Chapter 8

So, the first incarnations took place, and the young human civilization unknowingly entered into the mystery of self-determination.

2. The Great Father saw, that the young mankind – being ignorant of the essence of what was being created – confidently planted the grain of the global egoism, which personifies the core of the inevitable tragic future process of formation.

3. After that there has been naturally chosen a direction of development, characterized by the scientific and technical achievements.

4. But if for the representatives of the versatile mind of the Universe this is the single primary road of development, then precisely for the mankind such a road became a deadlock direction.

5. Moreover, an extremely dangerous role should inevitably play the fact that the fruits of the scientific and technical achievements man should necessarily direct to the satisfaction of the natural instinctive egoistic needs.

6. But nothing could be done in this connection, for this was the normal result of interlacing the spiritual peculiarities of the soul, which still had not acquired the necessary strength, with the peculiarities of the natural laws of the flesh.

7. The grain was planted, and from it very quickly reached out a malformed tree with numerous poisonous fruits, which no one in the Universe needed.

8. Some of these fruits mankind eats itself, at that, actively proving to each other in any possible way how important it is,

9. Though after having eaten a fruit of this kind, each time man gets progressively intractable diseases, leading to self-destruction a great number of people, drowning in loud groans.

10. And the part of the fruits which is left untouched falls alone around the tree of lies, increasingly poisoning the ground.

11. And from ancient times it was already clear, that whatever bulky this tree succeeded to grow, having poisoned its underlying basement, it will inevitably lead itself to self-destruction.

12. Such fateful frontier for human civilization was seen well before as a specific threshold, established by the Harmony, beyond which the human society – with its former characteristic quality of life-activity – should not pass.

13. But in addition to what was pre-determined by the Great God, in the life-activity of the human civilization began to take place some complicating events.

14. One of them arose naturally on the basis of the law, established in the Universe, concerning the efforts on behalf of the Mind of the Universe to help the young, beginning their formation civilizations of the versatile mind,

15. Where the form of life-activity of one of them seriously puzzled the representatives of the Mind of the Universe.

16. After that from all sides into your consciousness began to be introduced various moral and ethical concepts and norms, which the extraterrestrial mind was able to comprehend as most favourable in your life for a given period of time.

17. Further on is being observed the transformation, which you undergo from the perceiving of what was sent from above; and taking into account the character of the deviations, naturally occurring in your manifestations, some new teaching is being subsequently sent down.

18. In this way, every successive mystical and religious teaching has been introduced into the life of your society with the obligatory consideration of the shortcomings, noted during the formation of the previous teachings.

19. Where your peculiarly working mind bizarrely perverts the granted concepts and norms in favour of its own egoism.

20. And since two different interests of two different streams of the extraterrestrial mind intersected on your civilization, the fruits of these various efforts began to affect your life-activity quite soon.

21. The abnormally evolving society inevitably brought your relations to definite intractable circumstances, related to naturally occurring in such conditions difficulties in obtaining and supplying each other with products, needed in the life-activity.

22. Using skillfully the emerging difficulties in the quickly expanding fragmented societies and considering correctly the typical deviations, brightly displayed in your activity, one of the streams of the extraterrestrial mind helped you come to the conclusion of the necessity to introduce into your relations some conventional values, with the help of which you could easily obtain what you want.

23. At that moment your mind was incapable to evaluate decently what actually was hidden behind the emerging in your consciousness – according to your view – clever ideas.

24. And the capabilities of the mind, being a servant of the rapidly growing egoism, could easily estimate afterwards, that the one who owns the largest amount of these conventional values obtains the biggest possibilities to satisfy all the instinctive egoistic needs in any desirable form.

25. And as these needs are primary vitally important goals of the whole evolving young civilization, then the striving to possess big amounts of conventional values should inevitably become the main goal in the life of each of you.

26. Moreover that under certain conditions these imaginary values could be easily accumulated, without necessarily applying painstaking everyday physical efforts.

27. The introduction of this kind of values is akin to the injection of hyperactive fertilizer in the soil, out of which the malformed tree of global egoism is already successfully rising.

28. This event became a significant phenomenon, giving rise to serious challenges, impeding the formation of mankind on the road of self-determination.

29. The extraterrestrial mind had the ability to estimate for a long time the probability of emergence of a threshold on the road of becoming of the young mankind, when the fate of the society of strange representatives of the versatile mind, living on Earth, will be finally decided.

30. And then the representatives of one of the streams of the extraterrestrial mind consciously took decision to try to provide the necessary assistance to your society, so that when approaching the threshold, established by the Harmony, you would be able to continue development.

31. The representatives of the other stream regarding your existence had goals of different meaning.

32. Then, in contrast to the well-intentioned efforts of the representatives of the first stream, the representatives of the other stream, using the same peculiarities related to you, made efforts, designed to neutralize the effect resulting from the well-intentioned efforts.

33. Consequently, on the basis of the skillful use of the abnormally flaring egoistic pretentions for puissance, honour and power, in your life began to emerge all sorts of mystical unions,

34. In which representatives’ consciousness have been introduced perverted to stupidity concepts of God and His servants.

35. And as in such unions with the help of the extraterrestrial world are allowed some simple energetic games, plunging man into superstitious thrill, thus to all this nonsense, shaped into an ideological “secret” teaching, is given a tenable argument.

36. As a rule, in such cases you are quite inclined to trust the ongoing.

37. In addition to such big and small phenomena, there are a lot of impacts also on the emerging religious associations.

38. But the main attention of the extraterrestrial mind that confronts you is not directed to the field of mystical and religious ideologies,

39. Which on the basis of the laws of egoism quickly divide inside into streams of different meaning, neutralizing in this way the beneficial effect of the teaching itself.

40. After which the representatives of every stream confidently presume, that they understand certain parts of the teaching ostensibly better than all the others, and so they have supposedly more possibilities in moving forward and in salvation;

41. Which makes you primarily slaves of the darkness, even if in such case you continue to sincerely consider yourselves believers.

42. The opposing you extraterrestrial mind directed its main attention to the field of your everyday-life-relations with each other, where were successfully introduced certain conventional values, which developed into concepts of various monetary units.

43. This field, according to the calculations of the stated extraterrestrial mind, was giving almost full guarantee that the enslaved mankind would be easily brought to self-destruction, without breaking at that the existing law of the universal Mind, forbidding the direct active interfering in the life-activity of any civilization of the versatile mind violating the freedom of choice of this developing civilization.

44. And in this case there wasn’t coercive introducing of monetary units and the system, managing their turnover.

45. You had a full freedom of choice whether to use or not the idea, which occurred into your consciousness on this occasion.

46. But you did not just pick up this idea, but also in some time you readily invested all your mental and physical abilities into its realization and development.

47.  For in the first place your egoism became extremely interested in this.

48. And the mind – obedient to the egoism – easily estimated great perspectives for satisfaction of the egoism, in whose favour all reasonable abilities were used.

49. If in natural conditions the greatest honour, and therefore capabilities to satisfy in the best way the instinctive egoistic needs can possess only the one, who is given by Nature the best personal qualities, then the great amount of monetary units, which ostensibly can anyone obtain, enables likewise the satisfaction of the instinctive egoistic needs without any regard to the personal merits.

50. It was noticed soon, that where the conventional values were successfully introduced into your life-activity, you began to think of the opportunities to obtain these values much more than of ideas with religious motives, which you for conscience’ sake continued to talk about, as of something most important in life.

51. It was quite obvious, that however man wouldn’t talk about his religious activity, he would worship in the first place the material values.

52. And despite of the pompous contempt with which money are referred to, the life-activity will be fully dependent on the system of the monetary units,

53. Besides, obediently forming the living in a way, when each representative of the society will be under the complete dependence on the need to be continuously concerned how to acquire more and more of these conventional values.

54. Doesn’t this dependence resemble the leash, on which the donkey walks around a pole fixed by somebody into the ground?

55. Where the only direction to go endlessly and freely – that’s moving around in a circle.

56. But no matter how long you’d walk around, you’d always stay at the same spot, near that same pole.

57. The children of God are called to know just one “leash” – when your hands are placed into the Hand of God, your Heavenly Father,

58. Who always leads along the straight Road, where the Sun never sets and the darkness never overcomes the Light.

59. You are not alone in the face of dangers and great difficulties.

60. You have not been left by your God nowadays, as well as in all the days of the unsightly history of formation of your civilization.

61. It just seems to you, that the Heavenly Father does not see you and does not act.

62. And this is so, because you always demand from Him what is not immanent to Him and what in fact is not beneficial to you.

63. But now you are supposed to learn a little bit more broadly the truth of some great mysteries.

64. Many truths, hitherto kept out of necessity in the great Book, sealed with seven seals.

65. And here the Hour has struck, completing the long-time wait.

66. And may all who listen heed the Voice that is reading the open Pages!