On Showing Resentment

Difficult times always present a natural temptation for the spiritually unseeing and the mentally immature ones and strongly provoke in them an irresistible need to seek and identify a provisional enemy.

To identify the one who by all means must be marked as the culprit for the ongoing troubles and discomfort they have come to experience.

Generally, the identification of enemies by such miserable people is based on extremely primitively biased thinking.

Under such circumstances the presence of even a single hint often seems completely sufficient to precisely identify the very enemy.

All this has taken place in antiquity as it has in the Middle Ages and so it does today in what is considered an age of enlightenment.

In all these times the principle behind finding a provisional enemy has always been one and the same because it is based on a single law of mental development and is a result of egoistic interest.

For the entire history of human civilization people have experienced and continue to experience all kinds of confrontations among each other so frequently that the mind of the abnormally developing human being has inevitably come to perceive its social environment as if definitely having enemies.

Even if no such provisional enemies are to be found anywhere at the given moment.

Since the dawn of time, for natural reasons, man has found himself compelled to be guided above all by his instinct of self-preservation the way every animal is.

That same man, in his attempts to form a system of social organization, has inevitably had to form a system that distinctly supports the human desire to live in complete dependence on that same instinct of self-preservation.

This circumstance, once set at the foundation of all human civilization during antiquity, has inevitably created extremely dangerous conditions for the formation of the human mind and especially the human spirit.

Under these conditions human mind and thinking have formed and effectively continue to form in such a way that a great number of people become able, without thinking, to accept as an enemyanyone who has been skillfully pointed out at the right time.

If a mentally sound person comes in contact with negative information about someone, he would only take note of it while allowing for the distinct possibility that such information might be completely inaccurate.

Such a person would trust the negative information only upon irrefutable proof of the presence of something negative.

But a mentally unsound person is characteristically prone to completely trust any, unjustified by real fact, negative information about anyone, because he feels the unsound need to assign guilt among those with whom he, above all, does not share an egoistic interest.

Furthermore, some of these unhappy people even feel the need to exaggerate the negative information and further spread it while using specious slogans as justification.

In ancient biblical Scripture, namely in the Book of Proverbs [10:18], there is a remarkable piece of wisdom:

“He who hides hatred has lying lips. He who utters a slander is a fool.”

Man generally experiences the need to identify an enemy on the basis of unsound egoistic interest directly related to insult, spitefulness and hatred.

The burning feelings of discontent and anger towards another person create, as a result of certainmental factors, extremely favorable conditions for the angered person to become able to easily slander the object of his resentment.

At the same time, such an angry person generally will sincerely believe that he is right, which is actually the unconscious result of his egoistic interest that everything be the way he imagines it.

Beware to trust the judgments of those whose words betray resentment and hatred!

Woe to a society where those called fools in ancient Scripture are found in places from which they can actively influence the minds of the majority!

For great harm can come from those who spread slander!

Even if today a savage arsenal of physical violence may not be used against suspects the way it was widely used in the Middle Ages, there exists a mental environment where people, unconcerned about the truthfulness of what they hear, can easily be inflamed with anger against someone pointed out by those qualified as fools in the biblical text. This very fact clearly indicates the extremely low level of rationality in the present society.

Sorrow will inevitably follow the fate of such a society until the time of its rebirth!

Listen closely and consider what you say and how you say it, and what those around you say and how they say it!

It is one thing to mark as an enemy someone who seeks to bring destruction, and quite another – someone who affirms creation!

Even if that someone does so very ineptly.

Is it not true that the Teacher of Truth may only come from among people with creative aspirations?

Think and reason well, you who consider yourselves sensible!

Do not repeat the Mistake once made by those who also considered themselves sensible and even true believers, but out of their blindness, they had trusted the fools and collectively trampled their own Salvation!

Only, in that distant time the Fate of Humanity was not yet to be ultimately decided.

And now…

Learn to distinguish creative acts from destructive ones, and truly good intentions from hypocritical slogans!

Do not follow the foolish words that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, for if such an expression is taken to be true then you must certainly give up all good intentions and never follow them.

Great sorrow awaits those who do so!

And as human personalities are unique, so do the efforts of creative pursuit differ in competency.

Do not judge those striving to realize their good intentions!

If you do not see the rightness of someone’s creative efforts, it would be wiser to patiently lay your path along his path and not be tempted to destroy it.

Those grown wise enough are able to reasonably compare and will always take advantage of the most perfect advice revealed in the actions of any of his neighbours!

The rightness of those same creative efforts must be determined by never being based on selfish interest for personal gain as well as never being aimed at imposing any conditions or ideas on anyone!

It is also necessary to understand well that any attempt to establish some conventional “justice” by the use of force against another person, especially physical force, is absolutely incompatible with normal efforts to achieve truly good purposes!

Good purposes meant namely for humans to establish and not the primitive members of the animal world.

In the life of the members of the animal world there is only one possibility to establish something of egoistic interest – it is violence according to individual abilities to harm the physiology and mind of those perceived as danger.

The entire life history of all human society is speckled with examples of establishing all kinds of conventional “justice” only with the use of violence, and that clearly demonstrates the extremely low level of spiritual development which is intended to be the main value namely of the Human being.

Such unsound efforts have been made and continue to be made on a large scale by both atheists and “believers” and that definitely shows the same primitively low level of perception of the surrounding reality.

A society in which true spiritual values are not properly analysed is inevitably doomed to great suffering and degeneration!

Woe to you, persecutors and mockers, for thus you serve the devil and deceptive slogans do not conceal your intentions!

It is impossible to affirm something Sacred by using slander and violence!

The methods of darkness do not dispel darkness!

December 2010