Vissarion in Detention

On September 22, 2020, a terrible event took place – Vissarion was detained and taken into investigative custody by Russia’s special security forces.

From that moment to this day, attempts to find evidence in order to indict and hold a trial have continued, but without success.

The reason for the Teacher’s detention stemmed from absurd accusations ranging from causing “sleep disturbance” to two people to having huge amounts of money being hidden in some unknown place…
For more than two years now, naturally, no verifying evidence of the accusations has been found, which in itself speaks of their inconsistency.

Disciples, followers and supporters, as well as just well-wishers from around the world are anxiously awaiting the expiration of the maximum time of legal detention, hoping and believing that justice will prevail and the Teacher will return to his honoured place!

Here we publish some of the most important letters of the Teacher from His detention period.

  • An Appeal to those who ponder, July 17, 2022

    An Appeal to those who ponder, July 17, 2022

    Peace be with you, children of the Living God! I would like to begin with a small semantic digression. From ancient times to the present day a reference has been preserved, concerning the life of Diogenes, the well-known eccentric thinker. One day he was seen walking down the city street. In broad daylight Diogenes was […]

  • Обръщение към мислещите 17 юли 2022 г.

    Обръщение към мислещите 17 юли 2022 г.

    Мир вам, деца на Живия Бог! В началото бих искал да направя малко смислово отклонение. От древни времена до наши дни е запазен спомена за живота на известния мислител особняк Диоген. Един ден го видели да върви по улица в града. Посред бял ден Диоген държал пред себе си запален фенер и внимателно се взирал […]

  • 对有思想的人的呼吁。Vissarion。17.07.2022


    和平与你们同在,永生!上帝的孩子们! 首先,我想做一个简短的引言。 自古以来,就有很多关于第欧根尼生活的记载,他是一位广为人知的古怪的思想家。 有一天,人们看到他走在街上。在光天化日之下,第欧根尼拿着一盏亮着的灯笼,他仔 细地看着许多路人的脸。 当有人问他在做什么时,第欧根尼回答说:“我在寻找一个人。” 显然,这个动作在当时大家看来是存在着很大的问题…… 但现在已经过去了很多个世纪。 也许是第欧根尼的好奇心和顽固的精神驱使他继续在众多城市的无尽延伸的街道上游 荡,在那里,他带着像灯笼里的火一样永不熄灭的希望,不断凝视着无数的一张张路人的脸, 问自己这个无声的问题。 “你在哪里,伙计?”

  • ¡La paz sea con ustedes, hijos del Dios vivo!

    ¡La paz sea con ustedes, hijos del Dios vivo!

    ¡La paz sea con ustedes, hijos del Dios vivo! Al principio quisiera hacer una pequeña digresión semántica. Desde la antigüedad hasta nuestros días se ha conservado una anécdota sobre la vida del conocido y excéntrico pensador Diógenes. Un día se le vio caminando por la calle de la ciudad. A plena luz del día, Diógenes […]

  • Appel à ceux qui réfléchissant

    Appel à ceux qui réfléchissant

    Paix à vous, les enfants du Dieu Vivant! Au début, je veux faire une petite digression sémantique. De l’antiquité lointaine à nos jours, il existe une mention concernant la vie  d`un penseur excentrique célèbre-  Diogène. Se promenant à Athènes en plein midi une lanterne à la main, Diogène répondait à ceux qui le questionnaient : « Je cherche un homme »  Apparemment, c’était […]

  • Christmas Address, January 14, 2022

    Dear friends, peace be with you and your soulmates! I see it favourable to bring to your attention certain key circumstances of which you have already heard from me in varying degrees over the years. I think you have understood already well enough that a peculiar exam is taking place in your spiritual practice, which […]

  • New Year’s Address

    Dear friends, allow me as well to wish you a Happy New Year! In view of certain natural circumstances, it seems to me inappropriate to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I’d like to wish you a happy New Year, which according to both your and my childhood memories is associated with a fairy tale […]

  • Collective Appeal

    from the Followers of the Teaching of Vissarion To all people of goodwill and the public media To Kingston University, London To the UN Human Rights Committee To the International Committee Against Torture To the Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis To the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama XIV To the Representatives of […]

  • Holiday message (18.08.21)

    Dear friends, peace to your home and your loved ones! This is the end of the time circle, when all major festive occasions you have spent on your own, without my direct, familiar to you, participation. You have managed to cope quite well with the shock of the events that have occurred and to show […]

  • The Lamentation of the Heart

    You have crucified my soul… You have smeared me abundantly with the filth of your sins and exposed me to public ridicule… You have exposed me for a long time, until the hour when efforts will be made to hammer in the nails that will validate the accusations you have fabricated for me… I have already heard the familiar: “…what can we expect now? What wonders will there be…?” But you’re not judging me! You are judging yourself!

  • It was Until – 31.05.21

    The time for the primary value of Mergence has come… Mergence is intended to help those who have succeeded to trust, to pass harmoniously through readjustment in connection with the beginning of significant changes of the parameters of the fluctuations of the energy-informational field of the Earth… My prayer lasts for about fifteen minutes… Only the degree of trust can determine the effectiveness of such help! To the believer – according to his faith!

  • The Holiday Message of the Teacher – 31.05.21

    Short-sighted people are not apt to see the essence of the ongoing phenomena, but show a great disposition to arbitrarily hang up assessment labels on everything they come into contact with. Such labels with subjective evaluations are based on the characteristic peculiarities of hard-heartedness, for the very fact of having a desire to assess everything is inevitably connected with an elevated self-esteem and a thirst to assert one’s own significance. In crucial life-changing periods, all such vicious predispositions are brought to their utmost activity and, as a result, quite quickly and on a large scale, a space of falsehood is being formed. And then, where there is “darkness”, you can see a sign that says “light”, and where there is “light”, you can see a sign that says “darkness”. Learn to distinguish between the spiritual values and the temptations attractive to egoism.

  • A Letter from the Teacher /28.01.21/

    The salvation of Russia and its spiritual flourishing, and subsequently of all other nations, had to begin with your union and your Unification on the basis of the Truth which has been revealed to everybody! Bring forth the Light of Truth through righteous deeds, and let the gifts of grace become inexhaustible in your hands! Bless you, children of the Living and True God, and let love be on your lips and in your hands! Peace and happiness!

  • A New Letter from the Teacher

    The commandment to “love your enemy” does not, of course, imply that you should make every effort to express any admiration or enthusiasm for them. Loving the enemy implies above all those righteous efforts against yourself, when you will not condemn those who persecute or hate you, when you will not show your dislike towards them in every possible way and when, if they find themselves in need of help that threatens their health and life, you will do your best to help them without reminding them of their past negative deeds. At the same time, if you see the harm done by them and think it favourable to prevent it, you may well turn to the rights that are stipulated in the existing society.

  • Address to the Believers 10.12.2020

    The sleep of reason produces monsters. And the monsters produced multiply the grief. Blessed be the exam given to all of you, which was intended both to mark the arrival of the significant fateful frontier and to help open up everything hidden, so that you can see the true face of everything and be able to orient yourself in an interesting way.

  • A Letter from the Teacher /06.12.2020/

    My dear and beloved friends, my large and wonderful Family, peace be with you! At last I have the opportunity to express my great gratitude for your support and, most importantly, for your righteous work! Earthly bow to you all! I am eager to express my gratitude to my little friends who sent their colourful […]