The Teacher about the Art

“Art is a poetic touch of man to the world that he loves, that surrounds him, that he wants to sing, that he wants to admire.
Creativity, through which a person can express his love for the world, is one of the essential circumstances related to the human spiritual development.And this is exactly what the Spiritual Teacher should talk about. It’s never been done. That is why there have been many mistakes……
The meaning for which man has been born on Earth is expressed in creation. The meaning, which no man on Earth has known before. And now that meaning has to be realized…..
If there was time, I’d be doing any kind of art. But I just don’t have the time. Art takes a lot of attention…”
(Vadim’s Scriptures; Part 16, Chapter 11)

Here are some words, which The Teacher tells Himself about his passion for arts:
“Somewhere around 1983… I had an endless craving for drawing. … And I could draw when I woke up, draw until my eyes started to double… Stop drawing, go to bed, wake up – start again… Seeing some reproduction, I was able to easily penetrate into the informational field of this reproduction, get into the world of the artist who had created this painting. I could smell the paint of that time, hear the sounds surrounding the artist at that moment. And it helped Me to quickly learn the details that are associated with learning and mastering all these skills.
Since 2003, after the intensive use of oil painting techniques, a great need to immerse myself into the world of pastel technique arose.
Before that I had heard many times that the pastel is a kind of a very noble material.
Analyzing personally the few works stored in the Dresden gallery, performed in pastel technique, and some similar works of modern artists, a firm belief arose in me, that the world of the pastel painting technique was a world in many ways completely unknown.
The Earth gives birth to a great variety of fruits, filled with life-giving juices.
The master, who took in his hands a particle of coloured dry earth, which represents the pastel itself, has the opportunity to be someone who could visually give birth to an analogy of the same fruits.”

“What did you personally invest in the works when you created them?”  (journalist’s question to Vissarion)

“When you want to sing a song, you don’t think much about what you put into the song. The desire to sing arises naturally when a person is capable to admire life, to enjoy life.
Every minute the world around you dictates the theme you want to sing at that moment. And a poet should sing like that, expressing in art – in painting, in stone, in poems – what has attracted him.
Maybe, at first glance, it is something insignificant, but still it is necessary to be able to admire it. You have to be able to admire every particle of life around you and try to share that joy.”
(Vadim’s Scriptures; Part 16, chapter 17:17-20)

“…If the Itinerants have once said that the masters of the past could speak in art, and they in turn only murmured in it, it was their personal modesty, and above all respect for those masters.
But in fact, the times of the Itinerants surpassed the works of the masters of the past many times by their level. Their only shortcoming is the pain for the world in which they lived, this pain they depicted.
That’s why your role is to reach this level of ability to depict and go further, because with your inner world you will insert creativity, not pain. “
(Vadim’s Scriptures; Part 8, chapter 2:96-98)

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