Chapter 7

On the way of increasing the capability to feel and perceive the more and more subtle things – for such development proceeds only in this single direction – every stage that has been reached shows just the wider range of abilities to perceive what has been passed so far.

2. This is a measure, which determines the range from the roughest state to the state that has been reached, but not further in the direction of the subtlest one.

3. A similar conditional dimensional straight line in the Universe of the material Being from the side of the roughest manifestation is defined by the stellar-planetary conditions, and from the side of the subtlest one it finishes with the Being of the Creator of the material World.

4. Where from the stellar-planetary condition towards the side of the Uniform, as the material laws become thinner, takes place a progressive multiplication of the diversity of the energetic phenomena,

5. Which, interweaving by bizarre regularities, maintain the Being of the Universe in a state of Harmony on the road of infinite expansion.

6. The representatives of the versatile mind of the material World, as well as all the other bearers of various forms of consciousness, in natural conditions are always born in a state, very close to the stellar-planetary one.

7. But unlike all the rest, it is only the versatile mind that possesses the capability to move towards the most subtle manifestations of the World of matter, perfecting itself in perceiving the increasingly thinner manifestations of the laws of the Universe;

8. Which makes its representatives with the further development more and more active servants of the Will of the Creator, taking essential part in the processes of the unfolding material World for the benefit of the Harmony.

9. On this road of perfection of the versatile mind exists a definite outside limit, which lies on the aforementioned straight line at a certain distance from the Creator in the direction to the rougher state, beyond which the versatile mind should not develop,

10. Because the meaning, initially laid in it, will be lost.

11. This limit, established by the Uniform, restricts the extension of the capabilities of the versatile mind for the benefit of the Harmony.

12. The Great Creator, establishing His laws and interweaving them with each other, created such a harmonious energy environment, where each newly born life phenomenon would have definite vitally important Parental information in its self,

13. Due to which through the instincts the newly born object would naturally make efforts to move towards the necessary place, selected precisely for it.

14.  The versatile mind was also born for the benefit of the already existing Being, bearing particular Parental information at its core.

15. At the same time the peculiarity of the versatile mind was created according to a principle, that at a certain stage of comprehension of the increasingly subtler phenomena in the material World, it will prove to be in its essence incapable of further perceiving the laws in that direction.

16. That is the limit, established by the Creator for this exceptional case in the Universe.

17. It is precisely at this limit where the benefit – in the name of which the versatile mind has been created and which is intended to be accomplished, reaching this limit – comes to an end.

18. This limit is characteristic of the fact that it marks off the interval of the ultra-fine manifestations of matter, coming out in all their existing diversity from the Creator of the material Being, for the perceiving and comprehending of which is required a qualitatively different form of consciousness –

19. Supreme Consciousness, which possesses the Creator of the Being of the material World Himself.

20. Compared to the Supreme Consciousness the characteristic features of the versatile mind are a rough form of expression.

21. This makes the versatile mind totally incapable of comprehending the Essence of the Creator.

22. It is in this connection that in the consciousness of the young mankind occurred the concept of inconceivability of God.

23. And in order that you could even vaguely conceive of the quality of the Fragrant Essence of your God, you need to prolong figuratively the already mentioned conditional dimensional straight line, which has reached the Creator of the Universe, beyond His borders by a certain amount of conventional units.

24. If in the direction of the Uniform the measuring straight line is proceeding as to the finest state of material laws’ display, then beyond the borders of the Uniform this line can proceed only as to a certain hyperfine condition.

25. At that the quality of the Supreme Consciousness allows to realize the presence of the hyperfine condition in the medium of the material Being, but as well it’s not able to comprehend completely the Nature of the One, Who abides in this hyperfine condition.

26. The position of the Creator of the Universe is this key point, only from which is possible the absolutely full government of all the laws of matter, manifested in accordance with the measuring straight line in the direction of the roughest state.

27. And in accordance with the fact, that there is also a certain imaginary segment of the measuring straight line in the direction of the hyperfine state, we can talk about an equally rapid decrease of the possibilities to govern the material laws when distancing from the Creator of the Universe in the side of the hyperfine state, as well as in the side of the roughest one.

28. Where, on the one hand, the possibility to govern is limited by the roughness of the state of the eventual pretender to govern, and on the other – the roughness of the law itself, which has to be conditionally governed.

29. Just like the Creator of the material Being, the Great God of mankind also possesses Supreme Consciousness, but it has a definite difference, considering the hyperfine characteristics of your Heavenly Father’s Self.

30. This allows also the Father to perceive and realize all the laws of the Universe,

31. What had been taking place in the Being of His great solitude over a certain period of time.

32. And in one significant moment the Great God saw in what way it is possible to influence Beneficially the progressively unfolding laws of the Universe,

33. At that, without touching the very Law of development of the Universe, to bring His Beneficial Characteristic Features into close interaction with some manifestations of the material laws.

34. Such a long-lasting interaction should inevitably lead to a significant modification of the qualities of the laws of matter, showing a result not yet known to the Universe.

35. And where the modification itself would not contradict the Harmony of the material World’s Being.

36. But when such a modification spreads throughout the Universe, the energetic medium of the Universe will acquire new fragrant peculiarities, allowing the Harmony to transform into a qualitatively new, more perfect form.

37. The fulfillment of this global Intent, according to the earthly standards, requires an Eternity.

38. And for the fulfilment of the Sacred Will of the Great God your birth was required.

39. Only this birth took place not in order to make efforts –out of ignorance, on the basis of the egoistic conception of a false goal – to return to your Heavenly Father,

40. Into some outside world, where you allegedly will endlessly taste imaginary goods, satiating yourselves with pleasures;

41. But to go eternally where leads you the Father, along the starry roads of the Universe, obediently and selflessly fulfilling what is prepared for you by the Father.

42. Where the tasting of true blessings will actually be your selfless and endless creative work for the benefit of the surrounding World.

43. For the most favourable fulfilment of the Great Intent it was possible to use only an organism endowed with the characteristics of the versatile mind, for only it has the capability to freely and independently move in the vastness of the Universe, having considerable abilities for active influence on the phenomena, taking place in the material World.

44. It only remained to implant spiritual peculiarities into the laws of the manifesting itself matter of the chosen organism.

45. Since between the quality of the manifested energetic characteristics of the chosen organism and the quality of the spiritual peculiarity of God exists quite a big difference, the Heavenly Father began to make your souls with denser spiritual characteristic features,

46. Which makes the souls – as far as the energetic qualities are concerned – a bit closer to the subtle energetic qualities of the dense material body.

47. This creates favourable conditions, making possible the necessary interlacing of the two heterogeneous laws with subsequent mutual influence on each other.

48. In such creation of God your souls cannot possess the capability to think independently, for the characteristics of Supreme Consciousness cannot be inserted inside them, and other forms of consciousness for the hyperfine states do not exist.

49. Therefore, everything missing from this side should be obtained with the help of the existing characteristics of the versatile mind.

50. But your soul possesses the ability to store information in the form of sensually constructed images,

51. Which, over time, more and more actively influence the natural sensational characteristics and the reasonable peculiarities of the physical body.

52. The soul, when leaves the flesh and finds itself out of touch with the laws of the material body and mind, is deprived of the opportunity to develop as well as to modify at all.

53. With the creation of the first souls, having the necessary supporting information inserted in their basis, the universal epochal Event of your first incarnations began.

54. After that the Father started to closely observe the results of His Will’s fulfilment.

55.  The mystery of joining two heterogeneous laws had never taken place in the Universe, and not a single corpuscle in the great Being of the World of matter had ever have any information about it.

56. For this reason the young mankind faced the daunting task of going through the stage of self-determination, moreover that no occurrence in the surrounding reality could possibly suggest the right direction of the true spiritual development.

57. And the first primary goal, set before mankind at the initial stage of formation, is the necessity to recognize its true essence, its true attitude towards the surrounding reality and to cognize the true relationship with its Heavenly Father.

58. Only after that mankind can proceed with the complete fulfilment of its genuine pre-determined by the Great God mission in the Universe.

59. Soon after the first incarnations the process of life-activity of the human society rapidly acquired puzzle-headed chaotic character with particularly pronounced aggressive outbursts,

60. What created negative, dangerous for your life conditions, in which your material body obtained a constant propensity for self-destruction.

61.   And if your soul could not exist independently for any length of time after the disintegration of the physical body, then the Holy Intent of the Great God for transformation of the Harmony of the material World would not have arisen,

62. For the fulfilment of such Intent would be impossible.

63.  But as your soul is not just able to exist without any connection to the flesh, but it is capable of doing so for an infinite period of time without the slightest transformation, the Great God created a system of some laws, assigned to insure the most favourable for your development reincarnations,

64. Only due to which it is possible to push you forward little by little along the road of formation.

65. But the very mystery of reincarnations in this form should exist only throughout the first stage of self-determination of mankind.

66.  Without touching in this appeal upon the various peculiarities of the laws, related to the reincarnations, and those, who are responsible precisely for that and whom you see in the form of some luminous beings after you leave the physical body, I want just to give some important explanations.

67. Your soul, after leaving the flesh and losing all rough energetic links, inherent to the living material body, continues to retain in its memory all images, based exclusively on the sensational manifestations, saved during the life-time of your body till the moment of leaving it.

68. All your feelings and sensations, which have been brightly displayed and consciously perceived in your attitude to the surrounding reality, depending on the degree and quality of your attachments, remain in the memory of the soul, which had left the flesh, with the same quality and strength of emotional experience.

69.  And further on for all the time of awaiting the probable new incarnation these specific experiences remain unchanged,

70. For the soul immediately ceases modifying right after it loses the link with definite laws of matter, as it has the possibility to change its quality and memory’s content only in close interrelation with them.

71.  From here it will not be difficult for you to understand, that the more negative, unpleasant for you experiences you have acquired at the moment of leaving the natural body, the more sufferings you will inevitably bear throughout the time of existing out of flesh, where it is impossible to change this at all.

72. The overwhelming majority of you during all the history of your existence has been continuously obtaining mostly only rude and unpleasant for you emotional attachments.

73. But especially great difficulties await the ones, who end their lives by suicide.

74. For, generally, man comes to such self-destruction on the basis of most complicated and severe emotional experiences, escape from which he wrongly sees just in this incorrect effort.

75. For actually it is not an escape that takes place, but the imprinting of data about extremely unpleasant emotional experiences for years, if not decades, and even centuries, until in natural conditions appears flesh with most favourable for the development of this soul qualities.

76. Such an existence outside the flesh in this case turns into an unthinkable suffering.

77. Why not come up with the idea of the existing of hell, which – through simple primitive images, causing superstitious fear – was able to reduce to some extent your efforts in such an enterprise.

78. But in this appeal I will not touch upon the regularities, related to the existence of hell and Paradise, though you can already derive a good realistic picture from what has been highlighted.