• Meeting 9

  • The Share of the Weak Person

    The Share of the Weak Person

    It’s freezing out the window. On the window glass in some places something intricate and elegant is being created in filigree strokes: either the Frost wants to cheer us up, or just to please. And the surface of the wooden constructions, when hit by the sun rays, sparkles as if covered in diamond crumb. Soon…

  • Once Again About the Most Important

    Once Again About the Most Important

    I wrote the beginning of this address after I started writing the text itself. I saw the need to touch upon this subject back in November, but I was not allowed to approach it, if I may say so. I guess I was somewhat ahead of time (smile). And now, the new year has begun.…

  • Chapter 1

    Mankind! Children of the One Living God! Another period of the unfolding predestined Event has taken place on Mother-Earth, so now I have to tell you a lot of things straight. You have come close to enormous difficulties, but these difficulties do not occur at the discretion of someone else. Those are the fruits of…