

    47. Creating my foundation, my Father has concentrated inside me a big fire from His Essence, providing me with everything necessary for individual self-expression,

    48. At that, He linked my Essence with His in such a manner, that in the times of the first Accomplishment the only thing I could say to my disciples was: “I and my Father are one, for He is in me and I am in Him”.

    49. But, of course, this did not mean that I and my Father are one and the same, which was wrongly thought by many of those who later believed in the New Testament.

    50. It was necessary to impart to me specific individual qualities for the reason that when I am incarnated amongst you, I should be able to independently analyse the whole ongoing reality related to your life, and to find by myself all the solutions needed for your benefit.

    51. And my appearance in your life happened to be the most favourable opportunity to provide help to you.

    52. For my Essence possesses absolutely complete capability to find all the best for you depending on any kind of specific circumstances, in which you can find yourself on the road of your life-activity.

    53. And if we should briefly describe the characteristic features of your eternal education, we can say, that your Great Father, the One Living God, is always teaching you by showing things,

    54. And He created me in order that I could teach you by telling things.

    55. At the same time His teachings are incessant and eternal, and mine can take place just from time to time.

    56. The form of communication inherent to you is not inherent to the Great God in principle, because it is for Him an extremely rough and primitive manifestation with inadmissible for Him limitations.

    57. The law of individual communication is only characteristic of the material World, but to the limit set by the Creator of the Being of the mobile mind.

    58. To the Creator of the material World Himself this law is also not inherent, for being rough and limited.

    59. For this reason the representatives of the Mind of the Universe, beginning to comprehend the surrounding reality, have the possibility to educate themselves independently, just through direct contact with everything taking place, but not to learn by instructions of the Uniform through familiar phrases and images.

    60. And only when more developed and less developed civilisations appeared, then the first teachings emerged on behalf of the more developed ones, based on the manifested peculiarities of communication, which became a uniform specificity of the whole reasonable World.

    61. You have been under the influence of such kind of diverse instructions during the whole history of your existence and especially in abundance in the present days.

    62. At that, as unreasonable children, you naively believe that you communicate with your God, when this is not only very rough manifestation and not inherent to the Creator of the material Being, but in reference to your Heavenly Father it is incomparably much rougher manifestation.

    63. And if for any representative of the mind in the entire Harmony of the Universe on the part of the Uniform there has been foreseen everything necessary for independent development, then you, stepping into this World of Harmony, do not have such opportunities, for there is nothing in the Universe, from which you could independently derive the necessary concepts for the good of your soul’s development.

    64. Your Great God never participates in the formation of any manifestations of the laws of matter.

    65. Therefore, introducing you to a World, alien to His laws, your Father took upon Himself a Task of extreme complexity.

    66. For He had to outplay for your good, vigilantly and unceasingly, the naturally occurring in your everyday life various conditions of the material manifestations,

    67. Which depend on your freely applied efforts.

    68. In this way, proceeding from what has already arisen not by His Will, Father introduces each of you, without exception, to the very conditions which have become the most favourable in truth for each of you,

    69. Thus allowing you to see and contact with the things, from which you are able to derive what is necessary for your benefit in the current period of time.

    70. And when the false concepts inevitably accumulate inside you to a definite critical point and there is a danger for your future development, this would mean, that your capabilities to derive independently what you need from the contact with the ongoing reality have been exhausted.

    71. And then occurs the necessity, foreseen by the Great God, of my temporary appearance amongst you,

    72. In order that – clearing away the rubbish in your wisest heads and correcting all piled dangerously-false perceptions of yours, concerning the right way of living and development – I set up the required series of laws, which, like landmarks, will show to you visibly the straight-forward road of the true development for the next successive period of time.

    73. But, depending on definite significant regularities, my presence amongst you has to be temporary and just from time to time.

    74. The Father never touches what is going on in your consciousness and all the details of the external efforts of your flesh, but He always looks at what is happening to you through your spiritual sensual world.

    75. For, above all, your first and main step is done in your spiritual inner world, and afterwards it is outwardly displayed through your flesh.

    76. But when it comes to efforts through the flesh, your consciousness has the possibility to influence the outer manifestations, if it decides that it is necessary to hide your inner urges.

    77. But this effort will certainly be truthfully reflected in your soul’s sensual peculiarities which your consciousness – still often following the practice of tricks and deceit – is not able to affect.

    78. Therefore, no matter how accurately your inner true efforts will be externally expressed, your Heavenly Father always knows the truth about you, and you can never hide from Him what really happens with you.

    79. The formation of your inner world and the development of the soul depend directly on the necessity for you to make certain external efforts.

    80. And the external efforts very strongly depend on the natural instinctive-sensual manifestations which the Great Father does not know.

    81. For it is only possible to know certain sensual manifestations in one case – when you experience the same sensual manifestations.

    82. These natural feelings are not inherent to the Great God, and He never experiences what namely corresponds to them, i.e. unhappiness, jealousy, anger, joy and all sorts of other emotions, which are quite well-known to you.

    83. So, you show a great ignorance when you try to find in the deeds of your Father what is only inherent to the finiteness.

    84. The infinite flame of Grace, burning in the Essence of your Heavenly Father, the One Living God, always emanates even streams of Grace, named the Holy Spirit.

    85. These even streams of the Holy Spirit equally flow to all of you, regardless of what you are doing.

    86. Where the very possibility to make use of this Grace depends only on the essence of your activities.

    87. But your Heavenly Father, however strange it may still be for you to hear, always loves you equally:

    88. Both the one who has been beaten by an unrighteous hand, as well as the one who owns that hand.

    89. And not even for an instant will there be any difference in the Love sent from the Father to all His children.

    90. Having created my Essence and provided conditions, in which my incarnation – in flesh similar to yours – is possible, the Father gave me the opportunity to assess most fully all regular peculiarities, related to your probable efforts,

    91. What represents the most favourable conditions under which is possible the formation of the laws, intended to explicitly determine the direction of the true efforts concerning the development of your soul.

    92. Granting to me such possibilities, the Great God gave me the complete power to assess by myself all the efforts, expressed by you, and to independently create everything, which at that I consider necessary for your good.

    93. The Great Father has made me the creator of the Laws of the Road of development of mankind.

    94. Therefore in antiquity I told the disciples: “I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. And no one can come to the Father except through me”.

    95. And now I verily tell you that until you accept and cognise my laws, you will never taste the true value of the steps to Ascent and will not be able to learn to do what God wants.

    96. For your deeds which are not in tune with the Spirit of the Truth of my Essence, will never allow you to walk the Road of Ascent.

    97. And only the direction towards the downfall will inevitably be your fate.

    98. But a lot of you, knowing about my ancient words imprinted in the book of the New Testament, did not believe me and with childish naivety surrender to the influence of new and various teachings, which have nothing to do with the Great God.

    99. It would be very good for you to finally understand, that whatever you come across in your life with loud names about Eternity, if it is not given by my hand, – at its best it can just considerably slow down your downfall,

    100. Considerably slow down, but it will not be able to prevent you from falling.

    101. For such are the strict, but naturally occurring conditions in your being.

    102. Having endowed my Essence with fire of a definite Strength, the Heavenly Father created inside me conditions, meant to allow me under any circumstances and at any stage of your development to always assess without mistake everything that takes place in your life-activity, regarding the laws of your soul.

    103. But this fire in my Essence with its considerable creative Strength will not allow me to stay in any flesh, if its blazing Strength is not artificially hold, shrouding it by a mystery foreseen by the Father.

    104. When my soul abides out of the laws of matter, then the whole Strength of my Spirit is in an even, tranquil condition; and then, like the undisturbed glass-calm water of the ocean is able to easily reflect the sky and the Sun, thus my Father is also reflected in my Essence.

    105. In such condition I am also able to perceive all of you equally with love, without emotions, no matter what activity you have devoted yourselves to and which altar you have bowed your head at,

    106. Like Father’s Face will also be never touched even by a tiny shade of jealousy or discontent, no matter whom you bend your knee to.

    107. For whatever game you play on this Earth in your ignorance, wherever you go, the Father will always outplay all your stupid deeds, and you will ultimately inevitably come to His Truth.

    108. So, out of the physical body any natural sensual peculiarities are not inherent to me, and they are not imprinted inside me the way they are in your soul, therefore I do not experience any emotions.

    109. But in the periods of incarnation, inevitably and naturally for me, at the sensual level inside me emerge conditions, when I can easily plunge into the exuberant flame of emotions, capable of destroying my natural body in a short time.

    110. Because the strength of my emotional experiences, related to certain circumstances, occurring inevitably at every new incarnation of mine, can very quickly exceed many times all permissible safety norms.

    111. And to provide that this does not happen, and especially considering the wild circumstances of modern time, there should be necessarily applied some mysteries, which would peculiarly shroud my Spirit;

    112. With the help of which my Great God can control the fire, blazing inside my Essence.

    113. As long as I am out of the laws of matter, I do not perceive your mistakes, and then my Spirit abides in serenity.

    114. But when I am in flesh, I inevitably begin to see your mistakes.

    115. And if my Essence is awakened, it immediately begins to react to them, burning with thirst to fix everything.

    116. And the more strongly my Father allows me to reveal myself, the more brightly and strongly I will perceive your mistakes and shortcomings.

    117. In an awakened state I will always experience definite sort of emotions, concerning you.

    118. For I will be coming to you not to be pleased to see your achievements, but to turn all my attention to your successive difficulties.

    119. And no matter at what stage of your development I will appear amongst you, I will always be able to see what I have to teach you again and what are the new pranks of yours, which should be corrected.

    120. But in order for me to be fully able to get closer to your typical life manifestations and to be able to accumulate the related right understandings at full measure, the Heavenly Father completely covers my Essence until the time of awakening,

    121. Continuing to lead me through definite special sensual manifestations.

    122. During such period I perceive your mistakes just like a researcher, considering and analysing your specific steps.

    123. At the same time, as far as possible, setting admissible psychological tasks, I play temporarily in various life manifestations of yours,

    124. Which still deeper helps me to learn – through the natural sensual peculiarities – what is inherent to you.

    125. And if in your life you pass through the process of maximum absorption of the surrounding reality within fourteen years, after which you are eager to break free and begin independent creation, then in my case such mystery of maximum absorption stretches to the time of awakening.

    126. But once, by the Will of the Great God, like He had predestined in the current epoch, the awakening of my real Essence took place at the time charted by the Heavenly Father.

    127. And from this moment I saw truly completely the ongoing surrounding reality.

    128. The fire of the thirst to Accomplish, which my Father had been carefully held hitherto, rushed outside.

    129. In order to prevent an excessive emotional outburst at that moment, my awakening took place with the least release of my Spirit, but anyway this cautious mystery was a thunder-like event.

    130. Thereafter started a brief period of self-reflection as to finally and firmly proceed to the predetermined Accomplishment.

    *Translator’s Note: heterogenous law – law of a different origin/of foreign origin

  • Chapter 15

    Something similar now should also necessarily already happen in the modification of your perception of the ongoing reality.

    2. Just not through the process of awakening, but through your titanic work within a short period of time to replace one prism, refracting the whole reality for you, by another one, which is true and eternal.

    3. If we refer once again to the terms adopted in this appeal, then we should say that the conditional prism of the instinctive sensual egoistic peculiarities – being the root foundation in your perception of the entire existing reality and still inherent to each of you without exception – has to be necessarily changed to a spiritual one,

    4. Through which the refracting of the whole reality will always provide for you precisely those conditions, solely on the basis of which you have the possibility to live in harmony.

    5. You are still to understand the fullness of the truth, which says that all your life arrangement on the entire Earth without exception completely depends on your spiritual world,

    6. On which fully depend your thoughts with the expressed sensual demands, being exactly the basis for all the events taking place inside your civilisation.

    7. All these events possess one common characteristic feature that totally depends on your monstrous egoism which has taken the place of your spiritual world.

    8. All your wars and the innumerable multitude of unthinkable stupidities, bringing to all of you undesirable bitter consequences, are a direct result of the action of your unified thought with a pronounced abnormal sensual demand.

    9. The strength of one abnormal thought like this is not very great, but as you all around the Earth think equally according to one and the same principle in common dependence on egoism, manifested in individual, as well as in group and in national form, then such efforts of yours necessarily join together because of their homogeneity.

    10. At that the overall strength increases dramatically, adding up.

    11. And since every single one of you all over the Earth makes, in essence, one and the same effort, then in united state such efforts of yours acquired something formidable and extremely dangerous,

    12. Regardless of what forms of life manifestations you are engaged in.

    13. Living in such a thought-emotional environment, your civilisation from time to time should inevitably be drowned in blood – which is being shed incessantly – and in countless other disasters.

    14. In this state you have never been accepted by Nature and it veils itself from you to the present day, which is why you cannot get rid of the burden of various diseases.

    15. That Mother-Nature, which you always view from your high horse and only as an object for delighting your body, where it is not clear out of what stupidity you named yourselves Her kings.

    16. By such joint efforts you have created a peculiar conditional environment of easily inflammable fumes, which saturation provokes you to strike a dangerous spark,

    17. The emergence of which, even the tiniest possible, inevitably leads to great inflammations, burning out large dips not only in the body of your society, but also in the Nature of the Earth, leading to the abundant moans and cries of the affected ones.

    18. You know, that this is not good, but you cannot do anything against it as long as you are slaves of your own egoism,

    19. Despite all your outwardly expressed spectacular actions, designed to show your allegedly reasonable intention.

    20. Inevitably and infinitely igniting large and small fires on your own, for thousands of years you are trying in vain to build the society of the desired prosperity.

    21. At that, all around the Earth, in different small and large separate societies, you are equally persistently striving to form your life arrangement according to the same primitive principle,

    22. Which root essence remains the same both in the ancient tribes, and in the present-time societies.

    23. But you cannot step away from this, because you are forced to it by the conditions you all have created.

    24. Where it is only the cult of the greater material value that has been given the role of fulfilling a wildish peacekeeping mission.

    25. All this uniform characteristic system of life-arrangement of your entire society at large has a uniform root, a uniform trunk, and through the different separate societies it manifests itself by the thickest branches, coming out directly from the trunk.

    26. And further on, inside these all sorts of societies, endlessly suspecting one another in guile, these branches continue externally to branch out inimitably into still smaller branches many times, and all these sprigs are covered with a great amount of foliage

    27. Which makes noise incessantly, because of the continuous complaint of the ever unsatisfied egoism.

    28. The tree of global egoism with an extremely unpresentable appearance – that is the coat of arms on the shield of the existing mankind.

    29. All this ugly system grew solely on the basis of your relevant thoughts and desires and continues to exist due to the psychic energetic peculiarities inserted in such thoughts and wishes.

    30. Just like the condition of any cell of your flesh affects the general condition of your whole organism, for this cell is connected by a uniform energetic field with all the rest of the cells without exception, composing completely the whole organism, in the same way each of you, regardless of his understanding and desire, inevitably affects the general condition of all mankind.

    31. And again regardless of whether you are divided from each other by absurd names or not.

    32. During my incarnation, due to the flesh, on equal terms with you, I join your common energetic environment, and until my awakening the qualities of my flesh influence the surrounding energetic manifestations insignificantly.

    33. But after the awakening, the force of the Spirit, partly unveiled by God’s grace, begins very significantly and quickly to modify in quality the natural energetic features of my flesh.

    34. Which immediately begins to influence the entire characteristic energetic environment of your society throughout the Earth, as well as the energetic environment of Nature.

    35. But my influence and Force are first of all directed to you, for everything began precisely to your good.

    36. In ancient times my awakened state did not last long, and the Spirit itself was uncovered insignificantly, in connection with the extremely wild and primitive condition of life-arrangement of the society.

    37. For this reason the regularity which I began to talk about, had an inconsiderable impact.

    38. But it is a different story nowadays.

    39. With each time my Spirit is being increasingly released, which more and more actively and significantly affects your entire common energetic environment.

    40. Where the energetic features of each of you obediently and individually peculiarly respond to the impact of my Spirit.

    41. And now your inner world started to move according to the laws which I actually began to manifest.

    42. As a result of which, from the moment of my awakening, the tree of lie, personifying the image of the existing form of your life-activity, has begun to wither in an accelerated and now already irrevocable manner.

    43. But the Great God allows the unfolding of the Accomplishment carefully and gradually, in order that the transformations in your society did not proceed too sharply, creating excessive difficulties.

    44. But the difficulties can multiply very quickly, for the Spirit of the Accomplishment is acting opposite to the efforts of your egoism, and so, the egoism itself will be particularly worried and can often manifest itself through you in an extremely wild for your times and absurd form.

    45. And whatever global insidious plans any of you may be having at this moment, all the bearers of such plans from the human race at the current time cannot know what exactly is the role they should really play – like marionettes – under the influence of the invisible for them antagonistic reasonable world,

    46. As they temporarily experience imaginary joy from certain success in the process of fulfilling the existing egoistic plans.

    47. Be extremely vigilant at this time and do not in any way judge each other!

    48. For, since you are still slaves of your own egoism, your steps are easily predictable and it is not too difficult to make all of you executors of the pernicious programme.

    49. Moreover, every executor of this kind will be deeply convinced that he is doing the right thing.

    50. And now in the epoch of the Accomplishment which decides the fate of mankind, various roles in fulfilling the pernicious for you programme will be especially abundantly imposed on you in all basic spheres of your life: in religions and philosophy, in science and security agencies, as well as in all other public organisations.

    51. Wherein, first of all, a basic significant role should play those of you, who consciously or unconsciously are able to become conveyors of information and certain energetic features from the hostile to your civilisation source that is patronising you.

    52. In this case you can be easily used as marionettes, given the burning inside you unfulfilled egoistic desire to play a significant role in the life of your society, and if you can – in the life of all mankind.

    53. Besides, each of you is internally predisposed to readily grab hold of the flag, moving in the forefront.

    54. One of the main favourable conditions to make you executors of the pernicious programme is your egoistic self-confidence that you can easily determine the verity of the events which take place around you,

    55. Thus unconsciously manifesting yourselves as some valuable criterion.

    56. And this – you can test yourselves – is easily manifested in your active striving to find just shortcomings in everything which does not coincide with your interests, and what is more – something you still do not understand – in applying permanent efforts to judge what is undesirable for you, manifesting unrestrained sarcasm, arrogance and other various impurities of your inner world.

    57. It was difficult for you to realise, that the egoism, lying in the basis of all your life-activity, forces you – for the sake of its satisfaction – to strive constantly to find only shortcomings in all the reality which is going on around you.

    58. Thus you, consciously or unconsciously, continuously strive to exalt yourselves.

    59. Where at the same time you often find temporary imaginary reassurance in regard to your shortcomings, when you see the same in anyone around; and you feel still more comfortable, when you find even a bigger defect than yours;

    60. And then you begin to seem to yourselves as those who totally lack anything unworthy.

    61. Some of you try to hold near themselves the ones who have possibly greater defects, for in this way you seek to emphasise your positive sides,

    62. Though you often do not dare to confess this to yourselves.

    63. And to those, who have been together with you in the same vicious level and have once aspired to become better, you often tend to apply the word “betrayer”, expressing contempt and a storm of indignation towards them.

    64. In certain wilder conditions you invariably try to get revenge.

    65. Well, and if in the field of your activity there occurs somebody pretending to be free of shortcomings, you internally begin strenuously to expect a confirmation of the presence of at least some little flaws inside him.

    66. And then to please your egoism, responding to your sensual expectations, stinking rumours will necessarily come around, which you will readily swallow, having received illusory reassurance.

    67. In this case none of you will doubt the rumours which have come, for your egoism is always interested in them.

    68. And when the whole society is covered by the leprosy of egoism and each of you is inclined to trust the disgusting things, said about your neighbours, then these rumours will invariably multiply with no end in sight.

    69. In connection with a definite, inherent to you psychological peculiarity, you inevitably fall under the influence of one vitally important for you regularity:

    70. Everyone who seeks the unworthy, can always find it even where reigns solely the worthiness itself.

    71. Everyone, who is looking for virtues, would be able to find them only where they really are.

    72. Look at yourselves more attentively and critically.

    73. Remember that as long as you are predisposed to continuously seek the unworthy, you will be destined to unending bitter wanderings, and in such a case you will never find anything worthy!

    74. Isn’t that exactly what each of you is doing particularly actively today, and as a result you become a vessel filled with lies.

    75. In order to discover what the content of the jar is, you should tilt it and assess what is running out of its opening.

    76. You are the vessel, and your mouth – the opening, out of which is intended to be running what you are filled-up with.

    77.  And what do your mouths abundantly exude today?

    78. Verily, it can be said for many of you, that you are vessels full of abomination.

    79. And everyone, who speaks about the righteous anger inside him, is an unreasonable blind man.

    80. For there cannot be righteous anger inside you, as long as the egoism rules over you and you compete against each other.

  • Chapter 16

    In this appeal I have briefly shown the difference between the laws of matter and the laws of the Great God, that you have not known about, confusing and mixing disorderly what is heterogenous and incompatible, throughout your history to this day.

    2. Using your namely complete inability to distinguish correctly between the laws of the spirit and the laws of the mind, the representatives of the extraterrestrial mind can significantly influence your life-activity, introducing into your consciousness definite images and appeals both with good intentions in respect of you, and with hostile ones.

    3. Besides, you completely lack the ability to discern the incoming to your consciousness information: whether it is truthful or false, whether it is beneficial or harmful to you.

    4. But the presence of an overly saturated egoistic medium inside each of you provides an almost full guarantee for successful work with your consciousness.

    5. The most favourable conditions to open an informational channel in the consciousness – that is your own initiative on the basis of the existing regularities of curiosity.

    6. And in order to make those conditions the most favourable, in your life for curious romantics have been introduced – through the ones who already successfully receive definite sort of information – all kinds of recommendations on how to facilitate the mutual efforts to establish a two-way communication channel.

    7. In antiquity, in the times of the first Accomplishment, I did not have the opportunity to highlight in detail the regularities related to the prophecies in order to warn you in advance about the danger.

    8. For by revealing the characteristic peculiarities manifested in such kind of contact with some extraneous source at the level of thinking, I would inevitably have to debunk all the prophets who once existed and were especially esteemed by the Jewish people.

    9. For the disciples of that time this would be impossible to understand, since they sincerely believed in the verity of the laws of Moses and the following prophets.

    10. The only thing, which could then be said for this purpose, was that the laws and the prophets were given until the days of John the Baptist, and after that one could enter God’s Kingdom only through one’s own self-sacrificing effort.

    11. But for the shortage of explanations, which I could only carefully leave to the disciples and to the subsequent followers of the emerging teaching of the New Testament, this obviously turned out to be insufficient,

    12. As a result of which quite soon after the end of the Accomplishment on the part of the extraterrestrial mind  there were introduced among the believers all kinds of “rattles”, as well as those who were named prophets.

    13. Where through these prophets quickly began to emerge false explanations of the simple truths which I left, as well as various false information, intended to play afterwards a pernicious role in the life of the believers in the Good News.

    14. And in more recent times among the Christian believers, when the term “prophet” was already a thing of the past, instead of it successfully emerged concepts of clairvoyance and clairaudience, which in principle is manifestation of one and the same regularity.

    15. And then there was no need already to speak allegedly from the Name of God, but, abiding in silence, to continue successfully to create false interpretations of the truth.

    16. Where the coincidence of the incoming information or images with the events taking place afterwards, absolutely do not represent a criterion in determining the true value of the source, giving various information and images.

    17. Besides you have to know, that as it is useless to classify the magic as “white” and “black”, for this basically is a manifestation of uniform energetic natural peculiarities, permitted to be known from the elementary-primitive side by swellheaded varmints-magistrates;

    18. In the same way there is no need to divide the term “prophet” into allegedly truthful or false manifestation,

    19. For this is also a uniform regularity of the manifestations of definite peculiarities of matter, which have nothing to do with the Heavenly Father.

    20. But in any case these are manifestations of characteristic regularities, inherent to the mind, and which all the representatives of the Mind of the Universe have the right to use in full measure,

    21. Mastering this in the process of development.

    22. You are in the initial stage of such mastering.

    23. And as long as you do not worthily cognise what I want to give you now, your efforts in doing this will only lead to your demise.

    24. You will face abundant bright confirmations of this in your life in the days of the events of the current times.

    25. For the most successful influence on your consciousness in this direction, today are constantly selected those of you, who have the most favourable for this qualities.

    26. Thereafter, in a short period of time, is analysed your thinking level, predispositions, weaknesses, attachments, and then you are given the information and series of images, which you will necessarily believe in.

    27. Because it will in the first place coincide with your inner desires, to which you may not even give a conscious expression.

    28. And since the extraterrestrial world, intervening in your consciousness, has much greater than yours abilities to determine the highest probability of the events in your near future, then, to be more convincing, you are occasionally given insignificant information, the coincidence of which with the subsequent events very strongly increases your trust in all the remaining great falsehood, flowing further into your consciousness.

    29. At the same time, all of you who are inclined to and already striving for spiritual development – pleasing your egoism and childish naivety – will be necessarily told that now you will already communicate with some hierarchy of supposedly forces of the light or even supposedly with the Great God Himself.

    30. In this case every source has the freedom to name itself as it considers it favourable, with the mandatory consideration of the characteristics of the person, in whose consciousness is being opened the informational channel.

    31. In this manner there can be grown, like mushrooms, a numerous pleiad of various healers, magicians, sorcerers, and fortune-tellers,

    32. And also those, who are ready to believe in a suddenly emerging clue “from above” that they supposedly represent another world,

    33. And, of course, the different sorts of big and small initiates, teachers, prophets and messiahs.

    34. Where the consciousness of each of them has previously been flooded by certain kinds of “rattles”, quickly convincing them of the need to carry out a “life-saving” mission.

    35. Besides, each of those, who embraced the necessity to accomplish one or another mission, with great sincerity dedicates himself to that service.

    36. Afterwards continues the patronising of every newly-emerged active mediator, through whom in your life should be being introduced both false ideology, grossly distorting the work of your consciousness in a dangerous for you direction, and the provision of the necessary conditions for a deeper and hidden from you impact on your consciousness and psyche.

    37. If you have the chance to think over and evaluate the visible ideology in advance, and therefore reject it, then to assess the energetic manifestations is still very difficult for you.

    38. The false ideology is being introduced counting on the seeking, thinking people, who by the present time should have become a great number, and especially in the land of Russia.

    39. When a man has some firm conviction in the truth of what he has already chosen for himself as vitally important, it will be extremely difficult for him to properly comprehend something new, differing from what has already been chosen, with an openly displayed towards it biassed attitude, which in this case is unavoidable for you.

    40. Such is the complex regularity of the psychology precisely of man.

    41. And the greater the bias, the more senseless it becomes to try to think over something new.

    42. And since the Truth comes not to repeat what is already well-known to everybody, but to reveal what is forthcoming and new, wherein, naturally, correcting the wrong understanding given earlier, then, for the most favourable perceiving of the New, seekers are needed, free from the impact of a particular dogma which has emerged solely on the basis of false conceptions.

    43. Taking into account the fact that the Event deciding the fate of all mankind was predestined to take place exactly on the land of Russia, it was on this very land that a lot of seeking and more broadly thinking people were to appear.

    44. But these are excellent conditions not just for perceiving the Truth, but also for perceiving the falsehood,

    45. The sources of which do not sleep and are very well aware in advance of the probability of emerging of such circumstances.

    46. The conditions for appearing of the Truth and falsehood in your life are equal, except for one: the Truth should not now violate your freedom of choice and can only offer Itself,

    47. And falsehood can use everything possible to prove that it allegedly represents the truth.

    48. In the end you have to make the choice yourself.

    49. Such is the character of the fateful exam, set by the Great God before the human race.

    50. If the false ideology is designed for all the seekers of real wisdom, then the energetic informational – hidden from your attention – impact on your consciousness and psyche is intended for mass scale.

    51. And the preparation of this foundation started in antiquity, where through the means of perceiving the information by prophets and priests, began the introduction of concepts about the primitive regularities of some energetic manifestations of matter.

    52. Which you came to know in your life under the concepts of magic, witchcraft and all kinds of healings.

    53. At the same time, the constant patronising of each mediator – with the bright, catching the attention name of magician or sorcerer – proceeds in a way that every action of his is accompanied by some effects, which still more convince him in the propriety of his work.

    54. The sense of antiquity, concerning such activity, is now intended to play for you an attracting psychological role.

    55. The usage of attributes with sacred, in your opinion, symbols and images is also meant to play a supporting role, reassuring you that the presence of such images and references allegedly guarantees protection against evil spirits.

    56. The diverse auxiliary psychological games are needed in order to win the confidence of everyone, who seeks the help of such a mystical personality.

    57. The greater the confidence in everybody who came for such kind of help, the greater the chance and effect of a successful influence on their consciousness and psyche.

    58. And if the needy after the first sessions for helping him observes a change into the desired direction, then his confidence sharply and immensely increases.

    59. In the process of the séance itself, often accompanied by significant bright theatrical performances, when the magician, sorcerer or some other healer, using certain energetic peculiarities, are trying, in line with their narrow primitive understanding of the ongoing, to provide allegedly blessing help –  on his energetic wave, penetrating into the consciousness of the trusting patient, is being superposed a peculiar pernicious information,

    60. Which, due to such energetic wave, is being imprinted deep into the consciousness of the naïvely trusting patient.

    61. Besides, none of you – the participants in such séance – is ever able to suspect the presence of the pernicious interference.

    62. In the present days, when the fateful Event begins to unfold for your Salvation, the patronising you and hostile to you source is making efforts for massive appearance of magicians, sorcerers and all sorts of specialists in helping through energetic methods,

    63. In order to create the extensive necessary conditions – on the basis of the almost full absence of correct understanding of your true being and development in all of you – for a mass-scale energetic informational impact on your consciousness;

    64. Where anyone, who has experienced the influence, has been included in a definite uniform energetic system with a programme in his consciousness for accelerated self-destruction.

    65. Favourable supporting conditions for the spread of such manifestations in your society is your unrestrained continuous striving to satisfy your narrow primitive egoistic desires.

    66. Which includes your wish to cure yourselves painlessly and quickly from a certain ailment, which supposedly prevents you from living in contentment,

    67. Without, at that, considering a profound change of your attitude towards the reality and not changing the former character of your life-activity;

    68. Wherein exactly lies the opportunity for your real healing.

    69. The origin of all named and unnamed intermediaries, appearing more and more in the present days of the crucial Hour, is one and the same, proceeding according to the same principle

    70. And with one aim: to create possibly the most highly fragmented society with the most complicated ideological conditions for perceiving the Truth, which promised once to come again,

    71. Giving birth to as many diverse spiritual streams and schools as possible, where each believer of false teaching loses almost completely the ability to consider the probable existence of the genuine Truth in something else, which does not coincide with the choice he has already made.

    72. And to quell any possible doubts in the correctness of the chosen true road, a false conception has been introduced that the roads leading to the Heavenly Father are many.

    73. And whatever road a man would walk, he would supposedly come to the Great Father anyway.

    74. In this way my Word about the uniform Road of development has been roughly blocked.

    75. But to succumb to this should first of all the ones who – willingly or unwillingly – had an access to the Gospel, without choosing the truths imprinted in it as primary for themselves.

    76. And such nice, seeking people are quite a lot in the current times.

    77. For the ones who look superficially, it is hard to discover the root principles hidden in the depths.

    78. For there is always a great variety on the surface, but in the depths of the nature of what is outwardly diverse, as a rule, rests a uniform regularity.

    79. One should not roughly and senselessly confuse between the laws of development and the regularities of the manifestation.

    80. If you see the infinite diversity of everything growing on the surface of Mother-Earth, this does not mean that it all develops according to different laws.

    81. It is the law of development itself that proceeds for everybody by an essentially uniform principle and is just externally performed in a great variety.

    82. And regardless of how many are the diverse and unique flowers on the forest meadow or in the garden under the window of your home, the roots of all these flowers absorb moisture by the same law, grow their stem and feed themselves on the light and the air through the leaves – all according to the same one single law.

    83. But in the external features of the stem, foliage and the flower leaflets you will never find an exact match.

    84. Therefore, in each of you exist the laws of the inside beauty and the regularities of the external beauty.

    85. In your life-activity this is manifested through the concepts of spirituality and culture, which are not one the same thing, but are called to be worthily combined.

    86. And if through externally expressed creation you are free to manifest yourselves in an infinite diversity, then the inner Law of development of your soul is one and it will remain uniform forever.

    87. And so, until you do not first cognise it in a worthy manner, your outside flowering will always unalterably be ugly.

    88. The only thing which in this case remains a genuine truth is the presence of a multiplicity of roads when moving towards the Law of true development.

    89. But only by comprehending this Law is it possible to take a real step in the Ascent.

    90. Everything else, at its best, can only considerably slow down your falling.

    91. But you will keep on falling as before.

  • Chapter 17

    Soon after my awakening and the beginning of the predestined Accomplishment I dived into the vastness of unique manifestations of your peculiarities,

    2. Getting into close contact with the great diversity of all possible good and not good egoistic efforts of yours.

    3. For even your good deeds, according to an existing regularity, are inevitably firmly attached to the egoistic peculiarities.

    4. At that, my cognition with what is inherent to you proceeded further, and what was difficult to touch upon in the period before my awakening I could fully see during the times of my real wakefulness.

    5. Great and Wise my Father is, for so graciously and carefully holds my Spirit, otherwise the heart of my flesh would have long ago burned out from what I saw.

    6. For I was born solely for your good and I can verily feel happiness only when I see the beginning of your general Ascent.

    7. It is difficult for me to explain to you what it means to cherish equally all of you, regardless of the fact, whether you accept or persecute me, whether you worship me or abundantly throw towards my heart slops of slander, coming out of your unrestrained mouths.

    8. But I evenly bring my Spirit to all of you, and each of you can benefit from it without measure.

    9. For the Strength of my Spirit is immeasurable, as it is connected with my Father, and this Source, granted to you by the Father, will never run out.

    10. But only when I am in the flesh do you have the opportunity to additionally derive life-giving Force.

    11. One should not think that your Father is not giving you enough Strength of His Holy Spirit without me.

    12. When the Father created you, He connected each of you with Himself by a Benevolent Thread, through which the Force of the Father unceasingly comes to you in such amount, which provides the most favourable conditions for your natural development.

    13. For this reason, when I am out of the flesh, you are connected only with the Great Father, getting from Him everything vitally important for you, no matter what religious teaching you temporarily belong to and whether you keep on playing with toys, worshipping various idols.

    14. In truth, the Father does not look at these external searches of yours, but what inner efforts you apply towards what you have already realised as being right.

    15. When the Hour of my successive incarnation comes, then my appearance amongst you disturbs your natural rhythm of life manifestations.

    16. From the moment of my awakening begins an artificial acceleration of all your vital processes, and especially the ones who believe in what is mine should inevitably notice how a year feels like a decade, and in one decade they would see – as if centuries have gone.

    17. In the period of my Accomplishment the time intervals considerably densify, which forces your life rhythm to activate sharply.

    18. That is why my appearance among you should not be frequent, but strictly predetermined.

    19. When with the natural, inherent in you capabilities you happen to be unable to independently correctly overcome the vitally important barrier, emerging naturally on your road, there will always occur the necessity of an artificial short-term modification of the rhythm and direction of your life-activity.

    20. And this will be the Time of my successive appearance among you.

    21. And when in such a period I come to call you for doing something considerably greater for your Salvation, I will inevitably call you for doing something which is not inherent in you, for the fulfilment of which your own strength will be insufficient.

    22. And then the Strength of my Spirit should help you.

    23. For, when I appear in the flesh, my Spirit gets much closer to you.

    24. But it will be difficult for me to help you, if you call my name as hypocrites, remembering me in hard moments and forgetting when everything is gone, starting again to violate the laws.

    25. For your being will become increasingly rougher, and my help will affect you less and less significantly.

    26. And only the ones who sincerely accept me in their hearts in greatest confidence, in self-sacrificing aspiration to fulfil my Word, allow my Spirit to increasingly over time affect your qualities in a beneficial way.

    27. And then through any appeal to me you will always be able to overcome the force of the darkness, whatever it can be, getting over any obstacle emerging on your road.

    28. But the main thing is that in your life you get the real opportunity to fulfil what has been designed for you in the present Time, which would be impossible to do in your natural circumstances.

    29. Remember that, above all, my true help for you is the Word, which I will pronounce for you to correct your countless life-threatening mistakes.

    30. Where I will reveal a lot of regularities to you, opening your eyes to all your unrighteous efforts.

    31. And, using a myriad of truths, I am ready to detail every step of the Road, for your forthcoming Salvation, thereby setting the direction of your true future Ascent.

    32. But this is already the opposite side of the one which you have been plodding in for thousands of years, shedding tears and blood in absolutely unreasonable wildness.

    33. And now, in truth, I am ready to say for all to hear, that none of you is moving in the necessary direction, which is warmed by the Beams of God’s Love,

    34. No matter what religious teaching you have dedicated your heart to.

    35. For even those, who called themselves believers in my first Accomplishment, never did the self-sacrificing work in fulfilling the few simple truths;

    36. Except for some worthy men who can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    37. They did not start to perceive the depths of the truths, left by God’s Will, but covered them with numerous false concepts, adapted in favour of their egoism.

    38.  And then the blind ones called themselves capable of leading the blind.

    39. Ever since they cannot find the Door themselves, and divert all the rest – a considerable multitude – towards their obstinate strayings.

    40. But now all the leaders have already come close to the bottomless pit.

    41. By trumped-up concepts they perverted my Essence, which is the Law set by God, and started abundantly mainly to worship my body, given in antiquity.

    42. Whereas I taught to worship in the Spirit just the Great God, the One All-Loving Father.

    43. And my body is only an opportunity to convey to you in an accessible manner what is hidden inside me, but my body is not my Essence.

    44. Therefore, it was not in the death and resurrection of my body that I came to show the Essence of Salvation, but it was in the self-denying fulfilment of my laws, in which I manifest myself to help you, and only from which your resurrection to true life becomes possible.

    45. As long as the laws and my Truth are in reverence among you and you are persistently striving to fulfil them worthily and selflessly, I stay next to you, and we are truly inseparable together.

    46. And then Father is in me, and I am in you, and you are in me, and we are all one.

    47. But if your faith in God is reduced only to ritual actions, and you respect my laws only verbally, then I will not be able to be with you.

    48. For I am able to live among you only through your deeds, when you fulfil my Law to God’s Glory in every action of your life, but not through words that honour the name of my ancient flesh, no matter how often and loud you invoke it.

    49. Therefore, only where people gather in my name, honourably fulfilling what is mine, am I also in their midst.

    50. But where they gather in my name, using any opportunity to avoid the fulfilment of what is mine, only desecration takes place there, and I will not be there, however great a multitude like this has gathered.

    51. And so, each of you, who selflessly fulfils my Word, acquires true Salvation and only then he allows me, as a master, to be in his heart.

    52. If I said once, that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, then, can the worship of the Way be equal to walking along it?

    53. Is it one and the same to worship the Truth and to fulfil It?

    54. And can you compare the worship of Life to the flow of Life itself?

    55. You did not begin to comprehend my truths, once left to you, which you can comprehend solely through your own self-sacrificing work, but you tried to understand them through your mind, that slavishly serves the egoism.

    56. Therefore your false interpretations have divided you among yourselves,

    57. For you as if started to build a house on the sand, replacing my words with your own.

    58. When you seek to show love for your earthly parents, you try to manifest yourselves in front of them through your decent outward efforts.

    59. And, having seen your outwardly shown decency, the parents are happy and praise you, being unaware of the untidiness hidden inside your essence.

    60. It is a different matter with your Great Father, Who never pays attention to your outside decency during your rituals, but all His attention is on what is inside you, which can be easily observed during all the days of efforts in your life-activity among your neighbours and everything that lives in Mother-Nature.

    61. There is no sense to talk about love for my ancient name, when your deeds are evil, and you bathe in self-admiration.

    62. What I had once laid down, for the good of you, as something most precious and veritable during the first Accomplishment in the land of Israel, the followers, out of ignorance, under the influence of their egoism invariably successfully perverted through their numerous interpretations and turned into the most unsightly in its essence creed on Earth.

    63. Where even the primary vitally important commandment about the self-sacrificing and dedicated love was changed by various interpretations in such a way, that it completely lost its genuine meaning.

    64. Although the teaching itself has become commonly known in your society, and the community – quite numerous.

    65. But what can be popular in a society, where all its representatives totally strive for profit and convenience, as well as reverence for one’s own personality?

    66. For in the truths themselves, which supposedly became the basis of Christianity, I laid down the opposite principles.

    67. And those who comprehend them worthily would not reach worldly benefits,

    68. The ones who cognise them would not acquire the commonly accepted conveniences;

    69. The ones who selflessly fulfil them would perceive the veneration of themselves as a burden.

    70. Therefore, it is not truths which teach complete unselfishness, sincere self-devotion and gentle humility that served as the basis for the emerging – convenient for the great multitude – religious teaching, but wordy interpretations, soaked with egoism, were laid in that basis.

    71. And after that it became unnecessary for the great multitude to dramatically change its life, but, continuing to live according to the old principle, they acquired delusory peace of mind from the fact that they named themselves Christians.

    72. The criterion for correctness cannot be the multiplicity in the society of wanderers.

    73. Exactly as one day a great multitude against one man claimed that the Earth is flat.

    74. Even in the bosom of the very community of believers, when their number was increasing, emerged a handful of people who decided to take a bold step in accordance with the Truth independently, based upon their own sincere understanding, not like the rest of the multitude considered convenient.

    75. After the life of these worthy toilers, their names have been honoured by the lazy in spirit.

    76. Having realised afterwards the sanctity of such exploits, nevertheless they did not try en masse to act according to the example performed.

    77. And, just hiding themselves behind numerous excuses, in which allegedly was hidden the Will of the Father, all the others hypocritically admit their weakness and sinfulness.

    78. But your weakness and sinfulness you avow loudly not in order to overcome them afterwards by self-denying work, but in order to always stay with them, in peace and comfort, delighting your egoism.

    79. In truth, what is there in your heart you can never hide, and this dirt is visible everywhere.

    80. Each of the vices and weaknesses, which are now to be found inside you, could be overcome through heroic deeds only.

    81. And that means, if you did not dare to do so, do not call yourselves believers, for the words about your faith on your lips will just be a foul language.

    82. In truth, today I thirst for the purity of Faith in you!

    83. But I cannot help you do the righteous while you passionately honour the opposite.

    84. It is not God’s Church that your hands are building now, but the human,

    85. For you seek human glory first, being afraid to endure for God’s Glory.

    86. In ignorance, you decided that in order to be saved it was enough for you to believe.

    87. And today I look at the believers and my heart is being filled with bitterness.

    88. In a loud cry of love for Heavens you wish to ensure your Salvation.

    89. Having crushed the flowers with your feet, you do not heed the essence of that grief.

    90. And as soon as the time comes, you will rapaciously pounce on your neighbour.

    91. By branding him with the term “seduced”, you zealously poison the exiled one.

    92. Do you really think that the actions, contrary to God, cannot be clothed in churchly names?

    93. What is from God should be looked for in the essence of the deeds, and not in the names, which are so easily tried on.

    94. The righteous deeds are not defined by the names, but by the nature of their performance.

    95. But you were afraid to peer into what is changing and pinned your eyes to the still signboards.

    96. For in contact with the changing, one should always be vigilant,

    97. When at the signboard one can take a nap, bowing his head towards its surface.

    98. So, you did not notice the replacement of the values. And under the signboard “Light” – the pitch darkness has come to reign,

    99. And where God has extended His hands to you – your backs are now looking there.

    100. Oh people of the world, reaching today a deadlock on the long way! Now I can more and more hear your voice, filled up with fear and malice.

    101. The basis under your feet is increasingly shaking, and your ever more frantic eyes are avidly looking for the guilty.

    102. In your blindness, you once bowed your head to the mammon.

    103. And a chain of precious metal rings locked on your neck.

    104. But what is the price of this metal, cast in the furnace of your greed?

    105. Should it not be dispelled like dust, rubbed between the palms of Time?

    106. And now, what has bound your neck is like dust.

    107. And you cherish that chain, continuing to please the mammon with your pleas.

    108. Why are you seeking salvation in the land of slavery, asking for help from the heartless mammon?

    109. His mouth has not been fed by the Spirit of Light, but by the foul-smelling juices of your malice and envy.

    110. How long will you serve the wicked mammon, raising his laws above your heart of unseen value?

    111. You diligently serve in the gardens of that mammon, where bur and thistles are planted in abundance.

    112. Due to this, over many centuries, your taste has been perverted, and now already you do not thirst for the fruit of the grapes,

    113. The fruit of the grapes from the Vine of Eternity, planted by your Father’s Hand.

    114. Is it worth for you to yell now, when this fate of sorrows you have chosen on your own?

    115. Having entrusted your life to false values, you are waiting in vain for the Day of prosperity.

    116. But you are not roving towards that Day, over the centuries, because you trusted your greed, choosing it for your guide.

    117. And now the noise bothers the Earth through the centuries.

    118. A great deal of dust from the wanderers has veiled the Sun like a grey shroud.

    119. Hatred continues to burn the eyes of man’s heart, which are always called upon to help.

    120. And when the eyes of the heart go blind, the pit full of abomination becomes forever a home of the wandering ones.

    121. The noise of the world is made by the voices of the indignant,

    122. And the voices of the humble are silent.

    123. But it is precisely the melody of this silence that benevolently colours life.

    124. And the pure heart is drawn to these vibrations only.

    125. But the noise of the world consists of the sounds of the unrestrained ones.

    126. This is not the voice of those who glorify the Truth, but the shriek of the infringed selfishness.

    127. The piercing shriek of the ones thirsty for revenge.

    128. Oh, what a great ignorance I see today, hearing a voice which is indignant about the absence of fair revenge!

    129. But is it not the just retribution that has distorted your face into a grimace of pain and sorrow, while you hastily speak about your own innocence.

    130. How long have you fancied yourselves as heroes, looking at yourselves in the reflections of marshy puddles, hiding the cowardly heart behind your anger.

    131. But you are not able to solve the complications through words of wisdom and you find satisfaction just through shedding blood.

    132. Great is the thirst for revenge in the deafening cry, sounding today from embittered mouths.

    133. Did you not satisfy your thirst for blood for so many centuries?

    134. What has happened to you, human kind?

    135. After all, you were not born for shedding blood, but to multiply life!

    136. And what can you say today as your excuse?

    137. But the gnashing of teeth drowns out the sound speech.

    138. How long are you going to dread the Verity and the Truth, the Light of the Verity about your real essence?

    139. For a long time you have fancied yourselves as quite right-minded people, but you have only been selling your smiles, waiting for immediate pay.

    140. A rainbow illusion has served as glasses for your eyes.

    141. Since your interest has been unaffected, just because of that decent words have sounded.

    142. But from now on your interests will be inevitably fundamentally affected.

    143. And your rainbow glasses will break, unveiling to your gaze the abiding reality.

    144. Now look at your face! Can you really say that what you see is human?

    145. Like hyenas, you do not see life without carrion, with greedy eyes relentlessly searching for victims.

    146. Oh, you self-seeking people, craving for great laurels, you hide behind lengthy slogans of good intentions, but you delight just your egoism, climbing the platforms of all sorts of bigger and smaller thrones.

    147. You passionately covet to stick all over your clothes shiny things, decorating yourselves like a Christmas tree for the holiday.

    148. But just like the felled Christmas tree will stay decorated for a short time, and then like useless litter will be thrown away, such is verily your fate as well.

    149. You undermine yourselves, plunging into the slavery of your own selfishness.

    150. And what about your good intentions, then?

    151. You, like frantic hounds, strive towards illusionary heights, pushing each other in excitement and stepping on the heads of the ones who have fallen.

    152. But those heights are woven from the mist, where during the long night the frozen drops form a shimmering platform for the night.

    153. And it lasts just until dawn, and with the first sunbeams you will experience an inevitable fall.

    154. But you are not children of the night, and only the Sun knows your various smiles.

    155. Scabs cover your faces today, for you continuously hide them in fear from the beams of the Truth, just the drink of lie excites your mind.

    156. But you strive to judge everything.

    157. Wouldn’t your conclusion be mixed with grave worms?

    158. Turn your hearts and faces to the streams of Verity and Truth, without fear of possible pain.

    159. For the filth has already become accreted to your flesh, and it will not be easy to scrape it.

    160. Gird your loins with bravery.

    161. Patience will be the shield, and let aspiration replace the spear.

    162. May not the thirst for victory over your neighbour lead you, for in this battle the one who attacks will always be defeated.

  • Chapter 18

    Being awakened by the time of the Hour, decisive for the fate of all your race, by the Will of the Great God I have visited many places of your various separated societies, where I have seen one common characteristic form of vital manifestations in all of you, regardless of the belonging to one or another religious teaching, or to any other organisations.

    2. For the only thing by which the believers now differ in the midst of you is that they perform a definite kind of rituals in addition to their main life-activity which proceeds for all of you according to the same principle.

    3. But it is in this main life activity that is shown the real face of each of you without the masks which you put on when visiting churches.

    4. And it is sad to look at these faces of yours.

    5. For each of you has the same stamp of concern solely about your own well-being,

    6. No matter what slogans you hide behind and which helm your hands have taken.

    7. And all your care for your neighbours is only soap bubbles with iridescent surface,

    8. Which captivate your egoism, and you – with an increasingly important look – produce them.

    9. But as long as your inner conviction of the paramount importance of the instinctive egoistic satisfaction is there, you can easily be kept on the golden chain with the secure collar.

    10. Where from time to time, by changing the length of the chain, your enthusiastic emotions related to the supposedly emerging long-awaited freedom can be incited.

    11. It proved difficult for you to assess the true meaning of the material values and especially of something which by its essence is hidden into the monetary units.

    12. The presence of such nonsense in your life-activity invariably shows the existence of a rough primitive system of living arrangement of the society –

    13. That system, which will always and inevitably forcibly impose hard conditions, under which the predetermined true formation of man cannot proceed.

    14. For the true law of development of your soul and the life conditions, dictated by the existing for thousands of years now – uniform in its essence – living arrangement of the human society, principally act in opposite directions.

    15. Therefore, for all your history to this day, only your science and art have considerably modified in development, which is absolutely not an indicator of rapid spiritual development.

    16. Whereas the present spiritual level has changed towards development quite insignificantly in relation to your existence in remote antiquity.

    17. Just like thousands of years ago, you are easily able to pick up stones and beat your neighbours for affecting your interests.

    18. Which is a direct manifestation of a regularity of the wild animal world.

    19. This is equally displayed every day of your life among those who worship satan, and exactly in the same way among those who talk about their faith in the Great God, and also among all the others who fit in between these extremes.

    20. And such characteristic efforts of yours can be especially brightly observed in the present times of the decisive Event.

    21. Where vile slander about each other has been abundantly poured out from your lips, in an attempt to exalt yourselves in the eyes of others, using wild principles.

    22. And since it has been pre-determined by the Great God that my Accomplishment will take place on the land of Russia, it is precisely in this society that the events will obtain the most striking character.

    23. For the time has come to remove the masks and to show each other your real face. Well, now you have seen.

    24. Human hearts have been overflowed with fear and hatred.

    25. Noisy efforts have been made on the Russian land by everyone, vying with each other.

    26. Where, with slogans about the good, equally zealously entered the competition all kinds of public organisations, communities of sorcerers and magicians and even the Christian Church,

    27. Applying in this contest one and the same method of self-exaltation: either an overt self-glorifying, or unrestrained denigrating of all likely rivals, using at that any thinkable and even unthinkable lie;

    28. In which, regrettably, the Christians have shown themselves most actively.

    29. Having lost all vigilance, the church ministers of various degrees of honour spread slander both verbally, and also through various writings, hastily covered by the blessing of the patriarch and the ones beneath him.

    30. They would not try to comprehend what is hidden in the scriptures, revered by them, where among the parables of Solomon rests a precious wisdom: “He that hides hatred has lying lips, and he that utters a slander, is a fool.” (10:18).

    31. And what then is the real meaning of a blessed slander?

    32. I am very sorry to see all this, abundantly performed by you, children of God, for you are more familiar than the others with the commandments left to you in ancient times.

    33. The one who has taken on more will always also be asked for more.

    34. Remember that anyone using the regularities of self-exaltation should necessarily endure a bitter overthrow.

    35. But such is the true being of your real face at all times of your history.

    36. You have always been like that and now you manifest yourselves like that.

    37. But in truth, you should not be like that forever!

    38. For this reason the Event for your good is being accomplished today.

    39. Though you also vented towards my heart which is open to you, all kinds of – never seen by me – slander about me, attributing to me all the vices inherent to your own life.

    40. And you parted, playful children, only instead of toys your hands grabbed the deadly.

    41. It is time now to open your eyes and increase your vigilance, while what should be considered a head, is still in its place.

    42. For this reason time has come, when I have to tell you straight about myself.

    43. You are waiting for what has once been Promised, therefore, I have to tell you that the Promised has been Accomplished!

    44. I Have Come!

    45. And it was in these days, by the Will of my God and yours, that I should tell you openly the Truth about the Father and myself, and about yourself as well.

    46. So that in the rush of the events awaiting you, until the end, you would keep in mind my News.

    47. So that one day I would not hear from you the words: we did not know; we did not hear.

    48. But it is still difficult for you to believe me, for you have never known what is the Truth related to this Event.

    49. For this reason you are all waiting for an image with qualities invented by you and mainly inherent to you.

    50. You, out of ignorance, began to expect the desirable and, naturally, you do not expect what should happen.

    51. But is it possible from what your head is filled up with, to make up my image, anticipating my qualities and what is more – the peculiarities of my pre-determined Accomplishment?

    52. Would this not be an attempt from the iron parts of the constructor to make wind or a sunbeam?

    53. I do not come to you from the past which you already have an idea of,

    54. But always from the distant future, which you have to only dream about, and even then, to all the fabricated images you inevitably attribute your vices and narrowness, inherent to the moment you are in.

    55. Do you not raise your name too much, when you zealously try to judge the unknown?

    56. Wouldn’t you all in this case turn into dust, if in your blindness you hastily reject the Salvation sent to you?

    57. Be extremely vigilant! And just do not confuse your vigilance with superstitious fear.

    58. A great Exam has been set before you today by the Father of Truth.

    59. I do not yet dear to violate your choice, proving my Truth by an effort which can affect your choice.

    60. For today this is a vitally important condition for you.

    61. And I have not come to satisfy your desires, but to resolutely fulfil the Will of Father.

    62. But so far your desires and Father’s Will are directed in opposite sides.

    63. For thousands of years you have abundantly expressed your thoughts and desires, inevitably forming the corresponding society which you fear yourselves.

    64. Time has now come for me to express my thoughts and wishes as a counterbalance of your integrated uniform thought-sensual environment.

    65. Therefore, when I come to you, I naturally oppose myself to all your world, with all various pranks of yours.

    66. But I verily tell you, that your real happiness depends precisely on the fact whether you will strive to comprehend what is mine!

    67. For I always know everything you need and I know all the regularities of your difficulties.

    68. You have correctly noted that the well-being of the society depends on the prosperity of each member of this society.

    69. But you have absolutely wrongly assessed that the well-being of each member of the society can be achieved by feeding him, dressing him, granting him home and all kinds of amusing attractions which have reached – on the basis of the scientific and technological thought –  a considerably high level nowadays.

    70. In this case one can only obtain an expression of a well-fed smile, resembling the expression of the animals in a rich zoological garden,

    71. But not at all a true human smile, flourishing on the grounds of the blooming spiritual world.

    72. As long as you live in separate divided societies throughout the Earth, which is only possible on the bases of the abnormally blooming egoism, you will always compete with each other.

    73. And this is a strong indication that your spiritual state keeps you at a level, somewhere near the level of manifestations of the animal world.

    74. That inevitably dictates definite conditions for building the living arrangement of your society, where should be established all kinds of unions and organisations, which in essence not only are senseless in relation to the proper development of man, but also prevent this development.

    75. And this obstacle to the proper development compels the society still to stay at the same low primitive level,

    76. Despite the turbulent, at times, modifications in science and arts.

    77. But precisely these indicators are the fruits of your increased thinking abilities and capabilities of the flesh.

    78. And though the qualities of your soul play undoubtedly a significant role in the development of arts, taking into account that your spiritual world is still at an extremely low level, it can be confidently said that your arts are phenomena which have not yet been manifested in a worthy way.

    79. If we look directly at the essence of what is happening, then so far you show yourselves as some, one-sidedly more developed, bizarre animals.

    80. Where with the help of the head you can create a lot of diverse – noisy and useless for the true development – fireworks, but where the very capabilities of your head happened to be unable to take you out of the animal-like condition.

    81. At the same time, based on the efforts of that same head, you have stepped out of Harmony so much, that, according to this criterion, you stand much lower than the whole animal world.

    82. Although your head, in principle, is not guilty.

    83. For in the conditions for which the peculiarities of the mobile mind have been created, they work perfectly.

    84. But you, due to your natural emotional sensual characteristics, have imposed on the mind an influence which it basically has not been designed for.

    85. It is just as if a certain most developed animal, retaining all its instinctual necessities, suddenly acquires substantially increased abilities to think.

    86. The only thing that it would strive for is to satisfy its needs more and more in an increasingly convenient manner.

    87. But this will lead to a disturbance of the Balance in Harmony and this animal species should necessarily come either to self-destruction, or to a restoring-the-Balance modification.

    88. The same thing began to happen to you.

    89. For, being incarnated in an organism, where the peculiarities of the mobile mind had been correctly controlling the manifestations of the instincts and emotions of the beginning-its-development new reasonable civilisation, you imposed the natural-egoistic sensual peculiarities on the activity of the young mind.

    90. With your spiritual world you have greatly multiplied the sensual manifestations of the natural body, which has significantly exceeded the admissible norms for the given organism and inevitably modified the character of thinking in a dangerous direction.

    91. Therefore, having imposed the instinctive-egoistic influence on the activity of your own mind, you inevitably began to make efforts which violated the existing Balance in Harmony, and you confidently moved along the path of self-destruction.

    92. And the fact that favourable modifications, albeit small, are taking place in your society in the field of your spirit, in truth, this is not due to your societal efforts, but despite them,

    93. When the Great Heavenly Father, continuously outplaying the absurd circumstances created by you, helps you accumulate true spiritual treasures, incarnating you in different conditions for your good.

    94. And if in this case your spiritual world could be preserved and developed, then it is the flesh itself, being constantly born in abnormal conditions with abnormal life-manifestations, which inevitably loses more and more the ability to self-survive and according to the laws of Nature it should self-destruct.

    95. If all your bodies perish, you will lose the opportunity to continue to develop in fulfilling the Intent of the Great God.

    96. For you have the possibility to develop exclusively only in the flesh.

    97. And then everything should be started again, Choosing for you another beginning-its-formation young civilisation of the mobile mind.

    98. This is extremely complicated, therefore, your life on this Earth should by no means be interrupted.

    99. And since the tree of doom, personifying your living arrangement to this day, obviously begins to wither quickly, it is necessary to plant the true authentic tree of Life,

    100. In the leaves of which will forever be incarnated also the ones, who will to the very end make noise in the ugly drying crown.

    101. Today – by the Will of the Great God – the Beginning of this has taken place!

    102. And on your ability to assess everything correctly and in time, now already depends only the amount of grief which will be necessarily increasing in accord with your non-participation, as well as your blind unreasonable confrontation.

    103. The vast capabilities of the mobile mind are designed for flawless activity only in conditions, when this mind will completely control the natural sensual peculiarities of the flesh.

    104. A characteristic feature of yours – unlike all the representatives of the mobile mind of the Universe, whose instinctive emotional sensual world has been reduced to insignificant working manifestations – is the presence of two unusually brightly displayed sensual worlds in you;

    105. Which is an unprecedented manifestation in the Universe.

    106. The presence of such bright sensual peculiarities should inevitably, in the case with you, influence the thinking activity of your mind.

    107. Where, depending on which of the sensual worlds will influence the work of the mind, such will be the characteristic orientation in your life-activity.

    108. At the same time, your natural-emotional sensual peculiarities are like an all-burning fire, and precisely in your life this fire in no way should be extinguished.

    109. Which you out of ignorance do in meditations and some other methodological conscious efforts.

    110. This is a serious and dangerous mistake for you.

    111. And in order that this fire does not affect your mind – which makes your actions chaotic, often absurd and dangerous, at that, holding you constantly on the road of self-destruction – the hot flame of your emotions should necessarily come under the control of the greater strength of your spirit;

    112. Which will allow your wonderful fire to keep on burning in a unique manner, but already without the consequences of any dangerous bitter conflagrations.

    113. For the spiritual peculiarities of your soul are like another kind of fire which does not have scorching qualities.

    114. These spiritual peculiarities are not only able to multiply the strength of the natural-emotional fire, but are also designed to envelop this fire, ennobling it and making it non-dangerous.

    115. And when the strength of your spirit becomes greater, then only it alone begins to influence the activity of the mind.

    116. And the qualities of the sensual peculiarities of your spirit are never able to distort the work of the mind in a dangerous direction.

    117. For in the essence of your spiritual force there are not any egoistic peculiarities at all.

    118. Therefore, the only possibility to Save you, in this decisive Epoch of your formation, lies today in the obligatory vitally important replacement of the natural egoistic prism, which characteristically refracts the reality for your mind, on a spiritual one.

    119. In order that the mind could use the existing information with a spiritual mark only.

    120. This is the only true circumstance, when your mind acquires an impeccable, for your good, possibility to work.

    121. By the Will of The Great God, The One, The All-Loving and True Father, I Came today to help you change this conditional natural egoistic prism, under the influence of which you unavoidably built, throughout the Earth, a civilisation of global egoism –

    122. An unthinkable and unseen until now manifestation in the Universe of Being.

    123. During the first seven years of my open Accomplishment I had to create the necessary favourable conditions and the foundation, where now I am to proceed with the main effort for your Salvation.

    124. Along with what was to happen in your society all over the Earth and what is already happening, and in parallel with what is still struggling on the Russian land but is already irrevocably dying, it is on this Russian land that now already has to be actively formed the foundation of the future mankind.

    125. Many of you have learned about this Event in various forms of all sorts of predictions.

    126. Because from a certain point in time the probability of such Event could already be foreseen on the basis of some energetic regularities, except for the exact date and exact place.

    127. And the representatives of the extraterrestrial world could determine this probability in advance, assuming that the Accomplishment could take place somewhere within the gigantic space of Siberia.

    128. After that, this information, with assumptions about the place and with an estimated time period of the beginning of the Accomplishment, began to be introduced in your life through some intermediaries.

    129. Аt the time of the first Accomplishment I said a lot of generalised terms and very few straight and concrete vitally important instructions, but this was a peculiar necessity.

    130. For the purpose of the Accomplishment held in itself a particular character, which was, as much as possible, successfully fulfilled;

    131. Although this ended with very unpleasant painful sensations. But such was the inevitability for the good of you.

    132. And since the ones, who took the few truths which I left, naturally aspired to establish on this basis a vitally important religious teaching, so the followers inevitably faced an infinite number of diverse life circumstances, to which they either did not find any answers among the given truths, or were unable to derive from what was left a correct understanding for a worthy practical effort.

    133. In this case, naturally, circumstances occurred of the need to think out what was missing. And you did it.

    134. And in such a way, that, on the basis of your numerous, inevitably false interpretations of the few truths which came to you with the slightest distortion, you formed a large religious teaching, named Christianity, in which nothing was left from what I had laid down.

    135. It is not difficult for me to give you what you need from my Spirit of Truth.

    136. All the great complexity is locked in your abilities to take everything that I have given.

    137. The natural-egoistic prism, which is still inherent to all of you without exception, is absolutely absent in me.

    138. Therefore, when I give you one or another truth, you will inevitably try to consider it by the mind on the basis of what has an egoistic marking only.

    139. The distortion in your perception initially becomes in all cases inevitably natural.

    140. Under these circumstances, in order to give you everything vitally important, I need to stay with you for a longer period of time,

    141. During which I will continuously correct your various, naturally emerging false perceptions.

    142. This should proceed until correct perceptions are accumulated up to a definite vitally important level,

    143. At which you will be already able to decide everything else worthily by yourselves, and on your part there will be no probability for making a gross mistake

    144. Which can have an opposite to the Truth meaning.

    145. It is in this connection that the need of a living Teacher occurs, a living Word which is ready to continuously correct everything false that is arising.

    146. No book that captures wisdom and truths is ever able to teach anyone.

    147. It can only give a chance to get in touch with what is in it.

    148. But when you read the truth imprinted in it and in your mind immediately occurs a false understanding, the book will not begin to correct you,

    149. No matter how many false perceptions you give birth to, while reading the scriptures.

    150. And it is only your egoism that can accept the silence of the Book of truths as a sign of a silent approval of the nonsense which has occurred in your head.

    151. I verily tell you: whoever states that the Scripture teaches him is an unreasonable blind man.

    152. Don’t you divide yourselves into multitudes, holding the same Book in your hands?

    153. Where each of the multitude is convinced that his own understanding of the Book is the most truthful.

    154. Remember that only the living Teacher of Life, who exists and will exist forever, can teach you the Truth of your life.

    155. And when he is not among you, it is only your heart and your own comprehension that are teaching you.

    156. Today my Time has come, when I have the opportunity to tell you everything necessary about your life.

    157. I am ready to give you an infinite number of direct and concrete instructions allowing you to understand Everything – what is for your good and what is not – regarding any life manifestation of yours.

    158. I am ready to give you all This in such a volume, that you have not seen for the entire history of existence of your society on Mother-Earth.

    159. Today you need to learn a lot about all your life efforts, for, whatever insignificant an effort may seem to you, your blooming or withering directly depends on it.

    160. Today it makes no sense to give you many generalised truths which you yourselves have to think out for application to your concrete steps.

    161. For every independent guesswork of yours always produces something to a certain extent false, convenient to your egoism.

    162. To appeal to you to be humble is not only the same as calling you to do stupid things, but it is also the same as showing bread to the hungry and not sharing it with them.

    163. In every single case humility is specifically displayed, therefore, today I have to give you precise instruction for each such case.

    164. And if once I often gave the truths allegorically, through many parables, that has been just an expression of a definite exceptional necessity, but the meaning of my creation is not in it.

    165. My concern while I am together with you is not to leave a lot of attractive and ghostly secrets among you.

    166. For I know, that you will always start to wander in the undergrowth of these secrets; and your life depends on them.

    167. I am not the one who brings wise temptations, but I am the Light of your World.

    168. And if I give what your life depends on, then my concern is that your understanding of what is mine would be most accurate.

    169. Therefore, when I come to you, I bring the Truth equally to all of you and I am ready to explain everything at any level of your understanding.

    170. In the first seven years of my open Accomplishment I gave that abundance of truths and in such a form, that their comprehension was intended to slow down as much as possible your rapid movement towards demise.

    171. There is a great deal of inertia in your psychological characteristic feature.

    172. And the more worthily the comprehension of what I have already given has proceeded, the more favourable will be the conditions for a crucial vital pivot to another – predetermined by the Great God for you – direction.

    173. For those who have shown laziness, the pivot will be much more complicated, depending on the degree of laziness,

    174. Not to mention those who superficially touched upon the Teaching just through the words coming out of their mouths.

    175. They will continue to move in the same direction, and on the line of movement there will be imprinted just a small zig-zag from the time of contact with the Truth.

    176. All the teachings on Earth, which you have about your development, at their best can only slow down your movement towards demise.

    177. They never teach you to combat the violently blazing egoism in all your life manifestations,

    178. Only on the basis of which you are rampantly racing towards your non-existence.

    179. And they touch upon this very rarely, using as a rule some general concepts which you are not able to apply in the right way independently.

    180. If a teaching does not modify your improper movement fundamentally, it is invariably able to turn into something like a decoration for Christmas tree,

    181. Which is hanging on a branch of the ugly tree of demise; wherein it seems to you that the tree has become nobler because of that.

    182. What I am going to start giving you in great abundance after I finish this appeal to you – that is everything capable of leading you towards complete victory over all the abnormal manifestations of your egoism,

    183. Which from the earliest days of the beginning of your life on Earth became your invisible governor and a great friend of the mammon.

    184. And only after that your soul will be flourishing freely, which will more and more allow you to acquire a true world perception as well.

    185. I will create for you a Door with an invisible to the eyes, wonderful fine sieve on the whole opening.

    186. This will be the Door, only through which will it be possible to enter God’s Kingdom,

    187. Thither, where the Truth reigns and your love blossoms.

    188. Each of you is able to easily pass through this door, if he holds the real Sacred Faith and is ready to abandon what the wonderful sieve will begin to set apart when passing through it.

    189. And it will be setting apart everything which is connected to all the abnormal manifestations of egoism.

    190. Even a hint of the dangerous side of egoism will not be able to pass through this Door.

    191. And of course, each of you who would convulsively start to hold for what has been put aside by the wonderful sieve, trying to keep it, will inevitably remain in front of the Door together with his rubbish,

    192. Regardless of how loudly he speaks about his faith at the same time.

    193. Only in your practical efforts, worthy and dedicated, can the Sacred Faith bloom with marvellous flowers.

    194. It is in your immediate everyday life that you are to learn everything.

    195. I am the Teacher of Life and my primary task today is to teach you to see again and in a new way everything in your life, which you have accumulated as an experience for all your history on this Earth and consider well-known and even understandable.

    196. I have to give you numerous explanations of what could be the spiritual marking in perceiving one or another phenomenon from all the reality that happens to you every day.

    197. For it is necessary, in the first place, to learn to see all this in the right way.

    198. But in order to begin the formation of the foundation of the future mankind correctly, it is necessarily required to bring you as close to Mother-Earth as possible.

    199. So that you would not be separated from Her by numerous levels, as well as by various tribunes and thrones, which are created to amuse the egoism,

    200. For the blind men are easily brought to the maze of grandeur, where pride and envy are in their highest heyday.

    201. And now already came the predestined Time, when I was to reveal a lot of things to you.

    202. In order that from now on you bear the full measure of responsibility for everything that happens to you in the Times of this decisive for the fate of mankind Event.

    203. Many people talk today about the negligence of the nation of Judea, that they have rejected the Salvation sent down to them.

    204. But you should not hastily exalt yourselves above that nation, for today you all have to show in reality what makes you better than the ancient people, from ignorance scorned by you.

    205. And if the Events of the first Accomplishment proceeded in such a way that it was difficult to assess a lot of things correctly, then you were given two millennia to understand your mistakes.

    206. And now you find yourselves in that same conditions, being born in the current Epoch,

    207. Where just the external decorations have changed, but the essence of your life has remained the same.

    208. And when the human society, getting out of the life-threatening lower stages, passes the zero level of the norm, established by the Uniform in the Harmony of Being, and further moves along the Road of Ascent, then your living will already be characterised by a continuous conscious-desirable aspiration of the human civilisation to live and create solely for the benefit of the surrounding World of the Universe;

    209. What had initially been determined in Harmony for the mobile mind of the material World.

    210. And only after that you will be deservedly perceived by the world of the Mind of the Universe.

    211. And only after that, in fulfilment of the Divine Intent of the Great God, your All-Loving Father, the door of the Universe will be finally opened in front of you.

    212. You will become completely incapable of causing any harm whatsoever.

    And may the predestined Be Done!

    And may the Glory of God cover Eternity.

Pivotal Time

  • Chapter 1

    Children of the Great God, peace be with you! Today, with this new appeal of mine, I see the necessity to not just partly reveal for you the next pages of the Book of the great Secrets – in order to define a bit more precisely and to broaden what was once quite briefly and figuratively said in the first chapter of the Book of Fundamentals and what was more widely and deeply reflected in the appeal “The Last Hope” –  but I also see a particular need to underline once again and more profoundly the crucial period in your becoming,

    2. On the sound understanding of which fully depend the favourable active transformation of your entity and the fate of the whole human race.

    3. And as soon as this appeal will have been made, let’s the predestined related events begin to unfold in full measure.

    4. Now you have to learn in full measure how to perceive worthily the greatness of the responsibility which your heart has responded to. And so in order to help you – for the most precise formation of one common image in your consciousness from perceiving the Truth I am giving you – I use in some places untypical for me method of presentation applying graphical schemes.

    5. For today it is of extreme necessity to form at the level of your consciousness a most correct understanding about the crucial vitally important conditions, raised in Truth.

    6. Though in the first part of this appeal, where I will unveil the next imaginary pages of the Book of Secrets, I will not go into a detailed revelation of the physical laws of What has happened once and What is taking place right now.

    7. For now it will be enough what I will reveal as reference points, leaving to you the necessary fullness of creativity for independent comprehension of the great Laws in connection with the given reference points, as far as you will really see this as an additional necessity.

    8. On the way how you are going to hold what is being given to you will, naturally, depend the need to unveil for you either something new, or something which has already been said, but still deeper and wider.

    9. The Truths, which are not related to your immediate life manifestations, are not of main importance in this particular period of your formation, though they are intended to form one common, correct worldview for a worthy comprehension of the whole ongoing reality exactly by the children of the Great God.

    10. Therefore for the moment, in line with the obviously vital most abundant dealing with the everyday life circumstances in a direct and concrete way, I will also continue to reveal to you other Truths, but more as figurative guidelines, leaving to you an opportunity for showing an independent initiative, concerning the necessary reflection on the addressed issues.

    11. Now we will continue to touch upon the next pages of the Book of Secrets.

    12. Once upon a time, an eternity ago, the outer space, perceived by you as a relative emptiness, in the full sense existed as a passive form of the Being of the Primary Basis of the Creator.

    13. The Spirit was hovering over the Abyss.

    14. And in the Abyss still did not exist any concentrated form of consciousness, as an active form of manifestation.

    15. And once in Space two points came together.

    16. The appearance of the very first active medium in the passively displayed Primary Basis took place at the period, when the first two contingent points, which converged in the Space, joined in the first dance of the elementary Harmony,

    17. And this became the first step on the Road of the natural self-formation of the Creator.

    18. In the naturally existing Environment the mystery of consolidation proceeded naturally, as a result of which the concentrated form of Supreme Consciousness (Super Consciousness) began its formation.

    19. The formation of the active Beginning once began to occur due to the ever increasing interlacing and consolidation of the truly elementary energetic phenomena, the basis of each of which did not consist of any compounds.

    20. Once the whole Primary Basis consisted completely of such freely manifesting themselves, truly elementary energetic phenomena.

    21. Eternity beyond eternity was required in order to take place the progressively accelerating mystery of formation of the active Beginning.

    22. The process of consolidation is intended to result in the birth of a certain whole, where in its essence it will encompass a complex combination of a definite number of primary elements.

    23. After that, such whole begins to have its own individual energetic and informational sounding.

    24. Where the concepts of the primary elements in the science of mankind, in regard to the possibility of distinguishing them, are continuously shifting in the direction of the more and more subtle state, and I would say, that such a shift is still to take place more than once.

    25. And in order to present a little the infinite greatness and complexity of the manifested Being both in a dense, visible to you, and in other state, it suffices to mention the following.

    26. From some point the Being began to be penetrated by the subtlest active energy of the Spirit of Life, thanks to whom exist and develop unexceptionally all energetic phenomena, which are denser in relation to the Spirit of Life.

    27. But this active subtlest energy of the Spirit of Life, which the capabilities of the versatile mind will never be able to fully cognize in connection with definite regularities of its formation in the World of matter, is already in itself an emanation from the Source, Whose Self has experienced a long period of self-formation and is a holistic System of complex interlacing of numerous truly ultra-subtle primary elements.

    28. And in order to visualize the relationship of the Spirit of Life and the emerging of the relatively denser energetic phenomena of the Universe with its evolutionary formation, one can display the Spirit of Life dispersing in all sides from the Uniform as some invisible tissue, on which should begin to occur the stiches of the relatively visible threads, embroidering the pattern of the Harmony of the World of matter.

    29. And now it is already necessary to briefly touch upon the mystery of emerging of the contingently visible thread.

    30. The interlacing of a definite number of those threads among themselves the science of humanity and the human eye have the ability to perceive.

    31. The mystery of the ever-increasing condensation of the ultra-subtle energetic phenomena of the Primary Basis of Harmony, which is the Essence of the maturing Great active Beginning.

    32. And at a certain stage of the Great Mystery, was formed the Super Consciousness with the characteristic abilities to see all internal regularities of the arisen Harmony, to comprehend them in a specific way and to actively influence – as far as a conscious necessity occurred – the different phenomena of what was going on still inside.

    33. The mystery of densification and formation of the active Beginning once reached such conditional milestone of sufficient maturity, when the already formed qualities of the Super Consciousness of the Uniform assessed, that due to the emergence and development of definite internal processes, the further process of naturally unfolding condensation will begin inevitably, in accord with its inherent regularities, reach the period of the opposite process – decondensation,

    34.  With transition to the state, preceeding the beginning of the process.

    35. And then the Uniform began to make Efforts, designed to help Him to avoid the natural result of decondensation and switch to the state of eternal existence.

    36. The Uniform became a Creator.

    37. All energetic densifications that originated in the Primary Basis had one common contingently positive (plus) quality.

    38. And only at a certain stage of self-formation of the active Beginning, in the Core of the Uniform Whole began to emerge and evolve an energetic medium, which also can be contingently referred to as an environment of minus (negative) quality. (see figure 1)


    39. Precisely the active development of the environment of energetic phenomena with negative (minus) qualities should inevitably bring the quality of the Body of the Uniform to the condition of utmost density,

    40. After which should inevitably proceed the mystery of full disintegration, leading to the initial state of the passive Primary Basis.

    41. Such full disintegration can be avoided only in conditions, when some whole, which undergoes disintegration, resides in an energetic medium with continuous emanation of nutrient creative Power from an outside Parent Source.

    42. But since in the Being was formed just one single active Beginning, the mystery of full disintegration – on the path of natural development based on the naturally manifested and established regularities – becomes inevitable.

    43. And then the Great Creator began to make Efforts, changing the course of the naturally unfolding Harmony.

    44. He began to continuously bring out from his Self to the external environment energetic phenomena of minus quality, which had reached a definite level of maturity.

    45. The active output of subtlest, contingently negatively-charged substance have become continuous in a period, when the energetic quality of this substance is similar to the quality of the Spirit of Life and insignificantly differs in the direction of the denser state.

    46. At that the brought-out substance changes the nutrient concentrated medium of the Uniform’s Body to the dispersed energetic medium of the Spirit of Life, comprising in its Essence all the necessary Information for sustaining the life and development of the negative energetic accumulations which have become relatively independent.

    47.  These accumulations under the influence of the innate information for densification continued the gradual transition to a condition of various progressively denser substances,

    48. The varied peculiar combinations of which give rise to more and more complex substances with a characteristic individual energo-informational field. (see Figure 2).

    49. Thus, in such kind of numerous and varied interlacing and densification began to form the conditionally visible threads, which were intended to start embroidering the endless Pattern of Harmony on the contingently invisible subtlest tissue of the rays of the Spirit of Life.

    50. Only the process of densifying, sustained by the Life Current of the Creator, is always accompanied by inevitable disintegration.

    51. For this is steadily facilitated by a definite regularity, at one time naturally manifested and established in the essence of the minus energetic substance, brought out by the Creator from His Self into the external environment.

    52. The speed and the period of the transition to disintegration for all the phenomena of the young material World have been various depending on the combination of energo-informational peculiarities in the basis of the different phenomena.

    53. But, as long as the Life Current emanates from the Creator, the specific Information in His foundation creates a permanent beneficial nutrient environment, in which all the processes of ever newer accumulations and various compounds with advent of a new substance will continuously take place.

    54. And if we imagine the probability of a sudden cessation of the Spirit of Life, emanating from the Creator, a conditional outside observer would notice that all the Galaxies, Stars and all sorts of other dense substances in the Universe would quickly melt out, leaving no visible trace.

    55. And once in the process of the considered densification of the minus energetic accumulations, brought out by the Creator from his Self, the first gaseous compound was formed, becoming a fertile medium out of which later was formed a numerous pleiad of diverse Stars, organized into separate Galactic clusters.

    56. Where the Spirit of Life, retaining under its dependence the existing and development of the first, unique among themselves, relatively independent objects, has been creating the necessary conditions, in which endless reproductions of such compounds could proceed.

    57. The mystery of condensation, culminating with the stars’ formation, allowed to occur in the Being numerous peculiar resemblances of the Great Creator.

    58. But in this case it is important to say, that the Essence of the Creator was self-formed on the basis of the contingently positive (plus) energetic environment, in the center of which, at a certain stage of formation, began to manifest itself a negative (minus) energetic medium,

    59. A definite quality of the density of which the Great Creator needed to bring out of his Essence into the external environment, allowing the released to fully manifest itself as a building material.

    60. After which an active, fairly dense minus medium was formed, in the bosom of which at a definite stage of its development emerged contingently positive energetic concentrations,

    61. Around which, as around a central core, energetic bodies of minus quality began their formation.

    62. Only at that it must be remembered that such kind of conditionally positive energetic concentrations are just a peculiar, some vitally important resemblance of the positive medium of the Essence of the Creator.

    63. A certain imprint of such characteristic of the building of the Universe you constantly manifest through the fact that the lower part of your body, being closer to the surface of the Earth, possesses the features of a negative environment like the body of Mother-Earth.

    64. Whereas the upper part of your body, which due to your head has greatest openness to the positive emanation of the Spirit of Life, naturally, possesses the characteristics of a positive environment.

    65. The active Events which took place in Being showed the emergence of two Origins with different potential with prototype of the beginning of the eternal coexistence thanks exactly to Their unity.

    66. It is quite appropriate to define these origins as Male and Female.

    67. At that the first to form was the Male Origin inside which once began the ever increasing manifestation of the Female peculiarities.

    68. After that in connection with a particular necessity the Great Creator separated the Female as a relatively independent Origin for further eternal coexistence.

    69. From the body of the Male was made the Female.

    70. This could be figuratively described as the creation of the woman from man’s rib.

    71. After which the further unfolding of the Harmony of the Universe proceeded mainly on the basis of the bearing Female origin.

    72. The full-fledged unity of the Male and the Female creates favourable conditions for ever-active manifestation of life.

    73. Let the Male and the Female be unified.

    74. Thus, for a long time according to the earthly standards, by a thread from the female essence thoroughly and with great patience is being embroidered the Pattern of Harmony on fabric of Male essence.

    75. Due to which in Being manifested itself a significant Mystery, where on the reliable Male basis is called to flourish eternally the Female Beauty.

    76. Precisely for this reason in man, in his normal state, there is no desire to display beauty himself and, in the first place, he craves for admire beauty and poeticize it in his creations.

    77. And the female entity primarily contains in its basis the peculiarity to manifest the beautiful.

    78. But as the female nature bears at its core some features from the male basis, it also has the ability to admire beauty.

    79. Only such a mystery of admiration in women proceeds with a different quality compared to men.

    80. And since the correct measure of vitally important combinations of definite parts of male and female both in men and in women can only be stable under the conditions of normal life activity of the human society, and such conditions have not yet been formed, then inevitably occurs a probability for certain distortion of the normal measure in one side or another.

    81. After which in a woman there can be more and more clearly manifested male features with a characteristic change in the woman’s attitude towards the surrounding reality and beauty.

    82. And analogically something similar is displayed in men, when in their nature begin to dominate beyond measure the characteristics of the feminine origin.

    83. But for the time being, I will not focus in detail on the nature of men and women in this address and will continue to touch upon the events in the progressively unfolding Universe,

    84. Where all the phenomena, which have entered the path of further densification on the basis of the energo-informational tissue of the Spirit of Life, with each step of integration and densification, display an ever increasing variety of unique and unrepeatable energetic manifestations and where with the increasing of the complexity of integration, the limitations for further combinations quickly increase.

    85. This means, that in the existing naturally unfolding Harmony of the World of matter there are some admissible ultimate norms regarding the physical manifestations, which have flowed out from the displayed regularities of the self-forming Harmony of the Creator’s Entity and have been affirmed in the Universe, created by Him.

    86. It is necessary to say, that every manifestation of any independent occurrence in the entire Being, regardless of the level of simplicity or complexity, possesses its own consciousness, differing only by the complexity level.

    87. Every truly elementary energetic phenomenon in the Primary Basis of the Being of the passive existence of the Uniform possesses its own energetic-informational field, in which has been fully reflected all the individual peculiarity of the energetic phenomenon itself.

    88. This is the elementary form of consciousness.

    89. And when the unique process of densification began through ever greater integration among the independent energetic phenomena, in the progressively self-forming Uniform Whole also manifested itself a more and more complex form of consciousness organized as a peculiar energetic-informational medium.

    90. This proceeded until the complexity of the forming consciousness reached the level, at which it could be rightly called Super-consciousness,

    91. When the process of raising more and more the complexity level of the self-forming consciousness once allowed it to acquire the ability of centralized control over its own inner mysteries and a possibility to actively influence them.

    92. The level of Super-consciousness can be reached only by a similar self-formation, which for natural reasons no phenomenon in the Universe, created by the Uniform, can reach.

    93. For this is possible only on the basis of an energetic manifestation, identical with the level of subtleness of the Spirit of Life.

    94. As for the level of subtlety of all the energetic phenomena of the beginning its existence Universe, its very emergence and development has already taken place on a basis, which energetic feature has passed into a denser state in relation to the density of the Spirit of Life, with a tendency to still more significant densification and acquisition of a rougher state.

    95. The Super-consciousness of the Creator of the material Being in His self-formation on the basis of the peculiarities of the male origin reached the highest possible stage of development, above which It could not be developed by the progressively multiplying and densifying manifestation of the female origin in the self of the Uniform.

    96. And by the mystery of bringing out the female beginning the Uniform established in Being a peculiar contingent zero level, from which the World of matter began to develop independently, where the progressively densifying female energetic manifestations acquired a possibility to display their own diverse characteristic forms of consciousness.

    97. And in the beginning of the formation of the young Universe the most complex form of consciousness was the planetary consciousness. The consciousness of the first Stars,

    98. Which on its part is being formed on the basis of a definite combination of the positive current of the Spirit of Life and the minus energetic-informational emanation from the body shell of the Star or Planet (see Fig. 3.).

    99. Each Star, Planet began to possess a unique gamma of diverse combinations of energetic peculiarities, which also naturally affected the formation of unrepeatable nuances in the qualities of the various planetary consciousnesses.

    100. And then, with the development of the young Universe another significant stage took place, when the more and more complex combinations of female energetic peculiarities led to the appearance of the first organic compounds.

    101. After which, the floral world on separate planets, striving for rapid development in a great variety, became exactly the particle, which constituted a peculiar richness and a definite perfection of the field form of the planetary consciousness.

    102. At the same time the development of the plant world began to create a favourable environment for the transition of the emerging and established organic compounds to a qualitatively more complex and active form of life manifestations.

    103. The rising dawn of the emergence of the animal world flickered.

    104. But this is also a transition from the field form to more and more concentrated and centralized consciousness,

    105. First through the simplest nerve chain, bearing a definite special limited information for the specific life-activity that is needed,

    106. Where the given information, reacting on certain signals of the planetary consciousness in a characteristic way, allows the simplest organism to perform various vitally important efforts, assigned to that organism.

    107. This allows the control of the whole life-activity of such organisms on besides of Nature, holding the necessary limits in accord with the existing Balance on the Planet.

    108. And if the simplest nervous system did not have the characteristic features of the brain, then with the emergence of the brain in the more highly developed animals the full dependence on the planetary consciousness, controlling the Balance on the Planet, remained unchanged.

    109. The creation of the animal world is the first step of the creation of versatile unthinking obedient servants, assistants to the Nature of a particular Planet.

    110. Where the more complex form of consciousness, concentrated in the brain of the material body, became an expedient necessity.

    111. And where at the same time the development of the animal world brightly manifested for the first time in Being the natural emotionally-feminine active energetic environment.

    112. The appearance of the versatile obedient servants to help Nature in the Universe has definite characteristic limitations.

    113. The representatives of the animal world are forever tied to the Nature of the Planet, which gave them life.

    114. The characteristic quality of the consciousness of the animals does not allow them to take an active subsidiary part in the Nature of the unfolding Harmony of the Universe through other Planets and Stars.

    115. And once a new significant event in the World of material Being took place.

    116. There was made the second step of creation of versatile, but already reasoning assistants to the Nature of the Universe.

    117. The active particle in the modification of the Universe and in the unfolding of the Harmony of the World of material Being was given birth.

    118. This particle acquired such abilities thanks to the unique peculiarities of the mind, contingently designated as versatile.

    119. Such peculiarities make it possible not to be tied to the Planet of birth and to independently overcome the bounding mysteries of the planetary consciousness with further moving within the space of the Universe.

    120. And now it is already necessary to note, that through harmonious formation of the plant and animal world on the Planet a peculiar level of the Norm is naturally established, due to which a characteristic root peculiarity of life-activity of all organic compounds is manifested, brought to the Balance of the harmony of Nature.

    121. The life-activity of different organisms, displayed below such Norm, will inevitably bear an extremely unstable character with an inexorable tendency towards extinction.

  • Chapter 2

    And further we will briefly, figuratively touch upon some important energetic peculiarities of the fruits of the developing material World (see Fig. 4).

    2. The ego-emotional sensual world should be perceived either as a revitalizing or suppressing active energetic manifestation.

    3. For the representatives of the animal world such a feature, in the first place, should play an attracting or frightening role, clearly showing the temporal condition of the animal organism and its attitude to a definite manifestation of reality.

    4. The ego-emotional sensational peculiarities, pre-determined initially by Nature, have relatively stable, moderately strong character.

    5. In its initial natural condition the egoism imposes its characteristic colour on all concepts imprinted in the consciousness about the information received: if it is beneficial, dangerous, edible or not.

    6. The more strongly the egoistic sensual manifestation develops, the more brightly it fills the consciousness, blinding it and considerably decreasing the probability for showing interest in perceiving the incoming information.

    7. The strength of the developing egoism is able to focus the attention of the consciousness exclusively on self-interested information, not allowing it to pay attention to all the rest of the incoming information, regardless of its value from the standpoint of the common benefit.

    8. For the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind such a closest to the animal state conformity, which naturally will correspond to all requirements of the Norm’s level, is admissible only during the initial period of emerging and development of a young civilization.

    9. After which a period of becoming and transition to the level of the beginning of normal life-activity, which is determined for the representatives of the versatile mind by the Harmony of Universe’s Being, should follow.

    10. Such becoming for all inanimate representatives of the versatile mind takes place on the basis of certain conscious-volitional efforts to reduce the ego-emotional sensational manifestations to the lowest admissible vitally important level.

    11. In such case the impact of the egoism on the concepts, imprinted by the consciousness, will be quite limited and significantly weakened,

    12. Which allows the most favourable from a purely reasonable point of view perceiving all incoming information in the widest range admitted by Harmony.

    13. The whole natural sensational world of a biological organism could be perceived as a uniform holistic form of consciousness of a definite complexity level.

    14. Where the abilities of the brain, if they have already occurred, are designed to capture concrete images, related to the peculiarity of the sensitive perception of all the surrounding reality from the position of either a favourable, or a dangerous manifestation in regard to one’s own organism.

    15. In the highly developed biological organisms the brain is not only able to imprint a specific image of an already perceived by the sensual world favourable or dangerous circumstance, but also to imprint a rather concrete image of what’s favourable or dangerous just at the level of theoretical reasoning of a particular situation, which has not yet been sensitively perceived by the organism itself.

    16. Such a natural holistic system, constituting the consciousness, is intended to display a rational function in full accordance with the regularities of the harmony of the surrounding natural environment.

    17. Where at that the reasonable peculiarities of the animal do not allow it to go beyond the limits of the natural characteristic conditions of the surrounding nature, which makes it possible to reliably hold the animal’s organism in the harmony of the world of its inhabitance precisely through its sensitive peculiarities.

    18. And the animal absolutely does not need to independently establish reasonable control on the measure of its participation in the processes of the ongoing reality.

    19. An important distinctive feature of the peculiarities of the versatile mind is the acquired possibility, which allows one’s own biological organism to overcome the limitations of the natural environmental conditions and to independently establish when it’s necessary for the good of its vital activity a favourable artificial living environment in any climatic, as well as other environmental conditions both on the Planet of its birth, and in different natural conditions of another Planet.

    20. At that the more significantly the life-activity of a representative of the versatile mind differs from the natural-animalistic manifestation, the greater responsibility for the well-being of its own organism this representative should independently bear.

    21. Where with the help of the enhanced abilities of the versatile mind should be independently determined and controlled the norm of personal participation in the ongoing reality.

    22. And first of all, the measure and the quality of satisfaction of the demands of the instinct.

    23. For the young societies of bearers of the versatile mind – reaching the level, when emerges a natural need to create an artificial life arrangement, designed to display the qualities of highly developed civilization, where should begin a full-fledged realization of the capabilities, constituting the real value of the versatile mind – a mandatory necessity arises, above all, to release in a possible way the function of the mind from the influence of the ego-emotional sensational manifestations.

    24. Where after certain conscious-volitional efforts, necessary only during the period of reaching the level of the onset of normal predetermined activity, the ego-emotional qualities are reduced to the least possible vital manifestations,

    25. In this way giving an opportunity to the great capabilities of the versatile mind to fully realize itself not from the position of the selfish interest, but from the position of the universal interest for the benefit of normal development.

    26. After that the mind, being out of the influence of any kind of prepossession to anything, due to the peculiarities laid down in its basis, begins to reflect rationally on the manifested reality.

    27. The representatives of civilizations, which have reached such a level, acquire natural for such circumstances abilities to hold together most compactly in a common reasonable space, having no big difference in the levels of consciousness among themselves.

    28. With the development of the qualities of the mind one or another civilization moves to an ever higher level of development, which happens thanks to the acquired abilities to penetrate into the more and more subtle energetic manifestations of the material World.

    29. The acquisition of such abilities makes it possible to take part in progressively wider range of processes manifested in the World of matter.

    30. For the subtler the energetic mysteries, the greater the events concerned.

    31. And depending on the obtaining of such progressively increasing capabilities every representative of the versatile mind acquires accordingly an ever greater responsibility for all the phenomena of the World of matter, on which the ability to actively influence is acquired.

    32. The ability to perceive a certain range of various accumulations of energetic phenomena necessarily means the presence of corresponding responsibility for participation in all processes taking place in the material World, which are based on the given energetic range.

    33. On this road of acquiring ever greater abilities there is a limit, beyond which the utmost natural energetic peculiarities, which the representatives of the versatile mind are able to develop, cannot penetrate.

    34. For perceiving of the energetic phenomena, taking place beyond the given limit in the direction of the subtlest peculiarities of the manifestation of the Spirit of Life, a qualitatively different form of consciousness is required, which cannot be formed by the established natural process of creating the characteristic feature of the versatile mind.

    35. A characteristic feature of the civilization of inanimate representatives of the versatile mind, which has reached the level of the beginning of normal full-fledged activity, is the almost complete absence of any difference among the inner worlds of each of the representatives of this civilization.

    36. Where by an inner world should be meant the particularity of manifestation of the natural ego-emotional sensational peculiarities, which by consciously-volitional efforts are being purposefully reduced to extremely narrow range of vitally important manifestations.

    37. Differences can be noticed only in the quality of consciousness, but even in this case there is no big difference within one and the same civilization.

  • Chapter 3

    And now after having in a brief and simplified manner touched upon some fundamental things, we will begin to touch on the peculiarities of the entity of man, which will even more help you gain the necessary clarity in the correct understanding of this vitally important question for you.

    2. Now we can figuratively depict the energetic feature of the basis of man in comparison with the similar basis of the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe.

    3. And also we can graphically mark the comparison of such energetic features both with the level of the Norm, in the conditions of which are being born and begin their development all the representatives of the versatile mind, and with the level of the beginning of the predetermined full-fledged activity, upon reaching which definite modifications should proceed in the basis of the mentioned energetic features.

    4. These modifications are intended to finally free the functions of the qualities of the versatile mind from the animalistic-egoistic influence of definite natural foundations of the biological organism of the bearer of the versatile mind (see Figure 5).

    5. In this connection we can also depict some peculiarities, which are displayed in the process of development of the spiritual basis (see Fig. 6).

    6. In the above graphic illustrations of the sensually-conscious foundation is shown the difference between the data of the basis of the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind and of man.

    7. At the same time there is one similar circumstance in conditions when the birth of the biological organism of the bearer of versatile mind takes place in the bosom of the natural regulations of the level of the Norm.

    8. This circumstance is related to the fact, that in the conditions of such a birth both in the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind and in man the sphere of consciousness is uniformly under the characteristic influence of ego-emotional sensual peculiarities.

    9. But the appearing of spiritual tissue in the biological bearer of versatile mind brought the ego-emotional sphere of the given organism to the loss of the pre-determined by Nature moderation of manifestation and to the loss of the state of a certain relative stability.

    10. The ego-emotional sensational world in man’s nature under the influence of the characteristic force of the spiritual tissue acquired beyond measure strong character of manifestation,

    11. From which in the beginning his development representative of the human race the influence on the sphere of consciousness on besides of such ego-emotional world began to be unusually strong (see Fig. 7).

    12. And if the ego-emotional sensual manifestations in the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind could be limited from the positive side by moderate bursts of joy, and from the other side by moderate bursts of dissatisfaction and grief, then in man the display of that same peculiarities accordingly could be limited from the positive side by immoderate bursts of delight, and from the other – by exorbitant bursts of negative shocks.

    13. The obtaining of unusual natural sensational manifestations allowed man to acquire not just an ability to experience unusually bright positive emotional outbursts, but depending on an immanent regularity of the Law for Balance of the Harmony of material World’s Being, man inevitably acquires also the ability to experience equal by strength, but with the opposite meaning, unusually bright negative sensational experiences.

    14. As a result the predominance of the probability for man to fall into a state of negative sensual experiences makes his life essentially very dangerous.

    15. For the process of comprehension of the ongoing reality in man under the influence of such bright negative sensational experiences would have a very-far-from-being-reasonable character.

    16. For the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind in the period of becoming from the level of the Norm and to the level of the beginning of normal pre-determined full-fledged activity are required conscious-volitional efforts, as a result of which the ego-emotional sensual world, that they possess, should almost fully lose the possibility to influence the sphere of consciousness and should be reduced to extremely narrow vitally important range of manifestations.

    17. For man his natural sensational world is intended to have an extremely important vital meaning.

    18. And if for the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe is predetermined a mission for reasonably-technical auxiliary participation in the proceeding phenomena of the Universe of Being,

    19. Then for the human race precisely the sensational auxiliary participation is predetermined,

    20. In this way exactly for mankind is opened a Road, which is not less active and has not less significant impact on the phenomena of the material World of the Universe.

    21. Therefore mankind should pass the period of becoming from the level of the Norm not through consciously-volitional efforts to reduce the ego-emotional sensational manifestations to the least possible narrow limits, but through consciously-volitional efforts to get into the Norms of the true spiritual manifestation, affirmed by the live Word of God.

    22. What will allow the sensational spiritual sphere, initially spread inside the ego-emotional sphere, with the further development to spread necessarily in the end outside the sphere of the ego-emotional sensational world.

    23. If the strength of the spiritual world begins to constantly influence the natural-instinctive sensual world just from the inside, this resembles the situation when in a moderately burning fire on conventional fuel suddenly has been added some wonderful fuel.

    24. Thus the Fire inflames very strongly and becomes almost uncontrollable, easily creating traumatic and tragic consequences.

    25. When the spiritual sphere, by its specific beneficial medium, shrouds the ego-emotional sphere from the outside, then such external influence on besides of the spiritual peculiarities not only will not extinguish the natural sensual fire, unusually inflamed due to the impact of the spiritual sensational peculiarities, which appeared by the Will of the Great God, but also, maintaining the ability of this fire to shine and warm, will make it absolutely safe.

    26. In this case all the natural ego-emotional sensational world falls completely under the controlling and ennobling influence of the spiritual world.

    27. And then the sphere of the consciousness will be completely freed from the unfavourable for normal reasonable activity influence of the ego-emotional sensual peculiarities.

    28. The prism of egoism will be completely replaced by the crystal of the spirit.

    29. Illustrating graphically the sphere of consciousness and the influence that have on it the two sensational worlds of man’s being, there should be mentioned that if regarding a certain concept of reality, formed in the sphere of consciousness and, naturally, inevitably marked by the contingent colour of egoism, the development of the spiritual sphere of man has reached the level, from which the ego-emotional world had influenced the given concept of the sphere of consciousness, then the characteristic mark of egoism in respect to this concept loses its hitherto sustained stability.

    30. The concept, present in the sphere of consciousness begins to acquire more true definitions.

    31. But the mentioned concept is in itself unstable, and depending on his mood man either follows mainly the egoistic concept being in a state of negative sensual experiences, or in a positive emotional state follows more the concept, which is closest to the spiritual truth.

    32. If in respect of any present in man concept for the ongoing reality the development of his spiritual sphere begins to completely overlap the ego-emotional sphere, which has been hitherto participating in the formation of this concept, then this concept begins to significantly modify, either acquiring forms closest to the truth, or finding itself in accord with the truth of the spiritual development.

    33. At that the emerging conditional spiritual mark obtains a stable condition and does not depend on the mood of man.

    34. The attainment of concepts, corresponding to the requirements of the Truth of the spiritual development, is possible either on the basis of relatively independent spiritual maturing of man in favourable for this circumstances, considered and granted by the Great God earlier, or on the basis of displayed aspiring and striving to get into the true concept, which is contrary to his own and is expressed in a straight and concrete form.

    35. And if in the first case for acquiring of a true concept is required natural, as a rule, long-term spiritual maturing, then in the second case is needed an artificial activated spiritual maturing on the basis of the active display of definite consciously-volitional efforts,

    36. Which is able to lead to the necessary spiritual development for a significantly shorter period of time.

    37. But in this case it is often required from man to make extremely great efforts, doing which without the manifestation of the necessary qualities of Sacred Faith, man himself is not capable of.

    38. In this case, when a true concept is being artificially opposed to an already existing in man concept of the ongoing reality, the manifestation of aspiration and striving to heed the given true concept is intended to develop in a real and concrete way the spiritual sphere regarding this side of living circumstances, the concept of which has been opposed to the concept of the Truth.

    39. And then the given contingent part of the spiritual sphere begins to actively develop, gradually moving first from a position inside the ego-emotional sphere to the level, from which the ego-emotional sphere influences the given concept of the consciousness’ sphere, and then completely covering the definite part of the natural-sensitive sphere.

    40. After that instead of a concept, satisfying the abnormal manifestations of egoism, a true concept is being sustainably affirmed.

    41. The given concept of the Truth from a position, perceived just theoretically, becomes a part of the nature of the righteously striving man, and his personal wisdom.

    42. But as long as such true concepts, already acquired as personal wisdom, are not in a sufficient volume, the full-fledged comprehension of each such concept will be impossible,

    43. Especially the comprehension of each concept of the Truth, which so far only opposes the concept which a man himself could independently formulate, but which has not been comprehended by his righteous effort and has not yet become a part of that man’s being.

    44. The chain of concepts marked by the characteristic colouring of one source naturally allows the consciousness to perceive some correspondingly characteristic holistic image of the whole ongoing reality.

    45. And as the rather long time of life activity of the human society allowed to be accumulated in man’s consciousness a great number of characteristically uniform in their root meaning concepts of the surrounding reality, then in that same man’s consciousness naturally formed itself a stable characteristic image of the reality of society’s existence.

    46. That’s why to correctly envisage a similar image of a qualitatively new type of possible manifestation of the true life activity of human society becomes extremely difficult due to the almost complete absence of true vitally important concepts.

    47. To replace at once all the false concepts with true ones is impossible.

    48. The beginning of the introduction of new concepts is always possible only by introducing some initial concepts, to which new ones are gradually added.

    49. But the right comprehension of the first introduced concepts is significantly impeded, because to comprehend the true concepts will begin the mind, naturally resting on a great variety of false concepts, which have been already set in some, kind of, logically interconnected among themselves rings of one and the same chain,

    50. Which does not include the perceived new concept, but in which the present mind will try to import it.

    51. When the newly perceived concept is an integral part of an absolutely new, yet unknown logically complete whole.

    52. And if man does not believe, that the introduced concept basically carries the truth, this concept is being rejected as incompatible with the already existing image, formed in the consciousness.

    53. If a man believes that the introduced concept is true, then he will inevitably try to input it into the old peculiar logical chain of reality’s perception.

    54. Remember! In this case is important the inadmissibility to hastily approve inside yourself as supposedly true and so as an unchangeable base the new independent conclusions.

    55. For in order to begin sufficiently correctly to comprehend the reality, related to the peculiarity precisely of man’s life, is required the necessary accumulation of sufficient vivifying volume of true concepts,

    56. On which should rest the full-fledged activity of the versatile mind of man.

    57. Having acquired in the initial period of your incarnations a peculiar sensitively-conscious basis and being in complete ignorance of the true laws of development of your soul, depending on the particularly vivid manifestations of the qualities of such basis, you inevitably placed and continue to place till the present day the activity of satisfaction of the instincts at the level of a primary vitally important task,

    58. As this in natural conditions exists in the life of the animal world.

    59. These are manifestations of the instinct through the laws of self-sustainment, reproduction and self-preservation,

    60. Which was expressed in a constant striving to provide oneself with food, clothing, shelter, combination with the opposite sex and natural reproduction of one’s species and, of course, striving to create circumstances, which can in the best way secure the life activity of one’s body.

    61. Of course, from the viewpoint of one mind only, these are really vitally important issues, but the incorrect attitude towards achieving satisfaction of these issues in the presence of an exceptionally pronounced ego-sensational world, should inevitably lead to a rapid densification of the force of egoistic pretension to all the surrounding reality.

    62. This, naturally, should significantly influence all the processes of reflection on the whole reality by the human mind, which inevitably formed a dangerously distorted strong understanding in mankind for its own life manifestation.

    63. And instead of moving along the Road of Ascent from the level of the Norm of Nature, mankind together, without colluding, moved in the opposite direction, along the road of descent.

    64. The movement of mankind along the road of such a descent, naturally, was characterized by an unstable life activity with a continuous inclination to self-destruction.

    65. The life activity of such a society is characterized by unsteady order, depending on the presence of various degrees of fear of a probable punishment by greater force, and continuous striving of man to circumvent any laws if there is an egoistic interest in that.

    66. Whereas the level of sustainable life activity of human society, when it reaches the level of the beginning of full-fledged predetermined life activity, will be characterized by a stable order on the basis of the natural continuous inner need to do something for the benefit of everything existing.

    67. The quality of the child organisms born in various societies on Mother-Earth are either consistent with the requirements of Norm’s level, or they have certain negative deviations.

    68. Where with each step in the development of human’s society’s history the birth of children with the features of such negative deviations becomes progressively dominant.

    69. In the animal world such deviations lead to the imminent death of the animal, whereas in the world of human life-activity with the development of science more and more technically effective efforts have been made to help survival.

    70. But such negative deviations in connection with the untrue character of life activity of human society naturally inevitably become progressively dominant and significant with the maturing of the natural organism of man,

    71. Which affects the formation of societal worldview and internal social lawmaking activity, manifested in a period of certain contingent sufficient matureness of the active representatives of the society.

    72. The characteristic manifestation of the social worldview and the internal social lawmaking activity in all more developed in conditionally civilized respect great and small nations in its basis does not bear root difference and accordingly characteristically determines by itself a certain conditional level, to which the sensitively-conscious basis of mankind has negatively deviated from Norm’s level,

    73. And not just determines that certain level of negative deviation, but also holds in it, approving false guidelines for thinking and making creative efforts for all representatives of the society (see Picture 8).

    74. At the same time precisely the increasing intensity of the development of science in false direction began to create conditions, which in fact began to more and more negatively affect the quality of man’s life activity.

    75. And the manifestation of science in medicine, in the first place, can be likened to the creation of some workshop, which is being progressively technically equipped, for the creation of all kinds of fasteners and buckles, intended to artificially restrain the nodes and walls of the building, that due to the action of internal laws are constantly striving for self-destruction.

    76. Whereas to change this inner, dangerous for life predisposition of man almost no efforts have been made.

    77. And since the character of life activity of man’s society does not change basically in the true direction, this mentioned conditional level of negative deviation from Norm’s level continues to constantly descend,

    78. Which is helped by the wrongly directed scientific and technical development and from which the quality of the natural organism of man, moving progressively away from being consistent with the requirements of the Harmony of Norm’s level, develops an increasing predisposition for self-destruction.

    79. For in direct connection with the gradual improvement of the quality of knowledge of the ongoing reality inevitably and invariably increases the measure of responsibility for the quality of one’s own participation in this reality, but the character of life manifestation does not undergo the necessary fundamental modification.

    80. The speed of decrease of the conditional level of negative deviation is being kept as low as possible.

    81. But such retention does not take place through the active purposeful efforts of the representatives of mankind, but in spite of them, by way of most skillful outplaying on besides of the Great God of the persistent negligence of his still wandering children.

    82. Where an extremely favourable auxiliary foundation in this meticulous life-saving educational process, sustained by the Heavenly Father throughout the history of mankind, should become the created by the Heavenly Father for the benefit of the existence and development of his children ability of the soul to leave the material outer-shell with the saved accumulated life experience and reincarnate depending on the favourable necessity,

    83. Which became the only unique phenomena in the existing of the versatile mind in the Universe.

  • Chapter 4

    The soul, beginning to cognize the mystery of the first incarnation, for the good of its own development should first fill the bodily vessel, which at birth is most consistent by quality with the requirements of Norm’s level.

    2. In connection with the complete absence in this case of any life experience, the soul does not create in the sensitive world of man any additional sensational attraction to any life efforts.

    3. But, being incarnated into a natural organism, the soul through its characteristic force significantly increases the manifestation of natural instinctively-egoistic sensual peculiarities,

    4. Which begin in the first place to create in man a brightly manifested natural egoistic sensational inclination to the constant satisfaction of, above all, exclusively egoistic needs.

    5. From which the soul inevitably begins to accumulate quickly negative life experience in the form of numerous sensual attachments to false values.

    6. Considering the quality of such accumulated false attachments, the Great Heavenly Father allows you to cognize the mystery of the next incarnation in such family and in such life circumstances, which will have a healing effect on the previously acquired dangerous attachments, with the necessary reminders at the right moment about due gaining a more correct understanding of the ongoing reality.

    7. The life activity of each human society manifests itself so far in one false characteristic direction, which, naturally, creates a definite psychological environment for the successful advancement in the wrong direction of each person, constituting this society.

    8. And as the reincarnated soul has already a negative life experience, this begins to create an additional negative attraction to the already existing natural ego-sensual attraction.

    9. Such additional negative attraction will be displayed with an increasing strength at every new incarnation, if the previous incarnations have so far led only to a progressive acquirement of negative life experience.

    10. In such circumstances a man naturally acquires a predisposition to increasingly rapid accumulation of the negative and to imminent death.

    11. But it is precisely because of the specific outplaying by the Heavenly Father of the life circumstances of man through the mystery of reincarnation the Great God is continuously creating for his children vitally important auxiliary conditions, which are able to significantly restrain the probable rapidity of spiritual downfall, and hence the falling of vitality.

    12. Where at each new incarnation, when the life experience has negative orientation only, it is allowed to be acquired a natural organism with existing, laid down at birth negative deviations, in order that the various deviations of this kind also create the necessary subsidiary restraint (see Fig. 9).

    13. Based on the above graphical illustration of one of the combinations of manifestation of a series of reincarnations where the final result is life experience with changing qualities, we can note that in the period of progressive acquiring of negative life experience in the environment of carefully created by the Great God conditions of restraining from rapid spiritual falling, nevertheless, with each new incarnation is inevitably manifested an ever-increasing prevalence of negative final effect,

    14. The increase of which to the critical line will bring the quality of the soul to the final loss of the need for a new incarnation.

    15. For the quality of the soul will completely lose any probability of positive change.

    16. And this means, that any natural organism of the existing human society, acquiring a soul with such a negative quality, will inevitably find itself unable in any circumstances to cope with the powerful pressure of the additional negative inclination.

    17. Besides the line of predominance of the negative final effect in the series of reincarnations of the life fate of any soul, there can be also manifested a line of an ever-increasing prevalence of positive final effect, which illustrates the positive change of the quality of the soul with ever-increasing accumulation of positive life experience in it.

    18. Such a favourable positive change begins in one of the incarnations close to the end of the life fate of this incarnation.

    19. After which the positive life experience emerged in the core of the soul in the next incarnation will respectively begin to affect through an additional characteristic sensual propensity, creating more favourable conditions for an even earlier inclining to the manifestation of ever-increasing positive efforts.

    20. Where under the influence of the unusually full freedom of choice, which possess only the representatives of mankind and which differs from the allegedly full freedom of choice, possessed by all inanimate representatives of the versatile mind, man can in his next incarnation either lose the acquired positive, or multiply it.

    21. But as one gains more and more positive life experience, the probability to lose it in the medium of supportive conditions, created by the All-Loving Heavenly Father to the good of his children, will decrease.

    22. The manifested line, illustrating the ever-increasing positive final effect, is not a line, showing the presence of ascent.

    23. And as long as a line of this kind is manifested lower than the contingent Norm’s level, this line will illustrate just an ever-progressing deceleration under conditions of moderate falling.

    24. When there’s a great activity of the manifested propensity for self-destruction in man’s nature the regularity of reincarnation creates the most moderate falling of vitality as a whole and for the whole human society on Mother-Earth.

    25. Where also the predominance of negative final effect in the life activity of the representatives of mankind creates the greatest acceleration, possible in the conditions of moderate falling, and the predominance of the positive creates an additional deceleration.

    26. But in the existing circumstances of the manifested quality of mankind’s life activity till the present time the process of falling of the level of life activity continues to proceed in the former unchanged direction.

    27. And above all, due to the fact that the entire most active thinking part of the society, striving to occupy the key positions in the formation of the organizational and governance structures of its society, in the process of the entire duration of the formation of one’s own authority in a series of various competitive clashes of the egoism of different persons among themselves, inevitably, in ignorance of the Truth, acquires vividly expressed forms of powerful egoism.

    28. Which never contributes to the development of more and more correct perception of the reality of the Laws of Harmony,

    29. But always creates negatively-biased attitude towards everything around, pushing towards activities from the position of satisfaction of the egoistic interest of one’s own instincts and vanity.

    30. Which always will, as a mandatory rule, be hidden behind slogans – of good aspirations and, if possible, expressed in global categories.

    31. And a characteristic feature of the display of this dangerous form of egoism in all seekers of some conditional justice, densely coloured by that same egoism, is the presence both in the natural manifestations of the animal world, and as yet in man, a readiness to cause a moral or physical harm to the rival in controversial circumstances about any vital interest.

    32. The unbridled flourishing beyond measure egoism in man’s essence naturally created a definite, uniform for all mankind limitation in the form of a certain peculiar external isolating shell around the common fateful line of all people living on Earth, specifically fencing mankind of the surrounding World of Harmony.

    33. Where the more impermeable is the isolation, the less vitality mankind manifests.

    34. If we continue this figurative consideration, we should note, that inside this common isolating outer shell there is a certain quantity of contingent thin threads of the innumerable multitude of living human fates, unified, mainly, in various extensive social groups with their own peculiar, isolating from the other similar groups outer shell.

    35. This isolation is being formed by the collective egoism of state character.

    36. Inside these great organizations can also be seen various amount of combinations of threads, less in number, already with their own peculiar isolating shells, formed by the collective egoism of tribal, political, religious groups. And this consideration can be continued.

    37. For one of the main characteristic features of egoism inspires one to manifest oneself in an ever-increasing isolation.

    38. Though egoism can manifest itself also in striving for unity, if this concerns the satisfaction of the instinct for self-preservation and the more convenient way to obtain the vital necessity and the false values, to get use of which one would like, mainly, individually.

    39. The incorrect comprehension of the features of egoism will never allow the diverse human groups and societies to come to a true unity without any isolating shells both inside this unity, and also outside it.

    40. If each fateful “thread” of this kind is considered not in solid, frozen state, but in liquid state, as the flow of life is called to be, then one can imagine the human fates rushing at different speed in the common current within the limits of the one common limiting outer shell.

    41. Besides the separate individual, as well as any kind of organization, are able to create around themselves a peculiar living environment, on which depends their own life acceleration in the common current of negative flow down from the Norm’s level, intended to serve as a beginning of the true development.

    42. Each organism of the material World has in its self a certain number of vitally important organs or figuratively expressed definite key points, each of which should be fully included in the work, what creates a favourable foundation for full-fledged life activity of the organism itself.

    43. And accordingly, if any one or several such key points would work insufficiently or would not work at all, the vital balance of the organism would be disturbed with the naturally displayed from this in the organism inclination to self-destruction of various strength.

    44. A parallel could be drawn analogically with the mysteries, taking place in the core of the sensationally-conscious basis of man, his spiritual world.

    45. The more the seeker of Truth independently succeeds correctly to define and use in a worthy way the true key point of the spiritual world, the more the acceleration of the movement in the common current in conditions of moderate falling begins to slow down.

    46. But since the necessary fullness of the true laws of spiritual development has been senseless to reveal till the present Time of the current Accomplishment due to the unfavourable for this conditions in the sensationally-conscious basis of mankind, all attempts of human thought to independently determine the true spiritual key points both through separate worthy toilers of the society, and also through clues on besides of some representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe, coming to mankind through prophets and other mediators, inevitably resulted in finding extremely insignificant quantity of such vitally important for the normal development of man key points.

    47. At the same time numerous concepts of moral and ethical character, incompatible with the Truth of Ascent, have been formed, regardless of the fact that the superficial touch with them can show some supposedly positive shades.

    48. Among concepts of this kind there are also those, that can still have an auxiliary effect in the mystery of inhibition at the first stages for the rough inner world of anyone, who is seeking the Truth, helping that person to shift from a state of rougher manifestations to a significantly less rough one.

    49. But such concepts cannot participate in the right formation and full-fledged development of the sensationally-conscious basis of man.

    50. Besides it is important to note, that it is exactly the concepts of moral and ethical character, not corresponding to the Truth and abundantly formulated in various religious-philosophical associations, that mainly constitute the characteristic features of the difference of all these associations among themselves.

    51. On the basis of such concepts is brightly manifested the egoistic jealousy for some “own” faith, which often is displayed in the form of greatest untidiness.

    52. And precisely such concepts in the first place are the stumbling block hindering the process of ever-greater unity, which should have been natural for all who seek righteously God’s Truth.

    53. Only the correctly determined vitally important for the normal development of man spiritual key points are displayed by the most similar understanding in all religious-philosophical associations.

    54. But what is found is so little, that it is insufficient even for reaching the limit of the specific in this respect balance, at which the mentioned life acceleration in the common stream in conditions of a moderate falling would disappear for everyone who has reached in spiritual development this limit.

    55. Though certain methodological recommendations, introduced by the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe through some Eastern conditional spiritual practices, have been intended to help those, who fully dedicate themselves to the comprehension of these characteristic recommendations, allegedly reach the limit of such balance.

    56. But not through including into full-fledged work the necessary number of spiritual key points, but through an attempt to completely switch-off the whole inner sensitive world of man from the life activity, predetermined for him by the Great God.

    57. Only in this case those, who are really able to fully implement such methodological recommendations, will artificially raise themselves to the level of the Norm, as it were, along the same fateful life-line, which, manifesting itself, will lead to the place, from which a thorough comprehension of this kind of specific spiritual practice began.

    58. Where by artificial raising and holding one’s inner world in a state of any level, is meant only consciously-volitional effort.

    59. But it would be more accurate to characterize this artificial lifting as a peculiar return to the initial state, similar to the one, with which a man has entered the life, being incarnated into a newly born baby, but with a certain already accumulated abnormal life experience.

    60. And this means, that his inner quality still continues to preserve all that predisposition to do mistakes, which he had already done in life before the beginning of the comprehension of the characteristic practical exercises, recommended by a certain Eastern spiritual philosophy.

    61. For a qualitative, precisely spiritual necessary modification of the inner world of man under such conditions will never take place.

    62. And if one ceases doing these consciously-volitional exercises, he will very quickly get back to repeating the same mistakes, which still remain inherent to him.

    63. Continuing the careful performance of such exercises can not just prevent from further accumulating of negative experience, but also – since the full dedication to perceiving the mentioned methodological recommendations diverts from a full-fledged participation in the sensational manifestations of the surrounding human society – the one who perceives these recommendations loses the possibility to walk the Road of spiritual development, predestined precisely for man.

    64. Since everything, which is now to be found in the essence of man, is being sort of conserved by definite, meticulously practiced by him consciously-volitional exercises.

    65. In this condition – which from all practitioners approach only an extremely limited number, for this above all means the fullest possible removal from the world, that for the majority in the positive sense happens to be unreachable task – emerges an opportunity to modify the sensually-conscious basis the way it proceeds in the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind of the Universe.

    66. But in this case the opportunity to form, develop and fulfil the necessary mission, which was predestined for the whole human race by the Great Heavenly Father, is completely lost.

  • Chapter 5

    And now, at last, the significant Event for the whole mankind took place, which I have been waiting for a long time.

    2. Although very few of all people living on Mother-Earth have so far been able to worthily figure out what is actually Happening in this corner of the Siberian land.

    3. Now I begin to create for you specific conditions for the active modification in the true direction of the sensationally-conscious foundation of those who follow me.

    4. And this means, that the common fateful life-line of all worthily striving to comprehend God’s Word, that came again, will start to change in quality, and so, in direction as well.

    5. That means, that by direct and concrete revealing in due measure all the spiritual key points, I will lead the aspirants in direction, opposite to the one that you reliably follow throughout your history, persistently trying to go away from Harmony.

    6. And the opposite side will be determined not by your moving along the beaten track, but by your obtaining a Road of a qualitatively different character.

    7. For this reason it is necessary to turn away from the common stream of characteristic life manifestation of mankind and start the active forming of true vital qualities in the core of your human entity.

    8. That requires greatest efforts, which are actually able to make only those, who have profoundly and completely dedicated themselves to the aspiration to worthily comprehend the Sacred Faith.

    9. Taking into account the inherent to the life manifestations of man definite inertial force and the gradualness of the incorporation of the spiritual key points into full-fledged work, I would say, that the acquiring of the Road of Ascent itself will not take place immediately, though the beginning of the pivot from the previous road may already have been undertaken (see Fig. 10).

    10. After passing through the beginning of the Pivot, the utmost attention and vigilance with the same maximum tension of righteous efforts will be required, for the passage of the extremely complicated part of the road to the starting point of Ascent will begin.

    11. On this segment of the road the sensual world of man naturally will be influenced by a very high inertial pressure, which he did not experience moving in the common habitual stream of the vital characteristic manifestation of human society as a whole.

    12. Under such pressure is meant the power of impact of the root peculiarities, developed over a long time, which make appear the characteristic reactions, becoming inherent at perceiving the necessary vital instructive-educational psychological medium, when will be made all efforts towards the correct comprehension and reaction on the ongoing reality on besides of the sincerely aspiring to perceive the Truth.

    13. At any point of the discussed segment of the road from the Pivot starting point to the starting point of Ascent the features of the inner world of man will preserve the probability in moments of regular display of negligence to fall in the direction of the common stream of display of the kingdom of power.

    14. Such a probability will inevitably melt away with the approaching of the starting point of Ascent, where the process of falling ceases and comes a state of life-changing balance, at which the inner world of man continues to have an ever-increasing favourable predisposition to further true development.

    15. The next of the road from the starting point of Ascent to the point of the beginning of straightforward Ascent, which can rightfully be called the beginning of the Kingdom of the Soul, corresponding to the level of the beginning of the predetermined full-fledged life activity, will be the end of the mystery of the Pivot.

    16. During this final period the regularities of Ascent begin to act more and more, while a definite progressively fading force of the inertial pressure continues its influence to the point of the beginning of the Kingdom of the Soul.

    17. The approaching of that point of beginning of Soul’s Kingdom for you is like approaching of the threshold of your own home, where you have been dreaming to return to for ages.

    18. Upon reaching this point you will finally complete the vitally important solution of the first main task, set before you by Eternity.

    19. And first main task, set before mankind at the initial stage of formation, is the need to necessarily cognize its true essence, the true relationship with its Heavenly Father and its true attitude towards the surrounding reality.

    20. Only after that mankind may proceed to the full-fledged accomplishment of the predetermined for it by the Great God unique mission in the Universe.

    21. During the first seven years of my current Accomplishment from the manifested by that time specifically prepared social medium, preserving possibly man’s full freedom of choice, through the efforts of the Great God, I should mainly gather precisely those, to whom it would be once favourable to grant the beginning of fulfilment of the first active moves to formation of the foundation, from which will proceed the true predetermined becoming of mankind.

    22. Through my appeals to you, which carried peculiar for this character, during these first seven years I was creating for you the required corresponding characteristic environment of moderate activeness regarding the necessary radical modification of your inner world.

    23. At the same time this was creating conditions of most favourable inhibition, in order that later you could successfully make use of the fateful Pivot, after which will begin to progressively emerge the features of a psychologically totally different life.

    24. Now, as you already know from my latest appeals to you, the beginning of the significant Pivot has come, and now I want to remind once again this vitally important for you event, particularly emphasizing it.

    25. Begins the primary fateful period of your life decisions, which now should either be taken in full correspondence with the Truth and respectively should be successfully cognized the mystery of Pivot, or should continue to flow in the previous stream, established historically for human society.

    26. In this case I see the need to repeatedly emphasize one more thing, which should be remembered: the successful passing through the mystery of Pivot is always based on the greatest possible effort to perform each step as befits the believer, but not on counting your victories or failures you have allegedly seen.

    27. Such counting is always connected to an inner inclination to compare what’s counted with the victories and failures of your soulmates.

    28. And this is exactly a manifestation of the egoism, the abnormal growth of which inside you it is necessary now to finally avoid.

    29. In order to keep the believers within the admissible limits of the pivotal arc and help you to move along it without getting lost, my addresses to you begin to have the appropriate for this, peculiar character.

    30. You should be extremely careful for everything, that I will suggest and define.

    31. Now I have already begun to weave for you an environment of the necessary activeness regarding the fundamental modification of your inner world to its full compliance with the requirements of the Truth, when you will acquire a solid basis for normal constant development.

  • Chapter 6

    And now time has come to profoundly deepen your understanding regarding one important sacrament, which is known to you under the term “baptism”.

    2. In order to express in general terms the essence of the commonly accepted interpretation of the sacrament of baptism, it suffices to say, that this sacrament is being done for abandonment and forgiveness of sins through ablution with sanctified water, suggested to all who crave to embark on the road of purification.

    3. Until now the physical side of this sacrament has been performed by Christians the way it did the first Baptist, who used water.

    4. At that may be ignored the external variety in performing the given sacrament, which believers introduced later, naively supposing it to be significant.

    5. Water – this is a peculiar vitally important substance, capable of easily capturing and carrying information of a great diversity, while significantly changing its properties.

    6. Which was once used in a mystery, well-known to Christians as turning water in to wine in one of the settlements of the ancient Israeli land.

    7. Ablution with sanctified water during the mystery of baptism, of course, does non cleanse the sins, since it is impossible to do so, but through this sacrament all aspiring to take the path of purification are able to create a favourable energo-informational field in order to help such a good cause, which the aspiring one can use by starting – after receiving this kind of christening – to apply practical righteous efforts.

    8. But, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of all Christians perceive the sacrament of baptism just as a kind of marking, allegedly guaranteeing salvation.

    9. And since they do not afterwards strive to work worthily for their purification and to the Glory of their Heavenly Father, they quite quickly lose the artificially obtained auxiliary energetic field.

    10. It is exactly this assessment of the mystery of baptism, practiced by the clergymen, which man’s consciousness should make naturally for all the period of historical becoming of Christianity.

    11. For the egoism is mainly manifested through a self-serving attitude to everything ongoing, and the consciousness, being under its control, will necessarily look for an advantageous solution to the selfish impulse.

    12. And, of course, it was impossible not to see an advantage in the fact, that one can allegedly secure one’s own salvation just through ablution with sanctified water, without an everyday painstaking effort to cleanse one’s inner world.

    13.It is precisely this perception that all who called themselves Christians are continuously trying to keep inside.

    14. The commonly accepted sacrament of baptism, which is being performed in all Christian associations till the present day, is rather carrying conditional psychological character, though capable of creating some auxiliary basis for the aspiring towards the Light.

    15. All the predetermined fullness of the mystery of baptism is intended to manifest itself in other circumstances, where to be christened in a full-fledged way those, who are even a little bit insincere in this act, will be practically impossible.

    16. At that, what’s most important is locked in the fact, that such impossibility will not be determined by somebody, who will remove the one who came with insincere motive, but the latter himself will happen to be unable to pass the sacrament of christening to the end.

    17. In antiquity the first Baptist was called to warn, that he was christening with water, but the One was coming, Who will baptize with fire.

    18. But the mystery of the new peculiar christening, this secret could be left to the will of creative speculation until the mystery of the fire christening would be fully cognized by everyone who believed with all his heart in the Accomplishment of the newly arrived Word of God.

    19. And now the time has come.

    20. Not just the time of my second Accomplishment has come, but also the time of that stage of the Accomplishment, when should be started the necessary cognizance of the essence of the fire christening,

    21. What precisely will lead to the final purification and rebirth of those, who will worthily aspire to manifest the entire fullness of the Sacred Faith to the One, Who will lead you along the Road of Truth.

    22. A mention was left to the ancients, telling that I would melt you as silver and gold, in order to separate from you the pernicious impurities.

    23. And time has come now to mention for you once again and finally this concept, for inside it is the truth, where the word is followed by the need to accomplish.

    24. Using the entered graphical images, it can be said, that the segment of the turning arc from the beginning of the Pivot to the starting point of Ascent is the road of intensive fire, in which should be burnt everything capable of holding you into the track of the common stream of the realm of the power.

    25. In this fire the already mentioned strong inertial pressure will be burnt.

    26. Where the stronger the inertial features one holds inside himself, the stronger the strength of burning he is to experience.

    27. And of course, the more such features you have inside yourself, the bigger number of fire burnings you need to go through.

    28. But do not let your step falter!

    29. After the first seven-year period of my addresses to you, the created nowadays Word of mine, through numerous possibly most concrete definitions of laws and commandments, begins to create for you peculiar conditions, which mainly will constitute the basis for the fiery purification, intended to manifest itself particularly vividly and powerfully at the crucial – for those who are striving to follow me – segment of the pivotal arc.

    30.  Which will facilitate your active withdrawal from the track of the common stream of the realm of power.

    31. Besides the series of fiery challenges for each of you will proceed in full compliance with the individual characteristics of the inner world of each of you.

    32. In crucial decisive periods of experiencing the mystery of the fiery baptism, which during a certain period of time will repeatedly burn your unrestrained overgrown sprouts of egoism, you should be especially vigilant.

    33. Do not let go of the Leader’s hand even for a moment, continuing to try to trust him completely.

    34. Do not allow even for a moment that the pain of the scorched egoism became more significant than your Sacred Faith.

    35. For this moment will always be the beginning of dangerous violations and serious losses.

    36. There are two kinds of pain, differing between themselves by their characteristic peculiarities: physical pain and psychological pain,

    37. In spite of the fact that all these kinds of pain are based on the same nature of the peculiar manifestations of the laws of matter.

    38. The physical pain is characterized first of all as a protective signal, warning that some disorder in the uniform system of biological cells has passed beyond the norm, allowed by Nature.

    39. Which is intended to activate the protective reaction of the organism for finding a solution to relieve the pain, and respectively, a solution to eliminate the emerged disorder.

    40. The psychological pain could be characterized as a reaction to a conditionally negative impact on besides of evolving various circumstances on a definite system of established psychological attitudes in the consciousness of man.

    41. The conditionally negative influence can be manifested in the whole spectrum of probable effects both as abnormal circumstances on normal inner psychological attitudes, and reversely – influence of normal circumstances on abnormal attitudes.

    42. Something similar can be displayed respectively when abnormal circumstances affect abnormal inner attitudes, as well as when normal circumstances influence normal inner psychological standpoints.

    43. Where the term normal psychological attitude should always imply the complete absence of any contradiction with the Truth of the spiritual development in such an attitude.

    44. And touching upon various circumstances, in the first place, should be considered the circumstances, occurring from the life manifestations of man, for they play the main active part in the development of every person, who comes into contact with such circumstances.

    45. In this connection normal circumstances are those, created by man’s efforts, which do not contradict the Truth of spiritual development.

    46. Man has till the present day formed inside himself a large variety of all kinds of steady psychological attitudes regarding all his life manifestations.

    47. And only thanks to the invaluable help of the Heavenly Father, His wise guardianship and leadership, it was possible for the children of God living on Earth – be it not for all and be it just a meager amount from all that has been formed – to acquire at the present moment psychological attitudes, which quality more or less fulfills the admissible by the Truth standards, and they can be called normal.

    48. The rest of the vast majority of sustainable psychological attitudes, established in the life of man, are abnormal, despite the outwardly expressed seemingly good-looking colouring.

    49. Such sightliness is illusory and is based on the still almost complete ignorance of the Truth about man.

    50. But that little, which a sufficient number of God’s children were successfully helped to obtain, created favourable conditions, based on which now it is already possible to fulfill the decisive Accomplishment for Salvation of the human race.

    51. Further I consider it necessary to give some important auxiliary guidelines, touching a bit more upon two previously mentioned basic characteristic conditions.

    52. When an abnormal circumstance influences an existing normal psychological attitude an inevitable feeling of some internal painful experience is possible.

    53. And though the painful experience is always associated with an attachment to various inner consciously established attitudes, the painful experience discussed should not be univocally compared with the presence of a dangerous form of attachment to a normal psychological attitude.

    54. The only thing to which man is allowed to have strong attachment is what is in full compliance with the Truth of human soul’s flowering.

    55. That’s why the believer’s desire to correct his own painful experiences in this case should not be reduced to an attempt to achieve the absence of such pain in principle, but to necessarily look inside his own self for the presence of requirements towards his soulmate for his deed, which has led to the abnormal circumstance.

    56. There should not be any requirement concerning your soulmate,

    57. And, in the first place, an inner demand that the soulmate should act and behave himself the way precisely you would like at that moment, regardless of what abilities has your soulmate in general.

    58. The presence of such kind of demands, to the manifestation of which every man is inclined so far, can always add to the normal painful experiences some additional unclean experiences.

    59. In the other case, when a normal circumstance affects an abnormal psychological attitude, the emerging of any painful experiences should always be referred to the presence of dangerous attachments to internal attitudes of this kind.

    60. And the very presence of any kind of psychological attitude is always related to the presence of a definite attachment to it.

    61. And so depending on the different kind of sensual painful experiences can be observed, what kind of psychological attitude is present in the consciousness.

    62. More precisely, it should be noted, that the painful sensitive experience does not occur from the direct influence of one or another circumstance on the psychological attitude itself, but on the very attachment to it.

    63. Where the greater is such kind of attachment to the internal attitude, the greater will be the pain, which is sensually experienced as a peculiar burning inside.

    64. The strength of the painful experience depending on the quality of the impact on the attachment and the character of the attachment itself can be manifested in varying degrees, arising reaction ranging from loudly pronounced unbalanced rejection to more restrained display of dissatisfaction, bewilderment and misunderstanding.

    65. And as in the life activity of the biological cells the basic norms are established by the very Nature and, therefore, the Harmony, these norms are really of vital importance and should be respected and followed, if these are not the significant deviations from the Norm connected to the abnormal life activity of the so-called civilized society.

    66. It is possible to change any of these norms only in case of clearly displayed exceptional necessity.

    67. Regarding the evolving psychological sensational world Nature also inserts some vitally important attachments, concerning the manifestation of the instincts.

    68. Only, unlike the representatives of the animal world, the strength and the quality of manifestation of such attachments are intended to control and change the characteristics of the freely thinking versatile mind.

    69. But since such initially established by Nature attachments are manifested first and refer to primary vital needs, and the activity of the mind of the representatives of the young mankind once quickly fell under the complete control of their own egoistic sensational world, the numerous abnormal psychological attitudes became the first that consciously quickly evolved, both in quality and in external diversity, precisely in respect to the display of the instincts with the complete release of the vitally important control over the development of the strength of attachment to it.

    70. Together with the great number of various conscious attitudes of this kind, where the ultimate simplicity of Nature has been transformed into an excessively dangerous high complexity, through that same sophisticated capabilities of consciousness a multitude of all kinds of psychological attitudes was formed, which was not a smaller number and was related to all the other spheres of life manifestations of man.

    71. This has been creating peculiar, characteristic for one’s own nation conditional moral and ethical norms and codex of honour, constituting the diversity and uniqueness of the living environment of each isolated societal group.

    72. The variety of such attitudes can easily obtain in different nations opposite meanings, depending on which the same characteristic mental peculiarities of man’s organism, as the experience of joy and bitterness, can be manifested by diametrically opposite sensational outbursts regarding one and the same life circumstance.

    73. Which eloquently shows the inevitable in this case presence of a concept, not corresponding with the Truth.

    74. For the Truth of development of the soul is one for any representative of the human race.

    75. If what Nature has laid down in the physiology of man’s natural organism as an establishing norm can unmistakably warn through the painful manifestations about disturbance of the harmony, then the great abundance of all sorts of psychological attitudes, being the fruit of the continuing so far to be blinded by egoism consciousness, makes man in most of the cases still to experience serious painful sensational burnings where in fact any violations of harmony and the Truth do not take place.

    76. At that, such burnings become the reason for physiological disturbances.

    77. Man, as a rule, does not respond to what is actually happening in reality.

    78. He responds to what he himself figured out or thought up with his own specifically thinking consciousness.

    79. All the abundance of psychological attitudes in man’s consciousness constitutes a certain contingent prism, through which man perceives the entire ongoing reality.

    80. And as almost all psychological attitudes formed by man today can be qualified as abnormal, then man not just doesn’t see what actually takes place in reality, but he sees all this in a dangerous for his life spectrum,

    81. At the same time, showing also his great attachment to such a contingent prism with abnormal characteristic peculiarities, trying to cherish it and affirm it among his soulmates.

    82. In order to express the term “attachment” in a more concrete way, it is enough to mention the term “interest”, when one man or another displays egoistic interest that a certain circumstance of the ongoing reality had exactly the meaning and looked exactly the way as it wishes that man’s own egoism, manifested in a definite form.

    83. The form of manifestation of egoism depends on the atmosphere of education of man and the level of development of his consciousness.

    84. Which in turn served as a reason for the formation in a peculiarly built system of the living arrangement of the whole human society several social levels of manifestation of the characteristic features of the different forms of egoism.

    85. The display of all these forms of egoism can be qualified briefly: from rougher to more sophisticated ones.

    86. Where regardless of the subtleness and roughness of manifestation of all forms of egoism, their basic value is one and the same.

    87. Egoism develops in all representatives of the human society essentially in the same way and only on the outside manifests itself diversely through the corresponding psychological attitudes.

    88. And as initially the development of the entire human society was directed to the incessant striving to please one’s own egoistic desires, which was individually shown in the life efforts of each representative of the young mankind and which is continuing nowadays, the formation of all psychological attitudes has been taking place exclusively to please the abnormal manifestations of one’s own egoism.

    89. Where on such infected foundation almost all of the moral and ethical norms were formed and successfully established in the life of human society, but acquired in their core disease-causing peculiarities, except for the extremely few of them that really comply with the Truth.

    90. And if the formation of all the psychological attitudes, abundantly filling the whole human consciousness, proceeded primarily in order to preserve and support the violent abnormally growing egoism, then the interest to further preserve such attitudes would, naturally, particularly displayed.

    91. The formation of great abundance of such outwardly diversified contingent attitudes particularly emphasized the psychological isolation of not just great and small nations among themselves, not just isolation of big and small groups of people according to different social level within a certain nation, but also the very dangerous isolation of the children of God among themselves in general,

    92. Even if these children of God consider, that they zealously follow the true path.

    93. The formed psychological attitudes, being far from compatible with the Truth, make you separate from the surrounding brethren.

    94. I verily tell you, that any attempt to isolate from your brethren, whatever they practice in their lives, is a manifestation of spiritual ignorance.

    95. In order to better understand the real value of the motive for isolation, a simple comparison can be made.

    96. Usually in the society of your brethren on the basis of the naturally displayed egoistic peculiarities, intended to preserve you, you try to separate from those, who bear a direct threat to your life, and from those, who carry an infectious disease, and from those, who can contaminate you not just morally, but also physically, if you particularly cherish your outward cleanliness.

    97. Under normal conditions one never tries to isolate from those, who is able to protect, heal, enrich, purify and grant to you other benefits, which you need.

    98. That is, the desire for isolation implies, first of all, that in relation to your soulmate you are more normal, healthier, nobler and cleaner.

    99. And if, from the logical side according to the characteristics of your condition, this really can be, then the presence of desire and striving to any psychological isolation will always be a sign of a dangerous spiritual deviation from the Truth.

    100. And if the existence of abnormal conditional attitudes characteristically emphasizes and affirms the psychological isolation of God’s children among themselves, the presence in this case of specific egoistic interest in preserving this kind of abnormal psychological conditionalities makes the probability of uniting God’s children in One Common Family on Mother-Earth impossible.

    101. Which would be worthy and really reasonable step, vitally important for the normal true development of mankind.

    102. But the great multitude of abnormal psychological attitudes confidently continues to affirm itself in the life of all representatives of the human race.

    103. The children of the Great God still have never known their true face, which should be affirmed by righteous labour in life.

    104. The egoism, to which man has provided all the favourable conditions for unbridled development, by natural, inherent to it laws, is always striving to self-affirmation, and therefore, to show its more or less significant face.

    105. For this reason for man the individual formation of a definite number of specific psychological attitudes, through which in fact tries to show itself his own egoism, is similar to the mystery of allegedly true formation of personality, which is displayed by a particular interest to preserve all these attitudes.

    106. Therefore, any attack on such conditional attachments will be naturally considered an attack on the allegedly true entity of man and will be expressed through indignation and dislike for the source of such danger.

    107. Now it should be completely clarified, that it is exactly the slavish following the peculiar – often comparable to insanity – interest to preserve or approve some abnormal conditional attitude throughout the entire history of the human race to the present day, which as a rule became the beginning of the shedding of blood and tears, of great sorrows and misfortunes, abundantly irrigating Mother-Earth with God’s children’s sufferings.

    108. And by such unconceivable misfortune has been coloured every day of the whole still brief multi-millennial history of the beginning of the formation of the unique in the Universe human society.

    109. But once, when favourable conditions for this should be created, out of this quagmire of constant generating of ever-new misfortunes it was predetermined to pull first of all those, who would agree to carry out the great complicated work for the Salvation of themselves and the whole mankind.

    110. Some thinkers and worthy toilers succeeded to mature to the correct definition of the main pernicious disease, from which man’s life is constantly cracking and crumbling.

    111. Only it is impossible for man to accurately comprehend the nature of the disease and moreover to find a real healing remedy for it.

    112. The naturally established regularities, concerning man’s true entity, do not enable this, but nevertheless certain efforts in this respect have been made without the participation of God’s Word.

    113. Which in one system of religious-philosophical teachings has occasionally led just to replacement of certain egoistic conditional attitudes with others, similar to them.

    114. Where if in the process of replacement of some psychological conditionalities with others, certain egoistic sprouts were still truncated, then due to the fact that the newly introduced conditional attitudes were also far from the Truth, they inevitably facilitated the emerging of new egoistic sprouts instead of the truncated ones.

    115. As a rule, in such processes a multiplying of the egoistic sprouts takes place more frequently than cutting off.

    116. In another system of religious-philosophical teachings the efforts to fight the egoistic disease had somewhat greater success.

    117. In them was most widely displayed the attempt to make specific efforts to break with all the attachments, that a man can have to all earthly matters, and therefore, to destroy all the psychological attitudes, existing in the consciousness in this regard.

    118. This characteristically manifested road, though capable of leading to some victories over the egoism, after all inevitably makes the one who follows this road unviable.

    119. For, instead of learning how to live as it is predetermined only to man, he – being ignorant exactly of the real God’s Truth about his entity – tries through a peculiar worldview and definite exercises to step out of life, getting himself closer to a condition of just existence.

    120. And moving away from achieving the true skill to manage all the wealth he is endowed with, man increasingly tends to become unable to form his society in full accordance with the manifested Truth of the Great God for the benefit of the human race, as a great Uniform Family of His children,

    121. Who are called, getting more and more perfect, covering the Eternity, to realize the spiritual mission predestined for mankind for the benefit of the Universe.

  • Chapter 7

    And now the time has come! And, as much as it was possible, I gathered those who responded to the fulfilment of what’s predetermined for the Salvation of the human race.

    2. Only to agree to fulfill and to begin the worthy fulfilment is not one and the same.

    3. Who really – from the ones who believed in the Truth of my Being, as the live Word of the Great God – will fully commit to passing the borders of fiery christening, without releasing my hand?

    4. In order to be revived to true life by purifying fire.

    5. In order to, having decided to fully manifest the Sacred Faith in complete confidence, finally rise from the dead to all-flourishing eternal life.

    6. For it is only the uniform live Word of God that is able to bring you forth through the Road of Truth.

    7. Where should not just completely burn the pernicious impurities inside you,

    8. But you should also show the true face of yours.

    9. By which you should be recognized by the Universe.

    10. Just get ready now to truly cultivate a lot of will and patience.

    11. The Road, which are now going to walk the ones who are eager to finally get out of the common stream of the realm of power, is like some path, on which will occasionally, individually for everyone, flash a definite fiery segment with an unknown for the passenger length.

    12. It will not be seen in advance by the one, who is walking, and he will suddenly observe it only when enters its burning breath.

    13. And precisely from this instant it is necessary to begin making decisive true vitally important efforts.

    14. Such an educational-cultivating mystery takes place also in naturally occurring conditions in the life activity of each man, creating for him natural conditions for semi-active modification.

    15. But for those striving to follow the Word of God, the emerging of such fateful borders will proceed with a peculiar character and rhythm, manifesting itself in direct dependence of the favourable for your active rebirth energo-informational medium, created by my efforts.

    16. And if in usual conditions, being in deep ignorance of the Truth, man, as a rule, does not respond correctly to such naturally occurring burning circumstances, this significantly extends in time the probability of the onset of the normal transformation of his inner world.

    17. For sometimes for the independent acquiring of even a small positive wisdom man needs to use the life of the whole incarnation.

    18. And for you, due to the efforts of the Great Heavenly Father, have been created the most favourable conditions for applying in the decisive moment the necessary vitally important efforts in full compliance with the laws of Truth,

    19. Which I will abundantly form for your true Becoming as direct clues in regard with all key newly emerging vitally important difficulties.

    20. At the same time, you should forever realize one particularly important circumstance, locked in the fact, that only the immediate beginning and development inside you of burning sensual experiences from the contact with any ongoing reality, creates the single favourable opportunity for real active modification of the qualities of your spiritual world either in the true direction, or in the opposite one.

    21. The victorious, corresponding to the Truth action should necessarily be accomplished, until is proceeding the event, which arises negative experiences with the need to perform accordingly an effort in response.

    22. Exactly in these crucial minutes, when inside you is increasingly excited the natural need to make an inherent to you effort , which, as a rule, will be dictated by the features of the unrestrained egoism, it is extremely necessary to come to your senses as soon as possible, trying to recall in your consciousness the blessed minutes of your merging with me with a hearted appeal to me.

    23. Which is designed, in the first place, to protect you from the rapidly increasing blinding by the actively progressing negative emotions.

    24. And this will already be a great victory for you, even if you cannot later correctly further determine the necessary practical efforts.

    25. This is the single first step, solely from which one can move towards the achievement of a full victory over the display of any inner weakness.

    26. The first step, which few of the today’s believers happened to be able to make in a worthy way.

    27. The rest of the majority reacted quite superficially to my clues and, breaking themselves together on the quivering basis of their self-confidence, easily become unable to normally control their emotional egoistic manifestations.

    28. When you begin to hold under due control the development of negative experiences in full confidence in the Leader, you should make every effort to possibly most decently and accurately carry out what’s necessary, in full compliance with the Teaching, which I am already forming and will continue permanently to do this, regarding various vitally important for you circumstances.

    29. You should remember, that as soon as you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself into the next conditionally pronounced fiery segment, a vitally important decisive task for you should also become the attempt not to consider the pain of the singed egoism of higher significance than your Sacred faith.

    30. Otherwise you will allow the pain to blind you, after which, losing the control over your emotional display, you will obediently perform the effort, dictated to you by the consciousness being under the complete impact of your affected egoism.

    31. Which will be displayed by unworthy for the believer manifestations either only in the thoughts, or in thoughts and words, or also through rude physical efforts with the natural consequently inevitable related physiological deviation in the direction of self-destruction.

    32. Remember that if, having fallen into the fiery purifying segment of singed egoism, you put the pain of the singed egoism in significance above you Sacred Faith, then you will necessarily cease movement into the required direction.

    33. Your movement will turn into a state of chaotic jumping from side to side in search of quick relief of the painful experiences.

    34. And then the fallen weak believers will try to reach such relief through the naturally inherent to egoism step of active condemnation of the source, having allegedly created an insurmountable obstacle, diligently emphasizing in all possible ways the allegedly present in it negative qualities.

    35. And this will mean, that the common stream of the realm of power is still succeeding to hold such fallen person in the direction of its movement.

    36. As a result once again you lose for an indefinite time the opportunity to actually modify yourself qualitatively in the necessary true direction, concerning a definite concrete side of your inner world.

    37. That is why, having fallen again in the segment of the crucial fateful fiery border, you have to not just necessarily preserve positive control over your inner impulses and efforts, which should be always facilitated by holding in the consciousness the minutes of your blessed merging with the Teacher as an unshakable basement, but also to necessarily really, practically make every effort in the direction, accurately marked by guidelines of the Teacher himself.

    38. When a certain part of your body contacts the fire, then, sensing the burning, you abruptly pull this part out of the fire.

    39. This is reasonable and necessary, for the painful signal has warned about a violation of the established by Nature norm in the life of the cells of your body.

    40. But if this concerns the pain from the singed egoism, then you should by no means try to get rid of the scorching breath.

    41. For if such fire has touched you, then in any case you won’t be already able to get rid of the painful experiences quickly,

    42. Moreover during the time, when the very circumstance, creating the burning breath is still proceeding.

    43. And therefore in this case decisive for your fate circumstance will be the character of the efforts, which you will make under the influence of the painful experience.

    44. And if you are primarily obsessed by the egoistic idea how to faster and more conveniently get out of the scorching environment, then you will necessarily begin to notice in the first place only the related landmarks, which are inherent to the features of the common stream of the realm of power.

    45. Be at such decisive moments extremely vigilant and attentive!

    46. For precisely at these moments begins the resolution of the true prosperity of your life manifestation in general.

    47. If the abnormally overgrown sprouts of egoism began to burn, then the more they will burn, the less will be left from what is necessary to burn out completely, in order to give way to the cultivation of truly blessed fruits.

    48. The believer – having affirmed himself also by this perception of such a natural regularity, which will additionally help to protect from the egoistic reaction aimed at just relieving the painful sensitive experience – should necessarily begin with all his carefulness and patience to discover the landmarks of the Truth and to worthily fulfil the laws, determined for the true overcoming of the given fiery experience.

    49. The true life effort, intended to actually and actively modify qualitatively the inner world of man in the necessary righteous direction, should be expressed by the attempt to correctly pass through the mystery of the fiery purification, and not in striving by all means to avoid it or get rid of it with the false understanding that in this way will be allegedly saved the true personal basis, without which will be supposedly impossible to live.

    50. Such a righteous, required from the believers effort will always very quickly give a blessed fruit,

    51. In the benefit of which you do not need to be convinced, for, having lived the necessary life until these days, you will be easily able to independently determine the true value of this fruit.

    52. Which so far just some of you could already eloquently see, deciding decently to do a move in accordance with the Truth, which I give to you.

    53. But remember, that the victorious righteous step, actively transforming your sensitive world, multiplying spirituality, is really possible, exclusively when the fiery border is still continuing to directly scorch you.

    54. If you undertake steps incompatible with the Truth for solving the emerging life task and it has solved by itself through its natural transformation into another life circumstance, releasing you temporarily from the next fiery experience, then in your sensitive world can be for a long time preserved a peculiar fiery trace,

    55. Which feature will consist of a negative environment, which will not allow for a long period of time to grow in this place any beneficial sprout.

    56. The painful experience of the harmed place can be significantly relieved by correct comprehension of the manifested inside you mistake, and the relief can be further reinforced by the emerging hope that in the next similar situation the right step can be made.

    57. But regardless of the fact how deeply and widely you have succeeded to comprehend the character of the mistake you have made and the true nature of the steps, necessary for the worthy resolution of a certain circumstance, such work done on the level of consciousness facilitates the creation of only auxiliary psychological conditions, conducive to the probable performing of the victorious step.

    58. To really change the quality of your inner world in the right direction by such conscious efforts is impossible.

    59. Despite the quality of the theoretically acquired correct understanding, you will as previously retain the probability of repeating exactly the same or a similar mistake.

    60. The crucial educational-instructive events always occur in full dependence on the quality of life dialogue of the bearer of versatile mind with the energetic manifestations of the surrounding reality, which are always based on the sustainable regularities of the Balance of Nature’s Harmony.

    61. The perceiving of a certain sequence of such events in the period of becoming from the level of the Norm to the level of the beginning of full-fledged activity of the versatile mind of the inanimate bearers of such reasonable peculiarities can proceed either in conditions of natural passive character, or in the conditions of semi-active ones.

    62. The conditions of natural passive character are characterized exclusively by an independent passage of such vital necessary period of the beginning its road of becoming young civilization of the versatile mind.

    63. The conditions of semi-active character are displayed by partially admissible auxiliary intervention of a more advanced civilization in the life activity of the young civilization, thereby somewhat activating artificially the auspiciousness of perceiving the educational-instructive period.

    64. And if the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind initially have in the basis of their entity everything necessary for an independent favourable becoming in the period, leading to the level of the beginning of full-fledged activity, then in the essence of the characteristic entity of man such necessary qualities are not to be found.

    65. That’s why in equal conditions of life manifestation with the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind, the civilization of the human race would be doomed to a rather early degeneration.

    66. Having created from the peculiarities of his Spirit the specific qualities of the spiritual tissue, intended to constitute the basis and the true essence of man, the Heavenly Father in this way endowed the human soul with the features of immortality, thanks to which the Great God created for each of you a real opportunity to pass the period of becoming through repeated incarnations for the most favourable sequence of cognition of the next short-term characteristic life fate,

    67. Taking into account – for the benefit of the development of each of you – the characteristic qualities of the consciousness of the newly born natural organism and the future educational environment, both of the period of development of the children and youth, and all the most probable educational-instructive lessons, inherent in the life path exactly of this newly born organism.

    68. Considering also the peculiarly blossoming egoistic features of man, the Heavenly Father allowed the ignorant of the Truth mankind to manifest in different social formations quite a lot of essentially diverse and opposite in meaning vital psychological attitudes.

    69. Thanks to which were formed the necessary conditions, used by the Great Father through the regularities of repeated reincarnations to help you gradually burn out the redundant and dangerous, with natural accumulation at the same time of the necessary experience and wisdom, in spite of the still negligent – out of ignorance – life efforts of man himself.

    70. And regardless of whether a man remembers with his new consciousness the experience from his past incarnation or not, the life manifestations in the new incarnation always undergo both certain impacts of past life experience, if there has been one, preserved in the core of the soul through a specific mystery, and also the impact of various characteristics, which obtained in itself the new natural organism from some representatives of its ancestral line.

    71. It is precisely the right combination of what is locked in the soul and what bears the newly born natural organism, that constitutes the main decisive active foundation, on which the spiritual world of a certain man is intended to form.

    72. The Heavenly Father, skillfully controlling such kind of combinations, which take place only by His Will, is wisely outplaying to the benefit of His children the various predispositions and attachments, that they display during their life.

    73. If a man has conceived and began to develop dangerous forms of false attachment, then he will be pushed at first – through diverse instructive marking life circumstances – to independently apply consciously-volitional efforts to overcome the development of destructiveness in his inner world.

    74. And if he refuses to apply independently the necessary for him life-saving efforts, then in his next incarnation he should inevitably fall under conditions, which will forcefully destroy the already established in man’s inner world dangerous form of false attachment.

    75. But even if due to the blessed efforts of the Heavenly Father, extremely wisely considering the naturally occurring sequence of real circumstance, it becomes possible to create for every man favourable conditions for passage of the cleansing borders, then through the efforts of the very man the mystery of fiery purification takes place in an extremely restrained and distorted regime.

    76. For in any case, finding himself into the segment of painful for the egoism experiences, man inevitably tries to make the so far naturally immanent to his quality move, necessarily pleasing the egoism and absolutely unfavourable for the beginning of true development.

    77. Helping you, when necessary, to fully plunge for another time into a definite characteristic living environment, the infinitely loving you Heavenly Father is teaching you by showing things.

    78. Which in the period of roughly-primitive life activity of the young mankind is the single auxiliary condition, contributing to the formation of a favourable sensationally-conscious foundation of man, for the beginning of an active vitally important modification of man’s qualities in full compliance with the requirements of the Truth.

    79. And this is possible only during that beneficial for this period, when still continuing to teach his children by showing things, the Great god will start teaching by telling things.

    80. For which according to His Will within the human race should be manifested in a living, real way the Word of God.

    81. Which will begin to directly and concretely determine all the necessary guidelines and laws, for everyone who has matured to fulfill what’s true.

    82. The long duration of the significantly prolonged period of formation of favourable sensationally-conscious basis of man fully depends on the applying of the opposite in meaning efforts of the Heavenly Father and of man, intended for the good of man himself.

    83. At the same time the Great god creates the auxiliary conditions for the possibly most favourable spiritual formation, and the actual modification of the entity of man is possible only through his own consciously-volitional efforts, and therefore, the decisive activeness and final result of the life manifestation entirely depend on the man himself.

    84. Such a significantly stretched over time period, lasting until my current Accomplishment, is characterized by conditions of semi-active inhibition, intended to facilitate not just the possible partial containment of the persistent striving of the young mankind to move further away from Harmony,

    85. But also contributing to the accumulation of man of those necessary spiritual values, based solely on which man acquires the possibility to shift to conditions of active inhibition and active completion of the formation with transition to the level of the beginning of the predetermined full-fledged activity.

    86. The passage by mankind of the peculiar period of becoming, characteristic exactly for its life activity, can proceed favourably only on the basis of certain conditions, purposefully created for this by the Great God.

    87. It was predetermined that these special conditions were manifested by two peculiarities: natural semi-active and active.

    88. The natural passive conditions of passing through the period of becoming, which is possible for the inanimate bearers of the versatile mind as a completely independent life manifestation, are absolutely impossible for the representatives of mankind.

    89. And if the period of becoming and full-fledged development of any young civilization of inanimate bearers of the versatile mind can take place either only in conditions of natural passive, or only semi-active character, or in conditions of the periodical combination of those two,

    90. Then the period of becoming, as well as the further full-fledged development of the young human race, can proceed only in conditions of a periodical combination of natural semi-active and active character.

    91. Where only in the period of the beginning of the becoming of mankind such conditions are additionally characterized by the features of inhibition.

    92. The natural conditions, forming the mystery of semi-active inhibition, are characterized mainly by the fact, that on the one side, the Great God – without directly touching the consciousness of man, but considering most wisely all the negative predispositions of his evolving essence – silently gives man a life path with most favourable for him sequence of characteristic educational and instructive lessons.

    93. Whereas, on the other hand, man himself would make – being ignorant of God’s Truth – greatest consciously-volitional efforts, in order to – as soon as possible and in the most advantageous way for his egoism – avoid and get rid of the carefully provided to him against his will salvational decisive borders of fiery purification.

    94. Without mentioning the rare individual exceptions of sufficiently correct life efforts in some isolated circumstances in the life of decent aspirants, one can say, that man, displaying his life activity under the full dependence of such condition, created by the Heavenly Father, so far always and in everything, which in fact is being created for the good of his preservation and development, applies consciously-volitional efforts of the opposite meaning.

    95. And so, the victorious result of the contact with the sequent educational and instructive life lesson fully depends on the difference of the value of the efforts of the Heavenly Father for the good of man, and the opposite efforts of the ignorant man (see Fig. 11).

    96. At the same time, each educational and instructive circumstance, foreseen by the Great God, which He provides for a man to enter, is in itself a definite auxiliary positive value, directed to the good of the development of every man, who finds himself into the given life circumstance.

    97. Which allows not only to significantly neutralize the value of the negative manifestation, to which man is mostly predisposed, but also helps him to gain auxiliary values for the beginning of the spiritual becoming in conditions of sufficient for this definite positive aspiration in the life efforts of the man himself.

    98. Where above all, such positive endeavor should imply the independent effort to restrain one’s own negative display, to which one has complete predisposition to break down.

    99. And the figuratively mentioned auxiliary positive value is characterized by life circumstance, in which the negative manifestation of man anyway will invariably play for everybody some favourable role, the benefit from which contemporary man’s consciousness cannot comprehend,

    100. In connection with the inability to possess the full necessary accurate information about this.

    101. In this case, taking into account the characteristic peculiarity of the existence of mankind during all its history till the present day in the atmosphere of the considered condition of semi-active inhibition, where the majority will still continue to stay for a certain admissible period of time, now you can already correctly understand, that all the good grains, which were acquired by man so far, were still gained not through the efforts of man himself, but due to the greatest care of the Great God, the Father of mankind, which He displays at every instant through meticulous vigilant labour for your Salvation and Becoming.

    102. Verily I say to you: not a single hair can fall from your head without the knowledge of your Father in Heaven.

  • Chapter 8

    And now the significant Time has come for all mankind, when the most mature ones should begin the transition to the atmosphere of the conditions of active inhibition and active completion of the becoming, with transition eventually to the level of beginning of full-fledged predetermined activity on the Road of Eternity.

    2. Now man should already learn to develop independently in himself true spiritual values, trying to worthily apply consciously-volitional efforts in one direction with the Will of the Great God.

    3. Precisely consciously-volitional efforts, for you cannot apply the strength of the spiritual qualities, which you are still supposed to develop over a long period of time through persistent righteous labour.

    4. And in order to make it possible to unmistakably apply consciously-volitional efforts concerning the true direction, by God’s wisdom has been created a peculiar mystery, due to which the Word of God can actually manifest itself within the human race’s environment through a live concrete image.

    5. And now I have the opportunity, blessed by my Heavenly Father, to directly and concretely at the level of your consciousness determine for your good all the necessary guidelines and laws,

    6. For the comprehension of which it is necessary that you simultaneously develop a great patience, as well as a strong will.

    7. For I will not teach you how to get out of the medium of the fiery border in the most advantageous for your egoism way, which you have always done until these days, but will teach you how to pass decently the life-saving for you fiery purification.

    8. I will teach do something, which you have never done for all the history of your existence (see Fig. 12).

    9. The mentioned mystery of the fiery border is in fact a most serious, deciding considerably the living fate experience,

    10. The true value of which is vitally important to properly understand.

    11. Only through the correct passage of the educational and instructive fiery border it is possible to acquire true spiritual values.

    12. Now I wish once again to touch upon one decisive circumstance while passing the fiery border, on which you should pay special attention.

    13. The opportunity to face actually the living manifestation of God’s Word inevitably presupposes the probable need of conscious comprehension of some vitally important information,

    14. Through which will be necessarily determined the need to fulfill concrete deeds, intended to bring a man out from the difficult for normal life activity, complicated, bearing great sufferings circumstances, created by the hands of man himself,

    15. And not just words of relief that you are beloved and everything with you will be all right.

    16. Only the small children and the spiritually immature ones need such comfort.

    17. The spiritually mature ones need to be called to action.

    18. Therefore, the opportunity to contact consciously with Heavenly Father’s Word becomes favourable only when the quality of the inner world of man has already the necessary foundation, using which properly you become capable of doing steps in full accordance with the Truth.

    19. The entering into the fiery borders is marked mainly by a quickly increasing painful experience from the affected by the contingent fire definite attachment to an egoistic psychological attitude.

    20. The quality of a man, who has a weak spirituality, and so, naturally, with pronounced strong egoistic attachments when falling into the fiery purification’s borders, forces the man himself, who began to almost instantly experience the emerging vivid painful sensations, to fall quickly under the full control of particularly excited definite sides of egoism.

    21. In this case it can be said, that the consciousness of man is almost instantly blinded by the pain of the scorched egoism, after which in it inevitably proceed thinking processes exclusively pleasing the scorched sides of that egoism.

    22. At that man maintains a supposedly clear understanding, that he continues to think allegedly soberly, but in fact he completely loses the ability to consciously determine a worthy solution.

    23. And even if in this crucial moment such a blinded man is given from aside the necessary true clues, he will not be just unable to comprehend them correctly, but it will be extremely difficult for him to make even the slightest effort in the right direction.

    24. This means that a man with such qualities of the inner world should not be persuasively given the responsibility for fulfillment of the Truth.

    25. For even if in a calm sensual state he consciously positively perceives definite concrete laws of the Truth, which will already instantly place the corresponding responsibility for fulfilling these laws, then in the very moment when the hour for fulfillment strikes, and this is always the time of falling into the fiery boundaries, the consciousness of this man will immediately be blinded by the pain of the newly burnt egoism.

    26. And regardless of the previous willingness to accomplish what’s true, he will slavishly and obediently follow the instructions of the especially excited sides of egoism.

    27. Precisely such a quality of the inner world was inherent exclusively to every man in the initial period of becoming of the young human society throughout Mother-Earth.

    28. And to this day, due to the manifested Glory of the Great God, the quality of the inner world of man has changed for the better, but anyway the spiritual world of the majority living on Earth continues to bear signs of the young immaturity and lack of experience in the good endeavors

    29. And that means, of the inability to proceed to decent accomplishment of what’s predetermined in full compliance with the Truth.

    30. But this is absolutely not a final tragedy, though the time of the main Hour has come, which will decide the fate of the entire human race.

    31. For even if the majority is not able to make a direct effort in the decent fulfillment of the true, and will continue its life activity in conditions of semi-active inhibition, anyway on Mother-Earth has already appeared a sufficient number of mature people.

    32. Only they are not mature to the extent that the worthy fulfillment of the predestined could be immediately guaranteed.

    33. Such a maturation is characterized by the fact, that a man has gained a very little, but still a predisposition to the acquirement of full capabilities for the beginning of the worthy fulfillment of the laws of Truth, if he truly takes advantage of the accumulated yet little, but sufficient for this auxiliary values.

    34. Which is intended to allow this small number of mature ones to begin to actively multiply inside themselves the true spiritual values in the accomplishment of the vitally important righteous work for the Salvation of all their brethren in the entire human society.

    35. After which the Road of Eternity will be finally opened for all mankind.

    36. When living in the conditions of semi-active inhibition the accumulation of the necessary auxiliary values, gradually strengthening the spiritual basis, increasingly creates favourable life-saving conditions in your inner sensational world.

    37. Due to which you become capable of bearing a little easier the painful experiences from the disturbed egoistic attachment.

    38. But the most important, life-saving is the fact, that precisely due to these conditions the intensity of the progressive, blinding you emotional experience is more and more significantly fading.

    39. Besides you become not just able to more easily endure the culmination of the egoistic experience, but the onset of the dangerous line of blinding of your consciousness by this experience is also a little delayed,

    40. Which forms a definite life-saving for you auxiliary interval in the peculiarities of your psyche,

    41. Using which in the right way through definite mysteries of the Sacred Faith you will not just prevent the blinding of your consciousness, but will also obtain a real opportunity to make the first initial efforts in full compliance with the requirement of the Truth (see Fig. 13).


    42. At that you have to understand correctly, that the quality of such conditional vitally important auxiliary interval is fully dependent on whether you make worthy efforts in fulfilling God’s Will or continue your life manifestations in the natural conditions of semi-active inhibition.

    43. If at the moment of a new incarnation, thanks to the already accumulated necessary spiritual values, you obtain the definite good qualities of the mentioned conditional interval, then until you do not begin to make righteous efforts with constant persistence and diligence, you are always gradually losing these good qualities.

    44. And then at your entering in the next fiery border every time you have less and less of the auxiliary basis, which you need to use for applying true efforts, called to protect you from getting blind.

    45. The complete loss of the qualities of such an auxiliary interval will mean the full loss of real possibilities in the current incarnation to pass properly the mystery of the active modification in full compliance with the requirements of the Truth.

    46. For in such circumstances, even if you continue to sufficiently correctly realize the truth of the efforts, which need to be made, when the hour of fulfillment of the necessary has struck you will be unable to do it.

    47. Since, when you fall into the scorching breath of the fiery border, when exactly a true effort is needed to be made, you will be almost instantly blinded.

    48. After which you will already obediently make the first steps as unworthy manifestations,

    49. Which will right away inevitably lead to new spiritual losses.

    50. So, from now on, become extremely vigilant and attentive all of you who are called up and responded with your heart to my Call.

    51. From now on, you should learn in full measure to make efforts unthinkable for all of you so far,

    52. Which at first will be displayed for you by a complicated sequence of great challenges with the passage of the special for you vitally important mysteries of fiery purification.

    53. All of you, who accept me in their hearts and are ready to decently fulfill the Word of my Heavenly Father, from now on, are called up to cognize in full measure the fiery christening for the complete abandoning of their sins.

    54. The forthcoming before the believers in the Truth of my Accomplishment sequence of fiery borders as a whole constitutes the essence of the Door in the Kingdom of the Truth of the Living God, the Great Heavenly Father of the human race.

    55. And although this Door is able to let through itself all the mankind, verily I tell you: for the most of you it will seem extremely narrow.

    56. But let your step do not falter, and the worthy effort not be lost!

    57. In antiquity, during my First Accomplishment, I turned to some of you, saying: “If anyone wants to follow after me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me”.

    58. And time has come for the devotees to cognize from now on the true fullness of what was once said.

    59. What is to deny yourself, how not to reject completely what you’ve always falsely considered to be your true face.

    60. During all the history of your existence each man falsely presupposes the formation into himself of a peculiar complex of ego-psychological attitudes as allegedly true formation of his real personality,

    61. Manifesting at the same time his life activity in zealous devotional service to such conditional attitudes,

    62. Having failed to worthily comprehend that in this manner he has accurately through his own hands chained himself tightly as a slave to the galleass of the king of the darkness.

    63. Having formed in the essence of his inner world a mighty egoistic stronghold as a certain allegedly true foundation of personality, in the end, depending precisely on the manifestation of the regularities of egoism, man should inevitably put a ban on the invasion in his inner world to all his brethren,

    64. Which has been intended to thoroughly protect his sensational world from probable, allegedly necessarily unfriendly efforts from outside.

    65. Access to the inner world of such man have an extremely limited number of brethren, falling into the category of a friend.

    66. But even in this case the access is in a way limited and is based only on the degree of confidence, that the one who comes into contact will necessarily respect and preserve what he is trusted to touch upon.

    67. Where, violating such primitive conditions, a friend can easily become a non-friend.

    68. Even if the efforts, violating these conditions, were actually bringing only life-saving benefit to the one, who passionately values these conditions.

    69. Under such circumstances every effort of your soulmate, threatening the existence of even one single ego-psychological attitude, is taken as an attempt on the basis of the allegedly true prosperity, in which existence there is a particular egoistic interest.

    70. And if at the threat of the existence of even one single ego-psychological attitude a friend, as a rule, becomes always a dangerous non-friend, then I verily tell you: my life manifestation in flesh is threatening immediately all abnormal egoistic psychological attitudes, on the basis of the great number of which proceed so far almost all your life manifestations.

    71. Therefore the believers in the Truth of my Accomplishment should necessarily fully determine the chosen life road.

    72. So that on the Road of Truth would remain just the ones, who are truly mature for the worthy fulfillment of what’s Predestined.

    73. For it is impossible to comprehend the Road of Truth, infinitely indulging oneself only in empty sophistication and fantasies about something illusory-beautiful.

    74. The Road of Truth, especially in the age of the present, deciding the fate of the human race Accomplishment, is above all titanic righteous toil for victory over oneself.

    75. Which in the course of all your existence remained beyond your strengths, regardless of the loud names and titles that have burdened you.

    76. In Truth I tell you, that you are even unable to imagine the whole difficulty, waiting for you on the Road of the Truth during this time period of your becoming.

    77. And so, it would be greatest mistake to tempt you in order to artificially accelerate your arrival to the full-fledged comprehension of the Road of Truth.

    78. For this reason I can only suggest to you to satisfy your life thirst with my life-giving Moisture.

    79. And only the one, who has matured to the beginning of comprehension of that Blessing, would be able to feel inside a tender need to it.

    80. But let him not miss this moment, betraying what’s God-given inside for the sake of false values.

    81. Those who are eager to devote their life to dedicated service to the Truth of the worthy fulfillment of the Word of God from now on need to display a great willingness to apply all the necessary fullness of conscious and volitional efforts, as to reject from themselves all the false conventions, to which I will contrapose the true understanding.

    82. Which in fact I should do almost against everything, that you created inside yourselves in the form of all sorts of false ego-psychological attitudes until my current active contact with your life.

    83. This is precisely what is intended invariably and finally to lead the ones, who perceive decently my Word to spiritual birth for eternal life.

    84. But this decent comprehension is possible only exclusively on the basis of the display of the true fullness of your Sacred Faith to my Word, to which Call your heart has once tenderly responded.

    85. Remember, that when I contrapose any of your psychological conventions to the Truth, everyone who values his more than mine will not recognize me and will be unable to follow after me.

    86. When you – with all your entity, through great efforts of righteous labour – completely acquire what’s mine, determined by my present Accomplishment, this will mean that the victorious moment has come, when the place, which has been occupied so far by the contingent prism of egoism, will be taken on merit by the crystal of spirit forever.

    87. Instead of the prism of egoism, forcing man to perceive all the surrounding reality in a dangerously distorted sense for the true development of man himself, the crystal of spirit will be established forever, intended to make possible the perceiving of all the ongoing reality in the way, that should perceive it all children of the Great God on the road of accomplishing the predetermined mission in the Universe.

    88. The coming of the significant victorious moment will determine the achieving of the called-up part of mankind of the level of beginning of normal life activity, predestined to the entire human race.

    89. And then the long period of becoming, characterized by wild incessant shedding of blood and tears of the great multitude of wandering children of God, will finally come to an end.

    90. The quality of consciousness and the sensitive world of all who have reached such a significant vital necessary level of the beginning of full-fledged life activity will reach full compliance with all the requirements of the predetermined Norm in this respect.

    91. Whereas the manifestation of the qualities of the consciously-sensational foundation of man can be divided into three characteristic levels.

    92. Level of the normal qualitative manifestation, which characteristic peculiarity is the circumstance, when the presence of just one conscious understanding of the necessity to perform a definite concrete true effort already creates in man’s essence a sustainable positive life activeness for accomplishing the necessary good deed.

    93. That is, the driver of such activeness is the desire to perform only true efforts.

    94. The two other levels constitute the essence of the period of becoming in the life activity of man and are basically equally characterized by the fact, that as a driving force for the manifestation of life activeness serves, in the first place, the understanding of the inevitable punishment for having derogated from performing of the true effort.

    95. It means that the driver of such kind of activeness is mainly the unwillingness to face negative consequences.

    96. Each of these two levels can be respectively conditionally defined as low primitive level and admissible level, which is transitive to the true characteristics of the level of the normal qualitative manifestation.

    97. The primitive level of the quality of consciousness and the sensational world, to which now correspond the essence of life activity of almost all the representatives of human society on Mother-Earth, manifests itself by a characteristic feature of the emergence of unstable short-term life activeness in fulfillment of the necessary beneficence.

    98. Besides the short-term feature completely depends on the existence of an obvious real probability of executing a certain punishing force against the one, who in the given conditions is continuously inclined to avoid the fulfillment of definite good rules, commandments or laws depending on the presence of primitive selfish interest in this.

    99. The admissible level of manifestation of the quality of man’s essence is characterized by a duration of the action of the emerging life activeness in fulfilling the righteous efforts, which depends not on the probability of a near predetermined definite forceful punishment for a certain concrete violation, but on the depth of the realization that the unfulfillment of what’s true, once will inevitably bring certain unpleasant difficulties and even tragic consequences.

  • Chapter 9

    By the time of the beginning of the active purification, designed to actually and finally bring you out of the general stream of manifestation of the realm of power through the active transition to the stream of eternal manifestation of the peculiarities of the kingdom of the Soul, you have gathered together for collective comprehension of the Road of the Truth with specific diversity of unique qualities of your inner world.

    2. In the common environment, created by my Word and Spirit, a definite combination of your characteristic individual peculiarities will create vitally important conditions for the most favourable comprehension of the mysteries of the fiery borders exclusively for each of you.

    3. Which should necessarily be properly understood by each of you, in order to succeed in time worthily make use of such temporarily emerging auxiliary conditions,

    4. Some of which can arise in your life extremely rarely, though they are able to modify positively your inner world very actively and quite significantly.

    5. And sometimes, having responded unworthily to a certain rare key life experience of this kind, you can lose the opportunity for the necessary precisely for you comprehension of what’s true till the end of the life of your current incarnation.

    6. This is intended to emphasize once again the utmost vigilance, which the believers should show from now on towards everything, which will abundantly and diversely manifest itself in contact with each of you.

    7. All these life manifestations, decisive for your fate, will proceed in quality and intensity in full dependence on what I will create for the benefit of you and the whole human race.

    8. And now I am waiting from you a worthy aspiration to show the real value of the Sacred Faith in my Accomplishment, which is being done today by the Will of your Heavenly Father to your Salvation.

    9. For in Truth I tell you: to fulfill what’s predestined you’ll be able only manifesting worthily the Sacred Faith.

    10. Your diversity, by the Will of the Great God brought to an attempt for perceiving what’s predestined in a common aspiration, can be conditionally divided into two categories:

    11. Those, who is more capable and is called-up to display an example of worthy efforts,

    12. And those, who are still more capable of bringing educational challenges to their soulmates through efforts, contrary to the Truth.

    13. But the representatives of both categories are able to perform efforts of both qualities.

    14. Where, against the background of the fact, that regarding most of the performed efforts all the believers are still able to mainly create challenges in the form of unworthy for the believer actions, depending on the degree of accumulated spiritual strength some are still able to do a lot of worthy deeds, others can do this on very rare occasions.

    15. In the course of the true becoming the amount of challenges in the form of unworthy actions of the believers will be displayed less and less.

    16. And over time, such circumstance will be characterized by the fact, that on the one side, within all the undertaken efforts the believers will become more capable of creating increasingly what corresponds to the Truth, and on the other hand – they will still continue for some time to do what does not comply with the Truth.

    17. But this negative predominance of unworthy efforts with the progressive attempts of the aspirants will inevitably melt.

    18. Remember, that your combination of various quality of the inner world, when getting into diverse life circumstances, is always intended to create for each of you the most favourable conditions for true deliverance from the unnecessary weakness, acquirement of true spiritual values and the necessary wisdom.

    19. At that, the main thing is, in various life circumstances of your relations with each other, the extreme necessity both of the true understanding of your lower capabilities than the capabilities of your soulmate, and so, the increased predisposition inside you to create, above all, only challenges for your soulmates,

    20. And also the worthy assessment of the increased responsibility, obligating the believer to make a true effort in educationally-instructive circumstances, created by your soulmate, when he has failed to cope with the weakness, displayed inside him.

    21. The manifestation of humility in your continuous proper recognition of exactly your probable lower capabilities in relation to certain capabilities of your soulmate, is always intended to create favourable conditions for the true development of the inner world.

    22. This is one of the fundamental rules, which, in the first place, should be decently comprehended by each believer in my Accomplishment.

    23. The real step, leading to the active modification of the inner world, depends on the worthy assessment of the increased responsibility at a certain moment for the necessary obligation to make a step in full compliance with the Truth,

    24. Where this righteous step someone from you, as a rule, should be the first one to do.

    25. The increased responsibility on you in this case is determined by the responsibility for the fate of all those who are less capable of doing the necessary true effort, directly involved together with you in one or another manifested educational and instructive circumstance.

    26. If the more capable person does not undertake the worthy effort, and therefore, inevitably begins to show weakness, then he inevitably increases the already existing temptation for the less capable, tempting them even more not to do the vitally important life-saving effort.

    27. The spiritual qualities of your inner worlds are unrepeatably diverse.

    28. And for this reason, getting together in any circumstances, you will always combine in any respect according to the qualities of the more and less capable.

    29. But in order that you do not deal with the dangerous for your true development attempt to determine your own merits in relation to the merits of your soulmate, remember a simple, decisive for your life, supportive reference point:

    30. As only in various circumstances, concerning your relations with your soulmates, you have consciously determined the incorrectness of the efforts, which the soulmate or soulmates continue to undertake, this means, that from this moment you begin to carry increased responsibility for the fate of these soulmates

    31. And you become obliged to do righteous work for the true resolution of the circumstance that has emerged, no matter whether someone from your soulmates has ever done such a move or not, and whether he will do this afterwards or not.

    32. All the keys for the active vitally important modification of all basic qualities of the inner world of each of you, are to be found in every point of interaction of your life interests.

    33. Never forget in the interaction with each other both at the level of thinking, as well as in other conditions, that to become spiritually stronger in any respect is possible, only through the true resolution of the challenge, granted to you by the soulmate,

    34. Who out of ignorance will grant on the wave of his weakness and incapability exclusively the most necessary challenge both for himself, and for all those, who are involved directly in that life-saving, educational and instructive circumstance.

    35. Everyone worthily aspired to perceive the Sacred Faith in the Heavenly Father should properly understand, that the one who creates the challenge for his soulmates, based on the manifestation of his weakness, at that moment becomes a source of manifestation of the auxiliary regularities of the Harmony of the material World, which are preliminary considered and admitted by the Great God for the good of those, who are being challenged, and those, who challenge.

    36. Those, who crave for dedicated fulfillment of my Word, necessarily should first to learn to properly understand the challenge, created for you by your soulmate, also in respect that precisely the abnormal qualities of your inner world, that you display, are the ones who above all begin – invisibly for you at a certain energo-informational level – to require the corresponding arising of definite educational and instructive circumstances.

    37. For this reason, all those, who dedicate their lives to devotional service to the Truth, should gratefully accept everything, which is being done every day for your benefit, without hastily imposing on all this abnormal, pleasing to your egoism condemning assessments.

    38. If there are those, who are able to create challenges for you, this means, that you need them.

    39. As long as you need the necessary challenges, there will be those, who should create them for you.

    40. Verily I tell you: extremely unreasonable is each of you, who, craving for entering the Kingdom of the Soul, makes efforts to distance himself from those, who is able to bring to you challenging difficulties.

    41. This is possible only when it is completely consistent with the Word of the Truth, which I will be showing a lot through concrete, really displayed circumstances of your life.

    42. For if on the way you will resolve the challenge granted by the inanimate Nature depends mainly just your life, then according to the way you will pass through the challenge, granted by your soulmate, undertaking a certain effort concerning him, will be decided not just your fate, but also the fate of your soulmate.

    43. That is why the life efforts of the believer should by always applied in possibly full compliance with definite requirements of the Truth.

    44. This is intended to create the necessary favourable conditions, in which the stronger one, becoming progressively stronger, will naturally provide true help to the weaker one.

    45. And if the weaker rejects what has been provided for his good, then for the further painful consequences from his steps he will already bear the responsibility independently.

    46. The building of true relations among the children of God, whose interlacing among themselves will always consist of comparatively more capable and less capable, should be based mainly on the obligatory righteous efforts of the more capable, which is designed to serve as an example for the lagging behind,

    47. But not on the base of fighting the weaknesses of the soulmates, for in such fight is being manifested only the overall common weakness.

    48. Be careful in your attempt to perform righteous effort with every step of yours!

    49. But, having aspired to worthily comprehend the art of true relations among the children of God, do not forget, that a particular complexity of your understanding of the life manifestations of all your soulmates is also the unrepeatable variety of your sensational peculiarities, allowing all children of God to perceive the surrounding reality in a unique way, peculiarly,

    50. And the still existing so far abundance of chaotic diversity of all sorts of psychological attitudes concerning identical life circumstances.

    51. What precisely contributes to the emerging of abundance of abnormal distortions in the sensually-conscious foundation of man and forms an unsurmountable barrier for his independent abilities, which prevents the individual representatives of mankind, as well as the separated groups and all the isolated among themselves nations from uniform efforts in one uniform direction of the uniform predestined for the whole human race Road of the Truth.

    52. In the scriptures an auxiliary image has been preserved, saying that the mighty human society, obtaining unexpectedly multilingual characteristics, found itself unable to complete its uniform intention to build a Babylon tower, in which should be expressed the mightiness of the uniform efforts of this society.

    53. Those who have eyes and ears should heed that, only the eyes and ears that all had, were left closed and did not heed that wisdom.

    54. Man’s independent formation of an abundance of varied false psychological attitudes, considered allegedly true, has made the still wandering children of God not just multilingual in the broadest sense, but also particularly interested in their multilingualism.

    55. Which represents for mankind’s own capabilities a specific danger and insolubility of the life task, designed to allow all children of the Great God to finally unite in a Uniform Family of the striving to apply uniform in their root life efforts.

    56. For precisely just through this should be manifested the real mightiness and true value of the human race, having appeared by the Will of the Heavenly Father in the World of matter, in order to translate forever the Sacred Intent of the Great God, called-up to transform the Universe, filling the Cosmos with the fragrance of the Holy Spirit.

    57. The presence of all sorts of abnormal psychological attitudes, some of which have the very opposite concepts of the same phenomena of reality, creates a definite complexity in your relationship with each other.

    58. For significantly prevents each of you from seeing one and the same life circumstance favourably closely in the understanding of each other.

    59. From what it becomes extremely difficult to come to one common understanding even in relation to simple elements of the life phenomena.

    60. The vivid manifestations of abnormal forms of egoism in the sensational world of man will always strive in controversial circumstances with the soulmates to preserve one’s own psychological attitude as the most valuable,

    61. Displaying at that a powerful sensual rejection of the different perception, regardless of the degree of its trueness,

    62. What precisely creates the peculiar blindness and deafness in those who have eyes and ears.

    63. To extinguish such a sensual rejection can only the emerging definite degree of interest in a certain reasonable consideration of another, probably more true understanding.

    64. Where this interest of the perceiving and necessary comprehension of the values of any new psychological attitudes occurs with the maturing of the inner world of man.

    65. From what in the sensually-conscious foundation of man arises a predisposition to finding a definite personality with a set of peculiar psychological attitudes, where he will strive to borrow some parts of them.

    66. An interest of this kind occurs and begins to grow only after the appearing of an ever increasing sense of a certain nonsatisfaction from what he already has.

    67. The matureness itself may imply not only predisposition to transition from the more primitive to the more sublime, but also vice versa: from the more sublime to the more primitive on the basis of persistently displayed negligence.

    68. The representatives of the same social level perceive one and the same life circumstance more closely to the perception of each other, than the representatives of different levels of characteristic difference of the inner world of man.

    69. But as the sensational world of man is unrepeatable, which means that the shades of the independently affirmed inside set of psychological attitudes are also unrepeatable, then the degree of closeness in the perception of each other is always different between any two representatives even of the same social level.

    70. Where most accurately can understand each other only those, who are living interestingly for some time in close proximity,

    71. When there is an opportunity to repeatedly touch upon the same phenomena and get acquainted with the quality of perceiving of this phenomena from each other’s side.

    72. Where even during a long co-residence with some of your soulmates, noticing some of his various life manifestations, you can repeatedly note, that although he seemed quite familiar to you, in fact, he is still unknown to you.

    73. Such conditions concerning the most favourable recognition of each other are being formed, as a rule, only in the atmosphere of the natural family, that brings together a small group of people.

    74. Where, even if the natural family has already been formed, it is possible to gain the greatest understanding of his soulmates only for the one, who has an inner interest for that.

    75. And if only a certain part of the natural family has such an interest, then in this family there won’t be a common understanding.

    76. But the closest common understanding among each other in all fundamental vitally important truths should necessarily have the entire human society.

    77. Which will correspond to the level of the beginning of full-fledged life activity, predestined for the human race.

    78. Therefore, to begin the formation of the basis of a normal human society can only those, who already have inside the true interest to understand each other just as this are intended to do the closest people of one family.

    79. For this reason the conditions, in which all equally striving obtain the opportunity to have the greatest contact possible with each other in the work, rest and communication, are solely the most favourable ones for the normal becoming and flourishing of the true human nature.

    80. The life manifestations of each representative of the whole human society always takes place according to the same principle, for they are based on the same characteristic features of the sensational world, thinking process and peculiarities of the physical body.

    81. All the visible external expressions of life manifestations are quite the same and differ only in additional shades, characterized as rougher or subtler.

    82. But in the basis of all outwardly expressed life manifestations always lies a specific, individually unrepeatable motive, which has always been and will be built on the attitude of man towards a certain phenomenon of the ongoing reality.

    83. Where the uniqueness of the qualities of one or another motive can have either an insignificant difference, or directly opposite meanings.

    84. The degree of spiritual maturation forms a definite quality of your sensational world, which determines your attitude to everything that takes place directly with you and around you.

    85. And the quality of this attitude of yours is still completely determined by the quality of display of the abnormal forms of your own egoistic characteristics.

    86. Precisely this manifestation of individual uniqueness of the egoistic features becomes the basis for the formation of a definite characteristic set of psychological attitudes in the human consciousness,

    87. Under which leadership will be applied efforts, intended to satisfy the existing individual quality of egoism.

    88. It is the attitude of man to the whole ongoing reality, manifested by concrete forms through a definite set of characteristic psychological attitudes, that constitutes the core of the motive, hidden behind one or another outwardly expressed visible life manifestation.

    89. Precisely the value of the motive determines the true value of the externally expressed efforts of man.

    90. The relationship of the children of God among themselves are being formed supposedly on the base of the assessment of the inner world of anyone of the soulmates according to his externally displayed life efforts,

    91. When, having met for another time well-known to you outwardly expressed manifestations, you inevitably seek to compare what you see with your own psychological attitudes and the corresponding accumulated life experience.

    92. After which you allegedly begin to guess the true motives, which are supposedly hidden into the core of the observed by you life manifestations of your soulmate.

    93. Besides, as a rule, always having full confidence in your own conclusions, you do not try to clarify with your soulmate what have actually been the real motives in his actions.

    94. Having inevitably done in this case a certain false assessment about the quality of the inner world of your soulmate, you, naturally, undertake efforts regarding him depending on the assessment made:

    95. You either falsely pin hopes on him, or show absolutely inappropriate suspicions, which is characterized in this case by a certain bias.

    96. And the biased view can be compared to the sight of the blind man, who also values his blindness.

    97. Depending on the quality of the spiritual development, the quality of the bias is manifested in different ways.

  • Chapter 10

    When in your inner world appear a sufficient amount of positive qualities, you start to have a predisposition to suppose in the core of the actions of anyone of your soulmates, in the contact with his still unknown inner world, above all, positive motives.

    2. If you haven’t gained a sufficient amount of positive qualities, then depending on the degree of predominance of the negative qualities in your inner world, in the same degree you – in the contact with the still unknown qualities of the inner world of anyone of your soulmates – will display an interest to suppose in the core of the seemingly well-known actions of the soulmate primarily negative motives.

    3. If you are full of fear, then in everything – unknown and slightly-known – that surrounds you, you will inevitably suppose a probable danger.

    4. If you are filled with happiness, then in that same images, scaring the fearful, you will notice something amusing and funny.

    5. I verily tell you: the colours of the surrounding reality in your consciousness correspond to what you are filled with.

    6. That is why to a great extent you don’t see what actually takes place in the reality, but you see what is viewed through the layer of paint, which you interestedly impose on this reality by yourself.

    7. Man, whose feature is forever connected with the display of the bright qualities of the sensational world, will never be able to perceive the whole ongoing reality in a “sober”, coolly-reasonable way.

    8. And this is not a shortcoming, but a peculiar uniqueness, through which by the Will of the Great God His children will beneficially modify the material World of the Universe.

    9. But the predominance of positive qualities in the sensational world is a vitally important necessity.

    10. For even if a man has always been in the Bosom of Harmony, the prevalence of negative qualities in his sensational world inevitably turns his life into a kind of hell,

    11. Where often he painfully suffers for what does not actually exist in reality, but what persistently creates a painful interest in abnormal display of his egoism.

    12. And no matter if these sufferings are adequate or not, they always have a negative impact on the sensational medium of man, actively undermining his life.

    13. When the one, who has more positive qualities in the sensational world, is also able to, seemingly, experience groundless positive emotions related to something, which can be actually absent in reality.

    14. But regardless of the appropriateness of such experiences, they are always beneficial, contributing to the proper formation and flourishing of the sensual world.

    15. Man has always perceived and will perceive everything in full dependence on his own sensational interest,

    16. Which can be manifested either as an egoistic or spiritual one.

    17. The eyes of man are called-up to become truths from the Great God, the Father of the human race, with the help of which man should truly discern the whole ongoing reality.

    18. Man himself, having forever acquired unusually bright for the entire World of the Universe sensational characteristics, will always remain conditionally blind.

    19. For his reasoning and the whole process of thinking will always depend on the qualities of the sensational world.

    20. Which till the present moment has been manifested above all in dependence on the egoistic qualities with progressively increasing over time manifestation of the spiritual ones.

    21. For the wise guardianship by the Heavenly Father of all your life manifestations helps you to increasingly gain true spiritual values.

    22. But in the case with the characteristic unique features of man his contingent blindness can be either life-threatening or life-affirming.

    23. Getting acquainted with each other in life, you inevitably face one significant circumstance, indicating a certain peculiar blindness of each of you.

    24. A man, who is filled more with negative medium in his inner world, naturally, becomes more tempted by the tricks of the darkness and has more abilities to discern the appearance of a danger, as he internally continuously expects it.

    25. When you meet and get acquainted with somebody, who in turn is overfilled with positive medium, the former man, naturally, assess the latter as an abnormal one, allegedly unfitted for life.

    26. For he can be easily deceived, since he is unable to pay attention to a probable danger, for he does not expect it. From which he supposedly loses and suffers a lot.

    27. This second man is being evaluated as a blind one, unable to observe the forthcoming probable dangers.

    28. Whereas the second one evaluates the former in a similar way, but with a certain difference.

    29. The former is also assessed as a blind, unable to see the good and bright phenomena, which surround him in abundance, and he walks amidst all this miserable and aggressively alert.

    30. From which it is obvious, that he loses and suffers a lot. Only these losses are of different nature and the sufferings – of different quality.

    31. Besides, each of the evaluators is equally sincere in his assessment.

    32. But the greatest positive value has only one of them.

    33. Once, at the time of the First Accomplishment, I left a clue, that only those, who are pure in heart will see God.

    34. He who is overfilled with negative sensual medium, is more inclined to discern all that’s coming from the darkness, for he continuously seeks it, watching carefully in order to observe it in time.

    35. From which finally he begins to fear even his own shadow.

    36. He who is overfilled with positive sensual medium, naturally, is more predisposed to distinguish what comes from the Light, for he looks for it everywhere.

    37. Where every seeker sincerely and tirelessly always gains what he seeks for.

    38. Therefore, the quality of your life fate is being determined by what you are actually looking for.

    39. In the inanimate representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe interest is manifested only at the reasonably-egoistic basis.

    40. Where the ego-sensual peculiarities are reduced to easily controllable by the mind conditions of insignificant vitally important manifestations.

    41. Such an interest is not being displayed continuously and fully depends on the reasonable, most unbiased reasoning of the ongoing reality

    42. And is manifested only when in advance has been reasonably defined a certain rational necessity.

    43. And as your sensual world will always have extraordinarily bright peculiarities, then depending on the qualities of the sensual world a certain interest will constantly manifest itself inside you without any connection with the rational necessity.

    44. And the very process of rational reasoning will always proceed in direct dependence on the influence of a certain sensual colouring.

    45. From which you are always predisposed, first of all, to follow not the purely reasonable assessment of what you came into contact with, but the nature of the interest towards this, that manifested itself inside you.

    46. Due to the fact, that the great abundance of basic life experiences and tasks are manifested mainly through comprehension of your vitally important mystery of relationship with each other, all the abundance of bright manifestations of interests belongs exactly to the field of such relations among you. And you have to remember some simple guidelines.

    47. The spiritual interest in accepting anyone of your soulmates is manifested mainly in striving to see in him more positive features, which brings to you additional joy for the soulmate and gives new beneficial shades to your aspiration to perceive life in a worthy way.

    48. And also manifests itself in striving to get to know him more closely, in order to better determine for yourself if you can in any way be useful to the one, whom you already try to be a friend after your first meeting.

    49. At the same time, if any of your soulmates out of weakness brings to you negative information about this new person you know, then this information should be accepted with distrust.

    50. And if anyway in relation with the given information arises the necessity of open confidential discussion with the one, about whom the negative news has come, that should be only with a view to deeper understanding of a probable difficulty and a possibility to provide feasible help.

    51. But the negative information in the conditions of spiritually interested perceiving of the soulmate in no way can negatively affect the first initially naturally displayed positive perception.

    52. The wisdom of a spiritually flourishing man in this case always helps you to properly understand the real value, above all, of the soulmate at this very moment, and not of the man he has been once.

    53. For today’s man is never the one he has been yesterday.

    54. Therefore after making a decent assessment of what your soulmate is seeking today, you will supportively participate in his life’s fate in compliance with the Truth of the Great God.

    55. And if some of your soulmates brings in addition to you something positive about your acquaintance, such news is always perceived without a shadow of a doubt and with joy for the one, about whom is the good news.

    56. When someone who has a spiritually interested perception recognizes that his soulmate shows a much greater ability in what he himself would like to master, he is always glad not only for this soulmate, but also for the emerging opportunity to follow for some time a real example, decently perceiving it and gaining additional wisdom from this knowledge,

    57. Regardless of the fact that he eventually has grey hair, and the source of the wonderful example can be a child to him.

    58. Under egoistic interest of perceiving of somebody of your soulmates, in the first place, should be understood either the perception of the personality of the soulmate as someone, probably capable of satisfying profitably your egoistic desires,

    59. From which you even hastily ascribe for some time to him the qualities, that you yourself are able to present as merits, after which you strive to establish with him false friendly relations;

    60. Or in the perception of the soulmate you hurry up, above all, to determine for yourself more negative qualities, which you are allegedly able to find in the nature of your soulmate,

    61. Besides, never knowing that depending on definite psychological regularities you inevitably ascribe to him precisely your own vices and the predisposition to them.

    62. Such an interested eyeing of the probable negative qualities pursues not only the egoistic need to identify an allegedly necessarily existing dangerous rival, but also a necessity to calm down about your own weaknesses and shortcomings through supposedly the identified by you even greater amount of shortcomings in the soulmate.

    63. At the same time even the least efforts won’t be applied for veracious clarifying of the trueness of the presence of such shortcomings, which eloquently reveals the circumstance, where the conclusion satisfying your egoistic demands is quite more significant than the truth.

    64. Which precisely constitutes the root of the extremely dangerous predisposition of man to condemn the Truth!

    65. And when someone in such circumstances brings a message about the positive qualities of the soulmate, it is always accepted with distrust, whereas the negative information is being readily taken without a shadow of a doubt.

    66. Recognizing the capabilities of the soulmate, showing his ability to manifest exemplary skills in any respect, in which one wishes to show himself in a similar way, those, having an egoistic interested perception won’t be able to feel joy for the skillful soulmate.

    67. Having failed to cope with the envy burning inside, they, on the same unchangeable base of a particularly interested striving to find more shortcomings in the soulmate, will often apply not just efforts to slow down or hinder in any way the exemplary display, finding at that allegedly reasonable justification for such need, but also conscious efforts to bring somehow painful experiences to their much more advanced from a definite point of view soulmate.

    68. As long as in the core of man prevail the egoistic beginning, having roots of naturally-animalistic character, man, like an animal, will always perceive the surrounding world of his inhabitance as some aggressive environment, where the more cunning and powerful can kill him or take from him what he would like to use alone.

    69. In such psychological atmosphere, formed and sustained by the efforts of the very man, there will be inevitably displayed the natural peculiarity in man’s psyche, known to you as the law of self-affirmation,

    70. Which plays a significant role in the life of the entire animal world and which reigns now over almost each representative of the human society throughout Mother-Earth.

    71. The presence of such an interested striving to self-affirmation, manifesting itself in everyone with a different strength, necessarily assumes the perceiving of the representatives of one’s own species as probable rivals, who can pretend on all values, which one would like to use only on his own.

    72. From which during the long history of human society’s existing, with the tremendous number of members – your soulmates, each of you lives in this multitude as if in a desert.

    73. For you try to notice and be friends only with those, who you consider favourably advantageous for yourselves;

    74. You strive to be only with those, from whom you mainly expect presents for yourselves.

    75. And the stronger will be displayed this expectation of yours, concerning your soulmates, the less will be the number of those around you, who would really want to be close to you.

    76. Verily I tell you: only when your inner interest manifests itself mainly in search for the ones, to whom you could be at least with something helpful, you will finally find the true great Family of worthy children of the Great God.

  • Chapter 11

    With its first steps as a unique phenomenon in the Bosom of Mother-Earth, the young mankind, out of a natural ignorance of the Truth, inevitably allowed to manifest through itself the law of self-affirmation in an unusually bright form.

    2. What brought each of the representatives of the whole human society into an unbalanced and painful state of holding endless arguments and competitions among themselves in order to try to possibly occupy the most advantageous place under the Sun,

    3. At that, completely dedicating to this all their thoughts, physical efforts and every day of their life until the end of it,

    4. Necessarily creating in such kind of efforts – to switch off the voice of conscience – all sorts of slogans, through which prism their own efforts obtained illusory nobleness.

    5. And only coming repeatedly – by the Will of the Great Heavenly Father – back on Earth into a new flesh, the ones who have previously worked hard acquire an ever increasing balance.

    6. But the law of self-affirmation with all its inherent various regularities in the very beginning of the becoming of the young mankind was inevitably laid down as a foundation of the formation of the living arrangement of the whole human society.

    7. Where it was not necessary at all to inculcate this feature to the various disunited nations, for it constitutes uniformly the root basis of the animalistic side in man’s psyche and strives in its essence to display itself also uniformly.

    8. The nature of this living arrangement, resting on the very same foundation, has been preserved to the present day.

    9.  Where during the whole, comparatively long history of formation of the human society only the external decorations and slogans have been changing for everybody.

    10. Even if you do not consciously directly and openly define the soulmates as rivals, through your way of living, which among you is like an endless competitive arguing for the most convenient and advantageous benefits and positions, where the significance of your own egoistic ideas is often actually placed above the value of the very life of someone from your soulmates, and also making exclusively comparative assessments of the qualities of your soulmates, you show in a convincing eloquent way that you perceive your soulmates precisely as probable rivals.

    11. The term rival at the conscious level in man is compared with the image of somebody, in front of which one should not be completely open, whom one should not completely trust, with whom one should be careful and whom one should fear, and therefore, possibly one should get around him, defeat or eliminate,

    12. But also he can be allowed to stay around for some time, if he happens to be interested to advantageously help you.

    13. Also in the married couples the regularity under consideration is still manifested to a certain extent, even if there are feelings of love.

    14. For this circumstance you perceive mainly as an acquiring of the one, for whom you have a passionate desire to have around for yourself.

    15. Precisely this brings a great bitterness, when the one you love, unites in love not with you, but with someone else.

    16. You still don’t unite with your soulmate into a family couple with the expression of gratitude to him for the fact, that he allowed you to be close to him,

    17. Preserving this gratitude and from time to time showing it, even if you suffer from him significant difficulties.

    18. Perceiving in a false way the value of the necessity of your soulmate for you, you also falsely evaluate your necessity for him.

    19. From what in certain circumstances if you suddenly hear of your allegedly little necessity for him, you experience painful fiery sensations, for this you refer to admitting your alleged insignificance, and you can be supposedly left alone, replaced by something more profitable.

    20. Remember! The one who is spiritually striving, above all, tries to learn how to be useful,

    21. And all the rest expect from their soulmates mainly affirmation of their usefulness.

    22. When you continuously expect from the soulmate signs of love for you and how much he needs you, you demonstrate your distrust and fear of him.

    23. For depending on the fact, that your inner world is overfilled with negative qualities and you have an egoistic interested perception of the soulmate, you painfully expect from him the display of the qualities, which you fear yourselves.

    24. And when through the externally expressed life circumstances you again notice the absence of the expected exactly by you signs of attention, then you are intended immediately to place a negative motive into these actions, displayed by the soulmate,

    25. In which supposedly is unequivocally manifested the fading interest towards you with the inevitable subsequent replacement of you, as an already unprofitable “product” by a more profitable one.

    26. The faster and stronger you fall under the influence of such kind of experiences and conjectures, without specifying the trueness of what has actually happened, the greater will be the strength of the suspicion, which you keep in the depths of your nature, of the allegedly existing inclination of the soulmate to easily betray you and cause to you a great psychological trauma.

    27. This means that in a jointly wish to come to something joyful in the formation of a married couple, it is you that have in the depths of your inner world a persistent fear of your soulmate,

    28. Evolving inside you as a natural result of the education on the basis of false psychological attitudes.

    29. In such case, starting a joint life, you inevitably won’t be completely open to each other, you will be cautious, fearing many of your actions, which supposedly could by all means lead to what you fear.

    30. And this will necessarily lead the condition of your family life to something unsightly and, at first glance, meaningless, if you are not still kept together by the small children, that have been born.

    31. For the nature of your behavior in relation to your soulmate is exactly what happens only in relation to a probable opponent, i.e. a person, who values his own well-being most of all.

    32. And you do not notice, that all your wishes and demands to your soulmate are basically just a concern precisely for your own prosperity.

    33. With such an attitude to your soulmate you will be already unable to build with him a friendly, joyful relationship,

    34. Which those, who have decided to take for each other responsibility for a certain temporary period of the joint passage of the life road, should necessarily try to do.

    35. In accord with the law of egoism you mainly prefer to be the first to leave your soulmate, and not to be the one who has been left.

    36. Therefore the loss of the interest in your soulmate, before he has lost it to you, you accept normally and positively, as something natural and common.

    37. In this appeal I have no intention to touch upon the whole breadth of psychology of the family relationships, which I will still talk about through appeals and other discussions with you, and just briefly touch one of the features of your inner world, which significantly affects and exists to various degree in all natural family couples,

    38. In order that regarding this well-known to you basic life manifestation, you carefully and vigilantly observed the necessary regularities, which must be properly resolved in full compliance with the Word of God.

    39. Because the welfare of the human society should start with the welfare of the married couple.

    40. Where the welfare absolutely does not depend on the sparkling tiles, but always on the presence of a luminous spiritual world.

    41. And through the given life circumstances I would like to emphasize, that in conditions, when you begin independently to surmise certain motives in the externally expressed actions of your soulmate – and that is exactly the way you always try to assess the probable qualities of the ones you get to know in any way – you will actually still presume in these motives your own vices and predisposition to them in similar conditions, in which somehow acts your soulmate.

    42. That is, in fact in your consciousness will not occur the real image of the one you touch upon,

    43. But will arise just an image of a person, created on the basis of your interested attitude towards him, with the help of the qualities, which you have obtained during your own life journey.

    44. You will not be able to create in your consciousness an image of man with the help of qualities, which you have not acquired, you have not achieved, and so, which are absolutely unknown to you.

    45. Therefore, trying hastily to make a judgement concerning anyone of those, whom you contact with, you – out of ignorance – are actually trying to see yourself in him,

    46. Ascribing necessarily to him what you interestedly would like to see in him.

    47. And only the colours of the interest, spiritual or egoistic, will peculiarly paint your sensational perception.

    48. As long as you will even slightly perceive each other as a probable opponent, in the depth of your nature you will be afraid and fear each other,

    49. And so, you will remain strangers among yourselves, regardless of the fact, whether your lips smoothly glorify or not the Name of God.

    50. One Common Family of worthy children of God under such circumstances will never exist.

  • Chapter 12

    Building his life far from the Truth of God and actively displaying an egoistic interested perception of the surrounding people, man persistently continuously asserts some defensive barrier, in his opinion necessary, between his heart and the heart of his soulmate.

    2. And it appeared that you are more capable of showing love and tenderness to the animals, than to the ones, who are endowed with a look similar to yours.

    3. For the appearance of the animal does not evoke in your consciousness a comparison with the image of a probable rival, as you not just don’t need to challenge with the representatives of the animal world the necessary life values, but even if this happens under certain circumstances, then, realizing your convincing superiority in skillfulness, you understand, that the outcome of the challenge will be in your favour.

    4. For this reason it is not the appearance of the animal, which will mainly disturb you, but an appearance similar to yours.

    5. Precisely through the appearance of the soulmate, during the whole history of existing of the human society, is still being tirelessly manifested guile and violence in an attempt to circumvent, conquer and eliminate you as an obstacle for reaching greatest imaginary values, which you yourselves also dream to possess, trying to gradually accumulate them.

    6. Precisely through the appearance of the soulmate can be greedily taken from you what you have already acquired eventually through great efforts.

    7. Precisely through the appearance of the soulmate sorrow and tears can be brought to you, and your life can allegedly become restless.

    8. And as these woes appear in seemingly endless abundance, man gained in his depth a resistant fear for the appearance, similar to his own,

    9. Regardless of the existence of some positive experience of devoted service of individual righteous toilers to the good of their soulmates.

    10. Great is man’s fear of his soulmates.

    11. That’s why when you meet an appearance like yours, suspicions and distrust emerge in you before reasonable conclusions.

    12. Precisely for this reason many of you are painfully interestedly waiting for my new, once promised Advent, necessarily not in flesh, born in the modern society

    13. For how then can be recognized the Teacher of Truth, when so much lies and confusion is being manifested around through the human flesh?

    14. The impure in heart are afraid of the exam of the Truth!

    15. For this reason they passionately await my new Advent, which ostensibly will prove itself in an indisputable convincing way, in order, so that the lazy in spirit should not be bothered by a decisive exciting search.

    16. But the zealously glorifying God’s Name just through their mouths, tied to their egoistic desires, reduce God’s Glory by this expectation,

    17. Ardently asserting what they are not able to conceive and out of ignorance try to determine what only the Will of the Heavenly Father is designed to determine.

    18. Precisely in flesh, similar to yours, I should manifest myself amongst you.

    19. For solely in this could be displayed in full measure the vitally important regularities for your benefit.

    20. And particularly now, when in your consciousness has been affirmed a resistant pathological attitude to an appearance similar to yours, my coming among you in the same appearance and your cognition of myself while soaking in my spirit, will necessarily help you correct such an established distortion in the ones, worthily aspiring towards the Light.

    21. And of course, who would know better than me the entire fullness of the complexity, which inevitably should be manifested through your consciousness in relation to me.

    22. For all of you, inevitably trying to make assessments about my externally displayed efforts, will naturally try to actually see your own qualities and necessarily what you are interested to see and face in me.

    23. And in the case of me your varied interests will be manifested in an extremely peculiar manner.

    24. Such are definite regularities of the features of human psychology, which you are not able to circumvent and depending on which, as well as in all your soulmates, you will definitely see in me some semblance of yourselves.

    25. When you meet me between me and you will always stand your image about me, through which you consider my actions and efforts.

    26. And when your life manifestations begin to show more and more your ever increasing willingness to seek and find the Teacher of the Truth, you will naturally try to imagine him on the base of those spiritual qualities, which you acquired individually unrepeatably, precisely through your own life experience.

    27. You will naturally create the image of the Teacher from those, in your opinion, most positive characteristics, to which you have matured in your understanding.

    28. But even aspiring to assume in the essence of my manifestation something positive from your perception, you will still almost always do mistake with your conjectures, for you still absolutely do not know, what in fact is truly positive to your benefit, created precisely by your Teacher.

    29. Having formed a certain amount of satisfactory exactly for you varied in quality images about the Teacher, you begin to think, that you already can ostensibly sufficiently properly imagine how should the Teacher behave himself, how should speak and what should do.

    30. Where the more your egoistic interested perception of reality will manifest itself, the stronger will be your attachment to such kind of pre-arranged by you details of the fabled image.

    31. For the more will egoism still manifest itself, the more will be the inner fear of a probable confusion, that is, the more the striving to compare the ongoing with certain landmarks, according to which can ostensibly be accurately determined if this is for good or not.

    32. Though such landmarks man determines by himself, based on what constitutes the characteristic qualities of his own inner world.

    33. When in such circumstances in the inner world of man prevail true spiritual values, then the fear of probable misconception is less manifested and there is less dependence of one’s own belief in something on the comparison of what’s really taking place with the independently established psychological attitudes.

    34. Only under such conditions inside you begins to manifest itself the favourable basis of the beginning of applying the necessary efforts in proper aspiration to comprehend the truth of the nature of what is connected to the Teacher of the Truth.

    35. The egoistic interested perception is always characterized by a comparison of what happens actually externally with the inner conceptions concerning what happens.

    36. In this case is presumed an attempt to insert what’s being compared into a certain pre-approved norm.

    37. Where in such circumstances is always assumed a certain negative assessment of those parts of what’s being compared, which cannot coincide with the already established conditional norms.

    38. Those believers, who have a strongly displayed egoistic interested perception of my Entity, can have a satisfactory and even enthusiastic state related to their Sacred Faith, as long as my actions, in their opinion, coincide or do not contradict their own ideas of my probable manifestations.

    39. But when will be noticed discrepancies between my manifestations and what they independently have been determined for me as necessary in one situation or another, then the in-depth presence of considerable fear of the appearance, similar to yours, as a bearer of a probable rival or an enemy, will inevitably openly show significant suspicions and doubts.

    40. Where depending on what will a man give a greater preference to, the significance of the perceiving of the Sacred faith or the significance of his suspicions, the fateful line of this man’s life will develop accordingly.

    41. But the Teacher does not come to manifest what you create, for if your creation is normal and you are already creating it, then there is absolutely no need to teach you anything.

    42. If the Teacher comes, this inevitably implies a vitally important need to change inside yourself either something or everything in a new, still unknown direction.

    43. The spiritual interested perception of the Teacher of the Truth should be always characterized only by another kind of comparison, namely comparison of one’s self-affirmed inner concepts about something with what the Truth defines about it.

    44. That is, not an attempt to introduce the external into the internally affirmed norms, but an effort to introduce what one holds into the externally established by the Word of God norms.

    45. And then on the basis of the regularity of manifestation of the desire to make a negative assessment to any parts, which are not included in any norm previously accepted as true, there will not any longer be displayed an inclination to give a negative assessment to something still incomprehensible in the manifestation of the Teacher,

    46. But a predisposition will occur, to make a necessary adequate evaluation mainly of one’s own, incompatible with the true norm qualities,

    47. Which is already a favourable condition for the applying of righteous efforts to change oneself in accordance with the requirements of the Truth.

    48. Your predisposition to condemn any qualities of your soulmate is based only on the inclination to compare the external with what you hold inside.

    49. In this case you don’t feel a desire to change something in yourself, but you mainly wish that the external changed itself in accord with your desire.

    50. Only the right aspiration to perceive me and what I give you by the Will of the Great God, can make it possible for you to change all your false life conceptions, on which directly depend your true development.

    51. Remember that the more is your in-depth fear of a probable contact with a supposed rival or enemy, the more will your own fear stand between you and me, preventing you from seeing the true mine!

    52. And if someone has not yet recognized the Sacred Faith in the Truth of my live Accomplishment, under such circumstances, will be most inclined to observe in any of my outwardly expressed manifestations exactly that quality of the motives, which he is able to assess as negative and which he fears.

    53. For at the basis of any external manifestations concerning any life circumstances, both significant and insignificant, can be equally implied motives of completely opposite meaning.

    54. Where all the history of the human society’s existence confirms the real possibility of such a probability, on the basis of which all sorts of tricks and guile are still countlessly displayed.

    55. But if what prevents many people from recognizing me in Truth is in fact life-saving for them, for it does not allow them to obtain responsibility for something, which is still beyond their strengths, and therefore, they should continue to bear another burden, foreseen from Above,

    56. Then for those, who has felt inside himself the manifestation of the Sacred Faith, such fears will necessarily prove to be pernicious.

    57. The emerging of the sensations of Sacred Faith’s manifestation is called-up for some time to supportively reduce the in-depth fears, abundantly generated by egoism, in order that, having realized the greatness of the responsibility that falls on your shoulders, you worthily aspired to perceive what you accepted fully in your heart,

    58. From what the Sacred Faith will be progressively filling up your being, and the place for pernicious fears will be less and less.

    59. And if you comprehend what happens to you in an unworthy way and, obtaining the Sacred Faith you did not begin to apply the required efforts, then inevitably over time the supportive will be melting away and the in-depth fears will have on you an increasing in significance impact.

    60. Moreover, I did not come to please your weaknesses and to behave myself the way you have fabled and expect from me.

    61. But I Came, in order to painfully hurt through my laws what you have falsely affirmed inside yourself as true, and what you especially try to preserve, even neglecting occasionally the life of those around you.

    62. I came in order to lead the mature and craving ones along the most complicated life Road, where in a considerable pain should necessarily burn out all your poisons.

    63. Where this Road is the sole real opportunity in the given crucial period of your becoming, to bring you to the required victory over yourself and resurrection to true and eternal life.

    64. For to live in flesh is not the same as to be alive.

    65. And may the significance of your Sacred Faith for you prevail over the significance of the fears and doubts, being abundantly bred by the agonizing egoism.

    66. If you have once been able to respond with your hearts to my Call, that means, it was precisely you who had to make the first step of the beginning of the Great Renaissance of the human race.

    67. But the predestination is not a guarantee in victory, but is determined by the predisposition, which should be decently used, selflessly applying all your strengths in righteous service of God’s Testament.

    68. Where everyone, who does not properly realize the obligatory need to apply righteous efforts, continuing to hesitate, displaying mainly his indecisiveness or laziness, once will inevitably lose the predisposition to fulfill what’s true, for the good of him and those around him.

    69. And to realize this loss once will be very painful for him.

    70. It is one thing, if a man had no possibilities at all, and it is a different thing, if there are at least some possibilities, but he continued to cherish more his weaknesses, dreaming of righteous service.

    71. Those, who responded with their hearts to my Call, now should already actually and actively overcome their fears in fulfillment of what’s true, to the given Salvation of the human race.

    72. Once in antiquity I left to the craving ones a clue that everyone who decided to take up the plow and turned back was not trustworthy for the Kingdom of the Truth.

    73. The decisiveness for the believers is intended to affirm your unshakable pace.

    74. Not on half measures, mixed with doubts and mistrust, it is possible to erect the walls of the Temple of the Soul,

    75. But Love will be eternally affirmed through decisiveness and dedication.

    76. The Hour has Strick!

    77. The Time has come for the final full-value modification of one’s inner world –  concretely and actively, in full compliance with the Word of God.

    78. The Time has come to worthily proceed to the complete exit from the influence of the very strong laws of the common stream of the realm of power, which you are to burn away painfully, passing decently through the fiery christening.

    79. And now on this righteous road, continuing to keep some degree of mistrust, which danger you still underestimate, and the majority of believers are still holding it strongly, you will inevitably in this case notice, that it is difficult to overcome what’s easy, and all the rest – impossible at all.

    80. The degree of confidence to me exclusively always determines the degree of your spiritual fusion with me, due to which you have always the possibility to feed on the Strength of my Spirit in difficult moments along this extremely complicated road of your becoming.

    81. And if I am the Hand of your Heavenly Father, which you were intended to find and acquire forever, confidently putting your hands in It, then, preserving any distrust, you can easily get into an inevitability, when the significance of the pain of the burnt egoism for you will prevail over the significance of your Sacred Faith.

    82. Then your hand can slip out and your voice can again be lost in the night.

    83. The Sacred Faith can be displayed normally only in full confidence, perceiving which worthily makes possible the righteous capability of rejecting the false values in the name of the true ones,

    84. The false values, which you ignorantly considered the basis for forming ostensibly the true qualities of your personality.

    85. And therefore you became tightly attached to them and cherish them the way you are called-up to cherish life.

    86. But a lot of what you are still able to present as good for yourself, in fact conceals a sure death, and what you tend to consider negative, often happens to be life-saving precisely for you.

    87. Don’t you encounter exactly this in the upbringing of your small children, who, often displaying their whims due to lack of understanding of the weakness, make a peculiar assessment of the efforts of their loving parents.

    88. And if the children anyway have the right occasionally not to trust their parents, recognizing their natural ability to make mistakes, then any distrust in the comprehension of the Sacred Faith absolutely should not be allowed.

    89. Almost everything, that you have accumulated by these significant days, decisive for all your life and the entire history, in fact constitutes in your life a tragedy of various degree.

    90. The more you cherish all you have accumulated, manifesting a considerable affection to false and imaginary values, the less ability you have to truly see me, and therefore to follow my trace will be impossible for you.

    91. As it is impossible to comprehend the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset, looking unceasingly to your shadow, cast by your flesh.

    92. For the Sun and your shadow are always in opposite directions from you.

    93. Having a great attachment to what has been accumulated, considerable part of which is false, you will inevitably have the same attachment to the image of me, that is being woven by you, naturally, from what’s accumulated by you and the qualities, acquired by you personally.

    94. Such an image, created by you from details of your ideas about me, depending on the degree of your attachment to it will accordingly prevent your comprehension of the reality, which I reveal.

    95. For this reason it will be difficult for you to truly see me, and you will be more inclined to follow the image that you have created about me, but not my live trace, actually manifested by me.

    96. Therefore be careful and vigilant from now on, especially to your assessment and comprehension of what is really taking place.

    97. Everything you have accumulated compels you to perform series of life manifestations and have a characteristic perception of the ongoing reality in a way, that inevitably makes your life mainly full of painful, sad experiences,

    98. Forcing you to live in a certain tension of continuous expectation of any probable dangers, which, given the character of the existing life arrangement of the whole human society, will exist as a mandatory necessity.

    99. The struggle against such an existing severe necessity, without changing fundamentally the characteristic basis of the present life conditions of the entire human society, cannot achieve a victory.

    100. And that means that the expectation to get rid of all sorts of misfortunes under such conditions absolutely does not make sense.

    101. Naturally, you try to adapt to everything negative, occasionally organizing something relaxing and amusing.

    102. But the incorrect attitude and understanding of what’s amusing in its turn also unavoidably leads to another painful experiences.

    103. Through acquisition of all kinds of false conceptions about the life manifestations of your entity, expressed in the formation and accumulation of various false ego-psychological attitudes, you, against your will, depending on the naturally unfolding definite regularities of your psychology, through your characteristic co-existence created a peculiar world of sufferings,

    104. As a result of the existence of which unavoidably emerged the false understanding that life on Earth is ostensibly always inevitably connected to sin and suffering.

    105. And this, naturally, should give rise to the expectation and hopes, that once this life on Earth will be irrevocably abandoned, as a long-awaited deliverance from the endless painful sufferings.

    106. Which, in its turn, became the basis for the emerging of numerous false religious-philosophical interpretations of the true value of man and the predetermination of his appearance in the Universe.

    107. The world of sin and sufferings cannot exist independently by itself and is being created exclusively, first of all, in the consciousness of man himself on the base of the bright manifestation of his own primitive egoistic interest.

    108. My Coming to you for your Salvation can still be compared exactly to an advent to a world of sufferings and sorrow.

    109. Where just now I will try to provide you in full measure with everything true and will start to take out from the created by you world of sorrow those, who have already matured in their thirst to decently pass through the necessary challenging borders.

    110. I don’t have to take you out of some severe and gloomy abyss of the bowels of the Earth, where you have allegedly fallen as a result of some coincidence and remain there by this day,

    111. But to take you out of the gloomy pathogenic illusion, that you continuously affirm in your own consciousness.

    112. And the surrounding world of the Nature of Mother-Earth is wonderful and nice, and in it is to be found everything favourable for you.

    113. The peculiarly displayed egoistic interest is the basis for the manifestation of your belief in the trueness of varied illusions, during the whole history of your existence, which is uniformly formed and affirmed by you in the consciousness through all kinds of egoistic psychological conditionalities.

    114. Your belief in the trueness of the present characteristic qualities of the peculiar illusion is constantly holding you under the full dependence of these qualities and compels you to obediently perceive the ongoing reality and undertake a series of outwardly expressed life efforts in such a way, that the fruits of these efforts will surely bring painful experiences and sorrow to you.

    115. And if should be considered the necessity of the exit from the present condition of the inner world of man with a shift to the state of truly spiritually flourishing man, then necessarily will be required mainly consciously-volitional immersing into another set of psychological attitudes of spiritual character, fully compatible with the requirements of the Truth of development of man in the Universe.

    116. Such a consciously-volitional adapting to the necessary volume of true concepts of the life phenomena, connected to the life solely of the children of God, will naturally lead to the required modification of the inner world of the striving to worthily comprehend what’s created by the Word of God.

    117. But to worthily fulfill the predestined by the Will of the Great God to your benefit is possible only under the condition, where the significance of what is affirmed by the Word of God will be perceived by you as greater than the significance of what you hold, as well as the importance of the real life compared to the importance of the illusion of it.

    118. For my Self is always the Self of the Life-Giving, and to give you something, which even a bit can impede your life in Truth, I am not able.

    119. You are to replace your world with mine, which I will be creating by the Will of the Heavenly Father for your good.

    120. But as long as you will falsely believe that what has affirmed itself inside you is ostensibly constituting the true life, you will inevitably perceive what I will counterpose as an illusion and, naturally, you won’t be able to get used to the conditions of my world properly.

    121. For you will not be able to fully abandon what’s yours in the name of mine, continuing to hold fast to the false and gloomy from your past.

    122. Precisely through this you cannot truly see me, and to comprehend me, following me, you will not be able,

    123. For you continue to wander regarding me through your various speculations about me and judgements of what’s mine, as each of you pleases.

    124. And only when you show willingness to perceive what’s mine as the true life, maturing to the understanding of the illusiveness of your human wisdom, you acquire the real opportunity to replace your world with the true one and finally abandon the world of sufferings and sorrow.

    125. Remember, that depending on the predominance of various qualities in the inner world, there are either the ones who are most filled-up with aspiration not to miss the due Hour of meeting with the Truth, or the ones who mainly fear that they will not recognize the enemy in time.

    126. These concerns constitute the basis of two kinds of heterogeneous searches, where some are looking for the Light, and others, despite their occasional loud slogans of the sublime, actually are seeking the darkness.

    127. In the conditions of global egoism, constituting the core of the life arrangement of the whole human society on Mother-Earth, where man in his depths constantly perceives his soulmate as a probable rival, and therefore – a conditional enemy, in man’s psyche, primarily, predominates the fear of the second mentioned characteristic feature.

    128. The desire to determine one’s enemies is possible solely on the basis of an internal fear of the probability of their manifestation.

    129. And then the external manifestations of such a fearful person are characterized by an increased secrecy, suspiciousness and inclination to trust, first of all, only negative information about someone.

    130. The one who fears in this way has a serious psychological complexity, considerably preventing him from seeing in time what is coming from the Great God.

    131. To recognize the Salvation that has Come with the help of what you hold, will be very difficult for many of you, for the insufficiency of the positive part of the sensational world of man is great.

    132. And there is no sense to frighten each other with the probable coming of a certain mighty servant of the darkness, for you have never got out of the realm of the darkness so far, obediently fulfilling continuously its laws.

    133. The interest to find the negative in everything, what in fact is little known and even unknown, constitutes the essence of a dangerous blindness and a great probability to easily pass by the Salvation, that has actually come.

    134. For what if not the Truth itself remains for man still little known, and in many ways unknown.

    135. Whereas through all its history the wandering human race has displayed the whole fullness of sophistication so far only in unclean manifestations.

    136. The one who is concerned mainly by the fear of a probable appearance of the enemy, which is always exclusively related to the expectation, and therefore, primarily with the search for it, is not inclined to collect flowers, but is thirstier to collect stones.

    137. For in stones he sees means for his protection.

    138. And the hands of the one, who is more concerned with a search for the Truth, always strive for wonderful flowers. And his face is mainly lightened by smile.

    139. For great is the thirst for meeting with flowers what has been tenderly Expected with one’s whole heart and life.

    140. Therefore, observe frequently and attentively what is in your hands.

    141. The character of your searches and expectations is primarily determined by what your hands are full of.

    142. And I did not come in order to lead you to the well-known to you past,

    143. But to where you have never been.

    144. Precisely where you should abide forever!

Vissarion’s personal blog

  • Get Acquainted, That’s Who I Am

    This address refers to a particular circumstance that was once experienced by those who used to come to my meetings.

    In the early years of these meetings, I allowed myself to mention a piece of specific – not mine – information, which subsequently led some people to ask embarrassing questions. These questions continue to excite them and seduce them to make false assessments.

    That specific information concerned a certain ancient period of time and the events which allegedly took place at that time, as well as the probable development of the world in the future.

    Replying to such questions, which confuse a certain category of people and which I have repeatedly heard during the time of Accomplishment, I will readily explain a definite characteristic feature of my being, but a bit more widely than I did in one of my last addresses.

    But apparently, for the need of completeness and clarity, I will allow myself to reveal to all of you those sensual autobiographical details about me, which under normal conditions are only revealed to well-known friends.

    I realize that it is inevitable that all sorts of reactions will occur, for in this case I am revealing myself to the whole world, but obviously it is time to draw some fateful line in front of each of you.

    I hope that my disciples and those who truly aspire to be ones, are sufficiently vigilant as to realise that this whole series of explanations of this kind is by no means accidental at this time.

    Some ultimate explanations about my being will now play a special role in your destiny!

    Maybe it’s time to start separating the wheat from all the rest?

    Drink, and do not spill!

    Based on the manuscripts that once appeared in human society, which came to be regarded as the Holy Scriptures, people quite naturally created in their minds a false image of the living Word of God, which should come to them for their Salvation.

    And since in that ancient period the prophets were perceived as some particularly significant manifestation within the human race, false parallels were drawn, since the nature of God’s Word was not yet known and understood by anyone.

    Therefore the Teacher was falsely endowed with those features, which were characteristic for the manifestations of the prophets.

    And after the passing away of the Teacher at that ancient time, many of those who later believed in His truth, for some reason neglected His statements concerning the fact that the time of the prophets had come to an end.

    Once in my voluminous address ‘The Last Hope’ I have already given you explanations in an accessible figurative form, as detailed as possible, designed to show you the insurmountable difference between the peculiarities of the Superconsciousness of the Heavenly Father and the consciousness of man.

    And that with such an insurmountable for the human capabilities structural difference, human consciousness has absolutely no possibility in principle to come into a field contact with the characteristics of the Superconsciousness!

    In other words, human consciousness can only interact with similar and identical by nature characteristics of any other consciousness!

    So, no organism analogous to man has ever been and never will be capable in principle of communicating directly with the Heavenly Father, as this implies interaction at the level of the consciousness and the Superconsciousness!

    Then who the prophets were communicating with – that is another topic and it is not the subject of this post.

    The only possibility for the Heavenly Father to actively interfere in the life of His children on the level of consciousness accessible to man was the birth of Him, who could incarnate into a human body and formulate the Laws of Truth for a certain period of time on the level comprehensible to man.

    I have already shown you a little more on this subject in that same “Last Hope”.

    When you incarnate at the birth of your body, your soul immediately begins to manifest itself and to interact with the surrounding reality through the inherent features of the biological organism.

    Only this interaction in the childhood is very limited both by the new, undeveloped parameters of the new body and by the capabilities of the still undeveloped new consciousness, where the memory, for your benefit, lacks the complex type of information that you naturally acquire if you have already had a previous incarnation.

    It is in this connection that if some of you had already managed during the previous incarnations to accumulate interesting creative experience, then this experience will manifest itself in a relevant way at the sensual level already in the childhood.

    The so-called talent has never been given by the Heavenly Father, where some people have been given talent and others have not!

    Your extraordinary inclinations towards interesting creation since childhood are exclusively related to your previously accumulated experience!

    As soon as your soul comes into contact with the surrounding reality, from that moment on it begins to develop, regardless of the extent to which the child’s consciousness can comprehend the captured information.

    It is vitally important for you to have your spiritual being in constant interaction with the surrounding reality, and to have your true self constantly juxtaposed with the life, ongoing around you.

    Whereas in my case this circumstance takes place in a totally different way!

    If my spiritual being is allowed to immediately interact with the surrounding reality at the moment of incarnation, this would only be detrimental for me.

    Because the depth of my characteristic sensual peculiarities will begin to unfold rapidly, together with the sensual need to change everything around, but I will initially for a long time be in a situation when it will be completely impossible to properly implement the fire that has been burning inside me.

    For me it is not important to accumulate life experience, the way it is for you.

    For me in the period of incarnation it is important to accumulate only that load of information which could help me better understand you in your various manifestations and to formulate everything that I will see favourable to give you on a comprehensible to you level.

    But for the period of accumulation of such an auxiliary load my spiritual being has to be in a way closed and must be in a kind of sleep mode.

    And this state of affairs inevitably begins to manifest itself as the body grows older by the fact that I increasingly fall under a strange sensation, which can be expressed with a bit of a smile by the questions: what am I doing here, and why does this world steadily seem alien to me?

    Although there have always been good friends around, with whom I could laugh a lot or be really involved in certain things.

    The basic life guidelines, about which my grown-up peers were becoming more and more concerned, seemed strange and almost alien to me, and in front of me an increasingly acute question arose: what then should I do, if I continued to perceive this world as something that was not mine, and which I was willing to observe as if from aside?

    From time to time, a certain playful interest sparked in me, which helped me to communicate with a particular group of people united by a characteristic psychological medium.

    In this way, I managed to get acquainted with the manifestations of different groups of people in the most favourable way.

    But nevertheless, as time passed, learning more and more details about what was going on around me, which only increased the feeling of non-acceptance of such a world, that seemed more and more wild, I began to notice how a kind of crisis condition began to grow inside me.

    After all, year after year, I was still suffering from the complete uncertainty of finding my place in this strange for me world.

    At some point, the state of crisis began to affect me quite noticeably, and this made me feel alarmed.

    And then, one night, something happened.

    In the morning a huge wave of great passion for painting came over my head!

    For several years before my inner being woke up, the entire familiar surrounding world had somehow disappeared for me.

    To describe my passion for painting I would probably need to write a whole book, so I will try not to get involved in this subject, in order not to divert you from the reason for which I am trying to broaden your acquaintance with one aspect of my being.

    I began to draw almost constantly. I started in the morning, when it was getting light, and finished under lanterns in the late evening.

    You are already quite familiar with the results of this independent comprehension of this human side in the field of art, but nevertheless, I am not an artist.

    During this time, I have met many artists and have seen one peculiarity which is able to characterise a person as an artist.

    That peculiarity is not inherent in me.

    No matter how passionately I immerse myself in the world of visual art, or any other art, it can end as suddenly as it has begun, leaving only a light and pleasant aftertaste.

    And so it ended, once I had drawn out what was useful for the Accomplishment.

    Moreover, the fine arts are most interestingly related to the basic essence of what is the main purpose for which man was born!

    The interest in painting helped me to switch from the constant viewing of the problematic side of man’s activity to the imaginative and poetic vision, and thus I successfully approached the sacred Hour.

    Omitting many further details, as I am still trying to make the explanation not too long, I will mention that as I approached my thirtieth birthday, in the mass media I began quite regularly to encounter subjects which began to pull me away from my creative flights and attract my attention in an intriguing way to what was going on in society.

    In 1990, newspapers with unusual content often appeared in the press, telling about numerous documented flights of unidentified flying objects, zones of abnormality and all sorts of contacts that some people had with representatives of supposedly extraterrestrial life.

    It was interesting, especially as I myself have repeatedly observed how variously illuminated objects flew over the town where I lived, in complete silence and at a fairly low altitude, which, for some reason I was clearly aware, could in no way relate to the technical devices that man was able to make.

    And once, in one of those days, I got acquainted with the content of a newfangled newspaper, where a certain representative of some civilization spoke about the hopeless deadlock in the development of human civilization.

    The article I had read had struck me strangely and profoundly.

    It was as if a small “earthquake” or, perhaps more accurately, a ” soul-quake” had struck deep within me, causing a crack in some solid shell, and a sensual rebellious exclamation erupted from the depths like compressed steam: this is not true, humanity has a way out!

    I was so excited that in spite of the pouring rain I went to the nearest woodland, which was nearby, as the house where I lived was situated on the edge of the town.

    And there I wandered for some time, calming down and not paying attention to the abundant rain pouring down from the heavens.

    The next short period of time passed without anything unusual.

    But one day when I began to watch a TV program that showed the damaged walls of many crumbling Orthodox churches, the above-mentioned crack finally led to the complete collapse of a certain conditional dam, that all the time of my life had been keeping my true being from entering into a close interaction with the whole surrounding reality!

    In my tiny studio it was as if church bells were ringing, and the lingering smell of oil paint was overcome by the odour of incense that seemed to come from nowhere!

    Thus took place the awakening of my true self!

    I began to feel the need to get acquainted with the existing religious Christian literature, and then I went to meet the abbot of the local Church at his home, where he readily gave me the Scriptures to read, but I did not tell him anything about myself.

    The adjustment of my being to the coming Accomplishment had begun!

    I was about six months away from my thirtieth birthday, but before that date, I felt the need to do an obligatory sixty-day very strict fast.

    During this period I did not identify myself in any way.

    I was not interested in doing so.

    I just clearly understood that not only could I solve the global problem that human society inevitably gets into, but I was called to do it!

    The fire in my chest was burning up inexorably!

    After passing the calendar date of my thirtieth birthday in this body, I realized that I was ready for the beginning of the Accomplishment!

    With an utterly childish trusting openness to everything and an unquenchable flame in my heart!

    I was to begin an acquaintance with man in a very different way already.

    The image of awakening that I used is the most suitable for conveying the essence of what had happened, because after it I myself, being present and well aware of my place in this world, looked at the surrounding reality in full measure, and the memories of the previous events became perceived only as a very realistic dream.

    Where many of the various interesting details that had been captured in it had now become logically interconnected.

    I did not need to ask myself where to go, as the events began to manifest themselves in such a way that the necessary sequence of actions began to be easily seen.

    In those days I met on the street the director of an art school that I knew, an elderly man of a kind and gentle nature.

    During my conversation with him, I learned that he possessed some kind of extrasensory abilities, and that he regularly visited a group of ufologists.

    I went there to get acquainted with such enthusiastic people with an unconventional perception of the world.

    It was my first meeting with those who were willing to learn what I was now ready to give!

    And after that meeting I had my first disciple, Vladimir, who in the beginning always accompanied me to all my meetings at that time!

    In that group which he attended and where I immediately noticed him, he had proven himself with the ability to kind of see and communicate with those who identified themselves as representatives of outer space.

    So such a person, with such very exotic abilities for that period of time, found himself next to me, having made a choice of his own.

    And after the above mentioned first meeting, one day a peculiar event took place, which had its specific effect on the ongoing Accomplishment.

    I find it favorable to touch upon this, as it also gives an explanation of what some of you have already asked.

    As Vladimir himself, who was staying at my house at that moment, was telling afterwards, his so-called extrasensory powers allowed him unexpectedly to see an unusual for him appearance of a good-looking old man, who introduced himself as one of the well-known prophets of the Old Testament.

    Through Vladimir he conveyed to me, in a poetic and elaborate form, a kind of recognition in which, among other things, was expressed the advice that I should use the name Vissarion, with which, considering later, I saw it favourable to agree.

    Subsequently, during the first few years, while Vladimir invariably followed me in all my journeys connected with my numerous meetings with people, I got to know various specific information, which was voiced by Vladimir from an unknown to me source.

    This information often reflected the events of the distant past, of that very First Accomplishment, as well as the probable events, which supposedly could affect the people living nowadays.

    Such information one can regard as one likes, for it does not have any definitive character, but has only a psychologically supporting character.

    One may believe or not in the veracity of this information, as no responsibility from this can rest on the people living today, and such information is not intended to be used for corrective purposes.

    I have already told you in my Teaching about the principles which explain why in your next incarnation the specific structural information, which the consciousness of your previous natural body had accumulated, cannot stay with you during your new reincarnation.

    The unique, structural energy-informational field of the soul cannot in principle store the information, which is characteristic to the heterogeneous field typical for the consciousness of the physical body.

    When I obtain a new body I will also not be able to have in the consciousness of the new body characteristic information about my past.

    Concerning the past, only sensual reactions are possible, which will be already characteristic to what is in principle able to be accumulated in the structure of the soul.

    Therefore, when I became acquainted with the information about various details which allegedly had taken place in my past, I could only note how I reacted to these or those references at the sensual level, but I could not verify them as accurate information.

    Some of the details were more exciting and seemed very familiar to me, others were less exciting, but there were also some that did not resonate in my senses at all.

    The only thing I could assess accurately was to what extent the essence of what I had supposedly said at that ancient time did not contradict myself, and what had not been imprinted in such a form anywhere afterwards.

    Such information at that point of time was probably only needed by me, for after such an awakening I began to naturally feel a certain sensual need to remember some things.

    And in that first year of the beginning of my Accomplishment, only once, unexpectedly, for a brief period of time, happened something that disturbed me for a moment by a strange and greatly altered rhythm of my heartbeat, as a result of the excitement.

    How you should regard this is up to you to decide, I just trusted you as someone who is called by all his being to be a friend to you!

    So, on one of those days, in the break between the meetings I was holding, I seemed to remember for a brief moment one circumstance: I was sitting on a stone bed in a small dark room with a slightly opened entrance doorway, through which the bright daylight was streaming in.

    And there was clearly something heavy and unpleasant in my head, as after an illness with a high fever.

    Such a brief and very exciting recognition occurred at that moment.

    Probably someone would have to come to that cave soon, but he would not find anyone and would be very excited…

    What was that and what moment was seen – on that you can fantasize as you like.

    But for me that moment was perceived as something very important, for I understood with all my senses what I had recollected in this way!

    Today, when my being has already been revealed strongly enough, I don’t care at all about what once might have happened.

    I only care about you and only about the present time!

    At that period I was inclined to consider extraneous information, to a certain extent trusting it, moreover that such information is not determinative or corrective, so it could not prevent me from doing what was mine and had nothing to do with my Teaching.

    I was ready not only to reveal to you the fullness of the Truth on which your spiritual development completely depends, but I was also ready to tell you certain things, that might have attracted my overly trusting attention at that time.

    At that period of time I perceived the world differently from the way I do now.

    After the accomplished awakening an irreversible sacrament of self-revelation began for me, and at first, some habitual human sensual manifestations were still clearly present.

    I even did not think that this kind of information will become a stumbling block for you and you will be able to react so primitively, due to the false images you have already created about me in your imagination.

    The traditionally existing assumptions tempt you to see the Teacher as all-knowing and all-seeing.

    But I am not like that!

    I only know precisely One thing – what holds in itself Everything directly concerning your spiritual development!

    For the rest you can easily deceive me, as I am inherently only capable of being very trusting of you.

    After all, in order to help you solve your particular problems, I am tuned to trust what you yourself will tell me about your difficulties.

    Which, in its turn, is called to be a special examination for you and on which the possibility of your full-fledged spiritual development depends.

    The degree of effectiveness of my help to you depends entirely on how properly you will be able to take it.

    I cannot know what exactly is going wrong inside you!

    Therefore, your destiny depends on how truthful you will be in front of me!

    I have everything you need for a full-fledged spiritual development!

    But the fate, which this exceptional period of time will bring, entirely depends on your own efforts and on your ability to derive what is vitally important for you from the conditional Horn of Plenty!

    I have not come to judge you, but to help you. But what way you will use this – that is how you alone will judge yourselves!

    But if at the same time you will also wisely bear in mind that there is no such thing as a coincidence, and if you at least allow yourself the thought of my authenticity, you should have no difficulty in making one simple logical parallel: Everything that would happen to me in such a case as the most probable manifestation would unequivocally have been taken into consideration beforehand!

    The scale of What’s Ongoing is too great and every detail, even the slightest one, will inevitably play a very significant role!



  • The Share of the Weak Person

    It’s freezing out the window. On the window glass in some places something intricate and elegant is being created in filigree strokes: either the Frost wants to cheer us up, or just to please. And the surface of the wooden constructions, when hit by the sun rays, sparkles as if covered in diamond crumb.
    Soon there will be the sequence of festive days with their mysterious and fabulous evenings, illuminated by fluttering candle lights and sparkles from the Christmas tree decorations … Well, in the meantime, suddenly, I was slightly enveloped in a lyrical mood.
    And so, being in the arms of this mood and browsing the news page from the expanses of the ubiquitous Internet, once again I came across a kind of soulfulness of one more sufferer about how Russia, where he had spent his life to a certain time, had allegedly turned into “…evil in its pure, unalloyed form”.
    Apparently, Yuri Nesterenko, the author of a huge article “Exodus”, written in the spirit of the above quotation, has got very tired of the overwhelming burden of his own visionary conclusions, which has prompted him to move to the bright lands of the wonderful country of America.
    In what a standard way does think a man, who has not yet succeeded in transforming his original egoistic features in the sense, that is predetermined by God for the beginning of normal life activity.

    In my practice I have to observe this standard continuously for more than one decade!

    Everybody likes to express in many words their anxiety about the well-being of all: mankind, the country, the like-minded people around, and even the Earth!
    It’s nice to pamper oneself with such a fantastic image of your heart, ostensibly burning for the good of all.

    But precisely this is the distinctive peculiarity particularly of the weak person!

    And in the society on this basis is also built the whole electoral system, in order to elect the most significant of those who, for some reason, really want to rule.

    Whither goest thou, man!
    People are endowed with the unique property of unrepeatedness in the perceiving of the surrounding reality, and that means – of comprehending it.

    Therefore, if you actively falsely accentuate your self-expression on the manifestation of this kind of concerns, then, in accordance with the laws of egoism, you will inevitably designate otherwise-thinking as potential pests!
    A distinctive feature of a spiritually weak person is his inclination to unambiguously idealize his own conclusions, and if he puts forward his ideas for the good of all, then any other ideas he will necessarily perceive as harmful, and those who put forward these ideas as enemies.

    A reasonable and sound comprehension of other ideas under such conditions, as a rule, cannot take place.

    Isn’t it this, what many people can observe every day in an environment of peculiarly popular egoists, divided among themselves into ideological groups and noisily debating about the good of their common country?

    However strange it may seem at first, the active and noisy concern for the good for all is based on spiritual weakness.

    It is this weakness that is the main reason for the strong temptation to criticize all people who think otherwise, and even strangers in general, and thus at least somehow to highlight and emphasize one’s own importance!

    A strong temptation to look for rubbish in the eyes of others, while in one’s own eyes have already been accumulated great deposits of all kinds of lumber.
    There is a strong temptation to save those who have other ideological insights, when unable to provide them with any reasonable argument; a temptation to give wisdom to those who have taken the helm of some state power, when unable to establish normal order in one’s own yard; a temptation to give hints and instructions to professionals, when unable to do anything at all; even a temptation to criticize the national characteristics of the representatives of other peoples.
    Just what kind of nonsense has not been displayed on the basis of the effort of the egoism of the weak human personality to assert its individual significance for the entire historical period of human life activity!
    However beautiful the slogans with extensive and sublime appeals may look, you should always remember that the Divine can only be comprehended and manifested through modesty and humility!
    The Divine does not appear when you try in every possible way to impose your supposedly right conclusions, accompanying them with convincing – in your opinion – arguments, but when your soulmates themselves, solely on their own will, will ask you to show them your correctness!
    In other words, he who comprehends humility worthily will never try to criticize and teach his soulmates until they themselves ask him for advice.
    The quality of every state, and of every country in general, fully corresponds to the quality of those who constitute it.
    For you, your country is not someone else who lives there!

    Your country – that is first of all you personally!

    If you tend to give a negative assessment of the country of your residence, then you should first give the same assessment to yourself!
    If you want your country to be really more interesting, then you begin to live interestingly yourself, but not in a way, that the saying about the bad dancer, whose pants are interfering, applies to you.

    You always have the opportunity to not repeat the stupid mistakes of many others!

    Remember that choosing a particular direction, you will inevitably have to accept the inherent characteristics of these directions, which may very well be in conflict with each other.
    For example, when choosing the main life priority between the accumulation of standard material values for the existing society and the accumulation of true spiritual values, you will definitely be obliged to choose one of the opposite directions, and so, to expect the same success in one and the other will be completely inappropriate!
    At the same time, you should not forget the historical experience, when regardless of how great is man’s material wealth or bread supply, it in no way guaranteed, and cannot guarantee at all, his spiritual well-being, but more often even the opposite.
    Space can only be changed by a practical example of changing oneself, not by empty, albeit sublime, words about some universal good!
    In conclusion, I would like to mention a humorous sketch that I have met, where someone from the tribune asks the multitude of people standing before him: “Do you want a change?” – and people indicated their agreement by raising their hands, and when this one asked: “do you want to change yourself?” – there wasn’t a single raised hand.
    You who believe in the justice of your experiences and the sublimity of your concerns, save at least yourselves and let others do this noble work on their own!
    Changing yourself for the better is just the only opportunity you have to make the World around you better!

    The share of the strong person is to ennoble the surrounding space of his residence without trying to prove anything!
    The share of the weak person is to criticize and complain loudly and verbally, trying to prove his own correctness!

  • Once Again About the Most Important

    I wrote the beginning of this address after I started writing the text itself.

    I saw the need to touch upon this subject back in November, but I was not allowed to approach it, if I may say so. I guess I was somewhat ahead of time (smile).

    And now, the new year has begun. From the first days I felt a distinct need and a readiness to emphasize once again something very important and in so doing to draw some special line.

    Soon after I began to write the appeal, I saw that it turns out to be peculiar, and when I touch upon such a topic it becomes more difficult for me to be sustained, because bitter emotions and heart pain begin to be clearly manifested.

    Since the theme that should be particularly emphasized refers to the vicious characteristic on which the great variety of wildness of human manifestations is founded.

    This characteristic is not just like a dangerous disease, but like a huge cancerous tumor that has infected the psyche of all mankind!

    And if you do not pay proper attention to this matter, the dreams of prosperity will remain just a daydream.

    Is it possible to draw a line beyond which faith in one’s own strength will unambiguously lead to perdition?

    Confidence in one’s own strength and self-confidence concern a person’s belief in the availability of sufficient self-confidence, but in the first case a positive meaning is implied, and in the second – a negative one.

    What becomes the reason of formation of psychological conditions for a man to display dangerous assessments of his own capabilities, given that in both positive and negative sense such assessments are equally sincere?

    Once, in that distant time, the first disciples heard the instruction “be humble”, but they did not even imagine how serious and extensive theme was then touched by such a brief instruction.

    It was not possible in antiquity to give a comprehensive explanation for this as well as for many other similar instructions within the time allotted.

    Therefore, being preserved as recorded brief texts, these instructions have naturally been covered over the centuries by a variety of interpretations, both correct and false, to which the atheists ironically point fingers, even without knowing that they criticize something irrelevant to the Truth.

    The main value of the sacrament of humility is its vocation to be a counterbalance to everything that man is able to manifest on the basis of his own egoistic self-affirmation!

    And since the originally developed egoistic features of man inevitably began to play a leading role in all his life manifestations, then the theme of humility also quite naturally became connected with all vital efforts of man himself.

    Hence, the theme of humility cannot be separated as a specific chapter in the Teaching of the Last Testament, for the very Teaching is the Teaching of humility.

    Everything – now, in the Last Testament – that concerns the life manifestations of man, as a rule, is intended to help man either to believe in himself or to temper his self-confidence, which is always based on the aspiration for egoistic self-affirmation of his own significance.

    To assert oneself in life, i.e. to find one’s own place of harmonious manifestation of one’s optimal usefulness and worthiness for others, is a normal manifestation.

    But the assertion of one’s own importance among one’s soulmates is an effort that will never allow you to mature normally spiritually!

    But after all, all established social institutions in the whole human society, which successfully continue to assert themselves to the present day, are unambiguously connected with the formation of the life arrangement of the human society on the basis of the principles of self-affirmation of one’ own significance!

    Therefore, I openly announce to all of you: as long as the well-known to you life arrangement exists, and it is of the same type for everybody on Earth, you are doomed to self-destruction!

    And the question is not even whether there will be any global war that could cause a global catastrophe.

    The only question is when this is going to happen.

    The technical level of development of mankind cannot be stopped, but under the conditions of a crazy striving for self-affirmation of one’s own dwarf significance, which is designed to help impose one’s own will and foolishness on the other competitors, such development will inevitably lead to disaster!

    After all, the achievements of scientific and technological progress are primarily aimed at improving the weapons of destruction and suppression, and the current level of such weapons already threatens the existence of the human race!

    Standard attempts to politically and economically resolve any conflicts – it’s just a game of unskilled doctor who, in the best case, can only skillfully choose a pill that reduces pain, but does not cure the disease itself.

    The beginning of the salvation of mankind lies in the understanding that all people on Earth, without exception, are representatives of one Family of one Heavenly Father!

    The sound understanding of this simple Truth can only be hindered by the primitive egoistic “show-off” of one’s own selectivity, uniqueness, or by some other delusional interpretation of one’s own imaginary significance!

    All people on Earth are equally valuable!

    It is time to grow up, representatives of the young human civilization, otherwise great woe awaits your senseless throws with loud revolutionary and equally senseless appeals!

    Look into the eyes of those around you. How many of them are real friends of yours, who, smiling at you, do not seek to see the relationship with you profitable and convenient for themselves?

    You are able to be lonely, even making family couples and having small children!

    And at the same time, you are so eager to prove your significance to everybody, which your soulmates try to ignore with persistent capriciousness and malice.

    In truth, anyone who out of blindness is able to claim the existence of injustice in the surrounding reality, is ignorant!

    You cannot be normal friends with each other and communicate peacefully just because you are afraid of each other!

    This fear quite naturally began to appear at the dawn of the beginning of the formation of the young human civilization, for the character of the beginning of life activity of the biological organism of man as well as of the animal organism is based on the natural principle of the survival of the stronger.

    And in the life activity of man, by virtue of the uniqueness of his sensual world, this principle inevitably acquired an extremely perverted form, wherefore man – over the centuries of his existence – could not escape from the state, which was designed to be characteristic only for the representative of the animal world, but not for the representative of the higher mind.

    Only in this state the worthiness of man is still much lower than the one of the representative of the animal world!

    For no animal can bring as much sorrow and perverted violence as man does!

    No animal is ever capable of leading the planet of its existence to such terrible consequences in relation to the natural values!

    You perceive your soulmates as probable rivals, and are extremely afraid of being small in front of them, for you realize, and not without reason, that they, as a rule, will necessarily laugh at you and use you to their advantage!

    But you are not aware that the presence of these fears unequivocally speaks about your inclination to react analogously in such conditions.

    Remember, the one who aspires to be more significant than the others inevitably cultivates in himself a vicious predisposition to disdainfully ridicule and judge those whose thoughts and opinions differ from his own.

    And if you do not start a righteous self-education of your spiritual being, you will be in principle unable to become one Nation – Family, and to keep you in the state of any order will still be possible only by a forcible influence and, forgive me for the expression, by muzzles.

    But then – you are all doomed!

    Without touching the already formed specific organizations, which naturally emerged as a characteristic fruit in the conditions of unhealthy development of the society, it is necessary to clarify that humility clearly implies the complete absence of any imposing on the soulmates of what you can assume as necessary for them!

    This is only permissible in the case of child-rearing, where the measure of imposing naturally depends on the wisdom of the parent or the educator.

    Humility unambiguously implies a complete absence in you not only of striving, but even the inclination to demonstrate to your soulmates either your cleverness, authority, or some other similar “nonsense”!

    Such a demonstration is being easily displayed when you are trying to demonstrate your purported educational background and alleged competence in an environment where no one is interested in your opinion.

    Humility unambiguously implies the complete absence of even the inclination in you to somehow recognize yourself as ostensibly superior to any of your neighbors, not to mention the primitive attempts to practically show it by means of words!

    Humility unambiguously implies the complete absence of even an inclination to recognize the social group to which you belong as the best among analogous social entities, and, which is even worse and deceitful, as a God-chosen!

    The Heavenly Father will never praise any group among all his children, because it will always be devastating!

    And, of course, humility unambiguously implies the complete absence in those who call themselves believers of the Great God of even the inclination to somehow demonstrate their supposedly most correct interpretation of the Truth of God, for the correct sharing of such an interpretation is possible only if your soulmate, according to your doings, wishes himself to ask you about it!

    Moreover, the humble man realizes clearly that his soulmate, who has a different understanding of the sacred mysteries, may well have a more perfect understanding.

    The humble man also realizes well that if he himself cannot share the same understanding because of the possible scarcity of his mind, then, to continue to keep his previous faith will be a deed that pleases God.

    Only time can help to better understand the Divine things, but not the emotional momentary egoistic fervor of a self-confident brainiac!

    In evaluating the actions of the soulmates, especially if these actions contradict your comprehension, you tend to immediately viciously try to view such type of manifestation, which can only be characteristic of a pest.

    But if you keep a predisposition to rush to see in the actions of the others hostile manifestations, it means that you will also be hastily perceived as an enemy.

    The conflict between enemies provokes a war!

    Therefore, if you have a tendency to hastily see the actions of your neighbors as hostile manifestations, then you are one of the real sources that actively fuel the beginning of the militant madness!

    The desire to assert one’s own significance is manifested in almost every detail of life, in everyday life and family relations, as well as in the public activities, where with every successful affirmation man becomes more and more proud of such achievements of his own.

    But exactly such your aspiration to the vicious self-affirmation inevitably and unequivocally forces you to see in your soulmate a rival and competitor!

    And rivals cannot be friends in principle!

    Therefore, the voice of each person sounds like a voice crying in the wilderness!

    There are many soulmates around you, but you’re lonely!

    The few specific characteristics of humility, mentioned above, can be listed very long, but this address was not created with such a purpose, for then it would be necessary to duplicate again the whole Last Testament, in which, for more than twenty years now, has already been captured a sufficient abundance of concrete instructions.

    This appeal has been formed on the basis of the urgent need to place a special emphasis on the vitally important utmost concentration of your attention towards the realization of the sacrament of humility!

    Without a practical comprehension of humility, there is no sense to speak about the success of the spiritual formation!

    And the unique feature of humility is such, that no one has the right to teach his soulmates humility, by means of the consciously provided for this conditional training temptations!

    In conclusion, I would like to add a little bit that humility unambiguously implies a complete absence of indignation in you about all the reality around you and, above all, about what your neighbors are doing!

    The neighbors, in their carelessness, may well bring you bitter experiences, but you should not allow yourself to judge and scold them, and try to solve the problems that arise by reasonable and righteous methods.

  • A Little Bit about the Essence of the Common Family

    This appeal is mainly addressed to those who are really striving to fully develop their spiritual nature and try in practice to comprehend in every possible way the relevant characteristic lessons.

    I would like to once again emphasize a little bit the main essence of what can only allow to fully implement the practice of spiritual perfection.

    But first of all, let me remind you once again of something globally important!

    Mankind is able to develop normally exclusively through the positive collective interaction of the people with each other!
    And a normal positive interaction is possible only in one case: when man completely ceases to perceive his soulmate as a potential rival, and so completely stops being afraid of him.

    The level of Norm, up to which man is still trying to rise in his development, and from which only the beginning of full-fledged activity of all mankind is possible, unequivocally implies the full trust of people to each other.

    Under such condition the field consciousness of each separate man will in a certain way cooperate with the analogous field of each other person on the whole surface of the Earth which will allow a favorable formation of the Uniform Field of Consciousness of all mankind.
    Such a Uniform Field of Consciousness completely excludes the need to create all kinds of management structures that you are familiar with throughout the history of your life activity!

    All this, which is familiar to you, will one day be fairly perceived as something extremely primitive, but which at this time is still capable of bringing some benefit.
    All kinds of governing structures, though inevitably capable – in their natural manifestation – of hindering the normal spiritual development , are also capable of significantly hindering the violent growth of extremely dangerous manifestations of negative things, to which the overwhelming majority of representatives of mankind still continues to be predisposed.

    So, a normal development of mankind unequivocally implies such psychological environment, when it is possible to speak about mankind as a certain Common Family, instead of a gathering of peoples eternally competing for superiority, the essence of which proceeds from the characteristic primitive vital activity of representatives of the animal world only!
    What could prevent the above mentioned ideal Oneness from becoming?

    Only a false desire to survive by asserting your own worth, which constantly creates a strong predisposition to perceive your soulmates as rivals who, pursuing the same goal, only hope at the first mistake of your own to immediately use it against you.

    What can be the only effective counterbalance to the unhealthy desire to prove your importance to your soulmates?
    Only a worthy comprehension of the mystery of humility!

    The desire to comprehend the full measure of humility on one’s own is senseless!

    You have been born to live together with each other, and therefore you already have everything you need for the proper spiritual development.

    All that remains is to properly place emphasis on everything that already surrounds you.

    It is senseless to assume a full-fledged development without the proper corresponding interaction with each other!
    The full-fledged development implies the greatest possible variety of life issues, in the solution of which you take united efforts!

    Therefore, at some point in your acquaintance with the numerous nuances on which your spiritual development directly depends, I have shown you the need to proceed with the formation of the Uniform Family.

    Where you will naturally face the necessity to solve together almost all life tasks.
    At the same time, the more of you will take part in the formation of the Uniform Family, the more extensively all your fears and complexes will inevitably be revealed, which is an especially favorable condition for the full-fledged and all-inclusive spiritual development in the beneficial direction!

    Of course, the formation of the Uniform Family, inevitably implies also that kind of activities, which will be able to meet your physiological and household needs, which is vitally important for survival, but can not be important for your spiritual development.

    The fate of all mankind depends entirely on the spiritual aspect of life activity of each person!
    Therefore, a primary role in the formation of One Common Family are to play mainly the issues that are directly related to the spiritual sphere, rather than to what you are able to see as the main priorities due to the naturally formed characteristic attitude to the surrounding reality.

    All your attempts to express your own idea of the image of the Common Family will inevitably be reduced to conclusions comparable either to the notion of “collective farm” or to some interest clubs.

    What I have been observing so far for many years, both among those who are already actively participating in the formation of the Common Family, and among the wandering lonely philosophers, whose completely wrong statements on this topic fill the Internet pages in abundance.
    All your supposedly progressive ideas, that I have heard and read so far, concerning the correct organization of the internal order of the Common Family, have absolutely nothing to do with the main values of the very essence of the Common Family!

    And it couldn’t be any other way, because during all your history you still have never tried to create conditions for your interaction with each other according to the principle, which I am trying to introduce to you now.

    It is extremely difficult for man to correctly conceive of something that is designed to break down the characteristic life interests, which have been originally formed in his psyche.
    So, my dear progressors, restrain the horses of your egoism and stop trying to wave the stick of the ghost banner, which you really want to wave with a clever expression, but, believe me, such your passion can only cause a smile!

    As long as you have the living Teacher by your side, you continue to have unique conditions in which you can positively stabilize your more or less proper understanding of the true values of the Common Family formation.

    The main thing now is that you should be able to correctly understand the basic features of building of the Common Family!
    Since the first time when I began to reveal to you the necessity of forming One Common Family, I have also given some directional guidelines regarding your household sphere, which I usually do relying on your maximum potential.

    But what turned out to be another news to me in getting familiar with you was that you could not sustainably demonstrate your maximum potential; and later I had to consider and introduce some additional softening guidelines for you.

    So, the very issue of the household management, which implies the skillful use of practical organizational skills and abilities, may well be permanently solved in different ways, depending on the real given capabilities of those who constitute the One Family.
    The main value of the Common Family is to be found in the fact how fully you strive to solve all life’s problems together, and how exactly you will do it!

    In order to define “how exactly” I will give everything you need, but the fullness of your participation in all this and your zealous aspiration to do everything you have taken from me correctly already depend only on you!

    The difficulty of forming a real Common Family can only depend on your incompetent temporary attempts to comprehend the problematic elements on your own, which will prevent you from asking me relevant and really necessary questions.
    But all this temporality also refers to the predictable unavoidable school program, and in this respect you still have the opportunity to get all the necessary explanations.

    If there are people, who are normally going indeed, then all the difficulties are passable!
    Now, I would like to draw some parallels in order to allow you to evaluate more accurately a certain circumstance related to you, which you traditionally tend to perceive in an illusory manner, which cannot be good for you.
    You need to stop allowing yourself to get rashly complex about the possibility of correctly assessing your position on the Path of spiritual development.

    For the more truthfully you will be able to assess your manifestations, the more correctly you will be able to find the favorable direction of applying the necessary efforts.

    Do not forget that each of you is given something that exactly you have to meet and try to solve correctly, and all the favorability of the development of your destiny fully depends on the feasibility of what has been measured for you.

    That is, if you have really used all your opportunities and applied all your strength to the positive decision of the life task that has emerged before you, then regardless of the result that you can see, you have done everything correctly!
    Observing your manifestations regarding the self-determination as believers, I can divide your manifestations into three characteristic categories.

    One category includes those who have not yet made a final choice, but who are watching with some interest.

    The actions of the people belonging to this category are characterized by a kind of selective digging in what they have come into contact with from the unfolding Teaching, where they first hasten to follow only what they mostly enjoy, and the rest is being postponed.

    At the same time, they are often tempted to take a critical look at what has been postponed, which in itself is a complete absurdity and foolishness, for the new truths can only be properly comprehended in practice, by carefully following them, but by no means theoretically!
    The next category includes those who are ready to put all their strength into a worthy following of the truths of spiritual development, but are in such life circumstances, that defensibly retain them in their former place.

    This is when, precisely in accordance with the Truth, such believers either cannot give up their responsibility for someone which impedes the full realization of their spiritual aspiration, or a certain physical disability or other material possibilities cannot yet be changed independently in the desired direction.

    The third category already includes those who in practice try to completely fulfill what is designated as the most favorable for all believers!

    The formation of the Common Family is precisely the most favourable opportunity!
    Faith without deeds, which definitely means practice, is dead!

    From here you should now be able to draw a truthful conclusion about yourself.

    Those who belong to the above mentioned first category cannot refer to believers anyway, but they can feel sensual inclination to consider themselves believers.

    This category may comprise either those who have recently begun to study the Teaching, or representatives of the third category who at some stage have independently ceased to participate in full-fledged development and began to stay in that position, looking for allegedly justifiable reasons.
    Always keep in mind that fateful tasks are set before each of you at the moment when you have the most favorable potential for the correct solution of these tasks!

    If you are hesitant or lazy, the more you delay taking the necessary decision, the less capable you will become not only to take it, but also in general to follow worthily what such a decision entails.

    It is not so important to me what category you belong to, for I will always be ready to consider what kind of help I can give you!
    But it is of utmost importance for you to assess your own manifestations correctly, so that you do not resemble hypocrites by ignorance, that is being displayed among the traditional believers everywhere!

    Hypocrisy is when on words you try to show zeal in your beliefs, but in reality it is quite easy to see consciously manifested negligence in this regard!

    A true believer will never miss the opportunity to change something in himself in accordance with the truths which are revealed before him!
    Do not be afraid that you may not be able to correspond to the believer!

    Your beneficial development depends not only on whether you can be considered a believer, but also on how fully you carry out the things you can!

    Be afraid mainly of deceiving yourselves, for you can never deceive the laws of Harmony!

    The essence of the ongoing Accomplishment is not that there should appear a certain number of new believers, who regularly participate in liturgies, but that you should – based on the practice of close interaction – necessarily begin to lay the foundation for the proper relationships, as the basis for the necessary formation of an already normal human society!
    And this is possible only within the given for you direction of formation of One Common Family!

  • Break

    Before I make my general statement, I will mention first one simple experience that you may have well encountered in your life.

    If you, having a desire to create a homogeneous solution, pour a handful of heterogeneous, similar to each other small particles into a water tank, and then begin to actively shake that mixture, you can see that in the process of shaking the whole solution will look monochrome and homogeneous.

    But it will only be visibility.
    As soon as the shaking is stopped, it will be possible to observe over time the situation when will be seen not only the homogeneous solution, but also the fallen precipitate of heavier particles and floating lightweight particles, forming the foam.

    The fallen particles, as well as the floating particles, have not been able to dissolve.

    Something similar also happens in the life of the human society.
    The ability of people properly, i.e. spiritually to dissolve in their common mass, can create the only favorable conditions for the formation of a uniform field of consciousness, which is a distinctive feature of the full-fledged Uniform Family of the human race.
    But the false understanding of his egoistic features inevitably creates a practically insurmountable obstacle in front of man on the way, which is designed to bring the man to a worthy cognition of the required above mentioned dissolving.

    I have already emphasized it many times, but I will return to it once again and mention, that the historical process of the beginning of the formation of the human personality was inevitably connected with the living conditions in which the whole animal world develops.
    The instinct of self-survival has become the major motive for the application of characteristic efforts in the entire life activity of man!

    And this has been successfully maintained to this day.

    The entire life arrangement of human society across the Earth has always been formed on the very same foundation of the designated instinct.

    That is, however strange it may sound, but mankind constantly, with enviable persistence is striving to live as a representative of the animal world.

    And the whole so-called civilization of such a society, as a rule, is reduced to the fact that man implements his animal instincts with much more intelligence, resourcefulness and cunning, which is not accessible to the animals.

    People undergo tremendous suffering and massive death not because of the animal activity, but only due to their own perverted manifestations!

    The main vital priority in all human manifestations has become his unrestrained, immoderate and obsessive desire to assert his significance in his environment with no regard for anything!
    Moreover, in initially formed and successfully continuing to exist specific system of life arrangement of the whole human society the increase of the individual significance is able to provide additional bonuses, both in the form of material conditional values and possibilities of more comfortable survival.

    This became the primary goal in life for the overwhelming majority of the representatives of mankind!

    But, as a matter of a fact, any attempt to affirm one’s own significance absolutely contradicts the Law of spiritual development of man!

    If you look around attentively, you can easily notice that to have an increased importance and to be a really good and wise man is not one and the same thing at all.

    And it has always been like that during the entire history of human existence!

    Just do not confuse the person who is seeking to increase his significance with a really good person, in contact with the good manifestations of whom, the people around him themselves give him significance.

    The affirmation of significance is always based on the competitive process!

    Depending on this process, you have a vivid need to show, either to everyone or to someone else, that you are smarter, stronger, more beautiful and other nonsense of this kind. And when you still find at least the slightest, in your opinion, confirmation of this, here you may not even notice how you begin to look down on your neighbor or neglect him.
    And in communication with someone who, in your opinion, loses to you in importance, you start to behave condescendingly, and get noticeably nervous when your interlocutor does not understand your reasoning, which, admittedly, not only can be quite unskillfully expressed, but can also be generally stupid.

    I can confidently say that in all spheres of human activity you are constantly facing manifestations of such kind of psycho-type!
    Assuming a certain vertical vector, showing the desired growth or conditional development, it would be reasonable to realize that the acquisition of ever greater significance mainly correlates with moving downwards.
    So this is still a question – precisely who of you is actually higher!
    The competitive process in your life is always connected with the unconscious craving to identify the wrong actions of those with whom you interact, because it can create the impression that you can be better than them.

    And such a naturally manifested initially primitive craving, which the entire society has cultivated for centuries, made of you a kind of professional negative seekers.
    And it has inevitably turned out that many of you are more inclined to identify negatives in each other than virtues, which definitely creates an atmosphere of wariness and alienation.
    Moreover, depending on the peculiarities of the competitive process, when you begin to strive to do something better than, in your opinion, someone else does, due to the existence of a certain degree of spiritual scarcity, you begin to experience not just a corresponding by force temptation to rejoice at the failures of the conditional competitors, but also a temptation to cause harm to them.

    And such primitive manifestations, very far from being reasonable, you may well observe everywhere at all levels of social activities.
    I think that many of those who read the Last Testament carefully have already guessed that the inability of people to dissolve in a uniform psychological environment is solely due to their fear of losing their individuality, after which their significance will allegedly no longer be seen, and therefore, worthily assessed.
    In this regard, two types of such individualists should be mentioned: the first, who with their talent can show the world really interesting discoveries, both in science and art, and the second, who just think that they better understand the processes in society.
    Among these two categories may well manifest themselves hybrid phenomena as well, this is when a person who has achieved a universal recognition in this or that sphere of specific skills on the wave of reverence begins to consider himself entitled to determine also the correctness of development of all other social processes.
    Representatives of the first type, as a rule, have a tendency not to think at all about what is happening around them, because their own enthusiasm takes them with their heads.
    But representatives of the second type can be very dangerous to the stability of the development of the society!
    Since this type of people feels the need not only to convince other brethren in the greatest correctness of their own conclusions, but also to be willing to impose them in various ways, up to the explicit manifestation of force aggression.

    It is necessary to realize and remember well that all, without exception, revolutions, revolts and all kinds of coups have been made exactly by people of this second type!

    And if it is also well understood that the essence of life arrangement has been established exactly by such individualists, then all other attempts to change the details of such life arrangement by means of any revolutionary ideas are absolutely useless efforts, because the result would inevitably be similar to the one, from which there have been attempts to escape!
    If you take a closer look at least at the facts, which you have learned from the history of the development of the entire human society, you will be well able to see the confirmation of this!

    Forgive me, please, but in this connection it would be appropriate to ask a peculiar question: how much are you still going to remain stupid, brave Mankind?!

    In order to break out of such a destructive vicious circle, a peculiar break should take place in man, which the egoistic basis of every person is especially afraid of.

    If man does not correctly make the necessary efforts in full compliance with the Truth, then any of his other manifestations, which he designates as spiritual practices, will be more correct to designate as a game in spirituality!
    Such a game, in fact, has the same incommensurable difference from the true spiritual development as the children’s game with toy soldiers from a real war.

    For you, the desire to create a true unity among all of you on Planet Earth should definitely become incomparably more important than your desire to demonstrate and prove to each other how good and unique you are!

    You have been born to interact in an interesting way, both with each other and with all the surrounding reality, rather than to demonstrate to everyone the greatest brightness and uniqueness of your individual efforts in this interaction.
    Remember that at the beginning of my meetings with you I gave you a commandment telling you not to seek to destroy the created, but to try to peacefully create a parallel alternative.

    Truly, I will tell you that this cannot be realized only by selfish narcissists, who predictably choose the path of senseless experiences, plunging with their heads into the abyss of aggressive indignation and sarcasm.

    Returning to the experience of shaking mentioned at the beginning, I would like to emphasize a little that those of you who really began to acquire a predisposition to create true Oneness, as a rule, cease to depend on the opinion of the others about themselves and do not show anger.

    For anger, which implies condemnation and the desire to punish, cannot be righteous in principle!
    Therefore, the really true believers are primarily characterized by the absence of manifestations of anger!

  • Time of the Beast

    Once the believers have heard about the image that every tree is being recognized by its fruits, for a bad tree cannot bear good fruits.
    All of you are able to realize correctly enough that the principal feature of life activity of representatives of the animal world is based on the survival only at the expense of the weaker representatives both of their own species and other species of various organisms.
    For those who are associated by man with the world of the beasts, this is really vital and this kind of life activity is elementary controlled by Harmony.

    The significance of the beast is characterized by its physical characteristics, which are expressed either by bright colors, or by a large size and physical strength, etc., which, if naturally needed, it will willingly demonstrate.

    All this represents the fundamental path of the beast, whose egoistic sensual world is balanced in such a way, that its physical manifestations would not exceed the admissible boundaries of Nature’s harmony.
    The predator will not show aggression if he is not openly threatened and he is well fed.

    The characteristic feature of the life activity of the representatives of the animal world can be designated as the Road of the Beast.

    But the vital activity of man is designed to be characterized not by the animal qualities, but the human ones.

    The Road of the Beast and the Road of Man have in their essence a very significant difference.

    The biological organism of man is endowed with instincts by analogy with what all the other representatives of the animal world possess, but the very feature of man is intended to be characterized not by the physical characteristics, as it is unambiguously designed to happen in animals, but by the quality of his sensual world.

    The sensual world precisely of man is unique and is able to manifest itself with an unprecedentedly greater strength and breadth.

    Only if this unique potential is not being brought to the necessary harmony, then all this power, as an excessive force, not foreseen by the laws of nature’s balance, will inevitably be directed to the sphere of activity of the instincts.
    And then, in what animals can feel the measure and easily keep themselves within the boundaries allowed by the harmony, it is the man who will inevitably acquire a very strong predisposition to strive to bring the satisfaction of his instincts to extremely ugly perversions.
    That is, for a man with such a predisposition, the importance of satisfying his egoistic desire will become so great, that in his aspirations he will be able to allow himself to easily cross all the permissible reasonable and safe limits.

    Within the limits of the harmony of the Nature of the Earth such a circumstance can only mean that whoever man thinks he is, with such harmful spiritual qualities, he, regarding his usefulness, cannot reach even the level of the representatives of the animal world!

    Regrettably, we should truly admit that the human society on the Earth is still persistently trying to stay in the position of the most dangerous and harmful virus!

    In its essence, the genuine animal need to assert its significance, which for animals is really vital, in humans, without a proper spiritual formation, can be displayed in wildest scales and consequences.

    All of you now have ample opportunities to witness an avalanche of unbridled growth of all this abomination!

    And if a society traditionally cultivates the necessity to prove and assert its significance, which is easily seen in the manifestations of both secular and religious society, then it can be interpreted as a landmark phenomenon unambiguously characterizing such a society as striving to follow the Path of the Beast!

    Unreasonable, inadequately manifested aggression in relations in such a society will be as a matter of course!

    I think that in this connection it will not be difficult to correctly characterize the entire history of human life activity as the Time of the Beast.
    But this should not always be the same, for it is an apparent pathology in the development of human society!

    The road of Man is absolutely incompatible with even the slightest need to demonstrate his egoistic significance, to which directly relate all the attempts at least a little to emphasize either his allegedly higher or advantageous position, or a certain inferiority of someone else!
    Any attempt in thoughts, words, or any other actions to emphasize one’s supposedly higher or better position in relation to someone else is a clear sign of a narrow mind and spiritual scarcity!

    Quo Vadis, man?
    Isn’t it time to seriously consider the need to begin to fundamentally deviate from the Road of the Beast?

    The less beast features you have, the more humane you will be!

    But, in order that this could happen, all of you need now to thoroughly reconsider your understanding of the peculiarities of your spiritual development.

    For any supposedly spiritual practices, rituals and other established traditional primitive ideas about God are not directly related to the peculiarities of the spiritual development.

    Spiritual development actually includes any efforts of man, which he allows himself to show in respect to any manifestations of people, as well as the entire surrounding reality!
    But above all, the most important thing is how you react to the actions displayed by any other person in any circumstances.

    Precisely where you have begun to feel embarrassment and dissatisfaction with the manifestations of some person, that is where the next correction of your personal spiritual values begins!

    From the way you allow yourself to react to something in the actions of those, with whom you have come into contact, in you will immediately appear some processes of either development or degradation.

    And it will have absolutely nothing to do with how much and how interestingly you talk about God or how accurately and often you perform various rituals.

    Therefore, spiritual development is very much like exact sciences and refers to the most favorable efforts that you need to manifest in relation to something that you have come into contact with in particular circumstances.
    This law is one for all the people and does not depend on their national or any other specific features of their different beliefs!
    Since for all the people on Earth without exception God is one, then to develop normally they will be able only by making proper efforts in moving together to one most accurate direction.
    In all times, as a rule, you’ve been trying to follow the egoistic motives, which has been logical and inevitable, therefore the various tragedies happened to be unavoidable.
    Now it is already of vital need to change this pernicious tendency, although it is extremely difficult!
    And this is possible!
    For the past thirty years (without a year), I have already managed to give you all an unprecedented amount of necessary knowledge concerning human behavioral characteristics.
    The limits of this amount depend solely on your ability to touch upon something new in your life.

    In the meantime, I have to wait for the moment when you will cease to be so stubbornly clever and engage in completely senseless discussions concerning both my personality and all sorts of Sacred topics.

    I can assure you that regarding all this, you have not yet any correct ideas.

    In your opinions you still have an opportunity to lean on extremely primitive traditional images and interpretations formed by a medieval level of consciousness.

    Which has predictably become a fertile soil for the violent development of atheism.
    The auspiciousness of the development of your destiny now depends on how quickly some of you will be able to get out of the pernicious embrace of the rapidly increasing and uncontrollably spreading avalanche of unlawfulness, lies and inhumanity!

    And this now directly depends on your ability to undertake reasonable efforts to objectively reflect on the Knowledge provided to you and to make the corresponding efforts to retain yourself from the pernicious temptations of hardening your heart!

    The choice can be made only by you!

  • Chipization

    Recently I began to frequently encounter with your questions about the alleged chipization of the global population, and now I see it favourable to touch upon this issue in a bit more detail.

    For the more comprehensive understanding of what you are concerned about in these questions, I will answer on a slightly broader plane, and for this reason I will make a short tour to the times of the beginning of the development of human civilization.

    In that distant period, conventionally designated as stone age, the young humanity began its life-activity according to the same principle, as many representatives of the animal world, possessing an instinctive predisposition to gather in flocks.

    Man, in addition to this natural instinctive predisposition, has also in his soul a basic predestination, predetermining a full-fledged spiritual development only through collective interaction.

    The principle of uniting in a collective, both in animals and in ancient people, has always depended directly on the presence of the greatest physical strength.

    And depending on the presence of a special thinking and creative capabilities in man, the collectives of representatives of mankind inevitably began to acquire a multi-complex character.

    But the principle of life-activity both in the animal flocks and in man’s society, has always been based on the cult for power!

    The cult for power is always based on a natural regularity, designed to help the survival in wild conditions.

    The formula “the fittest survives” is a norm in wildlife conditions.

    This condition is intended to contribute to the successful development of all species of the animal world.

    But man is not equal to the representatives of the animal world.

    What in animals proceeds naturally in a strictly balanced manner, precisely in man can obtain dangerous perversions.

    Based on the cult of power, human society should inevitably be formed totalitarian!

    Under the conditions of survival, when there are potentially dangerous associations of other people around, who also, depending on the egoistic motivation, are inclined to consider only the representatives of their tribe worthy, and to view all the rest as a probable victim, the totalitarian system is the most viable.

    Such a system implies strict control and an organization of egoistically motivated representatives of their society, prone to disobedience.

    The strict organization is designed to compel for doing all, that the one who has the greatest power and is ruling this society considers most favourable for the society.

    This is an indispensable rule of wild relationship, where there are predators and victims.

    Precisely this totalitarian system in all societies throughout the Earth, with a varying success in overcoming the standard, easily predictable difficulties, has managed to survive till this fateful period.

    All this historical period of development of the human society, where to this day are being manifested some monstrous deeds in human relationship, happened to be inevitable.

    The essence of the existing system always needs to satisfy the egoistic interest of the representatives of the society, in order that they continued to preserve the integrity of the society and sustained its viability.

    That is, the integrity of each such society is founded completely on compelling, based on the creation of dependence on the material values, with the help of both forceful and ideological influence!

    And a characteristic feature in the foundation of a society on spiritual principles should be the complete absence of selfish motivation and any compelling.

    In a society, based on spiritual principles, people do not interact on conditions of mutual interest, which is a priority in all conditionally civilized societies, but on an inner need to be useful for others.

    Therefore, the existing totalitarian system in its essence is undoubtedly destructive for the true spiritual values.

    But until in the world continue to exist various societies, separated from each other exclusively on the egoistic principles of the specific interpretation of their own significance, which creates conditions for preservation of the probability of arising a war conflict according to the formula “predator – victim”, the continuing of the existence of the totalitarian system can be in some way justified.

    And so, the increase of the control over the activity of all the representatives of this society will continue to be justified, where in the specific psychological atmosphere will always be displayed disagreement, capable of bringing the artificially kept unity to disintegration.

    The scientific and technical progress should invariably contribute to the extension and strengthening of the possibilities to control.

    To put it simply, for the existing system and the continuing to exist specific attitudes to the whole surrounding reality, the discussed in the society chipization can be considered the most suitable for establishing the required for such a system balance and obedience.

    Taking into consideration that such electronic devices can be constantly improved and programmed, any criminal activity can be very effectively suppressed in this way.

    The chip itself, as any other device or substance, be it an implant or an artificial heart, is not able to affect directly the human soul in a negative way.

    Moreover, such a chip should not be associated with some mythical seal of antichrist.

    In this connection it would be more correct to draw a parallel between serving the antichrist and serving the mammon, which people have already been successfully doing for many centuries.

    And what is connected to the subject of chipization opens up the most effective opportunities to deprive man of freedom of choice completely.

    But there is one extraordinary life-defining circumstance, from which during this period of time the fate of all mankind begins to be directly decided.

    The full-fledged spiritual development unequivocally implies the presence of a definite favourable degree of freedom of choice, which is difficult to be provided in the conditions of a totalitarian system.

    Now, the scientific and technological development and the complete absence of correct guidelines in perceiving the true spiritual values, have created a very attractive temptation to establish at last a very convenient interaction in the totalitarian society, the way in which a certain group of spiritually immature individuals is capable of seeing this.

    After all, somebody has decided, that such a situation will be convenient, being at that absolutely unaware of those values, solely on which depends the possibility of man to become a Man!

    So, if with the help of some electronic influence people will be deprived of freedom of choice to such extent, that the favourable for continuing the normal spiritual development range of manifestation of freedom of choice can be lost, then the very necessity of continuing the life of mankind can completely loose its meaning.

    Mankind has come close to the final milestone and has openly begun to challenge what is Predetermined by the Heavenly Father!

    Everything has its price!

    Time to scatter stones, and time to collect them!

    The fate of the existing habitual system can only be one  –  destruction!

    Time has come to begin to reconsider on a large scale the values of spiritual development!

    Everything necessary for such a reconsideration is already available!

    To continue to develop normally on Earth will be able only one People, which is able to realize, that only peace-making Uniform Humanity has the right to represent planet Earth, and not belligerent egoistic representatives of various nationalities!

    The Heavenly Father is One and His children are one whole!

  • What is going on?

    Over the last few days I heard from some believers, living in remote cities, that there has been shown some interest in asking me about the exciting events, taking place in the world today.

    I am well aware of the fact, that the alarming events happening now, especially concerning the various circumstances related to the spread of the dangerous virus, can seriously disturb you.

    But at first I did not feel a keen desire to answer the question you are raising, and only over time did it seem favourable to, nevertheless, touch a little upon this issue from a definite side.

    Only in this topic I will rather remind of something, than reveal new things, which you are, as I understand, mainly inclined to expect.

    The primary value of my creation does not refer to the need of focusing your attention on what dangerous difficulties are possible on your life path.

    This kind of information can only be partially useful, but not for the spiritual development, which precisely for mankind is intended to be a priority.

    My task is first of all to help you re-direct as much as possible your efforts in a vital, life-saving for you direction.

    Not in the case, when you need to prepare in a definite way for certain temporary difficulties, characteristic of a particular place, like floods, fires or some sorts of corona-viruses, but when the very fate of your society should be decided.

    If, in the cases with probable floods, fires or something like that sufficient narrowly focused characteristic professional efforts are required, then in the case, when the fate of mankind is to be decided, the main attention should be paid precisely to the psychological features of the relationship of a person with a person.

    It will be vital to pay close attention to what the psychological well-being of the social formation depends on.

    If such a circumstance will be properly solved (and this is possible exclusively when all kinds of probable actions in any relations among the people will maximally correspond to the Truth), then such social formation will acquire greatest possibilities to go through all kinds of probable extreme conditions with the least losses!

    And this already means, that it does not matter what difficulties are awaiting you, but it is important that you have found true, favourable for your life values!

    Therefore, I do not need to recognize in advance accurate information about probable cataclysms and certain insidious currents, forming in the society.

    It is enough for me to appear among you at the right time, and I will immediately be able to determine everything, that you need to change in yourself in a strictly defined direction!

    And it is almost for thirty years now, that I am trying to help you recognize all the negative features, concerning all your everyday-life nuances, which you reveal to me through your questions.

    Life nuances, which are primarily connected to your relationship.

    On this basis, an unprecedented amount of concrete explanations was captured for you, regarding everything that you were able to touch upon.

    Your Salvation depends entirely on the necessary degree of goodwill towards each other, and not on pits and traps, which many people with unhealthy fascination dig and place around.

    The narrow gates to a normal future will enter not fragmented among themselves wolf packs, continuing to prove to everyone the uniqueness of their national or some other characteristics, but the One Common Family of God’s children!

    The righteous children do not feel the need to be divided among themselves, for the only destiny of a house or a kingdom, which divides in itself, is destruction!

    A good parent will always care and expect peace and mutual respect between his children.

    This means that if you, inter alia, try to highlight the importance of the social formation, which you belong to, thereby you already betray the faith in God!

    God does not have a chosen people among you!

    Do not feed your ego in such a primitive way on this occasion.

    Out of ignorance, people have been doing this for many centuries, but the fate of this in the end will be doom!

    You are One Common Nation on this Earth, even if you have been born with different skin colour and speak different languages!

    The informational structure of your soul does not have any conditional national features.

    Your true value is in the soul, but not in the biological organism.

    The body of man is only an instrument, with the help of which you are called to influence the surrounding World of Matter in a peculiar way.

    And the good master is characterized by his skills, but not by the presence of high-quality instruments.

    So, regarding the disturbing development of events, which you are facing, I see it favourable just to tell you mainly about my sensations.

    I have already mentioned, that I do not need to have accurate information about what is ongoing.

    My sensations are quite enough.

    I feel very well what is happening in the world, which inevitably creates definite difficulties, but this cannot be avoided.

    This is a necessary given…

    By the end of last year, I shared with some people, that in recent months I clearly feel from the world some pulling painful tension, figuratively comparable with an extremely stretched purulent abscess, which can either burst by itself, or it can be artificially pierced.

    And already in the first months of the new year, I cannot mention the exact date, for I do not tend to pay attention to the numerical measurements of time, I quite tangibly began to experience new unusual sensations.

    In an attempt to share this experiences, just one most accurate association was found – chaos.

    And although soon I learned about the appearance of the now well-known corona-virus, I am not inclined to correlate the feeling of chaos only with its spread.

    It is just like an insignificant tip of the iceberg visible above the surface of the ocean.

    I think, that a whole chain of peculiar events will now already irresistibly pour as a purulent river out of the erupted abscess.

    Take a closer look at the consequences, which are clearly prompted by the actively unfolding events.

    And now I will remind those, who are actively participating in the fulfilment of the Predestined on this Siberian land, as well as those, who have been closely observing this for a long time.

    In addition to the main efforts, which the believers had to make for changing their psychological predispositions in accordance with the Truth, the peculiarities of the multifaceted organization of the economic activity were being considered.

    Once, a few years ago, the incentive for the necessary acquisition of the vitally important skills and capabilities related to the material well-being in the community was tied to the probable onset of a certain conditional extreme period, which with a smile was given the name “Zarnitza”.

    So everything that you were called to learn for many years, can significantly minimize the probable difficulties in life, and not only those that you can already observe…

    Of course, not everything that I have to see in the activities of the believers happens as I would like, but this continues to be solved.

    I can say that those really serious difficulties, that begin to more and more distinctly manifest themselves in the human society, should not have a particularly negative impact on the lives of those, who in these last year has tried in every possible way to follow the guidelines, which I have been trying to show you comprehensively for almost thirty years.

    And this positive result in varying measure some of you already notice, and others will be able to observe in practice later on.

    It is quite possible that the game image of “Zarnitza” has now passed into a real embodiment.

    If we take into account the predisposition of the responsible people to assess the ongoing reality primitively and standardly, from what the whole world’s society is drawing in – irresistibly, and now, apparently, already in an avalanche-like manner – I do not see an optimistic way out.

    Such an exit – under the conditions of the specific features of an aggressive life and extremely harmful mistakes in the relationships, which people constantly create – simply cannot exist in principle.

    What is only possible is the temporary smoothing of the sharp corners, which constant appearance is absolutely natural and inevitable.

    But all this can only last for a limited period of time, after which the fateful choice can inevitably and massively confront the whole civilization!

    But I have already told you a lot of things about that.

    I would like to add a little, that should be quite useful for sane people, which still have the appropriate capabilities, to get to the ground as soon as possible, and it is particularly favourable to where there will be a large team of adequate like-minded people.

    Mutual assistance, as a rule, is often vitally important.

    Now for you a paramount necessity should become the healthy (non-store) food, and the friendly collective communication, where the dedicated mutual assistance will be highly appreciated!

    Healthy confidence in life is possible only in conditions, when you feel around you those, who are trying to be friends!

    But … this is something that the whole mankind has yet to learn …

  • On Showing Resentment

    Difficult times always present a natural temptation for the spiritually unseeing and the mentally immature ones and strongly provoke in them an irresistible need to seek and identify a provisional enemy.

    To identify the one who by all means must be marked as the culprit for the ongoing troubles and discomfort they have come to experience.

    Generally, the identification of enemies by such miserable people is based on extremely primitively biased thinking.

    Under such circumstances the presence of even a single hint often seems completely sufficient to precisely identify the very enemy.

    All this has taken place in antiquity as it has in the Middle Ages and so it does today in what is considered an age of enlightenment.

    In all these times the principle behind finding a provisional enemy has always been one and the same because it is based on a single law of mental development and is a result of egoistic interest.

    For the entire history of human civilization people have experienced and continue to experience all kinds of confrontations among each other so frequently that the mind of the abnormally developing human being has inevitably come to perceive its social environment as if definitely having enemies.

    Even if no such provisional enemies are to be found anywhere at the given moment.

    Since the dawn of time, for natural reasons, man has found himself compelled to be guided above all by his instinct of self-preservation the way every animal is.

    That same man, in his attempts to form a system of social organization, has inevitably had to form a system that distinctly supports the human desire to live in complete dependence on that same instinct of self-preservation.

    This circumstance, once set at the foundation of all human civilization during antiquity, has inevitably created extremely dangerous conditions for the formation of the human mind and especially the human spirit.

    Under these conditions human mind and thinking have formed and effectively continue to form in such a way that a great number of people become able, without thinking, to accept as an enemyanyone who has been skillfully pointed out at the right time.

    If a mentally sound person comes in contact with negative information about someone, he would only take note of it while allowing for the distinct possibility that such information might be completely inaccurate.

    Such a person would trust the negative information only upon irrefutable proof of the presence of something negative.

    But a mentally unsound person is characteristically prone to completely trust any, unjustified by real fact, negative information about anyone, because he feels the unsound need to assign guilt among those with whom he, above all, does not share an egoistic interest.

    Furthermore, some of these unhappy people even feel the need to exaggerate the negative information and further spread it while using specious slogans as justification.

    In ancient biblical Scripture, namely in the Book of Proverbs [10:18], there is a remarkable piece of wisdom:

    “He who hides hatred has lying lips. He who utters a slander is a fool.”

    Man generally experiences the need to identify an enemy on the basis of unsound egoistic interest directly related to insult, spitefulness and hatred.

    The burning feelings of discontent and anger towards another person create, as a result of certainmental factors, extremely favorable conditions for the angered person to become able to easily slander the object of his resentment.

    At the same time, such an angry person generally will sincerely believe that he is right, which is actually the unconscious result of his egoistic interest that everything be the way he imagines it.

    Beware to trust the judgments of those whose words betray resentment and hatred!

    Woe to a society where those called fools in ancient Scripture are found in places from which they can actively influence the minds of the majority!

    For great harm can come from those who spread slander!

    Even if today a savage arsenal of physical violence may not be used against suspects the way it was widely used in the Middle Ages, there exists a mental environment where people, unconcerned about the truthfulness of what they hear, can easily be inflamed with anger against someone pointed out by those qualified as fools in the biblical text. This very fact clearly indicates the extremely low level of rationality in the present society.

    Sorrow will inevitably follow the fate of such a society until the time of its rebirth!

    Listen closely and consider what you say and how you say it, and what those around you say and how they say it!

    It is one thing to mark as an enemy someone who seeks to bring destruction, and quite another – someone who affirms creation!

    Even if that someone does so very ineptly.

    Is it not true that the Teacher of Truth may only come from among people with creative aspirations?

    Think and reason well, you who consider yourselves sensible!

    Do not repeat the Mistake once made by those who also considered themselves sensible and even true believers, but out of their blindness, they had trusted the fools and collectively trampled their own Salvation!

    Only, in that distant time the Fate of Humanity was not yet to be ultimately decided.

    And now…

    Learn to distinguish creative acts from destructive ones, and truly good intentions from hypocritical slogans!

    Do not follow the foolish words that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, for if such an expression is taken to be true then you must certainly give up all good intentions and never follow them.

    Great sorrow awaits those who do so!

    And as human personalities are unique, so do the efforts of creative pursuit differ in competency.

    Do not judge those striving to realize their good intentions!

    If you do not see the rightness of someone’s creative efforts, it would be wiser to patiently lay your path along his path and not be tempted to destroy it.

    Those grown wise enough are able to reasonably compare and will always take advantage of the most perfect advice revealed in the actions of any of his neighbours!

    The rightness of those same creative efforts must be determined by never being based on selfish interest for personal gain as well as never being aimed at imposing any conditions or ideas on anyone!

    It is also necessary to understand well that any attempt to establish some conventional “justice” by the use of force against another person, especially physical force, is absolutely incompatible with normal efforts to achieve truly good purposes!

    Good purposes meant namely for humans to establish and not the primitive members of the animal world.

    In the life of the members of the animal world there is only one possibility to establish something of egoistic interest – it is violence according to individual abilities to harm the physiology and mind of those perceived as danger.

    The entire life history of all human society is speckled with examples of establishing all kinds of conventional “justice” only with the use of violence, and that clearly demonstrates the extremely low level of spiritual development which is intended to be the main value namely of the Human being.

    Such unsound efforts have been made and continue to be made on a large scale by both atheists and “believers” and that definitely shows the same primitively low level of perception of the surrounding reality.

    A society in which true spiritual values are not properly analysed is inevitably doomed to great suffering and degeneration!

    Woe to you, persecutors and mockers, for thus you serve the devil and deceptive slogans do not conceal your intentions!

    It is impossible to affirm something Sacred by using slander and violence!

    The methods of darkness do not dispel darkness!

    December 2010

  • On the Characteristics of Patriotism

    One can regularly notice many bold statements about patriotism manifested in the daily life of human society.

    Are those statements being made aptly enough, however, in regard to a variety of circumstances, assuming the normal development namely of human spiritual nature, on which really depends the harmonious well-being of entire human society?

    Patriotism in human society is defined as a certain deep feeling related to one’s devotion to homeland, where, in turn, the concept of “homeland” necessarily implies not just a certain defined area on the surface of Earth, but the very human society inhabiting this subjectively defined area.

    A society, which – due to certain primitive egotistical aspects – consciously strives to distinguish itself from among other similar societies through once-invented limitations of cultural self-expression.

    When a human reaches a necessary initial level of wisdom, he or she begins to understand, that all processes  in the World of Being are based on one Law.

    The full development of a human and hence of all human society depends exclusively on one Law for all people.

    Harmony can be attained only while following the direction defined by that Harmony. And since Harmony is based on one Law for all, the direction for all people can also only be one!

    All other directions inevitably involve disharmony, and therefore these directions unambiguously lead to self-destruction of anyone, who will not abandon such directions in time!

    Over the course of history of the World of Being along the wayside of such false directions there have been accumulated substantial piles of remnants of those who in their time declared, with childish enthusiasm, the greatness of the society they belonged to.

    The existence of societies on Earth that still continue to extremely actively assert their own exceptional significance and power, is the main indicator that all these societies are moving in false directions.

    While various human societies continue the interaction based on the principle that compels them to compete among themselves over significance and power, these societies are inevitably doomed to woe and suffering.

    The principle of normal spiritual development entirely excludes any competition, whatsoever.

    Competition is typical only of the conditions of ego-natural development, and is based on primitive laws of instincts.

    The life-organization of all human societies presently continuing to dwell on Mother-Earth, is entirely based on ego-natural principles, which unambiguously defines the false ideological direction in  the development of these societies!

    In this regard, any mention of patriotism inevitably takes on only subjectively rational character, for a patriot in this case has to adhere devotedly to the conventional values of his or her society, regardless of the extent to which these conventionalities may contradict the true values of the harmonious formation of human spiritual nature.

    It is rational to use the concept “patriotism” not in a narrowly national, but only in a universally human sense! When priority is given to concerns for the normal development of the Human rather than that of a community, distinguished by its national identity.

    Any greatness always starts small.

    And that is why, only having proficiently learnt the Truth – which principally defines the correct manner of interaction of one person with another, and where no tradition can unequivocally be considered for a vantage point – the issue of harmonious development of all human society is appropriate.

    Reason and rational thinking in no means can bear any distinguishing national features!

    National features may only mark a particular perception of an unfolding reality formed on the basis of certain contrived ideological norms which one is forced to adopt in a social environment of one’s upbringing, where one resides in and which one values.

    If a view on an unfolding reality bears national features, such view is exceptionally biased!

    Such view, in principle, cannot be rational! Reason and rational thinking are based on one Law.

    Therefore, only when human civilization manages to present itself in such unity, which can be defined as one Family – indivisible in itself by ideology that compels it to see the same Law differently – only then this civilization can be rightfully defined as rational!

    So far, human civilization can be perceived by an outside observer only as a pseudo-rational!

    Do people remember the biblical clue telling that a kingdom or a house, if divided within, is inevitably doomed to destruction?

    A united kingdom may be divided when two or more apparently equal rulers come forth, and, a house may be divided when more than one self-proclaimed owner appear within it.

    The Heavenly Father is one for all people without exception!

    The salvation of human society is in its unity!

    And it is possible only on the basis of attainment of universal values, common to all people!

    It would be wise if representatives of soundly-thinking groups of various societies demonstrated a deserving enthusiasm toward a multifaceted and necessarily objective consideration of this matter, carefully scrutinizing at all things appearing anew, without regard to dusty medals and banners, accumulated throughout history.

    New realities are always accompanied by new clues!

    November 2010

  • On the Characteristics of Power

    Can those who believe to have eyes really see? Can those who consider themselves rational see the truth? What is the true worth of those who appear to care for the good of their neighbor but continue to turn their eyes away from the truth? How much longer can those who loudly take on positions of honorable leadership, age after age, insistently profess the usual concern intended to determine the seemingly right course for the well-being of their subjects while continuing collectively and with enthusiasm to move in circle on an apparently endless road of suffering?

    So can those who rush to loudly demonstrate their alleged special power of sight really see? It has now become vital for everyone to realize that none of the systems of state organization that have already emerged in the course of many centuries can in principle be in harmonious accord with the True Law of spiritual development!

    Only on the basis of this Law alone can human essence itself develop harmoniously, and so too the stable development towards the well-being of every human society depends, above all, on the correct comprehension of such a Law.

    The Law of spiritual development of human essence is one for all people as are one the laws at the basis of every phenomenon of the World of Matter.
    It would be great foolishness to strive to approach the understanding of the laws of the World of Matter only in a traditional way, in the way it has been approached by the ancestors of one or another separate people!

    And just such great foolishness would be an analogous approach to the understanding of the Law on which completely depends the true development of human spiritual nature and the harmonious formation of the human mind.
    The fact that, with regard to spiritual values, different peoples have traditionally formed different ideas is only а well pronounced result of the incorrect understanding of the Law that is one for all people.
    Since spiritual values are meant to and do occupy a special place in human consciousness, then only in a certain particular period in the development of the individual, as well as of human society can a favorable condition arise for coming yet closer to an accurate understanding of the spiritual Law, when man can free himself from the dogmatically established fear of the expression of nontraditional views on spiritual values.

    An intelligent person is well aware that the tools designed for use towards peaceful and creative goals can quite successfully be used as destructive weapons, even if they are not officially considered to be weapons.

    And yet unconventional thinking, as a rule, people hurry to unequivocally affirm as harmful, even though all progressive achievements in the development of human society owe their origin to unconventional thinking.

    Apprehension about and, as a rule, often senseless categorical disapproval of nontraditional views on spiritual values can have very dangerous consequences, because it fatally impedes the necessary activity of spiritual development of human essence, on which directly depends not only the well-being of humanity, but its very survival in the Natural World in whose Bosom it was born.
    The main indicator of insufficient maturity and lack of good reason is the inclination to aggressively perceive anything new, to the objective understanding of which enough effort is not applied.

    And most dangerous in this case is the urge for one to analogously reject that which is supposedly more perfect than what one has.

    This kind of ignorance has been irresistibly taking place and still successfully takes place among the majority of representatives of human society, which, respectively, characterizes the primitive level of development of that society.
    While such an attitude towards the unknown is actively and widely exhibited by those in key positions of control in the state system, the development of societies under such control is doomed to be extremely complicated.

    And in the fateful period of development of human society such a situation will always lead to the greatest tragedies.

    In itself, the notion of “power” implies above all the ability to force anyone to make certain efforts against his own wishes and aspirations. At the same time it is also the ability to punish those unwilling to comply with the imposition.
    The characteristics that lie at the heart of the notion of “power” directly contradict the Truth of spiritual development!

    Power and government in the minds of people are perceived as one and the same thing.
    But the true value of normal government should not imply notions such as “coercion”, or even worse, “punishment”.

    During the historical period of initial formation of human society, as a perfectly natural consequence of the extremely primitive human perception of the surrounding reality, power and government inevitably started to become closely intertwined.

    The former had to organize the many for at least some movement in a single direction, and the latter – to force those unwilling to move in that direction and also to punish those who resisted and prevented the others from moving in the ordained direction.

    The aggressive environment, which the representatives of different social formations began to build actively and with various persistence, further strengthened such an intertwining in which the creative need intertwined with the corrupt, since the ability to govern can realize the human potential for creativity, while power – that for corruption.
    Only those of considerable creative experience and relevant competency would show willingness to engage in government without the implications of power.

    Among the great multitude of people of one or another society, those ready to take on increased responsibility without the characteristic elements of power are usually very few.

    The rest of the multitude, realizing well enough the insignificance of their experience and skill, quite sensibly will not show active interest in becoming leaders and organizers.

    And that which is seen as power, people are ready to pursue from the earliest age, as soon as they can correctly form ideas of the distinctive allure implied by the concept of “power”.

    The fruits of power can be of interest only to those yet spiritually immature, and therefore have not developed mentally in a harmonious way.

    And every human society, as the result of certain laws, consists in overwhelming majority of just such spiritually immature people.

    And for that reason a great multitude of people massively exhibit a thirst and a need to acquire any power whatsoever, even the most insignificant, but power nonetheless. And once acquired, the immature of spirit exercise that power in a state of intoxication.
    The system of state organization, according to its specific characteristics which are far removed from the Law of human spiritual development, naturally creates favorable conditions for the successful flourishing of the union of power and government, and is mostly referred to by a single term – “power”.

    Modern, so called civilized society, at its core is clearly divided into religious and secular parts.
    It does not take great wit to see just as clearly how the active representatives of either part, using its respective characteristics, equally strive to acquire ever greater power.

    To acquire the very thing that seems to grant them the right to force their opinion on an ever greater number of people and to submit ever less to anyone else’s opinion the higher they seem to advance.

    Where the members of either part try to justify themselves by claiming that power provides them with greater opportunity to save the unwise.
    Such a justification is appropriate to some extent only for members of the secular part of human society, for secular power can indeed significantly limit savagely-vicious behavior to which a great many can still easily regress. Bt only limit, and not completely eliminate such behaviour!

    The prosperity of state power fully depends on the activeness of the material component of human nature because such power is also interested in preserving above all the best physiological health of people.

    But in order to completely eliminate human propensity for savagely-vicious actions, it is necessary to correctly activate those values in society which have absolutely no relation to what constitutes the essence of state power.
    And hence the natural failure for the entire history of activity of such power to fully cope with the viciously-savage actions of many of the members of its society.

    Spiritual Truths are not directly aimed at maintaining the best human physiological health although they are closely interrelated with it.
    But it is only on the basis of these values alone that man’s viciously-savage actions can be fully neutralized.

    And hence the ancient words that spiritual Truth is Light for all who dwell in darkness.
    Spiritual Truth is not meant to refine the abnormal aspects of human life but to completely eliminate them.

    Therefore it has been designated to be humanity’s Salvation!

    And a term like “state religion” is nothing but complete absurdity!

    For it is similar to the term “dark light” since a state system inevitably implies coercion and violence!

    If any religious organization governs its congregation using methods typical of power, one can definitely speak of a significant discrepancy between the direction aspired to by the adepts of such an organization and the direction that defines the true spiritual development of human nature!

    Until the human race continues to set as its principal life priorities that which stands apart from the true spiritual values, which is something it still does, the narrow coupling of power and government may to some degree be justified.

    But such a justification would be appropriate only when the consequences of such a coupling would bring only minimal harm, similar to what takes place in the life of the members of the animal world.

    If the governance of a society takes place in conjunction with the characteristics of power, such a society would inevitably resemble a herd and could not be seen as a rationally organized team at all.

    For that reason, the representatives of power have aptly defined such a mass of people as a crowd.
    The crowd needs the presence of power!

    Power cannot exist without a crowd!

    It is a vicious circle in which one cannot exist without the other.

    At the same time, such an integral system has absolutely no prospects for achieving harmonious prosperity.

    Moreover, in accordance with the Law of Harmony of the World of Being, it is doomed to inevitable self-destruction.

    The way out of the already extremely dangerous statе of life of human society under such an organization is only possible in the direction of developing a normal system of life.

    And that, as it has already become clear, is associated with the affirmation of values on the basis of which a system of life based on the principle of “crowd and power” cannot exist.
    Spiritual values must become society’s primary focus!

    Where, as a matter of course, at first it might give the impression of being a national idea, but if the idea most accurately embodied the definitions of Truth, then it would soon grow into a global idea.

    It is of utmost necessity that the question of the spiritual values of society is open for serious public consideration without any primitively categorical and traditional religious prohibitions.

    The truth of normal spiritual development of a person is based solely on the freedom of choice of his ideological priorities.

    Man cannot be saved unless he has made his own free choice to actively apply efforts towards salvation.

    But there is a reasonable need to provide the opportunity to become familiar with the objective information on the various spiritual values manifested in society.

    This is the same as the following: when in a difficult situation – which in fact turns out to be the natural outcome of the path chosen long ago – the truly wise would take a careful look at all the newly visible branches of the existing path, and not try to go back to what has been tried and is well known.

    The imposition of an ideology is perfectly natural for the conditions of a state system.

    But if it occurs in the activities of a religious organization, it is a clear sign of an ignorant approach to the laws of Truth!

    What is good for darkness goes against Truth!

    To God what is God’s, to Caesar what is Caesar’s!

    October 2010

Vissarion in Detention

  • The Pole of Peace

    My friends, it is time to manifest another landmark!

     In recent years, you have begun to try to comprehend the topic of the formation of The Pole of Peace community and have already been able to apply some interesting efforts in the right direction for this.

    In the current epochal period of catastrophic events on a global scale, which predictably should have led to the multiplication of manifestations of distrust and aggression in the relations between all the people around the world, the formation of a community of conflict-free and selfless interaction should become a particularly valuable necessity.

    Man is man’s enemy – this is the global problem, which inevitably had to manifest itself everywhere at the present time due to the false ideological priorities of moral, ethical and spiritual nature historically established among the various social formations!

    The formation, in such a significant period of time, of a psychological environment favourable for the normal development of man, capable of preventing uncertainty and anxiety about the near future, should be the main step in the life-saving change of the destiny of the entire human civilisation!

    But The Pole of Peace community can be formed only by the efforts of spiritually mature people, who are now able not only to realise the very need for such formation, but are also ready to practically implement everything necessary for this purpose.

    It is important to understand that the normal level of spiritual maturity for this time is not the inclination of man to a religious-mystical perception of the reality, characteristic of a particular traditionally existing religious teaching, but the inclination to interact with the neighbours in a friendly way on the basis of the understanding that all the people on Earth are children of the same God, who loves everyone equally!

    The true worthiness of spiritual maturity, and therefore of humanity, is determined by man’s ability to cherish the lives of his neighbours; by his constant readiness to help them unselfishly; by the absence of striving to condemn anyone, to think pejoratively of anyone, and to exalt himself over anyone!

    And all this regardless of the presence of different spiritual-moral beliefs in the surrounding people!

    The favourable level of reasonable maturity is characterised by the ability of the collective to amicably decide on joint efforts in one direction for solving the arising common for everybody vital tasks of economic, domestic and cultural nature.

    The most favourable way to pass through the extreme life circumstances of social and natural character, which are now to manifest themselves rapidly and on a large scale all over the Earth, is possible only in conditions of mutual respect and friendly interaction on an unselfish basis!

     These are the conditions that are always able to be life-affirming, because they are designed to give man confidence in the well-being of the near future.

     It is possible to form such conditions only in the environment of a community, where for all members of this community the true spiritual values are always in priority over the egoistic interests and material values!

    The vectors of development of the spiritual values and the egoistic interests always point in diametrically opposite directions.

    True spiritual values are fundamentally incapable of serving selfish interests and are always designed to bring the egoistic features of the human psyche into a decent form, thus helping to fully implement the unique type of creative activity predestined to man, which can be done neither on the basis of man’s own intellectual capabilities alone, nor on the basis of the widest capabilities of artificial intelligence!

    The road of true spiritual development of man always presupposes a personal victory of man over his own egoistic passions!

    But the whole mankind initially, due to natural reasons, has consistently established only the egoistic interests as the main priorities of life, which inevitably became the reason for the emergence of a persistent need to separate not only individual people among themselves, but entire nations as well.

    The true spiritual values are always inconvenient for the egoistic interests, and therefore any conditionally spiritual reference points were for a long time successfully established among different peoples only in the form of adapted to the egoistic interests perceptions and dogmatic interpretations of what supposedly has an exact representation of the Truth.

    Throughout the history of the development of human civilisation, by virtue of the above-mentioned reasons, different spiritual Teachings, called to speak about one and the same Truth, were able to appear among different peoples.

    The spiritual world and the Law of spiritual development are one and the same for all the children of God without exception, but there are a lot of different ideas about it.

    Such a circumstance can only speak of one thing – the available varieties of interpretations of the same Truth inevitably have different degree of inaccuracy!

    All available by this time traditional canonical ideas about spiritual values and spiritual development have been formulated by people themselves in such a way that they have become conducive only to the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, but are in no way favourable to spiritual development.

    Note that in your ideas about God you are all still inclined to erroneously endow Him with egoistic features that are characteristic of man, and are inclined to expect from Him reactions that can only be characteristic of a weak-hearted man!

    Atheism was able to arise precisely on the basis of the extremely primitive and erroneous traditional ideas about everything that concerns the Nature of God, the human soul, and the true spiritual values!

    The mere fact that the atheistic system of logical conclusions has begun to spread widely can mark the advent of the period when all existing traditional religious notions have outlived their conditional favourability and the time is coming for the emergence of new, deeper and more accurate knowledge of the Truth.

    The emergence of atheism as a doctrine could mark the fact that mankind has reached such a degree of education, when in revealing the Truth about the spiritual peculiarity of man and the laws of spiritual development it now becomes extremely important to take into account the level of development achieved by mankind in the knowledge of the World of Matter.

    It is the erroneous religious and mystical ideas about God and spiritual development that were able to significantly deepen and firmly consolidate the ideological isolation of different peoples, which could not in any way beneficially impact the course of historical development of human civilisation.

    The primordial basis provoking the appearance of the necessity of isolation always implies the presence of an irreconcilable rival and the interest by all means to surpass such a rival in terms of significance.

    The feeling of rivalry always disposes to the emergence of conflict between the parties that have isolated themselves from each other, in connection with which the widespread manifestation of catastrophic events for the entire human civilisation was inevitable in the current epochal period of time!

    These globally unfolding disastrous events for all mankind could be only provoked by the activity of societies with a critically low level of spiritual-moral development!

    And such a low level of spiritual maturity in the representatives of human civilisation could be preserved over many centuries of historical development only because of the firmly established false ideological priorities, which have always been formed in direct connection with the manifested religious-mystical ideas.

    Mankind in the current time can boast very significant achievements in science and technology and its educational level, but by the specifics of their reactions to the ongoing reality and the quality of interactions with each other contemporary people do not differ at all from their ancestors of remote times.

    The sensual features of your inner world, which are meant to develop normally only on the basis of the true spiritual principles, are being manifested nowadays as primitively and wildly as they have been manifested in all people of the Middle Ages and in much older times.

    And this fact in itself eloquently demonstrates that you have never yet developed normally in terms of spirituality, although for many centuries all people have sincerely believed that they are believers.

    Apparently in this respect, however, there has always been something amiss with the whole mankind….

    And now there has come the special for the entire humanity period predetermined by the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race, when it is necessary to comprehend thoroughly and objectively the extensive knowledge of the spiritual world that is revealed to all and is called to correct the fateful direction of the development of the whole human civilisation, which is actively striving for self-destruction!

    The process of human spiritual activity is manifested by two different in essence circumstances, where one of these circumstances is connected with the manifestations of prayers and all kinds of ritual sacraments, which can be visible to any outside observer, and the other implies the invisible for an outsider practice of spiritual self-improvement, based on the willful efforts of man to curb his own egoistic passions and reduce them to certain norms.

    For all who are now interested in spiritual values it will be especially important and useful to realise that prayers and all kinds of ritual sacraments are only auxiliary in nature and in no way represent the very practice designed to develop the spiritual characteristics of man!

    And this means that no matter how often and sincerely man prays, no matter how regularly he visits shrines and participates in the sacraments of performing any sacred rituals, if in the process of interaction with his neighbours and with reality in general man who considers himself to be a believer does not make the necessary daily volitional efforts to change the qualities of his inner world and behaviour in accordance with the true spiritual norms, such man who considers himself to be a believer will always belong only to the category of theatrically-demonstrating-their-faith hypocrites and will not full-fledgedly develop spiritually.

    Accordingly, if a person in a certain way intuitively makes the willful efforts required for normal spiritual development on a daily basis, then, even if he never performs prayers or any sacred ritual sacraments, such a person will definitely develop spiritually much more successfully than any hypocrite who only tries to show his zeal for faith to everyone by means of visible actions.

    The catastrophic mistake of all traditional religious teachings was the false understanding of the service to God, historically established on the basis of purely egoistic principles.

    It was very convenient for the egoistic peculiarities of man to be decided that for the true service to God it is quite enough to only regularly perform all the canonical ritual sacraments and prayers.

    Such an illusion about spiritual values and spiritual development was able to establish itself quite easily everywhere in the great multitude of spiritually immature people, which subsequently inevitably led to the playful theatricalisation of the religious manifestations and the emergence of a sound criticism of everything concerning man’s own interpretations of spiritual values canonised by man.

    But your Heavenly Father does not need at all your prayers, nor all the ritual offerings, praises, and other performances that you can invent!

    All this cannot be a service to God!

    All this is necessary only for you and is called to serve in an auxiliary manner for the favourable formation of your inner world and the energy-informational space around you.

    Serving God is to make all necessary efforts every day in strict accordance with the true spiritual principles to transform your own ego-sensual characteristics!

    Only when you come out from under the cover of the Church and go home, or to your place of work and meet someone you know, does the most crucial moment in your spiritual development begin!

    Only in the moment of everyday man-to-man interaction do the circumstances, that are directly related to the main part of the numerous features of the Law of Spiritual Development, manifest themselves!

    It is very important to understand correctly that if you do not make proper efforts in spiritual self-improvement, the qualities of your inner world will inevitably degrade, and the weaknesses you have will manifest themselves more and more clearly and unpleasantly.

    Whether you have the right understanding of Truth or not, through what exactly you allow yourself to manifest and do, you will either spiritually evolve or degrade.

    This is the Law of Truth!

    The sooner and the more extensively the representatives of human civilisation begin to correctly understand and practically follow the principles of the Law of Spiritual Development, which is uniform for all people, the sooner the vital manifestations of all mankind on Earth will be brought to order!

    The specific ideological priorities historically established and steadily existing until now in all peoples on Earth are not capable in principle to lead to full unity of the representatives of any society, as all these ideological priorities standardly have the same features, typical for egoistic interests, which always dispose to the emergence of conflict in the interactions of the members of the society and to the corresponding necessity to establish conditional order by forceful methods.

    Therefore, whenever different societies with such ideological priorities find themselves in any extreme-for-life circumstances, mutual fears, mistrust and aggression between people always increase sharply and massively, which inevitably gives rise to a stable sense of anxiety among the members of the society about the immediate future and creates favourable conditions for avalanche-like life-destroying tendencies in the social environment.

    Such an unhealthy situation always leads to self-destruction, and if the traditionally existing unhealthy ideological priorities are not changed in the right direction, the onset of global catastrophe for all peoples becomes only a matter of time.

    Anxiety and uncertainty in the prosperity of the nearest future considerably aggravate the primitive instinct of self-preservation in man, and he begins to be guided only by the need to survive.

    In the life activity of the representatives of the animal world such a simple instinct always allows at the level of intuition to make the most appropriate efforts to help the species to survive.

    But precisely in the life activity of man, whose organism has the same instinct, due to the unique features of his sensual world and different degrees of spiritual maturity, two essentially different variants of human efforts in extreme living circumstances are possible.

    The first variant implies the actions of a spiritually mature man, who in the conditions of necessity of survival perceives people around him as those with whom he sees it favourable to interact in a friendly and unselfish way on the basis of trust in each other, and the collective relations acquire the form of a uniform family of people who are closely related to each other.

    The second variant implies the actions of a spiritually weak person, who in similar conditions perceives his neighbours only as those at whose expense he will try to survive.

    The second option suggests collective relationships in the form of an animal pack, where interactions are based on selfish motives, when the strongest and most cunning person manages to use his neighbours for the most advantageous purpose.

    Only ideological priorities conducive to the development of mutual trust between people are capable of bringing a collective of people to full-fledged unity!

    Without such ideological priorities, which can be based exclusively on the true spiritual values, the relationships and interactions of the representatives of different social formations will inevitably be characterised only by the peculiarities of the above-mentioned second option!

    All societies of different peoples all over the Earth have been developing themselves throughout history until the present day only on the basis of the peculiarities of this second variant.

    Now the time has come, predestined by the Heavenly Father, to thoughtfully reconsider the ideological priorities that are all the same and have existed among all peoples for many centuries, based on egoistic principles and designed to satisfy only egoistic interests!

    And all the necessary motivation for the emergence of interest in such a thoughtful rethinking will be created by globally occurring in this epochal period of time catastrophic events of natural and social nature.

    The most favourable and life-saving way of passing through the disastrous consequences of such specific events can only be possible if one follows the guidelines based exclusively on the true spiritual values!

    The corresponding Truth, as it was long predetermined by the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race, has already been revealed in a sufficient volume, taking into account the level of development and education of the present-day humanity!

    Once in ancient times in the territory now known as Israel, for those who believed in the manifested New Testament, the Teacher gave an image that a good master would never pour new wine into old wineskins, for they would not withstand the power of the new wine and would burst, and the wine would flow out and be lost.

    It is favourable to pour new wine into new wineskins.

    This image was intended to show that it is more favourable to give the new, more accurate knowledge of spiritual Truth only to those who, by their spiritual maturity, have begun to outgrow the norms of some traditionally existing dogmatic ideas and have been showing an ever greater propensity to thoughtfully perceive new information that differs from the one in the correctness of which they were previously convinced.

    That is, man acquires the disposition to comprehend new information about some particular circumstances in the most objective way only on condition of either complete absence of ideas about the same circumstances, or absence of conviction in the correctness of his existing idea about what the new information from an outside source says in a different manner.

    This invariable Law is characteristic only of the peculiarities of the development of the human civilisation, whose representatives cannot in principle have the possibility of moving along the path of the full-fledged development of the mind, the way it is characteristic of all other exclusively reasonable civilisations, whose representatives do not possess, as is the case with man, the spiritual energy-informational structure – the soul!

    Precisely in connection with such an invariable Law, in order that in the environment of some social formation at the right time it would become favourable to reveal in a large volume new, much more complete and accurate knowledge about the spiritual Truth, appropriate favourable conditions should necessarily arise, when many representatives of this society in the process of historical development would have significant doubts about the correctness and reasonableness of the traditionally existing dogmatic ideas about the spiritual values!

    And since such an epochal Event, saving for all peoples on Earth, was to begin to unfold on the territory of Russia, then, accordingly, it is in this nation that should naturally have had time to mature such ideological circumstances which would be able to show the true specificity and fallacy of the traditionally existing dogmatic opinions.

    It was necessary that in the Russian society at the right time appeared someone who could competently show the inconsistency of the traditionally existing religious dogmas.

    And so the atheist doctrine appeared at the right time!

    And after a strictly defined period of successful stay in the minds of Russians of the slogan “Religion is an opium for the people” there was bound to come a predetermined moment, when on the one hand the longing for knowledge of the spiritual values would sufficiently ripen in the man with atheistic thinking, and on the other hand the freedom of religion would be officially permitted in the society itself!

    It was necessary to begin to implement in practice the super task of forming a spiritual and moral environment of Hope, Faith and Love, which is vital for all mankind, from a certain point on the territory of Russia – the southern part of Central Siberia, east of the Yenisei River!

    At the same time, it is extremely important to understand correctly that the formation of the saving psychological environment of the Pole of Peace should not necessarily involve only those who have the same spiritual and moral conviction, characteristic of one and the same faith!

    The formation of the Pole of Peace at the initial stage should be based first of all on a friendly joint practice of economic and cultural character, when people build, grow and create together everything necessary for their life on earth, when they unselfishly look after and care for each other, and show creative skills of cultural character to the delight of each other!

    All the activity of this kind cannot bear any clearly defined canonical norms, uniform for all, and the solutions of tasks in this plane can be creatively changed by virtue of expedient necessity, always depending on the naturally changing external conditions of physical nature and the individual preferences.

    The only thing that is categorically inadmissible for the believers is to change and supplement in any way the Word of the spiritual Teaching in accordance with their own understanding!

    Never allow yourself to add something new from other sources to the Teaching that you have decided to follow, even if you see a complete semantic correspondence to what is supposedly recorded in your Teaching!

    Any additions to the Teaching can only be made by the one who brings this Teaching!

    It is absolutely inadmissible to assert as Truth among your neighbours any of your personal or collective interpretations of the principles formulated in the Teaching, if the wording of such interpretations differs from the wording imprinted in the Teaching!

    If you see the need to designate something that directly refers to the content of the Teaching, it is more correct to do it only by quoting the corresponding words of the Teaching!

    If you do not have the opportunity to use such a quotation, it is more favourable to additionally explain for your interpretations of the circumstances touched upon by the Teaching, that you have expressed your personal understanding, which may well be an inaccurate representation of the meaning of what has been touched upon by the Teaching!

    Try not to allow yourself to assert as a true spiritual guideline for your neighbours the formulations of your own interpretations and judgments!

    Everyone, who has psychologically matured for this, can begin to take an active part in the process of forming the friendly life-giving environment of the Pole of Peace, and this inevitably implies the participation of those who, by their life experience, have acquired different spiritual and moral beliefs that do not belong to the foundations of one and the same religion.

    And the main thing at this initial stage of co-creation should be the categorical inadmissibility of any imposition of one’s own beliefs on the neighbouring brethren!

    Respect the faith of the believer!

    It is only permissible to tell someone about some aspect of the Teaching dear to your heart, if your interlocutor has expressed an interest in learning about it!

    The Spiritual Truth has always been and will always be one and the same for all the children of God, for it represents the uniform Law on the basis of which the soul of every human being is called to develop fully!

    And although this Law is the same for all people without exception, it becomes possible to cognise it most effectively not during people’s usual discussions and persuasive statements, but only when a person has the desire to comprehend something new which has been able to interest  – as yet vaguely  – his sensual world.

    Only the presence of such a sensitive interest can speak of the appearance of a favourable predisposition in man to abandon some elements of the outdated for him former beliefs and to step on the next level in his spiritual development through the comprehension of the new guidelines that are being revealed.

    And the greatest probability of the appearance of such interest in man becomes possible in case of repeated contact with an attractive example of life practice, based on the correct fulfilment of the principles of the Truth by another person.

    It is always necessary to know that a person’s coming to the Truth must be based solely on his personal efforts, made by his own free choice which no one has the right to influence by any attempts of persuasion!

    In the end, all over the Earth there must inevitably be formed one-faith Humanity as One Family of the children of the One Heavenly Father!

    But this Saving process for the whole human civilisation can be most successfully carried out only on the basis of life examples, when true believers are called upon to convincingly show by their life activity the validity of the Teaching which they piously and zealously adhere to!!!

    Always remember that faith without deeds is dead!

    Only beautiful and correct words about the Truth, told by someone who does not fulfil the principles of his beliefs every day in the practice of his life, are always the empty verbiage of a hypocrite!

    Every tree is recognised by its fruit!

    To pass – the most favourable and saving way – through the ever increasing extremity of life conditions in the current period of time will only be possible in full compliance with the principles of God’s revelation, that is now open to all mankind and is called to help form a beneficial psychological environment of mutual trust and selfless interaction, which is the main feature of the principles of true unity!

    The normal process of people’s unity, predetermined by the Heavenly Father, can only take place when all members of the collective which is being created, can begin to apply joint efforts in one direction by their own will and desire, but not when they do it under compulsion and imposed agitation.

    The process of catastrophic events for the whole world community, due to natural reasons, was initially launched by people themselves, and since all peoples, not knowing the Truth of spiritual development, inevitably set before themselves the same, in essence, ideological priorities, capable of satisfying only egoistic interests, the social problematic processes of all peoples inevitably began to proceed according to a similar principle throughout the history of development.

    Ignorant of the Truth, the rulers of all such isolated from each other communities, initially being in similar for everyone psychological conditions, could only find similar in essence ways and methods of solving the standardly arising problematic processes in the social environment with anti-spiritual ideological priorities, where there will always be provoked the emergence of destructive tendencies for society, and the conditional order can only be established in a coercive way!

    All such processes and methods in all nations still retain until these days the same type of manifestation!

    In this connection, all the present leaders of the existing social formations will inevitably try today to solve the avalanche-like detrimental to all mankind life complications using political and economic methods that are familiar to everyone.

    But only all such methods in their essence and quality, in fact, do not have any relation to the true spiritual values, and therefore, they will not be able to correct the psychological environment of the society which is going out of control!

    During the current period of globally manifested catastrophic processes of natural and social nature, in the great majority of representatives of mankind everywhere will inevitably appear and steadily grow anxiety-panic moods, from which the organism always significantly activates the primitive instinct of self-preservation with the characteristic for it aggravated manifestation of mutual wariness, distrust and increased readiness to show aggression.

    We are to observe everywhere that people in different societies are losing faith in governments, institutions, financial and economic systems.

    Because of the standard political systems that have been established around the world, governments will not be able to provide the right response to international challenges.

    Everyone will experience the need to seek God!

    But to search for God truly, and not as they have always done before, limiting themselves to mere ritualism and pathetic and verbose statements about God!

    In essence, the political and economic methods of correcting the emerging social problems can only be of a temporary cosmetic nature and are absolutely unable to have a healing effect on the very “disease” that causes all kinds of social problems.

    Throughout the history of human civilisation, the process of improving the material status of man has never by itself been able to make man better spiritually and morally.

    But the very same history has recorded many examples with the opposite meaning, when high achievements in spiritual development have been reached by those who have abandoned the habitual priority pursuit of egoistic goals associated with material enrichment.

    Are you really still unable to see and realise that materially well-off people are not at all models of goodness and friendliness?!

    All wars, global conflicts and large-scale sorrows, which all of you now have the opportunity to observe in abundance, have always been and are being provoked precisely by the actions of the wealthy people!

    It is not the material wealth that determines the normal development of the inner world of man and the development of harmonious relationships between people, but only self-education on the basis of the true spiritual and moral values, designed to completely eliminate the possibility of conflict in man-to-man interactions!

    In ancient times, the disciples who believed in the truth of the New Testament were told that it will be difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God, just as it will be difficult to thread a rope through the eye of a needle.

    And this problem is absolutely not connected with the presence of material values, but with the quality of self-education, on which directly depends the appearance of any unhealthy attachments and dependencies that determine the stable interest of man to make these or those efforts to achieve the priority goals he has set for himself.

    The false ideological priorities will never allow the normal development of the main unique features of man, from the full development of which only a man can become a Man!

    Now has come the momentous time of God’s predetermined necessity of manifestation of Russia’s special status!

    The nation, which was to be formed exactly on this territory, had been predetermined by the Heavenly Father many years earlier to play a special role, called to manifest itself in the decisive fateful period for the whole human civilisation, about which, in order to help the living ones, appropriate hints were repeatedly given from various sources by means of peculiar prophetic predictions.

    Exactly on the territory of Russia, and more precisely in the southern part of Central Siberia, taking into account the probable geopolitical and geophysical catastrophic tendencies which inevitably had to begin to take place all over the world in the current period of time, was considered favourable to implement in practice the God-ordained Accomplishment for the benefit of the entire human civilisation!

    The Knowledge about the peculiarities of the human soul and the laws of its development, unique for the whole Universe, which is being revealed today with the obligatory consideration of the modern level of development of the consciousness of man and his educational level, is intended not for one chosen people, but for all peoples, because for God there can be no such kind of chosenness in principle!

    In this epochal period of time, when the harmful consequences of the manifested geopolitics and the geophysical changes will acquire catastrophic for the whole world features, which will be recognised as apocalyptic by everyone in the course of time, a special structure of energy-informational environment must necessarily begin to be formed in a certain place!

    This special field structure, which is to be formed by a community of spiritually mature people, is to become a kind of Saving Light in a world of increasingly thickening gloom that is destructive to man!

    The benevolent influence of such a Beacon, which will be strengthened through the participation in its formation of more and more people aspiring to the Light, is intended to mitigate the effects of harmful social tendencies leading to universal catastrophe, based on the rapidly increasing anxiety and panic in man!

    All peoples will inevitably have to see and appreciate this Light!

    Ultimately, peace and psychological balance on the whole Earth will be established only thanks to the spreading of the Light from the emerging living environment of the Pole of Peace!

       Peace be with you!


           February 14, 2024

  • Who will prevail?

    The July 19 news report reflected the concerns of Mikhail Murashko, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, who said: “A vicious practice has been formed in the society, when the conviction emerged that a woman should first get an education, make a career, provide herself with a financial base, and then only be concerned about childbearing. Therefore, many problems arise: infertility, miscarriage, IVF… The situation must be reconsidered”.
    The statement of the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation expresses a fairly sound assessment of a really detrimental circumstance for the development of the society.
    But the statement expresses an assessment of the consequences that become possible as a result of the long-lasting development of certain tendencies in the consciousness of the members of the society.
    In this case, the assessment touched upon the consequences that could have resulted from the ideological guidelines, which were approved and supported by the state system itself, represented by those who, at different times, managed to occupy responsible positions in the management.
    If the scale of unhealthy sprouts is steadily increasing, it means that the same unhealthy seeds continue to be generously scattered and favorable conditions for their nurturing continue to exist.
    It cannot be otherwise!
    The alarming tendency, rightly outlined by Mikhail Murashko, was naturally manifested at the beginning of the development of human civilisation, when the complete absence of a correct understanding of the spiritual development and the true spiritual values in general has led to a false understanding of the male and female characteristics and has inevitably resulted in the establishment of specific forms of interactions between men and women.
    As a result of such interactions, women began to steadily develop an awareness of the inferiority and belittling of their position in the society.
    Moreover, the false comprehension of the male and female peculiarities has been firmly established with the help of the different religious systems through all kinds of differing from each other false dogmatic interpretations, because in ancient times, in the period of active manifestation of the religious-mystical movements, there were no favourable conditions to reveal the Truth about the equivalence and the fundamental features of the spiritual nature of the male and female soul, and among men, who traditionally become leaders and lawmakers, initially had already managed to sustainably form an egoistic-consumerist attitude towards women.
    At the heart of the primary life values, initially spontaneously established in all social formations on Earth, lies the instinct of self-preservation, which is the source of the emergence of all egoistic interests, designed to dispose man to always perceive the ongoing reality and the representatives of his own race from the side of the possibility for selfish gain only.
    This essentially animal principle, in the conditions of complete absence of correct understanding of the Truth of spiritual development, inevitably allowed the man to take a more advantageous position in the society as compared to the woman, and the primitiveness of development began to constantly tempt him at every suitable occasion to emphasise his alleged importance, pointing out to the woman her ostensibly less significant position.
    Such a wild convention, manifested at the dawn of the formation of the young human civilisation, has become ubiquitous throughout the history of human development up to these days, both in secular and, most remarkably, in religious activities!
    But this circumstance was inevitably bound to contribute to the emergence and rooting in the depths of the inner world of the woman the sprouts of resentment, constantly provoking the search for ways that might enable the woman to successfully prove that her value is no less significant than that of the man.
    Thus, on the basis of the established in the society psychological priorities which are far from the Truth, men and women have turned into rivals, striving in every possible way to survive at the expense of each other and recklessly competing to achieve a significant position in the society!
    But all this completely contradicts the principles of spiritual development and does not allow the full-fledged development of the spiritual nature of man, and, accordingly, will not allow the harmonious development of the human society.
    Such a circumstance can always have a detrimental effect on the development of human civilisation and is an indicator of an extremely low level of development of the spiritual and moral qualities of the representatives of this civilisation!
    A distinctive characteristic feature of human-to-human interactions during the entire historical period of development on Earth has only been the constant striving to extract selfish gain at each other’s expense in order to successfully survive in the manifested aggressive environment which man himself, following such unhealthy aspirations, constantly creates.
    Under such conditions, there cannot be a full-fledged spiritual and moral education, since the vectors of the efforts applied for the satisfaction of the egoistic interests and for the full-fledged spiritual development are in diametrically opposite directions!
    Before speaking pathetically about the enhancement of spirituality and before defining the favourable application of efforts for a normal qualitative development, one needs to have a competent understanding of the characteristic features of the difference between the egoistic interests and spiritual values.
    Egoistic interest is always based on the efforts to derive only selfish benefit for the sake of multiplying one’s own material wealth and asserting one’s own significance!
    True spiritual interest can only be based on efforts of selfless help to the brethren around for the sake of multiplying the common welfare!
    Do you still really think that if every person in the society continues to perceive all the brethren around him as rivals and competitors, at whose expense it is necessary to be able to derive personal benefit and who should be perceived as objects of probable possibility of profitable use, it is possible to achieve psychological well-being and a state of friendly unity in the society?
    Many of you must have become familiar with the expression: “Nothing personal – business”.
    This extremely immoral expression, which now is already becoming commonplace, captures quite accurately the essence of how the overwhelming majority of the society tends to build the interactions among themselves.
    You have begun to present all your capabilities as merchandise!
    Is it not all of you yourselves who daily take the most active part in the establishment in your society of an extremely godless ideology, the main essence of which are the trade-market relations?!
    The psychology of a trader is always based on the desire to make only personal profit with every step!
    And if the trade-market relations will be the main reference point in the society – you will never achieve psychological well-being in your society!
    The spiritual values, on which alone the formation of sustainable psychological well-being is meant to depend, cannot be established in a society where only the possibilities of multiplying personal material well-being are prioritised as the main interests of life.
    With such a priority, any manifestations of conditionally friendly interactions will actually imply mutually beneficial co-operation, the duration of which will always entirely depend on the period of time while the benefits of the interaction are observed.
    Take note that when you form married couples, you all see your chosen one as a profitable acquisition, from whom you sincerely expect to try to meet your own preferences and to satisfy your own egoistic interests.
    Men and women perceive each other only from the side of the possibility to satisfy their personal interest, and the conclusion of the marriage union has become in essence the conclusion of a mutually advantageous contract. In some cases – still conditional, and in others – already documentally confirmed.
    It is safe to say that many of you, despite the inner urge to have friends, in fact do not have real friends, nor do they have a normal understanding of what it means to be a friend.
    And this directly depends on your specific preferences and the nature of your perception of reality!
    If you cultivate in yourselves the qualities of a merchant (businessman), then you will inevitably perceive those around you as rivals, competitors and temporarily profitable acquaintances.
    Rivals and competitors cannot in principle be friends in the true sense of this definition, because between rivals and competitors there can be no complete confidence, on which basis alone the interactions of true friends are supposed to be built.
    It is this psychological circumstance upon which the quality of the relationship between a man and a woman who have decided to form a family directly depends, and accordingly, the stability of the preservation of the marriage bond also depends on it.
    At their basis, male and female nature, both from the natural side and from the side of the unique qualities of the soul, have a fundamental difference, and therefore, the laws of development of these two beginnings have different characteristic features.
    Such a fundamental difference inevitably implies the existence of different interests in life, and it is the height of ignorance to try to compare their significance!
    Spiritual ignorance, under the conditions of which the egoistic sense of rivalry can fully develop, always disposes men to ironically criticise the peculiarities that are characteristic only of women, and disposes women to erroneously perceive what will always be characteristic of men’s peculiarities only.
    The state of rivalry will always provoke the appearance of a conflict of interests and discord!
    The complete absence in the society of spiritual and moral guidelines designed to show the true values of the male and female nature, as well as to show the laws and principles of the full-fledged development of the qualities of humanity, inevitably leads to the formation of such relationships between men and women, when distrust between them can only increase and grow stronger.
    And such mistrust and the accompanying sense of apprehension towards each other can lead to a loss of the sense of responsibility which is supposed to arise in man for the life of the one who has shown confidence in him.
    The quality of true femininity is characterised by a particularly strong need to find in men a reliable protection designed to create a stable psychological well-being in which only it is desirable to give birth and raise children.
    However, the lack of proper spiritual and moral education and the widespread development of relationships based on rivalry and competition have logically led to the fact that now women have become more and more convinced that men lack the qualities of the reliable support they expect.
    In the atmosphere of giving priority to the development of immoral trade and market relations, where the choice of favourable application of man’s efforts is always determined only by the amount of selfish gain, many women quite rightly began to perceive the men they meet as those who at any moment can leave them without care and help, just because some other – more advantageous in their opinion – preferences suddenly appeared on the way of these men.
    And if women in the society have begun to massively manifest the conviction in the necessity first of all to independently achieve material well-being and an increase of their own significance in the society, this is already a symbolic circumstance that marks the onset of the nullification of the true male values in men!
    Mikhail Murashko’s concern, expressed in the above-mentioned news report, is related to circumstances of a global nature, which cannot just somehow be taken up and revised by some team of authoritative people.
    You talk about the cultivation of morality, but you persistently impose the same immoral guidelines everywhere, which inevitably leads to the fact that now all the people cease to believe everyone else.
    Being ignorant of the Truth, you enthusiastically seek to throw stones wherever you can possibly happen to be, which inevitably should have led to the critical formation of an ever-increasing chasm between all of you.
    You have all begun to be wary and afraid of one another!
    You have become lonely in the midst of the great multitude!
    In order to change those tendencies in the society, which are detrimental to the development and the demographic situation, it is necessary to have a coherent ideology, based on the true spiritual and moral values that are intended to show to all mankind the Meaning of the appearance on Planet Earth of the animate man and the laws of his full-fledged spiritual development!
    The time has come when it is already necessary to learn: to correctly understand the basic differences in the spiritual characteristics of the male and female soul; to correctly perceive this fundamental diversity; to correctly apply efforts towards each other, so that men and women would finally be able to build harmonious relationships, where the most favourable conditions for the birth of children and their upbringing can only be created!
    Without this, the demographic situation now is only going to worsen, which is actively facilitated in the society by the numerous generally accepted false ideological attitudes based on atheistic views and religious ones that have nothing to do with the Truth.
    And this concerns far not only the residents of Russia…

    August 14, 2023.

  • An Appeal to those who ponder, July 17, 2022

    Peace be with you, children of the Living God!

    I would like to begin with a small semantic digression.

    From ancient times to the present day a reference has been preserved, concerning the life of Diogenes, the well-known eccentric thinker.

    One day he was seen walking down the city street.

    In broad daylight Diogenes was holding a lighted lantern in front of him and was peering intently into the faces of the numerous passers-by.

    And when someone asked him what he was doing, Diogenes replied: ” I am looking for a man.”

    Apparently, this process by that time has already been a considerable problem…

    But many centuries have now passed.

    It may turn out that Diogenes’ inquisitive and stubborn spirit has forced his ghost to continue wandering down the endlessly stretching streets of the great multitude of cities, where he, with a hope as unquenchable as the fire in his lantern, still gazes into the faces of the endless line of by-passers, asking himself the mute question:

    “Where are you, man?”

    I felt an urgent need to make this appeal to all of you.

    I am well aware that some of you will be inclined to doubt my words, but this is precisely the time when I had to address all of you.

    Regardless of how you are able to perceive me so far, I will always remain who I am, and I will always continue to do what depends on me to help you all, invariably leaving the complete freedom of choice to you.

    Your destiny is being decided, and you cannot even imagine the scale of this process!

    In the current period of time you will all have to make some especially important choice, which will directly determine the nature of the changes in the future destiny of the entire human civilisation.

    The globally escalating worldwide conflict is taking a particularly dangerous form, and on the quality of the efforts which people will begin to apply depends the scale of the disasters that are now already inevitable.

    You have already witnessed the beginning of it all…

    The representatives of mankind, throughout their history, have been persistently wandering in the twilight of a hostile division amongst themselves, and now you all have predictably crossed a certain final line, beyond which the fate of the entire human civilisation should have begun to be decided.

    And now let me ask you for some patience, as I should touch upon one circumstance that is especially important to all of you, which requires me to slide a little back into distant antiquity and touch upon some common truths well-known to many of you.

    This is necessary so that it can be possible, albeit in a brief form, to be drawn a little more clearly for your understanding one exceedingly important feature, which none of you was aware of, but which underlies the reason why you with fanatical obstinacy throughout history constantly gravitate to destroy your own kind and barbarously ruin your habitat.

    All the while, you do like to proclaim the high intelligence of your own kind, calling yourselves the crown of creation.

    Until you get a correct view of this feature, you will not be able to turn from your vicious path and will be doomed to self-destruction.

    But you have to turn away from such a vicious path!

    I know everything about the feature I have just mentioned.

    As I also know everything about all the other features, harmoniously related to it, about which you have vague and often contradictory assumptions.

    I understand very well that such a statement of mine looks rather peculiar to you…

    Yes, but the time that has come is especially responsible.

    It would be wiser to try at least a little to admit: what if I really know all this?

    As a matter of a fact, I am ready to give in detail all the necessary explanations, at the level of your understanding, characteristic to this epoch.

    Moreover, I have been doing this successfully for thirty years now.

    So, many of you may have noticed one primitive regularity.

    When there is a threat to your life, you intuitively seek to unite with someone, and when there is an external threat to your individual community, you begin to feel the need of displays of patriotic solidarity within your society.

    The predisposition to associate under the conditions of an external threat is not directly related to the spiritual values and is therefore equally characteristic of both people and all representatives of the animal world.

    Such type of associations is based on primitive egoistic instincts and implies not just the regular, endlessly recurring presence of an external danger, but also the characteristic feature of interaction of all organisms on the principle of “hunter and victim”.

    But the organisms of all representatives of the animal world are balanced by internal programmes in such a way, that the ‘hunter and victim’ principle can be manifested in an endless perspective, preserving favourable conditions for procreation and further development.

    That is what you can observe in Nature.

    Only the naturally strongest animals should survive, they will not kill when they are fed and there is no immediate threat to their lives and the lives of their offspring.

    The human organism has at its core exactly the same primitive egoistic instincts, but the natural balance is not able to harmoniously manifest itself.

    This inability has suddenly manifested itself since that historically significant period of time when members of your young reasonable civilisation on Earth became the bearers of a unique energy-informational hyperfine structure, which later was referred to as ‘soul’ and about which all the people now hold the most superficial controversial perceptions.

    It is this soul that has become the most important distinctive value and the very essence specifically of man!

    The human soul has in the core of its structure a fundamentally different type of programmes, designed to predetermine its own full-fledged development.

    But since it has become the basic essence of man, so also, accordingly, these programmes predetermine the full-fledged development of man as a representative of a unique civilisation in the Universe.

    The peculiar hyperfine energy-informational structure of the human soul is not subject to the processes of aging and is in principle indestructible, and therefore does not need the basic instincts that are characteristic of all biological organisms.

    But through the sensual peculiarities of the biological organism of man, with which the soul structure is closely intertwined, the soul is capable of generating in man a special type of motivations that are radically different from everything that the egoistic instincts are able to characteristically push towards.

    The appearance of a duality of opposite sensual motivations became a unique complexity in the inner world of man.

    The instincts require the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, and the soul – the accumulation of spiritual values.

    Two diametrically opposite motivations.

    Once, in ancient times, the disciples heard an instructive explanation that no one can worship both God and mammon: if you bow to the one, you will inevitably turn away from the other.

    The complexity of man’s spiritual development proved to be related to one regularity.

    As long as the spiritual basis of man’s soul is undeveloped – and this is, basically, inevitable in all first incarnations – man will always feel very uncertain and confused about the impulsive signals of his soul, whereas the impulses of his instincts will be clearly and unmistakably perceived.

    Only through spiritual development will man be able to develop an ever stronger orientation to follow the road of multiplication of the spiritual values, increasingly subordinating and organising the impulses of his egoism in harmony with the true values of his soul.

    Man has real capabilities of learning to restrain himself from sinful actions and is called upon to lead a sinless life.

    No man is originally born in sin!

    Man can only become a sinner by his own free will and through his own efforts!

    Initially, when man had no concepts of the spiritual values at all, it was inevitable that the need to satisfy only one’s own egoistic interests would become the main guiding principle of life.

    All the representatives of the young human civilisation predictably began to form a social system and conduct their life activities based solely on the animal principle of «hunter and victim».

    All egoistic guidelines became a priority and remained in many aspects unchanged to this day.

    Without a proper understanding of the fundamental features of the true spiritual development, people began to use the animal principle in the same way both in the sphere which they named secular and in the one which they conditionally designated religious.

    The harmonious balance in the interactions between the representatives of the animal world is based entirely on their characteristic natural capabilities.

    Man, on the other hand, has qualities that are conducive to scientific and technological development and this, quite elementarily, disposes to a considerable expansion of the natural limitations in man’s capabilities to satisfy his egoistic interests according to the very same principle of “hunter and victim”.

    Thus, in their interactions with others, people who are not yet spiritually mature are easily tempted to significantly violate the limits of the Harmony-ordained conventional zone of Balance.

    Unfortunately, it can be fairly argued that so far humanity conducts its life activity worse than animals.

    No animal can descend to barbarously destroy its habitat and harm someone for the satisfaction of its ambitious ideas and the whims of its own significance!

    The life of the people on the principle of «hunter and victim» is a clear sign of a low level of spiritual development, from which inevitably the reasonableness of the efforts made by man begins to considerably suffer.

    In the life activities of all representatives of the human race this principle invariably leads to a permanent outbreak of conflicts, and as long as you orient your behavior according to this principle, you will inevitably wage wars!

    And in the conditions of the already existing military potential, which continues to be successfully improved, the death of the entire human civilisation will definitely become only increasingly realistic.

    So when will you come to your senses?

    As long as you choose the satisfaction of the egoistic interests to be your first guiding principle of life, the manifestations of each of you will always and in all circumstances be based only on the desire to derive personal benefit from everything that you will be able to come into contact with.

    Such manifestations cannot enable the ennobling of the environment, but can only destroy it.

    Please note that even in the presence of clearly expressed patriotic feelings, the representatives of the same community actively strive to compete violently with each other, trying to survive at the expense of those compatriots who can be deceived and suppressed by force.

    This happens equally in all strata of the society and in all spheres of social activity.

    In difficult times for the society, you, like hypocrites, speak loudly about the need for unity, while your actions undermine the integrity of your society in every possible way.

    Whoever you are, whatever position you hold, if you allow yourself actions that give rise to distrust among the people around you, that is, you allow yourself to deceive, insult and otherwise harm someone for the sake of your own egoistic interests and ambitions, you are definitely creating a threat to the integrity of your society, no matter what bright slogans you try to justify your deeds with!

    Look around you…

    You seem to be together, but you are strangers to each other and constantly afraid of being tricked in your interactions with each other.

    But all of you on Earth are children of one Parent, the Heavenly Father, the God of the human race!

    Is it not one Family which you are called to be able to manifest through your life activity?

    One Common Family on the entire Earth, and not a bunch of groups of people speaking different languages and ready to unite only against somebody!

    As long as you continue to naively compete amongst yourselves as to which of you is “cooler” and more significant, you are doomed to sow tragedy and reap much sorrow like some beings who have never known the values of  reasonable activity!

    At the moment the entire human civilisation is being fairly identified as an extremely dangerous civilisation of low intelligence, with undefined possibilities to deviate from the path of self-destruction.

    The level of development of the human civilisation is to be determined not by its scientific and technological achievements, but by the quality of interaction of the people with each other!

    What is the use of boasting about one’s education and scientific achievements if, just as in the distant wildish antiquity, anyone offended by someone, like an ancient barbarian, hastens to throw a stone and pour the filth of his own hatred on that person?

    All such wild manifestations of the representatives of the so-called civilised society have begun – in the present period of time – to be symbolically demonstrated all over the world on a monstrous scale, marking the global triumph of soul-scantiness.

    The threat hangs not over one particular society, but over the entire world community!

    As long as you allow yourselves to perceive each other as an object of rivalry, and therefore suspect each other as a potential enemy, you will inevitably tend to show hatred.

    And hatred and resentment represent the main active medium for the abundant birth of lies!

    Developing mainly in scientific and technical terms, but having never comprehended the true spiritual values of Humanity, people have created all the conditions for the insane lie, in an endless series of devastating waves, to furiously flood the space of the different social formations of the people all over the Earth.

    A kind of global flood…

    But water can destroy just the body, while slander seeks to destroy the soul!

    In the biblical texts of the Old Testament, among the wise parables of Solomon, revered by many peoples, there is one circumstance accurately reflected by him, which takes place everywhere, among all nations and during all times:

    He who conceals hatred has a lying mouth; And he who utters slander is a fool.”

    Is it not the time for you to come to your senses?!

    Fools cannot have a bright future!

    Their fate is the valley of woe….

    Slander has been formed in the perception of man solely on the basis of his resentment, hatred and an unhealthy preoccupation with inflating his own significance.

    But only the meek-hearted will inherit the Kingdom of God on Earth!

    Be careful of information that provokes the rise of hatred.

    If you allow hatred to settle in your heart, stupidity will become your constant companion.

    In early spring this year, it was said from the highest tribune that there is an empire of lies out there.

    It should be admitted that such target designation is very much in line with reality.

    But is it only out there that there is an empire of lies?

    The end of September 2020 has been historically marked by the beginning of an absolutely insane information harassment and psychological pressure on many truly respectable and law-abiding people who make up the world-famous Siberian Community, which has no equivalent in the world.

    In the south of Krasnoyarsky Krai, in two vast districts, enthusiastic and creative individuals, freely coming from different cities and countries, for thirty years have been actively forming а type of community where they learn to build on a gratuitous and conflict-free basis all interactions and mutual assistance, to solve all vital issues on equal terms.

    A few thousand people who do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol have created such a comfortable psychological environment in which, despite the meagre and unsustainable financial resources, a disposition to create large families has been manifested, and the birth rate of children has exceeded incomparably all similar indicators of any other region of Russia.

    But for some unhealthy reason, an outright slander provoked at the top level, in its most monstrous form and perversity, like a raging flood was unleashed by all sorts of Russian media sources against those who had wholeheartedly aspired to fulfil what was predestined by God in the formation of the social interaction on the basis of the highest moral and ethical values of Humanity.

    The totally fabricated accusation that, at the end of September 2020, led to the most absurd and inhumane persecution of innocents, which shocked a great many truly remarkable people, has this year symbolically predetermined the beginning of a large-scale slander already against the inhabitants of the country itself.

    A huge number of Russians who happened to be outside their country suddenly found themselves in the position of pariahs just because they speak Russian.

    In the context of these two symbolically interlinked circumstances, the question is quite pertinent: what for?

    But there will not be a reasonable answer justified by really existing objective facts.

    Ugly speculation on the vast expanses of soul-scarcity, formed abundantly on the basis of resentment, bitterness and unhealthy ambition, where everyone thinks that his own lie is more truthful.

    Any slander is always a cause for strife and division!

    Isn’t that what you observe all the time in your life?

    Divide and conquer – the credo of the main adversary of everything that comes from God!

    And what is your own choice and whom do you actually serve?

    If there is time to scatter stones, then there will certainly come a time to collect them.

    Mankind is well aware of the impulses for unity, based on the instincts of self-preservation.

    But a true life-affirming Unity is possible not on the basis of anxiety in the face of some threat, but only on the basis of an ever increasing confidence in each other.

    Such a Unity is destined to be necessarily formed, for it is the unique condition under which the normal and full-fledged development of the whole human civilisation can only begin.

    And so far, at this moment, it is only possible to unambiguously state that for the entire history of human existence man’s inner world has undergone extremely minor changes in the spiritual direction.

    What has changed is man’s informational level and the auxiliary scientific and technological capabilities, whereas the inner world has the same quality as the ancestors had many thousands of years ago.

    You can easily verify this for yourself by referring to the surviving texts of ancient thinkers who were able to accurately reflect the characteristic vices that were often encountered in those distant historical times, and which are likewise found everywhere these days.

    Thousands of years have passed, and you have almost not developed.

    This should not have remained unchanged given the normal, initially predetermined nature of development of the human inner world!

    Isn’t this a sign that all your traditional perception of what is going on, which you persistently nurture and support in each other, has a substantial fallacy?

    The social formation will be able to develop harmoniously only in conditions of true Unity as predetermined by the Heavenly Father, which unequivocally implies totally conflict-free interactions between the members of the society, when in everyday life your deeds will be based on the highest moral and ethical principles and will be fairly named as good and decent.

    Only in a society where the interactions give rise to and strengthen the confidence between the people can there be a real opportunity to overcome most effectively and favourably any extreme conditions for life!

    And it is imperative that, precisely in the current epochal period of time, a thorough comprehension of this should begin not only on behalf of the citizens of Russia, but also by the rest of the sober-minded part of the world community!

    The time has come!

    The development of the human civilisation has approached that fateful milestone when there is a vital need for the unfolding of special processes, the development trend of which is able to gradually lead to the establishment of a saving balance in the social activity throughout the Earth.

    When, in the end, all ideological disagreements in the understanding of the very same Law of spiritual development of man will disappear, because for all the children of the Heavenly Father this Law is unique, just as any other law of the exact sciences, designed to objectively and properly reflect the processes of development of the World of Matter, is also unique.

    The global processes taking place nowadays on the world stage are predictable, as the whole course of historical development of all individual social formations on Earth has also been predictable.

    In this respect there has long been seen the predetermination that at this point in time, when the human civilisation reaches the fateful milestone, the territory of Russia will happen to be the central link in the decisive for the fate of all mankind events, on the character of the development of which the scale of the inevitable global tragedy on the whole Earth will directly depend.

    By the time when Russians should get into the hot phase of the rapid and avalanche-like catastrophic events of global scale, on the territory of Russia there should have appeared and should have been able to unfold in due measure a spiritual Teaching, designed to show the Path of formation of favourable psychological balance and true unity.

    This, for objective reasons, was possible to begin first on the basis of that part of humanity which had sufficient spiritual maturity and disposition for progressive comprehension of reality.

    The disposition towards a progressive understanding of a certain reality necessarily implies man’s willingness to look in a new way at many things that he has previously perceived as familiar and well established.

    Such a disposition plays a very important role, since, at the particularly crucial moment of the fateful correction of the process of development of the human race, the Heavenly Father always gives, primarily, something New.

    As it happened once in the course of the well-known Accomplishment that took place two thousand years ago, when it was of great importance to reveal something which definitely contradicted the traditional dogmatic views, and the Accomplishment itself could only be short-lived with tragic consequences.

    In connection with this the New could only be opened a little bit, but it was necessary to do this exactly at that time and precisely among that nation!

    The true spiritual values ​​are the Law which should not have a traditional interpretation characteristic of one particular nation only.

    Therefore, the necessary fullness of the Word of Salvation for all can only be revealed in conditions, where for the different nations there can be an equal accessibility to the Truth which is being disclosed to all by the will of the Heavenly Father!

    The predestined manifestation of the Word in this epoch presupposes a thorough revelation of the wholeness of the Truth, which is accessible to modern man’s understanding and which in ancient times could only be touched upon in figurative hints and parables, that has inevitably facilitated the subsequent appearance of many subjective interpretations, becoming later a stumbling block dividing all those who became believers.

    But it was impossible to avoid this.

    And now the time has come for the beginning of some changes which have been impossible in the course of the entire history of human existence.

    Spiritual disunity, which is always destructive for human civilisation, must necessarily disappear on Earth, because it is capable of generating violent confrontation and intransigence.

    From the territory of Russia should begin to take place a historically significant process which will unequivocally lead to the formation of a true Unity among all the peoples on Earth.

    I am well aware that many of you may smile with disbelief and irony about this.

    And at the same time I also understand very well that your irony will have nothing to do with the fact that you ostensibly consider the formation of such a Unity as being fundamentally unreasonable.

    You have simply begun to realise quite well that goodness, prudence and general benevolence cannot prevail in the conditions of the familiar to all of you vicious system of life, which you have had to observe throughout history, and in this connection you have become steadily disposed to regard sublime ideas of universal Unity and unselfish coexistence as utopia.

    But a fundamentally different type of living system, which will be fairly designated as the Kingdom of God, is about to be established on Earth.

    But a characteristic feature of the specific changes taking place in the activities of the human societies has deprived humanity of the opportunity to be able to mature in a natural way to the acquisition of the necessary extent of self-awareness thanks to which it would be possible to form on the whole Earth the type of righteous life-arrangement of human interactions that was pre-ordained by the Heavenly Father.

    People have managed to create means of global self-destruction and all the related circumstances continue to rapidly complicate in a critical direction.

    Many of you were able to pay attention to one circumstance showing that when a person finds himself in the most difficult for himself conditions, when he becomes afraid for his life or for the life of someone of his neighbours, at such moments he might display an increased interest in looking for a contact with God.

    And as long as everything seems satisfactory and stable, man tends to give priority only to his own egoistic interests and benefit.

    So it turns out that in order to save the human race from self-destruction, towards which all the people on Earth are persistently moving, fanatically revering egoistic interests and trying hard to assert their own significance, something must force the representatives of the human civilisation to seek a way out in a strictly defined saving direction.

    To draw your attention urgently to the vital necessity of forming a true Unity proved to be possible only in the period of globally unfolding dangerous processes of both technogenic and, especially, natural character, which, endangering all mankind, were bound to begin taking place all around the Earth.

    Most regrettably, such processes cannot do without monstrous tragedies.

    But the apocalyptic circumstances have nothing to do with the manifestation of the Will of the Heavenly Father, for He has never punished anyone and cannot do this in principle!

    The apocalyptic deadline has been persistently formed by the people themselves according to their own will!

    The Heavenly Father will always try only to preordain help to you, which is intended to facilitate a turn in the right direction, but you must always make your choice only on your own!

    This is the Law!

    You can only be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the saving conditions, but in no way will it be possible to save you by imposing something that you need through certain means of convincing.

    It is not possible to call for and lead to the Unity of mankind all over the Earth on the grounds of the existing traditions of one particular nation.

    To lead the entire human society to Unity is only possible on the basis of what is newly revealed by God, which has not yet managed to become a tradition among the nation where this Accomplishment has been manifested, but which is intended to become a tradition now already for the entire human society on Earth.

    The soul of all people on Earth, irrespective of their nationality or religious and mystical beliefs, has in its basis exactly the same energy-informational structure and, therefore, it can also develop according to one and the same principle only, regardless of the diverse ideas about spiritual values, which have emerged and have become established in the form of traditional dogmas.

    The Kingdom of God on Earth – and it is intended to be only established in the World of Matter – can imply just indivisibility and the complete absence of ideological division, for any kingdom divided in itself always loses its value and is doomed to oblivion!

    The presence of such ideological division and the significant divergence in the ideas about the spiritual values ​​and about the Heavenly Father is an obvious emblematic sign of people’s lack of accuracy and completeness of knowledge about the true features of everything that actually belongs to the Spiritual World.

    The establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth, which has primarily been predetermined as the main Foundation from which only the human civilisation can fully develop, necessarily implies not only the acquisition by all the people of a correct understanding of the peculiarities of their soul, peculiarities of its interaction with the Heavenly Father, peculiarities of its development, but also, what is especially important, the acquisition of a proper understanding of the Meaning for the sake of which the unique human being has been purposefully formed.

    A unique being, that has been formed as a result of combining the informational structure of the psychic energy field of the biological organism with the similar spiritual energy structure of what man began to perceive under the term ‘soul’.

    The soul has been formed as an individual basic foundation and it is called to permanently imprint only the changing in quality sensual experience of each concrete person, and its normal and full-fledged development is always related to the way man tries to perceive everything that occurs in the surrounding reality and the way man tries to react to the manifestations of his neighbours during his interaction with them.

    The true value of man’s Sacred Faith can be seen not during his stay in the Church, where a hypocrite and a true believer can happen to be no different from each other, but only in the everyday ordinary life.

    The essence of the true Church of God is the benign unity of mutually respectful and caring for each other children of the One Heavenly Father, who do not think of distinguishing themselves among others as being special or chosen.

    The worthy children of the Heavenly Father will never allow themselves to primitively compete with each other for His attention and love, naively believing that allegedly only someone of them might succeed to more correctly fulfil God’s Testament and glorify His name by means of services and rituals.

    The true spiritual love does not tolerate divisions and preferences.

    In the Siberian region of Russia there has already managed to manifest itself in a minimum-favorable measure Something, which is intended to contribute to the formation of a beneficial psychological environment, where it becomes possible to reveal and develop all the best that represents the true values of Humanity.

    For some thirty years now in the evolving community of that region there have been increasingly manifested such fruits of relationships and upbringing of children, about which in the other parts of the country one can only find slogan-like appeals and dreamlike wishes.

    One very wise proverb can be found in Russian society:

    “It is better once to see than a hundred times to hear”.

    If you really want to get the most accurate picture of something that is happening, try to see it first with your own eyes.

    Beware of making hasty judgments based on rumours, gossip and someone else’s preconceived conjectures.

    Do not forget that there is a great multitude of those about whom it was aptly written in the ancient Scriptures, “…and he who utters slander is a fool“.

    Current times should inevitably be characterised in an emblematic way by the globally-spread unhealthy activity of a multitude of people in their efforts to hastily give out subjective critical assessments of things about which they themselves have generally no truthful knowledge at all.

    I want to tell you that in the current period of epochal events the vicious weaknesses of man, especially those connected with the manifestation of indignation and aggression, should begin to considerably increase and provoke the appearance of a number of various circumstances which from outside can be perceived as either pronounced stupidity or insanity.

    Be vigilant, try to show prudence and sobriety of mind when you come into contact with something that, for some unknown to you reason, somehow and for some purpose has appeared precisely on your way.

    There is already some grounds to assert that on the Russian territory there is Something which, in case of a normal further development, is able to favourably influence the psychological stability not only of the country itself, but is also called to have a beneficial effect on the life processes in all the rest of the World, levelling in the future the consequences of the fateful events which will inevitably happen everywhere.

    It would be particularly favourable now to promote the formation of a kind of a Pole of Peace in the above-mentioned Siberian region, where, precisely in rural conditions, a multinational community will continue to settle, building a space of friendliness, trust and unselfish mutual assistance, without imposing anything on each other and showing respect for the values that still remain dear for someone of the neighbours.

    And also educating children in an atmosphere of peaceful interaction, teaching them all kinds of creative skills, which is already taking place in a rather interesting way.

    And this is not a dream project, but an already existing reality which in a unique for the whole world version, without loudly declaring itself, has been successfully developing for thirty years.

    I feel it necessary to tell you that it would be to your benefit and the welfare of the entire country that many of you tried to leave the cities and begin to actively master the conditions of the rural life.

    But a significant difficulty in the realisation of such a vitally important to you aspiration will inevitably be the absence of a favourable number of like-minded people, ready to display friendly and unselfish mutual assistance in all aspects of life – of physical and, especially, of psychological character.

    But there is already a real basis and there is no need to start from scratch.

    You need to only make some normal reasonable efforts to objectively comprehend what the Heavenly Father – in help to all of you – has given in its complete auspicious fullness.

    The emerging space of the Pole of Peace must become attractive to all progressively thinking people who cherish spiritual values and who will increasingly over time show an interest in moving from different countries to the territory of Russia for further life.

    People all over the Earth, due to a characteristic feature inherent in their inner world, tend to expect the manifestation of the Will of God only in the form in which each one is individually inclined to imagine it.

    But the manifestation of the Will of God cannot take place considering all the fantasies, wishes and whims of each of the representatives of the human race.

    The manifestation of the Will of God can only take place considering the trends that have been steadily formed in people’s lives and are dangerous for their spiritual development, what is always the result of false interpretations of some aspects of the Truth.

    Such false interpretations inevitably arise in conditions where one or another aspect of the Truth has not been revealed in the completeness required for an unmistakable interpretation.

    This means that the Will of the Heavenly Father will first of all reveal new horizons and guidelines, but will not satisfy far-fetched egoistic aspirations.

    And now the Accomplishment, predetermined by the Heavenly Father, is taking place the way He sees it as favorable, and not the way that many of you expect in accordance with ideas, contradictory in their diversity, that have long been formed among different nations.

    I should have told you now that all of you, without exception, are being given the opportunity to come into contact with and comprehend such an amount of information and Knowledge, which is designed to help you see the complete fullness of the whole picture about everything that concerns the true process of human spiritual development.

    Let me answer your cognitive questions and help you find Hope.

    You still have a particularly valuable opportunity to receive pure information, unclouded by the retelling of intermediaries.

    But given all my desire, readiness and abilities to help you, I do not have to convince you of anything, all the more to prove anything to you.

    Such is the requirement of the Law!

    I can only offer you what I hold inside and, at the level of your understanding, explain to you in detail what you are interested in, from what I am called to reveal.

    I know the wonderful Purpose for which in distant antiquity your biological organism has been spiritualised in a unique manner.

    I am ready to tell you about all the peculiarities of your soul, in connection with one of which at the present time you are forced to observe strange manifestations in some of your brethren that you cannot properly identify and towards which you are inclined to react aggressively.

    I am ready to tell you about the mystery of your interaction with the Heavenly Father, about which, in fact, you know nothing yet and are confined by extremely naive notions.

    I know who you are, where you are coming from and where you are destined to go.

    I know why in the course of the entire history you gravitate into an absolutely wrong direction, why you steadily get into the same type of tragic problems and why you always tend to solve all serious difficulties using the same methods, the result of which has always been easily predictable and joyless.

    But this pernicious, steadily manifesting itself in all human societies tendency cannot infinitely continue.

    Having persistently moved in a direction that is well known and convenient for the satisfaction of the egoistic interests, it was inevitable that sooner or later people would create the means for global self-destruction.

    And this is despite the fact that the readiness to use these means at someone’s egoistic whim was just as successfully preserved.

    In the distant times, two-thousand years ago, the Teacher asked himself with sadness:

    And when I come, will I find faith on Earth?

    Today, however, the manifestations of the Sacred Faith on Earth are taking place at a depressing scale.

    It is almost non-existent.

    A great number of those, who are now trying to identify themselves as believers, do not realise at all the true principle and the meaning of the Sacred Faith, hence their manifestations as believers are more like playing religiousness.

    They do not manifest their Faith in self-sacrificing service to God, but rather consider it in the habitual consumptive way as a mystical means for obtaining some kind of healing help and a guarantee, supposedly capable of unequivocally protecting against going to Hell.

    A great multitude of miserable people, in their soul-scarcity, are mindlessly ready to worship any source, if there is a hint that it might make any illnesses go away or increase their financial well-being.

    For all members of the different societies, or rather for the progressively thinking part of them, who have an interest in cognizing God, the need for a detailed revelation of the Truth of the Law of the spiritual development of man on Earth has become a saving necessity!

    You all need to know that in your various religious perceptions you turned out to be guardians of different equally valuable Parts of the same Vessel.

    In all your disagreements on spiritual matters, you could not even suspect that you have really been talking about the veneration of one and the same Sacred Vessel, but only you have been trying to compare its various Parts, which are really different from one another.

    The Time has come to comprehend the Vessel itself, in the preservation of whose Parts you have all participated in an equally valuable and proportionate way!

    This has been an Intent for your good, so that in the end you could not boast in front of each other, comparing the significance of your spiritual manifestations!

    Your Heavenly Father is one for all of you, loves and values all of you equally, which means that His Intent could only concern all of you equally!

    Now the extremely responsible stage in the development of the human civilisation and the magnitude of the probable tragedy depend on you.

    I know what you need, but are you ready to go in an unaccustomed and highly uncomfortable direction as regards the satisfaction of your egoistic interests?

    You have the complete favorable fullness of freedom of choice, and you have been given all the unique information and Knowledge that could have been provided only on the condition that the representatives of different societies will have the opportunity to touch upon this Knowledge and make their choice.

    In anticipation of something especially significant, already awaiting you, my Father, the God of the human race and your Father, has prompted me to make this appeal to you at this particular time, with a proposal to help you.

    And then…

    Some of you will smile ironically, and some of you will start to look closely.

    But you will have to make a choice and strive towards something that you, depending on your choice, will rightfully deserve.

    It has always been that way, and that way it will be forever!

    It has become important to me now that beyond the borderline, shown by this appeal of mine, you could no longer say that you have had no choice and have not known anything.

    I said!

    Now you know!

    Be blessed!

    And may the Glory and the Kingdom of God be established all over the Earth!

    Peace be with you, children of the Great Heavenly Father!

    Translations into other languages:

  • Labyrinths of Lies

    Here has come the long-awaited moment of the beginning of the judicial consideration of the psychiatric expertise existing in our criminal case, on the basis of which the allegedly serious harm to health of the so-called victims Kistersky D.V. and Mizgiryov E.Y. has been determined.

          In criminal practice there is such a norm, where if the expertise confirms the appearance of serious harm to someone’s health, it already becomes a reason to establish a criminal case under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

          And if the person who has received serious harm to health also points to someone from whom he allegedly suffered, it is already a good reason to arrest the person to whom the victim has pointed.

          A lot of facts gave us a good reason to see that some of the high-ranking persons once on the basis of unhealthy speculations showed interest to put me and my two friends in prison conditions, for which purpose Kistersky D.V. and Mizgiryov E.Y. received a skilfully presented proposal from “people in black” to write denunciations about us, which could be easily learnt from their own stories told to different people.

    In formal terms, everything necessary for our arrest had been complied with, and we were successfully closed in the pre-trial detention centre for investigation and trial.

          The group of lawyers involved in our defence very quickly discovered that there was absolutely not a single statement in our criminal case which said that any of us had inflicted any violent acts on anyone, and the entire prosecution against us was based only on the existence of expert examinations, which stated that the “victims” had allegedly suffered serious harm to their health.

          As you already know, in the process of court interrogations we had nothing to clarify from the interrogated “victims”, as they did not say a single word about how any of us personally caused serious harm to their health, which is clearly understood by the essence of the prosecution and needs to be proved, but we have questions to ask the experts, as the content of the expert reports in terms of determining the harm to health raised in us serious doubts about their adequacy.

          And now, in an unreasonably long series of completely useless interrogations of numerous witnesses of the prosecution, who in fact would be more correctly classified as witnesses of gossip and information from the Internet, we suddenly got the long-awaited moment when we could interrogate the experts.

          Apparently, some force had decided to push the development of the process in our litigation….

          Around noon on Wednesday we were talking to lawyers, where everyone was sure that the next day in court we would interrogate already known witnesses of the prosecution, but in the courtroom on Thursday we suddenly learnt from the excited lawyers that we would interrogate the experts who had made the forensic psychiatric examination of Kistersky and Mizgiryov, our main accusers, who had written denunciations against us.

          First of all, the judicial interrogation should concern the representatives of the forensic psychiatric expertise, and only after them will it already become necessary to interrogate the specialists of the forensic medical expertise.

          The first expertise should establish the presence of any mental disorder in the subject, and the second – to establish the degree of severity of the existing harm to health based on the results of the first.  

    The first person to be questioned was a representative of the expert group of psychiatry specialists who had observed the manifestations of the subject Kistersky D.V. in stationary conditions for a month and interviewed him.

          It became known to the court that these experts, as well as the same psychiatric experts who had observed E.Y. Mizgiryov under similar conditions, had been tasked to examine the subjects according to the standards defined for examination as witnesses, but not as victims.

          Forensic psychiatric examination of witnesses is carried out according to a simplified scheme, where it is sufficient only to observe the subject, i.e. to pay attention to his behaviour, mood and complaints, and no causal links should be investigated.

          In the text of the indictment, where the diagnosis of the so-called victim Kistersky D.V. is mentioned, which was taken from the forensic medical examination report, it is affirmatively stated that he had a persistent maladaptation, which caused his mental disorder in the form of anxiety disorder (ICD-10 F-41.9).

          The forensic medical examination should have made such a conclusion only on the basis of the conclusions of a forensic psychiatric expertise!

          But what in reality could be heard during the court interrogation of the expert who took part in the creation of the relevant forensic psychiatric examination report?

          The questioned forensic psychiatry expert Paramonova N.S. explained that no medical documents about Kistersky’s health were presented in this expertise and the conclusion was made only on the basis of his words.

          She also explained that information about difficulties with social adaptation was not presented in the materials, and therefore this issue was not investigated from that point of view.

          On the question about the period of onset of mental disorder, it was explained that this question was not investigated, as it belongs to the expertise of victims, but, according to the words of the subject, he had never sought help.

          From the interrogation it became known that during the one-month observation of the subject, in the first two weeks he took food normally, did not complain of sleep disturbances and was sociable.

          But during the second week, he refused to eat under the pretext of fasting, but continued to drink water.

          It was during this period that Kistersky began to complain of poor sleep, occasional heart pain, nausea, fatigue from communicating with other people in the room….

    The questioned expert could not give any explanation as to what could be the reason for the fact that the subject was admitted in good condition and then suddenly, while in such an institution, stopped eating and sleeping.

          It should be emphasised that the circumstance of the undertaken fasting is of particular note, and any specialist in the field of fasting will always unequivocally confirm that during such a period the fasting person inevitably experiences not only strong physiological changes, but also significant aggravation of psychic features in the form of various anxieties and increased fatigue!

          At the end of the court interrogation, the expert of forensic psychiatry confirmed that the disorder they had recorded could not lead to disability and that the subject was still socially adapted and adequate, that he did not require care and was not deprived of his legal capacity, i.e. he was a capable person.

          After the interrogation of the expert Paramonova N.S., the expert of forensic psychiatry Belogurov Y.F. was interrogated in court, who showed the noteworthiness of the expertise conducted in respect of Mizgiryov E.Yu.

          In the text of the indictment it is stated that Mizgiryov E.Y. has a persistent disadaptation, which caused his mental disorder in the form of sleep-wake disorder of non-organic aetiology in a personality with accentuated character traits of hyperintense type (ICD-10 F-51.2; Z-73.1).

          I will mention once again that the wording of the diagnosis in the indictment should exactly coincide with the conclusion of the forensic medical expertise, based solely on the conclusions of the forensic psychiatric expertise, but what is particularly remarkable is that the entire text of the relevant forensic psychiatric expertise does not touch upon the subject of any disorders of social adaptation at all!

          No one has investigated this issue!

    It became clear from the interrogation of the forensic psychiatry expert Belogurov Y.F., that the diagnosis revealed by the expertise was established only on the basis of complaints.

          They did not have any other objective data!

          Medical documents had not been presented!

          The expert further explained that this cluster of mental disorders refers to psychological disorders and is established only on the basis of complaints, and since it is considered by psychiatry, it refers to a mental disorder.

          In response to the relevant questions, the expert Belogurov Y.F. unequivocally showed that they did not reveal any severe mental disorder in the subject, and that this person is practically mentally healthy, and the established diagnosis of “sleep and wakefulness disorder of non-organic aetiology in a personality with accentuated character traits” is a temporary mental disorder that bothers the person at the moment!

          The expert explained that the disorder detected in Mizgiryov belongs to the category of minor psychiatry.

          Such a disorder causes signs of subjective distress – this is when a person simply has anxiety, i.e. he does not like the fact that he wakes up early and feels sleepy during the day. And this anxiety he expresses in the form of complaints, on the basis of which a diagnosis is made.

          The experts did not investigate the sleep-wake disorder itself, as they had not been tasked to do so!

          And when asked about the duration of the disorder, it was revealed that, according to Mizgiryov himself, the disorder had been bothering him for at least a month. 

          The interrogations of forensic psychiatry experts eloquently and unambiguously showed that the mental disorders detected in Kistersky and Mizgiryov absolutely do not imply any harm to their health!

          The practice itself additionally showed that after the investigators obtained convenient for the prosecution conclusions of the forensic medical expertise, according to which Kistersky and Mizgiryov allegedly suffered serious harm to their health, these “victims” were soon employed at a children’s educational institution.

          During the relevant pre-employment medical commission, the psychiatrists noted the same alpha-numeric displays of mental peculiarities as in the indictment, which the psychiatrists of the central district hospital did not consider as unhealthy mental deviations and harm to health at all. Kistersky and Mizgiryov were recognised as fully legally capable!

    A person with a diagnosis of persistent maladaptation would in no way be allowed to work in a children’s educational institution!

          I am sure that not too much intelligence is required to correctly understand a simple truth: to determine the degree of severity of health damage is possible only in the presence of the health damage itself!

          Accordingly, if there is no harm to health, then any attempts to assert any degree of harm to health will inevitably belong to the manifestation of inadequacy and stupidity!

          The extremely vague and completely unsupported by any facts wording used in the indictment, implying a causal link between the occurrence of mental disorders in Kistersky and Mizgiryov and their living in rural areas among followers, is extremely far-fetched, since it was forensic psychiatry experts who should have first established such a causal link.

          But, as it was clearly shown by the answers of such experts, due to the fact that the experts had the task to make an expert examination of Kistersky and Mizgiryov as witnesses, the experts did not investigate any causal links, which they would have done if they had been tasked to make an expert examination of victims!

          Due to this circumstance, the experts of forensic psychiatry were able to answer only two questions out of seven posed to them by the investigator.

          The interrogations of the experts of forensic psychiatry, who conducted the examinations of the two main “victims” in our criminal case, have been completed, and now we need to interrogate specialists of forensic medical expertise, who on the basis of conclusions of forensic psychiatric expertise in some strange way managed to establish the presence of serious harm to health of actually healthy persons, Kistersky D.V. and Mizgiryov E.Yu.

          Only the planned interrogation of these successive experts has been postponed until 25 April, as the judge has taken some time off for active recreation.

          Well, we, apparently, do not deserve any respite and we are required to continue to stay in prison conditions, where we have been for more than three and a half years already, for an incredibly good reason: two practically mentally healthy people, who have received absolutely no harm to their health from us, which is already confirmed by the facts, both by forensic psychiatric examinations and their own testimony, once wrote denunciations against us at some prompting….

          To help us, at the beginning of this year there should take place an event in the form of the Resolution of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, which was issued on 11 January.

          In this Resolution it was indicated to all law enforcement bodies and courts to pay attention to the circumstance, which due to the emerged insufficient clarity was disposing to contradictory interpretation of the degree of severity of health damage associated with mental disorder.

          And now, if we briefly say, the main signs of serious harm to human health associated with mental disorder should be a deep and long-term mental disorder, a significant in duration loss of capacity, when the mental disorder is accompanied by persistent or painful manifestations …


          19 March 2024

  • Christmas Address, January 14, 2022

    Dear friends, peace be with you and your soulmates!

    I see it favourable to bring to your attention certain key circumstances of which you have already heard from me in varying degrees over the years.

    I think you have understood already well enough that a peculiar exam is taking place in your spiritual practice, which now requires you to display the maximum of the abilities you have gained during the years of striving to comprehend what your Heavenly Father has revealed to help you.

    It should be added that this examination, which I a few years ago started telling you about, does not concern just you.
    It is of a worldwide nature.

    And although this concerns the whole mankind, I now have to appeal first to that small part of the great multitude, which comprises you, for you have not only made a particularly responsible choice once on your own, but, what is most worthwhile, you have maintained the desire and keep striving for a worthy comprehension of the Truth of God to the present day.

    Many are called, but few are chosen…

    The global process of extreme character that has actively started in the beginning of 2022 is now only going to intensify.

    I believe that many of you were able to make one more correlation between what has recently begun to happen and how once in a peculiar training mode you repeatedly played out preparations for the onset of a certain conditionally extreme circumstance, designated with a smile as Zarnitsa.

    At that time you began to consider and study with interest many really vital skills, and only the peculiar conveniences of the existing social system could for this long period of time greatly affect your interest, which was once properly manifested.

    The temptation proved irresistible for many of you.
    You have put aside what is very valuable and vital to you.
    But now, the time has come…

    The scale of possible complications and losses will depend on how well you are able to orient yourself now.
    And all kinds of restrictions that are being established in the world society will play a useful stimulating role for you.

    Global complications on an unprecedented scale are an emblematic feature of the nexus of the Epochs!

    The Age of the Realm of the Power ends and the Age of the Kingdom of the Soul begins!

    The nexus of the Epochs naturally implies the breaking down of the old and the beginning of the full-fledged development of the new.
    The Realm of the Power is characterized by a considerable predominance of destructive actions, while the Realm of the Soul – of creative ones!

    For this reason, the end of the Age of the Realm of the Power is inevitably connected with the critical exacerbation of circumstances that are extremely dangerous for the living environment.

    In such a crucial for the life of all mankind period it is absolutely necessary to succeed in forming a Foundation of utmost importance, which is able to duly determine the further most favourable development of all human society on Earth.

    All divisions amongst people are based on a false assessment of one’s own egoistic characteristics and the ways of fulfilling the corresponding egoistic desires!

    Divide and conquer – the basic principle of the Kingdom of the Power!

    All alliances that you may observe in your history have a character comparable to that of an animal pack.

    The main motive for you to unite is still fear and the search for advantage, which is the primitive initial characteristic that is responsible for the survival of all members of the animal world.

    If we take a closer look at the essence of human associations, we can easily see that they have been and are being created solely for survival in an environment where, in their interactions with one another, people themselves display a considerable unhealthy tendency to assign themselves the role of the hunter, designating at their whim some of the neighbours as game.

    A true and therefore normal form of association will only be available when people learn to love and respect each other unselfishly!
    So far you will only be able to talk about the unity of nations with slogans, forming ideological illusions.

    The true unity of nations is not created on the basis of economic and military dependence, but solely on the basis of unconditional respect for one another and constant willingness to provide as much as possible selfless assistance, striving to be helpful to one another.

    The Kingdom of the Soul will be characterised precisely by such peculiarities.
    The massive, ever-increasing complications of planetary character in the present period of time, and all kinds of foreseeable specific efforts in the societies around the world, should inevitably extremely activate a process that could entail a significant separation of people among themselves.

    If we use biblical images, we can say that this separation coincides with the emerging ideal conditions, when one can most effectively separate the sheep from the goats.

    The masks will fall off everywhere… you will not be able to keep your uncharacteristic sheep’s clothing on…

    Each one of you will now reveal his true face and show most brightly and completely his essential qualities!

    The avalanche-like increasing extremity of life conditions will inevitably lead to a situation in which one category of people will become progressively fanatical about destructive ideas and practices, while another will feel an ever-increasing urgent need to affirm the qualities of humanity.

    I’m sure the ongoing tendencies in the social life worldwide will inevitably motivate a reflection of this reality in such a way that a considerable amount of sober-minded people will begin to understand the benefit of leading a lifestyle similar to the one you have begun to lead.

    In this respect, your experience, although there are many shortcomings, is already invaluable.
    To such an experience will certainly be given due interest.

    Without using the true efforts envisaged by the Law for building harmonious relationships, any emerging collective will inevitably gravitate towards a split within itself, creating a temptation to maintain unity by methods that have been traditionally used in human societies around the world throughout history.

    And the final results of such traditional methods you can now all observe and experience on yourselves in every part of the world.

    My friends, you have once heard the Good News and with great willingness you have stepped on a very difficult path, voluntarily taking on your shoulders a special responsibility.

    Numerous challenges and enticements have actively tempted you, hindering you and preventing you in every possible way from fulfilling what you have been destined to do.
    All these difficulties continue to harden you, helping you to recognise yourselves more fully and to strengthen your Faith.

    The lengthy walk along such a Path chosen by you inevitably changed also the quality of challenges related to the naturally occurring age-related changes.

    At this stage we can already say that many of you, who followed the predetermined Path of the spiritual development of this Accomplishment from the first years, might well have noticed that, as you grew older, your own strengths became insufficient to enable you to take an active part in many social endeavours as you did in the past.

    This might easily become a convenient condition for the temptation to start thinking of themselves as having lost the ability to be useful to the Accomplishment.

    In view of this and some other reasons, I consider it favourable to draw your attention to certain basic peculiarities which it is important for all believers to realize correctly – both the ones who are in the territory of the Community and those who are outside it.

    First of all, it is important to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth can be established not by striving to build more and more church complexes, but solely on the basis of your efforts to build up the right interaction among yourselves in full compliance with the true spiritual principles.

    The Spirit of God on this Earth is primarily residing inside of you, the God’s children, and only depending on how interestingly you make efforts in the creation of the material Church and what will be there in your heart when you enter into its vaults, this Spirit of God will be able in a corresponding measure to be present in the Church.

    The establishing of God’s Kingdom on Earth is directly dependent on the way you perceive each other and the steps you take towards each other.

    This all depends on what is going on inside each of you: what thoughts you allow to be manifested inside you and what feelings you prefer to satisfy.

    You have never been given the task to take care of the spiritual salvation of someone else.
    The task which has always been set before you is to bring in order first your inner world in harmony with the Law of the Truth of the spiritual development!

    The deeds of your hands and your words are not only meant to enable you to make a significant impact on your soulmates, but they also contribute to a peculiar rooting of the ongoing changes in your spiritual basis.
    On the mental-volitional level, you have the ability to choose the direction of qualitative changes of your inner world, but the main changes occur only through the actions of your body.

    It is in this connection that long ago in the ancient scriptures appeared a clue for you that faith without deeds is dead.

    Trying to have righteous thoughts and to do righteous deeds, which is extremely necessary for each of you to do in the best possible way, you will invariably change in the required direction the quality of your own energy-informational field emanating from you and constantly interacting with the similar fields of all the people around you, whoever they may be.

    This interaction is always going on, no matter whether you are aware of it or not, whether you believe in it or not, whether you are in the state of dream or awake.

    The strength of this energy-informational field of yours does not depend on your physical strength or the age of your body.
    As long as you live in a solid physical shell, you inevitably always take part in changing the quality of the general energy-informational field of all the Earth.

    And with the help of certain peculiarities of the energy structure of your own consciousness you also have the possibility to selectively interact with the objects and events which you remember and particularly which you can observe in real time.

    The level of the scientific and technical development of the present time can provide you with the opportunity to take quite a significant individual part in any event which can take place anywhere in the world and which you can observe in real time through the means of telecommunications.

    But such technological achievements may contribute not only to an interesting diversion of beneficial energy currents and their healthy concentration in a certain area, but also to the formation of an extremely dangerous concentration of a destructive energy-informational field, which residents of a particular selected area would not have been able to form.

    Energy structures that predispose to creation or disintegration are based on fundamentally different informational basis.
    Therefore, the denser the uniformly structured energy-informational field becomes, the stronger it is able to influence the fields around it, feeding its homogeneous structure and reducing the effectiveness of the heterogeneous one.

    The increase of the saturation of this or that type of energy structure surrounding man inevitably contributes to the emergence and intensification inside him of the corresponding sensual impulse in a certain way to manifest himself.

    A figurative apocalyptic confrontation of Good and Evil takes place primarily and precisely at this level throughout the history of all humankind.
    And this confrontation is now acquiring an increasingly acute and particularly dangerous character.

    What choice all human beings will now make, what kind and quality of participation in any given event they will allow themselves to take, will determine the scale of tragedy and sorrow on this Planet Earth during this transitional period from the Age of the Realm of Power to the Age of the Realm of the Soul.

    Once you have made a choice on your own and you began to come actively to Siberia, to the lands of the New Promise, where you began to learn to interact properly in harmony with the Truth that has been revealed to you.

    The purpose of communal living together was to create not only the conditions for the most effective survival in the considerably more complicated extreme life circumstances, but also, and most importantly, to contribute to the formation of a uniform energy-informational field of a special quality and saturation.

    What you are capable of creating with your hands is first of all intended to help those who will be in direct contact with the fruits of your hands’ labour, whereas the uniform energy-informational field which you actively create through comprehensive interaction with each other is to help all people in general and especially those who, like you, have made the choice towards creation and humanity their priority.

    My dear friends, don’t lose vigilance and try, without slowing down your activity, to worthily continue to change the quality of your own unique spiritual structure, as well as to saturate and densify with spiritual grace the analogous structure of the common energy-informational field of the place which by predestination has manifested itself to you as a Shrine.

    The Spirit of this area is called to help you by strengthening both those who live directly there and those who, from a distance, will interact with it in an appropriate way.

    Strengthen the Spirit of your Shrine by righteous deeds!

    I want to emphasize once again that for the successful establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth, marking the beginning of the Era of the Kingdom of the Soul, not only your faith is important, but also the continuous development of your individual spiritual potential.

    This potential in you is always capable of manifesting itself through sensual impulses of a creative character, and for its successful development it is imperative that you try to implement it in practice, trying to do so in the right way!

    Of course, for perfectly natural reasons you may not be able to take part physically in many circumstances of which you may come to know.
    But you will always be able to express at least one sincere sensual message with wishes for help, supported by appropriate thought-images.
    And this will definitely be effective and helpful!

    Remember, whatever physical limitations you might have, as long as you keep your mind sober, you always have the opportunity to develop spiritually, taking a useful part in the Accomplishment designed to predetermine the Path of Salvation and the further normal development of all humanity.

    My dear ones, I feel worried for you and hope with all my heart that you will be able to reach the other Bank in the right place…

    I have been able to give you what you need in abundance so that you can do this successfully!
    Now you must be able to take something very important by yourself as well as be able to properly make a common effort in one and the same direction!

    Be very restrained when you are tempted to make instructive assessments of the actions of your soulmates, when they themselves are not at all interested in your opinion on the matter.

    If in dealing with someone you directly associate your own conclusions with what I supposedly meant by my words, then the other will also tend to erroneously associate your demands with what I am trying to teach you.
    It is your inclination to expect your soulmates to fulfil what I have tried to prompt you, and especially to fulfil what you yourself have formulated on the basis of your own understanding of what you have heard from me, that has enabled many circumstances to come about, which served as a convenient foundation for the entire presently manifested absurd accusation!

    Be careful not to scare away in this special period those who may now feel the need to drink of the Life-Giving Moisture!

    To defend your Faith means also first of all to conduct yourselves in a dignified manner!

    The final battle for your souls…
    The battle at the walls of the Old City…

    May you be blessed!
    May the Flowers in your hands never fade!

    Health and strength to you!
    Peace and happiness!
    See you soon!

  • New Year’s Address

    Dear friends, allow me as well to wish you a Happy New Year!

    In view of certain natural circumstances, it seems to me inappropriate to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I’d like to wish you a happy New Year, which according to both your and my childhood memories is associated with a fairy tale mystery.

    With all my heart I wish you to build your life skillfully, with the continuous presence of happy and joyful moments in it, for it is precisely your positive attitude that primarily influences your health, the character of your new acquaintances and the occurrence of any new life circumstances!

    Remember, you will always find what you are looking for!

    Therefore, in the first place, pay attention to what exactly you are looking for, what you are trying to find in the surrounding reality!

    It is a characteristic of the human psyche that one inevitably finds what one is looking for, even if there is no such thing at the place of search in principle.

    The world around you is whatever you try to perceive it to be!

    There is no sense in looking for happiness, for it is not an object laid up somewhere!

    Happiness appears in your life when you start to look at life in a truly correct and beautiful way!

    Do not succumb to the temptation that nowadays is being brought forth by a great multitude of spiritually poor people, eager to actively manifest discontent and condemnation!
    The angry man is not reasonable, nor is he happy!

    It is precisely the angry ones, who start all tragic follies and wars, no matter how lofty is their language and what sacred images they use!

    At this particular period of time, what is happening to the energy of the Earth must inevitably significantly affect the mental state of all people.

    This is a very dangerous period, which can provoke both quantitative multiplication and qualitative amplification of all kinds of negative temptations!

    I hope you will prove to be vigilant enough to make good use of the many hints given to you before, so that you may refrain from the strong temptation to fall into judgment or any other resentment that suddenly comes upon you!
    Be worthy children of your Heavenly Father!
    Develop the Light and Warmth of your soul and generously bestow this goodness upon your soulmates!

    Peace and happiness to all of you!

  • Collective Appeal

    from the Followers of the Teaching of Vissarion

    To all people of goodwill and the public media

    To Kingston University, London

    To the UN Human Rights Committee

    To the International Committee Against Torture

    To the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis

    To the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama XIV

    To the Representatives of all religious confessions of the Russian Federation

    To the Human Rights Commission under the President of the Russian Federation To the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for Addresses of citizens and organizations

    A Collective Appeal from the Followers of the Teaching of Vissarion

    1. A short summary of the subject of the Appeal

    We, the followers of the Teaching of Vissarion (Sergei Torop), appeal to all people of good will, as well as officials with relevant authority, in connection with the arrest of Vissarion and his two disciples Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov.

    For over a year now, in the complete absence of any real confirmation of the alleged accusations, the Novosibirsk SIZO continues to groundlessly detain in prison these elderly people, fathers with many children. We ask for human involvement in the fate of our teacher and spiritual brothers and express our sincere request for your help in resolving this problem objectively and fairly.

    Despite the fact that the accusation is of a purely political nature, which is only becoming more evident over time, we do not intend to fight the investigative proceedings in what is happening, but are only concerned about the unjustified inadequate actions taken against the detainees and would like to understand the legality of such actions. On the basis of which regulations was all this done?

    1.1. Essence of the accusations and their refutation

    By decision of the investigator from the Investigative Committee, Colonel Y. Chistokhodov, to bring the persons charged with committing crimes under Articles 111-3, (a) and (b) and 239-1 of the Criminal Code in case no. 11902040048000054, Sergei Torop (Vissarion), Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov were detained on 22 September 2020.

    Article 239 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation prescribes punishment for establishing “a religious or public association, the operation of which involves violence against citizens or other harm to their health, as well as leadership of such an association”.

    However, we must emphasize: our Community was officially permitted and registered by the Krasnoyarsk region’s Administration Department of Justice on 24.06.1994 under the name “The Community of Uniform Faith”, and on 28.09.2000. – with the changes in the Charter of the Community including the new name of the religious organization: Kuragino Local Religious Organization Church of the Last Testament (CLT). From a certain point believers themselves saw the logical necessity of creating and registering such a legal organisation. The emergence and existence of the true Church cannot depend on the existence of any registration, but to organize general meetings in different cities and to publish the relevant literature could become possible only by registering an official organization.

    The Community has existed successfully and legally for more than 30 years. We are convinced that there is no basis for bringing Vissarion and his disciples to criminal responsibility. The investigation has been going on for more than two years and hundreds of witnesses have been questioned but to the people under investigation has not been presented even a single piece of evidence which can show what concrete illegal actions have caused harm to somebody.

    Vissarion is also charged with setting up and running a religious association “for the purpose of deriving income from religious activities by attracting money from citizens and their labour using psychological violence”.

    It seems extremely strange to accuse someone who in his thirty years of constant and completely free activity has never had any savings at all.

    However, the notion of “psychological violence” is not defined anywhere in the law, including in the Criminal Code, so it is doubtful whether it can be used to qualify actions of any kind.

    It also seems necessary to emphasize that the Community, and so the religious organization itself, was formed by people who came to Siberia exclusively by their own choice. The Teacher has never suggested this move to any of the several thousand who came to Siberia – closer to the place where he was living!

    Vissarion has always emphasized that one should only decide to make such a move on his own, because it can lead to a significant change in one’s destiny!

    All creative activities and initiatives within the Community have been organised by us independently. The Teacher is not inclined to interfere or control in any way our creative endeavours, undertaken to help each other and those around us. He is always disposed to respond readily to what we are interested in.

    Essentially Vissarion is disposed to give us what he holds, but mainly on the condition that we formulate questions of our own.

    His task is not to organize us, but to help us learn how to self-organize properly, so that in the future history we would no longer make the traditional mistakes that inevitably lead to separation.

    The charge under Article 111, part 3, clause “b” of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation speaks of intentional infliction of grievous harm to health, resulting in mental disorder of two or more persons. This accusation has been based on identical denunciations made by two different people at the same time – K. and M. These people had been previously diagnosed, as witnesses in a completely different criminal case. Moreover, the diagnosis had been made on their own words and without a medical examination. We are also aware of an authoritative medical scientific opinion, according to which the diagnoses made to the alleged victims clearly had nothing to do with grievous harm.

    It is remarkable that none of these “victims” has ever been able to express anything specific and concrete about how they have been harmed. Moreover, they later began to tell those around them that the harm was not caused by anyone in particular, but resulted just from their stay amongst believers.

    The prosecution often mentions some kind of “psychological influence technique” which has been supposedly used against people’s will and exclusively to their detriment. But where is the description of those specific methods made at least in one of the court hearings? What exactly were the actions or words that disturbed the peace and sleep of the two “victims” (which, according to the expert opinion, constituted grave harm)?

    We, i.e. many thousands of believers, have witnessed all of Vissarion’s meetings with us, the content of which has been captured on audio recordings, video clips, in written form and is to be found in the public domain. In all of these meetings, the main theme has always been the total unacceptability of any kind of violence in man-to-man relationship!

    It is in this context that the accusation of “psychological violence” is, for us, quite naturally perceived as a blatant attempt to denigrate our values.

    1.2. Unjustified detention

    It is unclear why detention cannot be replaced by house arrest or other preventive measures. What is preventing this? After all, there is no evidence, not even an indication of their existence. Meanwhile, the term of detention of people dear to us has been prolonged for the fourth time. And the detention itself has lasted for more than a year on the bare assumption that the accused will continue to exert pressure on the victims.

    This is a situation in which people whose guilt has not been proven in any way are being held in custody. They are thereby subjected to grievous physical and psychological harm, the same harm that is imputable to them.

    It is not only them who suffer, but also other innocent people: children, wives and relatives of those who are illegally detained in pre-trial detention centre (Novosibirsk SIZO).

    Vissarion has seven children, including two minors (aged 9 and 13) who need their father to be with them; Vladimir Vedernikov has three adult children, two of whom are adopted; Vadim Redkin has five daughters, three of whom are minors (aged 3, 9 and 12). The children have developed health and nervous system problems as a result of the stress they have been through.

    In light of the above, we ask all people who care about the situation and the competent Russian and international organizations to help us clarify what is happening and shed light on the events related to the detention of our Teacher and his two disciples.

    We write to you with the hope that the world community in the face of human rights organizations in Russia and around the world, leaders of religious organizations, state officials, representatives of science and culture will take a warm human part in the fate of the innocent people and draw the attention of the media and, especially, TV channels to the situation around the Community, the Teacher and his disciples.

    2. MAIN PART

    2.1. Vissarion and his teaching

    Vissarion (Sergei Anatolievich Torop) is a prominent spiritual teacher of the contemporary epoch. While the scope of Vissarion’s personality is yet to be fully appreciated, one cannot fail to see the scope of the Teacher’s world-view issues, the concrete and constructive humanism of his ideas, his pedagogical talent, the precision and richness of his thoughts and the moral height of his personality.

    During the past thirty years (1991-2021) thousands of Vissarion’s followers appeared. And not only in Russia, but also in the entire post-Soviet space, as well as in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Finland, France, the USA and other countries.

    Over the years, people of different nationalities, representatives of many cultures, traditional confessions and new religious movements have come to the Vissarion Community, all of them live and work here in harmonious unity in brotherly and mutual assistance.

    In this sense, it is significant that Vissarion was elected as a member of the International Academy “Spiritual Unity of the Peoples of the World”, which includes prominent scholars, diplomats, and representatives of Christian and Islamic denominations.

    Most recently, the Norwegian Nobel Committee accepted Vissarion’s nomination for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

    In addition, Vissarion is a fine artist. He has painted a cycle of pictures under the theme of Human Vices and Virtues as well as many landscapes and portraits. Vissarion painted in oil and pastel, using the techniques of the old masters. For his works he was awarded the first prize in the category “For Freshness of Sight” at the International Festival of Fine Arts “Traditions and Modernity”, held in Moscow in 2008.

    As for the teaching of Vissarion, it is addressed to all people and contains answers to the most complex questions of human existence. The Teacher has written a number of books: “The Pre-Annunciation”, “The Book of Addresses”, “The Book of Fundamentals”, “The Afterword”, “The Commandments”, “The Last Hope” and “Pivotal Time”. The Last Testament includes the books written by Vissarion and also a biographical narrative of his activities (Vadim’s Scriptures), where Vadim Redkin has recorded almost everything the Teacher has said in his numerous meetings.

    The 18 volumes of The Last Testament contain a great number of Teacher’s answers to different people. In a way, the books of the Last Testament are the result of our efforts, where we have recorded all the various clues given by the Teacher in response to our questions.

    Many authors – philosophers, religious scholars, cultural historians – have written and published works devoted to the teaching of Vissarion, in which it is being examined with scientific objectivity and receives the highest marks. Let us mention just some of these works:

    • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cultural Studies / Under the general editorship of Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. A. Radugin. – Moscow: Publishing house Centre, 1997. – p. 478 (Articles: Soul, Life, Book, Love, Wisdom;)
    • Light of Truth from Siberia / Edited by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor K.F.Komarovskikh. – Balashov: “Nikolaev”, 2000. – p. 56;
    • Mukhanov G. S. Ways of comprehending the laws of mind and soul development // The human phenomenon: spirit, soul, spirituality / Kazan: Publishing house “By cities and towns”, 2001. – p. 15-19;
    • Nesterov V. The Second Coming of Christ. Theological research based on Christ’s sermons, personal meetings, disputes, correspondence with the Patriarchy and its structures, and scriptures: The Bible, the Koran and The Last Testament / Moscow: Balashov: “Nikolaev”. – 2008. – p. 334.

    An important monograph in this respect is The Philosophy of the Future, published in Almaty (Complex LLP, 1999. – 183 pp). It was written by Doctor of Philosophic Sciences Professor S.Y. Kolchigin and Academician of the International Academy “Ecology”, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, associated professor A.B.Kapyshev (the second edition of the book was published in Moscow in 2006). According to the authors, The Last Testament is remarkable for its depth and clarity; it is very rich in content and humanistic perspectives.

    The Last Testament really reveals a whole range of essential worldview themes, and the quintessence of Vissarion’s teaching is the question of the human soul and the laws of its development. The teacher points out that man truly develops and evolves not through the intellect and technological innovations alone, but through the correct disclosure of the essence of man – the soul.

    Practically, the entire activity of Vissarion is devoted to the development of the soul and the cultivation of higher spiritual feelings. The Teacher constantly and in great detail explains the vital importance of the unconditional morality, of the unselfish way of living for the sake of others and the world around us.

    Here are some of the fundamental foundations of Vissarion’s teaching:

    “Religion, in the true sense, is the art of the development of the soul; and since the soul is the essence of man, religion is the art of the development of man” (Book of Addresses, ch. 19:27-28).

    “Speaking of money, be careful! By talking about money you begin to judge your soulmates.

    This is a dangerous phenomenon.

    The life of any one of you is always more valuable than any amount of money.

    Don’t you dare put money above the value of a man.

    Money is something you can put under your feet and step on.

    But if what you step on is above you, what is the value of you then?” (The Last Testament, Part 5, ch. 14:37-41).

    “Henceforth you must become incapable of holding any coldness – never, under any circumstances and under no flag do you have the right even to think badly of anyone!” (The Pre-Annunciation: 183).

    “And a woman – TV journalist, who was engrossed in the conversation – asked:

    What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself? What does it mean to love yourself?

    And the Teacher said, ‘Now I’ll tell you otherwise. Love your neighbour more than yourself. Give your whole self to people‘”. (Last Testament, Part 2, ch. 10:61-62).

    For Vissarion, these are not just words. His life affirms every word he has said.

    2.2. The Community. Its history and activity

    Almost 30 years ago the words of Vissarion resonated in the soul of each of us, and they are relevant today: by changing our inner world, by changing the natural egoistic attitude to spiritual moral qualities that are distinctive of a genuine human being, we change the world around us. “Change yourself, your attitude towards others, and the world in which you live will be transformed” (Seraphim of Sarov).

    It is the most difficult path on Earth, but it is the only one and it is beautiful.

    Being very different in culture, upbringing, education, age and health, we tried to come together, building our Community as a brotherhood. We came to remote abandoned taiga villages where there were no roads, no shops, no electricity. Those of us who could not leave unfinished business in the cities used to come here on holiday, volunteering their efforts or material means in order to help. We understood: it was our common cause – in the very heart of the Earth for the whole world we were building a shrine, in the harsh land of the Siberian taiga. This is how ancient monasteries and temples have been built.

    Here is the testimony of Maria Kuzina-Muzanova, an arts theorist from St. Petersburg: “I spent six years in the Community from the very beginning of its formation. At various times, a large group of followers of Vissarion left St. Petersburg and other places to go to Siberia. Among them were artists, musicians, sculptors, architects, doctors, teachers and other professionals who were needed here too. I had my own flat, an interesting job in one of St. Petersburg’s famous museums, and I was surrounded by my relatives and friends. But we met the Spiritual Teacher and each of us made his or her own choice. I followed Him, it was as if I followed life itself! I found myself in Siberia – there were the pure rushing rivers, the mysterious mountains, the majestic Taiga, and the Wise Teacher nearby!”

    In organising our lives, we were not confronted with harsh natural conditions only. The large gathering of people in a limited space showed that we could not build anything without learning to live by the laws of brotherhood, unity and mutual understanding. These were key moments in the formation and life of the Community.

    In our view, the most important achievement of the people who followed Vissarion was their constant work over their own inner world, the ability to make decisions collectively and to work together. Vissarion helped us to organise ourselves, to learn how to respond to each other’s actions and to negotiate properly. All meetings with Him were held at our request and were based on our initiative and willingness to ask questions. The Teacher never went into the details of our creative endeavours and took part only when we asked about our own psychological problems or about problems in the interaction with each other.

    The Siberian nature hardened us and taught us to live according to the laws of Harmony. Improving ourselves internally, united by common labour, we built churches, schools, workshops, kindergartens, houses for creative work, guest houses, decorated the Earth with flowers and gardens. New songs, poems and music were being born, and beautiful festivals with common dances and round dances were being organised. At the same time our children were being born, and they absorbed with their mother’s milk the laws of truth, the harmony with nature, the joy of the true brotherhood.

    Thus a real pearl, the multinational ecological Community, was born in the endless harsh taiga.

    Tired, disappointed by life, people in need of human warmth also reached out to the big brotherly family. Some of the visitors stayed, some went back. Here it quickly became clear that nothing can be gained without hard work. A decent life could only be built by working hard all together.

    The community grew, and more and more people in Russia and other countries learned about it.

    Siberian ecological settlement initially aroused and continues to arouse interest by the fact that it is built on new principles of living arrangement, the basis of which is the concept of “One Common Family”.

    One Common Family (also Unified Family) implies harmonious relations among people, their ability to unselfishly create everything necessary for each other with their own hands, development of arts and crafts, ability to live and work on the land, proper education of the younger generation, decreasing the role of money relations.

    The people in the Community actively strive to learn traditional crafts and trades. Children are taught the basics of art and crafts along with the general education subjects, and upon graduation they are given the freedom to choose their own life path.

    The masters of the Community are often invited to participate in different exhibitions, and our artists perform at concerts and festivals in the region. The Community has its own ballet, circus studio, and symphony orchestra.

    Tourists come here from all over Russia and from many other countries. The Minister of Economy and Regional Development of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and representatives of the Ministry of Culture visited us and were delighted by what they saw. They were surprised by how much has been created in the community over the years, without any state funding.

    Today the Community is one of the largest eco-settlements (eco-cities) in the world.

    2.3 The operation against the Community and the Teacher

    But we did interfere with someone though.

    On the early morning of 22 September 2020, on a quiet warm day in the beginning of autumn, military helicopters swirled over the unique city of craftsmen known as the Abode of Dawn. They were followed by other military vehicles, which crawled in endless columns through many communal villages. Children were frightened and asked their parents what was happening. It seemed as if an undeclared war had begun. A war against peaceful citizens building a beautiful spiritual-creative community of people. Four helicopters, about 50 military vehicles, special vehicles, soldiers with specially trained dogs, snipers, machine-guns – the scale of the operation was comparable to that of those carried out against large organized gangs.

    Some soldiers said they had participated in a similar operation ten years earlier, but then against a group of militants in the Caucasus. These military men themselves were perplexed as to why a large-scale operation was needed in our Community: they saw a beautiful peaceful settlement in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains; they saw simple people who were silently seeing off their spiritual Teacher, who was handcuffed, with pain in their hearts and tears in their eyes.

    We are still in utter bewilderment. What was the purpose of such a massive military operation?

    Why were special forces and military equipment used against civilians?

    The words with which Jesus spoke after the Last Supper to those who came to take Him away are relevant: “…As if you went out against a robber with swords and staves to take me; every day I sat with you, teaching in the Temple, and you did not take me” (Gospel of Matthew 26:55).

    All the people, who have participated in the building of the Community, all who are now living in it and all who in one way or another have come into contact with this unique phenomenon in Siberia, are being left with the feeling that the events of September 22, 2020 were a violation of the law. The security forces carried it out to their own detriment, leaving in the shadows the organizers and masterminds of the illegal action.

    How did the capture itself take place?

    Here is Vissarion’s testimony from his letter to his loved ones:

    “…I will mention the specific strangeness that began to be tolerated by the persecution party from the very beginning.

    In the early morning, when I let a large mass of unknown people into my house, some of them armed with automatic weapons, they arrested me and handcuffed me, without ever identifying themselves.

    That is, I did not know at all who had come, where they had taken me and for what purpose. I found out everything only in Novosibirsk!

    Our lawyers were only allowed into the courtroom, where the preventive measure was being chosen.

    Before that, when we were brought to the investigator’s office, where we were to be familiarised with the charges, our lawyers were deliberately not allowed in, which they themselves recorded.

    In the investigator’s office were waiting for us some lawyers, which the investigators had prepared for us on their own.”

    Testimony of Vadim Redkin (from the statement to the Commissioner for Human Rights Mark Denisov):

    “Dear Ombudsman for Krasnoyarsk region M.G. Denisov, Federal Representative for Human Rights at the President of Russia, legal institutions!

    I, Redkin Vadim Vyacheslavovich, born in 1958, inform you about law violations against me.

    On 22.09.2020 about 8 o’clock in the morning I was detained in my house in the Abode of Dawn by a group of armed people in uniform and masks, who jumped out of helicopters without presenting any certificates and orders on their part.

    When I was taken out of the house (handcuffed), I was rudely and unexpectedly knocked to the floor in the doorway by two men (I felt nauseous and dizzy), one of these guys twisted my handcuffed hands until I was in great pain (a bruise was later recorded by a traumatologist in Novosibirsk) and my hand unlocked my personal smartphone, which he had seized earlier.

    When we together with the spiritual Teacher Vissarion (S. A. Torop, born in 1961) and Vladimir Vedernikov, born in 1963, were brought from Abakan to the 5th Department of the Investigator’s Office in Novosibirsk, my lawyer was not allowed to me, although he had been waiting for us for 2 hours at the Department, and the investigator knew about it. Subsequently I found out that my friends had been treated in the same way.

    Neither in Abakan (airport) during interrogation by investigator of the 5th Division Metelev K.Y., nor in Novosibirsk during interrogation by investigator Frolov A.S. was I allowed to make one call, though this rule was announced to me by the investigator.

    The sense of ongoing lawlessness intensified when all the federal channels were flooded with dirty lies about the Teacher and the Community, using false information, creating a negative image and moral crucifixion of our spiritual Teacher and our entire communal way of life before the court decisions were made. Which in turn has damaged the honour, the dignity and the reputation of the Last Testament Church and the detainees themselves.

    All the sins of modern society were attempted to be pinned on us, sticky mud was poured on the Community, where every child was told from birth that everything around is alive, that even a broken twig feels pain, that one should live honestly and openly, creating beauty around. In the Community, even houses were never closed, children could be fed in every house, guests were welcomed by all who had the opportunity. But the achievements of the Community did not interest the media at all. Television talk shows gathered the many-faced and “reusable” denouncers of Vissarion on their platforms, broadcasting the same thing for all the years of the Community’s existence.

    Those who are ready to speak in defence of Vissarion are not even allowed to open their mouths. The programme with Vissarion’s three eldest sons has not been aired at all. Instead, footage showing weapons, money, and alcohol allegedly found in the Teacher’s home is being broadcast without examining whether the footage has anything to do with the detainees at all. In the meantime, we deny that the filming itself took place at Vissarion’s house: the video footage does not match; these items were filmed in a completely different location. And of the money actually found, which was officially confiscated, the amount was in the range of 700 roubles. The lies and slander of the media are obvious.”

    The most peaceful Creative Community – who could be in the way?

    2.4. Our concerns

    We have stood up for our Teacher and the Community. Hundreds of letters were written to various controlling bodies, the media and other institutions. Most of the time we received formal replies, but there were also people sympathetic to the Community who tried to help within their abilities. For example, in February 2021 we sent an appeal to the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Russian Federation, Tatyana Moskalkova. On March 29, 2021 the office of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Russian Federation hosted a meeting with a representative of the Community to examine the alleged violations in the course of the investigation of the “Vissarion case” and the court proceeding to liquidate the Kuragino local religious organization Church of the Last Testament. At the meeting was presented evidence of violations of the civil rights of residents of Kuragino region, living in the Community, during the investigation. Three dozen of civilians described their difficult psychological state after the special operation for the arrest of our Teacher.

    Copies of the certificates of violations are enclosed in this appeal.

    We are very concerned about the conditions in which the three prisoners now find themselves, having led a healthy life without alcohol or tobacco for many years before. Vissarion, Vadim and Vladimir have been vegetarians for many years, but have had to give up the local cuisine for over a year, where the only acceptable food for them is plain porridge on water in the morning. Therefore, the long stay in a pre-trial detention centre is in itself an ordeal for them and is a severe blow to their health.

    From Vadim Redkin’s speech at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21:

    “…the deterioration of our situation, our physical and psychological condition, is an undeniable fact. We are of retirement age, I am 64 years old. I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years, I do not smoke. The absence, natural and understandable in prison, of the usual vegetarian diet has led to an exacerbation of pancreatic disease. Headaches and sleep disturbances are present. What do you think, if a person has not smoked all his life, what can a year in prison with a serious lung disease in remission lead to? And it is proposed to keep us in prison for a few more months. What for? What for?


    But the most important thing about what’s going on (in the extension of the detention) is the harm to my children’s health. And you get, on the one hand, a repetitive sequence of unreasoned circumstances (!), on the other hand – children, about whose health, as if we all care… So what is more important: playing a repetitive sequence of assumptions without arguments or the health of children?!”

    But the most outrageous fact for us was torture, which, as it became known to us, was not only allowed in pre-detention centre-1 of Novosibirsk, but was initiated by employees of this institution.

    From Vladimir Vedernikov’s statement at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 16.09.2021:

    “The investigation’s petition states that we can influence the victims and witnesses, but so far we have been influenced, both mentally and physically.

    For instance, at the end of January I was tortured for five days by my cellmates, who did not conceal their aims and who had given the task. The purpose of torture was to confess about crimes that we had not committed. The torturers were not hiding the fact that the investigation authorities were interested in this. After I spoke openly about the torture in the pre-trial detention centre, the administration started and is still continuing its psychological pressure on us. This is manifested in the form of administrative penalties for violations of the internal regulations, which we did not commit. They planted prohibited items on us, prepared fictitious reports, provided false documents at the request of our lawyers, moved us from cell to cell every week (I was transferred from one cell to another at least 30 times in the last months without any explanation). All this caused deterioration of my health, high blood pressure and restless sleep, which according to medical criteria is a mental disorder, and this mental disorder is what the victims, whose denunciations we are imprisoned for, suffer from. These are indisputable facts, i.e. evidence of direct influence from the investigation and SIZO (the pre-trial detention centre) administration.

    No one pays any attention to it”.

    From Vissarion’s speech at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21:

    “What are my friends and I serving a year’s sentence for, as in essence such imprisonment cannot be anything else?

    All this long time of thorough investigation, when during this period many hundreds of witnesses were interrogated, I had to get acquainted only with some monstrously ridiculous accusatory fantasies. But in all that time not a single piece of evidence was ever presented to me that could directly show what specific actions I had done wrongfully to someone’s detriment?

    Тhe ridiculousness related to the far-fetched accusation that we had caused grievous harm was particularly evident.

    During the entire investigation there was not a single witness statement that could prove that any of us had committed illegal acts that could have resulted in serious harm.

    Then why was I so inhumanely separated from my family, from my young children who particularly needed my presence around them?

    Is it just because someone has an inadequate accusatory fantasy, and in order to find any evidence of it, imprisonment is necessarily required by the norms of this state?”

    We are also very concerned about a question to which we cannot find a reasonable answer at all.

    Two people who once came to the Community have written statements which have been used as key arguments for arrests and detention. These two people are still living in the village, building houses, growing a vegetable garden, they are not going anywhere else and are waiting to be paid what they consider to be due amount of money for the “suffering” that led to their “mental disorder”.

    It should be noted that “victim” K. confesses that the last time he saw Vissarion was in 2005, 16 years ago. And “victim” M. has never been a believer, as no one has ever seen him in this capacity.

    We ask the question: So why had they not been given a full-fledged hospital examination as envisaged for such a case? Attorneys and defendants have repeatedly asked for an objective professional expertise, which could be conducted, for instance, at the Serbsky Institute in Moscow.

    The lawyers and defendants have applied more than once for an objective professional expertise.

    However, it looks strange that all such applications for a hospital examination of the “victims” are for some reason persistently rejected.

    It appears that our friends are being held in custody on the basis of charges of causing grievous bodily harm to the “victims”, whose injuries have not been confirmed by forensic examination.

    It is not clear to us to what extent such actions are legitimate from a legal point of view and how they should be assessed from the point of view of the norms of simple humanity.

    We are also concerned about the seemingly widespread practice which does not allow our case to move forward: if a lawyer writes an appeal to a higher authority about the wrong or inadmissible actions of the investigation, the request to investigate will go down the chain of command until it reaches the very person whose wrongdoing was the subject of the appeal.

    In other words, no one will deal with the misconduct of the investigator. It seems to us that this is one of the key points which is preventing the case from moving forward.

    3. Summary: Questions and requests

    In summary, and in the hope that we can be heard and receive the necessary legal assistance, we have some burning questions and requests:

    1. We ask for your genuine concern for innocent people, for your help in understanding what happened, and for shedding light on the events surrounding the detention of our Teacher and his two disciples. Since we have appealed many times to various authorities (the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the regulatory authorities, political parties in Russia, the media, etc.) to no avail, please advise us where else we can appeal in order to move the matter forward.
    2. Please support our request for a full-fledged independent medical-psychiatric expertise for K. and M., who consider themselves the victims.
    3. Please also assist us, in view of all the circumstances set forth in this appeal, to achieve, before the end of the trial, a reduction of the measure of restraint for Vissarion, Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov to house arrest or, if favourable, a stay in a rented flat in Novosibirsk, where the investigation is being conducted. After all, the fact of being permanently held in those conditions is in itself a serious pressure to break a person. Being in prison conditions is equivalent to conditions that cause serious harm to health. And yet our friends are in these conditions for the second year in total absence of any real grounds for that and contrary to all the relevant recommendations of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.
    4. We earnestly request support for our humanly legitimate demand that a full medical examination be conducted as soon as possible, with a report on the state of health of Vissarion, V. Redkin and V. Vedernikov. This is extremely important after their year-long detention in severe conditions, aggravated by the use of torture, sending them to solitary confinement, all kinds of provocations and psychological pressure.
    5. We draw your attention to the fact that when there are no outsiders in the courtroom, the process takes place in an open mode, as agreed. However, when an outsider appeared in the courtroom , the question of a closed mode was raised. At the same time, as everyone witnessed, the court relied on facts implying secrecy, but exactly the same facts are already in the public domain in the administrative case in Krasnoyarsk.

    In conclusion we would like to say that those who had planned the attack on the Community and the arrest of the Teacher had probably expected a rapid break-up of the Community, with elements of chaos and confusion, simply because the Teacher had been distanced from us.

    To achieve the effect of such disintegration is only possible if the activities of a certain community are entirely dependent on one single organiser.

    One special characteristic of our communal interaction, however, proved to be unexpected and unconventional for everyone. Despite the isolation of our Teacher, we continue to live and create, and the Community is growing and becoming stronger.

    And we wish to all the persecutors enlightenment and spiritual warmth. We would also like to recall the words of biblical Gamaliel, the respected law teacher. His voice still sounds relevant after millenniums: “…depart from these people and leave them; for if this work and this undertaking is of men, then it will collapse, but if it is of God, then you cannot destroy it; beware that you do not become opponents of God” (Acts of the Apostles. 5: 38-39).



    1. Evidence of violations of the civil rights of residents of the Kuraginsky district living in the Community.
    2. A copy of V. Vedernikov’s statement about violence in SIZO-1 in Novosibirsk
    3. V. Redkin’s appeal to the ombudsman for human rights
    4. Speech by S. Torop in the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21.
    5. V. Redkin’s speech at the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 20.09.21.
    6. Speech of V. Vedernikov in the Novosibirsk Regional Court on 16.09.21.
    7. Information about the participation of the followers of the Church of the Last Testament in the socio-economic development of the territories of the Cheremshan village council.
    8. Photo of Teacher Vissarion and the Community.
    9. Signatures of residents of the Kuraginsky and Karatuz districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, other cities in Russia and abroad, who supported this Appeal.


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  • Holiday message (18.08.21)

    Dear friends, peace to your home and your loved ones!

    This is the end of the time circle, when all major festive occasions you have spent on your own, without my direct, familiar to you, participation.

    You have managed to cope quite well with the shock of the events that have occurred and to show to the world the image of a self-organised society.

    For quite natural reasons, it began to be realized with many mistakes, but in the course of time you manifest more and more confidently and with steadier steps what refers to the essence of the Teaching revealed to you.

    A normal, wholesome self-organization is possible only on the basis of a mature perception and thinking among all the members of the social formation.

    From the entire history of the development of the whole human society you are well familiar with another type of life arrangement.

    But the time has now come when your history will have to progress in a different direction!

    Only the most favourable impetus for the beginning of cardinal changes in the system of the existing life order, characteristic to the level of development of all the people on Earth, happened to be only such circumstances, that are able to considerably shake the familiar feelings and expectations of conventional stability.

    I understand that my attempts to define the painful events that have taken place as something predetermined, that is, directly linked to the Will of God, can still not relieve you from the soul pain you are experiencing.

    The awareness that all this happened according to Heavenly Father’s Will is not at all meant to relieve from the characteristic emotional experiences.

    Such an understanding is designed to alleviate mental anguish as much as possible.

    The Heavenly Father does not possess a dense natural body, and so, the emotions and feelings characteristic of such a body are not inherent in Him.

    It would be a great mistake to perceive God’s Will as a manifestation of His desire.

    The Heavenly Father does not create the events of your life, but always creates conditions for their correction!

    It is you who create the events themselves!

    Those who wrongly understand this Truth inevitably fall into the temptation to criticise the actions or non-actions which they themselves erroneously attribute to the capabilities of God.

    Your Heavenly Father cannot make you be righteous, but He can give you the opportunity to become acquainted with the Laws of Truth.

    After that you yourself must take certain decisions and continue creating events.
    Your Heavenly Father will always discreetly and caringly provide you with the opportunity to understand something important, but how you will allow yourself to proceed with it – this is always your own choice!

    You can only be offered to understand the true direction of the Path of Salvation, but it is up to you to make the decision to follow it and save yourself.

    It is foolish to expect that Salvation can somehow magically happen in spite of your persistent serving mammon and your own egoistic whims.

    If you make the life-saving choice on your own and apply due efforts in following the Laws of Truth, you will also be able to confirm your real capabilities to carry worthily the Sacred responsibility, entrusted to you on the Path of Eternity.

    It is possible to follow the righteous Path only if you wisely make truly righteous efforts, not if you only identify yourself as a believer by loudly praising the Name of God.

    Faith without deeds is dead!

    It is of utmost importance to realise that any ritual sacraments are not inherently directly related to righteous deeds.

    All such ordinances may also be regularly observed by hypocrites.

    Righteous deeds are based on your love for one another!

    They are based on how sincerely and zealously you seek to be helpful to each other!

    It is not the prayer that makes a man a believer, but his trust in God!

    Trust, that everything you encounter along the road has been carefully delivered by God as something really important to your spiritual development and the acquisition of the wisdom you still lack, rather than something you need to assess, snort contemptuously and cast a stone.

    You are all children of the one and only Heavenly Father and His Holy Particle exists in each of you!

    The one who truly loves my Father is the one who strives to carefully and respectfully perceive His Particle in his soulmate!

    Look into each other’s eyes…

    Do you really strive to see a Particle of God in them, or do you primarily strive to see your own desires and aspirations there?

    Remember, you people, children of your Mother Earth and children of your Heavenly Father, for you have a body from the Earth and an immortal soul from God, if you can regard any of your soulmates as unworthy of kinship with you, in truth you turn away with contempt from your Father in Heaven as well!

    Isn’t it woe to be the fate of the one that goes this way?

    Strive to take righteous and creative steps, but restrain yourselves from striving to be first, for at the Gates of my Father’s Kingdom such first ones will be among the last!

    May you at last become worthy children of the Living God, the One Common God for all of you, who has given to all of you the unique opportunity to walk eternally the Path of Creation!
    Be blessed!
    Peace and happiness!

  • The Lamentation of the Heart

    I was forcibly immersed in an environment of boundless insidiousness, lies and hypocrisy.

    An environment in which one part of humanity, in order to survive, chooses to follow lawless paths, while another part has chosen to fight against such violations, but with the same purpose of survival, easily allowing itself to do its work precisely using lawless methods.

    Lack of principles as well as slander and hypocrisy…

    To everyone it seems that this is the only way to survive…

    Will this path be so long now?

    You have crucified my soul…

    You have smeared me abundantly with the filth of your sins and exposed me to public ridicule…

    You have exposed me for a long time, until the hour when efforts will be made to hammer in the nails that will validate the accusations you have fabricated for me…

    I have already heard the familiar: “…what can we expect now? What wonders will there be…?”

    But you’re not judging me!

    You are judging yourself!

    It’s not my fate that’s being decided.

    It is your fate that is being decided!

    What is mine – it has been and will be forever!

    But what will happen to you?

    Lawlessness and celebration…

    For how long?

    Given the possibility to accept what is true, the freedom of choice must be inviolable!

    The Heavenly Father has never judged anyone and does not judge anyone!

    He sends His Word, so that people themselves can determine their own fate when they contact Its unobtrusive manifestation!

    He who has eyes will see and he who has ears will hear…”.

  • It was Until – 31.05.21

    It was Until…

    A gloomy heavy net tightly covered the flower bed…

    Rubbing hands in satisfaction… crooked smirks…

    Intense pressure of the net…dark and cold…

    The shock was enormous…

    Lots… really lots of tears…

    The threads are being painfully torn…

    At the end of November there was a feeling that the net flinched…

    An image emerged, as if the other side had gone out of breath…

    The thought flashed through the letters that if it was running out, it could strike dangerously…

    It was noted…

    In February a terrible blow was delivered…

    The brink suddenly came very close… the familiar nuances of the sensation of leaving…

    Like the moment with the nail being held down and the hammer being raised to strike it…

    But that strike did nоt take place…

    Events began to unfold in a different way…

    The crossing point was passed…

    The mystery of readjustment was given a start…

    Feelings of the beginning of After…

    Since early spring it has been felt more and more clearly how the net has begun to unwind…

    Relief is increasing… alignment is taking place…

    The time for the primary value of Mergence has come…

    Mergence is intended to help those who have succeeded to trust, to pass harmoniously through readjustment in connection with the beginning of significant changes of the parameters of the fluctuations of the energy-informational field of the Earth…

    My prayer lasts for about fifteen minutes…

    Only the degree of trust can determine the effectiveness of such help!

    To the believer – according to his faith!


  • The Holiday Message of the Teacher – 31.05.21

    Dear friends, peace be with you!

    Another spring, new awakening…


    One and the same flower in the conditions of different soil and environment can manifest its beauty in different ways: in some places it can be more expressive and showy, in other – sluggish and inconspicuous.

    The soil, the environment and… the gardener…

    My friends, you have been able to display a certain maximum, which is temporarily confined only to your actual capabilities for the moment.

    But things have always changed and will endlessly change.

    The soil in you and the environment around you, which you are now diligently forming, may well contribute to your wonderful flourishing. Except that the soil can either be fertile enough, or poor and even stony. Such foundations of varying quality inevitably produce different kinds of impacts on the seeds that fall on them. The fertile soil will produce an abundant crop, the poor soil will cause the young sprouts to dry out, and on a stony surface it is difficult for the seeds to survive at all. Crows and other birds can easily peck such seeds.

    Short-sighted people are not apt to see the essence of the ongoing phenomena, but show a great disposition to arbitrarily hang up assessment labels on everything they come into contact with. Such labels with subjective evaluations are based on the characteristic peculiarities of hard-heartedness, for the very fact of having a desire to assess everything is inevitably connected with an elevated self-esteem and a thirst to assert one’s own significance.

    In crucial life-changing periods, all such vicious predispositions are brought to their utmost activity and, as a result, quite quickly and on a large scale, a space of falsehood is being formed.

    And then, where there is “darkness”, you can see a sign that says “light”, and where there is “light”, you can see a sign that says “darkness”.

    Learn to distinguish between the spiritual values and the temptations attractive to egoism.

    The social order which exists all over the world is capable of creating favourable conditions for the emergence of numerous flocks of “crows”. The representatives of these flocks are always prepared not only to nibble at what has not yet been able to germinate and establish itself properly, but also to plant their own seeds of temptation. Then man may already hear a subtle proposal to relinquish what is important for his soul in order to achieve what is comfortable for his body. Long is the road of repeating the same mistakes that have already become traditional a long time ago….

    Having a characteristic false judgement, the persecutors sincerely believed that by removing me from you and skilfully using slander they could bring your association to disintegration, where you would find yourselves distracted, with no idea of what to do or where to go next? But it is precisely you that should not experience the confusion expected by your persecutors! Everything necessary for this I have managed to give you.

    I have repeatedly heard, during various interviews, the question posed to me about what will happen to the community after I have to conclude this earthly activity of mine. This type of questions, as well as the standard judgements of the persecutors, are based on an understanding of that same features on which, throughout history, in different societies have usually been formed various kinds of associations.

    And this circumstance naturally disposes to the emergence of confidence in the correctness of one’s own judgement, because the existing homogeneous life structure of human societies throughout the Earth has the same characteristic primitive feature, which is always admissible only at the initial stage of the development of a young civilisation.

    This initial stage of development for all of you is now coming to an end!

    Everything that throughout history has helped you to establish a precarious state of balance, both within a single society and between different societies, at this point of time will fall apart more and more noticeably, showing now its already complete inconsistency.

    You already have an ample opportunity to observe these significant, emerging on a large scale characteristic features of the global crisis. The coming global disorder can no longer be handled by traditional methods! New times call for new thinking!

    My friends, in this special and fateful period it was inevitable that you would begin to notice an ideological gap that was becoming more and more apparent. Under the present circumstances, if this gap is not filled, all kinds of cracks in society will inevitably multiply and deepen. They are capable of provoking the abundant birth of slander, resentment and separation.

    Divide and conquer – the guiding principle of the one who is the enemy of the human race.

    The unstoppable outpouring of such “pus” has always ended in large-scale sorrows and tragedies.

    But now it will all happen with extremely significant consequences.

    My dears, by the quality of your spiritual maturity you basically have that level of development, which allows you to understand quite well that the humanity will be able to save itself and start to develop normally only when all people on this Earth can come to Unity.

    But this is only possible under the conditions of an ideology, based on common to all people spiritual principles, that is becoming more and more strongly affirmed.

    At the same time, it is important to understand that the concept of “spiritual” does not at all imply everything that has traditionally come to be attributed to religiousness. True spiritual principles first of all imply an awareness of the very kinship and equality of all people on Earth! True spiritual principles completely exclude the artificial establishment of any division and distance between conditionally different groups of people.

    An ideology based on the true spiritual principles always contributes to the creation of psychological conditions of a unifying character! The principles of the One Common Ideology for all mankind on Planet Earth are diametrically opposite in their essence to the principles which the enemy of the human race is inclined to impose.

    Russia is the country on whose territory has been predestined to begin the establishment of an ideology based on true spiritual principles. If such ideology begins to be established normally in this country, it will not only successfully lead to the stabilisation of life processes within the country itself, but will also quite quickly lead to a significant change in the attitude towards Russia, granting it a special status.

    But that is if…

    For this to happen someone must stop chasing after imaginary witches, generating slander with an unhealthy fervour, and apply sensible, reasonable efforts to the objective reflection of what is already successfully happening in the Siberian land. It is a sign of the growing tragedy in the human society that people endowed with high responsibility are afraid to express their objective judgements and assessments. Such a circumstance clearly marks the loss by society of the moral and ethical reference points that spiritual values are responsible for. It is precisely the significant loss of normal moral and ethical reference points, which is the emergence of heart-scarcity, that inevitably generates slander and resentment on a massive scale. And then in the effort to assert slander, many miserable people begin to see the only possibility of survival.

    My dear ones, the image of the ideological gap I have outlined in this address is destined to be filled by the characteristic fruits of the righteous efforts that you have begun to manifest in this world.

    But this can be done most auspiciously when you are able to fully exercise your autonomy. You must have experienced a clear need to take your own independent steps. And certain conditions have become necessary for you to begin to do what is expected from you.

    It may be necessary to push the fledglings out of the cozy nest to enable them to fly on their own. And then, having experienced the characteristic sensations of the first moments of falling, the chicks begin to fly safely. You have matured to the necessary level and have reached the milestone awaiting you…

    You were in need of certain emotional experiences.

    Now, to my great joy, I am beginning to see more and more those moves in you, which may show that you have the capacity for wonderful flight on your own!

    My dears, fly bravely!

    Spring will help you!

    A beautiful flower can bloom in the best way only under certain characteristic conditions. Only a miser will seek to take advantage of the beauty and fruit of a flowering plant by separating it from its natural environment!

    Cherish this environment and preserve it!

    Continue to actively display what you have already begun to do in an interesting way!

    You are the warriors of Light with Flowers in your hands!

    Happiness to you!

    See you soon!

  • A Letter from the Teacher /28.01.21/

    Dear friends, peace to you and your home!

    I would like to express my great gratitude to all those who sent greeting rays of sunshine, which came to me in one bright stream of wonderful sunshine and warmth.

    I have received many letters of congratulations not only from a certain person or his family, but also letters of congratulations expressed by large groups of people.

    Deepest respect to all of you!

    It seems favourable to respond to all of you with a single message.

    I received a large volume of your letters of congratulations on the evening of the thirteenth, after a month’s interval, which made it possible for me to spend the festive day in contact with your hearty fireworks of bright lights.

    When, on the fourteenth of April, when I for another time had spread out the multi-coloured snowflakes you had sent me on my tucked-in bed, and surrounded myself with your numerous letters, I plunged into reading them, intending to spend the day that way, at some point I was distracted by the voice of a genuinely surprised man who had found himself forced to share the same room with me.
    Watching me from aside, he suddenly asked: “How on earth can you be so happy here!”

    My kindred, you have indeed enabled me to experience feelings of happiness where pain, despair, bitterness and a complete lack of faith in prudence and justice reign.

    You are the joy of this world!

    And soon another flow of your letters about the celebration came, which allowed me not only to see many of you with lighted candles, but also to strongly feel your presence around me.

    I am very happy that in your life the beautiful things about which you spoke so heartily and poetically in your letters took place.

    I hope with all my heart and soul that you will continue to walk worthily on the chosen Path and that more and more of you who are ripe for such righteous work will join you.

    The people who come again have already something to look at, which means that your efforts over the years have begun to pay off.

    This is very encouraging!

    Be active in spreading the News, but at the same time be fully aware of the responsibility for every step you take, so that it reflects the Light of Truth as fully as possible!

    You, as the most experienced ones, should be seen as friendly, understanding and caring, and not as eager to instruct and teach!

    Do not repeat the traditional mistakes made by your ancient predecessors!

    You have had and will have only one Teacher and Master forever and ever!

    All of you are brothers and sisters, children of one Father in Heaven, and thus are called to form One Common Family!

    In One Family there should not be found different masters, just as in one house there should not be found different owners, for decay, division and destruction will inevitably follow.

    The salvation of Russia and its spiritual flourishing, and subsequently of all other nations, had to begin with your union and your Unification on the basis of the Truth which has been revealed to everybody!

    Bring forth the Light of Truth through righteous deeds, and let the gifts of grace become inexhaustible in your hands!

    Bless you, children of the Living and True God, and let love be on your lips and in your hands!

    Peace and happiness!

  • A New Letter from the Teacher

    A Dear friends, peace to you and your home!

    I am very glad that you manage to pass in an interesting way the examination which has appeared in your life path.

    In some of your letters you express doubts in regard to the correctness of your reactions to those who in the past sorrowful events have readily assumed a significant blaming role.
    It should have become clear to you from the Teaching that as a conventional enemy you can designate only those who consciously seek to do maximum harm to your basic interests in life.

    The commandment to “love your enemy” does not, of course, imply that you should make every effort to express any admiration or enthusiasm for them.
    Loving the enemy implies above all those righteous efforts against yourself, when you will not condemn those who persecute or hate you, when you will not show your dislike towards them in every possible way and when, if they find themselves in need of help that threatens their health and life, you will do your best to help them without reminding them of their past negative deeds.
    At the same time, if you see the harm done by them and think it favourable to prevent it, you may well turn to the rights that are stipulated in the existing society.

    But in such a case be extremely vigilant and do not in any way allow false testimony.
    Do not do what your enemies usually readily allow themselves.
    There are conscious and unconscious perjury.

    There are situations where a person is well aware that he is intentionally fabricating a false accusation against someone, or there are cases where a person fabricates a lie while sincerely believing in the truthfulness of what he is saying.
    The unconscious perjury can successfully be based and actively flourish precisely on your subjective assessments and assumptions.

    Man has a very strong psychological predisposition to treat his own conclusions and understandings as the most correct information.
    In this connection, throughout the history of human society on Earth, a great deal of fateful misunderstandings and inadequate manifestations have always arisen and continue to arise.
    When I studied the testimonies of those who complain or condemn, I saw that all these testimonies are based precisely on the belief in the correctness of their own judgements, some of which are completely ridiculous and even comical.

    As I told you earlier you will have an opportunity to become acquainted with this educative material, because everything documented by the investigators will certainly be given to us for review.
    All this documented material will remain with us.
    A lot of it is very educational.

    Two persons well known to you, who with their identical false denunciations played a role in putting us in prison conditions, did not realise at all what they had actually been skilfully involved in by the sophisticated professionals of the investigative agency.
    I think that these two well-known personalities did not at all give importance to the fact that false denunciation is punishable by law and by the standards of the secular society.

    My friends, I see from some of your letters that many of you naively believe that the investigators will be able to understand and stop the inappropriately initiated persecution.
    All that I have been forced to confront has clearly demonstrated a completely different circumstance.
    Our investigator has no intention whatsoever of looking into what happened to us objectively.
    The investigators, like obsessed people, are trying to gather as much negative evidence as possible, no matter how poor the quality of the evidence might be.
    And the opportunity to deal with all this accumulated agglomeration will be left to the judicial process.
    As I was to see, the investigator has only one interest – to make sure that we are not only guilty, but that our guilt can be great.

    This one-sided interest has proven to be capable of pushing even into a malfeasance that you have all become aware of and where inhumane methods of violence and intimidation have been used.
    The duration of pre-trial investigations depends above all on whether the investigator is reasonable and adequate or whether he or she is capricious, trying to extend the process to the maximum legal limit, which, in the case of the charge of grievous harm, can be stretched to a year.

    I was able to find out about this willingness to be capricious at a specially arranged meeting with me without the presence of a lawyer.
    But at the same time the whole process that is happening to us may also be affected by other circumstances.

  • Address to the Believers 10.12.2020

    My dear friends, peace to you, peace to your home and your loved ones!

    I understand that you are now very anxious as to whether or not the persecutors will close down the legal organisation we have here, the “Church of the Last Testament”.
    In this connection I see it favourable to give you certain clarifications.

    First of all, you must always be aware that a true Church is capable of being formed as soon as two or three persons come together in the Name of God.

    The formation of the true Church can in no way depend upon any legal registration. As long as believers gather together to do righteous work in the Name of God, so long shall there be a Church of God.
    Forced to watch from aside your independent manifestations, I have often been unable to hold back the tears of joy for you.

    I think I am justified in saying that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church which you have built. But you will have to undergo various trials.
    I would like to say that, noting the peculiarities of the society around you, I have more than once felt doubts as to the necessity of the further existence of such a legal organisation and have repeatedly spoken about it with some of your brethren.

    But we will not now go into the details of this subject from this point of view.
    I mention it only so that you understand – the possibility of disappearance of the legal organisation may well be acceptable.

    You can try to stand up for your organisation, but if for some reason it does not succeed, do not be too frightened and upset.
    Only those organisations which do not have true values and need an active demonstration of their artificially inflated importance can fear such a thing.
    A legal organisation is primarily associated with a certain type of auxiliary convenience that you are already used to.
    But these are merely familiar auxiliary conveniences.
    The disappearance of this organisation can only create the conditions when a new characteristic reconfiguration of some of your auxiliary manifestations will be required. It cannot change something basic.

    Initially, in the activities of the believers, the organisation was registered first in order to have the official right to rent public facilities for meetings and to publish and distribute religious literature.
    All this was important many years ago, and in recent times many things have inevitably acquired other characteristics.

    To close the legal organisation which, as you must have realised by now, cannot in principle be a Church itself, the use of financial opportunities in community interaction will be considered.
    Once you began your efforts to form a common space of mutual assistance and jointly resolve the worldly issues of relevance to you all, you quite naturally became aware of the favourable need to combine not only physical, but also some financial capabilities.

    In your communal interaction something began to happen which is unacceptable for the traditionally existing society, where cheating at any place and at any time successfully flourishes.
    In your interactions, the movement of funds has been on the basis of trust, which is not common in the society around you, where everything must be well documented.

    You have started to learn to be open and trusting.

    I think I have enough reasons to be sincerely happy for you since none of those who have been responsible for the use of joint financial means for the whole time of existence of the community has ever given a reason to doubt their honesty.
    But if you look at it from the point of view of the state legislation, there is a kind of vulnerability in your characteristic interaction.
    Lack of documentary evidence of the legality of the use of the money collected can be a serious stumbling block in court proceedings.

    It seems as if it may be sufficient for conviction that there are those who are dissatisfied with the collections that have taken place, in which they are allegedly forced to participate, and the mere fact that someone has taken such funds for further use.
    It turns out that even if that use is perfectly reasonable, the person who took the funds collected could still be condemned.

    After all, someone was unhappy that he or she had given money away and someone else had taken it.
    Although the existing rules of communal interaction suggested that only those who were well aware of the benefits to the common weal could participate in fundraising.
    Believers themselves once came to the realisation of such an auspiciousness, but not when someone called them together and announced such a need.
    There are some other circumstances which the persecutors want to consider as a reason for closing down the legal organisation.
    But in view of their apparent