As a unique teaching in man’s history, referring to the future of mankind, The Last Testament implies the introduction of some new terms and concepts on the one hand, and giving a new meaning to some existing terms and concepts on the other. An additional difficulty represents the fact, that The Last Testament is given originally only in Russian language, so we face all the challenges and shortcomings of the translation – lingual, as well as pragmatic and cultural.

So, we suggest a few explanatory notes for a better perception and to avoid as far as possible misunderstanding and false interpretation.

The Uniform – with this term is being designated the Great Creator of the Material Being of the Universe. In some eastern teachings he is commonly called Absolute. He is located in the center of the Material Universe and is the creator and sustainer of the World of Matter.

Spirit of Life – the spirit of the Uniform, the material life-force, which originates from the Uniform and saturates the entire Material Being. (see “Pre-Annunciation”)

Soulmate – in the Old and New Testaments the commonly accepted term is neighbor. Considering the realities of the contemporary world, we have suggested “soulmate” as an equivalent of the Russian “ближний“. This implies a person, who is close “by soul”, close in spirit, not just in the physical sense. In the context of The Last Testament all the people are brothers and sisters, i.e. soulmates, for they have a uniform essence – the immaterial soul.

The Heavenly Father – the Great Creator of the Spiritual (immaterial) Being. He is God-Son, The One and Only God of Love. He is the Source of the Holy Spirit and Creator and Sustainer of man’s soul. (see “Pre-Annunciation”)

In The Last Testament God-Father – The Uniform – is regarded as a male origin and the Planets and the Stars are of female origin. This has nothing to do with primitive underestimation of one of the two Great Origins in Being. According to the Teaching, the male and the female are of an absolutely equal value and a full-fledged development can only be achieved through the harmonious interaction of the two.

The Heavenly Father is also being referred to as “He”, as a male origin, Whose Holy Spirit saturates the entire Spiritual World.

Versatile mind – a new concept, which refers to one of the two forms of mind’s manifestation on the Planet. Unlike the ordinary form, inherent to the animal world, the versatile mind implies broader capabilities and qualities, which make it unconstrained by the narrow focus of satisfying the instincts. It is inherent to man and the representatives of the extraterrestrial worlds of the Universe. (see “The Last Hope”).

Dear friends, this list of notes can be used just for informational purposes and it is not a part of the Teaching. The most correct perception one can achieve only by reading the pages of The Last Testament!

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.